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The American Crook Behind North Carolina's Hispanic Explosion

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The Hispanic population of North Carolina has famously exploded, from 77,000 in the 1990 Census to 895,000 in a 2014 estimate. Buzzfeed features a massive article on one guy in North Carolina, former civil servant/marijuana farmer Stan Eury, who has since 1989 quasi-legally imported hundreds of thousands of Mexicans on H-2 visas as guest workers:

The Coyote

Stan Eury turned an obscure bit of immigration law into a mammoth federal program — and a lucrative business empire, importing hundreds of thousands of Mexican workers for legal American jobs. Except that some of the jobs weren’t real jobs, and an untold number of those workers may never have returned to Mexico at all.

Ken Bensinger
BuzzFeed News Reporter

Jessica Garrison
BuzzFeed News Reporter

Jeremy Singer-Vine
BuzzFeed News Data Editor

Eury’s currently serving a year in jail for rampant fraud, but he’ll probably come out well ahead of the rather paltry $613,000 fine.

In economist Raj Chetty’s study of what are the best and worst places in America to have grown up working class in the 1990s in terms of income in the 2010s, North Carolina is the pit of despair.


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  1. Hey, if that reporter is the Ken Bensinger I think it is I remember him from when we were like 12 years old. Small world. Looks like he grew up to be a mensch.

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  2. LA Times was reporting on this way back in 1999:

    Mother Jones in 2001:

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  3. Interesting that Buzzfeed would go there. Downright taboo. But, remember – all immigration is good in every way.

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  4. This is one big reason why nonsense like this happens and keeps on happening, because the direct beneficiaries never suffer any real economic and no real social consequences.

  5. says:
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    This piece is written from a “Republicans do horrible things to black people” angle. That’s the only reason Buzzfeed would publish it.

  6. One of the points that Sailer has been making over the years, which should get more attention, is the amount of sheer fraud which has gotten into how Americans have done business.

    I myself suggested that a lot of reason for the surge in immigration (mainly illegal) to the US was a policy reason, to make Mexico more stable from taking in their surplus population. But this really gives the mostly unknown key actors too much credit. It was pretty much short term fraud and system gaming, with no care at all for the long term consequences of society.

    I also suspect, because so much of this was illegal and therefore hidden, that the sheer numbers resettled in the US have been hidden and that the total US population is usually underestimated.

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  7. I agree. The number of illegals thrown around is 11 million. How does anyone know this? I think it is more like 20 million. Radio Derb recently said that 59 million people in the USA are foreign born. That’s one in every five. Let’s send them all home. I liked the USA better when we had more like 200 million people; much less crowded and you didn’t have to press 1 for English.

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  8. There really can’t be much doubt that the number of illegals is substantially higher than the 11 million which has been touted for years. It’s always true that the government lies about its numbers in that the real number of illegals will turn out to be far more than estimated just as project costs are always far below the eventual reality. For the latter, see Obamacare or Brown’s train wreck.

    It never goes the other way. Never.

  9. OT- The NYP playing in Steve’s bailiwick. From NYC to Harvard: the war on Asian success

    Two points to keep in mind. Steve analyzed PISA scores by race, the writer of this article didn’t and this changes the entire analysis on how Americans students are falling behind. The second point is the writer attributes Asian success to parenting style. More on this below.

    As a group, Americans need to take a page from the Asian parents’ playbook. American teens rank a dismal 28th in math and science knowledge, compared with teens in other countries — even poor countries. Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan are at the top.

    We’ve slumped. For the first time in 25 years, US scores on the main test for elementary and middle school education fell. And SAT scores for college-bound students dropped significantly. . . . .

    What’s at play here? It’s not a difference in IQ; it’s parenting. That’s confirmed by a recent study by sociologists from City University of New York and the University of Michigan, which showed that parental oversight enabled Asian-American students to far outperform the others.

    I hate when these articles reference an academic study but don’t identify the study as though simply pointing to something which is published indicates that truth is being dispensed. After a bit of searching I found the study. There are plenty of problems with the study, especially with how they instrumentalize IQ.

