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the actual El Guapo

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From the comments:

We need to write a script for a movie where the Russians and Yankee WASPs join forces with Southern WASPs and plot to take over the world from the Maidstone Club. The diabolical plot is uncovered by a heroic transgendered migrant worker busing tables at the Knickerbocker Club to help pay tuition at Harvard Law School, pay to feed his four children, and cover the sex-change operation that will turn him into a single mom. Oscar gold, Steve! OSCAR GOLD! 

“Oscar Gold” would be the name of the movie since that will be the name of the migrant hero for obvious reasons. 


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Nine years ago, those two noted cosmopolitan universalists, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Finance Minister Bibi Netanyahu, decided that it was time to move beyond all this primitive nationalism and vulgar questions of “Whose side is this guy on, anyway?” and go out and find the technically most wizardly central banker out of all the billions of people in the entire world, who turned out to be Stanley Fischer. 

Now, President Obama has decided that for the role of eminence grise of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board, he should follow this precedent established by those famed proponents of national disinterestedness, Sharon and Netanyahu. Obama has put aside all these petty questions of national loyalty to look deep into the vast global pool of talent. And he has found his Own Personal Stanley Fischer, who — like El Guapo in Three Amigos – also happens to be The Actual Stanley Fischer:
(Republished from iSteve by permission of author or representative)
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