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Is Love Colorblind

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My new column at Taki's Magazine reviews the 2010 Census Bureau data on the gender gaps in interracial weddings. How have they changed since the 1990 Census data I used in Is Love Colorblind? Are there still 2.5 times as many black husband / white wife marriages than white husband / black wife ones. Are... Read More
Ralph Richard Banks, a black Stanford Law professor, suggests in the WSJ in "An Interracial Fix for Black Marriage" thatIn the half decade or so after my 1997 article Is Love Colorblind, in which I sort of made a similar suggestion, I received lots of long emails from black ladies discussing these topics. From what... Read More
New York Magazine has a long article whose themes won't be unfamiliar to readers of my 1997 essay Is Love Colorblind? (The illustration is not from the article, but from the sadly missed Bitter Asian Men website of yore.)Yang complains that while years of test prep help East Asian guys get prestigious credentials, then after schooling they're... Read More
Yes, I'm sure height plays a role, as I wrote in 1997 (citing height along with hair length and muscularity as visible differences) but black and white men are almost identical in height in the U.S. (Non-Hispanic white men are 0.4 inches t
Singer Alicia Keys, who was raised by her white mom after her black dad split, provides another example of how interracial mating automatically creates transracial harmony among the mixed race offspring: Despite careful inspection of the pendant in the picture above, I can't quite tell if that's an AK-47. As they say at the
A reader writes:Click on the map to see the full size version. The key reads that Navy Blue countries have over 3 times as many female relatives of American citizens being brought into America as males. Medium Blue countries are 2x. At the other end of the scale is Dark Red.I haven't looked into this... Read More
Another old movie review from the dustiest corner of my cyberattic: Mar. 23, 2001 (UPI) -- The success of "Waiting to Exhale" revealed there was a sizable market for movies about upper middle class African American women frustrated by the difficulty of finding and hanging onto black men who make at least as much money... Read More
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Steve Sailer is a journalist, movie critic for Taki's Magazine, columnist, and founder of the Human Biodiversity discussion group for top scientists and public intellectuals.

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