    Putting that aside though, the NYP article claims parental influence is key and this study quotes another in its review of literature discussion which actually looked at parenting styles, and both this study and the NYP get it wrong. If your hypothesis is that parenting style is the key variable, then, as with Steve’s method for PISA scores, you control for race, you analyze how Asian parents compare to white parents who both use the same parenting style.

    Here’s the study that they ignore and note the conclusion:

    Among Asian-American students, peer support for academic excellence offsets the negative consequences of authoritarian parenting.

    One of the researchers of this study has done other work on the topic, summarized here:

    Parental communication patterns that foster unquestioning obedience to parents (authoritarian style), freedom for the child to choose what to do with minimal parental involvement (permissive), and expectations for mature behavior and encouragement of open two-way communications between parents and children (authoritative). Asian-American students came from families high on authoritarian and permissive and low on authoritative characteristics, the opposite of White students. Their parents also had the lowest level of parental involvement among the groups studied. Third, for all groups and irrespective of social class, authoritarianism and permissiveness were inversely related, whereas parental involvement was directly related to academic achievements. (Parenting style, however, was a weaker predictor of grades for Asian than for Whites.) Thus, the very characteristics associated with the Asian-American group predicted low academic achievements for all groups; yet, Asian-American students had higher levels of academic achievements. The results suggest that although parenting styles may account for within-group achievement levels for Asian Americans, they fail to explain between-group differences (i.e., between Asian Americans and the other groups). The findings do not support the cultural hypothesis that Asian Americans differ from other groups in achievements because of differences in upbringing. Although ethnic differences in parenting styles do exist, they fail to account for the observed ethnic differences in achievements.

    NYP = Hey white parents, raise your kids more like Asian parents.

    One referenced study = Asian parenting styles produces negative outcomes.
    Study not in the review of literature but by the same researcher = When whites parent in the Asian style their kids do worse than kids parenting under more traditional white cultural patterns.

    Lessons: When you ignore race in your analysis of how reality functions, your conclusions are bound to be all screwed up.

    Also, the NYP article is way off the mark in describing the conclusions of the research they allude to, but do not cite – they didn’t focus on parenting, they focused on effort expended by Asian students. The NYP article misrepresents the findings in order to blame white parents for how they parent their children.

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  10. “the single largest source of sex slaves sent to the US”

    This Mexican town is the sex-trafficking capital of the world

    I can’t find the article but there is some guy that imports all the Mexican carnival workers.

  11. I’m not sure where to point my despair here.

    My country has raised up Stan Eury, who is happy to sell out native workers for thirty pieces of silver.

    We have congressman who don’t grasp the consequences of policy, so we get more and more of the same, as we swirl the drain.

    And my despair-inducing fellow Earthlings; they have industrialized the care and feeding of the womb, along with industrializing travel and economic transfer payments. I expect the sheer press of the bodies in the near future will drive out the weak amongst my kind, leaving the Earth in the hands of those most able to handle maximum crowding with minimum culture.

  12. San Diego’s latest police shooting on videotape involves Fridoon Rawshan Nehad, a 42 year old Afghan refugee the U.S. government had been trying to deport for the past 12 years.

    He left for Germany as a teenager in the 80′s, and his father, a security guard in the San Diego suburbs, brought him to the USA around 2005. Soon he began menacing his family with weapons and violent threats, and they eventually kicked him out rendering him homeless. They still paid for a lawyer to prevent his deportation.

    “Nehad suffered manic episodes, becoming aggressive and getting him in trouble with the law. He pleaded guilty to battery in 2005, was sentenced for burglary in 2008 and was charged with petty theft in 2014.”

    Police were called late at night with reports of a crazy man with a knife, and they showed up and shot him dead. The parents who let their son be homeless for years is suing the city for $20 million in a wrongful death suit. Our lesbian Republican DA did not charge the officer who killed him with anything.

    His sister went to UCLA and Berkeley Law School and is a trust and estate lawyer in Los Angeles.

    Given what we know about PTSD, the safe thing seems to be to not take anyone from a country that was been involved in long and brutal civil wars.

  13. Thanks for looking into this. It is pretty universal that these narrative-driven articles have lots of misrepresentations.

