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Ashley Nicole Black is a professional comedy writer on Samantha Bee’s TV show Full Frontal. So if she says that when “Norm Macdonald also said he didn’t know that racism existed until Sasha Baron Cohen’s show premiered this year” is not funny, it’s Not Funny.

Would Samantha Bee be wasting her money on a comedy writer who can’t understand what’s funny about old-timer Norm Macdonald saying he didn’t know that racism existed until Sasha Baron Cohen’s show premiered this year?

If you don’t believe me, just ask Ashley Nicole Black. She’ll tell you:

From Variety:

‘The Tonight Show’ Cancels Norm Macdonald Appearance After Comedian’s #MeToo Comment

Norm Macdonald’s appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” was hastily canceled Tuesday after the comedian stirred controversy with remarks about the #MeToo movement and the treatment of Louis C.K., Chris Hardwick and Roseanne in recent scandals.

“Out of sensitivity to our audience and in light of Norm Macdonald’s comments in the press today, ‘The Tonight Show’ has decided to cancel his appearance on Tuesday’s telecast,” NBC said in a statement. “Tonight Show’s” decision to drop Macdonald came even after he apologized for his comments later in the day.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Macdonald said he was “happy the #MeToo movement has slowed down a little bit.” He further opined: “It used to be, ‘One hundred women can’t be lying.’ And then it became, ‘One woman can’t lie.’ And that became, ‘I believe all women.’ And then you’re like, ‘What?’ Like, that Chris Hardwick guy I really thought got the blunt end of the stick there.”

He also stated that he felt Roseanne Barr was treated harshly in the storm that ensued after she likened Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett to an ape in an early morning tweet in May. Barr was fired and her “Roseanne” sitcom revival was canceled within hours (it was ultimately revived as “The Conners” without Barr’s involvement).

The existence of unapproved opinions is no laughing matter.

But Norm’s friends and fans took to Twitter to offer him support:

Kitchener Leslie must be at least 115 years old by now, so can’t we grant an old railroad cop’s one last request and not cancel Norm again?

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  1. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    Speaking of Samantha Bee, for some reason YouTube recommended this Chapo Trap House video to me. I still don’t get why this podcast is as popular as it is, but they have a point here about how Samantha Bee and the other liberal late night shows aren’t funny:

  2. Anonymous[276] • Disclaimer says:

    Ron’s favorite comedian?

  3. J.Ross says: • Website

    This has been happening every day on NPR, this is the basis of almost every recent criticism of Trump that is not just simple namecalling: they pretend to not be able to see obvious sarcasm, euphemism, or imprecision. One totally serious report depended on the notion that not only was Trump lying to the country, but that he freely admitted to doing so in a public tweet. When you finally get to the confession tweet it’s abundantly clear that the “journalist” is dishonestly misreading two juxtaposed phrases as though they were a more complex and non-existent sentence. What do editors do nowadays? Are they so busy convincing “journalists” to not threaten the lives of elected officials that they cannot review the reasoning used in the latest regrunt that Trump Bad Because Bad?

  4. Man, this makes me sad. Norm is the funniest guy on the planet and a bunch of humorless blue checkmark scolds on Twitter are going to try to kill his show.

  5. Norm Macdonald also recently referred to himself as a “deeply closeted gay man”.

    That’s one for the logic texts, right under “This statement is false.”

    Norm was quite the minority himself, growing up in Quebec City.

    • Replies: @Space Ghost
  6. Anon[399] • Disclaimer says:

    The Chris Hardwick #metoo that Macdonald mentions is really scary and worth a look.

    Special effects guy John Dykstra has a daughter who is emotionally unstable, shall we say. She works as a cosplayer (21st century career). She started dating a Grade C celebrity podcaster. The guy did absolutely nothing wrong to her, but in her fever dreams, months later, she decides to #metoo him. Reading her essay is weirdly fascinating.

    As Macdonald says, “And then you’re like, ‘What?’ Like, that Chris Hardwick guy ….”

    Remember the old “hot-crazy matrix” viral video? That guy knew what he was talking about.

    I sort of expected Norm to run into trouble eventually. He’s been very circumspect during his television appearances, and I suspected that he was, if not a north-of-the-border Trump sympathizer, at least not as progressive as his comedic stablemates. Too bad he caved in with an apology, no balls there.

    • Replies: @Bugg
    , @Rosamond Vincy
  7. So the eponymous Ashley Nicole Black is an ageist?

  8. anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:

    Yet people here believe there aren’t very dark times ahead.

    I hope they’re right, but I don’t think they’re right.

  9. “Ashley Nicole Black is a professional comedy writer on Samantha Bee’s TV show Full Frontal.”

    You learn something new here on iSteve every day. Never occurred to me that Full Frontal is a comedy show. Aren’t comedies supposed to be funny? Far as I can tell, the show mostly consists of rants by an angry white woman, well past a prime that was not so great to begin with, who wants in on the Black Rage racket.

  10. Anon[284] • Disclaimer says:

    > So maybe we should just… not listen to him?

    Why does she care whether people do or don’t watch Norm MacDonald? Why can’t she just like what she likes and tolerate that other people like something else. Because Leftism.

    > Fuck all of you. Norm MacDonald is real old and is at the precipice of death. Let me have his irreverent humor for a couple more years and stop trying to cancel him.

    Typical Millennial trash. This is what passes for Millennial “humor.” Norm MacDonald is 58 years old. He has over a decade and a half before he reaches the average life expectancy. Would Leslie Kichener like to be told that she is “at the precipice of death” when she is only 58? Would she say her 58 year old mother is “at the precipice of death”? Oh yeah that’s right millennials are above following the Golden Rule. They are above having any culture or class at all and think it’s “funny” to be outright a-holes. And they’re not even artful when they’re doing it, like say a New Yorker in the 1970s.

    Yeah we should enjoy Norm MacDonald, Seth MacFarlane, Trey Parker, and other Gen X and Late Boomer comedians too numerous to mention. Because there doesn’t seem to be too much coming up after them. To Millennials, standing up on a stage and making a progressive liberal speech is “funny.” Because, oh look at that other group that’s not our group. Aren’t they just so stupid? Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha

  11. Anon[284] • Disclaimer says:

    And by the way I’m hip. I know Workaholics and HBO Animals are funny. But notice how those aren’t major hits. They are cultural footnotes. There is a lot of ruin in a nation. Meanwhile you’ve got Big Mouth, and a bunch of other progressive crap I already forgot about passing as comedy these days.

