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"Swedish PM Asks Arsonists 'What the Heck Are You Doing?'"
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From The Guardian:

Swedish PM asks arsonists ‘what the heck are you doing?’ setting fire to cars

Stefan Lofven says he is ‘mad’ that dozens of cars were set alight in Gothenburg and Trollhattan

Associated Press in Copenhagen

Tue 14 Aug 2018 05.24 EDT

Masked young people torched dozens of cars overnight in Sweden and threw rocks at police, prompting an angry response from the prime minister, who asked “what the heck are you doing?”

Police spokesman Hans Lippens said initial reports indicated that about 80 cars were set ablaze overnight, chiefly in Sweden’s second largest city, Gothenburg, and nearby Trollhattan, an industrial city.

Fires were also reported on a smaller scale in Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city. …

Lippens added that because the fires started within a short period of time, “we cannot exclude that there is a connection between the blazes”.

Swedish prime minister Stefan Lofven lashed out at the perpetrators, asking them “what the heck are you doing?” …

In an interview on Swedish radio, he said he was “really getting mad” …

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  1. Reads like an article in The Onion.

  2. Anon[712] • Disclaimer says:

    Imagine! Don’t they know to stick to the no-go zones? At least the manpower freed up from depolicing those areas can now be reassigned to Gothenburg.

  3. Big Bill says:

    What kind of arson is easiest to do without being detected? What kind of arson has the largest reward/risk ratio? Forest fires or car fires? How many cameras are watching parking lots? How many cameras are watching forested wilderness? How soon after a fire is started does anyone notice it? How long does it take firetrucks to get there?

    Sweden is experiencing its worst forest fires in recorded history. California is approaching the same record.

    If it hasn’t dawned on devout Muslims yet, I expect it will.

  4. LOL! He’s just pretending to be mad because there’s an election coming up.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Fredrik
  5. “Aw, what the Christ!”

    Truly the Jerry Lundegaard of modern politics.

  6. @MikeatMikedotMike

    What doesn’t these days? At least a dozen times recently I opened one of Steve’s posts thinking that the headline must be a parody of some sort, only to find it was perfectly straight from the New York Times or whatever.

    • Agree: res, reiner Tor
  7. Jake says:

    White Liberals who are focused on non-white race as the VICTIM that must be raised up no matter the cost are the most stupid human beings on earth, due not to IQ but ideology.

    • Replies: @Anon
  8. Anon[383] • Disclaimer says:

    *shakes head*

    Those crazy kids with the matches

    • Replies: @El Dato
  9. Natural consequences.

    I love natural consequences.

  10. Clyde says:

    Can’t he dig up a few Koran quotes to throw at the arsonists? To shame them? From France you hear of car burning, but never Germany? So it seems. France is the home of Muslim African car torchings.

  11. 22pp22 says:

    The article concludes by saying no arrests have been made.

  12. Anonym says:

    Dumbass Swedes. Your people and politicians are a laughing stock.

    There are 8M ethnic Swedes in Sweden. A very similar population size to the Jewish ethnicity.

    Here’s what the Aliyah-making Barbara Lerner Spectre has to say about this tiny Swedish population. She and her people are part of these fiery throes that must take place you stupid Swedes!

    Be careful though, Detective Lofven is on the case and might connect the dots! If he gets mad he might write you a strong letter!

  13. neutral says:

    “Swedish” arsonist asks “why the heck should I care what this PM says”.

  14. theMann says:

    “Masked young people torched dozens of cars overnight in Sweden and threw rocks at police, prompting an angry response from the prime minister, who asked “what the heck are you doing?””

    Uhm, they are burning your cars, dumbass. They are going to be burning your homes next. Might want to do something about that.

  15. “really getting mad”

    reminds me of a canadian riot:

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  16. AndrewR says:

    1018 AD: Viking raiders swarm over much of Europe, raping, killing and plundering all in their paths.

    2018: Vikings’ descendents welcome hostile foreigners into their mix, then respond to mass arson not with swift and deadly force but watered-down cussing.

    • Replies: @TelfoedJohn
  17. kissinger says:

    In an interview on Swedish radio, he said he was “really getting mad” …

    What are you gonna do, bleed on arsonists?

  18. Anon[233] • Disclaimer says:

    I think the phrase you’re looking for is “High IQ Idiot” (HIQI)

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @European-American
  19. jim jones says:

    I heard he said “fuck” and not “heck”

  20. @Big Bill

    “Sweden is experiencing its worst forest fires in recorded history. California is approaching the same record.

    If it hasn’t dawned on devout Muslims yet, I expect it will.”

    Maybe it has.

  21. DFH says:

    Much of Swedish media is also controlled by the Jewish Bonnier family

    • Replies: @kissinger
    , @Rosamond Vincy
  22. Mr. Anon says:

    Kids do the darndest things!

    Sweden has another problem besides Car-B-Ques.

    It’s time to have a conversation………………..about hand grenades:

  23. “what the heck are you doing?”

    Rehearsals, sir, we’re just doing dry runs to check things like response time and security monitoring…

  24. Pericles says:

    In fairness, it should be more properly translated as “What the hell are you doing”. (Or more literally “what the devil are you doing”, but that makes you think of some stuffy admiral, doesn’t it? Which wouldn’t give the correct impression.) So, a forceful expression made by the PM. Alas, I for one would have wanted a bit more of forceful actual action.

    It hasn’t been a good summer for the police. Imprisoned murderer escaped while being transported by fooling the staff, no trace of him since then. Crown jewels heist, no trace of the perps. And now this, with an utterly feeble response so far.

    Finally something I’m sure will be appreciated here: I have seen at least one serious Swedish political blogger blame the car burnings on shadowy forces, such as, oh I don’t know, the Russians. Well … yeah, who else could it be?

    General election on September 9th.

    • Replies: @Anonymous Bosch
    , @Fredrik
  25. Rocks Off says:

    The PM said in Swedish ” Vad fan håller ni på med?”. The word “fan” is a swear word in Swedish that literally means the devil but is much stronger in meaning. It is certainly stronger than “heck”. Probably closer to “hell” than “fuck” but “fan” is strong enough that it would not typically be used on Swedish TV for example.

    Of course with an election coming up in a month and with current polls showing immigrant-skeptic Sverigedemokraterna (SD) leading, what Stefan Löfven, leader of the immigrant-philic Socialdemokraterna (S), was really asking his young Muslim youth is: “why are you helping SD in the coming election?”

  26. Anonymous[310] • Disclaimer says:

    The (imported) trolls are running amok in Trollhatten.

    Strangely enough, certain folklorists and ethnologists aver that the original ‘trolls’ were a short dark ugly rather unpleasant race of people who were the original inhabitants of Scandinavia before being ejected by the big, blond, beautiful Nordic types.

  27. Anonymous[310] • Disclaimer says:

    Rugby is the town, of course, (or rather public school) with which we have to credit the ball game of that name – and ultimately, of course, so called ‘American Football’.

    The game was dreamt up by schoolmasters, ironically enough, to channel the natural boisterousness and aggression of adolescent boys.

  28. AndrewR says:

    OT: that dude in FL who sat his ground after an angry young vibrant gave him a full-force shove for asking Mrs. Vibrant if she had a handicapped parking permit has been arrested and will be charged with manslaughter…

    I haven’t seen much, if any, talk on here about that case, and I think a reasonable case could be made either way, but what I find interesting is how polarizing this incident is. The WOKE interpretation is that this was an evil privileged WHITE MAN AMMOSEXUAL who was just WAITING for the chance to kill him an INNOCENT MAN OF COLOR! Of course, what actually happened was a wee bit more complex than that. Watch this turn into the next cause celebré of the fringe coalition.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  29. Anonymous[547] • Disclaimer says:

    Here is the text to Fraser Anning’s maiden speech. It is Enochian.;query=Id%3A”chamber%2Fhansards%2F3cee6e8f-15b4-468c-91dd-05ded6631e43%2F0136″

    Fraser Anning;
    -makes reference to the foundation of Australia by the British, and the common threads of inherited identity that run through its people.
    -reaffirms the greatness of the White Australia Policy
    -names Gramsci, cultural Marxists and political correctness as the cause of the decay of the Australian nation
    -ridicules infinite number of gender theory
    -wants to reduce immigration levels and restrict entry to those who will best assimilate
    -wants to restore free speech
    -wants to counter the threat of China
    -wants to take back our culture from left-wing extremists
    -wants to abolish 457 visas
    -states that ethnocultural diversity is a bad thing
    -would reduce student visas drastically
    -takes aim at Muslims as least assimilable – “no stronger retrograde force in the world”
    -labels so-called “asylum seekers” ‘welfare seekers”
    -trolls (((people))) with “the final solution ot the immigration problem” as a popular vote.
    -recommends a pro-business partnership between pro-business unions and business leaders as per post ww2 Germany
    -wants to reduce welfare, especially among working age people
    -wants to see a cultural counter-revolution to restore a central role for traditional values. In particular, he wants “a cultural reconquest of our own country to take back Australia from gramsci-inspired left-wing elites that have suberted the very basis for our society.”
    -states that “ethnicity is not just skin deep”
    -targets the institutions, political organisations and the media as being under the stranglehold of the gramsci-ite elites.

