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The White Death and the Black Death

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I coined the term “the White Death” to refer to the rise in death rates among non-elderly whites during this century. It appears to be related to overdoses from prescription painkillers and heroin. Nobody paid much, if any, attention to it until economist Angus Deaton put out a paper on it last fall right after he won the econ (quasi-)Nobel.

“The Black Death” can refer to the >16 percent rise in homicide rates in big cities in 2015 over 2014. Nobody has crunched the numbers by race yet, but most of this appears to be a spike in black-on-black murders. This is likely related in some manner to Black Lives Matter agitation against law and order.


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  1. says:
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    Obama shares culpability for both.

    • Agree: NickG, TWS, AndrewR
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  2. PS, The Atlantic has a column on it:

    I made this comment:

    Let’s see–you unceasingly demonize whites, swamp their communities with hostile aliens, mock their race, religion and culture–if not outright ban it, tear down their monuments, vilify their heroes, ignore their accomplishments, obsess about their ancestor’s failings, prevent them from being able to defend themselves, off-shore their jobs, destroy their savings, dismiss or pathologize their complaints (“hate!” “fear!” “anxiety!”), and promote every kind of idiocy, barbarism, perversion, guilt, and insanity to their children through a constant onslaught of “entertainment” media, advertising, and “education” (read: indoctrination)…
    …and then wonder why they’re succumbing to addictions and self-destructive lifestyles.

    Which received responses such as:

    Poor baby lost his confederate monuments and feels uncomfortable being a racist in public… boohoo. If you don’t like what is on the TV, turn it off, or better still, throw it out. How many more excuses do you have for justifying sitting around whining?

    The hate is real.

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  3. Speaking personally, the recreational use of prescription drugs for my generation (I’m 28) starts with an artist I can’t help but feel much love for: Eminem.

    People about my age will remember exactly what they’ve likely forgotten over the last ten or twelve years: vicadin was not in the vocabulary til he started singing about it.

    Em eventually went to rehab, and then again, and again, and last I heard the last time they had to teach him how to talk again.

    You slit your wrists because it makes you feel alive. Thats something most don’t understand, much less bother to think about. You take vicadin because it makes you forget your alive. The point of music is to forget yourself in the moment. These things are not intellectual. Which is why its so hard to pin them down, and I guess point the finger whence they spring.

  4. says:
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    Yeah but it’s not like people like you don’t hate as well.

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  5. The hate is real and crosses party lines. Tucker Carlson penned a rather observant piece a few days ago about the GOP elite and how detached they were from their own base – it’s quite astounding. They may as well be from a different civilization.


    As for the Left it’s just as bad and among the minorities the hatred towards whites is beyond words.

    I guess the bottom line is that a lot of people want us dead and buried.

    The good news if you can call it that, is more and more whites are cognizant of a undeclared war on them and their country. Trump is bringing a lot of it out into the open with his fights against the establishment/globalists.

    I think the $64 thousand dollar question if this results in the destruction of the social contract between white Americans and the government(which is quite frayed from what I see).

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  7. It seems like the increase would be related to disruption in drug trade like the crack wars of early 1990s.

    Someone suggested gentrification of Africa America neighborhoods. That’s interesting.

    Another idea is that it has something to do with flow of legally purchased marijuana in Colorado making its way to other states. There’s lots more open consumption of marijuana in Dallas and Austin now than there was before 2014.

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  8. says:
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    And I always thought that Angus Deaton was a British comedian, TV presenter, wit, and general ‘man about town’.

  9. I had always assumed that the rising death rates for whites were bad, but that blacks must still be even worse off and that it was merely that whites were approaching the black level. A map from the NYTimes showed me that I was wrong:

    Most of the bright red areas are majority-white areas. Some are rural, like Eureka California and most of the Applachians. Others are urban areas such as Portland OR that happen to be mostly white. A few red dots seem to be Indian reservations. But Chicago, Detroit, NYC, LA, and Atlanta are all substantially healthier than the places I named above. Blacks may be far more homicidal than whites, but at least with respect to drug overdoses, they don’t seem to be nearly as suicidal as whites.

    For some reason, the upper Midwest, New York state, and most of Texas seem to be relatively untouched so far.

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  10. New York is especially striking compared to all the surrounding states. I wonder if it’s a difference in reporting, or if there’s a difference in law (amnesty for overdose 911 callers?).

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  11. If you can see the shape of the state on the map of counties, then there’s some sort of methodology or legal issue involving state-by-state rules.

  12. The reality is that people aren’t doing opioids because society is mean to them. They’re doing opioids because they *feel really good* and have become much easier to access. Initially because of Big Pharma pushing their pills, and now because of Mexican drug cartels.