  12. @Anon

    > Fuck all of you. Norm MacDonald is real old and is at the precipice of death. Let me have his irreverent humor for a couple more years and stop trying to cancel him.

    Typical Millennial trash. This is what passes for Millennial “humor.” Norm MacDonald is 58 years old. He has over a decade and a half before he reaches the average life expectancy. Would Leslie Kichener like to be told that she is “at the precipice of death” when she is only 58? Would she say her 58 year old mother is “at the precipice of death”?

    Not “Leslie Kitchener,” “Kitchener Leslie,” the meanest railroad cop in Canada during the Depression, who used to beat the hobos he caught to death:

    Kitchener Leslie must be about 115 by now so we should grant what has to be his last request and not cancel Norm’s show.

    • Replies: @ganderson
    , @ben tillman
  13. Ashley Nicole Black
    ✔ @ashleyn1cole

    I think the difference with Rock or Chapelle is even when I disagree with the content, from the structure I can tell it was a joke. And often it’s still funny, even though it’s “wrong”. MacDonalds comments today didn’t have set ups and punchlines. They weren’t structured as jokes

    Comedy’s in a post-Structuralist phase. No need to have set ups or punchlines any more. Andy Kaufman and Ivor Cutler were doing this decades ago. So laugh you ignorant, black, Black bitch. ( Sorry if that sounds too much like a punchline. )

  14. I shudder to think what she’d write about certain Richard Pryor routines.

  15. Nathan says:

    This explains a lot about the awful state of comedy in 2018. What’s the point of warmed-over Weekend Update fake news when the people behind it don’t understand sarcasm?

    I also HATE the left’s condescension through feigned ignorance shtick.

  16. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    I wish Roseanne had told ABC to piss up a rope, instead of letting them write her out of her own show. Norm didn’t do her a huge favor tying her to Louis C.K., who was a creep, but he did accurately point out that she’s always been a pro-diversity lefty whose animus toward the Obama administration was about Israel, not about Obama or Jarrett being black.

    • Replies: @Danindc
    , @Sam Haysom
  17. slumber_j says:

    [...] they pretend to not be able to see obvious sarcasm, euphemism, or imprecision.

    Yes, that’s exactly right, and I’ve discussed it with my 11-year-old son. He pointed out that it makes the press look stupid, thereby handing the President yet another win.

    As for this subnormal comedy writer, I really like that she thinks Norm Macdonald does observational humor. Presumably the only good joke she’s ever written.

    I suppose Norm Macdonald can just bulletproof himself by not apologizing, since everyone loves him. But this was always going to happen eventually: he hangs out with Jim Downey too much.

  18. @Dave Pinsen

    Without the protection of bundling shows like Bee’s, Handler’s, Noah’s, Mahr’s, and O’Brian’s would be cancelled in short order.

    None of those people are funny in the least.

    • Replies: @Steve in Greensboro
  19. MEH 0910 says:

  20. fnn says:

    This article must be an example of SJW comedy. The funniest part is when he gently broaches the JQ:

    These accusations extend into the classroom. David Horowitz is a far-right activist who has been targeting universities, and the film industry, since the 1980s. In 2006, Horowitz published a book, The Professors, naming the “101 most dangerous professors in America,” a list of leftist and liberal professors, many of whom were supporters of Palestinian rights.

    But this one is good, too:

    For at least the past 50 years, universities have been the epicenter of protest against injustice and authoritarian overreach. Consider, for example, their unique role in the antiwar movement of the 1960s. Where speech is a right, propagandists cannot attack dissent head-on; instead they must represent it as something violent and oppressive (a protest therefore becomes a “riot”).

  21. Has anyone studied the relationship between sense of humor and IQ ?

    • Replies: @DCThrowback
    , @Jack D
    , @res
  22. Bugg says:

    Dykstra’s complaints amount to Hardwick being a guy trying to get out of a presumably bad relationship and sometimes being less than perfect socially. But none of her “allegations” (a real stretch) comes close to anything like physical violence nor sexual abuse. If we re going to call that behavior as grounds to de-person guys, there aren’t going to be many straight guys left in show business. But what do I know, they now hand out “comedy” specials to women that feature no jokes at all. So mush of what passes for comedy has less to do with being funny and making people laugh than leftists having their feelings confirmed. It’s like some communal progressive church service.

    Problem is the left will take away any platform MacDonald now has like they’ve done with Nick Dipaolo, a very funny guy reduced to podcasting out of his basement.

  23. Danindc says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    Good point. Can’t lose sight of the fact that Louis CK Is a sick puppy. Frustrating Norm is trying to rehabilitate that freak.

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
  24. DCThrowback says: • Website
    @Buzz Mohawk

    More important is this corollary: “If I don’t get it, it can’t be funny.”

    That’d be fine, but the implied action from Ms. N1cole is that if she doesn’t get it, you don’t have a right to tell it. Harrison Bergeron, except for comedy. Diversity enstupids us. Jokes must be for everyone! What right does Norm have to make a joke that only smart people get?

    Who watches Tyler Perry content anyways?

    • Replies: @Alec Leamas
    , @Buzz Mohawk
  25. Anonymous[116] • Disclaimer says:

    Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach; whatever’s left– professional comedy writers

  26. Norm was funny, original, very popular on SNL. But then no movie or TV opportunities? Maybe this is not the first time he is being blacklisted?

  27. Acilius says: • Website

    In fairness to Kitchener Leslie, I must say I laughed out loud at the phrase “precipice of death.” I suspect Norm MacDonald would have laughed at it, too. For that matter, it is true that the remarks Ashley Nicole Black dislikes were not “structured as jokes.” They may have been funny if you’d heard them in Norm MacDonald’s voice, they may be true, whatever, but it’s simply a fact that they are not structured as jokes.

  28. So maybe we should just… not listen to him?

    There’s an idea! If you don’t like something, a comedian; a speech somebody is going to give at a college; or a TV show, just don’t listen or don’t watch. Do not force its cancellation or go after the people with threats of violence.

    • Replies: @densa
  29. George says:

    Journalist Erran Morad uncovers the problem underlying the current state of American Democracy. Exactly how the last 2+ decades unfolded is laid bare.

    WATCH Sacha Baron Cohen Gets Georgia Lawmaker to Bare Buttocks, Say N-word in ‘Who Is America?’