    It is the Antipodean rhetorical cannon shot that will be heard around the world.

    • Replies: @snorlax
    , @Reg Cæsar
  30. I give up. White people are so pathetic and disgusting. They can’t rustle up a slight majority, if even that, to stop their own physical and cultural rape, murder, and replacement.

    Only a handful of eastern bloc countries can even get 60% to vote to stop it.

    I blame the “moderate” suburban fucks who vote for immigrationist candidates of either party. They are a disgrace to their parents and grandparents.

  31. The Greek fires that killed 70, 80 or more, it was arson. And so I go to Muslims. They have discovered fire. We don’t have more global warming fires, we have more SET fires. But then, we can’t waste a good tragedy.

  32. @Pericles

    > “Finally something I’m sure will be appreciated here: I have seen at least one serious Swedish political blogger blame the car burnings on shadowy forces, such as, oh I don’t know, the Russians.”

    The Swedish government has been stoking fear of an imminent Russian invasion for some time now; not long ago, it distributed booklets to the entire population with instructions about how to resist invaders (Russians, not Muslims) by all means necessary. I guess they concluded that conjuring an external threat is the best way to divert attention away from the very real internal one.

  33. Maciano says:


    A Manhattan for trolls.

  34. Tweets from 2015:

  35. kissinger says:

    Oh, please. Most Swedish elites are not jewish. Most Swedes want to take in “refugees.” Stop denying agency of the Swedes & blaming everything on superhuman jews.

  36. “what the heck are you doing?”

    Feeling alienated due to the inherent racism in Sweden and responding to the lack of community centers in our neighbourhood, PM. Duh!

    Question is: What are you gonna do about it before it happens again? (Maybe happens again of course this isn’t a threat or anything.)

  37. There are plenty of Swedes who are fighting for their future by fighting back against the globalizers mass immigration invasion plot.

    This Swedish guy, Henrik Palmgren, seems to have his head screwed on right.

    Palmgren accurately says the Swedish ruling class is using mass immigration as a demographic weapon to attack the Swedish people.

    Palmgren says the Swedish ruling class wants to make Swedes “genetically extinct.”

  38. Back in the 1980s, conservative publications like National Review liked to mock Swedish socialism for its high taxes and suffocating nanny-statism. But Sweden then had a pretty good thing going and its homogeneous population seemed to be content with the system. But somehow, this wasn’t good enough for the left-most element of the Swedish society. They had to introduce hostile, unassimilable ethnic minorities to shake things up. Did they really think these people would fit in and become like everyone else? Or did they feel the need to have a groupon whom they could demonstrate their virtue, as in Lawrence Auster’s Tripartite Theory of Liberalism? QUOTE:

    Liberal society denies the existence and/or importance of substantive human differences, and forbids acts of discrimination based on them. It comprehensively trains its citizens to be non-discriminatory, with the result that the only legitimate basis of discrimination among them is how non-discriminatory they are. However, in being reconstructed according to this single standard of non-discrimination, the members of liberal society becomes ever-more homogeneous, with their respective regional, ethnic, cultural, and moral differences being progressively leached out. As a result, the liberal citizens can no longer serve as objects of the non-discrimination that is the very purpose and function of liberal society. A steady infusion of non-liberal, non-assimilated people is needed. We thus arrive at our present system of mass nonwhite immigration, multiculturalism, racial preferences for minorities, the symbolic celebration of minorities, the covering up of black-on-white violence, and antiracism crusades directed exclusively at whites. Under this system, whites practice assiduous non-discrimination toward the unassimilated, alien, or criminal behavior of racial minorities, while practicing the most assiduous discrimination against their fellow whites for the slightest failure to be non-discriminatory.

    Is this too complicated? Is it simply the leftists’ need to push, push, push against every remaining vestige of common sense, normalcy, and order until they bring about complete anarchy? I see evidence of this last motivation all around me.

  39. Sweden And The United States Are Under Attack From Mass Immigration:

  40. Tulip says:

    Swedes are fine, but we will never forget the day that the Saxon began to say “what the heck are you doing?”

  41. Swedish Lutherans Are Pouring REFUGEE OVERLOAD Into The United States.

    Swedish Lutherans Are Pouring REFUGEE OVERLOAD Into New Hampshire

  42. Was it to quote the Clash a “White Riot?”:)


    I hereby demand a Nimrod-themed blog post from Steve Sailer:

    • Replies: @Bill B.
    , @Pericles
  44. EH says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    Brilliant. I’ve never seen it summed up so well. Saved to disk.

  45. anonymous[207] • Disclaimer says:

    Masked young people torched dozens of cars overnight in Sweden and threw rocks at police, prompting an angry response from the prime minister, who asked “what the heck are you doing?”

    They should have answered: “Setting fire to cars. What, are you blind?!!”

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  46. Rob McX says:

    “What the heck are you doing?” is what any sane person would have said to the politicians who thought importing millions of these car-burning aliens was a good idea.

  47. notanon says:
    @Big Bill

    they’re not trying to cause maximum damage – they’re marking their territory

    this drives out native swedes on the borders of the no-go zones which is how they expand – the riots create lebensraum.

    eventually, when the ratio of young men in the 18-30 age range in the major cities hits a tipping point it will flip from this low-level ethnic conflict over street-space to a full-on civil war.

    the only question is whether it will be France or Sweden first.

  48. Forbes says:
    @Hawaii Schiavo

    Tersely-worded letter of complaint to follow.

    PM Lofven: “Someone get me an address!”

  49. @AndrewR

    Vikings were the ones who conquered foreign lands. The milder types stayed at home.

    Closer to our time, I read recently (can’t find source) that areas in Sweden where people emigrated to to America were more psychologically passive, because the more adventurous types had left.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  50. @Harry Baldwin

    Is this too complicated? Is it simply the leftists’ need to push, push, push against every remaining vestige of common sense, normalcy, and order until they bring about complete anarchy? I see evidence of this last motivation all around me.

    Auster makes great sense, but I try to think logically and that may be the wrong way to think of these commie freaks. I’ve noticed that the most rabid leftists I’ve known are also the most disorganized and vile people. I could share some anecdotes but Steve would whim my comment. Suffice it to say I’ve never known of a conservative having relations with animals.

    These are people who are too homely, fat, stupid, old, sexually deviant, addicted, and hygienically challenged to feel at home in our (former) Western culture. Burning it to the ground and surrounding themselves with cannibals, street shitters, child sacrificers, and woman beaters allows them to feel more at ease. There is something deeply wrong with these people, something that cannot be fixed, and they’re the “base” of the commie movement. Auster’s description applies to the borderline population that might otherwise just swallow their discomfort over being fat for example (without the other pathologies) but who can be swayed to hate the “normies” instead.

    More and more, with each new NYT article, it becomes clearer that this is a contest of Circus Freaks vs Normal. Now we are told we must emulate the New World equivalents of the Andamanese:

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  51. @Harry Baldwin

    Back in the 1980s, conservative publications like National Review liked to mock Swedish socialism for its high taxes and suffocating nanny-statism.

    Yes but across the Anglosphere, Conservatism Inc. made sure to say as little as possible against exotic immigration. If forced, they would have said Europe needed to follow in the footsteps of America’s Ellis Island success story.

    The Anglospherical liberal model is what brought V.S. Naipaul’s ancestors to Trinidad, Camille Paglia’s ancestors to Endicott, NY and Lee Kuan Yew’s ancestors to Singapore, so why wouldn’t it work in Europe? Our dear friend Enoch Powell simply doesn’t see the big picture!

    Is it simply the leftists’ need to push, push, push against every remaining vestige of common sense, normalcy, and order until they bring about complete anarchy? I see evidence of this last motivation all around me.