    I know it’s more emotionally satisfying to blame this all on liberals for being mean to working class whites, but if you’re actually interested in ending this, you have to stop the massive quantities of heroin being shipped into our country.

    China fought a war to keep opium out of their country. We’re allowed to build a wall.

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  13. The polarization of left and right is to a large extent genetic and arises from two different reproductive strategies. Either you produce as many offspring as you can, as quickly as you can, and leave them to their fate, or you delay breeding until you have found a high quality mate, then invest heavily in the upbringing of fewer offspring. The former is typical of prey species, the latter of predators. Both strategies are employed by humans (e.g. the love-rat fathering umpteen babies with different mothers vs the church-going moralist who has 2.2 children and sees them through college). The maths are very complicated (I studied them as an undergraduate, during a course on population biology) and neither strategy is definitively superior – ‘superior’ in the sense that the organism’s DNA has a better chance of reproducing itself. The thinking behind this goes by the name of the ‘r/K selection theory’. It has been criticized in recent years, but the basic structure is in my opinion sound.

    The strategies are mutually incompatible. The tendency for ‘r’ (leftist) behaviour to manifest is in part epigenetic and triggered by stress and other negative environmental factors. K (rightist) behaviour is likewise partly epigenetic in expression and flourishes in stable societies, such as the U.S. up to about 1970, or Britain from about 1750 to 1963, when the Profumo affair can be seen as the first herald of the coming collapse.

    We are animals first and human beings second. An r individual wants to create more like himself and favours a chaos in which resources can be freely plundered. A K individual is similar, except that he favours stability and long-term planning. The Ks and rs are genetic enemies: the r sees the K as standing in his way, and the K sees the r as a feckless wastrel who threatens his genetic future. That is why the confrontation between left and right is so bitter and intransigent; there is no effective middle way, except to withdraw. The second comment you quote is a perfect r reponse to your uncomprehending complaint, which is pure K. The hate is in indeed real, but don’t take it personally. Your opponents don’t understand themselves and are biologically incapable of seeing the folly of their ways.

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  14. Nope you’re wrong. I see the people who use and die using heroin, oxy etc. They would have had jobs even twenty years ago. Now it is nothing. They don’t qualify for most aid. They are the type of blue collar whites that would have worked in a factory for most of their lives maybe tying one on, on Friday or Saturday night once in a while. Now they use, steal, sell, borrow, anything to get by.

    The culture openly tells them it’ll be good when your dead. They see there are no jobs. They are told they are trash everyday. I know many young people dead from over doses and suicides.

    They know they are marginalized even if only subconsciously and hate themselves for being losers and society for putting them there. You think it’s bad now? Wait until they are an absolute minority. Then they’ll be vicious on top of it all.

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  15. Slightly OT, but germane enough…

    The front page of The Sunday Times features the following headline today:

    ‘A young black man is more likely to be in prison that at a top university’

    Racism shames our nation

    PM lashes education, business, armed forces and police for failing minorities

    So: White people + their shameful racism = lots of young black men in prison.

    Got it.

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  16. I was a pain pill addict for 14 years starting in the year 2000. I got sober 2 years ago. Here are some observations based on my experience that you guys might find useful.

    1. Most of the people I bought and did pills with were white. There were blacks who used and sold pills but they were all young. I never bought pills from a black person over 30 but I bought from a lot of older white people, especially older white women.

    2. There were two kinds of pills prescribed by two different kinds of doctors. The first kind were your hydrocodone, percocet and vicodin. These were prescribed by PCP’s, most often to women. They’d get a few refills on the script then go back to the doctor and get a few more. Most would get cut off at some point. This type was especially prevalent from the early to mid 2000′s.

    The second type were oxycontin and roxicodone prescribed by pain management doctors. I personally didn’t come across these until the late 2000′s/early 2010′s. These doctors over prescribe like crazy. The people I knew who went to these doctors were all male. My connection was a guy who had knee surgery 4 years previous who went to the pain doctor every month and got 150-200 roxicodone 30 mg pills. He was in no pain whatsoever and did not need the drugs. He only got them to sell on the street. Roxicodone is like oxycontin: no acetaminophen. They are crazy strong. I cannot imagine that anyone could need or even take 150 of those things a month. It was ridiculous.

    3. I never heard of any of these drugs till 1999 or so. I certainly don’t remember any adults talking about being on pain meds when I was growing up in the 80′s and early 90′s. It seems either new drugs came on the market or there was a change in attitude among doctors to prescribing these drugs or both.

    4. It seemed to me that in the mid 90′s there was a move towards more hedonism in general. Adults who I’d never know to drink were suddenly boozing it up, marijuana was starting to get big again and the whole “Girls Gone Wild” culture was starting up. It seems this more permisisve attitude coincided with the easier availability of pain meds.

