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Tiger Woods
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With Tiger Woods having just won his first tournament since 2013, here’s my book review in Taki’s last spring, “The Tiger Mother’s Son,” of the recent tell-all biography about him.

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  1. Astonishing that he was able to come back and absolutely thrash the best 29 players this season on the PGA tour after some terrific play the last few weeks, when a year or so ago it was reported doubtful if he would ever be able to swing a golf club again. Or maybe the injuries were exaggerated and the addiction to drugs was the real problem. Like many celebrities the excuse was “Ambien made me do it.”

    Call me gobsmacked.

    • Replies: @Lagertha
    , @gsjackson
  2. So-so play today–ok not for me, but for the apex of a sport. Tiger unbrilliant and would have lost if pressured, but none of the guys well positioned put even the slightest pressure on him. Other than the birdy at 18 to–barely–halt his collapse, Rose flat out backed into the FedEx cup with a 73–to win the biggest purse in all of sports.

    I enjoy watching a bit of golf for all the obvious reasons of sport plus appreciating the geometric/spatial-thinking thing that makes it much more appealing to male heterosexuals than anyone else. But really a mediocre day for “top performers of their sport”.

    Though i will say the course looked great. And NBC kept telling me that through the hurculean efforts of the Southern Company and Coca-Cola, HBD has been repleaded and now all the kids in the neighborhood are above average. Surrounding Eastlake is now the Lake Wobegon of the South.

  3. anon[443] • Disclaimer says:

    Its the nerves that go first.

    He was good within 10 feet. Those are the money putts are subject to the dreaded yips.

    Woods may have been the first player to have been trained in various visualization and mental techniques as a child.

    The limiting factor is his nerves, not his back.

  4. Berty says:

    Oh hey look I was right!

    But please all you old Boomers keep calling me a troll just for pointing out that Trump is full of shit and his whining and yelling never goes anywhere.

  5. @Berty

    But please all you old Boomers keep calling me a troll just for pointing out that Trump is full of shit and his whining and yelling never goes anywhere.

    Ok, fine. Trump is full of shit and his whining and yelling never go anywhere. He isn’t Hillary. What, you’re with HER? She’s full of shit. but her whining and yelling WOULD have gone somewhere because: media.

    • Agree: fish
  6. Tiger played good steady mistake free golf. Rory and the rest collapsed on a not very tough course.

    Congratulations to Tiger. And to Justin Rose for his $10 million birdie putt.

    • Replies: @gsjackson
  7. Dr. X says:


    Drudge is reporting that the Senate Dems have another accuser who thinks that Kavanaugh shoved his penis in her face when she was drunk.

    Stay tuned, kids!!!

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Lot
  8. Was surfing around to the Secret History of Tiger Woods post and some how wound up here:

    So, we have a numinous being that is also disabled…Pokemon points are off the charts…get ready to have dear Blake shoved down our collective throats up to and through the next Olympics…

  9. Spend too much time schtupping outside your marriage and busting up your body with Navy SEALs, and it will take years to get your golf game back.

  10. Off topic but wondering what anyone thinks of the similarities between this rape scene in Stir of Echoes and Ford’s description of her alleged attempted rape by Kavanaugh amc Judge. Steve?

    P.S. Do any of the tech-savvy people on here know if any of Ford’s deleted social media history is still available to see? Wayback machine or what have you?

    • Replies: @Rouetheday
  11. Oh Jesus H. Christ:

    Ramirez admitted to the New Yorker that she does not fully remember the alleged incident because she had been drinking at the time. The magazine also reports that Ramirez spent six days “carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney” before telling the full version of her story.

    What can you even say to this?

    These bitches cray-cray!

  12. Anonymous[276] • Disclaimer says:

    “Brett Kavanaugh hit by SECOND sexual misconduct allegation: Yale classmate of SCOTUS nominee claims he ‘exposed himself to her’ in 1984 and calls on the FBI to investigate”

    Deborah Ramirez, 53, says she attended Yale University with Kavanaugh
    She alleges that during a dorm party, Kavanaugh got drunk and exposed himself
    Ramirez alleged Kavanaugh ‘thrust his penis in her face and made her touch it’
    Judge tapped by Trump to sit on Supreme Court denies the allegation

    • Replies: @Iberiano
  13. Dtbb says:

    The lack of challengers in the final round reflects how he usually won in the past. The big difference is before it was mainly by intimidation.

  14. @Berty

    But please all you old Boomers

    Serious thinkers don’t use cheesy marketing-research fad terms like “boomer”. Thanks for giving iStevers such an early clue that we can dismiss anything you say.

  15. neprof says:

    It’s worth watching his press conference afterwards; he’s back injury has changed him for the better. Many question why there’s suffering in the world, well, from my own experience (and it seems similar for Tiger), it can change one for the better.

    Also, check out the video of Tiger’s walk up 18. Very white (almost totally white) crowd cheering and going wild. Seems incongruent to the racist USA we’re told to exist.

    • Agree: Desiderius
  16. @Reg Cæsar

    Also avoid Boomer phrases such as “reach out” when you really mean contact. Try not to be a putz.

  17. @AnotherDad

    hurculean efforts

    Did you do the NYT crossword yesterday? “HERCULEANEFFORT” was an entry.

    (Sorry if I spoiled anyone’s solving.)

