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"Tom Wolfe! Thou Shouldst be Living at This Hour"
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To paraphrase Wordsworth on Milton:

“Tom Wolfe! thou shouldst be living at this hour”

Something overlooked in Wolfe’s reputation as an heir to depressives like Swift and Waugh as a mordant satirist is his sheer comic high spirits. The Nigerian bodybuilder bros would have cracked him up.

I was hoping the Uptown neighborhood beauty supply store in this videotape was the same Korean-owned Uptown beauty supply store that I have an anecdote about. The clerk’s face is fuzzed out in the video, but her hands could well be Korean.

But it turns out this particular beauty supply shop is a quarter mile south of the one I want to talk about. But … close enough, so I’ll tell the anecdote anyway about these kind of Chicago beauty supply stores.

Around 1990 my wife and I are talking to the Korean lady behind the counter at our local dry cleaner in Uptown and she says her in-laws fresh off the plane from Pusan (or wherever) just opened today a beauty supply store next door. So we say we’ll go over there and buy something to help them out on their first day.

We go into the new store and it’s carefully laid out with a full stock of hair care and cosmetic products. But eventually my wife figures out there is not a single thing in the store for her to buy. Every product on sale is formulated explicitly for black ladies.

Anyway, that got me thinking at the time about immigration. These newcomers from South Korea had probably barely met a black person before, but evidently there was some kind of three-ring binder available to Korean immigrants who don’t speak English detailing exactly what products for African-Americans to stock in your store.

Previously, beauty care products for blacks were a route to affluence for enterprising African Americans — e.g., the first ever black millionaire in America was Madame CJ Walker, who invented the conk.

But now black Americans can’t compete in their own traditional business specialty — even in their own neighborhoods — with Korean go-getters straight off the airplane from the other side of the world.

The African-Americans benefit as consumers because Korean-run black beauty product stores probably have slightly lower prices, neater shelves, and longer hours than they would if the stores were owned and managed by blacks.

But black Americans don’t really need more stuff, they need more ways to better themselves, And black beauty care had long been one such path. But less so today due to the Korean takeover.

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  1. Wait is that a black face ski mask. Those are sooo racist.

  2. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Christopher Buckley writes as well as Waugh. He’d do a great job on a hate crime hoax book.

    • Replies: @DCThrowback
  3. trelane says:

    The clientele merchants dream of.

  4. This for the soundtrack?

    • LOL: Nathan
  5. This for the soundtrack?

  6. Anon[168] • Disclaimer says:

    Finally reading Bonfire of the Vanities, 7 percent in on my Kindle.

    Two super dark skinned (is that racist?), muscular black guys buying black ski masks (the eye and mouth hole type): Seriously, shouldn’t that be a manditory report thing, like bruises on kids during medical exams?

    Fabulous entertainment reporter Sopan Deb in the New York Times just now: In the article reporting the Smollett charges, paragraph 4 is concerned with the “rising tide of hate crimes, which the F.B.I. reported last fall had increased for the third straight year.”

    Paragraph 5 complains that Smollett has been “a nightly topic on Fox News for [that fucking nazi] Tucker Carlson.” I guess he doesn’t watch the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, which has made Smollett into a nightly topic, including relentless ridicule by their black gay corresondent with the too on-the-nose name of Jaboukie Young-White. (In a movie script the name selection would receive a note. “Really? Seriously? Jaboukie Young-White? Go back to the drawing board on the name.”)

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Mr. Anon
  7. At least this Security Camera was pointing in the right direction.

    • LOL: Dieter Kief
  8. Nathan says:

    Could Tom Wolfe or the Coens make this up?? I mean, the framing of that mask… it really is awesome.

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  9. Something overlooked in Wolfe’s reputation as an heir to depressives like Swift and Waugh as a mordant satirist is his sheer comic high spirits

    No sæva indignatio from Wolfe, to be sure – but neither is he an Horatian satirist. W.S. Gilbert perhaps, with enough of Petronius or Rabelais added to suit him for our less innocent age. His fellow Virginian James Branch Cabell, though very distinct in style, perhaps comes closest in attitude. Imagine Jurgen or Florian de Puysange in today’s New York or Washington, and there’s the stuff of a Wolfe novel.