    5. Maybe more whites did pills because they were more likely to have health insurance? Maybe doctors were less likely to prescribe them to blacks for fear they’d abuse them? Apologies if this has been mentioned here before.

    6. I never knew anyone who overdosed or did heroin.

    7. Has anyone seen the commercials on T.V. lately that are advertising meds for constipation that is caused by pain pills?

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  17. China fought a war to keep opium out of their country. We’re allowed to build a wall.

    We ought to be allowed to, anyway.

    It would be nice if Trump picked up on this, though.

    It is harder to argue against a wall designed to keep illegal heroin out of the country’s veins.

  18. That was a great comment (to the Atlantic article). I checked out the Atlantic site, and hit “load more comments” a dozen times, but never reached it, unfortunately. Over 1100 comments and counting. It’s surprisingly balanced, I’d say – about 50-50 pro-White and anti-White. Since this is really a who/whom question, you can’t expect a serious debate.

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  19. Is there an HBD-perspective to it? The German-Lutheran Midwest seems to be less afflicted than the Scots-Irish Appalachia.

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  20. OT_______OT
    Welcome to Arcadia – The California Suburb Where Wealthy Chinese Criminals are Building Mansions to Stash Cash
    Michael Krieger | Posted Thursday Oct 16, 2014 at 3:02 pm

    Arcadia is a concentrated version of what’s happening across the U.S. The Hurun Report, a magazine in Shanghai about China’s wealthy elite, estimates that almost two-thirds of the country’s millionaires have already emigrated or plan to do so.

  21. Society has largely thrown in the towel when it comes to drugs, if set to referenda I would predict most would back full legalization. The backlash would start from there.

  22. Presription drug overdose is a form of suicide and suicide rates are much higher for Whites than Blacks or Hispanics

  23. Whites tend to have a higher proportion of combination of “subsaharian” and “east Asian” psychological traits. Some people, namely among Nordic and teutonics, can born with double risk, for example, suicide and drug addiction. Interestingly Latin speaker europeans seems less likely to become addicted or alcoholic.

    But also the environmental conditions seems have a impact, what I called “shared unique/personal environment-gene interaction”. When circumstances and its genetic/behavioral dispositions worship against or for you.

    Our environment also are not a blank paper specially in long term stabilized environments.

    For example, we can predict in early age who will suffer systematic-sadistic persecution in school or who will likely to become a popular.

  24. Meanwhile, yet another Establishment media outlet stands on the sidelines and mocks us. This week it’s David Rothkopf at Foreign Policy:

    The End of an Era … for White Males
    As demographics change, so does the definition of privilege.

    A shrink I knew once said that if a reaction is out of proportion with its alleged cause, then there’s a piece of the story that has been omitted. In this case, the politicians in America and Europe who spew nationalist bile and fan the flames of anti-immigrant furor are tapping into a growing if unconscious cultural recognition that time is running out on what has been the world’s most privileged ethnic class.

    I don’t think it’s been good for us to have a governing class that delights in our destruction and celebrates our every setback. Am I mentally ill to believe this? I don’t think so. Am I “racist” to feel like the epidemic of drug overdoses hitting blue-collar Whites of West Virginia are hitting my people, even though I’m Canadian and white-collar? I guess so, but I’m fine with that now. The last decade has transformed my views on such things.

    If the current ruling class didn’t want us to identify as a people then they shouldn’t have attacked us as a people. I think they chose their enemy poorly; I would not have chosen to take on us White men if I were them. Be that as it may, it’s game on now.

  25. Anyone caught bringing heroin into the country should have it injected into his own veins.

  26. “This is likely related in some manner to Black Lives Matter agitation against law and order.”

    Possibly, but this assumption is a bit of a jump unless you can show actually changes in gun use and law enforcement policy and practice in specific police forces.

    The “snitches get stitches” meme existed long before BLM.

    What we need is a new gritty TV show like Hill Street Blues or Kojak in the era of BLM to explore contemporary street policing.

  27. On Radio Derb a few weeks ago, John Derbyshire noted an interesting statistic in a recent Brookings Institute report, “Guns and race: The different worlds of black and white Americans.” It includes bar charts showing the dramatic difference in homicide rates between blacks and whites, which is well known, but also in suicide rates by gun, which is less so.

    Gun deaths also vary dramatically by type. The vast majority (77 percent)of white gun deaths are suicides; less than one in five (19 percent) is ahomicide. These figures are nearly opposite in the black population, where only 14 percent of gun deaths are suicides but 82 percent are homicides.

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  28. Your post is more or less The Selfish Gene redux.

    Still well worth a read.

    I left England in 1980 and went to live and work in Bermuda. At that time I noticed that it was quite common for single black women to have children by two or more fathers, and for children to be adopted by neighbors or close family members. I remember thinking at the time that if a woman wanted a child to take care of her in her old age, the chances of getting a good one would be improved by diversifying the fathers so as to obtain different genes and more family connections. This was many years before I ever read Dawkins.

