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Susan Collins Is a Becky
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Screenshot 2018-10-06 00.55.41

I don’t exactly know what this means: “Senator Susan Collins is the mother & grandmother of white women in America who gave us a Donald Trump presidency. The 53%.” But in Who? Whom? terms, which is pretty much all you need to understand public figures in the current year, it’s pretty clear.


Screenshot 2018-10-06 04.44.27

I don’t exactly know what this means either, but you can be sure that “53%” is basically like “1488,” a scream of racial hate. Finally, the Arabess and the Jewess can come together in their hatred for the 53% of gentilesses, the Emmanuella Beckysteins of The Current Year.

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  1. Linda Sarsour missed her true calling, issuing demands for PLO plane hijackers in the 70s.

    • Agree: donut
    • LOL: Johann Ricke
    • Replies: @Corn
  2. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    Speaking of,

    • Replies: @Anon
  3. Anonym says:

    We should consider culturally appropriating stoning.

    Btw have you noticed that most Islamic women are hella ugly and aggressive? This is a prime and hilarious example of baizuo Lindsay Lohan harrassing a family on their hejira in Russia… the female eventually punches her.

  4. El Dato says:

    Donald Trump personally eliminated Tara Faris for the #Patriarchy.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  5. anon[133] • Disclaimer says:

    “…presumption of innocence that is never offered to black men…”

    Yeah, like those Scottsboro boys who were railroaded over some white woman’s false accusation!

    Susan Collins is guilty of racistly believing white women and sexistly not believing any women at the same time.

    I think Sarsour’s got some wires crossed there.

    • Replies: @TheJester
  6. F0337 says:

    She’s right though. In America, we don’t even allow black men to go to trial. As soon as someone accuses them of something, they’re tortured to death on the spot. Doesn’t even matter what it is. Disgraceful innit? I saw this in a Hollywood movie. More than a few times too. All the ones you see in prison–those are really white guys in blackface, appropriating the privilege of three hots and a cot. Also disgraceful. If a black guy gets in there by accident, they rape him. Saw that in a movie too.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Jack D
    , @parkerd
  7. AndrewR says:

    Say what you want about Muslim men, but they’re not exactly known for letting Muslim women act like Sarsour does.

    Whenever I start sympathizing with Muslim women in Islamic lands, I visit Sarsour’s Twitter feed and that sympathy disappears within thirty seconds.

  8. Apparently Ms. Sarsour is unfamiliar with The Prophet Muhammad’s comments about black Africans?

    • Replies: @El Dato
  9. Anonymous[742] • Disclaimer says:

    Why can’t ‘Linda Sarsour’ go back to where she came from and leave us alone?

    May God Damn Teddy Kennedy.

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  10. DFH says:

    Remind me why this woman is living in America again

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
    , @GSR
  11. tyrone says:

    Ugly ,yes ,but aggressive? not aggressive enough , Lohan was begging for a beat down ,she’s very fortunate all she got was a punch……what you don’t think those people weren’t carrying a blade?

  12. Sen. Collins does not have children.

    • LOL: F0337
  13. Jake says:

    “But in Who? Whom? terms, which is pretty much all you need to understand public figures in the current year, it’s pretty clear.”

    Anyone who fails to see that the Left – white Gentile Liberals every bit as much as Jews, blacks, Moslems, Asians – is twitching in repressed fury to light the fuse to send us all to the Guillotine or the Gulag is hopelessly blind.

    That includes 99% of people who are Republican Party office holders or policy wonks, 99% of the Christian clergy.

  14. El Dato says:
    @Redneck farmer

    That was then.

    This is now.

    > You can buy them in Lybia

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  15. Zoodles says:

    Sorry Mrs. Sarsour, Ford could not produce 4 male witnesses, therefore under Shariah law, Kavanaugh is innocent.

    • Replies: @Rosamond Vincy
  16. El Dato says:

    This is a prime and hilarious example of baizuo Lindsay Lohan harrassing a family on their hejira in Russia…

    AFAIK that happened in Paris

    Btw have you noticed that most Islamic women are hella ugly and aggressive?

    It comes from doing actual work outside of the white collar angelic fakeosphere.

