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From The New Republic: Where Trump Gets His Fuzzy Border Math Meet the far-right "think tank" working to legitimize the immigration crackdown. BY LAURA RESTON March 10, 2017 ... Those numbers were cooked up at the Center for Immigration Studies, a small advocacy operation in Washington that emerged, early on in the campaign, as Trump’s... Read More
I'd never really looked at the logo of the Southern Poverty Law Center's blog before, but ... Is this self-parody?The Leninist typeface, the giant angry eyeball ... C'mon ... This has got Ministry of Truth written all over it.Maybe Morris Dees is trying to hedge his bets. Perhaps he figures come Judgment Day, he can... Read More
Economist Arnold Kling write at EconLog:The concept of expressive philanthropy might help explain the vast trove piled up by the Southern Poverty Law Center (which is now over a quarter of a billion dollars) in its Cayman Island and other accounts. No matter how fast Mrs. Dees tries to spend the loot Mr. Dees hauls in... Read More
The Montgomery Advertiser has a 60-photo lifestyle spread on "The home of Morris Dees and Susan Starr in Montgomery, Ala." Mr. Dees is, of course, the founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, and poverty has been very, very good to him, judging by the staggering amount of expensive bric-a-brac he and Ms. Starr have... Read More
The Freudian concept of projection is pretty useful. For example, the Southern Poverty Law Center is constantly enraged about "hate" among white people. Yet the highest paid hate-stokers of the SPLC (whose initials, probably not coincidentally for purposes of fundraising, are easily confused with Martin Luther King's SCLC, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference) are about... Read More
The Southern Poverty Law Center has worked tirelessly to eradicate the last vestiges of poverty, Southern or otherwise, in the lifestyle of founder Morris Dees (a member of the Direct Marketing Association Hall of Fame) by smearing people like Dick Lamm, three-times Democratic governor of Colorado. Some of the moolah raised from the affluent saps... Read More
Here's the third (or maybe the fourth) editorial in the last week from the NY Times about the horrifying Nativist Menace:'The Nativist Lobby' By The Editorial Board The Southern Poverty Law Center on Tuesday released “The Nativist Lobby,” a report examining the connections among the three Washington-based organizations that have led the charge for restricting... Read More
A reader emails: Nice spelling.Here's the real story on the SPLC.My published articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
Scam Watch -- By the way, the Southern Poverty Law Center is on the official Scam Watch of See Ken Silverstein's Harper's article "The Church of Morris Dees: How the Southern Poverty Law Center profits from intolerance" for the basics on Morris Dees' money machine. And here's leftist Alexander Cockburn's column on the SPLC's... Read More
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