    However I never thought that this was really a conscious decision–just a pattern of behavior that was frowned upon, but not considered in any way scandalous.

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  29. Very nice juxtaposition of China and Mexico.

    To liberals, whites are evil for selling dope to the Chinese. White folks PUSHED dope on the Chinese.

    To the very same liberals, Mexicans are NOT evil for selling dope to Americans. White folks DEMAND dope from Mexicans.

    To liberals, neither Mexicans nor Chinese have moral agency. They are dust motes buffeted by white winds.

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  30. Agree.

    But it was more than big pharma.
    There was a entire medical sub-specialty (“pain management”) rising in the 90′s with doctors families’ mouths to feed and bar-mitzvah’s to pay for..

  31. We could reply like “you don’t want white anymore? Be careful for what you wish for.”

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  32. A question for Mr. Fuller:

    The left is characterized as ‘r’ and the desire for chaos. How does the drop in birthrate compared to the ‘K’ side figure into your theory?

    I’ve spent my life in a mostly left wing world and have observed the birth rate decline dramatically.

    In fact, the Reform Jewish temples in my home town and that of my wife are ghost buildings now.

    Please explain. PS: Very interesting theory.

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  33. The most deplorable one [AKA "Fourth doorman of the apocalypse"]
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    And so we find that Black Lives Matter is yet another White Conspiracy concocted to get undesirable Blacks to kill each other with greater frequency.

  34. If white people don’t toughen up and fight they deserve what they get. The only people fighting are the ones who are short a few brain cells: the Oregon occupiers have to be the most strategically clueless group of people anywhere.

    If someone says something in your personal life or work life that is disrespectful to whites do you say something or hide what you are feeling and sulk in private? Everyone American white I’ve ever seen just sulks.

    Say something. I do. Losers cower, winning groups speak up. Your silence is the reason white people are going down in flames.

    None of this is meant to imply be a racist d#$k. Half the comments since moving to have been borderline KKK. What I’m saying is that white people have the exact same right to be comfortable in their own skin as any other group.

  35. Trump is the only candidate I’ve seen who links building a wall to stopping the flow of drugs. Talk about a superb rationale for building a wall, that’s it. Of course, Dumb White Liberals get all huffy and hypocritical on the issue of drugs. On the one hand, they want more drug treatment and view drug addicts with tremendous non-judgmental sympathy. On the other hand, when Mexico’s nefarious role in the drug trade enters the discussion, DWLs suddenly put on their personal responsibility hats, blaming the “white suburban” addicts for “causing” the mayhem in Mexico. Go to a NY Times comment thread sometime if you don’t believe me, it’s truly hilarious.

  36. While I concur with your comment, you did use inflammatory language so you shouldn’t be surprised to get inflammatory responses.

    Personally I have completely given up trying to debate with leftists at all. We share little if any common ground anymore. At best, such debates devolve into mockery, and at worst into outright outrage. There are no winners. No one learns anything. The virtue of civil debate is dying rapidly and the left seems to be killing it the most quickly.

    My mental health has improved immensely since I stopped engaging with them.

  37. My first thought was AC/DC.

  38. I think most people could benefit from learning how politics, morality and biology intersect. Jon Haidt has done great work on moral psychology and undoubtedly helped many people understand how others see the world. And the study of r/K theory as it pertains to humans is still in its infancy. I understand your pessimism but I think things may not be as dire as you think.

  39. I thought the rise in white death rates was mostly attributed to white female deaths in the south. In fact the first rabid use of opioids I was aware of was among obese females. They were eating the stuff like candy 25 years ago. So maybe the deaths stem from obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hastened along by dope.

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  40. It has become more complex than that nowadays. The political and social system that favours the r strategy is supported by many K-type people for various reasons. In general, the ruling elite are not the type who have children with gay abandon and leave them for others to support. But they believe they can benefit from a system that allows a lot of others to do that.

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  41. McConnell’s re-election bid turned around when he started running a barrage of “I’ll fight this heroin epidemic” ads. (I heard them on the air in southern Ohio).

  42. But they believe they can benefit from a system that allows a lot of others to do that.

    They’ve convinced themselves that they can allow (or even promote) r-behavior* without r-consequences, thx to abortion/World War G/T.

    * – thereby impairing K-behavior (and its attendant benefits) on the part of their potential competition

  43. To some extent there is open consumption of marijuana in Alabama, Florida and Louisiana too. Cops don’t seem to care much. New Years and now on Mardi Gras I’ve walked through crowds that absolutely reek of pot, have seen people lighting joints and pipes, with police standing just twenty or thirty feet away.

