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Thanks, Eric Holder: Homicides Up 54% in DC in 2015

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From the Washington Times:

D.C. sees 54% increase in homicides
Police fault jump on a pattern of repeat offenders, more guns on the streets

By Ryan M. McDermott – The Washington Times – Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The District’s homicide rate spiked dramatically this year, and officials say there’s no single reason for the increase.

As of Wednesday, the Metropolitan Police Department reported 162 homicides in 2015 — a 54 percent increase over last year, despite overall crime being down 4 percent. There were 105 murders last year, 104 in 2013 and 88 in 2012.

Over the next few days we will see the homicide figures for 2015 from various cities.

My guess from earlier in the year is that homicide rates in 2015 tended to spike in cities where BlackLivesMatter/Eric Holder/Eye of Soros Establishment had the upper hand, such as St. Louis, Baltimore, and DC, but not in cities where they didn’t. For example, homicides spiked in NYC early in 2015 after the murder of two cops in late 2014, when the NYPD appeared to engage in a soft mutiny against the liberal mayor, but then receded as the mayor conceded to the cops with the general approbation of the Important People in New York, who are more liberal about policing other cities than they are about their own.


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  1. Drudge had a story that the POTUS will unveil an executive order on gun sales at the SOTU speech this month. Its of a piece with the focus being on the ‘gun’ rather than the ‘criminal’. Do we really care if the thug has a 6 shot revolver or 14 shot semi- auto?

    Some years ago, when Richmond, Va. managed to have over 100 murders per year, a campaign was undertaken to notify the underclass that being in possession of an illegal firearm would get you 5 years in prison. Billboards were put up around the city highlighting an actual prison cell, PSA ads appeared on TV and municipal buses were painted black with that 5 year prison term spelled out in big white letters.

    Of course a large number of young black men found out local prosecutors weren’t joking or plea bargaining away that 5 year prison term and homicides plummeted to around 40 per year. The president, were he serious about combating the problem of gun related homicides would resurrect that ‘use a gun, go to prison’ policy even if it meant thousands of Obama-sons would not be voting for a few years .

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  2. Off Topic. New Hampshire had over 400 drug overdose deaths in 2015, or about 30 per 100,000 of population. That’s 30 times the murder rate, 10 times the forcible rape rate, and 5 times the rate of car theft. But any suggestion of limiting doctors’ ability to hand out opioids like candy is shot down with assertions of the sanctity of the doctor patient relationship.

    Imagine that guns were killing 400 people a year in New Hampshire. There would be no sanctity for anything else that was killing people at this scale, especially not for the constitution. I know that not all the drugs killing people come from doctors, but doctors have completely normalized the presence of them among all our trailer park set.

    As a drug-addled neighbor once said, “The free drugs stop but the pain doesn’t, if you know what I mean.”

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  3. OT- Good morning, Steve. Could you please explain to me why I find so many links to the WaPo at the blog sites I visit? My reading pattern has not changed, but my guesstimation is they have tripled this year. Any way to disprove my obvious tin-foil hat number one reason? And could it be linked to Amazon site sponsorship? Hmmmm. Help me, iSteve wan Knobe, you are my only hope.

  4. Oops. Looking at the wrong table. Make that 30 times the murder rate, equal to the forcible rape rate and half the rate of car theft. Sorry.

  5. … homicides plummeted to around 40 per year.

    One has to love our modern public policy process. We have things that actually work, but one can’t use them, unless you break from the pack; or things get so bad you can use them on an emergency basis.

  6. That is an interesting point. What percentage of homicides can be traced to illegal guns versus legally carried guns?

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  7. says:
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    It’s an observable law of nature that whenever a black becomes the one in charge whatever they head up goes downhill whether it’s a city or company like McDonald’s. It’s strange because they often come across as verbally adroit, went to good schools and have good personal presentation skills. Yet things always invariably deteriorate when they run anything. No matter how good a chatterbox they are they inevitably end up being just empty suits at best and more likely turn out to be wreckers.

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  8. Chicago was only 5 short of an even 3000 murders for the year. But, don’t worry. We’ve already started on 2016. The first murder of year happened at 2am this morning (1/1/16).

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  9. says:
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    Thanks, Noddy Holder – for writing the best Christmas song of all time.

    (You’ve got another 51 weeks to wait to hear it again).

  10. Blaming “more guns on the street” is interesting. How many marginal murders does each additional “gun on the street” cause? My guess is it’s a fraction of a murder.

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  11. Wrong on all fronts, Steve.

    Indianapolis and Louisville both saw HUGE increases in fatal and nonfatal shootings (I have a contact in the Indianapolis Public Safety Department and the numbers in that city are staggering… and the city is only 28 percent black).

    Chicago and New Orleans both saw increases as well. Nashville and Milwaukee saw big surges as well.

    Newark too. Must read article –>

    Basically, the black underclass has been allowed to run rampant across the nation, because police have all but stopped patrolling black underclass portions of American cities.

    It’s only going to get worse as Obama and the Department of Justice start letting out MORE black criminals from the jail.

    Remember: Freddie Gray had THREE pending heroin charges when he died, and had recently pleaded down a heroin charge to a mere 100 hours of community service.

    My bet for 2016: at some point, all of the six officers indicted in the Freddie Gray murder trial will be acquitted, blacks will riot (with black elected leaders like Marilyn Mosby encouraging the mob violence) and Donald J. Trump will finally give the GET TOUGH ON CRIME speech most of the country has been dying to hear.

