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From CBS News in Milwaukee:

Four Arrested in Chicago after Man Duct-Taped and Tortured on Facebook Live
Posted: Jan 04, 2017 3:28 PM PST

By Christie Green

(CBS CHICAGO) — Four people are in custody in Chicago after a live-streamed video was released of a duct-taped man allegedly being tortured on Chicago’s West Side.

In the video, the victim’s clothes were cut, he was peppered with cigarette ashes, and then his hair cut with a knife until his scalp bled.

Several people can be seen laughing and eating as the attack is going on. … The victim, who has special needs, was a high-risk missing person from northwest suburban Crystal Lake. …

From Fox 32 in Chicago:

Chicago Police: 4 in custody after man tied up, tortured on Facebook Live

POSTED:JAN 04 2017 04:58PM CST

FOX 32 NEWS – Investigators are looking into a Facebook Live video showing a group of people holding a young man hostage.

Chicago police told FOX 32 that four people are currently in custody.

Chicago police were made aware of this video Tuesday afternoon. A young African American woman streamed the video live on Facebook showing at least four people holding a young white man hostage.

The victim is repeatedly kicked and hit, his scalp is cut, all while he is tied up with his mouth taped shut. The suspects on the video can be heard yelling, “F*** Donald Trump! F*** white people!” …

FOX 32 was told the young man is now at a hospital being treated for his injuries.

Keep in mind that this could be a hoax or performance art or whatever.

Here’s the full video (NSFW).

Or maybe here:

Conservative Treehouse and Live Leak are likely to have the video if it stops showing up here.

MisterLomez says:

weird that the anti-trump hate crimes are always caught on tape, and the pro-trump hate crimes never are.

must be a coincidence.

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