    Yes, the left is driven by its passions and resentments far more than the right. Increasingly, what they do isn’t driven by ideology, it’s driven by base human motives that have always existed. That being said, they’re lashing out at the targets selected by Hollywood and their globalist schoolteachers.

  52. Anon[712] • Disclaimer says:


    Oh, good lord.

    Swim Caps Are Keeping Black Women Out of Pools

    Their limited design is yet another contributor to America’s racial disparities in swimming.

    And it’s wypipo’s fault. Becky is behind it.

    Swim caps aren’t designed to protect common hairstyles among black women, adding yet another barrier to their participation in swimming, kayaking, water polo, diving, and other aquatic activities. “It’s an epidemic,” Singleton says of their exclusion.

    This seems to be a weird urban legend among black people, that swim caps keep white people’s hair dry, but not black people’s. Kind of like the idea that all white people sail in regatas and go on European tours in the summer.

    You cannot get a modern rubber or silicome swim cap on your head if your hair is dry. They teach you this in swimming lessons. You take a brief shower, including wetting your hair, then you fill up the cap with water, and then quickly empty it on your head as you pull the cap on (the water stretches it a bit).

    The PanPacs were just on television, and you can see the athletes doing this in the pool sometimes.

    I guess the world has to be redesigned around black fingernails and black hair. Atlantic, when can we expect the Keyboards are Racist article?

  53. Lagertha says:
    @Tim Howells

    What doesn’t these days?


    Commenting on the downfall of Somalia of the North is moot. However, here is another crazy-but-real story, albeit OT:
    Check out their mug shots! Female villains hiding in leafy Connecticut who are craftier than car-b-que “Swedes,” -and, since they are the vilified race, this will be on every network tonight! with some luck, maybe they are connected to Russia!

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  54. Thomas says:

    Sweden has a city named “Trollhattan?”

    • Replies: @Anon
  55. notanon says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    Is this too complicated?

    yes – it’s not just liberals; there is active manipulation involved as well so any attempt to just make it about liberals will necessarily get convoluted.

    there are

    1) groups who want to turn white nations into minorities for divide and rule reasons
    2) groups who want cheaper labor
    3) actual liberals

    the first two groups use media/academia to create a false narrative designed to manipulate the liberal moral foundation (i.e. their focus on fairness and harm to the exclusion of other values)

    • Agree: Desiderius
  56. Anon[296] • Disclaimer says:

    Hey PM, what the heck are you doing handing Sweden over to foreign invaders?

  57. Anon[296] • Disclaimer says:

    Carsonism from Paris to Malmo.

    Europeans make cars. Africans burn cars.

  58. Anon[296] • Disclaimer says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    But somehow, this wasn’t good enough for the left-most element of the Swedish society. They had to introduce hostile, unassimilable ethnic minorities to shake things up.

    Globe culture sent memos to all elites and media to spread the mantra DIOS or diverisityisourstrength.

    Looks like ‘Diversity is our death’.

  59. Lagertha says:

    Your piece on Spectre is exactly why there is no point in commenting about Sweden’s looming fall. Sweden has so many parallel-cultures (all Muslim) clustered in huge housing complexes & communities (talk about being monolithic!) around most cities, now. Swedish police forces can no longer control anything, and the crime and destructive behavior is growing. And, because this monstrous woman, and all of the EU bureaucrats are unwilling to explain to the Nordic countries, and all of Europe, why they must accept multiculturalism; where the benefit is, then it is simply, too late- there will be misery when Sweden collapses. It is so creepy how she admits that Jews are going to be running things!

    Muslims will not integrate with centuries old cultures like Sweden…and the false narrative that Swedes are inherently racist is the acceptable excuse thrown around by leftist Swedes. It almost must come down to enough children & women of liberals/wealthy people to be raped and murdered until they wake up. But, I’ve said that before: there will be no safe-zone for elites in a dystopian world. There will not be many men (white) left, to turn the lights on, fix the plumbing, restore the drinking water, fix the cars, put the fires out, not to mention, protect your house, life, etc. Some day, women will miss the Patriarchy!

    In the last 40 years, I have seen many Chinese, Nepalese, Indian, Bolivian (Yes!), African, Iranian, etc., people integrate and thrive in Nordic lands – most came alone, with their families or spouse, under no “official” immigration settlement plan/organization, and, they waited for years for citizenship. What Germany did with guestworkers in the 50′s-60′s was their choice. And, as no one is willing to answer the question, why?, I see nothing but destruction and environmental degradation, misery.

  60. • Replies: @Jack D
    , @donut
  61. @DFH

    Do they think they won’t be next? Look at France!

  62. A google-image shows exactly what you might expect.

  63. @Anonym

    As a mental exercise, think of all the other reasons Sweden is doing what it does. It’s easy to just yell “it’s the Jews!” and leave it at that. Ironically, that’s exactly what the people in power would prefer that their opponents do. Look at how often they like to accuse reformers and rivals of anti-Semitism, even when there’s no evidence to support the claim.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
    , @Anonym
  64. backup says:

    I read a response from a Swedish reporter to a Dutch reporter which explained it was used to terrorize the population in order for them not to call cops on unrelated gang related crimes:

  65. Anon[277] • Disclaimer says:

    That must be the borough where Counter-Currents has their swanky offices.

  66. @Big Bill

    I’ve been waiting for muslims to clue in on this for years. Max damage, minimal personal threat.

  67. backup says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    Whites in Scandinavian countries have a near replacement reproduction rate. Like France.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  68. George says:

    ‘What the Heck Are You Doing?’

    My best guess, protection racket or extortion.

    “Masked young people ” How do they know that. My guess, professional organized criminals, not bored teenagers.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  69. Art Deco says:

    He’s asking an academic question when he should be making plans. Let academics ask those questions. Next time, you send in riot police with firehoses and live ammo. Spray rioters with water colored with indelible ink, round of the green and orange-colored yutes, march ‘em in front of a magistrate, and put them in prison for a year after you’ve given them some strokes with a rattan cane in the Maalmo town square. And if you have to cure someone with a dose of lead, do it. When their release from prison is imminent, haul them in front of a magistrate (if they were born abroad) and have the deported upon release. You’ll have much less trouble with yutes going forward. Of couse, the Swedish authorities would never do any such thing. It would require diverting manpower from the urgent task of seizing the children of people who spank their children or homeschool them.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  70. @Harry Baldwin

    NR wasn’t mocking them for enough reasons apparently. All that socialism and nanny-statism wasn’t “a good thing going” unless they brought in more objects of pity to bathe in the welfare state. Every step to the left leads to more marching to the left.

  71. Jack D says:

    At least he didn’t call her a monkey or else they would have to cancel his show.

    Oh, wait, they can’t cancel his show – he was elected by the people of the United States to serve for 4 years. This is what really drives the left nuts because they are so used to being able to instantly unperson anyone who has slipped up. One word and you are out. But Trump says one word and then another and another and nothing ever happens to him.

    Imagine the shock when the Hillary people unleashed Pussygate and it didn’t work. The expression on their face must have been like the bad guys when they would shoot Superman point blank and he would just stand there with his chest out. And then he would grab their guns and twist the barrel into a pretzel.

    Or maybe it was Machado. Machado was going to cause Trump to “self destruct” – he called a woman fat. This is unpardonable – not one single woman in America could ever vote for such a monster. Trump would melt like the Wicked Witch of the West. He would self-destruct. Except he didn’t.

    But every day they try again and again even though the election is over – hope is evergreen.

    • Replies: @Ibound1
    , @Achmed E. Newman
  72. @I, commenter

    Were you intending to embed a video there?

    You reminded me of this famous Canadian car chase:

  73. … we cannot exclude that there is a connection between the blazes.

    Yeah, as a pundit, I may be able to help here. I’ve uncovered 3 factors in the connection between the blazes:

    1) Fuel
    2) Oxygen
    3) High Temperature

    Yes, as a matter of fact, I was a Boy Scout, and yes, I’ve set a few (other kid’s) forts and a fence on fire back in the day. Why do you ask? But we didn’t go yelling Ahlalu Akbar while doing it – we just ran like hell.

  74. @Harry Baldwin

    By way of (welcome) contrast, read this recent speech by Viktor Orban (h/t/ poster utu for dropping this link in another thread):

    A man and a people not lying down for this stuff.

    • Replies: @Romanian
  75. Anon[270] • Disclaimer says: • Website
    @Tim Howells

    From slash-and-burn to slash-tires-and-burn-cars.

  76. “Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!”

  77. “…Trollhättan, an industrial city.”