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  12. The usual response is that there is quite a bit of fluctuation from year to year and the increase is from a historically low level. However, it appears this is both the largest percentage increase and the largest *absolute* increase in the last 20 years!

    The absolute increase part is kinda remarkable, in that nothing seems to have caused homicides to increase by 50+ in a single year or regress to a level more than 5 years in the past. It’ll be interesting to see whether this or the Tamir Rice verdict will shape how cities change policing in 2016.

  13. It’s not just BLM infested cities. We’ve seen very little of them in Indianapolis yet we set a homicide record with 144. Previous record of 143 was 1998.

  14. A just fate for Obama and Holder would be to build a heavily defended perimeter around Detroit or Baltimore (or DC), airdrop them in and force them and their families to live the rest of their days directly exposed to the consequences of their policies.

  15. The president, were he serious about combating the problem of gun related homicides would resurrect that ‘use a gun, go to prison’ policy even if it meant thousands of Obama-sons would not be voting for a few years .

    An added benefit of focusing on illegal gun use / possession is that gun/ballistics evidence like DNA is not so severely compromised by the “no snitch rule” that is crippling arrest and conviction rates for homicides in DC, Philly Baltimurder……. incentivising murder in drug related cases.

    I wonder if while the homicide rate in DC is up 54%, if its notoriously bad poor non-rape violent felony and homicide conviction rates are also way way down.

    The reason the left positively hates, hates, HATES this idea is that it would only serve to highlight the phenomena that Paul Kersey over at SBPDL points out over and over again. That gun violence between non related parties is largely a black and to a less degree brown violence. Passing tough gun violence laws would significantly skew the long term black and brown felon prison population much like crack vs powdered cocaine convictions do now.

    However, one downside to consider, in states that do have tough violent gun use laws, Black and SJW judges, prosecutors and juries have used the legislation to punish white gun owners who use their weapons in self defense scenarios regardless of circumstance and when a black defendant in a similar situation would have been held to a much more lenient standard by whites.

    Still a long over due and favorite idea of those who really want to due something worthwhile to lower gun crime that is never brought up in the Cultural Marxist Media aka CMM.

  16. A body was found slumped in an alleyway a few weeks back here in the SWPL Mecca of DC, the Adams Morgan area. Prior to that, a Hillary-worshipping young white SJW congressional aide was hacked to death by a cracked out negro on the subway.

    I wonder if some examples of Eric Holder, the NYT, and Barack Obama’s handiwork will start showing up in the nerve-centre of important and powerful people in America, the (gorgeous) Montgomery County, MD? And if they do, what will happen? If negro crime has made its way into Northwest, then anything can happen…

  17. St. Louis finished 2015 with 188, compared to 159 in 2014 and 120 in 2013. That’s an 18% increase 15 over 14, and a 57% increase 15 over 13.

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  18. The most deplorable one [AKA "Fourth doorman of the apocalypse"]
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    However, as always, White Women’s lives don’t seem to matter.

    As a result of the event mentioned there, someone suggested that people buy more guns and learn how to use them.

  19. I predict that even if Obama’s executive orders survive the Federal judiciary, and they’re diligently enforced, they will result in approximately two firearms sales per year that would otherwise not be subject to NCIC checks be subject to them, and of course the buyers and sellers will pass, and the reporting of stolen-theft requirements, which are informal industry policy anyway, won’t result in any Federal prosecutions.

    Obama just wants to do something just for the sake of doing something, so he can brag about having done something.

  20. One other thing. Most of the increase in black homicides in 2015 over 2014, and most black homicides in general, are no good black thugs murdering other no good black thugs. That’s what officials say when they want to dog whistle to white people who are worried about (don’t say) black crime, though one can find plenty of examples of black on white homicides. So, if we’re to take this official story literally, why are we to care about the 15 over 14 delta increase, or the actual high number of black homicides at all?

    The answer is that they want us not to care when our caring would hurt the economies and tax rolls of black heavy big cities. Meanwhile, they want us to care and to think it’s the world’s biggest crisis when our caring means they could channel our anger into political energy to get something they want, such as more gun control, more spending programs for big cities, and so on.

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  21. The most deplorable one [AKA "Fourth doorman of the apocalypse"]
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    Most of the increase in black homicides in 2015 over 2014, and most black homicides in general, are no good black thugs murdering other no good black thugs.

    Except, of course, when they aren’t:

    Channon Christian …

    Where the white women at?

  22. OT except that it happens to be from the Washington Post:

    Unhappy in Europe, some Iraqis return home

    The story reports on “refugees” who are unhappy in Europe and decide to go home. It’s interesting in several ways, not least of which is the approach taken by the reporter: She writes sympathetically about the refugees, thus avoiding the wrath of the goodthinkers, while the story itself clearly supports an anti-Narrative POV. I think Steve has pointed out a similar trend at the NYT recently. It’s a new year; I’m optimistic that cracks in the unity of Received Opinion will continue to grow.

    As usual at the WaPo, the comments are mostly uncensored and almost 100% on the so-called right wing (really just common sense) side of this issue.