  10. A comedy serial about immigrant Nigerian brothers trying to Make It in the (wrong) Big City as Hollywood Stars and getting into hijinks moonlighting as bodybuildiers/gigolos/bagmen for overweening celebs would be infinitely more entertaining than FOX’s contrived record label soap.

    If I were a network exec, I’d snatch these two up. Or at least I’d buy their life rights.

  11. @Anthony Wayne

    They even fit the short & squat and tall & lanky comedy duo mold to boot.

  12. This whole thing is also another validation of Muggeridge’s Law, otherwise known as reality has overtaken satire.

    Who would have thought two weeks ago that we’d be talking about a gay black actor on a second tier tv show who decided to save his career by mailing himself aspirin and hiring two Nigerian doofusses to stage a MAGA attack on him?

  13. Forbes says:

    Could you repeat that in English? Or at least dumb it down to New York Times 7th grade level…

    • Replies: @Crawfurdmuir
  14. Anon[902] • Disclaimer says:

    Slightly OT: What seems to be another hate hoax has cropped up.

    It’s beginning to be as common as acne.

    • Replies: @Anon
  15. @Crawfurdmuir

    Was it your dad or Niles who ended up marrying Daphne?

  16. The best part of the whole thing is that they actually carried out the fake attack, rather than just claim it happened, in a city full of surveillance cameras.

    It’s like in ‘The Ladykillers’ when Alec Guinness’ team of moron criminals actually pretend to play chamber music to fool the landlady while they plan a robbery. It is just too preposterous.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
    , @sayless
  17. Anon[402] • Disclaimer says:

    The New York Times just published an explainer entitled, “Who Is Jussie Smollett, the Actor Charged With Staging His Own Assault?”:

    I guess that they are assuming that their readers don’t know who the guy is because the Times has had such sparse and vague coverage of the incident.

  18. Dan Hayes says:
    @Ghost of Bull Moose

    Ghost of Bull Moose:

    Oh how I miss Alec Guiness and all the wonderful, zany and cerebral Ealing Studio productions!

  19. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Is anyone else getting the impression that the Nigerian brothers’ attorney, Gloria Schmidt, is not in the varsity leagues? She seems like the CPD’s lapdog, letting her client’s yap it up for hours to the cops without any sort of immunity in return.

  20. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Is Smollett on suicide watch?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  21. @Buffalo Joe

    People make fun of White people for not having any Black friends and woke Whites try very earnestly to cultivate a “diverse” circle…

    Didn’t Mr. Smollett have at least a couple of woke White friends he could have cast for these roles?
    No suitable American talent to do these jobs?

    Dave Chappelle and this guy suggest it’s good to have some White friends…. not just for staging a hate hoax.

    Caution to those sensitive to vulgar language…

  22. Bet they thought they were really smart paying cash – no one will ever be able to trace this transaction!

  23. nsa says:

    Speaking of life mimicking satire, so far there have been no comments at all re Trumpstein’s rollout of his awe inspiring GloboHomo Initiative. This follows his release of large scale drug peddlers from richly deserved long federal prison sentences. No Wall….but Drug Peddling and HomoSex are just wunderbar. You can’t make this stuff up. Next we’ll see heart warming videos of Trumpstein and the Koshners leading the next Gay Pride parade wearing rainbow MAGA hats and waving little rainbow flags, marching to the booming beat of the Village People’s “Macho Man”. Pence will look great in his new rainbow tie and Chinese made rainbow lapel pin.

    • Agree: YetAnotherAnon
    • Replies: @Ragno
    , @Hail
  24. Something overlooked in Wolfe’s reputation as an heir to depressives like Swift and Waugh as a mordant satirist is his sheer comic high spirits

    Happy or sad, the best satirists are the reactionaries.

  25. Svigor says:

    Did Woods run up against Twitter’s character limit? MFW no “numbskulls,” “knuckleheads”… not even a “chowderhead.” WTF.

    ‘Course muh face still :_( because Woods not Jewish. Rilly wanted 2 KAGO.

  26. Ragno says:

    Forget Buckley or Mark Leyner or Jonathan Swift via Ouija board…..what we need is a weekly column by James Woods! His tweets alone have rendered NR and The Economist obsolete.

    • Agree: Hail
  27. Ragno says:

    …it’s like he woke up one day and exclaimed, “My God! Demmycrats are the REAL racists!”