    • Replies: @Saxon
    , @Anonym
  17. Anonymous[303] • Disclaimer says:

    Not surprisingly looking up R Traister whose been railing against white women supporting our country, turns up that she’s a triple parentheses.

    • Replies: @TheBoom
    , @Lot
  18. Anonymous[303] • Disclaimer says:

    Bro you haven’t been keeping up with the times. Had you been following black commentary you’d know that all of these black guys out committing crimes are actually white guys wearing a realistic looking black guy mask so of course they can’t just kill them on the spot, otherwise they’d get some deserving white guy. No they have to go to the hood and find an aspiring honor student who spends his free time in the church choir to blame. Without taking out the best and the brightest blacks how can the white man keep them down?

  19. Susan Collins has to run for re-election in 2020, the same year as Trump. If she had voted NO on Kavanaugh, she would have faced a nasty primary fight and she would prefer not to.

    • LOL: AndrewR
    • Replies: @S. Anonyia
    , @Barnard
  20. Anonymous[855] • Disclaimer says:
    @El Dato

    While I’m not saying she’d pull the trigger, I have a feeling Sarsour wouldn’t really mind a fatal drive-by wreaked upon said Instagram hottie

  21. Saxon says:
    @El Dato

    This woman is part of that fakeosphere, though. She’s just fat.

  22. @DFH

    Sarsour should be working as a wet nurse for ISIS brides in Iraq.

    The problem with Moslem (and Jewish) women in the west is that they take all that pent up rage they have against their own men for centuries of bad treatment….and project it on to White men instead. Unfortunately for us, White women are more than happy to encourage them to do so.

    So, yeah, fuck beckys.

  23. Anonymous[303] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s truly bizarre to hear leftists complaining someone else is not sufficiently morally pure. Morality is just a tool to power for leftists. Leftists have pushed all manner of rot down America’s throats to gain support from various groups like the naive boomer youth in the 60s and 70s, first pushing boundaries of acceptable levels of public sexual behavior then pushing sexual depravity (while complaining that women are being exploited), drugs, acceptance of gay sex ( which soon became the expectation that you’d better glorify gay pride or else), transgenders, transgenders in the bathroom, transgenderism for your kids, etc. But then when it suits their political agenda we’re supposed to just completely ignore due process and deny an excellent judge his confirmation over a baseless claim by someone of dubious integrity claiming he wasn’t a sufficiently moral teenager?

  24. Anonym says:
    @El Dato

    Sarsour is just as ugly and hasn’t done an honest day of work in her life AFAIK.

  25. In later 2017 there were a few glimmers of realization on the left that their hatefest resulted in Trump – that they might want to dial it back a bit if only to win some elections.

    But as the midterms approach, they’re returning to their vomit.

    If I had to guess, they’ll do OK (but not great) in the midterms if only because they have nowhere to go but up, and the incumbent party usually loses ground in the midterms. They will forget how the polls swung in favor of Trump during the Kavanaugh Seven Days’ Hate. Picture Kamala Harris driving a city bus full of a raucous bunch of the Coalition of the Fringes, and then picture it driving right off a cliff in November 2020.

  26. njguy73 says:

    Btw have you noticed that most Islamic women are hella ugly and aggressive?

    No, just the ones we see in the news. The hot ones are busy being wives to imams and oil barons.

  27. njguy73 says:

    Yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh because I don’t think he’s the right person for the job, but I don’t think he’d be OK with honor killings. And if a woman actually was raped, he sentence the rapist to death, not the victim.

  28. @Detective Club

    Also Susan Collins is a moderate and knows that any nominee that replaces Kavanaugh will likely be more conservative than him.

  29. What does that make Jodi Ernst, Cindy Hyde-Smith, Deb Fischer, and Shelley Moore-Capito, the other current Republican white women senators?

    I don’t know what Collins was doing by publicly wavering before falling in with her party. Was she looking for attention? Favors of some kind? She seems to have pissed a lot of people off!

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  30. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    She must be one of the most physically repulsive women in public life. And that is with the head wrap and etc covering most of it up. Imagine how ugly she is without all the cover up.

    Well we could not have asked for a better representative of the left. Most of America is repulsed by her on many levels.