  44. We’re allowed to build a wall.

    Who is the implied subject in this sentence? In other words, if it were written in active voice rather than passive, who is it who allows?

  45. The left is characterized as ‘r’ and the desire for chaos. How does the drop in birthrate compared to the ‘K’ side figure into your theory?

    They don’t practice what they preach(ed). Hence the empty temples.

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  46. Looks like the War on Coal has also produced some casualties.

    For some reason, the upper Midwest, New York state, and most of Texas seem to be relatively untouched so far.

    Fracking saves lives.

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  47. Obesity and SSI-disability receipt are perhaps the best predictors of the county-level White Death rates. Alcoholism and suicide must be part of the package, too:

    My general thought about the Black Death is that it follows a collapse of the (within-community) conservatism of many black leaders that probably contributed to some of the fall in crime rates since 1999; it’s worth noting that for example the NAACP largely supported welfare reform in 1995. The last few years have been about an institutionalized and collective forgetting of the hard-won lessons of the social disintegration and crime wave of 1969-1989 black America ( )

  48. Would not be surprised–Scots are known for drinking too much.

    I’m not trying to pee on the Scots–they’ve done a lot of great things, Scottish Enlightenment and so on, but the sauce is one of their well-known weaknesses.

  49. So the r/K dichotomy… they do say there are two kinds of people in the world. People who say there are two kinds of people in the world, and those who don’t. Most of us see opposing “groups” (political, racial, national, etc.) through fractured lenses these days.

    But even going with the r/K, many, many (probably most) white/Asian liberals are K as far as major life choices. So why do they act like they have such a personal,touchy feely stake in r welfare? I had one start an argument with me because I happened to be thumbing idly through an IQ book in a used bookstore.

    They’d lay the first born of their 2.2 children on a stone altar and sacrifice him/her for the sake of the “r” contingent!

    You can engage “leftists.” I used to be be one — it can happen. You just have to emphasize perspective. Perspective is everything. The WHOLE picture. Yes, group 1 did this bad but they did that good; group 2 did this wrong but this right, etc. etc.
    In the meantime, encourage birth control for “r” and deny them further welfare benefits if they breed beyond their means. When “we” pay for their breeding, it’s our right to make demands. That may be the real ticket. But like I said, the K’s are really vying for the sacrificial altar these days.

    • Agree: Anonym
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  50. Steve,

    Somewhat OT, but your man Chetty is at it again.

    Though never mentioned explicitly, the underlying theme of the article and presumably Chetty’s paper seems to be that getting poor black kids – especially boys – away from, well, other poor black kids could make their lives much more productive.

    Here’s a couple of money quotes from the story:

    “Rather, they suggest that something about the environment in Baltimore and Washington is altering employment outcomes for the poor children who grow up there, an argument they support by looking at how families fare when they move away.”

    “The results also challenge the idea that unemployed men particularly in inner cities have become jobless through laziness or that they simply need to take more responsibility.

    “If you could put yourself in their shoes, if you grew up where they grew up,” says Harvard economist Nathaniel Hendren, another co-author of the study, “we think you’d basically have the same chance of doing the same thing.””

    “Nationally, the counties and regions with the widest gender gaps among the poor are also places where there are relatively large black populations, where racial and economic segregation are high and where there are greater concentrations of single-parent families.”

    Basically, spread them out among middle-class white communities and the problem is solved. Poor Dysfunctional Black People, coming to a neighborhood near you.

  51. I have a qustion: why do people who aren’t in pain take these drugs? I thought there was no high.

    I had cancer surgery some years ago. They told me that when I wake up, I’ll have a button hooked up to the drip that would dispense morphine every time I pressed it. I was in pain after surgery, so I pressed that button from time to time. It made me sleepy. Did nothing for the pain.

    Do some people enjoy the lethargy? Do some of these prescription opioides give you a high unlike morphine?

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  52. Eloquent comment, Matthew….Surprising how clueless some of the responses are on this site–not seeming to understand that this is a massive CHANGE in trend for this group of people, so blaming it on the usual suspects is just stupid.

  53. Well, so far we are NOT allowed to build a wall, or even enforce the border at the State level, which is historically how it was done. The reason is cuckservatives and SJWs making comments like yours….

  54. Opioids feel really good for mexicans and blacks also, but they are not impacted by the white death.

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  55. Practical Judaism in an affluent society is outstandingly K, hence the low birth-rate, even though left-wing sentiment is abnormally frequent among Jews.

  56. I think prior to the 1990s people kept their use of pain medications a secret. I’m sure there was an increase in the 1990s, but maybe not as dramatic as you would think. It would be interesting to plot per capita pain medication use for different age groups.

    #7 is interesting. The commercials are odd, it seems like a small targert market but I see them on the national news all the time.