  18. Anonymous[375] • Disclaimer says:

    In this new biography, the authors attribute Tiger turning into his father when it comes to women to the malign influence of basketball legend Michael Jordan, who does not appear to have cooperated in the writing of the book and thus is portrayed as a complete jerk. (In contrast, Jordan’s running mate Charles Barkley, who may have cooperated, is described as a charming rogue who was, on the whole, a good influence on Woods.)

    To be fair this seems to be the general consensus of everybody with first-hand knowledge of either person: Barkley is basically a lovable goofball, Jordan is mean spirited and a bully.*

    *I find it harder to believe that Sir Charles was a “good influence” on Tiger except in the limited sense that he a) wasn’t as reckless as Jordan in his personal life and b) probably got Tiger to lighten up a little bit.

  19. @Berty

    Cause Bezo Blog is 100% factual lmdo this ninja fo real

  20. newrouter says:

    amazon mouth piece telling big tech “everything’s under control”

  21. Berty says:

    You guys are so old you don’t even understand how whiny and old you sound. El Oh El.

  22. Coemgen says:

    I think you’re tilting at windmills. I have more comments on Unz than you and I’m a lightweight as far as commenting goes.

  23. Keypusher says:

    Steve, there are still black caddies. I know, because my law firm has an outing at the Metropolitan country club near NYC every summer. But guess what? They’re all from the Caribbean now.

  24. JimB says:

    You’re a retard of you believe the Washington Post.


  25. Lagertha says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    He finally had several of his vertebra fused together – pain gone. It is amazing. That surgeon is probably flooded with attention, now.

  26. Anonymous[276] • Disclaimer says:

    “Brett Kavanaugh and pals accused of gang rapes in high school, says lawyer Michael Avenatti”

    Lawyer Michael Avenatti told the Senate Judiciary Committee late Sunday that he has multiple witnesses who can say Brett Kavanaugh participated in gang rapes of drunken women during high school.

    “We are aware of significant evidence of multiple house parties in the Washington, D.C. area during the early 1980s during which Brett Kavanaugh, Mark Judge and others would participate in the targeting of women with alcohol/drugs in order to allow a ‘train’ of men to subsequently gang rape them,” Avenatti said in an email to Mike Davis, chief counsel for nominations for the Senate Judiciary Committee.

  27. @Berty

    And you are what – Melania’s age?

    She is kind of old for a billionaire’s wife.

    Also, don’t use curse words, not even phony curse words, in your comments. It makes you look small.

  28. Karolina Pliskova ices Naomi Osaka in front of her, “home,” crowd in Japan:

    Bravo, Karolina, bravo!

  29. anon[443] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dr. X

    Thats a typical Ronan Farrow hit piece. A mile wide and a mm deep. The woman sounds naive and overly guilt ridden. Easy to manipulate. Its her duty to report an unpleasant incident from college. It could have happened so it might as well have happened.

    Someone is going to grab his DNA, which I expect to have Italian content. And he would do well to tone down any sexual deviance.

    • Replies: @Lot
  30. Twinkie says:

    So-so play today–ok not for me, but for the apex of a sport. Tiger unbrilliant and would have lost if pressured, but none of the guys well positioned put even the slightest pressure on him.

    As in war, the side that makes the fewest mistakes often wins.

  31. One thing I noticed, Tiger seems less built now, more rangy like he was in his glory days. Here he is around 2010. Much thicker neck, chest and arms.

    • Replies: @Twinkie
  32. gsjackson says:
    @Jim Don Bob

    According to Tiger, the course was playing very tough. In particular, it was hard to get below the hole and putt uphill because of the pin placements.

  33. newrouter says:

    I don’t whine. Just trying to figure out the game plan of our “ruining class” betters.

  34. newrouter says:

    Also, those ain’t spring chickens running the Demonrat party.

  35. gsjackson says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    The drugs were a problem because the pain was a problem. Recall how the talking heads went after him in May, 2017, when he got a DUI conviction because he was loaded up with pain medications. Oh how gleeful they were to kick him when he was all the way down, even sneering at the mug shot picture like junior high mean girls. The best part of this moment is seeing them eat crow. Which I guess won’t actually happen, because being a media pundit means never having to say you’re sorry (see Bill Kristol and neocon chums).

  36. Lurker says:

    *Splash* I hear the sound of a shark being jumped.

    Gang rape, women plural – that all entails multiple suspects, multiple victims, multiple witnesses. This while they’re already struggling with just the one victim/perp combo?

    And gang rape, seriously, that’s really not a white thing, unless you’re a libtard and you believe the Haven Monahans are round every corner.

    • Replies: @Whiskey
    , @Anonymous
  37. Whiskey says: • Website

    Not getting it. Republicucks will cave like the jellyfish they are. The words Ronan Farrow have them in a cold sweat.

    Get with the times. Any straight White male is always guilty of anti and everything. No non White conversely is ever guilty of anything. White women bitter resentment over nerds, got dudes who did not marry them and their last choices who did at age 34 drive 99% of what is wrong with the Wes t.

  38. Twinkie says:

    Building up bulky muscles when your bones and joints don’t support them well is a fool’s path to superior athletic performance. It obviously depends on sports and type of activity, but lean muscularity is much more performance- and health-oriented than “bulk.”

