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The Matthew Boling of 1956
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From the concluding race of the Texas big school state track meet last May, here’s Matthew Boling of Strake Jesuit H.S. in Houston running down from 30 yards behind behind the anchorman for one of the 4 fastest high school 4 x 400m relay teams in the nation.

From Texas Monthly in 1984 by my old professor at Rice U., Bill Martin

The Fastest Nice Christian Boy in the World
Then Bobby Morrow lost his speed, and he began to have certain doubts.


… In the fall of 1955 Bobby Morrow and I were inducted into the Frater Sodalis, a men’s social club [at Abilene Christian College]. We called ourselves Frats, but our club’s activities bore little resemblance to what went on in fraternities at the godless institutions we referred to deprecatingly as state schools. A few years earlier a man had been refused admission to the club because he had drunk wine while on a trip to France. During my tenure, another man was rejected because he was said to have drunk beer in Waco. We met on Wednesday nights, after the midweek church services we all attended, in the same classroom where I took Bible, and the slightest off-color remark could be penalized by a monetary fine or a specified number of licks with a belt. When the meeting was over, we climbed the fire escape on the science building and sang our official club song and our mildly satirical drinking song (“Drink Milk”), then went to the Dixie Pig for pie and ice cream.

It sounds tame—of course, it was tame—but we were certain that we were the sophisticated elite of the college, and we were almost as certain that everyone else knew it. And Bobby Morrow was one of us. He didn’t say much at meetings, but when invited to lay stripes on the tensed-up butts of errant brothers, his licks manifested coordination and power that made them fearful to behold, awesome to receive, ennobling to bear. He seldom went with us to the Pig, but we did not hold that against him. In those days and in that setting, going home to his new wife, Jo Ann, elicited considerably more envy than pity; marriage seemed to us not a burdensome matter but an institution of unimaginable licentiousness.

It was a heady time to be Bobby Morrow’s friend. Besides Morrow, Jackson’s new crop of recruits included Waymond Griggs, a quick-starting flash from Camden, Arkansas, and James Segrest, a versatile sprinter and hurdler who, with 28 points, had brought the Class B title home to Bangs, though he was his team’s only representative. In 1956 they were joined by Bill Woodhouse, as unlikely-looking a world-class sprinter as ever churned down a straightaway, and Abilene Christian College found itself with the best sprint relay team in the world. Over the next three years, in individual and team events, Wildcat sprinters would set or tie world records eleven times. But 1956 belonged to Bobby Morrow.

His only defeat that spring came during a 38-degree downpour at the Drake Relays, when Duke’s Dave Sime got a rolling start and beat him out of the blocks by four yards.

Dr. Dave Sime won the silver medal in the 1960 Olympic 100m dash. His son-in-law was wide receiver Ed McCaffrey of Stanford, who beat out Senator Cory Booker for the starting job, and the Denver Broncos. His grandson Christian McCaffrey was third in the NFL in 2018 in All Purpose Yards.

But at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, Bobby Morrow won 3 gold medals, in the 100 m, 200 m, and as anchorman of the US 4 x 100 m relay team.

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  1. dr kill says:

    What can we do to make Le Tour more inclusive? No women, no trannys, no fatties, no eleven year old drag queens or colored people, only boring white guys. I’d like to know what Tiny, and Leonard Pitts and T. Coati suggest.

  2. What an amazing story. I like the BDSM approach to “off-color remarks”. (I find very hard to believe that adult people wouldn’t refrain if whipping was an actual punishment.) But what I like more is how these people were called “fast runners”, when the actual genetically-endowed fast runners were systematically repressed in developed countries, or starved in Africa.

    No, really, I struggle to understand why would anybody yearn for a time when the “fastest runners” were just a bunch of privileged rich boys.

    • Replies: @Charon
  3. Charon says:

    Holy schnitznacks, we are not worthy!

  4. Charon says:

    Melbourne, 1956. How much has been lost since that world. How very much.

    I can’t say that that time and place was necessarily the high water mark of western civilization, but it’s about as good a representation as any.

    Those people, then and there. I doubt any of them had the slightest inkling that within less than a generation, it would all be rent asunder.

    • Agree: Steve in Greensboro
    • Replies: @Anon
  5. And without the very great benefit of Jamaican Yams…….

  6. eah says:

    Probably a nice kid too — hope he isn’t caught on video inadvertently smirking at a brown man banging a drum in his face.