  28. @Anon

    Ravi Baichwal =

    Haw! Caviar lib!
    Via a Chi brawl.

  29. Something overlooked in Wolfe’s reputation

    Our admiration of fine writing will always be in proportion to its real difficulty and its apparent ease. -Charles Caleb Colton, author and clergyman (1780-1832)

  30. Hail says: • Website

    See Hunter Wallace, “Trump Administration Launches Global Crusades To Promote Feminism and Homosexuality.”

    The trainwreck that is the Trump administration has only intensified since the 2018 midterms. Let’s briefly recap all the winning we have seen from Trump and the GOP since November:

    – The promised executive order on birthright citizenship never materialized
    – Trump warned Antifa that they “could be in big trouble” and forget about it after the midterms
    – Criminal justice reform passed Congress and was signed into law
    – President Trump signed an executive order to “revitalize” blighted black communities in places like Detroit

    [….] [much more]

    It turns out that Trump was serious about doing all these things we hated. He wasn’t serious about doing any of things we wanted him to do. The Trump presidency has only intensified the agenda of mainstream conservatism and shifted the Overton Window to the Left on blacks (criminal justice reform), Hispanics (muh Dreamers), homosexuals (globohomo) and Jews (virtually everything that the GOP and the Trump administration does is some “pro-Israel” victory).

    • Replies: @Clifford Brown
    , @Mr. Anon
  31. So my guess is that the CPD requested from Uber all of the car rides taken in the vicinity around the time of the attack. Since it was past 2:00 am on a Monday night during the coldest temperatures in Chicago in over 30 years, there were likely few Uber rides at that time, even in high density Streeterville.

    A quick perusal of the potential suspects’ social media accounts would show that one of the Uber riders was an extra on Empire and a acquaintance/ personal trainer of Jussie Smollett.

    Case closed.

    The delay in resolving this hoax was due to the suspects being out of the country after the alleged assault. If the Nigerian bodybuilder bros had used a cab and paid cash, they probably would have gotten away with it.

    One saving grace in this world is that most criminals are not very bright.

    • Replies: @Anon
  32. @Hail

    Not the worst play during the week when the Jussie Smollett hoax is revealed. Not sure what this all accomplishes other than ramp up pressure on Iran. Using feminism and gay rights to undermine Iranian society is rather instructive. It certainly will not be applied against Saudi Arabia or Dubai.

    This empty political gesture appeals to moderates and women who watch The View who are afraid to support Trump because he is allegedly in the KKK.

    • Replies: @Pericles
    , @Redneck farmer
  33. I absolutely love that both Bodybuilder Bros went to the hardware store and stood next to each other in front of the cashier. Too bad there’s no sound…

    I’ll bet they do everything together, meals, laundry, workouts. I want a montage.

    Really, Jussie’s instincts for crime are terrible but his instincts for farce can’t be beat.

  34. @Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta

    Dave Chappelle has a few funny routines on this but here’s one of my favorites (video should start at 1:26)

  35. BenKenobi says:

    but evidently there was some kind of three-ring binder available to Korean immigrants who don’t speak English detailing exactly what products… to stock

    Recently here in Vancouver I was on the SkyTrain and I saw a nice Chinese lady reading a Chinese-language magazine with a total of 3 English words on the cover: “Canadian Benefits Guide”

    • Replies: @Anon
  36. Mr. Anon says:

    Also, Jared Kushner is leading some kind of White House task force with the purpose of increasing legal immigration.

    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that Trump turned out to be a feckless and unserious blowhard. The best thing that could happen to this country right now would be for Jared to be photographed leaving a hotel room with Stormy Daniels. Can somebody please send a call-girl his way. They could ask Jared’s Dad for pointers.

  37. Mr. Anon says:

    Two super dark skinned (is that racist?), muscular black guys buying black ski masks (the eye and mouth hole type):

    How many people actuall ski in those masks? Especially in Chicago? Shouldn’t they just be called “mugger’s masks”.

  38. Clyde says:

    _Best black history month ever_
    The comments at TMZ are very good…….select best comments.

  39. Pericles says:
    @Clifford Brown

    Using feminism and gay rights to undermine Iranian society is rather instructive.

    The joke in this case is on the Great Satan.

