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The Fecklessness of English Policemen
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Whenever the topic comes up of the differences between English and American policemen, I always wish there were a clip on Youtube of a scene from Danny Boyle’s pretty good 2004 Christmas movie “Millions.” It’s about two English brothers whose mum has just died and they’ve moved into a new house in a new suburban development. An English policeman comes to address the new homeowners. From the screenplay by Frank Cottrell Boyce (with me adding in italics an exchange I think I remember from the movie that maybe was added during filming):

Policeman: I’m your… Community Policeman. Obviously there is no community here as yet, not to speak of, but you know… Anyway the first thing to say is, these new houses and Christmas coming up … statistically, you’re going to get burgled. Now, not all of you, but some of you, soon. Probably this week, next. When you are, call me. That’s my job.

Homeowner: Is your job to prevent us from being burgled or to catch the burglars afterwards?

Policeman: Neither. I’ll give you a crime number and then you can make a claim on your insurance.

Stan Adams finds the scene:

It turns out my memory is improved over the actual scene.

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  1. guest says:

    The doctor’s office usually feels more like being under the hot lights than talking to a policeman. Unless I’m getting a ticket.

    • Replies: @L Woods
  2. Anthony says:

    That sounds like Oakland police dealing with anything that doesn’t involve gunshots.

    In San Francisco, if they recover your car after it’s stolen, you have to pay the tow yard $400+, just as if you’d been towed for illegal parking.

  3. black sea says:

    I remember reading this observation from a retired British police officer about how public interactions were handled back in his day: “We knew how to be nice to the nice people, and nasty to the nasty people.”

    I guess these days there’s no such thing as “nasty people.”

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  4. Nathan says:

    Dude, they’re PROUD of not carrying guns. What do you expect?

    In America, we’ve got Sean Connery explaining how when they bring a knife, you pull a gun. When they send one of yours to the hospital, you send one of theors to the morgue. In Britain, they don’t even bother with the knife.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
    , @Currahee
  5. NickG says:

    British police seem to have been politicised – become subject to the usual post modernist bromides – more rapidly and deeply than have their American counterparts.

    Also Britain shows more police state tenancies than does America.

    • Replies: @istevefan
  6. The Fecklessness of English Policemen

    It used to be “Keep your pecker up!”

    Now it’s “Keep your feck.”

  7. Looks like the UK Police may be beginning to push back against left-wing NGOs:

    Meanwhile, on the topic of soft UK policing, here’s a good click from the early 2000s:

  8. Cortes says:

    The most accurate depictions ever of the English police were made in the fantastic BBC sitcom “Early Doors” set in a rundown neighbourhood pub in NW England. A proper classic which deserves to be much better known.
    Here’s a glimpse of Phil and Nige “in action” in the back shop of the pub with Ken the pub landlord:

    • Replies: @AndrewR
    , @M.A
    , @(((They))) live
  9. DuanDiRen says:

    There used to be a fantastic blog by an English policeman called A Copper’s Blog. I believe he eventually tired of it and immigrated to Canada, where the populace appreciated him more.

    The tag line was “This blog will do more to put you off dealing with the police than anything, except dealing with the police”.

    It explained the internal politics very well.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  10. Look, if the British police forces actively try to conceal the mass rape of British children by imported hostiles, and it isn’t the biggest scandal to ever hit the papers, your country is over.

    If criticizing the rape of British children by imported hostiles is considered a crime, and enforced vigorously by British cops against their fellow citizens, with the full approval of the media and intellectual class, well, now you are inviting disgust from people in other countries who might be sympathetic.

    • Agree: Kylie
    • Replies: @22pp22
  11. Didn’t you point out in a movie review, Steve, that the Europeans haven’t accepted the fact that to enjoy the social liberation of the 60s, you have to throw a lot of violent young men in prison?

    • Replies: @South Texas Guy
    , @Corn
  12. Anonymous[365] • Disclaimer says:

    The traditional view of the ‘British Bobby’ was summed up the fictitious character ‘Dixon of Dock Green’ a BBC TV drama which ran from the 1950s to 1970s, the title role being played by the actor Jack Warner, who played the part until he was 81(!).

    In turn, PC George Dixon was a direct continuation of the character from the 1948 film, ‘The Blue Lamp’ in which the PC Dixon character was shot dead by a youthful Dirk Bogarde. Apparently, the British public loved the Dixon character so much that they demanded he returned.

    Dixon of Dock Green was memorable for the ‘evening all’ soliloquy/morality lecture PC Dixon delivered at the end of each episode.

    • Replies: @Forbes
  13. If you live in the UK, whatever you do, do not attempt to defend yourself or harm the criminal attempting to achieve social justice, for you will be prosecuted.

    • Replies: @Anon
  14. 22pp22 says:
    @Ghost of Bull Moose

    I am an ex-POM. You have summed up EXACTLY my reasons for emigrating.

    • Replies: @Kylie
  15. Tyrion 2 says:

    The reason we have police Googling for “crimes” on the internet is the same reason most contemporary journalism is echo chamber plagiarism. It’s easier.

    The reason America doesn’t have this is the First Amendment.

    • Replies: @MikeatMikedotMike
  16. @SteveRogers42

    If by “different”, you mean “helpless”.

    Speaking of helpless cops, here’s three Swedish policewomen trying to arrest a refugee:

    • LOL: Kylie
    • Replies: @SteveRogers42
  17. Anonymous[662] • Disclaimer says:

    Speaking of which, in one famous incident the former New Labour and pro-immigration Home Secretary, Alan Johnson MP, was famously cuckholded by the Metropolitan police officer assigned to him as his ‘official protection officer’.

    Johnson later divorced his wife.

    I believe the in-vogue political abuse term ‘cuck’ originated from this incident.

  18. When I tried to report a stolen bike in South London, the policeman behind the glass said they had ‘run out of forms’ to record the crime. A few months later, the newspapers reported that there had been a fall in crime in the borough. No doubt a few policemen got bonuses.

    • LOL: jim jones
    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  19. OT – in Australia, Stephen Fry laments the good old days.

    “If one idea emerged above all others, though, it was the conviction that classical liberalism is dead. Its proponents used to set the agenda, said Fry in his keynote, because they controlled the flow of ideas.”

    Still, Hollywood, CNN, the BBC, Facebook, Google, Paypal and Twitter are trying their best to curb this unfortunate trend.