  31. Anonymous[440] • Disclaimer says:

    Every. Single. Time. I mean L. Sarsour is basically the leader of that Jewish Zionist Jewish Neocon Zionist plot to destroy huwhite nations, amirite?

    • Replies: @Lurker
  32. Anonymous[766] • Disclaimer says:
    @El Dato

    I just wonder what price ‘the market’ puts on them?

    The American experience tells us that absolutely no indemnity on earth is high enough for the vendors/purchasers to pay for the future liabilities attributable thereof.

    In comparision, the costs associated with nuclear power are merely chump change.

  33. Susan Collins Is a Becky

    Who gives a damn if Susan Collins is a “Becky”?

    Sidewalk Susie at Harvard is a Lund from Minnesota with nice, shapely legs indicating that she is a rower or bicyclist or something along those lines. Look at Sidewalk Susie with her Minnesota Vikings shirt and don’t forget those legs!

    Some guy with a Gupta in his Twitter handle don’t like Sidewalk Susie or Harvard or Henry Kissinger or Sam Huntington or Robert McNamara or Israeli generals or top CIA officials.

    Gupta sends everybody to Hell; got to give him credit for lumping in Lund with everyone else under the sun. Gupta is grumpy!

    Grumpy Gupta:

  34. TheBoom says:

    Sarsour’s comments reinforce for me the need to learn from Islam and institute white Sharia which is more in line with traditional white morality than the modern feminist world

    • Agree: dfordoom
  35. TheBoom says:

    Shocked. absolutely shocked. It is almost like Every. Single. Time.

  36. Svigor says:

    Assuming one isn’t referring to the year Sebastian Munster was born, “1488″ is more of a love-hate term than a hate term. See, “14″ is all sugar and spice, and everything nice, and “88″ is more snips and snails and puppy dog tails.

  37. @Anonymous

    May God Damn Teddy Kennedy.

    I’m pretty sure He attended to that on August 25, 2009.

  38. Ibound1 says:

    Linda Sarsour will soon be voting to turn the Washington Monument into a Minaret. They will dig up all the bodies at Arlington. The rows of crosses at Normandy will be toppled. How long can this go on before the country is no longer? 25 years? 50?

  39. bjondo says:

    Sarsour is another tool.

    Who are her backers?

    Why is she prominent?

  40. eah says:

  41. Actually Blasey-Ford is the Becky. That’s why it didn’t work this time. The groundwork had been laid.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Achmed E. Newman
  42. Shmacky says:

    Rebecca Traister is a cowardly joke trying to exorcise her own demons. She literally watched Harvey Weinstein beat up her boyfriend and permanently injure a female bystander in 2000, then kept mum about it for 17 years. Nice “reporting” there.

  43. Corn says:
    @Ghost of Bull Moose

    Was Sarsour born here, or not?

    That noxious broad needs deported.

  44. Barnard says:
    @Detective Club

    I doubt it. She will be 74 by the end of her next six year term, she might want to retire. There is no one in the Republican party in Maine who could challenge her and win. A fight with outgoing Governor Paul LePage would be nasty, but I doubt he would win or would even want to do it. Collins voted her conscience here, mostly out of disgust for the tactics of the left.

    • Replies: @prusmc
  45. Lot says:

    She married an Indian guy who appears to be a Parsi.

  46. Rob McX says:

    Emmett Till’s accuser never got the same respect as CBF.

  47. istevefan says:

    I actually think it is good Sarsour and others are making those comments in public. They should be encouraged to make more such comments and even harsher ones. The sooner whites, both women and men, realize the democrats are an anti-white party the sooner we can begin to poach those voters.

    Right now we are in a race where the left is importing about 2800 legal immigrants per day, 365 days per year, who will go into the pipeline towards eventual citizenship and voting rights. It doesn’t take a genius to realize their overwhelming preference for democrats means eventual electoral oblivion for us.

    However, 40 percent of whites still vote for the democrats. That is a huge chunk of the electorate, and if we can poach the lion’s share of that block faster than the democrats can mint new citizens, we have the opportunity to dominate the democrats politically for enough time that perhaps sensible immigration restriction and enforcement laws can be passed as well as securing the ideological tilt of the Supreme Court and the court system in general.

