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Surf City Sweden: 1.23 Boys for Every Girl

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From Politico:

Europe’s Man Problem
Migrants to Europe skew heavily male—and that’s dangerous.
By Valerie Hudson

… According to Swedish government statistics, as of the end of November, 71 percent of all applicants for asylum to Sweden in 2015 were male. More than 21 percent of all migrants to Sweden were classified as unaccompanied minors, representing more than half of all minor migrants to the country. For accompanied minors, the sex ratio was about 1.16 boys for every one girl. But for unaccompanied minors, the ratio was 11.3 boys for every one girl. In other words, the Swedish case confirms IOM’s statistic that more than 90 percent of unaccompanied minors are male. Indeed, on average, approximately 90 unaccompanied boys entered Sweden every single day in 2015, compared with eight unaccompanied girls.

Those numbers are a recipe for striking imbalances within Sweden. Consider that more than half of these unaccompanied minors entering Sweden are 16 or 17 years old, or at least claim to be. (There are no medical checks of age for Swedish asylum-seekers, and applicants who say they’re under 18 receive special consideration in the asylum process.) In this age group more than three-quarters are unaccompanied, meaning they are overwhelmingly male. According to calculations based on the Swedish government’s figures, a total of 18,615 males aged 16 and 17 entered Sweden over the course of the past year, compared with 2,555 females of the same age. Sure enough, when those figures are added to the existing counts of 16- and 17-year-old boys and girls in Sweden—103,299 and 96,524, respectively, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s International Database—you end up with a total of 121,914 males in Sweden aged 16 or 17 and 99,079 females of the same age. The resulting ratio is astonishing: These calculations suggest that as of the end of 2015, there were 123 16- and 17-year-old boys in Sweden for every 100 girls of that age.

If that trend continues into 2016 or even beyond, each successive late adolescent cohort of 16- and 17-year-olds will be similarly abnormal, and over time the abnormality will become an established fact of the broader young adult population in Sweden.

Within a culture, a high male to female ratio tends to be good for the girls, making them a scarce commodity. For example, the Harvard Business School is one of the few higher education institutions to still have more male than female students. A lesbian dean at HBS went on the warpath to deal with the “crisis” of women students not getting as high GPAs as the men students. But it turned out that the reason the HBS women weren’t doing their homework was because they were spending so much time primping for their dream dates with future captains of industry.

Decades ago I read a study of all the killings in a mining town in the Victorian Old West with a very high male to female ratio. Perhaps Bodie? Unfortunately, I don’t remember which one. There were dozens of cases of single men shooting other single men, but only one woman, a prostitute, was killed over the course of a decade or so. And her killer was instantly lynched by the outraged citizenry. Schoolmarms and preachers’ daughters were inviolate.

In contrast, the very low male to female ratio enjoyed by boys in the hood — because so many other males are in prison or dead — means they can get away with behaving badly toward women because of supply and demand.

On the other hand, a high male to female ratio in which a lot of the males are from an incursive culture that views the indigenous girls as infidel whores sounds like trouble.


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  1. In Germany the respective value for the cohort of approx 20 to 3o years old rose from 1,06 to 1,13 in just one year, surpassing India and China (who have imbalances due to selective abortion)

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  2. And people said China was going to have a male-female population imbalance problem. Child’s play compared to what Sweden (and probably most of Western Europe in general) are now facing.

    Your comments regarding women in the Old West are consistent with everything else I’ve read. Women were inviolate although there was some domestic violence. Even Liberty Valence didn’t pick on women.

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  3. says:
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    I knew an Asian woman who worked in Dubai. She said there were more Indians than Arabs there. And the Indians were almost all male. She said they would be desperate for a woman, any woman. She said it was not uncommon to be driving down the road and see Indian men behind a tree masturbating.

  4. It becomes worse when you consider the high amount of gay males, transvestites and other effeminates in Sweden.

  5. says:
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    Invasions have always been mainly men. That’s why Mexico has mestizos. The Swedish women will have their pick of low quality men; choose between an Afghan or a Somali, who is preferable?

  6. The situation is not analogous to an Old West mining town.

    Many of the “minors” are older and are passing themselves off as minors because the asylum and aid rules are more favorable. Many are street children from places like Morocco. I’ve been wondering if some countries – Morocco in particular – are taking the opportunity to fob their problem demographics off on Sweden, Mariel Boatlift style.

    Only a tiny percentage of them will ever be integrated into Swedish society. The influx will bring a problem that otherwise might have simmered on for another decade or two to a head in the next year or two instead.

  7. In the context, “And we call it a woody” suddenly takes on sinister overtones.

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  8. The ‘infidel Whores’ sound like a girl band. Have there been studies on China’s 40 million imbalance? They should be getting old enough to study.

  9. ” . . . her [the prostitute's] killer was instantly lynched by the outraged citizenry.”


    You go, Europe. Arm yerselves t’ the rafters . . . and arrest your misrepresentatives and elect Farage, et al.

  10. No big deal.

    The “indigenous” “white” “men” who just have to do without girls.