    “A grand canyon has opened up in our world,” Fry said. On one side is the new right, promoting a bizarre mixture of Christianity and libertarianism; on the other, the “illiberal liberals”, obsessed with identity politics and complaining about things like cultural appropriation.

    You may have noticed the heavy Christian and libertarian presence here.

    “The actor, writer and comedian was giving the inaugural Hitch address at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI), named for his old friend, the late Christopher Hitchens: journalist, polemicist, controversialist…Now, more than ever, Fry said, we need Hitchens’ forthright perspective.”

    Nothing says Dangerous Ideas, marginalised and pushed from the mainstream, like good old Hitch cheering for the US and 39 other countries invading Iraq, a proposition which had no media support whatever.

    “While it’s never quite clear what the primary outcome of these festivals is supposed to be, they do tend to serve as something of a barometer for the preoccupations of the literary class.”

    There’s always at least one true sentence in every Guardian piece, and I think this is it.

    If the festival actually had any Dangerous Ideas, there’d be a mob of people outside trying to close it down and attack the attendees.

    And that mob would look remarkably like the festival audience.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @Lurker
    , @kihowi
    , @Forbes
  20. @Redneck farmer

    Most everyone still hasn’t accepted it. The notion gain some fairly good traction a decade or more ago with the revisionist history that accepted the first year or so of the hippie movement was fun, but after that the criminal element took over. Even Peter Fonda (admittedly, he was reciting script lines) said as much in ‘The Limey.’ I think it’s since been forgotten.

    • Replies: @Sean
  21. The “Community Policeman” scene starts at 8:17:

    I put the time in the link, but it is not working well on my phone.

  22. @Tyrion 2

    Try to defend yourself from a burglar in your own home in England, and the police there can’t wait to throw you in jail.

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
  23. Anonymous[268] • Disclaimer says:

    Tell me again why all those American deaths were worth it to “save” England?

    It’s going to be an Islamic homeland in a couple of generations.

  24. Sean says:

    You expected “War on Crime” like on TV? The entertainment industry is a business. The police offer a safe job with a pension. Keep your nose clean and you get a big promotion in your last year.

  25. Sean says:
    @South Texas Guy

    It costs money that Britain does not have. Compared to Britain, America is very rich, full of prisons, and swarming with police.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  26. Anonymous[346] • Disclaimer says:

    Tell me again why all those American deaths were worth it to “save” England?

    It’s going to be an Islamic homeland in a couple of generations.

    What good were all those English deaths? But alas, Churchill was beholden to the Rothschilds.

  27. Bill P says:

    One thing English police and courts do that Americans do not is arrest and prosecute people who make false rape accusations.

    Meanwhile, in the US women can even make up allegations against police officers themselves – fabricated evidence and all – and get smooth away with it.

    • Replies: @L Woods
  28. London coppers used to be in the business of solving real crimes :

  29. Tyrion 2 says:

    I think stories like that are a bit overblown. We actually have a reasonably healthy right wing press in the UK and they’re prone to hyperbole in this area. Americans may not get it as while Trump had negligible newspaper support, Brexit was endorsed by almost half of our publications. This may lead to you guys correcting for a bias that isn’t that much there.

    • Replies: @MikeatMikedotMike
  30. Lurker says:

    That’s gay (((Stephen Fry))). FYI.

    • Replies: @Big Bill
  31. Sorry for deviating from the topic of feckless English law enforcement, but I have a question about crime and punishment in America.

    I happen to be talking with an American fan of Michelle Alexander’s “new Jim Crow” thesis. I haven’t read the book, but apparently the idea is that mass imprisonment of black men took off under Reagan’s war on drugs and has persisted ever since, with far higher rates of conviction for drug crimes serving to make them second-class citizens by giving them a criminal record.

    Without necessarily endorsing or denying these claims, this has made me curious about the facts regarding crime and punishment, in America and in the world. I say crime as well as punishment because statistics about the numbers and demographics of prisoners, sentencing rates, etc, are only half the story; one has to have some concept of what the crimes were, how common or brazen they may be, etc.

    Unfortunately it seems like it would be a lifetime study to get to the truth, especially the global context; and by the time you got there, everything would have changed again, with crime perhaps being controlled by a chip implanted in the brain rather than by incarceration. Nonetheless, there are some tables and graphs to look at.

    First, Wikipedia on incarceration in the United States. The graph at the top of the page does indeed show an enormous increase in prison+jail population since 1980, with a fivefold increase by the early 2000s. Further down, a table says that the 2010 prison population was (I’ll round up a few of the percentages for simplicity), 40% white, 40% black, 20% Hispanic. And overall that’s about 1% of America.

    Second, here’s a BBC list of prison populations in a few countries (circa 2007, I believe), and then a Wikipedia list of prison populations for over 200 countries (note that you can choose to rank them by incarceration rate or by total prison population). The USA does rank number one both for largest prison population and for highest incarceration rate.

    So it seems that there is something objectively extreme about the prison situation in America. I was intrigued to see that Russia, the other cold-war nuclear superpower, was the next big country with comparable incarceration rates. (And next in that regard, by my reckoning, is Brazil. China has more prisoners but a lower imprisonment rate.)

    Could it be that both America and Russia are unusually violent, hypermasculine societies, and that this is correlated with building up enormous militaries, and with a high frequency of crime-and-punishment? On the other hand, if the size of the American prison population is largely due to drug offenses, then the American data has to be interpreted slightly differently.

    I would welcome any help in getting a little closer to the truth of things.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
    , @Big Bill
  32. Anonymous[363] • Disclaimer says:

    Led Zeppelin. Pink Floyd.

    • Replies: @Kylie
    , @Dr. X
  33. Anonymous[363] • Disclaimer says:

    You even see these differences in the US East Coast vs. West Coast policing. In New York if you step out of line in any way you will be surrounded by cops and taken away. Philly? Fuggetaboutit. But in San Francisco you can be standing naked in the middle of a busy street with several needles sticking out of your arms screaming the lyrics to Freebird at the top of your lungs and the best the cops will do is maybe start directing traffic around you.

  34. kihowi says:

    Some commenter called kihowi (what kind of name is that?), put it rather well some time ago.

    I watched a British cops-type show, it was eye opening.