  23. […] IF gun control works, why are homicides in Washington D.C. up 54% in 2015? Anybody? link: […]

  24. In the whole city there were 57 additional murders, which does not sound like too much. In the black lives matter department, other than the 4 victims of the mansion murder and 2 congressional interns, any of those lives lost matter? I could not find many names.

  25. 1/ FWIW

    2/ So how are things in LA? In CA in general except Oakland? Including Oakland? I don’t here much about BLM there. Its been quiet there (I think) since ’92. Does that speak good about Hispanics? No HLM movement that I know of.

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  26. says:
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    When you see a spike in the black-on-black murder rate, it means black drug dealers are fighting over sales territory. If the territory is worth killing someone for, it means the drug trade is making more money these days. That means idiotic whites are using more drugs. See the rise in heroin/painkiller deaths, etc.

    You can always trust blacks to be the sharks in the white population’s gene pool, feeding on the weak, stupid, and self-indulgent.

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  27. Libs hate stop and frisk more than they hate high violent crime rates, or even gun crime.

    It’s common sense that S&F is the best way to keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals. Libs love to point the finger away from their own jurisdictions as an excuse for their local crime rates, and for their federal-level gun grabs. They say the next jurisdiction over having “lax” (AKA, Constitutional) gun laws obviates anything they try to do to restrict the proliferation of firearms in high-crime locales. S&F points them out as liars. S&F means they don’t have any excuses. With S&F, it doesn’t matter what the gun laws are nearby, or how much smuggling is going on, because cops are routinely stopping and frisking people and confiscating any illegal firearms they find. A functioning handgun is all but impossible to conceal from even a cursory search, and costs $100 and up. Violent crime prone demographic groups can’t afford to go dropping $100 and up to re-arm after every confiscation in a frequent S&F environment.

    Libs probably hate S&F because it works. They don’t want to take handguns from blacks who are using them to bump one another off in epic numbers, they want to take black rifles from whites who are using them to put holes in paper.

    Obama just wants to do something just for the sake of doing something, so he can brag about having done something.

    And drive gun sales. Don’t forget the gun sales.

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  28. NYC may be a special case. It’s interesting the nation’s financial capital gets to play by its own rules but the mere political capital doesn’t, eh? ;)

    Seriously, I think it’s more that NYC never went majority black, whereas DC did.

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  29. Yeah DC is still pretty bush league – but compared to when I lived there in the 1980′s it is on a roll.

    In 1980 it was an uninteresting slum. The northeast, Connecticut Ave, Wisconsin Ave and such were pretty upper middle class but the rest was dangerous. Lived at 16th and Webster. 16th street is of course the location of the White House (1600 Pa Ave) but webster was twice through the alphabet to the north. First you had A through W then you has the word streets A through W. 14th street, the commercial street, hadn’t recovered from the riots and I had to take a friend to go two blocks to the liquor store. The man behind the counter thought we were cops we were so out of place.

    New York City is the major money center. Was a NYC lawyer for six years and if you had to raise a couple hundred million to buy a lot of 757′s, or a couple billion for your tech roll out, it is the only place in the universe.

    In a contest between money and guns, I think on principle guns win. DC has grown fatter while NYC is stagnant. I’m still thinking of buying a Dupont Circle co-op as they are cheep by NY standards. We are still a democracy and major shifts of power are determined by a vote, so money is important to DC, but there will be a crises where previous rules are thrown out. Then control of the laws, the guns and the jail cells will overrule the influence of money.

  30. 3000?

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  31. Looks like the total number of people shot in Chicago in 2015 was 2995, but the total homicides were 442.

  32. Managing demographics is key. This is how Rudy G. and successive NYC administrations (who were aggressive with career criminals) saved the Big Apple.

    Unfortunately, the countless criminals who could no longer do business in NYC had to go somewhere. Thus, NJ municipalities such as Camden, Atlantic City, Asbury Park and Trenton have all declined precipitously in recent decades. Squeeze one side of a water balloon and the liquid magically expands elsewhere.

    What NYC did was push countless Big Apple criminals across the river into already black-heavy cities and townships. Today, nearly a dozen once-prosperous New Jersey cities are 1) increasingly black, 2) losing (white) population, 3) black ruled and 4) overwhelmingly Democratic.

    These demographic transitions are the hallmark of a predictable urban death spiral.

  33. Jeff Bezos has a history of getting results?

  34. San Diego County, population 3.3 million, will end the year with about 83 homicides. It is 77 as of 12/1/15.

  35. The Brennan Center released their final report on crime stats. As for murders, and not overall crime, increases in 18 cities and decreases in 7. The original NYT article was about murders to be fair.

    Final 2015 Crime Stats: Claims of Rising Crime Overblown, Evidence Shows

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  36. do you mean 300?

  37. When you see a spike in the black-on-black murder rate, it means black drug dealers are fighting over sales territory.

    I don’t know. Have you looked into the scuffed sneaker statistics? Blacks seem to take those sorts of misunderstandings pretty seriously.

  38. Yep. A buddy of mine in NC said that his local gun shop has a picture of BHO on the wall captioned “Salesman of the Year”.

  39. New York Magazine finally realizes that DeBlasio is a dud. Interesting read on DeBlasio’s management style or lack thereof. Politics takes precedence over data.

  40. agree with you about s&f.

    you would have trouble finding a legal seller of a working handgun for $100, if you did it would be an extreme off brand with a lot of wear and defects. then you need to account for the hassle and legal and safety risk of selling guns illegal one by one to black criminals.

    point is, no hoodrat is getting handguns for $100. $300 is about as low as it goes for that market.