  57. Try sorting by Best. It currently has 7 upvotes and showed up in the first page for me (ahead of some more upvoted comments, perhaps because of upvotes to the replies?).

  58. Yeah but it’s not like people like you don’t hate as well.

    So, telling the truth equals hatred? Defending oneself from an ongoing attack equals hatred?

    I’ve never claimed to not hate; I cultivate plenty of robust hatreds. The Left et al are the ones who go on endlessly about their compassion, care, universal love, etc.; it is the usual psychotic dissembling we get from them.

    One example in this oeuvre is the immigration debate: a smarmy lefty starts with the line that immigrants are holy and pure; without guile or sin; an awesome economic asset; we must accept them with utmost resource expenditure; blah blah blah. When you start loading them up with empirical evidence to the contrary, the mask comes off and they sneeringly announce that immigrants are here to punish Whites for past injustices.

  59. says:
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    With all this talk of r-K (i.e., life history theory) as applied to politics one would think that there is some empirical support for it. There is not. I can think of two studies that address the issue, at least to some degree, and both show that political orientation is independent of life history strategy.

  60. Two hypotheses:

    1. The left wing world is bigger than your surroundings. It includes lots of poor high-time-preference people who are breeding at a high rate.

    2. Birth control and Social Security/Medicare let natural K-types behave like r-types without r-level reproduction. Instead of high investment into few offspring, or low investment into many offspring, they choose no investment in any offspring. This isn’t likely to last very long.

  61. Speaking personally, the recreational use of prescription drugs for my generation (I’m 28) starts with an artist I can’t help but feel much love for: Eminem.

    I don’t think that the over-45 whites with the increasing death rates are out there listening to Eminem much.

    I’m 42 and listened to quite a bit of rap before age 20, but Eminem became big after I had already outgrown rap (as most whites do after a brief dalliance with hip hop in their youth).

  62. There were two kinds of pills prescribed by two different kinds of doctors. The first kind were your hydrocodone, percocet and vicodin.

    I badly sprained my ankle playing basketball in the early ’80s. My doc prescribed a 1-month supply of vicodin. The dosage must have been very small because I remember taking just one pill and had no reaction. I think the bottle with the remaining pills is still tucked away somewhere.

    On the other hand, since I was out of work for a month, I received a one-time emergency batch of $60 worth of food stamps.

    Oddly, a couple months ago I received an unsolicited text message from an unknown number – “got any roxies?”

  63. says:
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    They’re not really analogous, as it was an official economic policy of the British government and merchants to traffic opium grown on plantations in British ruled India to China in order to make up for the trade deficits the British were incurring. In the Mexican case, the cartels are outlaws over whom the Mexican government has no control, and they’re terrorizing the Mexicans as well.

  64. I agree , a big part of the cause is the economic prospects of working class whites , combined with easy access to opiates and the lower costs. Seems that it is less costly for a heroin user to get high each day than for a heavy drinker to consume 12 drinks / day at the local bar.

    interesting to note that Beer consumption has fallen 20% since 1995 while opiate use has risen dramatically. Joe Six pack has lost his job and finds heroin less costly than beer thanks to the Mexican cartels efficient distribution networks.

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  65. “A young black man is more likely to be in prison than at a top university”

    He says that like it’s our fault. Apparently it’s one more thing for Whitey to fix.

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  66. says:
         Show CommentNext New Comment

    Reform Jews, who predominantly fall in the middle and upper middle classes, have few children for the same reason that other middle class and upper middle class people have few children: it is expensive to raise children to middle and upper middle class standards. The typical Reform Jew votes for liberal to moderate Democrats but isn’t politically connected enough to be preaching r breeding strategies actively to anyone. The commentariat at this site seems to think that all Jews are elite, but most are ordinary or slightly above. To be truly elite in a country of this size and population requires big bucks and media connections that dentists, small business owners and non-celebrity lawyers don’t have.

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  67. They’d lay the first born of their 2.2 children on a stone altar and sacrifice him/her for the sake of the “r” contingent!

    Their children? How are they going to get into Harvard when they’re dead?

    Your children on the the other hand, that’s another question entirely.

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  68. People are missing the point about birth rates. High birth rates/fertility is a function of when in life women start having children (mother’s age when conception happens). The r-selected births happen when women are in their teens to very early twenties. Think Sarah Palin. Delayed fertility is reduced fertility — and as Steve notes that has been a White strategy to avoid Malthusian limits since well, the Neolithic. Declining birth rates were a problem for the Hellenistic world and Rome.

    Women given freedom either go two ways: have lots of kids with neighborhood thugs — the Black Ghetto Reproduction strategy, see Antonio Cromartie famously trying to recall all his kids and baby mommas. Or have sex with contraception with lots of various men, before reluctantly settling for a boring beta male and seething resentment.