  40. Anonymous[372] • Disclaimer says:

    One thing you are missing out is the ‘risk premium’. The reason why Asiatic immigrants to the USA specialize as dealers to blacks – or indeed operate at all in the ghetto – is purely and simply that conventional American business, which is really rather good at filling every possible market void – more or less by hard bitter experience, refuses to deal with blacks.

    At best losses due to theft are enormous. At worst, you simply lose your life. Therefore, the only niche open to impecunious Asiatic businessmen immigrants to the USA is dealing with blacks.
    Simply put, the ever rational jolly old free market prices business owners into the appropriate slots – risk of death is factored into overheads and margins.

    • Replies: @Corn
    , @Anon
  41. @Clifford Brown

    You do realize that explaining electoral politics to some people is a waste of time?

    • Replies: @stillCARealist
  42. Blacks as customers act extremely rational – they head to the best store, no racial blinders on their eyes whatsoever. – Now. Wuddisdis? – A perfect example of how open to diversity black customers are, on average?

    Just askin’.

    • Replies: @rufus
  43. @Nathan

    Wolfe quite easily. The Coens – they hold back at times, you know…

  44. Yeah, Koreans, through their delis, used to dominate the flower and salad bar businesses in my NYC days … seemed to have a lot of mestizos doing the scut work while they worked the till, so margins must have been OK.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  45. Something overlooked in Wolfe’s reputation as an heir to depressives like Swift and Waugh as a mordant satirist is his sheer comic high spirits. The Nigerian bodybuilder bros would have cracked him up.

    I have to admit, I had the exact same thought when I saw this video (I still have trouble to type, my stomach hurts!!). – Now – isn’t this America, that was what Wolfe said in the back of my mind right away, when i saw this video: Isn’t it great, just GREAT!!, what progress brought us: This video is proof, that there is a God – at least in the entertainment corner of our universe!! – And this God loves us all! And he wants us to laugh!!!


    Wolfe’s humor was not only overlooked – it was disgraced as – cynical, inhuman, cold-hearted… – – – and racist in the end! – I remember well: The leading left-liberal paper Frankfurter Rundschau and it’s leading theater- and arts-critic Peter Iden cringed, when The Bonfire came out. – And this sour misreading of Wolfe is found up to this day, prevailing even, in the still by left-liberals dominated German public, at least. I’m not so sure about England.

    • Replies: @Anon
  46. jim jones says:

    I was impressed that the Blacks actually paid cash for their purchases rather than pulling out a gun and pointing it at the shop assistant

  47. sayless says:
    @Ghost of Bull Moose

    Alec Guinness said he was grateful to Ealing for the work but he was almost killed on their sets three times.

    The comedies were wonderful.

    Why would someone colorize The Ladykillers?

  48. Corn says:

    “At best losses due to theft are enormous. At worst, you simply lose your life. Therefore, the only niche open to impecunious Asiatic businessmen immigrants to the USA is dealing with blacks.”

    In Bill Cosby’s “Poundcake”speech a decade ago I seem to recall him saying something to the effect, “We deal with Arab storekeepers now……. the Koreans got to know us too well”.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  49. tyrone says:
    @Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta

    Oh ,Jussie has white friends allright ,but they don’t know how to throw a punch……high likelihood of wrist injury.

  50. @Redneck farmer

    Yeah, but it never stops with electoral politics. You move left and the establishment says, “Yay, moving left! Okay, we’ll help push the train along.” and we never go back. We’ll get more feminism/homo agenda here (if that’s even possible) and less freedom and support for normal families.

    If the Iranians want more freedom, they can fight for it themselves. They might not even want it.

  51. Jack D says:
    @The Alarmist

    The amount of work that the owners put in to keep these places going 24/7 is unimaginable to white people. I once saw a documentary about one of these places and the owner literally never slept, at least not in the sense of getting into a bed. After the place closed at night, he would drive to Hunt’s Point to pick up produce and then reopen. During the day he would take cat naps now and then lying on some sacks in the back of the store – that was his only sleep.

    • Replies: @Anon
  52. Hail says: • Website
    @Mr. Anon

    Jared Kushner…increasing legal immigration

    Hunter Wallace on Jared Kushner:

    I would be willing to stand aside and watch Trump be defeated in 2020 just to remove this little bastard from the White House. It was Kushner who got criminal justice reform through Congress. Barack Obama couldn’t even do that.

