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The Lobby

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The crucial difference between the Cuban and Armenian lobbies vs. the Israel lobby is that the former allow you to engage in nonOrwellian singlethink. The Cuban Lobby boasts of how powerful it is and how, if you cross it, you’ll never win the Electoral Votes of Florida. Well, you can either believe that or not believe it, but there’s nothing whatsoever contradictory about its stance. The Armenian Lobby laments that, so far, it hasn’t quite been powerful enough, but asserts that its day is coming very soon. Once again, singlethink. That’s how most lobbies behave.

The Israel Lobby, on the other hand, demands Orwellian doublethink – “the act of simultaneously and fervently holding two mutually contradictory beliefs.” It boasts endlessly of its power in Washington, but smears anybody else who agrees with it that, yes, it is powerful as being a fellow traveler of David Duke. This relentless doublethink is bad for the mind and soul.

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One of the funnier aspect of the furious denunciations of Mearsheimer and Walt’s article and book on the power of The Israel Lobby is that professional ethnic activists all admire the consummate skill with which Jewish organizations wield their vast — yet unmentionable — power. (Well, to be precise, the lobbies mention how powerful they are all the time. But nobody else is supposed to mention it.)

Back in 2000, I interviewed Armenian, Arab, and Turkish lobbyists for a UPI article (“Arab and Armenian Immigrants Gain Clout“) on how immigration was complicating American foreign policy by introducing new ethnic lobbies with ties to new Old Countries. Each of the Middle Eastern lobbyists expressed intense professional admiration for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. They all hoped to become AIPAC when their lobbies grew up.

Now, the NYT has an article on Asian Indians:

In Jews, Indian-Americans See a Role Model in Activism

By Neela Banerjee

When Anil Godhwani and his brother, Gautam, looked into creating a community center for Indian-Americans in Silicon Valley, they turned to the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco as a model.

When the Hindu American Foundation began, it looked to groups like the Anti-Defamation League and the Simon Wiesenthal Center for guidance with its advocacy and lobbying efforts.

Indian-Americans, who now number 2.4 million in this country, are turning to American Jews as role models and partners in areas like establishing community centers, advocating on civil rights issues and lobbying Congress.

Indians often say they see a version of themselves and what they hope to be in the experience of Jews in American politics: a small minority that has succeeded in combating prejudice and building political clout.

Sanjay Puri, the chairman of the U.S. India Political Action Committee, said: “What the Jewish community has achieved politically is tremendous, and members of Congress definitely pay a lot of attention to issues that are important to them. We will use our own model to get to where we want, but we have used them as a benchmark.”

One instance of Indians following the example of Jews occurred last year when Indian-American groups, including associations of doctors and hotel owners, banded together with political activists to win passage of the United States-India Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation Act, which allows New Delhi to buy fuel, reactors and other technology to expand its civilian nuclear program.

Pro-immigration Republicans are constantly surprised when new immigrant elites turn out to be liberal Democrats. For example, in September, the Wall Street Journal editorial page denounced “Political bias at America’s biggest Spanish-language TV network.” The sheer ingratitude of Univision, after all the WSJ editorial page had done to boost their profits by importing more viewers to watch Sabado Gigante!

But this pro-Democratic leaning among immigrant elites shouldn’t surprise anybody, because all professional ethnics model themselves upon the two heavyweight champion ethnic lobbies, the blacks and the Jews, who both vote overwhelmingly Democratic.

(Republished from iSteve by permission of author or representative)
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