    The Israeli version is better than the US. I think it is infront of the paywall.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  30. Every Samantha Bee writer knows that a joke is when you say something everyone in the room agrees with and then say the president is orange and then everyone claps and cheers.

    Sam’s best joke is when she looks into the camera and says, ‘Mr President, you better not try to grab MY pu**y, or else!’ And then everyone whoops and hollers.

    Does she do that joke? She should.

  31. Ibound1 says:

    Between 2000 and 2008, comedy meant putting on a bad Texas accent and saying anything at all, while pretending to be Bush. Pretty funny. There was no comedy between 2008 and 2016. Now I’m happy we have comedy again, that is white hot rage at Trump and calling his daughter a c*nt.

  32. @J.Ross

    This has been happening every day on NPR, this is the basis of almost every recent criticism of Trump that is not just simple namecalling: they pretend to not be able to see obvious sarcasm, euphemism, or imprecision.

    The corporate propaganda whores are out of control and knowingly misrepresenting the words of President Trump.

    President Trump must crush the corporate propaganda whores.

    President Trump must take the broadcast licenses away from the current controllers of electronic propaganda in the United States. Trump should start with the Comcast corporation and Time Warner. Comcast controls NBC and Time Warner controls CNN.

    If local broadcast licenses must be taken away to get at the corporate controllers, that’s fine too.

    Trump is under attack from the corporate media, Trump must counterattack immediately.

  33. Norm is the comedian’s comedian. Legends like Letterman, Seinfeld, and many other well-respected comics consistently cite Norm as one of their favourite comedians. Norm is a master troll and one of the last unapologetic and politically incorrect comedians around (at least as far as any comedians that have had a modicum of success are concerned). He’s been doing a web-based talk show for a couple of years (funny as fuck if you’re a Norm fan), and now Netflix has adopted his show. I could be wrong, but I think it drives leftists crazy that someone like Norm has a well-produced show on Netflix, and I just have this gut feeling that they are going to try and get his show cancelled- since he’s never been involved with any “metoo” stuff, the only tactic they have to try and thwart his success is to label him a racist/homophobe/sexist..etc.

    Leftists with no sense of humour cannot stand it when someone like Norm gets mainstream traction. All I can hope for is that Norm doesn’t cave in and apologize.

    • Replies: @Frank McGar
  34. President Trump Must Crush The Corporate Propaganda Whores

  35. @Space Ghost

    Dozens of “y’know”s and not a single “eh”. Eh?

  36. @DCThrowback

    Who watches Tyler Perry content anyways?

    I found LaVan Davis as Curtis Payne very amusing in the Tyler Perry’s House of Pain series. His comedic style is very physical, which is something you don’t see much anymore.

    • Replies: @DCThrowback
  37. @Anon

    Norm Macdonald is 58 years old. He has over a decade and a half before he reaches the average life expectancy.

    He has over a quarter-century. (YKMV)

    • Replies: @Paleo Liberal
  38. Norm’s comedic style is the polar opposite of the fruits from the Daily Show tree.

    Leibowitz and Bee mug for the camera – their facial expressions are how you know it’s time to laugh heartily at this or that dumb Republican who in no way was cut out of context, what a dummy – wakka wakka!

    Norm’s style seems more influenced by British style understatement, where the context clues are more subtle than a giant flashing sign that says “LAUGH NOW!” with a rimshot.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  39. @J.Ross

    The alternative reality-”alternative reality” being the rage these days-is that they really DON’T see the “obvious sarcasm” etc.

    Which says more about the likes of this Black (!) woman than the likes of MacDonald etal.

  40. @Dave Pinsen

    Yea if I was Roseanne I’d be pretty pissed at norm on this. His groveling apology has now roped her into the Louis CK mess.

    Norm is kind of the worst kind of bitch- the one that acts tough when he’s riding high or punching down but when he needs a Hollywood favor he will throw you overboard in a heartbeat.

  41. She said it was not “structured like a joke” in a later tweet.The joke, though Ms. Black might not be astute enough to recognize it without punctuation clearly delineating between them, has a setup and a punchline. “I didn’t know racism existed…” an unusual premise I wonder where this goes … “until Sacha Baron Cohen’s show came out.” Were Ms. Black sharper, she’d’ve recognized it as criticism of the sort of white saviorism I bet she hates and has “called out” on twitter.

    Shouldn’t a professional funny-woman, in addition to being able to recognize and understand jokes, be able to spell the name of one of the 5 most important on-screen comedians of the last 20 years correctly?

  42. Jack D says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    Although Ashley Nicole (BTW, isn’t that name cultural appropriation?) may not be a rocket scientist anyway, this has nothing to do with IQ. If MacDonald’s joke was targeted at Trump or white men, she would have no problem seeing the humor in it. It’s just that to her, leftism is a dead serious matter and she finds it literally impossible to see the humor in criticizing the left. The same reason why Khomeini could not see the humor in joking about Islam and wanted to kill Rushdie. If Rushdie had been making jokes about infidels, THAT would be funny.

  43. DCThrowback says: • Website
    @Alec Leamas

    It might make a comeback as 1/ chris farley and the like were non-political when they’re falling through a coffee table, and that’s still acceptable and 2/ slow drip-drop of iq falling across our land means we get more “Battleship: The Movie” and less “Master and Commander: Journey to the Other Side of the World”.

  44. res says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    Has anyone studied the relationship between sense of humor and IQ ?

    Here are a couple of studies. Can probably find more in their references.


    Title and abstract:

    Humor ability reveals intelligence, predicts mating success, and is higher in males

    A good sense of humor is sexually attractive, perhaps because it reveals intelligence, creativity, and other ‘good genes’ or ‘good parent’ traits. If so, intelligence should predict humor production ability, which in turn should predict mating success. In this study, 400 university students (200 men and 200 women) completed measures of abstract reasoning (Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrices), verbal intelligence (the vocabulary subtest of the Multidimensional Aptitude Battery), humor production ability (rated funniness of captions written for three cartoons), and mating success (from the Sexual Behaviors and Beliefs Questionnaire). Structural equation models showed that general and verbal intelligence both predict humor production ability, which in turn predicts mating success, such as lifetime number of sexual partners. Also, males showed higher average humor production ability. These results suggest that the human sense of humor evolved at least partly through sexual selection as an intelligence-indicator.