    At least that’s what I found when competing athletically in my late teens/early twenties. And I think that’s become more so as I have aged (I’m in my late 40’s now).

  39. El Dato says:

    FBI to investigate 35-years-ago penis touching!

    Ramirez, just like Ford, is now calling for the FBI to investigate the incident.

    Wow “pattern of conduct”

    The additional information provided by Ms. Ramirez regarding Kavanaugh’s behavior in college presents a pattern of conduct that makes it absolutely clear that he is entirely unsuited to serve on the Supreme Court.

    — Senator Jeff Merkley (@SenJeffMerkley) September 24, 2018

    Wow “credible allegations”.

    The latest sexual misconduct allegations against #Kavanaugh are deeply disturbing. I agree with @SenFeinstein – the nomination must be immediately postponed until these credible claims are thoroughly & fairly investigated by the FBI

    — Rep. Lois Frankel (@RepLoisFrankel) September 24, 2018

    Wow, “credible and corroborated”

    With another credible, corroborated allegation of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh, it’s time for him to do the right thing. Withdraw your nomination, Judge Kavanaugh.

    — Ed Markey (@SenMarkey) September 24, 2018

    Stormy Daniels is in on it, too.

    Expect a #MeToo #RememberedMyRape convoy to hit D.C. in full carnival atmosphere.

    China is probably examining ways to euthanize the whole continent before #MindEbola spreads.

    • LOL: bomag, Romanian
  40. El Dato says:

    > significant evidence of multiple house parties
    > during the early 1980s
    > a ‘train’ of men
    > drunken women
    > during high school.


  41. Lot says:
    @Dr. X

    Has Ronan Farrow ever done a MeToo article that didn’t pan out?

    On predictit Kav not getting confirmed by Oct 31 went from 36% chance earlier today to 63 now. So you can 2.5x your money betting he does get confirmed by Oct 31.

    Mark Judge’s ex girlfriend also is now spelling the beans on him.

  42. Lot says:

    “Someone is going to grab his DNA, which I expect to have Italian content.”

    It would cost him $149 for 23andme if he really cared to know. Perhaps he did, and he’s neither half AJ nor half Italian, but doesn’t want to publicize that his married mother had affairs with two different men that month.

  43. Congrats Democrats. You’ve overreached so hard and fast that even the cucks at NRO are growing spines.

    I hope Grassley shows up tomorrow and calls the damn vote. We will see.

    • Replies: @Twinkie
    , @Desiderius
    , @MBlanc46
  44. @Lot

    You are so fucking retarded it hurts. Did you even read the article? It was no where near as sourced as his MeToo stories.

    Farrow’s name was very likely added to bolster the credentials of the story. Farrow is currently lighting his credibility on fire in a dumpster so hard and so fast it’ll look like yours by the end of the night.

    ISteve history lesson: Local JIDF “Lot” was one of those declaring loudly for Moore to step down and for the Republicans to disassociate with him, unable to fathom that it would be endless yearbook accusers from now until infinity.

    • Replies: @Lot
  45. Anonymous[228] • Disclaimer says:

    Depends on what’s meant by “gang rape”, which can have various connotations. One connotation is a gang of men prowling the streets and taking women to rape by force. That’s generally not a white thing, except perhaps in wartime. Another kind is women, usually intoxicated, taken advantage of and getting “passed around” at a party among guys. This usually doesn’t involve force or violence.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  46. Anon[274] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, for starters on his alleged father.

    As creepy and foul Woody Allen is, Ronan couldn’t bring him down with his articles- years ago.

    And let’s be frank- Ms.Farrow, who has her own counter-accusations, was not raised in a calm, stable environment; and she hasn’t raised her children in such an environment.

    Running wild with pop stars at such a young age is not the maker of a healthy mind.


    But let’s say he was batting 1.000%; it still wouldn’t tell us anything about this one.

    And comparatively, his others were low hanging fruit.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  47. Twinkie says:
    @Jack Hanson

    I hope Grassley shows up tomorrow and calls the damn vote. We will see.

    Unlikely, as Ford will allegedly testify on Thursday.

    But I agree with the overreach comment. The Ramirez accusation was worse than dubious – it was comical. And totally at odds with the dramatic tone of the title.

  48. Polynikes says:

    I guess if you read it in the Washington post it must be true. Pack it up boys…

  49. Polynikes says:

    Sounds like a perfect opportunity to hedge your bet.

    • Replies: @Lot
  50. Anon[371] • Disclaimer says:


    Googling “white American scientists” after “American scientists” doesn’t work:

    1. Google Images delivers an even higher percentage of black scientists (plus Kate Upton’s milky white breasts).

    2. Normal Google results are:

    – Scientific racism – Wikipedia

    – Why Are White Men Stockpiling Guns? – Scientific American

    – There’s No Scientific Basis for Race—It’s a Made-Up Label (National Geographic)

    – Chapter 5: Minority Scientists and Engineers

    – The DNA Data We Have Is Too White. Scientists Want to Fix That

    – It’s time to take the ‘great’ white men of science off their pedestals

    – How American Racism Influenced Hitler | The New Yorker

    – Federation of American Scientists – White Phosphorus Fact Sheet

    – Black Scientists, White Society and Colorless Science

    – White America’s racial resentment is the real impetus for welfare cuts

    Basically, Google seems to be thinking, This must be a racist or Nazi doing a search, so serve up some anti-racism links, but some information about race being fake, and some black and minority scientist stuff (in which case, race isn’t fake)

    Actually, there must be millions of pages about “black scientists” on school sites to encourage black kids, and for white scientists, the word “white” is rarely used, because it’s assumed, and Google can’t read minds, only words on the page.