    The male cops were without exception plump and effeminate. They had high voices and usually a creepy neurotic giggle after every sentence. They made self-deprecating jokes continually. The women were just like the men except a little more aggressive and they screamed a lot. Their uniforms were obviously designed to be as little threatening as possible and their high visibility jackets made them look like construction workers. No guns or tasers, obviously.

    When the perps ran, the cops waddled after them for a very short time, then gave up, smiled weakly at the camera and said something philosophical about “what can you do”. When minorities screamed death threats at them (which was all the time) their answer was not arrest but to tell them “that’s not very nice” in a nanny tone of voice. A lot of segments ended with “they were breaking the law but we decided to let them go”.

    Throughout the whole thing there was an atmosphere that punishing bad guys is something that only Daily Mail-reading untouchables would care about. If you are white and vulnerable, Britain has no police force.

  35. Ibound1 says:

    The English police would do fine with England 1938. Rich (relatively), peaceful, relatively crime free, known to be somewhat eccentric, benevolently ruled and above all English. Even all the women police would be fine. They don’t do well in the country now known as England.

  36. @black sea

    I guess these days there’s no such thing as “nasty people.”

    There is, and we all know who they are, but the nasty people are the ones have to be especially nice to.

  37. kihowi says:

    I have never, not ever, never heard Stephen Fry said anything that was beyond the standard liberal pale of the time he said it. Unless it was his “I’m joking but not really joking” jokes about having sex with underage boys.

    His conception of a “dangerous idea” is basically what he could get away with in his twenties but not anymore. It’s a complaint about his own comfort, about me-me-me-me-meeeeeee. He doesn’t give a fig about the right of society that exists outside of himself to say things that he doesn’t want said.

    Something about homosexuals having sex with underage boys, for example.

  38. The difference between English cops and New York City cops?

    New York City cops will symbolically turn their backs on Democrat rodents like New York City Mayor De Blasio. The New York City cops really did turn their backs on that Democrat rat De Blasio. The NYC cops correctly figured that De Blasio didn’t have their backs, so they turned theirs on him.

    Most English cops are trained to be non-interventionist bureaucrats just out to make their pension.

    Many cops in New York City and the United States actually seek to prevent crime and to keep the lid on the criminal mayhem.

    Tweet from 2014:

  39. Mark Steyn has written often and incisively on the fecklessness of the British police. A line he repeats occasionally is, “In Britain, everything is policed except crime.”

    • Agree: pyrrhus
    • Replies: @stillCARealist
  40. English cops in Rotherham turned a blind eye to Muslim Rape Gangs because of political correctness and interference from Labour Party rats.

    I don’t know if American cops would allow such attacks on young girls to go on for so long without doing or saying something.

    The Labour Party ruling class rats must have told the Rotherham cops to keep the Muslim Rape Gang atrocity under wraps.

    Tweets from 2015:

  41. English cops now have Blacks and Muslims and other Third Worlders to contend with.

    Up until slightly after WW II, English cops didn’t have to contend with criminally problematic Third Worlders on a wide scale.

    Cops in the United States have had to contend with Blacks and underclass White undertow criminal skunk Whitey for centuries.

    The ruling classes in England and the United States are using violent crime to immiserate certain areas of their nations.

    Obama unleashed Black criminality in response to the Black Lives Matter Mob takeover of the Democrat Party.

    Tweet from 2015:

  42. @Nathan

    Dude, you haven’t been to London lately. There are plenty of Bobbies with weapons these days.

    Funniest thing I saw along these lines was the Guards leaving the grounds of Buckingham Palace with an armed Police escort.

    • Replies: @Nathan
  43. English and American cops have to let illegal aliens and other infiltrators go free in some jurisdictions.

    Israel Detains And Deports All Illegal Alien Infiltrators!

    The Globalizer GOP defends the borders of Israel while saying the USA must have open borders and mass immigration.

    • Replies: @Charles Pewitt
  44. Mike1 says:

    I can beat that. LAPD said I could either have my car towed OR report that it had been stolen. This was a car that I found. They did nothing.
    They turned up to a stolen car and tried to seize the car from the owner. I don’t think people believe me when I tell these kinds of stories but they are routine.

  45. @DuanDiRen

    There were a load of police blogs, but the police shut them all down on pain of firing the officers.

    I remember during the 2011 London riots the Inspector Gadget blog had a running live commentary (from officers all over the capital using their mobiles) in the comments – senior officers held them back in their vans at first, hoping not to provoke “the youth” – which meant things got really really bad quite fast.

  46. Britain is lost; let us mourn.

    Because of the political impact the British Police have generated and exerted towards disarming the British public, the British Police have my permission – every one of them with pips on the epaulets – to die slowly of cancer in a state of immunity to narcotics or opioids.

  47. L Woods says:

    You must be an aviator.

  48. L Woods says:
    @Bill P

    There’s essentially no society on Earth that’s a bigger feminist hellhole than the United States, bar maybe Sweden — and I’m not even sure about that. It’s laughably, reality-bendingly horrible here, a psychedelic nightmare state.

  49. Joe Sweet says:

    Steve’s Clashtolgia has been dormant for quite some time around here (as far as I’ve noticed) so I’ll have to step up and decode the Clashtastic allusions in this post.

    Does any American use the word “feckless” in common speech? Most of us couldn’t tell you what it means. Some might dare to use it in a blog headline, especially if you’re hip to this number:

    Steve and Danny Boyle might be twins separated at birth. They’re the same age, produce high quality work somewhat under the radar, and pay tribute to the Clash whenever they can.

    In Millions (apparently the catalyst for this post, ostensibly about cops) Boyle effectively uses the band’s obscure gem “Hitsville U.K.” as musical backdrop for the scene where the older brother and his crew swagger down the school hall sporting shades, feeling the power bestowed upon them by the bag of loot. (can’t find the scene on youtube but here’s the song)

    And then there’s MIA’s “Paper Planes” in Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire which samples that spooky descending motif from the Clash song “Straight to Hell.” (Starts about 30 seconds into this clip)

    Here’s the original.

    As to the purported topic of this post—the difference between American and English cops—I’d say our cops are every bit as feckless when it comes to victims of burglary. The only useful thing they’ll do for you is provide a case number so you can file an insurance claim. Just like the cop in the movie.

  50. @Anthony

    ‘…In San Francisco, if they recover your car after it’s stolen, you have to pay the tow yard $400+, just as if you’d been towed for illegal parking.’

    This is worse — if somewhat irrelevant.