    Title and abstract:

    Psychometric intelligence and verbal humor ability

    In an exploratory study of the relationship between psychometric intelligence and humor, cognitive tests of ‘verbal humor ability’ and traditional verbal tests were administered to three samples of examinees. The tests purporting to measure ‘humor information’ were not highly correlated with general verbal ability or verbal creativity, whereas scales developed to assess ‘humor reasoning’ correlated appreciably with the verbal measures. A joke-completion test of ‘joke knowledge’ was highly correlated with the humor information measures. We concluded that there was evidence for two broad facets of convergent humor performance, memory for humor and humor cognition, and that the latter was much more strongly associated with general verbal ability than was the former.

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
  45. It’s a good thing these harridans have never seen Norm do this (start about 9:30).

  46. ganderson says:
    @Steve Sailer

    The Ernest Borgnine character in “Emperor of the North”?

  47. Goatweed says:

    Does Barr own the rights to “Roseanne?”

    If she does, could she start a new show using Roseanne?

    • Replies: @Anon
  48. Look at the bright side. or similar can start their own comedy channel, at least o/l. Of course there may be a few problems.

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
  49. MarcB. says:

    I wondered when Norm would move from the implicit to the explicit. He has a huge fan base of established leftist comics who have continued give him accolades while pretending not to notice, but that ship has now sailed. We’ll see how many defend the greatest comic of his generation.

  50. @anony-mouse

    What would be great is if Mr. Unz would start his own version of YouTube. Could he do that? What about an alternative search engine too? Somebody has to fight the Google monopoly.

    • Replies: @Glaivester
  51. @J.Ross

    During the campaign, Trump joked that since Hillary had erased her subpoenaed emails, perhaps we could ask the Russians for them, since it was most probable that they had hacked her private server. This was an obvious joke, yet the MSM media reacted with outrage, as if Trump were serious.

    This struck me as very odd at the time. Was it not obviously a sarcastic remark? After all, Hillary’s server was in the hands of the FBI at this point, so if the Russians hadn’t hacked it long ago, they wouldn’t be doing so at Trump’s suggestion. Was the media “not getting it” on purpose to make Trump look disloyal? As events have ensued, I’m convinced that the latter is the case, that in fact the plan to claim that Trump was colluding with the Russians was already in place, so the media jumped on this joking remark and pretended to take it seriously.

    The apparently insane former head of the CIA, John Brennan, wrote this in a NY Times op-ed piece last month: “The already challenging work of the American intelligence and law enforcement communities was made more difficult in late July 2016, however, when Mr. Trump, then a presidential candidate, publicly called upon Russia to find the missing emails of Mrs. Clinton. By issuing such a statement, Mr. Trump was not only encouraging a foreign nation to collect intelligence against a United States citizen, but also openly authorizing his followers to work with our primary global adversary against his political opponent.”

    • Agree: MEH 0910
  52. Was the media “not getting it” on purpose to make Trump look disloyal?

    Of course. This was done to manipulate the opinion of that large segment of the population too dull to get the joke.

    The apparently insane former head of the CIA, John Brennan…

    …was doing the same thing.

    The frustrating thing for the rest of us is how much this is done.

  53. @Anon

    Well… I think later millennials and Gen Z get most of their comedy from anonymous internet sources. Memes, etc. I’m sure some of them sit down and watch SNL or the Daily Show or whatever but really that’s more of a boomer/gen X thing. Gen Z’s comedy is actually waaay more transgressive than prior generations. Network and cable television personalities have hitched their wagon to a falling star. The sort of people who used to read the Onion now probably read the Daily Stormer.

  54. @Dave Pinsen

    but they have a point here about how Samantha Bee and the other liberal late night shows aren’t funny:

    WOMEN are not funny. No particular woman or women selected, the entire gender is funny-bone dead. Always has been. Rivers and Fields and a few others were interesting, but never funny. And today? Grim, these comedi-cunts. They just aren’t funny. And mostly, they play to all-girl crowds, who aren’t there to laugh.

    I don’t know what the problem is, they have equality. When’s a great comedian coming out of the Unfunny Gender? Or a great symphony? Inventions that aren’t frauds? Something? Anything?

    Crickets. Guess we’ll have to keep pretending they’re equal.

    • Replies: @Allen
    , @dr kill
  55. But we can still find humor in the latest coalition of the fringes blow up.

    It’s not cultural. It’s not tradition. It’s not a friendly jibe that really just means coward. And it’s not OK.

    No matter what anybody tells you, that four-letter P-word – which Yahoo Sports, as a policy, won’t publish – used by Mexico soccer fans once again during Tuesday’s friendly with the United States in Nashville, is deeply homophobic.

    And it needs to stop.

    author of this piece Leander Schaerlaeckens, no really ;-)

    Oh yea, Youtube hasn’t deleted this one yet

  56. Norm Macdonald did the all too typical boomer goy move of hailing/defending a couple of Jews like Roseanne Barr and Louis C.K. who wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire (but would definitely piss on him if he weren’t on fire). I’m sure he really thinks these people are his friends (no matter the evidence) and he’ll sink himself to prove he’s a good goy. I actually think he’s pretty funny but f*** him for being a cuck.

    Barr’s crime is thinking Trump is good for Israel so she’s probably out for good given her age. Louis C.K. is just on probation and he’ll be back, just not as soon as he wants. Hardwick has gotten his two main gigs back so I’m guessing he probably doesn’t want this dredged up again.

    • Replies: @Anon
  57. When Rosanne made her ape reference she didn’t know Jarrett was part homo-Africanus or she never would have stepped in that cow pie, which demonstrates that progs think Bantus resemble apes and or that progs think black people believe they resemble apes. I know an actual black person so I’ll ask him what he thinks.

    • Replies: @Je Suis Omar Mateen
  58. @Acilius

    if you’d heard them in Norm MacDonald’s voice

    Norm’s way of saying things adds a lot of the humor.

  59. @Danindc

    I read somewhere that Louis CK paid $10 grand to the club that let him appear.

  60. Maybe Norm could update the jokes for the rage comedy writer in-crowd, throw in a few feckless cunts now and then.

    So this feckless cunt moth walks into a psychiatrist office. Comedy gold!

  61. MEH 0910 says:

    Norm Macdonald Tells Howard Stern “I Never Defended” Roseanne or Louis C.K.

    Norm Macdonald on Wednesday dropped by Howard Stern to discuss his new Netflix talk show, but also the firestorm he was caught up in after his comments about the #MeToo movement and his pals, Louis C.K. and Roseanne Barr.