    I actually think some enterprising guys on our side should set up social media accounts to repeat and amplify the anti-white rhetoric of Sarsour and her cohorts from the Democrat Party. There are tens of millions of whites who need to be awaken.

    • Replies: @Whiskey
  48. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    1500 years of sight unseen arranged marriages will do that. There are plenty of non Persian ones roaming around Los Angeles. They really have ugly features. And most tend to bulge out of the shrouds

    The average Muslim, man or woman is about a 3 on a scale of 10. And many are downright ugly.

    The reason Persians escaped the standard Muslim ugliness is because as a wealthy country they had the pick of the European Slavic slave women both before and after the Muslim conquest.

    Arabs Turks chechens etc tend to be unattractive races. Tartars are the only Muslim ethnic group that are average attractive. It’s amazing how much better looking the Christian separatist Arabs are compared to the Muslims.

  49. Jack D says:

    Torture? Torture would be an improvement. What happens in reality is that they send a white cop to arrest him and the white cop shoots the black man 16 times before you can say “Hands up, don’t shoot”. I really don’t understand how there are ANY black men in prison since most don’t make it that far and are shot by the police the moment they are accused.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @F0337
  50. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    I wonder what’s going to happen in January and February when every school district in the country goes into the usual defense of accused rapists with To Kill a Mockinbird, Emmet Till
    Scottsboro Boys and the millions of black men convicted and or lynched because an evil
    White woman falsely accused an up right church going virtuous black man of rape

    The liberal mind is capable of marvelous feats I’m sure they’ll be able to come up with a way to reconcile believe the accused with believe the accuser

    January starts MLK worship month the day school begins after Christmas break. It becomes black history month and doesn’t end till the middle of March.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  51. anon[311] • Disclaimer says:

    Actually Blasey-Ford is the Becky

    CBF is an archetypical Becky.

    I suppose Ford thinks she is an honorary person of color. Granted, she seems to be female, but playing the female card isn’t going to make her less Becky.

    This is already being retconned by MSM. She was permanently scarred by not being raped. How Becky can you get. And she was forced by her civic duty to speak up? Becky, Becky, Becky.

    Best stand clear of the Becky charge.

    • Replies: @The Wild Geese Howard
  52. Lagertha says:

    This will make you guys (and girls) laugh; warning: Russia! You can fast forward to Kav since Ronaldo is first few minutes.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
    , @Jack D
  53. Mr. Anon says:

    The same people bleating about “the 53%” are the people who yammer on about “democracy”. Last time I checked, democracy is about majority rule, and 53% is a majority. So a majority of white women voted for Trump. What is Sarsour’s problem?

  54. Whiskey says: • Website

    Agreed one million times.

    Political judo.

  55. The womyn had to squirt some KKKrazy Glue on that coalition!

  56. Anonymous[332] • Disclaimer says:

    I thought it was funny that Sotomayor questioned whether Kavanuagh was fit to be a SC judge on grounds she had doubts about whether he could be impartial and could get along with others. This from Ms. ‘wise Latina’. And frankly who are we kidding, would she have chimed in with her negative 2 cents if it were a Dem nomination? Are any of the three liberal female judges fair and impartial? You can accurately predict exactly how they will vote on party lines, something you haven’t been able to do so well with the group of white men there, who frequently cast swing votes.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  57. Anonymous[332] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jack D

    Studies have shown that, under the same circumstances, white men are significantly more likely to get shot than black men; the institutional racism is against whites. The reason so many more black guys are getting shot is because they are vastly more likely to think it’s a good idea to commit serious crimes and try to attack officers who come to arrest them.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  58. Tex says:

    Senator Susan Collins is the mother & grandmother of white women in America who gave us a Donald Trump presidency. The 53%.

    Senator Collins is my mother-in-law? Ain’t that a surprise.

  59. El Dato says:

    “Let’s Get This Party Started!”

    • LOL: BenKenobi
  60. Slayer says:

    That’s normal maternal reaction to a deranged lunatic approaching you shrieking and threatening to take your children. De cuck yourself.

    • Replies: @Anonym
  61. Jack D says:

    Please don’t confuse me with the facts. As (someone who knows someone who knows someone who is) a proud black man in America I know what the reality is and I have told me children to run like hell whenever they see the po-po so whitey can’t shoot them.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  62. Jack D says:

    Some white men are mostly evil, some white men sometimes swing between good and evil but wise Latinas are always firmly rooted on the side of the good.