    If you have an accident, and an ambulance turns up, don’t let them know your name.

    Even if you refuse their services, they’ll try to bill you. My wife and I got rear-ended by a tour bus. A subsidiary aspect of the aftermath was having to repeatedly tell an ambulance company that I was not going to give them $400.00 for a service I had neither requested nor received.

    …but maybe that happens everywhere now.

  51. Goatweed says:

    Instapundit defined the police’s controlling point of emphasis as protecting the criminal from the public.

  52. @Sean

    ‘…Compared to Britain, America is very rich, full of prisons, and swarming with police.’

    Well, the multi-racial parts are. Here in White-Land, I don’t see cops very often…and in fact, I think I looked it up. We have fewer than half as many per capita as there were back in the Old Country.

    Blacks cause cops. It’s another objection I have to them.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @AndrewR
  53. notanon says:

    this is an interesting question as there does seem to be a difference even though the root cause is identical and the US has had it for longer.

    the media says crime and/or specific crimes never have an ethnic component – which is a lie – and will destroy anyone who says or acts different e.g by stopping and frisking people disproportionately, so for ambitious po-leece denying reality becomes necessary for promotion and over time this leads to all senior police being morally corrupt PC shills cos that’s what it took to get promoted – and i’d say this is mostly the same everywhere in the West.

    however if you follow police accounts on social media there does appear to be more actual zealots in the UK police than the US – maybe that whole puritan thing again?

    or maybe it’s simply time under the cosh – there are probably still some UK cops aged 40+ from some regions that haven’t fully experienced the immigration related aspects yet and still believe the media’s version of reality.

    • Replies: @notanon
  54. @Anthony

    Not just in SF. It happened to us in Sacramento in the 90′s. We were flat broke and it was the biggest insult and outrage you can imagine. Are car thieves ever caught?

    This is about break-ins, not car theft, but it actually shows a thief and says police are helpless.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  55. Currahee says:

    Okay, that was Sean Connery reciting lines in a movie; in reality, as a British citizen he is vociferously anitgun.

  56. Since this seems to be English Month for Steve, may I humbly suggest he devote a post to poppy fascism in the U.K. which really is A Thing.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  57. @Harry Baldwin

    Peter Hitchens screams about this in his columns regularly. Heck, it sounds like he’s posting here (that wouldn’t happen, but some British posters here clearly read him).

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
  58. Kylie says:

    My sincere condolences. And congratulations.

    The British had, arguably but not really, the greatest empire the world has ever known. And within decades, they threw it all away and devolved into a contemptible mass groveling at the feet of their inferiors.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Ray P
  59. notanon says:

    time under the cosh

    like say for example in both UK and US it used to be
    - 80% of cops motivated by donuts
    - 10% of cops motivated by being able to hurt people legally
    - 10% of cops motivated by some form of “Dixon of Dock Green” or “Elliot Ness” type idealism
    and then over time PC policing beats the idealism out of people then maybe the difference is just US cops have had longer to get cynical?

  60. M.A says:

    Agreed about Early Doors. Unfortunately, only you, me and about 3 other people know of it.

  61. @SteveRogers42

    That’s awful. It doesn’t look like they have any training in physical combat.

    • Replies: @SteveRogers42
  62. Forbes says:

    Reminiscent of the ’48-’57 radio program, and TV series ’51-’59 and ’67-’70 “Dragnet” with Jack Webb’s end of episode summary. The entire program was laced with a morality lecture for each incident Sgt. Joe Friday and his partner officer encountered.

  63. fnn says:

    Yes, best to concentrate on the Anglo Question for the foreseeable future.

  64. Forbes says:

    On one side is the new right, promoting a bizarre mixture of Christianity and libertarianism

    One always needs a bogeyman to help people pick as side–what’s the harm of an illiberal liberal amongst friends…

    I must say, the characterization of a “bizarre mixture of Christianity and libertarianism” is a new one for me. The prog-left keeps searching for a pigeon hole for their opposition–reminiscent of Pauline Kael, while not knowing any, they reach for a stereotype (inasmuch as prog-lefties abhor the use, they always vilify their opponents with stereotype).

    Most of my acquaintances who are conservative, and/or voted Trump, don’t see themselves as “the new right”–they see themselves just as they always have–dismayed by the lunacy of the prog-left. A good portion were uncertain of Trump, but were definitely voting against Hillary.

  65. Jan says:

    US readers have to understand that England and Wales (Scotland & Northern Ireland are separate) now have a de facto, though not de jure, nationalised police force.

    The Home Office has spent the better part of one hundred years working towards dismantling the system of local forces by stealth. War time contingencies, finance and the possibility of corruption have all been used to to sugar coat the pill of evermore central control.

    The real breakthrough came when senior officers became utterly dependent on Home Office approval for career advancement. They now move between postings (the nickname “butterfly” is often applied) and consider themselves as part of a law enforcement “general staff” with no local allegiances or connexions; there to implement Home Office doctrine, because if you are not with the programme promotion is impossible.

    And now we have the law enforcement the Home Office wants.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @YetAnotherAnon
  66. Corn says:

    Your car gets stolen and you have to pay towing and impound fees?

    F___ that

  67. Corn says:
    @Redneck farmer

    I believe that was his review of Veronica Guerin

  68. pyrrhus says:

    It won’t take that long unless British men suddenly grow a pair…

  69. OT,

    At first, I thought that this may have been another In Cold Blood kind of murder. But then I read this:

    Longtime residents like the Closses have been joined in Barron over the last decade by refugees, many of them Somalis, who were drawn by jobs cleaning cages and slaughtering birds at the Jennie-O plant. These days, according to the mayor’s office, about 20 percent of residents have Somali heritage.

    Interesting remark:

    “When we see in the U.S.A. the same things that we had back in our home, you fear,” said Kaltuma Hassan, 44, who was born in Somalia.

    Time will tell, even if the Times will not.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  70. Anon[185] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Alarmist

    My parents were burgled (in a NW London suburb) 11 times over a 10 year period early 80s to 90s. On one occasion my Father caught one of the perps and roughed him up a bit (my Father was 65, the perp 19). Two Met officers came to the house and told my Father that if he got into another fist fight he was going to jail. Had they known he had a WW2 pistol in the house with a couple of full mags he would have gone down for 10 years.
    The place is a madhouse, a social and political Disneyland, a total, complete and utter mess.
    Thank God my grandchildren are Americans.