    …in order to blame white parents…

    It is getting bizarre to the extent that Whites are lectured about all their failings: killing too many Black criminals; not enjoying Syrian immigrants enough; not loving the Muslim enough; the usual screeds about how the Native American was treated; not demanding enough of their children; etc. It is like pointing out the flaws in a super model.

  14. Let’s be honest. The problem is not that they are a lot, not even that they are “illegal”. The problem is that they are millions of Mexicans (Amerindian mestizos). If 20 million Swedes or Germans or Brits immigrated to the US illegally it would be all fine and dandy.

    That’s how it is, for good or for bad. I don’t idolize Nordic peoples, they do have their defects as well, and they are very obvious these days. It’s not a question of being superior or inferior. But a certain homogeneity is desired if you want a stable society. Otherwise you get either a caste society, or chaos.

    The U.S. will survive, at worst it will become a better Brazil, at best it will continue to have a functioning elite and middle class and stability, just with a larger underclass, and more violence.

    I am more worried about Europe; they never were “multicultural” or “nations of immigrants” in the American sense, and they never will be. So either there will be civil war, or world war.

    P.S. Does anyone know what kind of surname “Eury” is? It seems to be French, but I’m not sure.

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  15. You know, as Steve is suggesting here, the places that place poorest in Chetty’s study aren’t simply where lots of black people are, and in particular they aren’t the classically depressed black belt of the Deep South. Instead, they are the rising stars of the New South, Charlotte and Atlanta in particular. The simplest explanation is that places which have lots of middle class black people will place the poorest in Chetty’s methodology, since regression to the lower black mean will affect them more than poorer black counties. But another perspective is that this is an interaction effect- these are places where the overall economy was hot enough to attract lots of immigrants, with a substantial enough black population both to create a substantial population to be elbowed aside by the low skilled immigrants and to have a relatively less achievement oriented municipal culture. (Chetty does some statistical tricks to purportedly isolate the effect of municipalities in high-white zip codes, and the same high-black New South counties do the worst- so the effect presumably extends beyond black people themselves.)

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  16. The most deplorable one [AKA "Fourth doorman of the apocalypse"]
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    So, will Trump be able to Make America Great Again by building a wall on the southern border?

    Or, will he have to build an interstate highway system or something?

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  17. The Hispanic population of North Carolina has famously exploded, from 77,000 in the 1990 Census to 895,000 in a 2014 estimate.

    But don’t worry, net immigration from Mexico is now near zero. To be sure, I can’t think of any places whose Mexican population has dropped dramatically enough to cancel out numbers like those from North Carolina. But that’s what they say…

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  18. But don’t worry, net immigration from Mexico is now near zero.

    Yes, I hate that supposedly reassuring line from the MSM too. I guess it is suppose to make us think that immigration is no longer an issue. But it leaves something to be desired. First, the timeline for this stunning change of fortunes is very arbitrary. Go back just a couple years and it is no longer true.

    Second, it implies that those already here are here to stay and the issue is closed.

    Third, it leaves out of the mix the potential endless chain migration from Mexico still available for the relatives of those already here.

    Fourth, it does not take into account the tumultuous history of Mexico and how that nation is always a revolution, financial crash or natural disaster away from returning to the mass exodus of the 1990s.

    Mexico will probably forever be a ticking time bomb of mass immigrants waiting for some event to set them north. If we really are in a lull right now, it is best to erect our defenses in preparation for the next round.

  19. Yes they have, but not nearly so comprehensively as Bensinger in this Buzzfeed article, and a lot of water has gone over the dam since those articles were written. In fact, by and large the news media have blacked the story out. Worse yet, the NC flagship newspaper, the Raleigh News and Observer, has been a big cheerleader for Stan Eury and his criminal enterprise. I have documented all of this with a series of articles on my web site, the latest of which also makes note of the Buzzfeed article. It is titled “Trump Half Right on Immigration, Hispanic Crime” and it is at

    If I have any complaint about Bensinger’s article it is that he fails to talk about the news media’s role in enabling what Eury et al. have been up to. They even essentially blacked out the news of his indictment and conviction and the piddling sentence he received. In doing so they have also failed to report that the rate of visa approvals for his organization has actually increased since his indictment. Again, all this information is documented in my articles.

  20. The most deplorable one [AKA "Fourth doorman of the apocalypse"]
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    Didn’t Judith Rich Harris in The Nurture Assumption settle this?