  63. @njguy73

    Anonym is wrong about Arab women.

    Watch this from 1:45…

  64. One forty-year-old virgin does a solid for another.

    She saw in Kavanaugh a kindred spirit.

  65. Dan Hayes says:


    Rest assured that if Tucker Carlson ever goes full bore off the reservation in emulating this Russian television anchor, he too will be canned by Fox in a microsecond!

  66. Jack D says:

    Actually the whole thing is well worth watching. He makes BF into a physics professor but otherwise he is pretty much spot on. It’s kind of scary when a Russkie has better insight into your culture than native born pundits.

    Also it shows that the roles have reversed – back in the day there was a lot of stuff that you couldn’t say on Russian television if it was politically incorrect, but nowadays it’s AMERICAN television where you can’t say certain things.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  67. Jimi says:

    Lebanese women and Yezidi women are also hot.

  68. prusmc says: • Website

    I always was impressed with the forthrightness of Maine’s governor Paul Lepage. Sad that he has no political future and is a little old for lumberjacking.

    • Replies: @Simple Psuedonym
  69. Jimi says:

    Linda Sarsour isn’t mad that Brett Kavanaugh will turn American into a right wing theocracy. She just wants a right wing Islamic theocracy. Her white feminist followers are useful idiots.

  70. To me, Becky has always been the name of desirable femmes.

    The first Becky was Becky Thatcher. We had sex. In my dreams. I was ten.

    The next Becky was a sweet young thing in my high school. She had sex, too, and became a mother in the eleventh grade.

    Then there was Becky at Alma Mater. She was monogamous, seriously. I meant, serially. Alma Mater was on the quarter system, which means at least twelve one and only’s. Except Becky_3 took a couple of extra years to copulate. I meant graduate. She was prolific, I mean, well, ….

    Becky_4 was my wife. I still get the shakes when I think about her, and not in a good way.

    Becky_5 was some random Becky from group therapy, included just to achieve a round number.

    Life is full of Beckys. Get used to it.

    • Replies: @Rosamond Vincy
  71. Jack D says:

    This may seem like an insoluble problem to you because the only tool at your disposal is the algebra of equal protection. But Leftist have better tools available to them. Using the calculus of Victim Pokemon Points and the science of Who-Whomism, we now know that black men rank higher on the scale than white women but white men rank lower. So “believe women” doesn’t really mean “believe women in all cases”, it means “believe women in all cases where the accuser has more Victim Pokemon Points than the accused”. However, this is so obvious that it goes without saying and wouldn’t fit on a Tee shirt anyway, even the XXX Large that most Pussy Hat wearers wear, so we just shorten it to “Believe Women”.

  72. @Anon

    Don’t forget the consanguinity effect – cousin marriages have been a long-term trend in the Muslim world. This is a recipe for lower-IQs and a myriad of genetic defects.

  73. @anon

    She was permanently scarred by not being raped. How Becky can you get. And she was forced by her civic duty to speak up? Becky, Becky, Becky.

    So now, according to the MSM, Kav is a monster for *NOT* giving Ford the alpha-male shagging she was clearly entitled to as a horse-faced, bucktoothed, spoiled 15 year-old brat?

    These people are beyond help.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  74. eah says:

    • Replies: @eah
  75. @International Jew

    Well, I always found mes algeriennes quite enthusiastic.

    As always with me, it’s all about the carmelitas!

    Learning Arabic seems fun:

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  76. Iberiano says:

    Linda Sarsour is a lily white arab, who, if you removed her headscarf and put her in regular clothing, would be indistinguishible from millions of white Americans who have, perhaps, some Greek, Arab, Italian, or Slavic heritage–those of slightly “ethnic” appearance perhaps in jawline, eyes, etc. She’s a white Arab. She knows that, and everyone in the Arab world knows that. She hides behind Islam to grant herself “person of color” status.

    • Replies: @RudyM
  77. Anonymous[440] • Disclaimer says:
    @International Jew

    The actress is Armenian though.

  78. eah says:
  79. Anonym says:

    That’s normal maternal reaction to a deranged lunatic approaching you shrieking and threatening to take your children. De cuck yourself.