    At least it was, until the Swedish government, unlike ours, expressed its unwillingness to take any steps to prop up divisions of General Motors, let alone buying them outright.

    • Replies: @Lot
  78. Here are the quotes from the Guardian article that deal with identifying the perpetrators:

    “… shootings and grenade attacks, largely in deprived areas with large concentrations of immigrants.”
    “…masked youths wearing black had set light to about 60 cars…”
    “…suspected a link between Monday night’s unrest … and the large number of arrests of criminal gang members…”
    “…pattern of young people setting fire to cars…”
    “Arson attacks on cars and schools in Stockholm in May 2013 were fuelled by anger among second-generation immigrants at their perceived second-class status in Swedish society.”
    ” The coordinated nature of the attacks made some suspect an attempt by the far right to whip up anti-immigrant sentiment ahead of the election…”
    “… recent concerns have focused on deadly shootings and grenade attacks among drug gangs.”

    We hear a lot about youths/young people and also criminal/drug gang members. How many of these youths or gang members look like they could be descended from Vikings? If all or almost all of the arson, shootings, and grenade attacks are being perpetrated by immigrants, then the Guardian is deliberately misleading its readers.

    Presumably, the Guardian doesn’t think it can get away without mentioning immigrant involvement at all. We are told that the violence happens in areas with a lot of immigrants but it is not directly stated that immigrants are the perpetrators. Some arson attacks were fueled by anger at the immigrants’ treatment. Again, we are not told directly that the immigrants are responsible. If they are, it is mostly society’s fault for the immigrants’s second class status (in a Swedish society that they had no hand in creating but that they are now destroying).

    Of course, its probably not the immigrants at all. It is likely the far right (white guys) doing all of this to make the immigrants look bad. We always hear about backlash and Steve explained “frontlash” to us. This is breaking new ground. What do we call it when whitey is responsible not only for the backlash/frontlash but for the terrorism that causes it?

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  79. @backup

    Whites in Scandinavian countries have a near replacement reproduction rate. Like France.

    France is rather spacious by European standards, and Scandinavia (other than Denmark) still mostly empty.

    Ten states are more densely populated than France, including Pennsylvania and Ohio. Sweden is as dense as Colorado, Finland as Maine or Oregon.

    Forty-one states are denser than Norway, and only Alaska is sparser than is Iceland.

    Denmark, for those interested, would be the 9th-densest state, just above Pennsylvania, but with more elbow room than Florida. Yes, Florida.

    • Replies: @bomag
  80. About the right to access Swedish nature

    Allemansrätten, the Swedish right to roam the countryside, is guaranteed by the constitution

    This is the Right of Public Access

    From the last link:

    The Right of Public Access is a unique right to roam freely in the countryside. But with this right come responsibilities – to take care of nature and wildlife and to show consideration for landowners and for other people enjoying the countryside. The Swedish EPA sums up the Right of Public Access in the phrase ‘Don’t disturb – Don’t destroy.’

  81. Bill B. says:
    @Big Bill

    Sweden is experiencing its worst forest fires in recorded history. California is approaching the same record.
    If it hasn’t dawned on devout Muslims yet, I expect it will.

    It has – at least a decade ago. Isis called for forest fires, naming Montana in particular, several years ago. Experts have argued that forest fires weren’t considered sexy enough by Jihadis seeking glory but that can presumably change if they are seen as creating true mayhem.

    The recent fires in Greece were suspicious and some in Australia have looked to be deliberately started.

    ‘In America, there are more houses built in the countryside than in the cities,’ explained the writer known as The AQ Chef according to ABC News.
    ‘It is difficult to choose a better place than in the valleys of Montana.’
    Reveling in the unsubstantiated claim that forest fires in Australia in December 2002, unleashed a heat energy equal to that of 23 nuclear bombs, the new edition of ‘Inspire’ wants the same destructive force unleashed on America.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @notanon
  82. Dtbb says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    I think we need a “Common Sense Party”. Any takers?

  83. Kylie says:
    @Big Bill

    “What kind of arson has the largest reward/risk ratio? Forest fires or car fires?”

    I don’t think Muslims will be starting forest fires anytime soon. The reward/risk ratio would favor forest fires over “carbeques”. But analysing the situation that way is more a Western mode of thought.

    I’m no scholar of Islam, the Koran and the rest of that rubbish. But it seems to me that Muslims are very thin-skinned and inclined to take things very personally, not to mention spiteful, envious and vindictive in an almost womanish way. A car is a representation of its owner, of Western hegemony and materialism. Burning cars has what must be to Muslims a very satisfying sense of damage immediately and personally inflicted. I can’t see Muslims relishing setting vast numbers of leaves on sticks in quite the same way.

    • Replies: @Anonym
    , @Anonymous
  84. bomag says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Well, you have to consider how much is “good” land.

    Florida has a lot of relatively “good” land compared to Sweden, where the northern climates are more difficult to live in.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @snag
  85. El Dato says:

    Meanwhile Facebook Facebook Facebook (hold on… 666? Everyone will be marked with the Facebook Button? Sounds about right.)

    RT writes Facebook’s anonymous censors take down Latin America’s Telesur, and nothing can stop them

    In the age of the social warrior there is very little which isn’t regarded as obscene or hateful by someone. I’m pretty sure someone out there thinks cat videos are simply the latest stage of the patriarchal exploitation of our feline friends who have already suffered a loss of agency from the degradation and sexual exploitation of the term pussy. But let me tell you now, Facebook is not going to be banning cat videos anytime soon.

  86. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    The survey about blacks and fistfights comports well with the KO Game. If blacks feel they can whup butts, they are more prone to act like this.

    For a nation that is so obsessed with black domination in sports, it’s truly amazing how everyone, willfully or not, fails to connect the dots. If blacks beat whites in boxing and football, they also do in schools, streets, buses, and fairs.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @J.Ross
  87. El Dato says:

    Sweden: “No Fun Allowed”

  88. Bill B. says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    I thought the Auster quote extremely good.

  89. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    I think the phrase you’re looking for is “High IQ Idiot” (HIQI)


  90. Bill B. says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    Ronell is not exactly babe-of-the-month.

    (I assume this is her. There can’t be two right?)

  91. El Dato says:
    @Big Bill

    Sounds more like the latest meme on climate change denial, now with muslim slant.

    You know, Sweden heatwave: hottest July in (at least) 260 years

    Gee, could be related to wildfires. I dunno. Maybe.

  92. Fredrik says:
    @Tim Howells

    Not really true. He’s mad because he’s about to lose the election.

  93. Fredrik says:

    Apparently lots of people want to believe it’s the Russians. I’m sure even they understand who was behind this. In my social network there was talk about Sweden Democrat election workers doing their thing.

    Interestingly several colleagues came very close to coming out as Jimmie-voters today. I’m somewhat optimistic we’ll something unprecedented in September…

    • Replies: @Pericles
  94. I lived in the Norrebro district in Copenhagen. Norrebro’s residents were/are primarily black and brown Muslims, with a minority of white blue-collar Danes. I was able to experience this intermingling of cultures — placid Scandinavian versus glowering people of the sun. This was back in the mid 1990s. Things are worse now, particularly in Sweden. Unfortunately, the majority of Scandinavian men don’t have the balls to prevent the oncoming oblivion. And it will take men, the primal male instinct of the territorial guardian, to stop this gradual genocide.

    I believe that shared authority between men and women is generally a healthy societal trait. But what we see in the Scandinavian countries, the assertion of a narcissistic feminine altruism, will be the death of these societies.

  95. @Lot

    I like that it’s a crime in England to “have an imitation firearm.”

    I say, Inspector Kensington, those lads seem to be shooting water at each other from imitation firearms. Call ’round the bobbies, wot! Here,children, what the Devil are you doing!?

    Stuffy admirals indeed.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  96. @bomag

    Florida has a lot of relatively “good” land compared to Sweden, where the northern climates are more difficult to live in.

    Kansas and Utah have the same density, but much more of Kansas is habitable and arable. Utah would thus seem more crowded, as everyone is packed into the same small area. It’s like Norway, which also has about the same density.

    I’d rather live in northern Sweden than almost anywhere in Florida.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  97. @Lagertha

    I knew a woman who embezzled for years– from a police department. She must have been quite good.

    But the casino was better.

  98. @Bill B.

    ‘In America, there are more houses built in the countryside than in the cities,’ explained the writer known as The AQ Chef according to ABC News.

    Well, duh. You don’t build a new house in the city; you fix up an old one. They were made much better back then.

