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Jurassic World

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Do you ever get the feeling that journalists are starting to feel so constrained by the ruling ideology that they are self-sabotaging their articles, turning them into deadpan send-ups by choosing the dumbest examples in support of the conventional wisdom? For example, from the New York Times:

The Film Fatales Collective Trains a Lens on Gender Inequality

So, which examples of Hollywood’s unfairness to women directors does Mr. Anderson highlight? The surly Josh Trank flopping with The Fantastic Four after just one previous feature (granted, it was the profitable Chronicle), when a woman director easily could have done a no worse job?

Nah …

Hollywood’s prehistoric attitude toward female directors, the filmmaker Leah Meyerhoff said, was epitomized by the recent “Jurassic World.”

“That guy had directed one half-million-dollar feature,” she said, referring to Colin Trevorrow and “Safety Not Guaranteed” (2012).

Whoever heard of Spielberg knowing anything about summer blockbusters?

A good little movie.

“And Steven Spielberg said he took a chance on him because he reminded him of himself when he was young.”

If that’s the DNA of decision-making, she said, can the film industry evolve?

From, the top 3 movies of all time in worldwide box office:

Screenshot 2015-08-23 00.42.26

You know, it’s almost as if Steven Spielberg has learned a thing or two about how to sell movie tickets.

Seriously, did bored Pravda writers during the Brezhnev years ever sit around at a bar dreaming up a covert contest to see whose editor was dumb enough to fall for the most self-defeating article upholding the Party line?

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