    Until the advent of female driven mass consumerism, which was the brick on the jeweler’s balance scales of White society, women had it fairly good. Men were beta males, with all sorts of genetically selected traits such as one-itis, pedestalization, etc. But were POSITIONAL ALPHAS, that is beta males were just a bit higher in status and position. Thus had both “vulnerability game” and “provider game” coupled with positional Alpha Male status.

    Independent, relatively free market capitalism turning into mass consumerism, as always driven by female consumption, made most women the equal or even superior (because they were better customers) to their male peers. Making beta male providership mere chump strategies instead of winners.

    The difference between the causes of White and Black Death likely have to do with sexual opportunities. Being a violent, killer thug is a guarantee among Blacks to have many sexual opportunities and thus simply acts to amplify male violence as it is rewarded by sex and reproduction. By contrast the provider beta male strategy that was genetically selected for catastrophically has failed, and White men do poorly in a Lord of the Flies type environment (as opposed to mass Beta Male violence of shock battle encounter — killing as a harvest chore). With little mate opportunity. Hence the suicide.

    Men who have ample opportunities for sex and reproduction don’t kill themselves in any appreciable numbers.

  69. In my experience hydrocodone or oxy produce a different, more potent high than morphine.

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  70. This narrative in some form “explains” every wave of drug addictions. The theory that explains every possible observation explains nothing

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  71. I’m confident the guy who wrote that FP article doesn’t self-identify as white. At least not white-white.

  72. No fracking in New York State. But in Pa there is fracking everywhere. May I add a personal observation from a fracking landowners meeting in Lycoming County PA in about 2005. A local was incensed that all the construction workers were from out of state, there were few local hires, and called the CEO out. The CEO calmly replied – your people can’t pass a drug test. Boom!

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  73. OT

    “No wonder many people – especially social scientists, feminists, and progressive politicians – think behavioural genetics is a Pandora’s box that should be slammed shut as soon as possible. They remain heavily invested in cultural determinism – the idea that your environment, not your origins, makes you who you are, and also that the right social policies can significantly change the outcomes.

    But genetic denialism has its own risks. One risk is that by not acknowledging the importance of heritability, a lot of social science research is misleading and useless. And many of the policies it has inspired won’t work.

    Today the social sciences face a deepening crisis of legitimacy – largely because social scientists, who are overwhelmingly liberal, can’t bring themselves to acknowledge what’s staring them in the face. Yet good social policy depends on it. Dr. Plomin believes this is especially true in education, which should be both more effective and more humane. “It does poor service to social change to subordinate truth to politics,” he says.”

  74. So some people experience a high with morphine? I’m asking because I didn’t.

  75. Very true. I hang out in WV fracking country from time to time. The local community college had a 1 year program to learn how to become a “tool handler” (or something). Get your certificate, and go straight to work making $50k / year – good money is a crummy economy. The program was under-subscribed because the majority of the applicants failed the drug test.

    So it’s not all “liberal hatred of bad whites”; some of these people -are- losers.

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  76. says:
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    “A young black man is more likely to be in prison then at a top university.”

    And this is the fault of the native British because……?????

    One more bit of nonsense Britons could have been spared if only Enoch Powell had been listened too.

  77. Generally true, but I have actually known of people with murdered or near murdered children and loved ones (you know the kind of demographics of which I speak), conceal the whole truth of what happened when mentioning it. Or fumbling and calling it a “robbery gone wrong” Even if it goes “right” it’s still a crime, lunatic. And I see others in hearing, shield their ears in anticipation.

    These kind of people really are freakin’ lunatics.

  78. That seems to be a cultural issue. Perhaps blacks and hispanics find it harder to get prescription drug hookups. Certainly blacks don’t seem to be absentious towards drugs in general.

    I also wonder what role meth plays in the death rate. While there aren’t as many deaths from direct meth overdoses, over time it can take a toll on general health until the subject is carried away by something else, like infection, heart attack, or stroke. The areas with high prescription drug abuse rates often overlap with those that have high meth use so teasing out the separate pathways to death may be challenging. In other words, the deaths due to opiates may be easy to ascribe to a cause, while deaths due to meth may be difficult to link to the ultimate cause.

    How much of the higher death rate is directly ascribed to opiates?

  79. My Cliff Notes critique:

    The style is negroid. A sly, unthinking, sensual knowledge. Ass, a word repeated over and over. Angry, threatening, rhythmic yelling.

    As for content, the blues. Messed up life. Not his fault as far as I can tell. Dreary and without hope, but apparently there exists a kind of nihilist glamour through subversion of the (white) squares.

  80. . . . some of these people -are- losers.

    What a cruel thing to say.

  81. Reform Jews, who predominantly fall in the middle and upper middle classes, have few children for the same reason that other middle class and upper middle class people have few children: it is expensive to raise children to middle and upper middle class standards.