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  41. Barack Obama promised to close the camp by January 2010 – but since then, he has been avoiding to live to his promise based on lame excuses. His Attorney General Eric Holder, a Zionist agent has failed to prove Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as being the so-called “9/11 Mastermind”.

    BTW: The Americans are so paranoid of Arabic names that every time they see it on a visitor’s passport – their pants get wet. My wife, a Canadian citizen for the last 40 years, has been questioned at US airports many times after 9/11. Why? because her name too sound like ‘Khalid’. G-d bless America!!

  42. Shot and killed plus shot and wounded is at 2995 as of this writing. Doubtless they’ll find a few more bodies. The total number of homicides is currently at 499, which makes me suspect there’s some statistical engineering going on to keep it under the psychological 500 level, at least until the year-end media reporting moves on to other subjects in a few days.

    The 2015 Chicago homicide clearance rate is at 25%. This affects the national numbers for “how many murders are committed by African Americans,” since the murders that are unsolved are mostly the result of black gang violence. Chicago alone would add about 300 murders by AAs to the total, which has a noticable effect on the percentages. It’s similar in other cities such as Cleveland.

  43. Heather Mac Donald eviscerates the dishonest Brennan Center report here:

  44. they often come across as verbally adroit, went to good schools and have good personal presentation skills.

    None of these things (especially in the age of affirmative action) are strongly tied to IQ. IQ is like horsepower for brains. You can have a car that looks nice and handles well but if you want to win a race there’s no getting around a lack of HP.

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  45. Plus the consequences of being caught with an unlicensed handgun (and in most big cities it’s almost impossible to get a carry permit) go far beyond having your gun taken. If you are caught, it’s not like the police just take your gun and send you on your merry way.

    Since the problem is “profiling”, maybe the solution is stop and frisk for everyone, just like at the airport?

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  46. Re: Project Exile in Richmond VA
    “Illegal v legal’ guns didn’t matter (at least as I understand you to ask it), and I don’t think anyone ever tracked that separately.

    The original idea was for all arrests that also involved a firearms charge, to transfer the firearms charge to the federal prosecutor, no bail (exile from community), no plea bargain, and ask for the maximum sentence. The concept was that the federal penalty (5-10) was tougher than the state’s, and it removed the ubiquitous ‘lets make a deal’ by separating the prosecutors.

    As a crime-reduction strategy it worked well. Richmond had the greatest reduction in homicides of any similar sized cities through that period, the H-rate dropped from 70/100k to 50, to 40, and lower. Politically it fell apart after a few years; making government lawyers actually show up and prosecute crimes was too rough on them.

  47. People forget the crack wars in DC in the late 80s and early 90s. The recent spike pushed the rate to the mid 150 but it was around 450 in the late 80s and early 90s. That’s a lot for a 600K city. It was all turf war over who owned what corner. Rayful Edmunds lived near the railroad tracks above Union Station, he was the big winner until he went to jail for Life.
    You used to see the losers of the wars sitting in wheel chairs outside of public housing.

  48. Off the top of my head 6 homicide victims were of innocent white or Hispanic victims at the hands of black perps.

    * Four killed including a ten year old in a million dollar home for money.
    * One man killed when a deranged man, recently released from jail stabs him on Metro
    * One man killed as he stepped out of a cab, caught in crossfire.

    Then there are the garden variety sexual assaults, muggings and knockout game victims.

  49. FYI – Some writer named Stacy Patton is ‘tired of being your intellectual Nanny . . . tired of explaining racism and black rage.’ True to form, the linked facebook post does not explain racism or black rage but posits as undisputed fact ‘heinous attack against Black people at the hands of a White person’ are really a big problem at present. Reading the comments section apparently others among her readership have adopted the same definition of intellectual which now, apparently, means asserting as true things things all people supposedly know to be true. Not a fact inserted anywhere in the post.

    I don’t know whether the forceful assertion of unsupported claims combined with a similarly forceful assertion of possessing ‘intellect’ or ‘knowledge’ or ‘education’ for doing so is now a thing among black commenters, but I’ve noticed it more and more on the infrequent occasions when I subject myself to American TV. Thoughts anyone?

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  50. T-G Coates writing in The Atlantic: The Paranoid Style of American Policing

    When I was around 10 years old, my father confronted a young man who was said to be “crazy.” The young man was always too quick to want to fight. A foul in a game of 21 was an insult to his honor. A cross word was cause for a duel, and you never knew what that cross word might be. One day, the young man got into it with one of my older brother’s friends. The young man pulled a metal stake out of the ground (there was some work being done nearby) and began swinging it wildly in a threatening manner. My father, my mother, or my older brother—I don’t recall which—told the other boy to go inside of our house. My dad then came outside. I don’t really remember what my father said to the young man. Perhaps he said something like “Go home,” or maybe something like, “Son, it’s over.” I don’t really recall. But what I do recall is that my dad did not shoot and kill the young man.

    It will not do to note that 99 percent of the time the police mediate conflicts without killing people anymore than it will do for a restaurant to note that 99 percent of the time rats don’t run through the dining room. Nor will it do to point out that most black citizens are killed by other black citizens, not police officers, anymore than it will do to point out that most American citizens are killed by other American citizens, not terrorists. If officers cannot be expected to act any better than ordinary citizens, why call them in the first place? Why invest them with any more power?