    • Replies: @rufus
  53. Anonymous[354] • Disclaimer says:

    Contrary to some pessimistic comments it seems the Smollett saga will not be memory-holed after all, or at least it will live long enough to outlast a news cycle and then start collecting Social Security. The guy’s defense staff are publicity hounds, while Cook County is so far blinking-averse. I saw Kim Foxx recused herself. This debacle seems to have better legs than the Covington Catholics which really lacked enough plot twists to avoid successful suppression (or, to be interesting to Black Twitter agony aunts who are the MSM’s assignment desk).

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @Prester John
  54. @Anthony Wayne

    Ola and Abel Osundairo star in the hilarious new sitcom “The Fraud Couple.”

    • LOL: Anthony Wayne
  55. @Forbes

    Sæva indignatio is from Swift’s epitaph. It means “savage indignation.” The epitaph reads, in translation, “Here lies the body of Jonathan Swift, Doctor of Sacred Theology, Dean of this Cathedral Church, where savage indignation can lacerate his heart no more.”

  56. Am I right in observing that MAGA hats were actually purchased? If so, does this mean that the initial reports from TMZ were correct in reporting that Smollett claimed the assailants were wearing them? If so, does this mean that Smollett realised early on that he’d gone too far and was trying to row back?

    • Replies: @Prodigal son
    , @Jack D
  57. rufus says:


    Most of these guys did their stretch and are low testosterone now.

    you pay their rent and lunch. we good

  58. @Henry's Cat

    They bought simple red baseball caps , not MAGA hats. He certainly went too far with the MAGA comments and the rope.

    • Replies: @Henry's Cat
  59. @Mr. Anon

    The US has a problem. A GDP problem.

    Either it increases the productivity of US citizens by a factor of about 6 or so to compete with China, or it increases the number of people in the US.

    We probably cannot take the Norstrilia approach:

  60. Jack D says:

    Foxx has recused herself at the 1st opportunity on the flimsiest possible grounds (that she once spoke to one of Jussie’s family members) and unbearably white Joe Magats has taken over the case. This is a sign that the Chicago Dem. Party establishment is throwing Jussie under the bus. The story from here on in will be that Jussie did this to selfishly promote his own career and not to help get the anti-lynching law passed for his friend Kamala or in to promote a race war. Therefore he deserves no leniency from the justice system on account of his gay blackness or his black gayness.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  61. Jack D says:
    @Henry's Cat

    Last I heard the brothers were unable to find real MAGA hats for sale in Chicago (any store that tried would probably get torched) and settled for red baseball caps instead.

  62. The late Hall of Fame basketball forward, Dave DeBuscherre , once told a story about a teammate of his on the Detroit Pistons, a black seven footer named Reggie Harding. After being dropped by the NBA, Harding started dropping –period. One time he tried to stick up a neighborhood bar while wearing a face mask! The guy behind the bar said “Reggie, you don’t need a mask. We know it’s you.” Reggie replied “no I ain’t”.

  63. Jack D says:

    That’s not what happened. The pipeline of Korean immigrants has pretty much dried up since Korea is a rich country now. The older generation of Korean-Americans is nearing retirement or has saved up enough money to buy a dry cleaning establishment in a safe suburb. Their kids are all dermatologists and orthodontists and wouldn’t dream of running a beauty supply store in the ghetto. So the baton of doing business in the ghetto is passed to a newer group of immigrants – Afghans or Vietnamese or Chinese, etc.

    • Replies: @Corn
  64. “But now black Americans can’t compete in their own traditional business specialty — even in their own neighborhoods ”

    Cultural appropriation!!!

  65. Well, like an old sailor once said about Swift (Wolfe should be so lucky to show up on this sort of radar…)

    Swift has sailed into his rest.
    Savage indignation there
    Cannot lacerate his breast.

    Imitate him IF YOU DARE,
    World- besotted traveler: HE
    Served human liberty.

    (emphases mine)

  66. @Anonymous

    That this dreck is getting so much coverage tells you all you need to know about the state of affairs in this once-great republic.

  67. Jack D says:
    @Jack D

    Nailed it. From the Daily Mail story detailing Jussie’s arrest:

    “furious police bosses alleged that he mailed himself a threatening letter then staged a hoax attack because he was unhappy with his $1.8million Empire salary.