    Macdonald told Stern his comments on the matter had been misconstrued.

    “I never defended them,” said Macdonald. “I am completely behind the #MeToo movement.”

    He continued, “You’d have to have Down Syndrome to not feel sorry for— #MeToo is what you want for your daughters and you want that to be the future world, of course. And I meet all kinds of women with terrible stories of what’s happened to them. So, I wasn’t talking about the victims. They asked me about Roseanne.”

    Macdonald said he put Barr in touch with C.K. because he felt perhaps the disgraced comic could give her more support having been through “this particular, very peculiar event where you say something or do something and your career is wiped out forever.”

    But, that apology was not enough to keep him on the schedule for The Tonight Show, which he was getting hair and makeup done for when Jimmy Fallon personally broke the news to him.

    “Jimmy comes to me … and he was like, ‘How should we play this? I said ‘I think we should say it at the end because if you say it at the beginning, you can’t come back from that,’” Macdonald told Stern. “And he said, ‘What am I supposed to ask?’ And I said, “Jimmy, I don’t exactly know.’ So he leaves. Then someone suggested I start the show with an apology, and I go, ‘It’s not my show.’ And Jimmy came back in and said ‘Can I talk to you, buddy?’ He was very broken up about it. And he said ‘I don’t know what to do. And I said ‘Should I not do the show?’ And he said. ‘I don’t know. It’s just that I have so much pressure from so many people.’ He goes, ‘People are crying.’ And I say, ‘People are crying?!’ And he said, ‘Yeah. Senior producers are crying.’ And I said ‘Good lord! Bring them in and let me talk to them. I don’t want to make people cry.’ So Jimmy said, ‘Come back whenever you want, but I think it will hurt the show tonight. And I said, ‘Jimmy I don’t want to hurt your show. That is the last thing I want to do.’”

    • Replies: @Danindc
    , @MEH 0910
  62. Dtbb says:

    I cut the cable this year and hooked up an over the air antenna. On “Antenna TV” at 1130 pm they play Johnny Carson reruns. The standups are comedy gold.

  63. @Harry Baldwin

    It’s downright criminal that these goons continue to refer to Russia by terms like “primary global adversary.” There isn’t a single person in media on the left, and there are very few on the right, who recognize the much greater and more imminent threat posed by China. Chinese aggression and espionage, more widespread than Russia’s, fail to stick in the news cycle. China’s more brutal and more numerous human rights violations go largely unchallenged. Why that is I can only speculate. Maybe some of these people have an ideological reason, perhaps documented, perhaps going back decades, for furthering China’s interests and covering for its misdeeds in the US and the world in general?

  64. J.Ross says: • Website

    One of the themes of this era has been “their propaganda is our propaganda,” and this was one of the starkest examples. In the echo chamber, you’re not allowed to talk about American governmental subservience to Israel (although meaningless hand-wringing about the worst Israeli actions is allowed), so they’re completely blind to the massive anti-Israel awakening that happened after IX/XI, the Iraq War, and the Ron Paul campaigns (during which a uniformed soldier was cut off CNN just as he mentioned Israel). Thus they do not understand that conservatives are as angry about this sort of subservience as anybody else.
    Although a big thank-you to Mr Baron Cohen for handing us such a nicely tied together one-step image of this problem. Suggestions for future satire: the Justice Department letting Israeli criminals make aliyah rather than go to trial (impress a prosecutor with a list of real Israeli crimes, get him excited about the trial, and then smirk, “I’m sorry, I’m being told he just got on a plane — an El Al plane!” And both chuckle knowingly), and globalist fundamentalist Christians worshipping people who pretty openly hate their guts (Travis and Shoshannah sit down to dinner, Travis boasts about taking one of those Jerusalem tours, and Shoshannah demands to know if Travis knows about hand-washing, and refuses to eat with him until he does it in front of her).

  65. Women aren’t funny.

    I was watching a co-ed black comedy jamboree or somesuch a few months back, and there was of course ample blackity black black and muh-dikkery, but the men were actually funny. The women were merely loud and brassy, not funny. Even my feministed wife agreed the women weren’t funny and, in general, aren’t.

    Is “loud and brassy” a racist dogwhistle? My apologies in advance to Troofy and Mr. Krauthammer.

  66. Danindc says:
    @MEH 0910

    Good thing Norm was able to get in that shot at people with Down Syndrome. They’ve been riding high for too long. And yes, it’s meta comedy or ironic or some such .but most ppl won’t get it.

    This Stern appearance really makes Norm look like a cowardly asshole. I thought he was the man for the job.

    • Replies: @Sam Haysom
  67. J.Ross says: • Website
    @Alec Leamas

    I fell for the Daily Show style for a long time, until discovering that Jon Liebowitz’s brother was the head of the stock exchange and somehow that never came up when he was roasting Jim Cramer, and seeing Gavin McInnes’s obvious joke about Junebug the Soccer Star being (this is how they actually played it) dismissed after research and then offered as proof that McInnes was unintelligent. The original appeal of the Liebowitz-era Daily Show was that nobody else in the MSM was going after the government after the September 11th attacks, so their claim really was to be doing actual journalism and not just satire (this crystalized with the clip of Condi Rice dismissing in a bored tone a pre-attack memo warning about Osama, which the rest of the media hadn’t picked up on).

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
  68. J.Ross says: • Website
    @Harry Baldwin

    I absolutely love it every time John Brennan tears himself away from his pot of gold long enough to tell the public with a straight face, “I was the head of the Central Intelligence Agency and the best I can do on this Russian collusion stuff is to make vague implications.”

  69. Roger says:

    Will someone please explain this to me? I would like to learn from the mistakes of others.

    Roseanne Barr was treated harshly. That is a fact. Does anyone deny it? He comments about MeToo were about general trends, not his personal opinion. What’s the problem?

  70. @james wilson

    “I know an actual black person so I’ll ask him what he thinks.”

    Unless his name is Thomas Sowell or Walter E. Williams, I’d advise against this.

    In any epoch of human history, there’s fewer than ten negroes on Earth who will speak with objectivity about fellow negroes while in the presence of a white man. Privately they know the score, but are faithfully partisan to their tribe in public. I wish whites behaved the same, but, ya know — European DNA is cursed with a perfidious ethnomasochistic empathobesity gene.

    • Agree: Jim Don Bob
  71. Anon[274] • Disclaimer says:

    I believe she does. I think she had to sign off on “The Conners” and is receiving some sort of compensation for it.