    • Replies: @415 reasons
  51. Unzerker says:

    Off topic, but congratulations on your coming out. It must feel great to be honest about your romantic relationship with Ernie.

    As to your opinion on Trump. Another Hollywood celebrity with Trump derangement syndrome. It’s getting boring, really.

  52. @Anonymous

    I have it on good authority that the two other alleged participants to be named in these fictional assaults are Rick von Slonecker and his fellow crew member Lemley, last seen at Rick’s family estate in the Hampton’s. I don’t believe any of this, of course, because Rick’s a great guy!

  53. Bruno says:

    So do you drop the drug explanation now ?

  54. @Jack Hanson

    Those aren’t spines. Kavanaugh is a Bushie White Knight, i.e. one of their own. They are learning the hard way why Trump was necessary. This is their Flight 93 moment.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  55. bomag says:

    The Dem strategy of crafting sketchy sex abuse allegations is working too well for now, so of course things will escalate.

  56. As an intereting aside to that linked Taki article, I commented to a friend of mine recently how in our kids’ grade school classes a very high number of kids have birthdays in July-October – on the older side of the grade. For example, in the past a kid turning 6 in August almost always would be in first grade. Nowadays, more likely than not he/she would be starting kindergarten. I asked my friend (who was debating whether or not to hold his son back in pre-K another year) why he thought all this was going on, and his answer was as follows: “Two words: Malcolm Gladwell.”

    • Replies: @Dtbb
  57. @Malcolm X-Lax

    I don’t know if Dr. Ford has seen this film, but I’m betting UVA co-ed Jackie Coakley has. Did you catch that dialogue at about the 3:10 mark where the lead rapist told his friend to get the plastic to cover ‘it’s’ mouth?

    • Agree: Malcolm X-Lax
  58. @Anon

    Yep, Google just reads the words on the page and doesn’t do anything to understand their content. Why, to imagine that machines could learn the semantic content of human speech is preposterous. They’d need some sort of silicon based artificial intelligence to do that.

  59. @Anonymous

    I remember being rather touched by Jordan’s decision to walk away from the NBA in his prime soon after his father was murdered. I thought here’s a guy who sees what’s truly important in life, his relationships with his wife, his children, his mother, etc. And… a few months later he announces he’s heading to Birmingham to play baseball, which, of course, would take him away from his loved ones for much longer stretches of time than basketball ever did. I shouldn’t have worried about Michael being lonely, though. A black female co-worker told me about her and her friend’s night out clubbing when the Barons came to play in nearby Greenville, SC. Jordan took a liking to one of her friends, a white cosmetology student, and decided to make her his reward for a hard night’s work. Since they were in the white girl’s car, my co-worker and the other ladies had to wait out in the hotel parking lot until Mike was finished with her.

    • Replies: @Truth
  60. Anonymous[265] • Disclaimer says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    He’s not using it in the Madison Ave. sense; most of the referenced “Boomers” are, I think, chronologically too slight to belong to either of the two general baby boom demographics. But it’s been pretty clear for some time that the iSteve comments section is dominated by the same monotonous clique of 40-somethings & higher who, despite considering yourselves “independent-minded”, exhibit obvious herd behavior together with poor grasp of any cultural dynamics not packaged and fed to you by “news aggregators.” This species of myopic old-dude blustering of the basic character, “The Twitter is liek censorsing James Woods yo,” is all too recognizable to us in the chron-mindset camp of non- (and pre-, to be sure) Boomerism

    • Troll: Desiderius
  61. Iberiano says:

    ho hum. This is getting to be like the McMartin trial…I’m fully expecting claims to come forth that Kavanaugh brought giraffes and other exotic animals into the Frat house so the women could “touch it”, etc etc etc etc. We are still a nation run by the Puritans, obsessed that somewhere, someone may be a witch–and lack of proof is proof alone.

    Meanwhile, just read about another black murdering a white woman today on the news. Happens every day.

    • Replies: @candid_observer
  62. Iberiano says:

    When Trump does it, it’s “targeting”, but when clowns like Obama do it, it’s “protecting consumers” or “protecting free speech zones”, etc etc.

  63. Art Deco says:

    NeverTrump has been a Capitol Hill / Media tendency, not a popular tendency. The constituency is no larger than the PaulBot vote but less effective because Ron Paul could rally his constituency while Kristol et al know nothing of electoral politics and Jeff Flake has with remarkable fidelity been impersonating an elementary school hall monitor. He’s retiring from Congress because he could not get donors to pony up to fight a primary campaign in Arizona, much less a general election.