  71. istevefan says:

    British police seem to have been politicised

    How centralized are the British police? I am not expecting them to be anywhere near as decentralized as the multitude of law enforcement is in America. But are they one centralized force, or do the local communities exercise control?

    • Replies: @22pp22
    , @jan
  72. @Charles Pewitt

    The Globalizer GOP defends the borders of Israel while saying the USA must have open borders and mass immigration.

  73. @TelfoedJohn

    Here they call that “compstat”.

  74. @Anonymous

    The irony is that if Hitler had taken over, it would probably be like 50′s America today.

  75. Ray P says:

    Britain never threw her empire away or, at least, not until the post-Suez governments of Harold Macmillan and Harold Wilson (1957-1970). The USA strove mightily to undermine her from the Washington naval accords on and the second world war inflicted a fatal wound on her prestige and power.

    • Replies: @Kylie
  76. syonredux says:

    Peter Beinart has a new piece in The Atlantic:

    How Trumpian Nativism Leads to Anti-Semitism
    Jews disproportionately support immigration because their history has led them to identify with outsiders—and people who demonize immigrants take notice.

    Jews didn’t support civil rights then—and they don’t support immigrants’ rights now—because they want to subjugate white Christians.

    See, it’s not “subjugation.” It’s demographic replacement. It’s totally different. Like “color” vs “colour.”

    They’re just predisposed—because of their understanding of Jewish history—to identify with outsiders and fear ethnically and religiously exclusive definitions of Americanism.

    Obviously, none of this applies to Israel…..

    But people who demonize African Americans or Latino and Muslim immigrants notice that predisposition, and it leads them to demonize Jews, too.

    I’m a bit confused on this point, Pete. Are you saying that Jews are “demonized” for stuff that they actually do?I mean, if Jews are “predisposed” (your term) to destroy the racial/ethnic/religious character of the USA….

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  77. Buck says:

    I had just moved to Yorkshire in 2005 and was living in a small hamlet which overlooks the city of Bradford. In November, two female community police officers rolled up on a Muslim gang robbing a travel agency and were shot immediately, killing one and seriously injuring the other. The police women were unarmed of course.

    The shooters were a couple of Somali brothers. One had just been released from prison a few months before but wasn’t deported because Somalia was deemed “too dangerous”. The other gang members were from Pakistan.

    West Yorkshire was absolutely overrun with Muslims, Political Correctness and crime.

  78. @Anthony

    Same thing happened to my son in San Antonio TX. Very likely other cities do also.

  79. JimB says:

    Bobbies = boobies

  80. 22pp22 says:

    You can now sometimes vote on the local police chief, but the turnout is usually miserable.

    They voted for the very same people who facilitated the Islamic rape armageddon. South Yorkshire includes Rotherham. Truly pitiful.

    The elected mayor of London and the Scottish Executive control their respective police forces.

    Mostly, however, everything is centralised. I can still vote in British elections, but I can’t recall ever having been asked to vote on our local police chief.

  81. @Anonymous

    About 118 years ago Churchill wrote that Europe would be safe from Mohammedanism because of its scientific and cultural advancements.


    Trump has said that the media is the enemy of the American people.

    The corporate media — including the Murdoch-controlled Fox News — is now refusing to run political advertising approved by Trump that involves the issue of immigration.

    If the media is the enemy of the American people, and I think they are, then the corporate media must be either obliterated or reformed.

    The controllers of the corporate media must be crushed if the American nation is to live.

    • Agree: Anonym
  83. J.Ross says: • Website

    English creeps have posted a video of a bonfire mocking the Grenfell Towers ghetto housing project fire. While tasteless, there is no legal issue here (as far as the laws of civilized nations work; in the UK they’re looking at life imprisonment). English creeps in police uniforms have sprung into action, seeking to either find and attack people who posted a video of cardboard burning, or make a spectacle of their impotence. All of this raises the question of what would make the first set of creeps do what they did: could it have been getting pushed around, as is now normal?
    A British anon said,
    I know. This —-ing —-ty country. Blacks are butchering each other in the streets of London, Pakistanis rape kids in industrial quantities while the [police] look the other way, Roma come here in the hundreds of thousands and steal everything they can but oh no we must find these evil white English people and punish them for a sick joke.

    Seriously —- this place. Let the immigrant hordes have it.

    • Replies: @Charles Pewitt
    , @Anonymous
  84. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    Meanwhile in Canada…

    ‘Hate Message’ now means any message hated by PC.

    Now, why would it be wrong for whites to feel OKAY in being white? Because the only way to gain power over whites is to dehumanize them. Once dehumanized, white can gain(or regain) a bit of human worth only by seeking the approval of the Humanized Races. It’s like a dog’s sense of worth depends on the approval of its master. Dog is, by nature,submissive and seeking of approval.

    Under slavery, the servant-caste must be dehumanized. As such, a slave, lacking autonomous human worth, can gain value and meaning only by attaining the approval of his master. After all, the master is humanized while he, the slave, is dehumanized. The dehumanized depends on the approval of the humanized.
    If the slave were to feel that he is fully human, why would he need the approval of the master? He would feel equal to the master as a human being. He would have human agency and autonomous worth WITHOUT the approval of the master.
    This is why the master needs to denounce any sign of human assertion on the part of the slave as ‘uppity’.

    White people are still economically and demographically dominant in Canada, but they’ve been ideologically and intellectually enslaved by PC that is enforced 24/7 by academia and media(and cucked out churches). Therefore, dehumanized whites can gain(or regain) humanness only by cucking out to and seeking approval from the humanized races, especially Jews, blacks, and homos who aren’t only humanized but ‘sacralized’.

    According to PC, Jews-blacks-homos are the sacred groups. Non-whites are the humanized groups. And whites are the dehumanized group,and among them white males are the most dehumanized and have the most to atone for. As such, the ONLY way whites can gain humanness is by cuckery and dog-like toadiness to the humanized and especially ‘sacralized’ groups. Notice that the ‘sacral’ Jews count for much more than merely ‘humanized’ Palestinians. And in the case of brown George Zimmerman and black Trayvon Martin OR the Muslim store-owner and black Michael Brown, the ‘sacral’ blacks trumped the merely ‘humanized’ Muslim merchant.