  72. Anon[274] • Disclaimer says:
    @Fred Boynton

    He owes his career to Roseanne Barr, who hired him off the street as a writer.

  73. @Frank McGar

    Oh well, I spoke too soon. Shit.

  74. @Acilius

    Not structured as a joke?

    Even in her outraged tweet about the joke, where she paraphrases it, it was perfectly obvious to me that it was a joke:

    Norm Macdonald also said he didn’t know that racism existed until Sasha Baron Cohen’s show premiered this year….

    It’s a joke that doesn’t need structure. It needs only an adult understanding of our culture.

    • Replies: @Rosamond Vincy
    , @Acilius
    , @HEL
  75. densa says:
    @Mike Zwick

    Say, it’s like ‘mind your own business’ or ‘live and let live.’ Do you think this might catch on?

    different strokes for different folks
    I disagree with what you say but defend to the death your right to say it

    If diversity is our greatest strength, why does the totalitarian left demand we all think and speak like their puppets?

  76. dwb says:

    The whole thing is just….pathetic.

    I haven’t seen Norm in a while – always thought that he was hilarious.

    Recall he got into trouble on SNL (I think that Lorne Michaels personally had him booted off of “Weekend Update”) when he kept making jokes about how OJ butchered two people. The story was that Lorne and OJ were golfing buddies.

    Anyhow, I completely agree with those who say that “comedy” today is an idiot smirking into the camera while making “ain’t these people stupid” comments. Jon Stewart, John Oliver. That turd from South Africa who replaced Stewart.

    Samantha Bee is exactly the same, only with a slightly fatter ass in a poorly fitting pansuit and tinny, irritating voice.

    They all do basically the same damned thing.

    At least when Colbert was doing his show on Comedy (sic) Central, he had a different delivery.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  77. Iberiano says:

    Oh sheesh. Her tweet.

    Remember when the use of “like” was strictly a valley girl thing?

    Remember when the only time people did a pregnant pause was when they actually were… thinking of something abstract that took a second to contemplate?

    Remember when the word “so” was only used at the beginning of a sentence when you were telling a story and circling back to a point, or essentially “continuing” a prior thought that everyone in the room “got” or was aware of? Versus, saying “sooooo” as a strange introduction to some new thought or story as if you came into the conversation in the middle.

    Remember when you said thank you to a cashier or waitress and they said “you’re welcome” or “oh, you are absolutely welcome” or “my pleasure!” instead of “oh, you’re fine” “your ok” “it’s ok” “no worries” “it’s all good”…as if you needed a “pass” on something you said. Like when you told the cashier you weren’t sure if her lane was open or not as you prepared to place items on her belt, because her light was in between on and dim, and she said “oh shoot, I will have to get that fixed” instead of now saying, “oh, you’re fine…it’s ok”, even when you said “well, I was just pointing out that it’s a little confusing” and still not getting it, she said “oh it’s no problem, no worries, you’re fine”…like you were apologizing and still in need of some pass from her low wage, low IQ narcissistic, self-centered, 20-30 year old ass?

    Remember when people only said, “I know, right?” when you actually had said something in complete and exclamatory agreement with something they said moments before, instead of you barely taking in the information and they said, “I mean…I know, right?” skipping any indication you actually agreed with them or even understood what they were talking about?

    • Replies: @keuril
  78. AndrewR says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    Der ewige Irländer.

    My only question is why Trump waited so long to revoke that scumbag’s security clearance.

  79. MEH 0910 says:
    @MEH 0910

    With Down Syndrome Remark

    Norm Macdonald is succeeding in making things worse for himself — fresh off attacking the #MeToo movement, he cracked a joke, of sorts, about Down syndrome.

    The comedian was on “The Howard Stern Show” Wednesday talking about the backlash he got for his stance on Louis C.K., Roseanne and #MeToo. He attempted to walk back his comments by saying … “You’d have to have Down syndrome to not feel sorry” for victims of harassment.

    He doubled down by saying Down syndrome is “my new word.”

    Norm also told Howard he hates doing interviews — especially in print — because he has to answer questions he doesn’t want to. He then added … “I’m a f**king dumb guy.”

  80. Fact is, black comics are held to a much lower standard than white comics. This mainly comes from the black cultural left, who insist on this exception for themselves, and of course the good whites in media respect their position and lay off. Look at Tracy Morgan. Morgan said, not even jokingly, that if his son was gay he would stab him or kill him. Can’t remember the exact language but that was the gist. I don’t even think Morgan was asked to apologize for the statement. See also, Chris Rock’s jokes about OJ and Nicole. “I’m not saying it was right” (i.e. murdering Brown and Goldman) “…but I understand!” Rock’s black audience loved it. There is a twitter army of SJW checkmarks and lesser SJWs attacking Norm but I suspect this latest controversy will wake a few more people up to the dire state of our culture/society.

  81. DBowman says:

    As a long time fan of Norm MacDonald, I also thought that the comment about racism was made sarcastically, but in the interview, he is clearly not being sarcastic. He is admitting to living in a left wing bubble in LA, and thus ignorant of the racists on the other side. The real crime seems to not be that he says he didn’t know racists existed, but rather, that he is surrounded by leftist nutjobs in LA. The politburo didn’t like that crack.

    • Replies: @Sam Haysom
  82. anonymous[965] • Disclaimer says:

    >I think the difference with Rock or Chapelle is that they’re BLACK LIKE ME, so unless they’re being a complete and total “Uncle Tom,” their jokes are OK, whereas Norm is a HONKEY, so F7ck him and his sense of humor.

    There. I fixed that tweet for her.

  83. CTH says:

    This is too funny. I’m reminded of an opening bit from one of David Cross’ earlier albums (back when he was funny), wherein he incredulously mocks a woman who sneeringly heckles him after a joke with a “sexist” punchline:

    “You are right to not believe it… In fact, I’m going to go ahead and admit it: I do not believe what I just said. It was what’s described as a joke; I’ll be tellin’ a bunch of ‘em here tonight!”

  84. @Anon

    He sounds like a controlling jackass, but shouldn’t she have got to know him a little better before accepting all his “rules”?

  85. @candid_observer

    Like the Piranha Brothers–he used sarcasm.

  86. Allen says:
    @Jim Christian

    Lucille Ball? Gracie Allen? Carol Burnett?