    That was my point by mentioning that it was hilarious and that Lohan was baizuo. Most of our women would expect the man in the situation to handle any physical part of the confrontation, and likely it would only be to form an initial barrier while they could move away.

  80. eah says:

    “presumption of guilt innocence”

    “Let that sink in.”

  81. jim jones says:

    Elevator protestor makes $178,000 a year:

  82. Anonym says:

    The average Muslim, man or woman is about a 3 on a scale of 10. And many are downright ugly.

    That fits with what I have seen. If good looking East Asians top out at an 8, most Muslim ethnicities seem to top out lower than that.

    I think you are right about the arranged marriages too. I think South and Central Ameria is not due to arranged marriages. But the rest yes. Mostly unappealing women.

  83. My guess is Trump made Collins an offer she couldn’t refuse. Play ball, or get primaried.

    People forget that Trump rallies are more than just fun and games. They’re implied threats to Repubs who don’t tow the line. Trump will clearly travel anywhere, on short notice, to endorse a candidate. His support tends to move the needle as well.

  84. Anonymous[287] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Wild Geese Howard

    What the hell are you talking about? Literally no one is saying that.

  85. @eah

    What time, and BYOB, or will there be a trash can full of PJ? Damn, I wish I hadnta’ thrown that solicitation in the trash.

    Whoever’s left hungover in the rec-room in the morning we like to call The Breakfast Club.

    OK, Dato beat me to it …

  86. @Jack D

    Actually the whole thing is well worth watching. He makes BF into a physics professor but otherwise he is pretty much spot on.

    The Cristiano Ronaldo item is also interesting. Never mind that he one of the richest (estimated net worth $450 million), most famous men (ranked #8 on Twitter, with 75 million followers) in the world. I daresay a few of them may be women. If there is any man in the world who can have any woman he wants, it would be Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Of course, you can be rich and famous and be an ugly dude. Perhaps that is it.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  87. Anonym says:
    @International Jew

    If everything on her is real, definitely the body is to my taste. The face is about a 6-7.

  88. @Desiderius

    The groundwork had been laid …

    … along with a certain future Supreme Court judge too …. nomesane… wink, wink, nudge, nudge…

    OK, I’ll quit there … prolly ..

  89. J.Ross says: • Website

    Clearly the remark about Susan Collins being the matriarch of Donald Trump support means that she respects flamethrowers, understands elevators, and is an uncredited rip-off of a Wayne Douglas Barlow visualization of an E.E. Smith design (there is actually a drawing in one making-of video that shows Susan Collins in the same arrangement with two crossed bars used by Barlow to accomodate extreme length in a small area).

  90. Jack D says:

    This graph is largely just a proxy for party affiliation. This was a partisan issue so people divided on partisan lines – tell me your party and I will tell you who you supported 9 times out of 10. Only 2% of Senators deviated from their party line.

  91. TheJester says:

    I think Sarsour’s got some wires crossed there.

    Not an issue. The backstory about feminism (and feminists know this from their own personal experience) is that women, as a generalization, are irrational, emotional, and inconsistent. This is why, I suppose, they want to become men. Psst, this is a secret.

    Feminism, at the end of the day, is a self-hate crusade. Faced with the crass and malicious act of nature that made them women, women demand that men humor them, tolerate their moods, and wait for their moods to pass. Regardless, we love them as our companions, wives, and the mothers of our children.

    However, when they go “hormonal”, it’s a sight to behold. Run for cover!

    I realize that anecdotal evidence, even when a generalization encompasses all of the women that one has met, known, worked with, or married over a lifetime of experience, is out of fashion. WHERE IS THE DATA? … WHERE IS THE SCIENCE?

    Try these for starters:

    The Female Brain

    The Male Brain

    The Evolutionary Biology of Human Female Sexuality

    Female Infidelity and Paternal Uncertainty

  92. @AndrewR

    Linda is very cagey about her husband, his whereabouts, or even if they’re still married. Try asking her next time you visit her Twitter feed. He certainly wouldn’t let her sit in the gallery of the Council muttering f-bombs, which I’ve seen her do.

    My guess is he’s in Guantanamo.