    Why that greedy, selfish bastard. He’s some Hollywood queer who doesn’t really care about the plight of black people in America. He was probably gonna snitch on the Nigerian brothers. Maybe his Jew side is showing after all….

    People here don’t seem to realize that while the favorite target of the Coalition of the Fringes is evil white men, as soon as you take the white man out of the picture they form a circular firing squad.

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Commenter
  68. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    The main reason Asian Indian Arab immigrants go into the ghetto store business if food stamp fraud, at least 1.5 billion a year.

    The store owner just charges $100 on the EBT card and kicks back $30 or $40 to the card holder. Most of those stores sell lottery tickets which are cash only. So the ebt recipient buys lottery tickets with the cash kickback. Win win for the crooked corrupt immigrant lose lose for the American taxpayer

  69. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    I remember being in a city bus and hearing 2 Hispanic Indians speaking in their Indian, not Spanish language. I kept hearing an English word, SSI, that’s the acronym for disability social security.

  70. Olorin says:
    @Buffalo Joe

    A balaclava actually. Not a “ski mask.” And you can’t appreciate why they’re needed till you’ve faced an Alberta Clipper in January in Chicago.

    Or the northerlies off Lake Michigan in the upper tiers at Wrigley in June for that matter.


    The garment far predates the US winter sports devotees who adopted it. Its utility is exceptional, since it can be rolled or folded to produce multiple different types of cold-protection headgear. (Ask any snowmobiler.)

    I am told that these garments were popular in Victorian era knitting books.

    Nigerians buying them from Koreans to use them by contract to gay black Jewish C-level actors to conduct hate hoaxes against white people is egregious cultural appropriation indeed.

    • Replies: @Anon
  71. @Jack D

    Well, the thing is they have people higher up the chain who have to be protected, like Karmasutra and Fartacus.

  72. I love Wolfe’s Swiftian grit. It is not as fantastical as contemporary Magic Realist novels, but it has the same way of magnifying the reality of social trends to provide a truer shade of true. Wolfe’s sentences are also just flat-out artful.

    It is interesting to note the overlapping proximity of the publication of “Bonfire of the Vanities” with the original media-hype hoax, the Brawley rape hoax, wherein a 15-year-old girl ended up with an insurmountable lifetime financial burden, whereas celebrities were able to cash in in the wake of the hoaxing.

    This article just says nurse. Somewhere, I thought I read that she is a home-health nurse, not an RN, and if so, that is a massive chunk of her wages from a hard job. Even if she is an RN, it is a big chunk of monthly pay for a bad decision made at 15.

    The American judicial system is full of asymmetries of injustice that would make Swift blush. This country has a system worthy of the Yahoos. One of the most excruciating examples is the Central Park jogger thing, the details of which have not been accurately reported by the agenda-pushing media. Shock.

    What could more easily be mistaken for bigger-than-life, oversized fiction than a $41 million trophy for a miscarriage of justice in a beyond-brutal gang rape, even though DNA evidence was not collected in the same way back then, not that average citizens would ever know without reading detailed explanations like this. The MSM did not report that case in the proper context.

    Whereas a few years later when DNA evidence was collected in a more rigorous fashion, the same issue resulted in a shadow of doubt that freed OJ after a double near-decapitation murder. It is just case after case, with absurdites of escalating magnitude.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Anon
  73. When I was meme’ing gay Nazi bodybuilders into reality, I didn’t think it would turn into this.

  74. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    When I worked at UCLA one year’s student directory had a picture of the campus building Royce Hall on the cover.

    Hispanics and black grievance groups had a hissy fit because Royce Hall is a European Italian style building. It was really amusing working at a university . There was some inane outrage about evil YT every couple weeks. Best was the blacks occasionally vandalizing the Jewish student group offices. Then the weeping & wailing of the Jews
    “ don’t the blacks realize that since 1910 Jews have stood with blacks against the KKK and lynching and desegregation?” “ they owe everything to us generous Jews who organized the freedom rides”

    Well, no. Blacks don’t appreciate or acknowledge what Jews did for them in the civil rights movement. Especially blacks who were college students in 2010.

  75. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Lots of men grow beards for winter. Balaclava hats were widely used in the armies of WWs 1&2.