    Of course I would agree with you that female stand up/observational humorists aren’t funny, but saying no woman is funny is too strong.

  87. dr kill says:
    @Jim Christian

    Men are better than women at everything, including being women.

    • Agree: jim jones
  88. TheBoom says:

    A woman lecturing us on what is funny is an intersectional experience that connects a woman’s strength – lecturing men – with her weakness – humor. Black made a smart move in only lecturing and not trying to be funny though in her tweet.

  89. Breaking comedy news: Kathy Griffin’s plane caught on fire … and then made a safe emergency landing. (So close, yet so far.)

    Her Miami gig, originally scheduled for tonight, has been shifted to next Saturday.

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  90. Acilius says: • Website

    Well, she structured it as a joke. An extremely stale joke that wasn’t very funny even when it was fresh, but a joke nonetheless. I agree that Norm MacDonald is a terrific comedian who doesn’t need traditional structuring when you can hear his voice, but as words printed on a screen I can see how she wouldn’t recognize much of anything in that interview as a joke.

  91. MEH 0910 says:

    Norm Macdonald’s show is still on. After an apology and explanation.

    Netflix confirmed that it will go forward with “Norm Macdonald Has a Show,” which premieres Friday with all 10 episodes available for viewing. And if several prescreened episodes are any indication, Macdonald isn’t likely to run into controversy when it airs.

    The show is a throwback, shying away from politics and current events. It allows Macdonald to work to his strength, creating compelling conversations that take surprising and unexpected turns.

    For example, in the space of 10 minutes with Jane Fonda, he asks the actress to talk about God (“Do you believe in the hypostatic Jesus?”), contrast her ex-husbands and rate herself against exercise icon Suzanne Somers. Are her thighs as powerful as yours? Macdonald asks at one point. “Well, her tits sure are,” Fonda shoots back.

    Longtime appreciator David Letterman, who helped Macdonald pitch his show to Netflix content boss Ted Sarandos, is a guest on the program, part of a slate that includes SNL boss Lorne Michaels, David Spade, Drew Barrymore, Michael Keaton, M. Night Shyamalan, Billy Joe Shaver, Judge Judy Sheindlin and Chevy Chase.

  92. Anonymous[101] • Disclaimer says:

    I noticed this during the whole ‘Gamer Gate’ thing. Traditional media would take crude or violent comments from a gamer forum and treat them as if they were a real, or as if they happened in the real world. It’s sort of a trick being played on the public, because many of the consumers of old media read a nasty comment and take it literally.

    They don’t understand that a death threat on 4-chan is not really a ‘death threat’. You can’t post for more than 10-minutes on these forums without being ‘threatened’ in some fashion — it’s comedy, or what they call ‘bants’. Everyone knows this, including the ‘victim’, but they very cynically play it up as a legitimate thing in the old media and purposely create misunderstanding about what is really taking place.

  93. HEL says:

    It’s a joke that doesn’t need structure. It needs only an adult understanding of our culture.

    Unless she’s just bullshitting altogether I guess it’s a kind of crimestop which is caused/reinforced by living in an echo chamber. The idea that some late middle aged man had never heard of ‘racism’ is utterly ludicrous. It becomes much more plausible, however, if you are the sort of loon who would find deriding ‘woke comedy’ as shallow and phony to be completely unthinkable. Surely she’s heard of people who aren’t doctrinaire leftists. But it’s hard to believe you’d ever really encounter one!

    It reminds me of when, in a past life, I taught an introductory writing and rhetoric course. In this course the students had to read and evaluate a number of differing pieces. One of the pieces we used involved a libertarian-ish guy who briefly attempted to downplay the significance of racism. I don’t recall the details of the piece, but it was very simple, very clear. And yet many, I think even a majority of the students interpreted this as a boilerplate ‘racism is bad mmmkay?’ piece. Even though it didn’t say this at all. It would seem that the idea that anyone would argue that racism was not the major issue that the conventional wisdom makes it out to be was not in the realm of possibility for many of these students. Granted I doubt most of them were reading the material very carefully. But they didn’t utterly misinterpret any of the other pieces we were dealing with . . .

  94. MEH 0910 says:

    Norm Macdonald Has a Show | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

    Published on Sep 7, 2018
    Anything goes when Norm Macdonald and his trust sidekick, Adam Eget, dive into hilarious and unexpected conversations with celebrity guests. The premiere season of Norm Macdonald has a Show welcomes guests Drew Barrymore, David Spade, Judge Judy, David Letterman, Jane Fonda, Chevy Chase, M. Night Shyamalan, Michael Keaton, Billy Joe Shaver and Lorne Michaels. All episodes streaming beginning September 14.

  95. MEH 0910 says:

    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

    Published on Sep 12, 2018
    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is a six-part Western anthology film, a series of tales about the American frontier told through the unique and incomparable voice of Joel and Ethan Coen. Each chapter tells a distinct story about the American West.

  96. Glaivester says: • Website
    @Buzz Mohawk

    I use DuckDuckGo for searches.

  97. @Allen

    Joan Rivers made a fortune doing stand-up for about 45 years.

  98. @dwb

    The story was that Lorne and OJ were golfing buddies.

    No, Lorne Michael’s boss at NBC, the late Don Ohlmeyer, was a friend of OJ’s and OJ would call Ohlmeyer up to complain about Weekend Update.

    Ohlmeyer was loyal to his friend OJ.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
    , @dwb
  99. The contrast between the way Norm MacDonald’s obviously sarcastic comment and Sarah Jeong’s obviously serious tweets are treated is astonishing.

  100. J.Ross says: • Website
    @Steve Sailer

    I’d be loyal too if a double murderer with a declining NFL physique phoned me up with a programming request.

    • LOL: Buzz Mohawk
  101. @Je Suis Omar Mateen

    Is “loud and brassy” a racist dogwhistle?

    ‘Loud and brassy’ made me think immediately of Ethel Merman. I then checked on wikipedia, and:

    Her parents were strict about church attendance, and she spent every Sunday [at Church of the Redeemer, which was Episcopalian], at morning services, followed by Sunday school, an afternoon prayer meeting, and an evening study group for children. Her family was of German and Scottish ancestry.

    What’s even better is that her father grew up Dutch Reformed, which I would not have guessed.

    • Replies: @Ragno
    , @Rapparee
  102. @Allen

    Some of us are old enough to remember the CBS Saturday prime time lineup from the 1970s.