  21. I noticed this last year driving through on the way to Souhth Caroliba and back. I went to UNC in the ’80s. Now all the rural towns have taquerias and the gas station minu-marts where it used to be rednecks black or white are now full of Hispanics.

    I explained this to my wife and she said sure, they need them to pick tobacco. I said honey, my father, grandmother, grandfather and all his cousins and aunts and uncles worked during the tobacco harvest. He went to RJ Reynolds High School. Now none of my relatives do. It used to be all the teenagers and housewives did seasonal work.

    On my mom’s side all the textile work has been shipped overseas. And the furniture biz.

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  22. The guy looks Jewish.


    Why do we even bother debating anything anymore? It’s almost a waist of time except for the uninitiated.

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  23. He looks like a paler Ben Kingsley. But there’s a link to him drumming for a Christian rock band.

  24. Another problem with Chetty’s methodology is that by comparing 2011-2012 to 1996-2000, it’s overly sensitive to the housing/exurban wipeout in 2008. For example, the highly white county that did worst in his 2015 re-analysis is the one that is home to the Myrtle Beach golf megaresort in South Carolina just south of the North Carolina border. Golf course living boomed in 1996-2000, but has been dead in the water in this century.

    The problem is that Chetty is trying to sell his analysis as revealing long term truths about policy — e.g., what kind of urban transit policy does Sioux County, Iowa have that Myrtle Beach doesn’t have? But a lot of what he’s discovered is that if you are a blue collar worker, your children will prosper relative to yourself more if you happen to move to a place that will be booming more in 15 years than it is today. Thus, Sioux County, Iowa is #1 in America in Chetty’s study because Chinese demand has boosted natural resource prices and the Myrtle Beach county is about 20th from last because Americans got bored with golf. Lately, however, the Chinese have been getting more interested in buying golf courses in Myrtle Beach and less interested in buying crops from Sioux County, so who knows what the future holds in store? If you can accurately predict what sectors of the economy will be booming in 15 years, you should probably stop being a blue collar worker and instead move to Greenwich, CN and become a 7 figure per year hedge fund guy.

    This is not to say that Chetty’s data isn’t useful. For example, one lesson it appears to have taught is that competition for blue collars jobs is tougher from Third World people in warmer places like South Carolina than in colder places like South Dakota. That’s a pretty important lesson for Chetty to offer American workers, but how large are the incentives for him to come forward with that discovery of his?

    Zero to none, I’d say.

  25. I was stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC in the late 70s. I’m 100% positive the only Mexicans (or any other Hispanics) I ever encountered there were fellow Marines.

  26. Stan Eury will go down in history as the Oskar Schindler for Latinos, a righteous gringo.

  27. Thank you for the summary.

    It’s like Steve gives us a sneak peek at what important stories will be several years down the line. I wonder how many mainstream articles are ripoff le of his altered to fit the narrative.

  28. says:
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    There is a Eury family in North Carolina that looks like it was changed from Urich at some point. May be the same line.

  29. Even for a person arriving on a legal visa in the US it is remarkably difficult to get that most basic document of American life, the driver’s license, without which you cannot do anything else. As an illegal you cannot even drive, and almost anything else that requires that you identify yourself, is impossible, for example an account with a utility.

    And yet the fact that there are literally millions of illegals in the US can only mean that most are being helped by US citizens, otherwise they would not even be able to get to the store to buy food and beer, or send money back home.

    Here in Florida I see Homeland Security vehicles watching traffic on I95, yet jam-packed vans with blacked out windows happily sail past them transporting agricultural laborers from the Mexican border to the citrus groves of Florida, for a fare, last time I asked some Mexican guys a few years ago, of about $150 per body. These transportation companies also advertise in Spanish with phone numbers on cards in the windows of stores where Spanish is spoken.

    Clearly politicians and legislators, no matter what they might say, have no interest in actually enforcing existing employment laws that are routinely breached by many large employers, otherwise there would be a lot of high profile cases and the word would soon get around that employing illegals would mean huge fines and prison. There could also be cases brought for human trafficking, but there never are.

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  30. says:
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    “I am more worried about Europe; they never were “multicultural” or “nations of immigrants” in the American sense, and they never will be.

