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The Zeroth Amendment to the Constitution

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And, of course, now begins a debate about how Trump is inhuman for calling MS-13 gang members "animals." The underlying reality is that the media is all worked up over Trump violating one of their unspoken assumptions: that American citizens should have no say in who gets to immigrate because that would be discrimination, and... Read More
From the Toronto Globe & Mail: Commenter Jus' Sayin' adds: It's Who We Are.
From the New York Times:
From MSNBC: You can watch the video there. It's rather hilarious. Highlights include: Prof. Jon Meacham: "I don't think you could celebrate liberty without celebrating immigration. We are in fact a nation, almost entirely, of immigrants." ... Brian Williams (of all people): "Michael, when has Truth been doubted before, the way it has been doubted... Read More
From today's press conference given by Trump domestic policy advisor and speechwriter Stephen Miller with Jim Acosta, who looks kind of like George Clooney's dad, but who is officially Diverse due to his precious Conquistador-American ancestry. OBEY GIANT And from the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect: All your hiztory are belong to us
From the NYT: As we all know, the Zeroth Amendment was carved into the living body of the Constitution by Founding Father Emma Lazarus, superseding all lesser liberties granted to individual American citizens in the Bill of Rights, such as the First Amendment. Thus the Zeroth Amendment: Any and all huddled masses, the more wretched... Read More
More than a dozen years ago, Libya's Colonel Qaddaffii prophetically pointed out that America didn't belong to Americans anymore, it belonged to the whole world: Now, according to the Daily Mail, another statesman of similar caliber is forcefully expressing this new conventional wisdom: 'The contemporary US belongs to all nations': Former Iranian president targets Trump's... Read More
Commenter FX Enderby updates the Declaration of Independence:
A friend writes: I like to think of Founding Father Emma Lazarus's Zeroth Amendment as too ineffable to pin down into precise words, but then I'm not all that good at verbal precision. What's your definition? For reference, here are the 26 times I've blogged about it.
I've been pointing out for awhile that the elite conventional wisdom about how borders are immoral is getting ever more extremist, but I'm not sure I ever expected it to go this far. So, feel free to covet thy neighbor's wife and worship graven images, because Emma Lazarus's Zeroth Amendment now applies not only to... Read More
Obama is said to have bombed 5 of the 7 countries, with barely a peep. It's right there in the Negative First Amendment: "Invade the World, Invite the World!" It's who we are.
From the NYT: Admittedly,
As we all know, the Statute of Liberty mandates non-discrimination against anybody anywhere who wants to move to America for reason, no questions asked. If they feel like coming, we have to let them in to not be racist. It's the law! Still ... What we were promised: What we get: (Thanks to commenter Senator... Read More
As you know, the French gave us the Statue of Liberty to celebrate immigration. Voltaire wrote the famous poem inscribed on it: Now, France is enjoying the benefits of Statue of Libertyism, too. Paris's new Huddled Masses: And the Huddled Masses' Wretched Refuse:
New York Times op-ed columnist Roger Cohen writes in the NYT: The Closing of Trump’s America Roger Cohen JAN. 27, 2017 ... I am lucky enough to live in Brooklyn Heights with a view out over the East River to lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. So while watching President Donald Trump’s dark inaugural... Read More
There are a number of plaques on the Statue of Liberty, such as this one commemorating the important role of Freemasons in the statue's history, and another from the Boy Scouts. Most of these plaques have of course never been assumed by anyone to be the law of the land. But one plaque bearing a... Read More
As we all know, the Zeroth Amendment to the Constitution, as carved on the Statue of Liberty, is that Americans don’t have the right to borders because that would discriminate against the civil right of every foreigner on Earth to immigrate here. For instance, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright ringingly reminded us of the... Read More
Lord Jeff Sessions comments: Never? The problem with immigration is it turns into a political doomsday machine, a juggernaut of ever-expanding special inter
As we all know, the Zeroth Amendment to the Bill of Rights, as carved on the Statue of Liberty, is that Americans don't have the right to borders because that would discriminate against the civil rights of foreigners to immigrate here. The Zeroth Amendment precedes the First Amendment, by the way, so you don't have... Read More
Rhetorical momentum is a massive force for stupidity in our world. Diminishing returns set in rapidly on any policy, but the natural psychology is instead to Double Dumb Down on here-to-fore successful demagogic gambits. For example, from the Los Angeles Times: Those evil bastards don't believe in the Zeroth Amendment to the Bill of Rights,... Read More
From the New York Times: Ignatieff is the grandson of a Tsarist count. His father was Canada's UN ambassador. (Zbigniew Brzezinski would be a fairly comparable figure in American history.) The younger Ignatieff, who has lived outside Canada for most of his life in prestigious academic jobs, was an unsurprisingly ineffective politician: But his explanation... Read More
Here's a video by Ami Horowitz showing Yale students signing a petition to repeal the First Amendment. Obviously, put that baldly, most people wouldn't go for it, at this point. Still, it's clear that large swathes of elites see Diversity / Immigration -- the Zeroth Amendment -- as trumping the First and Second Amendments. Americans... Read More
As we all know, there's nothing more unthinkable than restricting the right of foreign Muslims to immigrate here because they or their descendants might go on the Internet someday and learn that Allah wants them to commit Jihad at the office Christmas party. You'd have to be a Republican frontrunner to doubt the absolute sanctity... Read More
Christopher Caldwell semi-famously observed in 2009: Of course, that's even truer for immigration, which has a massive political Ratchet Effect. It's been evident for some time that the the dominant ideological logic is trending toward making it inevitable that all 7 billion noncitizens on Earth be assumed to have civil rights to move to America.... Read More
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