  99. @Anon

    Did all the blacks in South Dakota appear in this clip?

    And why would you name your child “Dakota” if you lived in Sioux Falls? Why not just name her “Sue”?

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  100. DFH says:

    In 1963–4, calls for restricting immigration began to be heard. This helped spark a series of debates in the press on the status of ethnic minorities in Sweden. It is generally agreed that the multicultural policy formally inaugurated in 1975 had its origin in these debates; but as the author of the present study points out, the background of the debaters and their motivations have seldom been inquired into.

    Their initiator and most important contributor was David Schwarz (1928–2008), a Polish-born Jew who arrived in Sweden in 1950 for medical treatment related to typhus and tuberculosis he had contracted while a concentration camp inmate in Germany.

    On October 21, 1964, Schwarz published “The Foreigner Problem in Sweden” in Dagens Nyheter, one of several Swedish dailies published by the Jewish-owned Bonnier Group

    The author of the present study counts seventeen distinct debates on immigration and minority policy in prominent Swedish newspapers and magazines between 1964 and 1968, consisting altogether of 118 articles. Schwarz personally wrote or co-wrote 37 of these, or 31% of the total. He also initiated no less than twelve of the debates; no one else initiated more than one.

    Adding in other Jewish contributions, we find that this smallest of established minority groups in Sweden was responsible for 46 articles, or 39% of the total, despite constituting less than 1% of the country’s population. All Jewish contributors favored the multiculturalist position. The author has performed a valuable service in assembling this objective data, for discussion of the Jewish role in promoting multiculturalism in Sweden (as elsewhere) has often been dismissed as a “conspiracy theory.”

    Ethnic Swedes contributed 19 articles to the debates, or 16% of the total, and were found on both sides. It may be significant, however, that the three Swedes who gave most support to the multiculturalist position co-wrote most of their articles with Jews.

    Other groups contributed 38 articles (32%), and 15 articles are classed as “unknown” (e.g., unsigned editorials). Next to Jews, Estonians provided the strongest support for multiculturalism. Three Catholic immigrant contributors actually argued against the multicultural position.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  101. Nativist says:

    What’s surprising is he didn’t add a comment warning the Swedish people against Islam a phobia

  102. The good Swedes came here.

    Arson, Minnesota-style:

    St. Paul Saints Host Ballpark-Wide Food Fight

  103. @Anon


    Oh, good lord.

    Swim Caps Are Keeping Black Women Out of Pools…”‘

    Whatever works.

    • LOL: Dtbb
  104. J.Ross says: • Website

    If blacks beat whites in boxing and football, they also do in schools, streets, buses, and fairs.

    Fantastic line.

  105. @anonymous

    They could have answered, like Napoleon Dynamite, “Whatever I feel like I wanna do. Gosh!”

  106. J.Ross says: • Website

    Gothenburg was already a violent mess noted for police officers surrendering their stations (to its credit, it’s also one of the few places in Sweden where whites have publicly demonstrated in numbers). What made this story notable was the high degree of coordination. The fires were nearly simultaneous and the police were unable to catch anyone.

  107. Lot says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    No point in having two car companies based in a country of 10 million. The niche for cheap cars that do well in cold climates is less needed now as mainstream cars keep improving.

    • Replies: @istevefan
  108. Altai says:

    “Swedish PM Asks Arsonists ‘What the Heck Are You Doing?’”

    Doing a get out the vote campaign for the SD? I imagine that is why he is being particularly conspicuous (Or the media in Sweden is making sure he is seen that way and this is being picked up by the foreign press) in his complaints about this like it’s really that shocking.

    The polls show the same pattern, the big movement of Moderate Party voters to the SD has slowed and now it’s more a case of the SD eating into the Socialist party voters. The polls seem to fluctuate a lot, so like with Trump’s new Republican coalition, many are still not comfortable for voting for the ‘right’. So assuming the fluctuations aren’t the result of different polls being conducted in different ways that give rise to less or more of a Bradley effect, he might be feeling extra pressure in the run up to the election knowing that many Socialist voters are prevaricating and watching him, so he can’t afford to lose them to the SD.

  109. J.Ross says: • Website
    @Cagey Beast

    Yeah but in the case of Sweden it’s literally two or three Jews. All Swedish mainstream media is owned by one Jewish family and the “no such thing as Swedish culture” idea comes from a Jewish Soviet agent.
    In Germany and France there is a mass of gentile national-enemies, decorated with a small number of notable Jews like Martin Schulz. Sweden could have avoided all this by denying a handful of visas.

  110. @Federalist

    ” The coordinated nature of the attacks made some suspect an attempt by the far right to whip up anti-immigrant sentiment ahead of the election…”

    Hilarious. It’s like Robert Reich’s brilliant theory that antifa attacks were actually staged by conservatives to make progressives look bad. Well, at least he was tacitly admitting it looked bad.

  111. Lot says:

    Sweden will have a national election in about three weeks. Only one party opposes mass migration, and it is polling between 16 and 25%. In other words, large majorities favor continued rapid Islamification, the only question is whether it will be with a Corbynist or Merkelite face.

    None of the other “right” parties is willing to join a coalition with the SD, so they probably need a majority or something very close to it.

    It looks like SD might at least get a moral victory of being the single largest party.

    • Replies: @snorlax
  112. istevefan says:

    I think the sign to watch for whether Sweden and the rest of Europe are going to be saved is if we see more Anders Breiviks in the near term. Frankly I am surprised that he seems to be a one-off. I am not advocating for what he did. But all other peaceful avenues for addressing this have been cut off in Europe.

    • Replies: @Menschmaschine
    , @J.Ross
  113. Wilkey says:

    “Swedish PM asks arsonists ‘what the heck are you doing?’ setting fire to cars”

    The subtext is “why the hell couldn’t you wait until after next month’s elections?”

    Sweden’s populist party, the Sweden Democrats, has seen it’s support roughly double in every election. In 2014 it won 12.9% of the vote and 49 of 349 seats in the Riksdag. Current polling (which seems to always undercount their actual support at the polls) shows this trend continuing and even accelerating. Support among high-skilled white collar workers has more than tripled, from 2.3% to 7.7%, and support among students has nearly quadrupled, from 3.3% to 12.6% . Those strike me as the groups most likely to lie about their political preferences in order to protect their reputations. They’ll probably end up with 100-150 seats after the next election.

    Times they are a’changing.

  114. Brain-Dead Scandinavians In America, Minnesota And Sweden Push Mass Immigration And Multicultural Mayhem.

    Swedish Meatball Heads Live Up To Jokes About Dumb Swedes.

    Good reason not to be a complete and total isolationist:

    In the future, it will necessary to remove the evil Swedish ruling class from power using the US military. I’ll bet a lot of European Christian soldiers in the US military would volunteer to use US military force in an effort to remove the evil Swedish ruling class from power.

    Sweden For The Swedes!

    Tweet from 2015:

  115. istevefan says:

    No point in having two car companies based in a country of 10 million.

    Their auto industry was primarily designed for exports. You could make a similar claim about Japan. Though its population is significantly larger at 126 million, they get the lion’s share of their sales via exports.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Romanian
  116. Anonymous[131] • Disclaimer says:

    OT: Female NYU professor found guilty of sexual harassment of gay male student, suspended for a year

    An 11-month Title IX investigation found Professor Ronell, described by a colleague as “one of the very few philosopher-stars of this world,” responsible for sexual harassment, both physical and verbal, to the extent that her behavior was “sufficiently pervasive to alter the terms and conditions of Mr. Reitman’s learning environment.” The university has suspended Professor Ronell for the coming academic year.

    Mr. Reitman, who is now 34 and is a visiting fellow at Harvard, says that Professor Ronell kissed and touched him repeatedly, slept in his bed with him, required him to lie in her bed, held his hand, texted, emailed and called him constantly, and refused to work with him if he did not reciprocate. Mr. Reitman is gay and is now married to a man; Professor Ronell is a lesbian.

    “I woke up with a slight fever and sore throat,” she wrote in an email on June 16, 2012, after the Paris trip. “I will try very hard not to kiss you — until the throat situation receives security clearance. This is not an easy deferral!” In July, she wrote a short email to him: “time for your midday kiss. my image during meditation: we’re on the sofa, your head on my lap, stroking you [sic] forehead, playing softly with yr hair, soothing you, headache gone. Yes?”

    Any my personal favorite part:

    The Title IX report concluded that there was not enough evidence to find Professor Ronell responsible for sexual assault, partly because no one else observed the interactions in his apartment or her room in Paris.