    I think what’s going to happen with the NeverTrump caucus is that most of them who haven’t come around will come around, a few like Max Boot will decamp to the Democratic Party, and a few will settle into positions as salaried shills performing for Democrats who read op-ed pages. Kathleen Parker, Conor Friedersdorf, and David Brooks have earned a living like that for a decade, and it’s just been some sofa change for Bezos and Sulzberger to add Rubin, Stephens, and Douthat to that particular payroll.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  64. Half of the American whites would literally pay good money for the privilege of having Tiger Woods spit on them! In the scheme of things, what is this “achievement”? Absolutely nothing. Heroes are people who have risked their lives for their family or country or invented great things that have improved the lives of millions. Dr. Willis Carrier or Dr. Shockley were heroes, they created things that revolutionized technology and made our lives easier, the father that puts his enjoyment of life on the back burner so that his kids can have a better life than he had, is a hero. What tiger woods has done is about as important as me throwing a banana peel across the staff room at work and hitting the garbage can. The only difference is that he has millions of dollars worth of ((())) publicity behind him, pumping up his image and creating millions of adoring white fans with empty lives who are filled with self-hate.

    • Replies: @JMcG
    , @anon
  65. @Berty

    But please all you old Boomers keep calling me a troll just for pointing out that Trump is full of shit and his whining and yelling never goes anywhere.

    I will be running against Donald “Shelly Adelson’s Poodle” Trump and FOR the historic American nation in the 2020 New Hampshire GOP presidential primary.

    Camapign slogan:

    Pewitt Will Do It!

    It will help with pronunciation questions.

    What will Pewitt do? It’s better not to ask.

    Pewitt campaign platform:

    Immigration Moratorium

    Immediate Deportation Of All Illegal Alien Invaders

    Citizenship Revocations And Mass Deportation of Tens of Millions of Recent Foreigner Interlopers

    Federal Funds Rate At 20 Percent To Pop All Asset Bubbles

    Student Loan Debt Jubilee And Retroactive Vouchers To Cover All Costs Of All Student Loan Debt Already Paid — You get the Loot back.

    Complete Destruction Of the EU, NATO, WTO, NAFTA, ECB and every other acronym horseshit.

    American Empire out of South Korea and Japan, Germany to get a nuclear weapon and American Empire leaves Germany.

    Massive Tax Hike On All Billionaires and all corporations, except the corporations that are seen to be pro-White and patriotic.

    Massive increase in US military under totally different command structures.

    If you want to fight for the European Christian ancestral core of the USA, you will be given that opportunity in a reconfigured US military.

    This was just for fun, but I know I am not alone in thinking about how disappointing Donald Trump has been. We knew the donor-controlled scumbags in the GOP are treasonous rats, we didn’t expect Trump to play along with them.

    I will not vote for the GOP in November. The day after November’s election, the presidential primary will start. Somebody must challenge Trump for the votes of White Core American Patriots.

    Trump will get a challenge from a Kasich type or Ben Sasse or some other weasel.

    A White Core American Patriot candidate can mildly rebuke Trump and absolutely unload on the Kasich type skunk who emerges from the swamp.

  66. But please all you old Boomers keep calling me a troll just for pointing out that Trump is full of shit and his whining and yelling never goes anywhere.

  67. fnn says:

    Joe diGenova: ‘All Over the Country, PGA Golf Tour Members Are Talking About Christine Blasey Ford’

    Washington, D.C. attorney Joe diGenova cryptically suggested that Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, is about to be exposed in a news report about her life — and that report will include damaging information about her relationship with members of the PGA Tour, bizarrely enough.

    “This is a joke. She is absolutely unreliable as a witness. And tonight, all over the country, PGA Tour members are talking about her,” diGenova told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham Thursday night.

  68. @Art Deco

    This isn’t just about Never Trump though. It’s about normal people in and out of the R base seeing the limitations of being nice and fair.

    • Replies: @Svigor
  69. Tiger has reformed after spending his convalescence learning about healthy drug free R-rated family values by watching reruns of the Cosby Show.

  70. Svigor says:

    Meaning, these chicks are all sluts who rode trains and have now found a partisan political outlet for their buyer’s remorse. Doubt they kept their ticket stubs, though.

  71. Mike1 says:

    If I wasn’t used to this stupidity in real life I would think this comment was fake. To huge numbers of people Trump is:
    - Lazy, inattentive, incapable of thought, not achieving anything.
    - Destroying everything we hold dear in a ruthless and calculated manner.
    Cognitive dissonance is a real thing.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  72. Svigor says:

    It’s especially important on this issue because unlike the donkeys, the GOP can’t rely on a large pool of partisan liars willing to invent false accusations (or conveniently rewrite genuine ones to target innocent men).

  73. When even the New York Times is dismissing the Ramirez story, how can it survive?

    At least there exist some people who realize that there are bounds that can’t be passed without bringing down the credibility of the whole business.

    And Avenatti is the jumping the shark that jumped the shark.

    • Replies: @ChrisZ
  74. This is The New Yorkers’ Rolling Stone UVA moment.

    • Replies: @Anon
  75. The irony of the absurd flimsiness of the New Yorker story and, now, the Avenatti accusation, is that instead of adding to the credibility of the Blasey story as intended, they subtract.

    Anyone with two neurons to rub together will wonder, if the Dems can bring out two obvious fruitcakes to smear Kavanaugh, why can’t that be what’s going on with Blasey?

  76. Whiskey says: • Website

    No its identity politics all throughout. Gillum is beating DeSantis like a drum in Florida because DeSantis is White and like President Trump is cucking big time. No White candidate can stand up to a Black one. Even when reparations are on the table.