    That is why even an innocuous sentiment like “It’s Okay to be White” is regarded as ‘hate speech’ by PC. It doesn’t say whites are better or should rule the world. It only humanizes whites, but THAT is threatening to PC because globo-homo supremacism depends on White Submission. If whites regain humanity and autonomy, they will no longer feel that they must cuck out to OTHER groups to possess human worth. They will feel they have innate humanness regardless of what others think. Then, globo-homo will lose control of whites. There is a movement, MGTOW(men going their own way), but that is silly as men cannot survive without women. But WGTOW(whites going their own way) is sound because whites can do just as well(actually much better) without non-whites and other hostile groups constantly berating and leeching off them.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
    , @ben tillman
  85. @Tyrion 2

    Look up Tony Martin the farmer. Originally convicted of murder for shooting a burglar dead in his home. He’s not the only one either.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  86. @J.Ross

    England and California and Virginia and many other areas must not be given over without a fight.

    The anti-White ruling class is only kept in power by monetary extremism and the corporate propaganda apparatus.

    Debt implosion will make the necessary demographic moves easier to make.

    Third Worlders and others will be removed from European Christian nations. It will happen when the next phase of the global financial implosion hits.

    The global financial implosion might have started 5 minutes ago.

    The anti-White Nonsense Will End.

  87. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    British cops are like mammoth and other creatures of the New World.

    In Old Britain, there was much crime and violence in Britain. Through ruthless means, crime was brought down and Britain became a solid middle class society. Mostly safe.
    So, for most of the 20th century, the British cops didn’t have to deal with too much crime, at least not like in the US of the Wild West or black-areas. British police were seen as part of the community. The police and the policed were one. So, in late modern era, the British police settled down to familiar ways of keeping the order that worked.

    In contrast, the police in the US evolved under different circumstances. In the Wild West, men had to be like Wyatt Earp. And in big cities, strong measures had to be taken to control ethnic strife and esp the black problem. So, US cops evolved with high levels of violence unlike modern UK police.

    People wonder why African big game survived humans but New World big game did not. It’s been said African animals co-existed with the rise of the humans, so they adapted to the human threat. In contrast, the big animals of New World and Australia evolved without humans, and so, they didn’t know what to make of the human threat. They couldn’t adapt fast enough to stave off extinction.

    And it could be that EU as a whole(not just UK police) is undergoing this problem. For as far as they could remember, Europe was white and orderly, at least since the end of barbaric hordes running about. Sure, there were religious wars and military warfare, but they were about ideology and state powers. At the community level, most of Europe was pretty stable, especially as Rule of Law ruthlessly weeded out dangerous elements through the centuries after the Middle Ages. So, in the modern era, things were less dangerous than in the Americas. The rise of modern cities did lead to crime problem, but homogeneity and lack of blacks in many European cities kept the problem under control. So, the police in Europe, like in Japan, is unfamiliar with the kind of problems found in US and Brazil. Or South Africa.

    Because EU and UK police evolved that way, they are like deer-in-headlights with the problems caused by sudden rise of Diversity, especially because of PC. In the Age of Empire, there was no PC; so, when whites needed to maintain control in the colonies, they used ruthless force against the natives. Whites had different policies for motherland and colony. Rule of Law in Motherland, and Carrots-and-Sticks for colonies(sticks = ruthless force).
    But now, the very European homelands are under invasion by Diversity and, furthermore, PC instructs white police that it is ‘racist’ to do much of anything to deal with Diversity Violence. So, they are more useless than Keystone Cops. Social Workers trump the Police in the UK. From Merry Ole England to Scary New England.

    • Replies: @Big Bill
  88. EH says:

    Atlanta, as well. Also you have to pick up the paperwork first at the police claim center on far west Bankhead Hwy., a remote and extremely bad ‘hood – I mean the funereal homes every quarter mile are the only businesses not covered in dirt and graffiti. The impound lot (a private firm) is on the other side of town, and the victim with no car has to go both places. Only when at the impound lot is condition of the vehicle and the $200 fee disclosed. Those people at the tow lot are some of the most nervous looking villains I have seen.

  89. Kylie says:

    My two favorite bands and in my opinion, the two best.

  90. AndrewR says:
    @Colin Wright

    Just keep telling yourself that, big guy

  91. Kylie says:
    @Ray P

    I was referring to the Parliament Act of 1911.

  92. Anonymous[410] • Disclaimer says:

    Obviously, none of this applies to Israel…..

    Beinart supports Israel taking in as many Africans and others as possible, and is generally luke-warm on the country in general, FYI.

    • Replies: @syonredux
    , @ben tillman
  93. @Anthony

    Unfortunately, this is one of those aspects of real-world economics that few people seem to understand. There is no free lunch, so somebody is going to have to pay for that tow service.

  94. Big Bill says:

    I swear, Diaspora Jews really are a separate people from Israeli Jews.

    Israeli Jews gave kooky Jerry Falwell a national award for supporting Israeli Jews.

    Yet Stephen Fry yammered about Christians and libertarians being alt-right crazies.

    Why doesn’t he just move to Israel? He’s so elderly he can’t be drafted. Tel Aviv has a big annual homosexual pride parade. He can’t get married in Israel, of course. But he’s rather old for that anyway. Maybe the cognitive dissonance would cause his head to explode.

    Questions: Can a Jewish homosexual bring his gay goy boy toy to Israel and get him a green card? Will Israel recognize them as a married couple?

  95. @Cortes

    Love Early Doors, better than the Royal Family IMO, Cash is a genius, sad the clowns at the BBC never commissioned the 3rd series, they did a live show recently, but no Dublin or Irish dates :-(

  96. Anonymous[410] • Disclaimer says:

    My car was stolen once (not SF, but elsewhere in CA) and several weeks later I received a call from the cops stating that it had been recovered on a residential street.

    “Great, I’ll be there in a few minutes to get it.”

    “No, it has to be towed, and you can get it from the tow lot.”

    “No seriously, just tell me where it is and I’ll come get it. It is my car.”

    “No, it has to be towed. The address of the tow lot is blah blah blah”

    So I showed up at the two lot before my car did, to be told my the manager that the towing “fee” was over $200, which I had to pay if I wanted my car back.

  97. @Mitchell Porter

    Rerun your numbers without that 40%.

  98. Big Bill says:
    @Mitchell Porter

    The Progressives of Revolutionary America fought to get rid of corporal punishment (stocks, canings, whippings, etc.) and replace them with carceral punishment.