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  51. Gentrification has been rampant in DC for years. Stepping up the violence seems like a black group strategy to maintain their dominance of the city by scaring the timid white hipsters and yuppies out.

    Personally I think all Federal employees, lobbyists, government contractors, and elected officials should be required to live in the worst ghettos in DC. And they shouldn’t be allowed to own guns either.

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  52. I don’t think that’s it. Many of these murders are over petty disputes or lack of impulse control. A fight or a crossword turns into cause to kill. Often times it will be folks that were friends just minutes before.

    Here are some stories about DC homicide victims. The family members paint a good picture of their slain loved ones but I don’t get drug kingpins from any of the victims featured.

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  53. You’ll never know. In vibrant places like Washington DC only about 50% of homicides are resolved.
    Those, of course are the ones where the wife is found still standing over body.
    The drive byes rarely are.

  54. Which doctors “hand out opioids like candy ” ? Chronic pain is criminally under treated in the US. Trying to get pain meds when you suffer from debilitating pain is next to impossible.

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  55. “Unwanted party guests” is a significant cause of homicides.

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  56. St. Louis was up sharply in the first 7 months of 2015 over the first 7 months of 2014 (i.e., Ferguson happened in early August 2014).

  57. says:
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    I find it hard to believe there are anything like 54% more ‘guns on the street’ in DC compared to 2014.

  58. The most deplorable one [AKA "Fourth doorman of the apocalypse"]
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    Trying to get pain meds when you suffer from debilitating pain is next to impossible.

    Tell me about it!

    The debilitating pain I experience from not living up the the stereotype that white males are the highest achievers in the world is driving me crazy and I just cannot get, ahhh, ‘medicinal’ relief.

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  59. The entire state of Utah recorded 63 homicides last year.

    The number is up from last year, but still small enough that the local press can catalog each one individually, including a synopsis of the circumstances and a photo of each victim:

    The total population of Utah is about 2.9 million.

    The total population of Chicago is about 2.7 million.

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  60. “And they shouldn’t be allowed to own guns either.” – I’ll take the opposite position: they should have to have guns and body cameras(but no bodyguards).

  61. “IF gun control works, why are homicides in Washington D.C. up 54% in 2015? Anybody?”

    Obviously because the guns are being brought in from outside.

    The answer is to do a full body search of anybody who enters Washington DC from Virginia or Maryland, every time they visit.

    That should do some good.

  62. I wonder if any of the increase in homicide rates has to do with release of prisoners who went to jail in the incarceration wave of the 1990s-early 2000s. You would think they would have aged out of crime, but who knows.

    2015 stats are not out yet, but the U.S. prison population peaked in 2009 and declined by about 3% over the five years from 2009-2014. Not much in absolute terms but homicide overall is a rare event so it doesn’t take too many killers back on the street to push it up.

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  63. Might be some revenge killings of ex-cons kicked out of prison by relatives of their victims.

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  64. The availability of carry permits is very much regional. Outside of the Northeast and California shall-issue concealed carry, which requires the government to show a reason they should not issue a permit rather than you demonstrating why you should be issued one, is the norm.

    Of course, most of the criminal knuckleheads don’t have carry permits because they very often have prior convictions that disqualify them, or are too young.

  65. says:
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    I have a different take on this. People who move to DC are chasing power and influence. People who want power are risk-takers, and they get more of a thrill from dancing on the edge of danger than the average person does. This sort of person is also more likely to use recreational drugs. You’ve a got a bunch of overconfident, monied whites in DC who want their kicks. This means the local drug business thrives and makes a ton of cash the more the city gentrifies–if you’re the last black drug dealer left standing. A monopoly is worth fighting for, plus you get all those extra perks if you’re the head of the local cartel and you enjoy hanging out with politicos at all their expensive parties.

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  66. In Rutland, VT, 2012, 1,000,000 oxycodone pills were prescribed in a town of 17,000 people. That’s 17 oxycodone pills for each resident. And that’s just one kind of pill.

  67. Nah

  68. In the august NYT article Murder Rates Rising Sharply in Many U.S. Cities there was this tidbit:

    Less debated is the sense among police officials that more young people are settling their disputes, including one started on Facebook, with guns.

    Capt. Mike Sack, a homicide commander in the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, cited killings there that had grown out of arguments over girlfriends, food and even characters on a TV show. “Most remarkable is that individuals get so upset over things that I or others might consider petty but resort to such a level of violence,” he said.

    In New Orleans, Michael S. Harrison, the police superintendent, said the city’s rise in homicides did not appear to reflect any increase in gang violence or robberies of strangers, but rather involved killings inside homes and cars by people who know their victims — particularly difficult crimes to predict or prevent.

    “That is not a situation that can be solved by policing,” Superintendent Harrison said. “It speaks to a culture of violence deeply ingrained into a community — a segment of the population where people are resolving their problems in a violent way.

    People often say most of the violence is gangs and the drug war. But I wonder what percent are just because the killers overreact to very small insults a normal person would just laugh at or walk away from. Are there any good statistics on the actual causes of homicidal disputes? “gang related” isn’t very descriptive.

  69. Well, she’s tired of explaining because no one really believes her, and it is starting to sink in.

    The comment section bothers her because people bring up points she can’t counter.