    And almost no White man can stand up to a White Woman. A lifetime of appeasement cannot be undone. White women have an identity. It’s anti White male. Most White women hate hate hate White men especially their husbands who they had to settle for and thus bitterly resent.

    It’s over. Kavanaugh is toast like DeSantis and Trump. In some ways Trump has been a disaster. He’s angered every educated White Woman while cucking big time on all the stuff he promised. Likely the FBI and his cabinet gave him orders … do what he’s told or they will remove him.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  77. backup says:

    Wildly off topic, but isn’t it time to do a “And then they came for Linux” topic?

    • Replies: @El Dato
  78. rayray says:

    Tiger is a punk. A selfish, lying, arrogant child. But he’s a celebrity zillionaire punk, so pathetic Americans idolize him. Worship the doofus. His mammy is an absolute monster . . . reminds me of Ortega’s wife in Nicaragua, the nation she and hubby and murduring.

    ‘We shall never see his like again.”

    Despite the unmerited drama, from your pen to God’s ears.

  79. ChrisZ says:

    What’s amusing to me, Candid, is that judging from the excerpt in that Sunny bunch tweet, this latest story is almost identical to Paula Jones’ testimony against Bill Clinton–minus the former President’s request to “kiss it.”

  80. Anon[573] • Disclaimer says:

    That Taki Mag lull.

  81. Buck says:

    Re: the East Lake neighborhood

    While it has certainly come up in the last decade, seriously bad stuff is just a few blocks away. Just two weeks ago, a vendor setting up for the tournament was robbed at gunpoint in the middle of the day across the street from the club. My brother owns a house about two blocks away that was a crack house in the late 90′s, early 2000′s. Now it’s worth about $600 grand so the neighborhood is turning. Just perusing Zillow will show the demarcation line between urbane and urban.

  82. Jack D says:

    Hillary would have been 1,000% better, right?

    Look Trump is not perfect (to say the least) but given what our society is like, he is a hell of a lot better than any of the electable alternatives. NONE of the other Republican candidates was electable. Hillary would have beaten every single one. And had one of them by some miracle won, they still would have been cucks that would have been worse than Trump on this and every conceivable other issue. Trump at least makes the right noises. Those other guys won’t even do that much.

  83. Anon[371] • Disclaimer says:

    Voluntary witnesses before congressional committees can be, with certain limtations, sued for defamation and slander. The lawyers for the two women are probably drilling them on the proper ways to hedge and blur every statement they make. So they must be counting on the male Senators being afraid to dig into them. I think that this may also be behind the professor woman’s demand that only Senators question her. The factor of wanting old, white men to question her is obviously an optics consideration, so she doesn’t want a female attorney to be involved. But more than that, an experienced cross examiner will trick her into defaming Kavanaugh with ease, given enough time. A civil defamation suit only requires a preponderance of the evidence, 51 percent.

    • Replies: @MBlanc46
    , @Anonymous
  84. @AnotherDad

    I enjoy watching a bit of golf for all the obvious reasons of sport plus appreciating the geometric/spatial-thinking thing that makes it much more appealing to male heterosexuals than anyone else. But really a mediocre day for “top performers of their sport”.

    Indeed. I did experience some empathy for Woods winning, considering that golf would appear to really be all he has left in his life, but the return of the old jock-sniffing Tiger-boosterism from the sports channel talking heads was unwelcome and out of place.

  85. Anonymous[276] • Disclaimer says:

    Based on your comments about Predictic over the past couple years, you seem to have done really well on it. I need to shadow your trades. You should set up a newsletter or blog or Twitter or something with trade recommendations. I’d definitely subscribe to it and pay for your tips.

  86. @Iberiano


    It’s McMartin meets McCarthy.

  87. MBlanc46 says:

    Kavanaugh might well be concerned about a defamation suit, but what does it matter to the rest if us? If he’s not on the Court, he’s not on the Court.

    • Replies: @Anon
  88. @Anonymous

    “*I find it harder to believe that Sir Charles was a “good influence” on Tiger except in the limited sense that he a) wasn’t as reckless as Jordan in his personal life ”

    Sir Chuckles was issued a DUI while searching for a prostitute to give him a blow job.

    Like Sailer said, Barkley’s favorable reference in the book was likely due to his cooperating with the authors.

  89. @Mike1

    If I wasn’t used to this stupidity in real life I would think this comment was fake. To huge numbers of people Trump is:
    - Lazy, inattentive, incapable of thought, not achieving anything.
    - Destroying everything we hold dear in a ruthless and calculated manner.
    Cognitive dissonance is a real thing.

    Do you remember the Soviet Union? Anti-communists were making two contradictory claims about them. A) They were going to take over the world. B) They couldn’t run an apartment complex, let alone a modern economy.

    Somehow a nation that couldn’t fix toilets or produce enough vodka (leading soldiers to drink anti-freeze) was a threat to take over the world.

    Ronald Reagan saw through this contradiction, and leveraged it. Now Vladimir Putin is the President, not premier, of Russia, not the Soviet Union.

    We’ve got to employ the same kind of leverage. Eg, what has your state done about immigration issues?

  90. Jack D says:

    Even in the latter case, most of the (real) cases I have read about usually involve black athletes (and often a white girl). The most famous white “train” involved Jackie and was 100% imaginary.