  7. And don’t forget the pothead Casey Cambest Who still hold the US high school 60 meter record…….In high school, Tyson Gay could never beat Casey Cambest in the big track meets in the state of Kentucky…..Casey Cambest was a skinny little White Kid….with springs in his legs(video on YouTube)…….Carl Lewis said Casey Cambest had the fastest start of any sprinter he has seen……DON’T SMOKE POT!!!!

    Speaking of Carl Lewis…..Long Island had a great sprinter in the form of a 6’5’’ Jewish kid fr0m Oceanside High School…He ran a 10.3 hundred meters in high school….Carl Lewis’s coach Tom Telez gave him a full scholarship to the University of Houston……Telez attempted to make him a half-miler……and that was the end of this 6’5” Jewish Sprinter’s 100 meters career….and track career……

  8. . . . and Bobby Morrow is sorry about it. His innate ability led to celebrity which in turn led to every shyster and fraud to con him into endorsements. Before age 25 Morrow was involved in millions of financial losses from his own neighbors and town residents.

    Yeah, it happens to many celebrities and athletes. But none of the people who coached, supported, or cheered Bobby on ever stepped in to protect him from the confidence artists. He lost jobs, friends, family, and faith and it was decades before he rebuilt his life. In the end, he regrets every bit of it.

    Bobby Morrow is an object lesson in the lack of support or guidance for a fellow (athletically gifted) human being. Damn little ‘solidarity’.

  9. Veracitor says:

    Rum, sodomy, and the lash without the rum or sodomy. The past is another country!

    • LOL: Mr McKenna
    • Replies: @SFG
  10. The 5 minute edit wiki is missing when I post here. Yet the post evenually gets approved/posted.

  11. AndrewR says:

    What utter dweebs. I can’t even wrap my mind around how pathetic those “fraternity” boys were.

  12. The legendary track coach of Villanova was known to be a destroyer of great White High School sprinting talent….He made them into half milers who ended up crippled with painful shin-splints….

    • Replies: @dr kill
  13. @Anonymouse

    It’s probably your browser. Is it an old version?

    I have an older browser version, and I don’t want to change it either. When using that device, the comments behave just as you describe, while on another device, the 5-minute EDIT window is available.

  14. I was under the impression that David Sime always had Bobby Morrow’s number in college. The 1956 Olympics because they were held in the Southern Hemisphere for the first time were held in November and December that year, and during the longer wait Sime injured himself the first time he tried to ride a horse. Sime was unable to compete at all, allowing Morrow to win three golds. Sime returned in 1960 but was upset at the wire by a German sprinter. He ran the anchor leg on the 4X100 relay team, but one of his teammates passed the baton outside the zone and the team’s time and gold were disqualified.

  15. dr kill says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Are you referring to Marty Stern?

  16. MNL says:

    I like your old professor’s writing style. I read the whole link. Great story.

  17. Sprinter Mike Rogers was a respectable high school sprinter….10.6…possibly 10.5 1oom…6.67 60 meters…Rogers went to div 3 school….Here comes the interesting part: Mike Rogers step-father, a Boeing Mechanical Engineer(I’ eve seen him twice on the Science Channel talking about passenger jet crashes) told his step-son that he needs to find a really good sprint coach to correct Rogers’ sprint mechanics so he can generate more power from the toe-off position……….

    To make a long story short:The new sprint coach taught 5’7” Mike Rogers that the trick to power generation in sprinting is run with your arms…run with your body…With the new coach, Rogers has run a 9.85 100 meters…6.48 60 meters…….Rogers is running competitively into his 3o’s………Or is it Jamaican Yams……again……?

    Steve…If you haven’t read Historian Roger McGrath’s essay about California White 100 meter sprint Champions…..well now you have a divine edict to read it…so go read it….

  18. tyrade says:

    the chap in front of Boling, especially in the still before playing the clip, is surely Casta Semenya?

  19. FPD72 says:

    Abilene Christian is still making waves in track & field. Wes Kittley was a three time NAIA All-American in the 800 meters at ACU. He then went on to coach the women’s team and later the combined men’s and women’s teams, which he lead to four NCAA Division 2 national championships.

    In 2000 he became Texas Tech’s track & field head coach, where the men’s team just won the NCAA Division 1 national championship.

  20. sondjata says:
    @dr kill

    There are in fact “colored people” in Le Tour. Have been for many years. Not a whole lot (as in, counting with one hand) but they are there.