    • Agree: Johann Ricke
  93. @Jack D

    Jack, please tell #332 you were being sarcastic. I hate to see anyone take this seriously. (You got me for about 3 seconds too.)

    Anonymous-332, Jack D. was messin’ with ya’.

  94. J.Ross says: • Website
    @The Wild Geese Howard

    One of the sad reminders of our depravity is doing what every kid does when they first get into foreign languages and noticing that most other peoples have preserved standards of obscenity that were normal here generations ago.

  95. Jack D says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    Up until a few years ago, based on the track record of Trump, Ronaldo, Weinstein, etc. the price for a rich guy to have sex in situations where proof of consent or assured confidentiality was less than ironclad appeared to be about $300,000 (of course much higher if the girl was pregnant). I know these guys were pretty rich but $300,000 for a roll in the hay doesn’t seem to be good value.

    But now it’s even worse – the price is MUCH higher – how much would a rich guy pay to stay out of prison? And these women realized that they settled for less than their claims are worth today and are having seller’s remorse. It’s like if you sold your Palo Alto Eichler shack for $1,000,000 ten years ago and now its worth $3,000,000 and you want a redo on the deal.

    I don’t know what rich guys will do in the future. Get signed releases and NDA’s BEFORE having sex? Videotape everything including the girl blowing into a BAC meter? Really takes the romance out of it.

    • LOL: Johann Ricke
    • Replies: @F0337
  96. Lurker says:

    Feeble hasbara.

    Who invited Muslims into the west?

  97. Marty T says:

    Will they have James Spader play Kav in the movie, or maybe Emilio Estevez?

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  98. Paul F says:

    Does the 53% have anything to do with le 56%?

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  99. GSR says:

    I believe she was born in New York. She speaks with a fake “Middle Eastern” accent. She is just a 100% left radical.

  100. @prusmc

    …. that some kina gay slang er

  101. @Paul F

    It’s what’s left after you take away the 47%.

  102. @eah

    What did Quennan write?” We Must hunt down and KILL the people who put Molly Ringwald on the cover of Time magazine. Then, and only then, can America exit the darkness and achieve her inherent greatness.”

  103. F0337 says:
    @Jack D

    Well, I did sort of deal with that in my little tract, though I admitted the possibility that one or two might sneak in, just to do some undercover work you see, raising awareness of white privilege in prison. Or did people think there’d be some place where Privilege wasn’t Privileged? Hardly.

  104. Would they say “Susan Collins is a Channon?”

  105. F0337 says:
    @Jack D

    It is indeed a supreme irony that it’s becoming harder for a rich and famous guy to get good sex than it is for us relatively mortal beings.

  106. Susan Collins is a closer.

  107. Anonymous[178] • Disclaimer says:

    Whenever I start sympathizing with Muslim women in Islamic lands,

    Misplaced sympathy. Arab women are aggressive. My pet theory about the origin of Islam is that the Arab men decided to expand their domain to get more submissive women, to institute rules to control their women, and to get away from their domineering wives.

  108. RudyM says:

    I don’t exactly know what this means: “Senator Susan Collins is the mother & grandmother of white women in America who gave us a Donald Trump presidency. The 53%.”

    I think this is a bit of Arabic rhetoric that is translating very poorly into English.

    At any rate, this does nothing to raise my already very low opinion of Sarsour.

  109. @RudyM

    Isn’t that that what the Joker said in one of those Nolan Batman movies?

    • Replies: @RudyM
  110. @Anon

    Have to disagree with you here:

    Arabs are not monolithic racially. They’re a hybrid group genetically and culturally, membership in is based solely on speaking Arabic.

    Many Arab women are stunning. Lebanese women especially, but Saudi and Egyptian girls can also be really attractive.

    Egypt is a racial mix. The original Egyptians were ancient Copts (the true Egyptians, who speak Coptic (evolved from ancient Egyptian) to this day, and are Christians), Greeks. In the south you have Nubians/Sudanese who are of sub Saharan/Somali derivation. The Arabian Muslim tribes came later in the Islamic conquest, and have only partially admixed. The rest of the Arabic speaking world is similarly blended with Berbers, Africans, Germans, etc., etc. Talking about Arabs as if they were monolithic culturally, racially, or religiously is incorrect.