    The typical MO of the Left is to take their (real and legitimate) fear of blacks and immigrants and displace it onto Evil White Men who are a socially acceptable target. If you say that you are afraid of being raped by blacks and (Hispanic) immigrants then you are a racist but if you fear the White Man then you are a member in good standing of the CotF and are praised. Imagine how much Eredely would have been interested in Jackie’s story if she had told her that her boyfriend’s name was D’Shawntavious Washington instead of Haven Monahan and that it happened at Tuskegee. “We’ll get back to you. Click.”

    • Agree: bomag
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  91. Lot says:
    @Jack Hanson

    You mad I’m making $ on predictit?

    My opinion on Moore: the local GOP should have nominated Mo Brooks like Bannon and Coulter and Trump ALL told them. The governor should have also appointed Brooks to the open seat in the first place.

    A lot of GOP mistakes are sourced in the desire to stick it to the libs rather than actually win.

    I like Kav more than the other short listers and hope he gets through. But that is entirely up to Collins, Flake, and Murkowski.

  92. El Dato says:

    Didn’t Linus retreated into a safe space to reflect on his evil triggering ways? Should one wait until he’s back then to discuss the Trans Takeover, and whether Beizuoux is now a real possibility?


    The terminology has been a point of contention in the tech community for nearly two decades and now it was just removed from one of the most popular programming languages in the world.


    “For diversity reasons, it would be nice to try to avoid ‘master’ and ‘slave’ terminology, which can be associated with slavery,” Victor Stinner, a developer with the open source software company Red Hat, wrote. Stinner cited multiple private complaints in the thread as the reason for requesting the change.

    • Replies: @backup
  93. Anonymous[402] • Disclaimer says:

    Keep hitting that Johnny Walker bottle, Whiskey.

    In other news, I’m still waiting for the paedophilia revelations to make this a full SCOTUS #Resist smorgasboard.

    • Replies: @Whiskey
  94. Anonymous[402] • Disclaimer says:

    The lawyers for the two women are probably DRILLING them … So they must be counting on the male Senators being afraid to DIG INTO them. I think that this may also be BEHIND the professor woman’s demand….

    This talk is pure “dog whistling”.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  95. @Reg Cæsar

    He’s not using the term Boomers like market researchers and did not get it from them. The Boomer, for many young whites, is scum. (Yes, there are exceptions, like the great Boomer Apostate, that runs this blog.)

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  96. Lot says:

    I did last night. Set an open order to sell at 64 that was filled, then this morning set an order to buy back in at 54.

    My Kav bets have all been pretty small unfortunately as my cash on predictit is mostly tied up on midterm bets, in particular Dem House/GOP Senate.

    The easy but small profit to be made there now is shorting the longshot bet of GOP House Seats 249+.

    7% isn’t a lot of money for a gambler, but it beats a savings account over two months and is more than 40% annualized. I think there is still a chance the GOP could hold the House, but it isn’t going to be picking up 20 seats. There are like 10 GOP seats that are already lost, and only a small number of vulnerable Dem incumbents (mostly in the greater midwest).

  97. backup says:
    @El Dato

    On the kernel mailing list the serious option has been put forth to withdraw ones code from GPL licensing once attacked. This is going to be an epic meltdown. If you think Hollywood is important wait until you see what happens when the operating system underneath Google, Facebook and Paypal melts away. Hollywood is merely entertainment industry, we are talking serious core infra-stucture now.

    • Replies: @backup
    , @Jim Don Bob
  98. Jack D says:

    The numbers shift every minute, but it’s now around even odds. I guess after examining them some more, the market thinks that the sky is not falling after all and that new claims are BS.

  99. backup says:

    O, and the operating system under Android! How could I have missed that.

  100. Apropos of the midterms, a surprising poll from Gallup (conducted Sept 4 through 12):

  101. Truth says:

    Since they were in the white girl’s car, my co-worker and the other ladies had to wait out in the hotel parking lot until Mike was finished with her.

    LOL, Mike’s a F-n, GOD!

  102. @Anon

    As creepy and foul Woody Allen is, Ronan couldn’t bring him down with his articles- years ago.

    Actually, his legal and legitimate marriage to Soon-Yi was the only respectable behavior in the whole Allen-Farrow nexus over the years. She was an unrelated– very unrelated– adult woman. What’s the problem?

    And that marriage was in the only state that didn’t have no-fault divorce. (They’ve buckled since.)

    • Replies: @Dave Pinsen
  103. Whiskey says: • Website

    The allegations are phony as hell. Doesn’t matter. Identity politics over everything and educated White women have their own. Based on the resentment of the men in their life. They were promised a sparkly immortal rich vampire and all they got was us. Why wouldn’t they hate hate hate White men?

    It’s all identity politics all the way down.

  104. Anonymous[178] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jack D

    Coakley’s story was more like the former, which is what made it so unbelievable. She described the guys physically and sexually assaulting and raping her in concert while she was not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.

    The latter involves inviting girls, typically those who like to “party” i.e. slutty and or outgoing girls who like to drink, to parties with lots of alcohol with the hope that they will get intoxicated and be willing to “hook up” with the guys there. And some of the girls at these parties do end up “hooking up” with multiple guys, which can mean anything from making out and petting to actual sex. That’s kind of the whole point of house and frat parties from the guys’ perspective. You don’t go to those things because you want to have meaningful conversations with girls and you’re wondering about what they think about some class they’re taking or whatever. You go there to score.