    The U.S. is not a nation of immigrants. It just seems that way to people who grew up in New York City, because NYC is a city of immigrants. Unfortunately, New Yorkers can’t make that distinction.

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  31. says:
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    “I explained this to my wife and she said sure, they need them to pick tobacco.”

    Where did the idea that we need foreigners to pick our crops become so pervasive? I never heard of it until very recent years.

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  32. Jim Bob—

    “Let’s send them all home. I liked the USA better when we had more like 200 million people; much less crowded and you didn’t have to press 1 for English.”

    Tell that to Native Americans who were here first. Say, why don’t you show your appreciation for lowering our overall population by leaving permanently the good ol’ USA and go back to where your ancestors came from?


    “That’s how it is, for good or for bad. I don’t idolize Nordic peoples, they do have their defects as well, and they are very obvious these days.”

Well, all human beings have defects in some fashion.

    “But a certain homogeneity is desired if you want a stable society. Otherwise you get either a caste society, or chaos.”

    America has never observable had a long-standing, perpetual “certain homogeneity”. Yes, the English began to colonize my country, but so did the French, the Spanish, the Dutch. Yes, these groups are European, but they were intially wary of one another. And there were also da Joos and the blacks who came to America. And don’t forget how whites mixed in with natives and blacks in the Thirteen Colonies—damn that miscegenation! Yet, somehow, someway, all of these groups found a way to get along relatively peaceful like. Yes, there’s chaos, but that happens in ANY and EVERY society, whether homogenous or heterogenous.

    “The U.S. will survive, at worst it will become a better Brazil, at best it will continue to have a functioning elite and middle class and stability, just with a larger underclass, and more violence.”

    Mere speculation.

    “I am more worried about Europe; they never were “multicultural” or “nations of immigrants” in the American sense, and they never will be. So either there will be civil war, or world war.”

    Mere speculation.

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  33. I neglected to say that when the indictments of Eury et al. came down and the news media, including the L.A. Times and Mother Jones blacked the news out, Barry Yeoman, who wrote that earlier Mother Jones story was among those people contacted and urged to write something. Unfortunately, neither he nor his magazine wrote anything. It’s good that you are noting these earlier stories , but if you are implying that this is all old news then you are way off base. What is new and important is the fruit of Operation Hammerlock that shows that Eury’s business is a criminal enterprise, and yet it continues to thrive.

  34. Donald Trump’s wall would accomplish virtually nothing as long as Eury and his ilk are permitted to continue to do what they are doing. It would only increase their revenue. See my article “Trump Half Right on Immigration, Hispanic Crime” at for further elaboration.

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  35. I notice this entry only has 27 responses… telling, in my opinion.

    Everybody’s full of opinions when a NAM, Manhattan denizen, SJW or a femi goes on the rampage, or when a 1%er does something. But this more insidious example of rot is, I guess, too troubling and therefore warrants fewer comments. This is why I respect Steve, his focus isn’t one-sided.

    If not for the Eurys of the world, the neocons, plutocrats and ethno-chauvinists and parasites would have no power. We are our own worst enemies.

  36. The laws are written in such a way that practically lay out a path a business can take to avoid prosecution. It is illegal to hire an illegal but if he has some paper, regardless of how phony it seems, you may be prosecuted for not hiring him. Therefore, the out is simply make sure the illegal has some paper on him.

    The only way you can be prosecuted is for gross violations of the law where they can get you under the RICO statutes (expanded to illegal immigration issues under Clinton of all people). This has only been done in the cases where lots of illegals have been hired and they can point to the company being complicit in skirting the law – such as the HR guy telling the illegal where to get his fake papers.

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  37. Technically even the Native Americans are immigrants. The question is how long ago. This then feeds into the question of the rate of immigration.

    We have assimilated a lot of people, but periods of high immigration have alternated with periods of low immigration. The media is stopping us from shutting off the flow, which would encourage assimilation.

  38. From 1949, about the bracero program, starring Ricardo Montalban:

  39. Yeah, we just need a few Little Big Horns every now and then.

    Every now and then from lks need a little time out. Adult swim.


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  40. That should say folks but they ain’t no edit key no more.