    Turkish women can be and often are extremely attractive, as well. There are many blondes and red heads, many with blue and green eyes. Anatolia has been settled from time immemorial by Greeks, Slavs, Celts, Germans and they have all intermingled. The Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman Empires all intermingled peoples with abandon. The Turks’ origin as a tribe is in Central Asia, but are not Mongoloid. They’re of the same ancient Aryan tribal peoples that settled Europe and conquered India back in the day.

    I’ve lived for a long while in the Middle East – Türkiye, Israel, Misr – hence I know that of which I speak.

    • Replies: @The Wild Geese Howard
  111. @Jack D

    It’s helpful to remember that To Kill a Mockingbird is holy writ to progressive lefties, and is definitive when sorting out victimhood precedence.

    • Replies: @David In TN
  112. RudyM says:

    Lots of dirt on Sarsour here (albeit, from an across-the-board leftist perspective):

    In September of 2014 Sarsour claimed she was the victim of a hate crime, but in the Brooklyn neighborhood where the alleged incident took place there is a consensus this was nothing but an attention-seeking hoax and media ploy. Sarsour claimed she was attacked by a man who hurled slurs and threatened to behead her. It turned out the alleged assailant was a well-known 45-year old mentally ill, local homeless man. Residents of the Bay Ridge neighborhood where Sarsour maintains her office and the alleged incident took place told ikhras he has been a permanent fixture in the neighborhood for years and is totally harmless. He is so well known, in fact, he has been dubbed “the bum of Bay Ridge.” Local residents were shocked when they heard her story because he has never attacked anyone in the past. Among those who were most skeptical of Sarsour’s story were local Mosque attendees and members of her own family. “He would always be drunk and say stupid things”, one resident said, “but he has never attacked anyone.” The alleged attacker did have a previous arrest record for non-violent, petty misdemeanors, but we could not find a single person in the neighborhood who considered him a threat. Another interesting fact casts more doubt on Sarsour’s story. On the day of the alleged incident Sarsour had called the police before the alleged attack reporting the alleged assailant as a “suspicious person” as if he is unknown. This is rather strange given that the “suspicious person” was a regular fixture in the neighborhood well-known to Sarsour and the rest of the residents by name. In all likelihood, the homeless, neighborhood drunk was, as usual, making stupid comments and kicking around a trash can. Instead of providing him with a hot meal and helping him find shelter, Sarsour decided to exploit his presence near her office to fabricate a hate crime casting herself as the fearless defender of the community under attack for her work on our behalf. Sarsour took to Twitter and Facebook assuring everyone she was doing fine, thanked them for their concern and condolences, and pledged to never be intimidated or back down. After all, she is tough and everybody knows you “don’t mess with Brooklyn.”

  113. parkerd says:

    Key words: In a movie.
    As it is, statist invented fiction is taught as history in the government fool system, Hollywood is pure fiction absent their personal experience in sexual perversion.

  114. @The Last Real Calvinist

    “It’s helpful to remember that To Kill a Mockingbird is holy writ to progressive lefties, and is definitive when sorting out victimhood precedence.”

    Yes, and its a fictional story that didn’t happen in real life.

  115. @fitzhamilton

    I would add that there are many young maghrebiennes who benefited from admixture with pieds noirs hailing from France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal.

    Turkish women can be and often are extremely attractive, as well. There are many blondes and red heads, many with blue and green eyes.

    Yes, there are very Western-looking Turks with heavy Euro adimixture. I find them a bit bizarre psychologically. These gals are basically Euro-Beckies that happened to grow up speaking Turkish.

    These same girls support the poz and globohomo industrial complex as much as any US Becky from Beverly Hills. They also hold overpaid, useless sinecures in Turkish corporations and fly all over the world in their rootless, cosmopolitan existence. If they really wanted to make themselves useful, they’d do something about Erdogan.

  116. @njguy73

    I don’t know if preferring 3rd world servants around counts a busy.

  117. RudyM says:
    @Steve Sailer

    This sounds funny, but references to movies are largely wasted on me. I have hardly watched any for many years now, not even the foreign and art house kind I tended to go to in my 20′s. I don’t cuck for Hollywood, man. (Just kidding.)

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