    Rather than inflicting pain and public shame for a very short period of time, they would put criminals in [monks] “cells” in [Christian] “penitentiaries” to reflect on their crimes for an extended period, read the bible, reform themselves, and be released as penitent Christians to take up their lives anew.

    Nice bleeding heart theory. Only problem was that it didn’t work.

    Frankly, prison costs are so high and incarceration so ineffective that we should confess failure and revert to corporal punishment, a la Singapore.

    Perhaps we could initiate the program by offering felons a choice: (a) Go to jail for two years or (b) take fifty lashes and hang from the stocks for a week or (c) transportation to Equatorial Guinea or the DRC for seven years.

  99. jcd1974 says:

    Over the last few years I have seen various videos of British cops being beaten up, including one where a group of school boys (probably around eleven years of age) surround a cop and push him to the ground.

    The fact that British police are not armed means that thugs have simply no fear about fighting them.

    • Replies: @Lurker
  100. @M.A

    To the regiment, I wish I was there !

  101. syonredux says:

    Obviously, none of this applies to Israel…..

    Beinart supports Israel taking in as many Africans and others as possible, and is generally luke-warm on the country in general, FYI.

    He needs to be more vocal about that. For example, he should start talking about how traditional Jewish culture demonizes the Goyim……Just start bringing it up whenever he’s on TV….It could be his version of “Carthago delenda est”…..It would be interesting to see how long Jeff Goldberg would allow him to appear in The Atlantic……

  102. Big Bill says:

    Joyce Lee Malcolm wrote a wonderful monograph on gun rights in England and how the overclass gradually disarmed the English people.

    As violent foreign anarchists and revolutionaries invaded Britain ca. 1890 (as they also did in America) the British overclass saw the solution not in arming the police, but in disarming the people.

    Didn’t work.

  103. Lurker says:

    But many more British police are routinely armed in the current year than ever before. It’s almost as if other factors had changed.

  104. Dr. X says:

    Led Zeppelin. Pink Floyd.

    Led Zeppelin merely aped American Negro blues while high on drugs… e.g. When the Levee Breaks…

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  105. @The Anti-Gnostic

    No training, and they clearly weren’t hired for their natural potential or propensity for physical action. But to me , the clearest missing ingredient is the Will.

  106. @Intelligent Dasein

    If the criminal justice system made a serious attempt to arrest, prosecute and punish the thieves, at least some of that cost could come out of fines or other compensation extracted from the crooks themselves.  Assess all damages to the victim, physical and economic, against them too and make them work until they’ve paid off the full tab.

    How to get worthwhile labor out of them?  Stick them in the fields of SoCal picking vegetables next to illegals if that’s what it takes.  Pay them piece-work rates.  If they refuse to comply, lock them in solitary and feed them “penalty loaf”.

    Theft and vandalism would become a LOT less popular.

  107. @Intelligent Dasein

    Having seen some of the guys at tow services, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they’re paying people to steal cars.

    Cynical, I know.

  108. @Anon

    WGTOW(whites going their own way) is sound because whites can do just as well(actually much better) without non-whites and other hostile groups constantly berating and leeching off them.

    This is exactly the sort of message that non-Whites* hate hearing.  But they ALWAYS behave as if it’s true nonetheless (revealed preference).  When you ask them when they’re going to move back to their own ethnotopia to escape the “nasty racist USA”, they never, ever say they are EVER leaving.  They exist to leech.

    This is also why the system is so hysterically against White separatism.  They KNOW it spells the end not just of their cushy ride, but of every shred of power they have.

    * And their handlers, who are the biggest beneficiaries.

  109. @M.A

    I just ordered Early Doors from Amazon for < $12. I will deal with Region 2 when it gets here.

  110. @Big Bill

    Malcolm’s book — Guns and Violence: The English Experience – is fantastic. It’s also, so far as I can tell, obscure and now pretty much ignored.

    Malcolm explains something almost everyone in the UK has forgotten or never been told: i.e. that up until 1920 or so, gun ownership was not just tolerated in the UK, it was even pushed as a condition of being a good citizen.

    As you say, Malcolm explains how the big (deeply ironic) change came about when the British government started worrying about guns being in the hands of Bolsheviks, unionists, and other class warriors.

    At the peak of England’s gun freedom/ownership, i.e. the Edwardian era, it was an incredibly safe and orderly place. Crime rose in the 20th century in tandem with gun rights being abrogated. It’s about as simple as that.

    But I can tell you from experience that if you try to explain this to the average English person, the incredulity is off the charts.

    • Replies: @Joe Stalin
    , @Corn
    , @Anonymous
  111. J.Ross says: • Website
    @Big Bill

    Our Russian friends have it — in Portuguese. Looking for English now; Amazon has a decent price.
    I believe the experience is similar in many countries. Mexico had wide armament (but also a lot of instability). Japan had a slightly different situation than is popularly understood, there’s a very good treatment I have lost the link to. They were on their way to something like an English-style society and were adopting weapons and hunting culture in imitation of a certain image of the gentry. Of course, the necessities of occupation and the cultural rewrite of pacifism took care of the shallow roots. In several Anglosphere countries there were bizarre incidents, which nobody is allowed to investigate, which justified sweeping “final nail” type legislation. In Brazil restoring access to firearms for personal safety was a huge issue for Bolsonaro and his supporters. Brazil makes excellent firearms, except for their factory throw-outs, which are stamped “Taurus” (or “reject” in Portuguese).

  112. @The Last Real Calvinist

    The Gold Standard of Gun Control

    “Malcolm’s story begins in firearms-free medieval England of the thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries, when the homicide rate was approximately 18-23 annually per 100,000 population.[8] Thereafter, the homicide rate began a six century decline. Even after firearms became generally available in the sixteenth century, homicides rates continued to fall. The right to arms was officially recognized in the 1689 Bill of Rights, and for the next two centuries, England had almost no gun control, except for anti-poaching laws, and a two-year period in 1819-1821 when stricter rules were imposed on a few counties due to concerns about working class unrest. Violent crimes continued to decline until the twentieth century.[9]

    “Various minor and ineffectual gun controls were enacted in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; proposals for more extensive controls ran into strenuous opposition in Parliament from MPs who still believed in natural rights. The advocacy for gun control was almost always accompanied by a bodyguard of lies, such as when the government, fearful of a workers rebellion, pushed through the Firearms Act of 1920. The government falsely told the public that gun crimes were rapidly increasing, and hid the law’s true motive (political control) from the public, presenting the law as a mere anti-crime measure.[10]

    “In practice, the law eliminated the right of British subjects to be armed, and turned it into a privilege. The Firearms Act also began a decades-long process of eliminating the public’s duty to protect their society and right to protect themselves.