  21. Lot says:

    Hundreds of African migrant-invaders occupy the Pantheon of Paris.

    The French had a real choice to stop this in 2017. Two years after Merkel showed what the new EU elites planned for Europe.

    Marine Le Pen got 34% of the runoff vote to Macron’s 66%.

  22. Tiny Duck says:
    @dr kill

    Prohibit the event until it does what is right

  23. Not just running down 30 yards, but finishing 3 or 4 ahead.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  24. Thomas Hill Sr. competed in the hurdles for Arkansas State University. While in college, he joined ROTC, married, and his first son was born in 1971. In 1972, he graduated and won bronze at the Munich Olympics in the 110m hurdles. Hill, a commissioned officer in the Army, then spent the next five years as the assistant track coach at West Point.

    In 1975, Kate Starbird was born in West Point, NY. Both of her grandfathers had competed at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Alfred Starbird finished seventh in the modern pentathlon and Charles Leonard won silver in the same event. Grandfather Starbird, a 1933 graduate of West Point and the son of a brigadier general, rose to the rank of lieutenant general during his military career. Grandfather Leonard also attended West Point and taught military science and tactics at the institution before retiring as a major general. Both Starbird and Leonard won the pentathlon team event in Berlin, however no medal was awarded for the team competition prior to the 1952 Olympics. Kate’s father and West Point alum, Ed Starbird, retired from the Army as a colonel.

    The year Kate was born, Mike Krzyzewski, a 1969 West Point graduate and basketball player, became Army’s head basketball coach. The season before, he was assistant to Bobby Knight at Indiana University. Knight had been assistant then head coach at West Point from 1963 to 1971. Although Krzyzewski and Hill Sr. did not know each other at West Point, Hill’s son, Thomas Jr., would later play for Krzyzewski at Duke University, making three Final Fours and winning two National Championships.

    During Knight’s early years at Indiana, Tara VanDerveer, Kate’s future basketball coach at Stanford University, played for Indiana, graduating in 1975. While playing for Stanford in the 90s, Kate too made three Final Four appearances.

    Knight, Krzyzewski, and VanDerveer have all coached Olympic teams to gold.

  25. @dr kill

    I’d like to know what Tiny, and Leonard Pitts and T. Coati suggest.

    I’d rather hear from Coati Mundi.

  26. Matthew Boling has Gil Kane calf muscles (the way Gil Kane drew calf muscles on superheroes like Green Lantern and The Atom). This is drawn by Kane and inked by Sid Greene (one of the great artist/inker teams of the sixties). Kane was Jewish, and I’m going out on a limb and guessing that Greene was, too.

  27. OT: According to the Washington Post, The Lion King is a crypto-fascist metaphor for White Supremacy.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  28. Has anyone ever measured the running speed of a representative sample of each race, so that a mean and standard deviation could be calculated for each group? (Assuming speed is normally distributed, which I imagine it must be).

    That would be very interesting.

  29. i’m under the impression morrow would have broken the 100 meters olympic record that day, but too much wind. according to what i read from old timers, they held the race for a while, trying to wait out the wind, but eventually they just had to run the race into a headwind.

    owens was in the stands for the 200 olympic record.

    • Replies: @Charon
  30. @The Alarmist

    Note that another Whitey finished 3rd, by making up not quite as large an amount of territory and finishing 3 or 4 ahead of a runner with considerably more melanin.

  31. c matt says:

    Not a sprinter per se, although my sport involves lots of it. Am I imagining it, or does the Jesuit kid have obviously better form – the arms tighter to the torso, whereas the kid in front has his arms swinging out wider. Is that a thing in sprinting?

    • Agree: Autochthon
  32. @Anonymouse

    The 5 minute edit feature is not available until after the first comment appears. Because I want the ability to edit, I wait until other comments have appeared before posting.

  33. J.Ross says:

    It was plagiarized, in some cases shot for shot, from a Japanese cartoon about a white lion.

    • Replies: @Autochthon
  34. DeSoto would have won it all if their coach would have played a recording of police sirens over the PA.

  35. As a resident of current year America the only part of that story that was at all recognizable was guys spanking each other.

    It’s incredible how much has been lost.

  36. OT – that columnist Trump accuser now seems (along with comparing Trump to Alexander, JFK and Genghis) to be accusing JFK of rape. Is this generally known? I know he liked the ladies.

    “Carroll told the Guardian she hesitated for years coming forward with her allegations, describing herself as a “coward”. She also suspected that branding Trump a sex attacker might paradoxically help him politically.