    If you do the math in historical context I believe you’ll find that that is more rationalization than rationale. If one is in the middle/upper middle class (a big if) and kids are a priority, they’re doable. But that’s beside the point as we’re talking K-selected people, who’ve never had large families (although there used to be more variance).

    The typical Reform Jew votes for liberal to moderate Democrats but isn’t politically connected enough to be preaching r breeding strategies actively to anyone.

    Well yeah. They practice, and their rabbis (who have branched out into NGOs, media, academia, government agencies, etc…) do the preaching. Those concerned with aligning preaching and practice find a more conservative temple, those who don’t don’t see much point in temple at all.

    So, empty Reform temples.

    The commentariat at this site seems to think that all Jews are elite…

    Not all or even most, but the ones with an outsize share in ruling our country are. Were they using that share to encourage K behavior and keep r in check, as good rulers have throughout western history*, this might not be a problem. Instead we get Yale Sex Week.

    * – the irony being that not a few of those rulers were themselves r-ing it up on the down low. Remarkable inversion.

  82. And in a similar sort of vein , meanwhile in Canada, the trial of the decade starts tomorrow. Though no one died.

    “As a certified celebrity, Jian Ghomeshi soared to dizzying heights of national and even international admiration before his career crashed and burned amid allegations that he used his stardom as a shield to hide his sexual predilections that police allege turned criminal.”
    On Monday, the courts will begin sorting out whether he engaged in consensual “rough sex,” as Ghomeshi claims, or whether, as three women say, he sexually assaulted them.

  83. No. Hardly, we do have a general cycle of addiction in this country that runs about ten years. Cocaine (or other uppers like Meth) followed by downers like Heroin. Other eras were about experimentation or keeping up with the cool crowd “heroin chic” and all that. The sixties were an experimentation era.

    This is something else. This is ‘opium den time in Shanghai’. This is shooting gallery in a NY basement. Except it is what used to be our productive class. Don’t think so? Try running an American factory without these guys. Except we don’t have any more factories in America that hire Americans. Try finding a plumber who’s first language is English. Try getting your lawn mowed by a neighbor kid who isn’t Hispanic.

    This narrative only works for this wave of drug addictions. I am sure you could probably find something similar with booze in the depression or following WWII when guys were self medicating but I have lived through a couple heroin cycles and worked a couple as a police, probation, corrections, and social services professional. This is different. The deaths are just a symptom.

    Take away money and give charity or unrepayable credit. Take away jobs and replace it with easy porn and video games. Take away pride and replace it with guilt revulsion and schadenfreude every time you get kicked in the teeth. Not only take away your cultural norms but spit on them at every opportunity. This is bad. Really bad and if you don’t get it just from the death rates consider this. Opiates and cocaine used to be legal but deathrates from them went down not up. People are posting their heroin use on facebook out and proud.

    This isn’t your great-grandmother’s opiate addiction cycle.

  84. That’s why I laughed in people’s faces when they said legalizing would lower crime. Well yeah, the crime of possession, use, and sale but nothing else. Druggies aren’t arrested because they have drugs. You could sit in your trailer and shoot up all day spark up a blunt until you had emphysema, and snort lines of coke off somebody’s ass all day long and as long as you weren’t doing anything else most police could give a shit.

    But every tweaker is a thief, prostitute, or seller or all at once. They have the self control of sex abusers and use in public or come to their kid’s school with track marks like the measles. Most drug cases I handled from any angle were afterthoughts from other crimes like diddling the neighbor’s kid, fighting with your wife or husband, or stealing your neighborhood blind. Pawnshops are the worst. They’ll buy anything stolen and don’t give a shit.

    Prosecutors plead anything down to drug charges, I’ve seen everything from sex crimes, to robbery, to attempted murder plead down to whatever drugs the criminal were possessing, using, pushing. It’s cheaper for the state/city/county. Diversion and treatment are way cheaper. The prosecutor get’s an easy win, and the criminal is on the street in days or weeks. The only ones suffering are society, the victims, and the thief’s neighbors.

    Why should the establishment give a shit?

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  85. That’s the real “White man’s burden”. Except we didn’t get a nifty overseas colony to muck about in. We just import them now. Half devil and half child.

  86. Don’t forget the people who love or loved the drug user. A friend of mine watched her husband sink lower and lower into vicodin addiction. Ruined everything. He eventually died in his late 60′s and really there was nothing to say at his funeral. so sad.

    • Replies:
  87. Having someone to take care of you in your old age isn’t something that has any clear evolutive benefit, though.

  88. Very true. I’ve watched families torn apart because of drugs and the activities associated with them.

  89. […] White Death Deaton vs. Gelman, Why are White Women Dying Young?  The White Death and the Black Death: […]

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