    She’s been conditioned all her life to believe that government can solve all racial problems if we just vote Liberal and fund the proper programs. She’s pretty much gotten her way, but things are not better by the expected degree, and she’s noticing.

  70. The 2015 murder rate is projected to be 14.6 percent higher than last year in the 30 largest cities,

    A year over year increase in the murder rate of 15% is SHOCKING. It is both comical and tragic how this is downplayed as “no big deal”.

  71. I’m visiting friends in Baltimore this week, and I just watched a news report on the official homicide stats for the city.

    344 homicides in 2015, for a 63% increase over 2014. 31% of these homicides are cleared; the national rate is 64%.

    Local news reporters offered no clues about this increase. During the New Year’s Eve festivities, the almost entirely white news people said nothing about the riots, preferring to say that Baltimore has a “clean slate” starting in 2016.

    I often watch local news broadcasts from Detroit; I think every station has at least 60% black news readers. Baltimore’s local stations seem mostly white.

    I was amused to note that a common practice in Detroit is also followed in Baltimore: ads for tv news that feature an attractive white female with a handsome, taller black man. What a coincidence.

  72. That’s a lot of friggin’ rape, yo.

  73. …that’s kind of anticlimactic. So he gives a speech… ok…

    Then what?

  74. says:
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    “People who want power are risk-takers, and they get more of a thrill from dancing on the edge of danger than the average person does.”

    Funny. Many don’t seem to head to the Motor City.

  75. Historically, working White men endured quite a bit of pain, and alcohol was the main pain reliever. Consider that quite late into the industrial age, a working man would be doing hard, nasty, dangerous jobs with significant injuries along the way in fishing, mining, agriculture, and manufacture. For example, famed gunwriter Elmer Keith, who helped push development of the .44 Magnum, used to carry a Colt Single Action Army while working the stock pen. Sometimes fairly docile cows and steers would get angry and try to crush him; not good given that they weigh over 1,000 pounds or so.

    Given that middle aged White men are often still active and doing things either at the gym or recreationally (surfing, skiing, rock climbing) or just plain working, at blue collar jobs, chronic pain is still poorly managed. That’s not counting those with significant surgeries, particularly bowel, or traumatic injuries like auto/motorcycle accidents that can cause significant pain due to permanent injuries for years onwards.

    Yes Medical Marijuana is a farce and the potheads a nuisance. But historically places like the tavern and saloon served the purpose of working man’s pain relief.

  76. says:
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    Since only about 25% of the homicides in Chicago are cleared in one way or another it’s hard to say how many multiple-murderers are out there on the loose. A gang enforcer might have a number of notches to his credit over a period of years. If we had the medical capabilities of the ’40′s the homicide rates everywhere would be much much higher than it is. Anyway, it’s all a black thing isn’t it? In Chicago there were 18 homicides in this past year of those classified as ‘white/other’, some of them being killed by blacks. The rate of stranger on stranger homicide where the perpetrator is white, which is what people are the most paranoid about, is pretty much close to zero; it happens but is more of an anomaly. So all this is about whites being concerned about the behavior of blacks, probably more than blacks themselves worry about it.

  77. says:
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    They know they’re losing the argument.

    In the past the media could censor the truth and make out that black people were always the victims but with the internet and camera phones – i’d say camera-phones in particular have been the clincher – the truth has managed to break through the media’s wall.

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  78. Seems to me there’s an obvious opening for Republicans to appeal to both the working class and the upper middle class by emphasizing safety, toughness on crime, etc. It seems so obvious. Yet I keep hearing Republicans are allying with Democrats on “criminal justice reform” – which seems to basically boil down to releasing dealers of hard drugs from prison. Is there something I’m missing here? We have the Democratic nominee appealing to the BlackCriminalsLivesMatter club and we have the Republican candidates nonexistent on this topic.

    • Replies:
  79. You wouldn’t want to commit the ultimate sin of Willie Horton campaigning. Of course, 1988 was the last time a GOP Presidential candidate reached 51% of the vote or higher, but it’s better to lose than to run on a popular issue.

    • Replies:
  80. says:
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    If officers cannot be expected to act any better than ordinary citizens, why call them in the first place?

    I think that’s a fair point but I’d say the difference between the incident with his dad and the average cop is how often they’ve been in such situations.

    A cop in a small town who deals with a situation like that say once every five years won’t be as affected as one who deals with it once a week. In the latter case the cop is rolling the dice every time and it will affect them – kinda like PTSD.

    Imo the solution is full employment combined with a hardcore criminal justice system (aka stealth eugenics). If the criminals become less psycho then the cops will.

    • Replies:
  81. says:
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    From what I’ve read, medical advances in trauma care and surgery following gunshot wounds mean that a large percentage of those who would have died 30 or 40 years ago now survive to live – severely disabled – lives.

    This is the only reason the murder rate has apparently not ‘shot-up’ in recent decades.

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  82. I do think guns are more common among juvenile delinquents than a couple of generations ago. You don’t hear much anymore about knives, like in West Side Story, and you never hear about homemade zip guns, suggesting that quality guns are more affordable today.

  83. I do think guns are more common among juvenile delinquents than a couple of generations ago. You don’t hear much anymore about knives, like in West Side Story, and you never hear about homemade zip guns, suggesting that quality guns are more affordable today.