    So that’s the standard now?

    This is the same woman that Judith Butler, inter alia, wrote a clearly retaliatory, victim-blaming open letter in defense of:

    Although we have no access to the confidential dossier, we have all worked for many years in close proximity to Professor Ronell and accumulated collectively years of experience to support our view of her capacity as teacher and a scholar…and some of us know the individual who has waged this malicious campaign against her

    We testify to the grace, the keen wit, and the intellectual commitment of Professor Ronell and ask that she be accorded the dignity rightly deserved by someone of her international standing and reputation. If she were to be terminated or relieved of her duties, the injustice would be widely recognized and opposed.

    Who-whom indeed.

  117. Anonymous[408] • Disclaimer says:

    The historic Scandinavians tended to banish rather than execute their troublemakers.

  118. Swedish prime minister Stefan Lofven lashed out at the perpetrators, asking them “what the heck are you doing?” …

    This reminds me of the story of a woman who looked out her front window and saw a drunk urinating in her flowerbed.

    She opened the window, and exclaimed “what do you think you’re doing?”

    The drunk replied, “What the f*** does it look like I’m doing, lady?”

    • Replies: @Romanian
  119. “What the heck are you doing?” said the frog to the scorpion.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
    , @Pericles
  120. Mass Immigration Is Destroying Sweden

    Mass Immigration Is Destroying The United States

  121. Apollyon says:

    Those youngsters need a stiff talking to!

    • Agree: TheBoom
  122. Guess the Swedes need to give them another stern talking-to and then send them on their way with their lunch money.

  123. Anonym says:
    @Cagey Beast

    This situation pisses me off to no end – that an ethnicity on a world-wide scale of similar size to the Jewish ethnicity in all likelihood – is to be genocided like this. I have some Nordic, but not Swedish, blood. So God’s Chosen People get to be preserved, but these Swedish people who were just sitting there, minding their own business, must be subverted to suit Jews such as BLS. I only post the BLS video because it is specifically Sweden-related.

    From the Swedes I have met, they have this air of “we do it better” moral and national arrogance that AFAICT is mostly unfounded. They think of themselves as both smart and caring. That’s why I think ridicule is a most effective memetic weapon of tough love to help the Swedes. Swedish people hate to be thought of as stupid and contemptible. Rather than being held up as moral exemplars as they have been for the last half century, if they are held up as an example of stupidity, of what not to do, it may prompt some reaction.

    It wouldn’t take that much to cause a reversal of course. These car-be-ques demonstrate a lack of police effectiveness and morale, and it goes up the chain. A police chief, the immigration minister, the propaganda networks. The command structure is very centralized, and vulnerable to the resistance of a population who have their backs against the wall. These people heading these centralized positions have no fear. Why?

    In other news there are 1200 Swedes who throw away their lives every year, mostly male.

  124. Daniel H says:
    @Big Bill

    >>If it hasn’t dawned on devout Muslims yet, I expect it will.

    And the fires in Greece a few weeks ago that killed around 30 people. First news reports stated that the Greek police thought the fires were the work of arson because they suspiciously ignited near simultaneously.

  125. Anonymous[198] • Disclaimer says:
    @Stan d Mute

    Is there any proof of overweight unmarrieds being more left-wing ceteris paribus? It’s surely not true of fat people in stable marriages, though I suppose there is a lard differential between spouses that must be “figured”

    The people who declaim loudest about being thin/sexually fit and who view the other side as disgusting “carbohydrate sculptures” (-David Brooks) tend to be yuppie liberals, though this is really just the city/rural divide in another sloppy form. p.s. It’s also a tic of gays which may be why ostensibly non-left HBD jerks like Geoffrey Miller are prone to catty fat-shaming; actually I’m not sure he’s a conservative in any sense.

  126. pyrrhus says:

    The article is only missing an interview with one of the arsonists explaining that “this is what we do, and if these Swedish racists don’t like it, they can emigrate to another country.”

    • Replies: @Sam Malone
  127. @istevefan

    It really puzzles me how one could see a murderous Neocon – who tellingly did not even kill Muslims, but indigenous Norvegians that had raised his ire because they had participated in a demonstration critical of Israel – as in any way connected to “saving Europe”.

  128. Pat Boyle says:
    @Big Bill

    No doubt I’m being simplistic but it seems to me that back in the seventeenth century we had two religions – Catholicism and Protestantism – in proximity and we had a lot of religious wars. Most people today who are nominally Protestants or Catholics are no such thing by former standards. They are secularists who accept Darwin and modern science. For most whites in America there is no religion. And then you realize that in Europe Christians and Jews are even more secular.

    So no religious wars among mainstream Caucasians. But Muslims are less advanced. So it seems likely that we will have a century or two of religious warfare with the Muslims. I presume nuclear weapons will be utilized. Steven Pinker says we’re getting more peaceable. But we’re not there yet.

    • Replies: @Samuel Skinner
    , @Anonymous
  129. Anonymous[408] • Disclaimer says:

    Swedes have always been egalitarian though. Even the Nazis complained about this in their day. It probably has more to do with geography than the presence of Jews. Living in a country with poor soil and unpredictable weather will eventually turn everyone socialist – because the ‘rugged individualists’ among them will all have starved to death.

    • Replies: @notanon
  130. Anonym says:

    It’s about claiming territory. About saying “We own this place and there is nothing you or your useless police can do about it.” It is also about creating terror.

    You can’t do this with a forest fire.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  131. Anonymous[547] • Disclaimer says:

    Not sure why not whimmed before? This relates to Muslims?

    You MUST read this speech. Perhaps the future leader of Australia has just been elected, and this is his maiden speech here:;query=Id%3A”chamber%2Fhansards%2F3cee6e8f-15b4-468c-91dd-05ded6631e43%2F0136″

  132. donut says:

    I’ll bet it can grip a branch with it’s feet .

  133. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    “Why did you burn all those cars?”

    “They was parked.”

  134. songbird says:

    Anyone caught burning someone’s car should be sent to a place without the internal combustion engine.

    • Replies: @Pericles
  135. @eah

    Ahhh, let them tread water another day and a half. Lots of these women are the same who’ve AA’d the Swedes who’ve been maintaining the ship out of their jobs, and called them rapists for asking not bringing legal consent documents on a date, and have turned their kids into sexually confused losers. I wonder who’s in the radio room to send out the Morse code? Do Moslems know Morse Code? (besides “0″, yeah, they invented ZERO – I GOT THAT!)

  136. @Art Deco

    I haven’t agreed with you all the time here on iSteve, Mr. Deco, but this one gets a big AGREE from me. Malmo could really use a guy like you, Art! (no, I didn’t mean this in my usually deeply-disparaging way.)

  137. @Reg Cæsar

    Nah, I don’t like that extreme cold, and you should check out W-central Florida, Reg, say Live Oak, Cross City, etc. The area south of the I-10 and north of the I-4 may be the only part of Florida that’s still in the South.

  138. Anonymous[276] • Disclaimer says:

    Hard to have the scale for lots of exports with 10 million. Also there’s less domestic consumption to weather export downturns.

    They could have continued at a smaller scale because they were marketed as a luxury brand in export markets like the US. But they probably had trouble competing with the German brands.

  139. @Reg Cæsar

    Why not just name her “Sue”?

    Or him?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  140. “Migrants” always play for keeps! Swedes, your days are numbered!

  141. snag says:

    It’s not about a “good” land or anything like that, it’s about generous welfare system, making babies and living in relative comfort without working, stupid.

  142. J.Ross says: • Website

    Your reasoning is unforgivably bad for several reasons. I suggest you take a look at Middle-Eastern military history, where loot is a casus belli but burning everything to the ground (in the expectation that your sons and not his sons will rebuild) can sometimes make more sense. There is also the fact that in several cases in this global phenomenon, suspected arsonists have already been arrested. There is the fact that these fires started much closer to homes than “normal.” There is the problem that you can claim territory in several steps instead of in one. There is the question of territory: the same mass media that blames global warming is positively gleeful about pointing out that “rural retards” are the de factor or deliberate targets of these fires. In rural territories that liberals and minorities tend not to want.
    The thing I find most troubling about your comment is the lack of paranoia. The Justice Department dropped all charges on organized rioters who were planning to derail an urban Amtrak train. A man was given probation without jail for cracking skulls with a heavy metal weight, another has been let go when they were attacking people with a pipe. A New Mexico judge released a terrorist, who kidnapped and murdered one child, and was believed to be training more to be school shooters, and whose dad is an Ikhwan cleric connected to the 93 WTC bombing, because she saw no reason to hold him. A random shmo stole a plane out of a post-Chertoff airport. We need to be ready for everything short of an orbital satellite-fired tungsten rod, and the only reason the rod gets off easy is there’s no defense against it.