  76. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Endgame Napoleon

    She’s a licensed vocational nurse a 2 year program fairly rigorous. Slightly lower than an RN way above a nurses aide. Stupid horrible mother married a black felon with a murder conviction with a pretty daughter in the house.

    I’m glad she’s going to pay till
    she retires. She, Sharpeton and every NYSlimes editor and reporter and every other journalist who spread the story is a target for individual direct action if Whites weren’t a beaten down submissive slave race made that way by White elites and social climbing virtue signallers

  77. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dieter Kief

    If you’ve ever read Mau Mauinge the Flak Catcher, about black activists attacking the city government of San Francisco; I was supposed to be a Flak Catcher. But I refused to go with the program.

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  78. DCThrowback says: • Website

    Thank You for Smoking was a classic.

    • Replies: @Anon
  79. @Anon

    It’s interesting how this relatively short piece of Wolfe – Mau-Mauing the Flag-Catchers – has resonated so much with Steve Sailer. He quotes it in depth in his Obama book – and here on the blog, at least several times every year. I think that’s the best way to praise an author’s work, by the way. –

    I’ve read – by and large – all of Wolfe’s books, including his last one about Everett and Chomsky. I recommend them and give them away in all kinds of situations. My wife is a speech therapist and found his Kingdom of Speech very interesting – and better even than Everetts own books. – – Wolfe knew how to find the sweet spots in thoughts and stories – and emphasize them, even.

    It’s not always that rewarding to be a flag catcher …. it takes an entire village, I’d hold, or a city, or at least the majority in a municipality to make the work of social workers and the like worthwhile (= really functioning). – If not – – – – – then there appear dire straits.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  80. @Prodigal son

    OK, thanks. To me it still lends weight to the idea that Smollett did initially mention MAGA hats, and so TMZ’s original reporting was reliable. The bit that still has me stumped is the ‘unidentified liquid’ – was the intention all along that it was meant to be bleach, i.e., a whitening agent?

  81. Corn says:
    @Jack D

    You are right. I should have added I think Cos was trying to joke a bit.

    We have numerous Arab/Paki/Indian owned gas stations and liquor stores in the city closest to me. Some black coworkers at an old job were telling me they were at a liquor store one night and an irate customer (a fellow black) started shouting or swearing at the shopkeeper. My coworkers said almost wordlessly the shopkeeper pulled out a can of pepper spray and coated his face. They then added, “Those A-rabs don’t mess around.”

    I was in a gas station once when a black woman walked out cursing the Arab/Subcon clerk. He got on his loudspeaker shouting “B—ch! You stupid b—ch!”

    Whatever attitude blacks give the Arab shopkeepers, they get it right back.

  82. Jack D says:
    @Dieter Kief

    Not a flag catcher – a flak catcher. Good German word. The community shoots flak at the government in the form of demands for gib-me-dats and the job of the flak catcher is to act as a human shield and absorb the flak before it can hit anyone really important like elected officials.

    • Replies: @Hail
    , @Dieter Kief
  83. Hail says: • Website
    @Jack D

    a flak catcher. Good German word.

    Flug Abwehr Kannone –> FL.A.K. –> Flak

    Anti-Aircraft Gun

    The wordsmith Reg Caesar might do better, but here is one attempt at an Americanized acronym on the same pattern:


    Sounds a lot like something it is; “a nag.”

  84. @Jack D

    Oh – of course. Thanks. What I can bring forward here is, that I don’t speak (and think) German actually, – – – I’m a Badenian. Thing is: In Badenia there is no sharp k at the end of words. Only soft endings here, Sir, so…Flag = Flak.

    But as I said: Thanks.

  85. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Little Green Men. And the one that was a satire of those endless White House Memoirs

  86. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Endgame Napoleon

    The victim wrote a book, I Was the Central Park Jogger. It was typical White brainwashed liberal drivel. Forgive thy enemies. Jesus said it on the cross but he was a God.

  87. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jack D

    Chinese store owners send their SSI Medicare recipient elders around to all the food banks to get as much as they can grab.

    Then they resell the food in their stores. If you ever see a shabby package or buy some stale pastry or bread in those stored s that’s where the stale food came from.

    They also deal with professional shoplifters who steal from drugstores and sell it to their co ethnic store owners.

    Asians the model minority entrepreneurs beloved by the conservatives.

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