    It’s the image of a male leader – think Alexander the Great, think Genghis Khan. Think John F Kennedy. Great leaders take what they want without asking.””

    • Replies: @Autochthon
    , @J.Ross
  37. Anonymous[830] • Disclaimer says:

    Love races like this. See also, Heather Dorniden, 600M Big 10 championships:

    Song is pretty motivational, too.

    (There’s another video out there without the music…and the crowd goes crazy as she powers down the straightaway.)

    P.s. Good thing she wasn’t cut by the spikes on the Penn ST runner’s shoes.

  38. Charon says:
    @Dacian Julien Soros

    the actual genetically-endowed fast runners were systematically repressed in developed countries

    You mean some people are more genetically endowed than others, at various things? And you didn’t notice Jesse Owens right there in the film, spoken of in properly worshipful tones?

    He did something 20 years earlier. Just search Google for “Olympics” since it’s all news to you. Just don’t expect Google to tell you much about Bobby Morrow.

    • Replies: @Autochthon
  39. SFG says:

    I kind of wonder about the sodomy part, though I doubt they would have ever admitted to it, so we’ll never know.

  40. Charon says:
    @prime noticer

    Why didn’t they just run the race in the other direction? 😉

    • Replies: @Ron Mexico
  41. ia says:

    Maybe white guys are finally starting not to feel sorry for negroes.

  42. One of the elite white sprinters of my generation was Mel Patton, 1924-2914. His nick name was Pell Mell but at one time he was also called “The Fastest Human On Earth.” He attended USC and later became a Navy pilot during WWII. A good write up in Wikipedia. Fantasy competetion: Patton, Morrow and Boling.

  43. @Simply Simon

    Historian Roger McGrath has written about sprinter Mel Patton…

    Steve….Historian Roger McGrath wrote an interesting essay over at Chronicles Magazine a few years back about the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act……..

  44. @Charon

    Due to all the timing apparatuses already set up. I made a similar suggestion at a hs track meet and received this explanation. Meets are already lengthy affairs and changing directions on the track would be like a tornado touching down.

  45. @YetAnotherAnon

    I don’t know about rape – though he is certainly guilty by modern bastardised standards of the term’s meaning (“sex with a man, which sex you now regret, man you now hate, or either you’ve now decided to monetise…”) – but Kennedy is now pretty universally acknowledged to have schtupped a lot of his secretarial gals who were in their late teens or early twenties – which of course makes him a “paedophile” bu modern lights as well….

  46. @J.Ross

    I don’t doubt you, but this means both are just thinly veiled imitations of Hamlet (not that Shakespeare’s plots, probably including that one, were original to him, either…).

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  47. @Charon

    Only since you mention Jewgle: It’s off-topic, but the coolest, recent discovery I made about Jewgle is that why don’t women understand men generates “about 9” results by their count (ten by mine; they are all on one page, so I counted!), but why don’t men understand women generates 3,070 results (I don’t have time to manually verify that!).

    Jewgle’s machinations? Jewgle merely accurately reflecting the reality of GloboHomo? Both? You decide.

  48. some random guy from Illinois, Devin Quinn, ran 10.00 +1.3 at the NCAA meet.

    technically that’s faster than John Teeter’s 10.00 +2.0 run at the 2016 olympic trials.

    Quinn looks like he’s going to run professionally, or at least until the 2020 trials, so we’ll probably have a new, fastest not-african american soon.

  49. J.Ross says:

    Well there you go. Fascism.

  50. J.Ross says:

    Physically impossible except by the current definitional deformation.

  51. Anon[256] • Disclaimer says:

    Sorry, but that social scene seems lame.

    Guys who didn’t drink beer?
    Men jealous of a guy who has to go home to his wife?
    Marriage described as licentious?


    Even back in the 50s, such “men” were pretty rare.

  52. In 2016 men 100 meter finals, the slowest time was 10.06. All 8 finalists were black and 6 of them ran under 10 seconds. Of course, in real life, though-out history, running a 100 yards 1 second faster then everyone else was of limited use. Possibly if you’d lived in Ancient Greek you would’ve gotten a medal. But even the Greeks cared more about Wrestling and the arts of war – archery, discus, chariot racing and javelin.

  53. Anon[328] • Disclaimer says:

    Just saw this at the National Review: Florence Griffith Joyner set the women’s 100 meters record in 1988. In 2017 almost 750 American college students beat this time.

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