    “The Firearms Act set the scene for civilian acceptance of further restrictions–not only on gun possession–but on almost any act of self-defense. [11] Malcolm describes a series of confidential memos, the first of which was written in 1937, from the Home Office to local police in charge of the issuance of licenses. [12] The memos were designed to reduce the number of lawfully possessed rifles and handguns as, coincidentally, crime rates began to increase. By 1969, the police were advised to deny all rifle and handgun licenses for self-defense purposes.[13]

    “Shotguns, which had historically been regulated less severely than rifles and handguns, were brought into the licensing web in the 1960s; then in the 1980s, the licensing system was changed to make sure that no one would possess a shotgun defensively. “Safe storage” requirements were invented by the police, and enforced with increasing severity so as ensure that a lawfully-stored gun of any type could never be available for defense in a sudden emergency. Parliament had never voted to outlaw defensive gun ownership; instead, the Home Office, operating through secret memos, had instructed the police how to use their control over the gun licensing process to eliminate the right of every Briton to arm against criminals.

    “In 1998, after a known pedophile used a handgun to murder kindergarten children in Dunblane, Scotland, the Parliament banned non-government possession of handguns. As a result the Gun Control Network (a prohibition advocacy group) enthused that “present British controls over firearms are regarded as ‘the gold standard’ in many countries.” According to GCN spokesperson Mrs. Gill Marshall-Andrews, “the fact that we have a gold standard is something to be proud of….”[14]

    “A July 2001 study from King’s College London’s Centre for Defence Studies found that handgun-related crime increased by nearly 40% in the two years following implementation of the handgun ban.[15] The study also found that there had been “no direct link” between lawful possession of guns by licensed citizens and misuse of guns by criminals.[16] According to the King’s College report, although the 1998 handgun ban resulted in over 160,000 licensed handguns being withdrawn from personal possession, “the UK appears not to have succeeded in creating the gun free society for which many have wished. Gun related violence continues to rise and the streets of Britain…seem no more safe.”[17]

    “A few weeks before the King’s College study was released, Home Office figures showed that violent crime in Great Britain was rising at the second fastest rate in the world, well above the U.S. rate, and on par with crime-ridden South Africa.[18] In February 2001, it was reported that 26 percent of persons living in England and Wales had been victims of crime in 1999.[19] Home Secretary Jack Straw admitted, “levels of victimisation are higher than in most comparable countries for most categories of crime.” On May 4, 2001, the Telegraph disclosed that the risk of a citizen being assaulted was “higher in Britain than almost anywhere else in the industrialized world, including America.”[20] The latest U.N. data show that Scotland (which has always kept separate criminal justice statistics from England and Wales) has the highest violent crime rate of any developed nation, and that England and Wales are not much better.[21]

    “With passage of the Firearms Act of 1997, “it was confidently assumed that the new legislation effectively banning handguns would have the direct effect of reducing certain types of violent crime by reducing access to weapons.”[22] The news media promised that the “world’s toughest laws will help to keep weapons off the streets.”[23]

    “Yet faster than British gun-owners could surrender their handguns for destruction, guns began flooding into Great Britain from the international black market (especially from eastern Europe and from China), driven by the demands of the country’s rapidly developing criminal gun-culture.[24]

    “Malcolm does not hide her disdain for the creators of the last century of destructive policies in Great Britain, nor for the nineteenth century bureaucrats who began laying the foundation for the twentieth century failures. In less than a hundred years, British policymakers have undone six prior centuries of progress, and turned twenty-first century England, like thirteenth century England, into the most violent, crime-ridden nation in Western Europe.

  113. Corn says:
    @The Last Real Calvinist

    Peter Hitchens has written about this in his Mail on Sunday columns and his book A Brief History of Crime.

    He noted once that the gun laws and gun carry practices of Edwardian England “made modern day Texas look almost effeminate.”

  114. Anonymous[293] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dr. X

    Led Zeppelin merely aped American Negro blues

    The Immigrant Song? Over the Hills and Far Away?

  115. jan says:

    As I said earlier England and Wales have a de facto nationalised police force. Central government controls training, promotion, policing priorities and budgets and can can amalgamate forces if it sees fit. Local communities have no real control.

    Scotland nationalised its policing a few years ago.

  116. Anonymous[113] • Disclaimer says:

    Can you imagine Diane Abbott, the ‘Hackney Hippo’ as Home Secretary?

    • Replies: @Jan
  117. Anonymous[113] • Disclaimer says:

    That former American satirical magazine, National Lampoon, regularly used to publish far worse.

    Not to mention PJ O’Rourke and Hustler magazine.

  118. @Bragadocious

    McLean is “a proud Fenian” who’s not too proud to take English money, but he has a perfect right not to wear a poppy, and supporters have a perfect right to shout at him about it.

  119. @Jan

    “The Home Office has spent the better part of one hundred years working towards dismantling the system of local forces by stealth. “

    The Good Hitchens wrote about this in his book “A Brief History of Crime”.

  120. Jan says:

    Yes I can see her as Home Secretary, but the real power lies in the Home Office’s permanent civil service and its web of connexions and funding arrangements with academia and the the non-governmental organisations that influence policy behind the scenes.

    The police’s job is to defend the British political elite’s post-war policy of transforming Britain into a racially heterogeneous society.

  121. @AndrewR

    Glad you said so, it’s a bit demanding for kraut ears.

  122. Nathan says:
    @The Alarmist

    I haven’t been to London in a while. Do they all get MP-5s? I mean, it’s a pretty good choice. I’d prefer an AR platform, but that’s just me.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  123. @Nathan

    Not all, but a lot more than 20 years ago.

  124. Anonymous[596] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Last Real Calvinist

    Yes, the Boers in South Africa gave the British a lot of difficulties in the late 19th century due to their skill as marksmen. To remedy this, the British government and army began to promote rifle ownership and training as patriotic duties.

    This didn’t last long though. After the Russian Revolution in 1917 the British ruling class became more afraid of domestic revolution than defeat in foreign war, and began to progressively restrict the gun rights of the civilian population.

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