    • Replies: @Anonym
  143. @Pat Boyle

    They just changed the label to ‘ideology’. Mobilizing people for a common ideal to kill others has stayed the same.

  144. snorlax says:

    The largest traditional center-right party, the Moderates, have said they’re willing to form a coalition with the SD this time.

  145. Anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:

    it seems to me that Muslims are very thin-skinned and inclined to take things very personally, not to mention spiteful, envious and vindictive in an almost womanish way.

    Interesting. This is characteristic of East Asians, Jews, Africans, South Asians, Southeast Asians, and Latinos too. So we’re trying to get as many of all these people in our countries as fast as possible. What could possibly go wrong?

    • Agree: Kylie
  146. Anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:
    @Pat Boyle

    No doubt I’m being simplistic but it seems to me that back in the seventeenth century we had two religions – Catholicism and Protestantism – in proximity and we had a lot of religious wars.

    How many forest fires?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  147. @Anonymous

    So Prof. Ronnell was just pretending to be a famous lesbian-feminist but couldn’t keep her hands off a cute guy?

  148. @Steve Sailer

    The Ronells have slid quite a long way since “Willow Weep for Me”.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  149. Anonym says:

    I am not sure what you are talking about.

    In my view, the Muslim practice of burning cars of non-Muslims, is to create terror. It finds precedent in the early skirmishing actions of Mohammed before he moved on to outright large scale war. In the process, this arson of cars proves to the Swedish authorities that they have no control in these areas.

    So what are you saying, exactly? That these car burnings are not the work of Muslims? Or that it is bad strategy? Or that it is for some other purpose but terrorising non-Muslims and demonstrating that the Muslims own the turf in which they live?

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  150. snorlax says:

    bizarrely adding that “Apex gangs in Melbourne” are entirely made up of Muslims.

  151. Anon[142] • Disclaimer says:

    We are invading your country, raping your women and setting fire to your cities.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  152. @Autochthon

    I like that it’s a crime in England to “have an imitation firearm.”

    I took my son, then seven or eight, to a Scottish festival, and have a picture of him holding an authentic wood-handled pistol well over a century old.

    Within the next 24 hours, I chanced to meet a couple of older Scots, dressed in kilts, on their way back home. I showed them the picture.

    “Oh, wait… you guys aren’t allowed to have these anymore, are you?”

    “Well, if they’re plastic…”

  153. @Anonymous

    -ridicules infinite number of gender theory

    There may be only two sexes, but there are an infinite number of “genders”. They’re whatever anybody says they are.

    That’s how it works with fantasy.

  154. TheBoom says:

    If that PM gets mad, he will take off the gloves and go into full assault mode against the invaders by holding a candlelight vigil celebrating diversity and promising that they won’t let the haters win by decreasing immigration. Tough times require strong leaders like the PM.

  155. Stefan Lofven says he is ‘mad’ that dozens of cars were set alight in Gothenburg and Trollhattan

    Remember the old TV and print ads that claimed, “For every Volvo sold in Italy, nine Fiats are sold in Sweden”?

    I wonder what the stats would be were “sold” to be replaced by “burnt”.

  156. @Steve Sailer

    I guess when lesbians want dick they want gay dick. Or maybe that’s what they have to settle for. Or maybe Nimrod turned gay after having to bang this!

  157. @Gnome Sayin

    People defend their family and extended family (ethnicity).
    They can be persuaded to, or buy into, defending their citizenship (imagine you naturalize as a citizen of, oh, Russia, … are a bit deranged and move to just north of Mongolia, and China invades, whose side you on?), and they also can be called upon to affirm to citizenship, or unity, or common cause, or nation.
    No one defends their color. Not Native Americans, not Hispanics, Koreans, not Chinese, not Pakistanis. They may fight, yes, but it isn’t their color they’re fighting for.
    You are asking “white people” to fight for something no one else fights for.

    Somehow there was a cultural paint-thinner that de-ethnified and de-nationalized us – so people aim for the next rung down the ladder – skin color – and act like its a basis of unity. The adversary loves that. Loves it! Because the adversary knows nobody fights for that.

    If none of that sinks in, this might. Most “white” people will instinctively refuse to fight along side of someone fighting on account of “being white”. Here’s the reason why: it isn’t some self-hatred of being “white”, it is: someone who has nothing but “white” to fight for – one: has nothing but “white” to fight for, and two: doesn’t feel any sense of bond to the people he fights along side of … he is just terrified for the safety of his own skin.

    He’s literally trying to “save his skin”. In the long-long-ago days, when people fought more, and died more fighting … there are things we did to people who were out to “save his own skin”.

    One thing is for sure: we didn’t fight alongside him.

    • Replies: @Gnome Sayin
  158. @Tim Howells


    I wonder what Steve would have been writing about, if he’d been born into a saner age.

  159. JohnnyD says:

    I can see the same thing happening in St. Paul, Minnesota…

  160. @kissinger

    You can’t reason with these people. Jews might be 1% of the population, and a long-ago-assimilated Jewish family own some newspapers, and of course it’s the Joos taking the other 99% of the Swedish lemmings over the cliff.

    It’s like the people here who are convinced that a half-million dollars of Russian trolling was decisive in beating Hillary and her billion-dollar war chest.

  161. @Harry Baldwin

    Too much of the good life and no natural predators made the Swedes weak and stupid.

  162. J.Ross says: • Website

    And that’s a good thing.

  163. J.Ross says: • Website
    @International Jew

    Swedes really are unthinking conformists as a result of the long winters (you get along with your neighbors or you die), in a way different from the other Europeans, and there is near-perfect mass media conformity. It goes to a degree impossible in English because of the number of English-speakers.

  164. J.Ross says: • Website

    I must have misread you, sorry.

    • Replies: @Anonym
  165. Anonymous[101] • Disclaimer says:
    @Big Bill

    The Swedish footage of cars being torched was remarkable to me because the perpetrators seemed so non-chalant. They appeared to be in a busy area, in the middle of several large apartment blocks, but they didn’t even seem to be rushing. After about 5 minutes they just lightly jogged away, down the middle of the road. I kept wondering where the police were.

  166. J.Ross says: • Website
    @Ghost of Bull Moose

    Over a hundred comments to get to the gold box.

  167. J.Ross says: • Website

    Why murder children when you can happen to be standing around, with friends, when you all happened to notice a grown “youth” attack a woman and happened to decide to intervene?

  168. Anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Lord God, please transport me back to the Golden Age of Jazz.

  169. @Anonymous

    Did one summer with a bi theatre director. You wanted a good part, she wanted your parts. Anyone she couldn’t scr*w, she scr*wed over.

    #MeToo didn’t exist then, but I doubt we’d have got much sympathy if it had, because DiverseGenderFlexibleNonbinary blahblahblah.

    Don’t let these people fool you. No matter how they dress it up, it’s no different from jus primae noctis or droit de seigneur. It’s all about power.

  170. @Anon

    The community pool in my hometown mandated swim caps not to protect our hair (they didn’t), but to protect the filter system from clogs. Same with Gitl Scouts, plus the caps were color-coded by swimming level, so they’d know if someone wasn’t supposed to go in the deep end.

    Never had a swim cap that kept my hair dry. After-swim showers were a regular camping ritual if you didn’t want to risk the chlorine turning your hair weird colors.

  171. J.Ross says: • Website
    @Rosamond Vincy

    Sadly, for this thurbing it is necessary to explain to people that the contemporary normative father would have grabbed the boy about his neck and proceed to whup his hindquarters, and, if anybody who saw this tried calling the police, they would have been considered insane or scolded for wasting public resources.

  172. J.Ross says: • Website

    elsewhere in europe:
    PARIS (Reuters) – A new set of eco-friendly but completely exposed urinals deployed on the streets of Paris are provoking uproar from locals.
    One of the bright red “urinoirs” installed on the Ile Saint-Louis, not far from Notre Dame cathedral and overlooking tourist boats passing on the Seine, has caused particular indignation.
    “There’s no need to put something so immodest and ugly in such an historic spot,” said Paola Pellizzari, 68, owner of a Venetian art store.
    She feared the urinal, installed around 20 meters (22 yards) from a primary school, “incites exhibitionism”.