    All in the Family — Jean Stapleton was a great comic actress. Her portrayal of Edith Bunker was quite funny.

    Mash — not much in the way of female comedians here.

    Mary Tyler Moore Show — Mary Tyler Moore was one of the greatest comic actresses of that era. There were several competent comic actresses on that show. Betty White made a number of guest appearances. Her Sue Ann Nivens character was classic. Betty White was also an accomplished standup comedian.

    The Bob Newhart Show —- a few decent comic actresses in supporting roles.

    The Carol Burnett Show — Carol Burnett could do everything well. Her monologue was often great standup comedy. Not to mention her skits, etc.

    In one evening, viewers were exposed to several top comic actresses, one or two of whom were great standup comedians as well (2 if Betty White was on that night).

    So yeah, women can be funny. For all sorts of cultural reasons, men tend to be funnier on the average, but women can be funny. The future Queen of England, Kate Middleton, is said to be a very funny person. Prince William said that was one of the things he found most attractive about her.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  103. anon[259] • Disclaimer says:

    Harry Baldwin writes

    During the campaign, Trump joked that since Hillary had erased her subpoenaed emails, perhaps we could ask the Russians for them, since it was most probable that they had hacked her private server. This was an obvious joke, yet the MSM media reacted with outrage, as if Trump were serious.

    Filter that through Alinsky and you see that they are following their plan.

  104. keuril says:

    Remember when the use of “like” was strictly a valley girl thing?

    I don’t think that was ever true. “Like” was like widely used by everybody. It was retconned as valley girl original when Frank Zappa made a recording of his daughter.

  105. AndrewR says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    Chris Hitchens put it best: women can be funny, but they have far less of a need for it than men do.

  106. Norm MacDonald Told Not To Show Up To Jimmy Fallon. Fallon Said Macdonald Made His Senior Producers Cry. Yes, Really.

  107. @MikeatMikedotMike

    They’ve got those tiresome idiots (Bee, et al) and we have Norm. And I am OK with that.

  108. L Woods says:

    Of course he apologized. Can anyone for once exhibit the least bit of spine or self-respect? Ever?

  109. @Steve Sailer

    Wow — that was hilarious! I’m glad I clicked that link!

  110. Ragno says:

    Norm Macdonald also said he didn’t know that racism existed until Sasha Baron Cohen’s show premiered this year. So maybe we should just… not listen to him? He seems not super well informed.

    People who use “super” as an adjective should work in malls, not on television.

  111. Ragno says:

    Anybody who can fondly recall Charlotte Rae as Sylvia Schnauzer on CAR 54, WHERE ARE YOU?…..or Andrea Martin’s foreign cleaning lady Pirini Scleroso on SCTV…..will second your sentiments, Allen.

  112. Ragno says:
    @The Last Real Calvinist

    Doubtless the crowning oddity of Ethel’s life was her quickie marriage to Ernest Borgnine. Quoth Wikipedia:

    Borgnine’s marriage to singer Ethel Merman in 1964 lasted only 42 days. Their time together was mostly spent hurling profane insults at each other, and both would later admit that the marriage was a colossal mistake (Merman’s description of the marriage in her autobiography was a solitary blank page)

  113. @Reg Cæsar

    Life expectancy for entertainers is often shorter, sad to say.

    People here in Wisconsin still mourn the loss of Chris Farley. People who met him said he was great in real life.

  114. @Danindc

    You should listen to his View appearance he basically is a complete bitch bully. The second he isn’t in control he turns into a obsequious apologetic lap dog. Norm has always been the king of punching down.

    • Replies: @Danindc
  115. @DBowman

    Yea it didn’t read like he was being sarcastic at all. Norm isn’t actually that subtle with his sarcasm it’s a little bit above high school sarcasm most times.

  116. dwb says:
    @Steve Sailer


    thanks; it’s been a lot of years, and I guess I recalled it wrong. But it is true (no) that Norm got canned for pissing off the wrong guy with OJ jokes?

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  117. @J.Ross

    I watched the Daily Show a few times because everybody said how great it was. I thought it was retarded, unfunny, and sophomoric, even after ignoring its obvious political bias.

  118. Rapparee says:
    @The Last Real Calvinist

    There was some Broadway documentary a while back- I forget the name- which had anecdotes about Merman’s anxiety over being frequently-mistaken for Jewish (not an unreasonable guess concerning someone on Broadway with a German-sounding name). Shouting in public to a colleague, “I’ll be praying for the show“, she thought for a moment, then forcefully added, “In church, in church!” for the benefit of bystanders. There was another tale about her bringing a ham sandwich to a seder because she was wary of the food; if my rusty memory serves, the host scolded her, then had to turn away to hide his uncontrollable laughter.

    As with all showbiz anecdotes, these may be exaggerated.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  119. @Rapparee

    Show biz success selects for storytelling ability so the anecdotes in show biz memoirs often have improved with age and retelling.

  120. Anon[144] • Disclaimer says:

    This is why we need separate countries. The people in my country think this is funny. Why should we have to bow to the idiotic racial sensitives of un-funny left wing rejects? Partition?

  121. @dwb

    Right, although I can remember all the ups and downs of Norm getting fired and rehired at SNL.

    • Replies: @Danindc
  122. Danindc says:
    @Sam Haysom

    Will do thanks. You The more you get to know these ppl the more you’re disappointed.

  123. MEH 0910 says:


    Norm Macdonald Apologizes for Down Syndrome Comments

    Norm Macdonald offered an apology — this time for his apology — on “The View” on Thursday, a day after he tried to explain his earlier remarks about the #MeToo movement by making a pejorative reference to people with Down syndrome.

    So it was on to “The View,” where Mr. Macdonald explained what was going through his mind when he was talking to Mr. Stern.

    “There used to be a word we would all say to mean ‘stupid’ that we don’t say anymore,” Mr. Macdonald said, “Right? You know the word I’m talking about?

    He continued: “Stupidly, I was about to say that word and I stopped and said, ‘What’s the right word to say?’”

    Of the “Down syndrome” comment, he said: “I realized at that moment that I had done something unforgivable.”

    Mr. Macdonald, who was visibly uncomfortable, added, “It’s always bad when you have to apologize for the apology.”

  124. Danindc says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Don Ohlmeyer nbc President was buddies with OJ and got tired of Norm making very funny jokes regarding Simpson’s guilt. After the verdict, Norm came out on weekend update with the line “well it’s official, murder is now legal in the state of California.”

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