  41. “da Joos”

    Godwin’s Law alert.

  42. Sure, but there was that business in 1861. ;)

    Also, while we did have lots of diversity, we also had regular nativist panics (or do you know nothing of this?) which shut down the flow of immigration and allowed new arrivals to assimilate.

    I also don’t think Europe will have civil wars due to having non-European minorities; they’ll just have a long-term oppressed group, which will erode their welfare states and cause dissent in these countries’ working class. They’ll look more like America, in other words, with our weak worker protections and more unequal distribution of income.

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  43. And don’t forget how whites mixed in with natives and blacks in the Thirteen Colonies—damn that miscegenation!

    A lot less than you’d think. I’ve been looking for an Indian ancestor for fifteen years, and still haven’t found one. And that’s among a couple thousand identified colonial forebears. Hillbillies and French Canadians did most of the canoe-dling, New Englanders almost none.

    • Replies:
  44. I once met another David Martin, who plays in a jazz/folk combo, and it got me wondering: how many languages can that name be translated into without changing its spelling? Just about all of Europe’s, for sure. It’s got to be the world-champion of flexible names.

  45. It is simple enough to check whether a Social Security number matches the name on the passport or United States government issued picture identity. You cannot work without a Social Security number, because it is needed for IRS purposes. Even United States citizens have to produce proof of citizenship when they are hired. This usually requires either a US passport or a combination of birth certificate and driver’s license and SS number.

    • Replies:
  46. “Also, while we did have lots of diversity, we also had regular nativist panics (or do you know nothing of this?) which shut down the flow of immigration and allowed new arrivals to assimilate.”

    I’m acutely aware of the nativist panics, which had made claims that the Irish and the Italians, for starters, were not “white”. And it wasn’t until the 1920′s before Eastern and Southern Europeans had their numbers reduced via legislation. Do not forgot, however, that Western Hemispheric immigration went unchecked at this time.

    • Replies:
  47. “Hillbillies and French Canadians did most of the canoe-dling, New Englanders almost none.”

    That’s one section of the Thirteen Colonies. Race-mixing occurred in the other sections in good numbers. Moreover, referring to southern plantation owners as “Hillbillies” will cost you your white card. You can turn it to the front desk.

  48. Do not forgot, however, that Western Hemispheric immigration went unchecked at this time.

    But there wasn’t much of it, was there? One reason is that populations were a lot lower in underdeveloped/developing/”Third World” countries in those days. Mexico, for example, had a population of only 15 million in 1910. That same year Germany had a population of 65 million.

  49. You miss the point – the employer WANTS to hire the illegal. If he doesn’t want to he can sign up for E-verify and be 99.9% sure he is hiring an American citizen.

    The goal of the writers of the law was to make sure the employer faces no prosecution if he wants to hire an illegal. They did this by placing the exact pathway into the law so there is no grey area that some patriotic judge or jury can screw up. The Republicans wanted the employer to be free from prosecution and the Democrats know that an illegal who can’t find a job won’t be able to stay and eventually vote.

    If you get 000-00-0000 for a SS number from someone, you send it in to the feds on the W2. Later they send you a letter telling you that the SS is bogus. You throw it in the trash, you have done what it required of you by the law.

  50. If its really 20 million then LA Unified School district and Santa Ana Unified School district would not now be facing decline enrollment since Latino immigrants have more babies than non-Latino immigrants. The population of LA County is only 48 percent and the Mexican government recently did a survey that shown some of their people going home. Nor certain of the numbers but 20 million sounds to high unless you include people that are legalized because the family reunification green card finally came after 10 years. In fact, Mexico does bad but not as bad as the past since they have those jobs from Ford and other foreign companies and the US doesn’t have as many construction jobs that pay over 50,000 like they did in 2007. The problem now is the price of oil is down and Mexico could cut down on their tiny welfare state including healthcare and jobs are not growing that much right now. A lower oil price means the peso buys less against the dollar usually periods when Mexican immigration increases.

  51. […] American Crook Behind N. Carolina’s Hispanic Explosion […]

  52. […] journalism recently, and one ripe area that is largely overlooked by the traditional MSM is immigration fraud. Thus, from BuzzFeed […]

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