    • Replies: @Bill B.
  173. eah says:

    Der Sozialdemokrat Stefan Löfven inmitten einer gefakten Szene an einer von in Mehrheit von Migranten besuchten Schule. Kaum ein Kind dort ist blond oder hat blaue Augen.

    Dishonest political ad from Löfven/the Social Democrats — very few kids at that school are white.

    In Schweden wird am 9. September gewählt.

    The election is on September 9.

    • Replies: @eah
  174. eah says:

    Die Mutter musste feststellen, dass die Sozialdemokraten die Kinder der Schule nicht im Film haben wollten: „In der Schule gibt es fast keine schwedischen Kinder. Eine Lehrerin war ebenfalls aufgebracht, wir haben uns darüber unterhalten, dass sie nur schwedische Kinder für den Film ausgewählt haben.“

    Mothers who were there to pick up their kids at the same time the video was being filmed saw they chose Swedish kids to be in the video — they seemed to want only Swedish kids to appear prominently, even though hardly any Swedish kids attend that school — the mothers talked about that with a teacher.

    • Replies: @eah
  175. @International Jew

    These silly denials get tedious. It is trivially plausible that a group that coordinates to push issues of particular concern on an uncoordinated majority, can have an impact much out of proportion to its size, in particular when this group has a general strong overrepresentation in opinion shaping sectors like media and journalism because of higher average (verbal) IQ and ethnic networking.

    For the record, my impression is that local Jewish influence was probably not decisive in Sweden or other European countries in establishing the multicultural / mass immigration dogma. But it was definitely decisive in the USA (As shown, for instance, by Kevin McDonald in his “Culture of Critique”), and its massive cultural-ideological dominance meant that this agenda was then pushed to the forefront in other countries under its influence.

  176. Anonym says:

    The other thing this does is depress property prices. If your stuff gets destroyed and you fear for your life, their tribe can buy property dirt cheap. And housing is one of life’s great expenses.

  177. Trump is wrong. They are sending their best.

  178. Pericles says:

    In my social network there was talk about Sweden Democrat election workers doing their thing.

    Literal false flags by literal nazis, OMG

    Interestingly several colleagues came very close to coming out as Jimmie-voters today. I’m somewhat optimistic we’ll something unprecedented in September…

    The measurements have been swinging wildly, SD with 20-28% of the votes which isn’t very useful for predictions. But I’ve noticed a discreet Jimmy groundswell too among the acquaintances. At this point, I expect SD to be the largest party in Sweden after the election. Which would be a historical upset, of course.

    This summer there has been a lot of political maneuvering and posturing about this rise among the rest of the parties, but the Moderates have indicated willingness to be supported by SD and Löfven in the last couple of days invited SD to join up. So by that it basically looks like we will either get a M(+SD) or S+SD ruling coalition. The latter would from what it looks like today also be a majority government. If so, cucks and globalists BTFO.

    (Though S are old hands at grinding their coalition partners into dust. Just don’t lose track of your mission, Jimmy.)

  179. Pericles says:

    They should be given a ride to Africa in the hold of a freighter and launched by trebuchet towards the shore.

    • Replies: @Rosamond Vincy
  180. @International Jew

    International Jews aren’t the problem. Said the International Jew. Do you think we’re idiots, here at least? Seriously. You folks are like women: Not only are we to forgive your destruction, you want us to be happy about it. Oh, Happy Days!

  181. notanon says:
    @Bill B.

    Experts have argued that forest fires weren’t considered sexy enough by Jihadis seeking glory but that can presumably change if they are seen as creating true mayhem.

    bear in mind one of the primary motivations of jihadism isn’t effective warfare it’s personal redemption – and you only go to heaven if you *die* while fighting the infidels.

    so yes some people with a racial or religious animus towards the natives might set fires but actual jihadists are probably less likely.

  182. notanon says:

    right – they have a specific, probably evolved, mindset but that mindset is being deliberately manipulated

  183. Bill B. says:

    A new set of eco-friendly but completely exposed urinals


    But it appears to be true. I’d guess the thinking is that folk can’t be stopped urinating in the street but there might be chance they’ll do it in a flower box.

    How times change: as a kid I thought the old-style pissoirs were crude enough.

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  184. @Bill B.

    I was a kid when I visited Paris in 1963. They still had those pissoirs–they stank to high heaven, as you might imagine. France struck me as a filthy country–all the public bathrooms were dirty. I’ve returned in recent years and am happy to see they’ve cleaned the place up.

  185. Anonym says:

    OT: it begins? Very slowly and pacifistically? Some good comments.

    A lot more is needed. Start with lib politicians and the chief of police.

  186. @Jack D

    You’re fairly prolific, a good writer, and a guy I agree with 90-95% of the time (OK, 85% on a bad day). This is a really good comment. It goes along with stuff I’ve said way back in that, yes, we know Donald Trump is a playboy, but by this point we just don’t care, if the man can help us. It helps in not only making these stories fizzle out, but also (I figure) it makes him hard to blackmail. “Gay sex with an underling? I’d really, really doubt it, but, since this guy actually cares about Americans, it wouldn’t bother me a bit!”

    Oh, to my point, if you still read back for replies, may I post this in it’s entirety on the Peak Stupidity blog, Jack? Let me know. I won’t doctor it up, though I may put some of my own writing, with no argument, of course.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  187. @SimplePseudonymicHandle

    But it’s not as if it’s just white people collectively; ethnic groups of European descent aren’t defending themselves either. Not Englishmen, nor Frenchmen, Swedes, Germans, etc.

  188. Jack D says:

    The Title IX report concluded that there was not enough evidence to find Professor Ronell responsible for sexual assault, partly because no one else observed the interactions in his apartment or her room in Paris.

    The Biblical standard was that there had to be at least TWO witnesses. So Title IX is almost caught up with the Bible.

  189. Jack D says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Go right ahead.

    This is one of the things that made the Steele dossier so stupid. Trump had hookers in his hotel room? Ho, hum. We would have been disappointed if he DIDN’T have hookers in his hotel room.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  190. @Jack D

    Thanks, Jack. I’ll post it this week sometime.

  191. black sea says:
    @Steve Sailer

    A gay man trapped in a lesbian feminist body, apparently.

  192. DFH says:
    @International Jew

    Read my post above; Jews wrote 40% of articles in the debate that led to the start of mass immigration in Sweden, largely printed in Jewish owned newspapers, despite being under 1% of the population. What sort of wierd obsessive would find something strange about that?

  193. @Pericles

    Trebuchets can be very efficient, with a proper counterweight.

  194. Romanian says: • Website

    It was a good speech, but I am certainly not thrilled by his words towards and about Romania, with which I disagree. Unlike Hungary’s other neighbors, we made a mistake in allowing dual citizenship (even before it became desirable as a way of maintaining ties to our unfortunately growing diaspora) and ethnic parties, with the main Hungarian party, which he mentioned, having been a handmaiden to every corrupt coalition in power, including the recent one, while also voting in lockstep for every miscarriage of justice we were protesting against. The Hungarian majority counties are an important source of votes for Fidesz, which more liberal Hungarians complain about. Ultimately, I guess the continuing Hu-Ro animosity over land we both covet keeps us on our toes and allows us to maintain the us vs them mentality that Westerners seem to lack. It is also a bit Romantic, compared to the soulless instrumentalism that defines the attitude of many immigrants towards their new countries and the growing confrontation over cultural space. Incidentally, the summer university where Mr. Orban gave that speech is in Romania each year and takes place with no interference from the authorities or the population, though its role in fostering Hu-Ro cooperation has been lost in the past 10 years or so, with ever fewer Romanians participating.

  195. Romanian says: • Website

    Sven Steinmo had a recent book where made the exact point. He is from Minnesota.

    He has a book which compares the US, Japan and Sweden. For Sweden, he noted how they set up national champions specifically for exports, while coddling them in local markets, hoping that competition abroad will give them adequate incentives.

    I recommend this book. It has a lot of interesting tidbits, like how the US is basically copying high welfare states, but using fiscal policies to do it, which does not show up in the political conscience of the population.

  196. Romanian says: • Website

    I know a form of that joke where the woman exclaims “Gross!!!” and the drunk asks “Thanks. What about the length?”

  197. MBlanc46 says:
    @Hawaii Schiavo

    Maybe William H. Macy should be PM of Sweden.

  198. MBlanc46 says:

    You would say that, wouldn’t you, Hank

  199. eah says:

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