    Coakley’s story immediately set off people’s BS meters because it depicted the former, not the latter, kind. If her story involved the latter kind, it would have been much more believable. On the other hand, it would have been less clear cut as a “gang rape”, since there typically isn’t any direct force involved and the circumstances are different.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  105. Dave Pinsen says: • Website
    @Reg Cæsar

    Not only that, but as Allen has noted, he’s made dozens of movies with every actress who’s anybody and none of them have accused him of anything.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  106. Barnard says:

    It doesn’t matter if Jordan cooperated with the book or not, that is fundamentally who he is as a man. There is no other way to portray him without writing fictional events into the book. All Tiger had to do was read “The Jordan Rules” by Sam Smith and he should have realized hanging out with Jordan would be bad for him long term.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  107. @Barnard

    But Barkley appears to have cooperated with the book and thus gotten a nice spin on the joint Jordan/Barkley impact on Woods.

  108. Jack D says:

    That’s kind of the whole point of house and frat parties from the guys’ perspective.

    While a lot of men (and women – remember it takes 2 to tango) may go to frat parties in the hopes of “hooking up” on a one night stand, I don’t think many men relish the thought of being #2 or #3 or #20 of the evening with an unconscious/semiconscious woman, nor do I think that this actually happens very often among whites at a place like U.Va. 99+% of the time, 1 guy pairs up with 1 gal for (at least) the evening.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  109. Jack D says:

    LOL, but these women passed “Peak Oil” many decades ago and I doubt that anyone is currently interested in drilling their fields, especially since they seem to be strewn with dangerous mines.

    • LOL: Johann Ricke
  110. anon[443] • Disclaimer says:

    Tiger is money to the PGA. Viewership doubled over last year. Its box office.

    • Agree: Bliss
  111. Dtbb says:
    @Hapalong Cassidy

    Had two friends in high school born on Oct. 2 and they both graduated at 17. Same with my older sister born on Oct. 22. Haven’t seen situations like this in probably 25 years. I have always wondered why and haven’t ever gotten a good explanation.

    • Replies: @Triumph104
  112. Anonymous[258] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jack D

    There are definitely girls that hook up with multiple guys in an evening. Keep in mind that the guys themselves are often intoxicated and aren’t looking to date these girls. And even if most girls hook up with just one guy an evening, they might have hooked up with another guy the night before, the past weekend, etc. You’re getting sloppy seconds regardless. So it’s less of a big deal to a buzzed horny guy who’s just looking for some action that night, not a serious relationship. UVA is a very academic school, but it’s also a big party school. A large segment of the student body is intellectual and academic oriented, while another large segment is more like a typical state school in terms of partying and socializing.

  113. @Dave Pinsen

    …he’s made dozens of movies with every actress who’s anybody and none of them have accused him of anything.

    Dylan and Satchel would say those actresses were past their sell-by date.

  114. @thisisaknife

    He’s not using the term Boomers like market researchers and did not get it from them.

    He got it from them, all right. Just not directly.

  115. @Dtbb

    1992, New York Times:

    Recent studies show that since the mid-1980′s a rapidly increasing number of parents are choosing to send their children through an extra year of preschool so that they enter kindergarten as 6-year-olds, a year after the normal start time in most states.

    While the practice is most common among affluent families who are acting voluntarily, it is increasingly being used by public school officials to hold back primarily poor and minority children deemed unprepared for first grade.

    … Extra-year programs have already taken hold in a number of states. A 1990 survey in Texas, for example, showed that 39 percent of all school districts offered some kind of extra-year, pre-first-grade programs, while 10 percent said they planned to start such programs by this year and 13 percent hoped to start them in the future. Conducted by Mary Martin Patton, now an education professor at the University of New Mexico, the survey showed that 80 percent of existing programs had been established between 1986 and 1989.

    • Replies: @Dtbb
  116. Anon[371] • Disclaimer says:

    What I mean is Kavanaugh could sue the women if they make any unqualified, clear claims about him. He has better things to do and it will make him unappointable to another judgeship, but that boat will have sailed, and he might for purposes of making things less crazy for future nominees decide to sue on principle. To the extent that he can destroy the lives of a few lying, politicized Swiftboaters, it will make people think twice in the future about agreeing to take part in these kinds of ambushes.

  117. Dtbb says:

    Thank you. As an aside I started little league at age 5 but was “league aged” 6 because of my birthday in late June. No tball then either. Kinda funny I was playing organized baseball before I started first grade.

  118. anon[146] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bill Axelrod

    I agree 100%. All of those white people acting so crazy about him were absolutely pathetic. He plays golf. He doesn’t cure cancer. So pathetic.

  119. Why does Woods keep trading down to less and less attractive women?

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
  120. @Autochthon

    It’s a mystery. None of the women he was boinking when his wife found out were all that hot, and the current babe (Erica?) is short and NTGL. Plus his divorce and lost endorsements cost him well over $200 million. That’s some expensive nookie. MJ should have told him to go to Vegas.

    • Replies: @Autochthon
  121. 6:27 AM
    Sunday, October 14, 2018 (GMT+2)
    Time in Poland

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