  84. Means, motive, opportunity as they say for murder. I read that the British homicide rate was steady through the 20th century (probably steadily going up, but still…), except for the years 1945/46 when there was a big upward blip. The writer claimed, “this is not difficult to interpret. The hard men are back from army service in Italy, Burma, and have decided to settle a score before handing in their weapons.”

  85. says:
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    That list is full of hbd – not just the various ethnic/racial angles but
    - males as baby carers
    - non monogamy as a cause of violence
    - the percentage of the white homicide rate that is domestic murder suicide

    • Replies:
  86. If I recall certain stats properly, a criminal has more to fear from a citizen with a gun than a cop with a gun.

    Coates can muse about citizen police, but I don’t think he would really like the outcome.

    After a police shooting, we reliably get the talking head telling us that the police are trained; that they are professional; that they should be able to manage the situation and avoid a shooting; which just brazenly admits that they have to go against instinct and first judgement. Citizen police are going to go with instinct and first judgement.

  87. Which doctors “hand out opioids like candy ” ? Chronic pain is criminally under treated in the US. Trying to get pain meds when you suffer from debilitating pain is next to impossible.

    I had major surgery last summer and I expected that I would be begging for painkillers as I had heard about pain being undertreated in the U.S. for many years now. However, I was surprised, my Dr. was completely free with the juice, swapped the tylenol spiked stuff for the pure oxycodone/oxycontin when I complained a tiny bit and seemed completely willing to prescribe me as much as I wanted.

    I actually started/completed the process of weaning myself off the stuff on my own initiative – my Dr, who happens to be a very accomplished/respected, I’d say world class, surgeon, not some sleazy import in the hinterlands, gave me no pushback whatsoever or any urging to limit myself, etc. I had the impression I could have gone on for months refilling prescriptions, but gawd, that oxycodone stuff just does a number on you if you are at all tuned in on your body.

    My (anecdotal) experience, which was 180 degrees at odds with my expectation, caused me to do a little more reading on the subject and my opinion is that undertreatment of pain was indeed an issue in the past, but Drs. and the whole medical (and regulatory) apparatus has now caved to big pharma. I think the Drs. & regulators have been beaten over the head for years now about undertreatment of pain and are very sensitive to patients making this accusation like maybe employers are now about accusations of racism. I didn’t even hint at this, but it was my sense of the situation. Obviously only one data point, though, so ymmv.

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  88. According to Robert Muggah, the Canadian founder of the Igarapé Institute, 99% of violence in the United States is concentrated in 5% of street addresses.


  89. My vague impression was that the government did a switcheroo on painkillers around 2000. I read up on painkillers in 1997 when I had cancer. There were a lot of articles by respectable authorities saying opioids were too restricted at the time. My impression was that they sounded like the authorities and doctors were getting closed to switching to more liberal laws and practices.

  90. You ever been to Rutland?

  91. Steve Sailer writes about Liberal New Yorkers:

    ” who are more liberal about policing other cities than they are about their own.”

    Yes, and very well said.

    This is usually the case with most American liberals, especially with elite Jewish liberals and Leftists.

    Read the classic Tom Wolfe “Radical Chic” – where the quintessential New York Jewish liberals Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Bernstein give a fund raising party for the Black Panthers in their chic 5th Avenue apartment.

  92. I think blacks are very big on not being “dis-respected” which can be a look, or a word put wrong, and is now dealt with by guns. This is anecdotal I know, but from what I have read, most white guys would just ignore this kind of a*****e behavior (I know I would) and move on. Blacks are ready to kill each other over it.

    • Replies:
  93. says:
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    Most people who seek power do so as followers, toadies, and yes-men than as leaders, visionaries, or mavericks.

    They are a bunch of Keatings.

  94. agree with you about s&f.

    you would have trouble finding a legal seller of a working handgun for $100, if you did it would be an extreme off brand with a lot of wear and defects. then you need to account for the hassle and legal and safety risk of selling guns illegal one by one to black criminals.

    point is, no hoodrat is getting handguns for $100. $300 is about as low as it goes for that market.

    I admit that I have no real knowledge of how the black and grey market trade in firearms work, other than what I know about how the legitimate trade works. It could very well be that black/grey markets charge a premium, but I doubt it.

    Hi-Points generally go bang and are pretty cheap. Definitely way under $300. Kel-Tec makes a couple of 9mm pistols that retail under $250. I suppose that they’d all be cheaper used. But yes, I pulled $100 out of my arse as an extreme floor for older and used weapons. I definitely think the floor is well under $300.

    $300 is more what value full-size 9mms from Ruger, S&W, and Taurus retail for brand new.

    Since the problem is “profiling”, maybe the solution is stop and frisk for everyone, just like at the airport?

    Yup. But even this idea drives leftists up the wall. They’d rather have high violent crime rates.

    BTW: The Americans are so paranoid of Arabic names that every time they see it on a visitor’s passport – their pants get wet. My wife, a Canadian citizen for the last 40 years, has been questioned at US airports many times after 9/11. Why? because her name too sound like ‘Khalid’. G-d bless America!!

    Yes, poor poor you the grifter. It’s so much better being white in Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, etc.

