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From the Washington Post: ... The report stoked fear among Twin Cities Somalis, who have worked for decades to become part of the city's fabric. There are now Somalis on the police force, the city council and in the Minnesota House of Representatives. But the largely Muslim population of Somali Americans in the Twin Cities... Read More
From The Atlantic: Of course, only a racist like Trump would call Ferguson's August and November 2014 protests against white racism, with all their exuberant undocumented shopping and diversity pyrotechnics, "race riots." But if Trump loses the presidential election, an outcome that looks increasingly like
I can recall reading a few decades ago that St. Cloud, Minnesota, a small city 66 miles northwest of Minneapolis, then had the lowest crime rate in the U.S.. But St. Cloud is putting its hateful white-bread, plain vanilla past behind it. From CNN: Fortunately, the Frontlash has gone into action:
Back in the early 1990s, Susan Faludi was, along with Naomi Wolf, a feminist poster girl for the post-Clarence Thomas Year of the Woman in politics that, in order to fight the plague of sexual harassment in the workplace, elected as President ... Bill Clinton. Faludi's 1991 book Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women... Read More
It's getting more challenging for the Narrative Molders to frontlash after Muslim terrorist attacks, but I have confidence in their powers of self-delusion. What strategies are emerging?
Here's part of an interview with the President in Vox that is pretty much along the lines of one of my "Core v. Fringe" election strategy articles, just discussed from the opposite partisan point of view. Obama tells Ezra Klein that he's not worried about a backlash against Democrats over attacks on whites such as... Read More
From the Washington Post: Whenever Muslims Behave Badly, we are immediately warned by the establishment, in what I call the Frontlash, that the real danger is the imminent, looming Backlash. In the U.S., of course, this is awfully silly since there are basically zero white Christian youth organizations outside of the control of responsible adults.... Read More
Whenever a member of a protected group behaves in a stereotypically horrible fashion, such as the Iranian refugee / terrorist in Australia or the civil rights protestor / terrorist in New York, the good people, the principled humanitarians such as Tessa Kum and Al Sharpton, immediately launch a frontlash against the backlash. From the AP:... Read More
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