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My new column at Taki’s Magazine uses Tiger’s loss to Phil at Augusta to introduce new data on The Politics of Sports Fans. It features a spectacular graph (which I found at statistician Andrew Gelman’s blog) from a survey of 218,000 American adults’ preferences in spectator sports, politics, and civic-participation. NASCAR fans are famously Republican, but which two sports have even more conservative fan bases? Which spectator sport has the most liberal fans? Which sport’s fans are most likely to vote? Which least likely?

Old stereotypes are validated and new stereotypes are revealed, which is always fun.

Read it there and comment upon it here.

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In my weekly Taki’s Magazine column, I write about the HBO television series “The Wire” and its little-mentioned tendency toward showbiz schmaltz.

Read it there and comment about it here.

(Republished from iSteve by permission of author or representative)
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Steve Sailer
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Steve Sailer is a journalist, movie critic for Taki's Magazine, columnist, and founder of the Human Biodiversity discussion group for top scientists and public intellectuals.

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