  95. I just checked HandGunFinder for 9mms, and Hi-Points retail from $150 to $200 new. Kel-Tec PF-9s and P-11s have gone up, they start around $240. Cobra Patriots (looks like a P-11 or PF-9 clone to me) start at $260. Zastava M88s at $260. Taurus 709FS for $255. P64 Makarov for $230.

    • Replies:
  96. A quick check on SlickGuns:

    Couple of older deals:

    Century Zastava M88A 9mm $190 from Kentucky Gun Co
    ” $196 from Bud’s Gun Shop

    Current deal:

    Taurus 709 Slim 9mm 3″ barrel 7 Rnds – $199.99

    So yeah, I don’t think $100 is an unreasonable floor in a ghetto market. Gun’s got a beef, baby mama wants diaper money, etc., discount to $100 or $150 for a low-end gun, or even lower for a Hi-Point.

  97. Much is made about how camera phones have changed policing in the media. Not surprisingly little is made about how camera phones have open the eyes of many to the behavior of underclass blacks.

    Worldstarhiphop has probably done more to fuel the backlash towards the MSM’s spin on race than any conservative media outlet, including Drudge.

  98. What would also really help would be eugenics: Go on welfare, get sterilized–no more babies for you.

    Pretty sure, that proposal won’t be coming down from on high anytime soon.

  99. This story says 468.

    Chicago–and probably a lot of cities–mess with these figures. I read–i believe this story:

    about the CPD disappearing homicides to make the numbers and the trend line match the narrative.

    If they logged a 10%+ rise in homicides this year, i’d guess the real bump was probably worse but they kept it from being a scandalous, 500+, a peak year. Rahm has a rep to protect.

    • Replies:
  100. I haven’t crunched the numbers, but impressionistically there seems to be a large number of hispanic perps in those homicides. The native americans are punching above their demographic weight, too. The white Mormons are mostly doing domestic violence.

    • Replies: ,
  101. It doesn’t even have to be Willie Horton, though I have no problem with the Willie Horton type ads. most of the people being killed in these cities are black. Republicans can actually make the claim that Democrats are costing black lives with their weak on crime policies, while of course Republicans wink to suburban whites that it’s really about their votes. If Republicans really don’t care about winning then we need a new party.

  102. Most doctors I’ve ever seen seemed more interested in peddling drugs than anything else.

  103. Agreed.

  104. Why are all these smart guys worried about even smarter AI?

  105. According to the FBI uniform crime reports property crime is going up in DC:

    Per 100K:

    2010 – 4,779

    2012 – 4,861

    2014 – 5,183

    These are rates per one hundred thousand inhabitants. In 2014 there were a total of 34,147 reports of property crime and 8,200 for violent crime. Property crime is burglary, larceny-theft, vehicle theft and in general quality of life issues affecting whites rather than murder which is mostly blacks killing each other.

    This must be disheartening to gentrifiers status-marking hater, bigot, racists.

  106. actually, i’d bet on handling over horsepower, in a car race. unless its a drag strip which isn’t really racing

  107. No doubt about it, and I can even give you an even slightly lower tech example of what you be sayin’.

    In 1973 you could be riding down the interstate and observe cars next to you in the adjacent lane. It was not all that unusual for you to observe the occupants of all stripes (driver included) to toast you with a glass/bottle/can of whatever adult beverage or be passing a joint around the smoke shrouded interior of the car. By the time bag sail foams and console mounted sail foams (sans photo/smart phone technology) came around in a fairly big way, you ceased seeing this.

    Sail foams are a prosecutor’s nightmare. They (prosecutors) might have to work.

  108. Those are the legal market prices. In the black market they’ll usually be selling stolen guns that have an acquisition cost of about zero for the seller. Stolen guns are harder to sell in the legal market since there’s a chance the SN has been reported, so they circulate in the secondary market, usually away from enthusiasts.

    The most common black market for guns is a branch of the drug trade. An addict steals a gun, and trades it to his dealer for – typically – six “dime rocks” of crack cocaine. That sets the buying price of a stolen “street gun” in a “police caliber” at whatever six small rocks of crack cost the dealer.

    On the selling end, a 9mm, 10mm, 40 S&W, or .45 ACP pistol, one of the typical “police caliber” pistols, seems to be priced between $140 and $150 in most areas across the United States. …

    Stolen small caliber weapons such as .22’s, .25’s, and .32’s bring less and sell for less. I recently posted about a 17 year old Milwaukee drug dealer/pot peddler who bought a .22 for $75.00 and used it to kill a 16 year old who tried to rob her. That seems to be typical for handguns that are smaller than the police calibers.

    An early Colt Government with 60 percent of its original finish would bring $150 on the street – and more than $1,200 at a gun show.

  109. That’s the experience in Massachusetts. Of the top 10 cities for violent crime in the Commonwealth, 7 are in the top 10 for percentage of Hispanics; the top 5 for violence are the top 5 for Hispanics.

    Our blacks obviously have to step up their game!

  110. says:
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    Yeah, that was my take also.

  111. says:
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    If homicides are soaring because the police are holding back then overall crime falling will only be because it’s just not being recorded because the police are ignoring certain areas.

  112. says:
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    I come from a background where the white guys were like that too

    “are you looking at my girlfriend!!!!”

    but they generally just use their fists. That’s the big difference imo – the percentage who’s first thought it to reach for a weapon. In my experience it’s a minority among all groups but the black percentage is much higher than the white percentage (except in Glasgow).

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