    This is a good thing as they are weak and have no business bearing offspring.

    If they were worth anything we wouldn’t have to import masculinity.

  11. It’s a problem for the girls, but it’s a much bigger problem for the boys. Their government will completely emasculate them by requiring them to submit to the foreigners and by requiring them to let the foreigners rape their young women.

    Really, it’s a problem for the Swedes in general. It’s a surefire recipe for genocide.

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  12. I believe I know the book you are referring to, Gunfighters, Highwaymen, and Vigilantes. It’s a study of violence in the Sierra frontier in the 1860s-70s. In parallels with the Old West, I’m struck by how much of the migrant rush is similar to the gold rushes (and oil booms). People learn of an opportunity (gold, oil, German welfare) and hasten to the source to get in on the ground floor. Now not everybody is directly exploiting the resource (digging gold mines, drilling wells), quite a few live by supplying the exploiters (beef, horses, hardware, women, games of “chance”), and others are straight up parasites (roughs who loitered around saloons bullying others for drink money were very common, with footpads, horse thieves, and stage robbers not uncommon). Arguably, when it comes to other people’s welfare handouts, it’s parasites all the down.

    Rushes always caused social disruption for the natives (ask the Indians). A lot of small town Texans had mixed feelings about oil booms, liking the money, disliking the bootleggers, gunmen, and prostitutes who followed in the driller’s wake. Frederick Allen wrote a book about the Montana vigilantes, A Decent Orderly Lynching, and looked for a modern parallel to the gold rushes. The closest he came was Woodstock. But, he said, imagine if Woodstock went on for five years and the drug of choice was whiskey instead of marijuana. What’s the drug of choice in Malmo these days?

  13. This can’t be true, I’ve been told the refugees are just widows and orphans like Jesus and his family and the Mayflower pilgrims.

  14. why was Sweden so unusual even compared with other Nordic countries.

  15. They’re talking like it’s a foregone conclusion that all these “asylum seekers” will remain in Sweden long-term.

    And focusing on the sex ratio of the country overall is perfectly in tune with the agenda of ignoring the elephant in the room — the agenda that results in the absurd practice of referring to Arab terrorists as “French” or “Belgian”.

    Far more relevant than this sex ratio nonsense would be a straightforward comparison of forces: how many military age men of ours, vs how many of theirs?

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  16. Just a general question in case anyone knows (I don’t) but does Sweden, Germany, et al still have a significant portion of the male population that adheres to traditional masculinity or are they more of the beta metrosexual type? It seems to me that the USA still has a lot of men who are inclined to physically defend the safety and honor of the women in their lives, and I don’t seem to read about European men getting into fights with their Muslim population when they are threatened or social norms are violated.

  17. says:
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    Did the US receive an imbalance of genders during the large immigration waves? If so, were there problems?

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  18. Dammit. Beat me to it.

    Of course, Steve, this is the reverse of Surf City. But you knew that. The potential good news is that this factor may have some resonance with the post-modernists who run all things European from Brussels. Somehow. Or not.

  19. Just this morning I was reading an account of how the Arabs conquered Byzantine Syria. They didn’t, apparently, win any huge battles. The Byzantines had dismantled their frontier defences before the Arab expansion happened; the incoming Arabs were just conventional raiders after booty, but, finding that there was no opposition, they decided to stay on.

  20. As long as it doesn’t become “Surfin’ U.S.A.”.

    The Swedes have made their bed.

  21. JAN AND DEAN —1963
    “Surf City”

    Two girls for every boy
    I bought a ’30 Ford wagon and we call it a woody
    (Surf City, here we come)
    You know it’s not very cherry, it’s an oldie but a goody
    (Surf City, here we come)
    Well, it ain’t got a back seat or a rear window
    But it still gets me where I wanna go
    And we’re goin’ to Surf City, ’cause it’s two to one
    You know we’re goin’ to Surf City, gonna have some fun
    Ya, we’re goin’ to Surf City, ’cause it’s two to one
    You know we’re goin’ to Surf City, gonna have some fun, now
    Two girls for every boy

    The good old days when we ran trade surpluses, when America was made up of whites and blacks with a few Indians, Asians, Hispanics thrown in, when Detroit was a booming factory town, when all steel we used was made here, when Southern California was a defense contractor superpower and space exploration too.
    Back when the private sector had pensions and better compensation than the public sector.

    • Agree: JohnnyWalker123
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  22. I have to disagree with this post. A high male to female ratio just makes the existing values of a culture more extreme. Individual males don’t change their view of women; they double down on their views and adopt more extreme tactics.

    In Northern European societies this means the men become more chivalrous (“romantic” in conventional parlance) and try to make more money to woo women.

    In North India where gender selective abortion has created a shortage of women, a “bride trafficking” industry has emerged where women are abducted to sold to families as brides for sons:

    The Middle East creates a shortage of marriageable women through polygamy. Families deal with bridge shortage by locking up their daughters and demanding payment for marriage. Younger sons and sons from poorer families who don’t get brides are encouraged to look outside the tribe for their mates. This is a feature, not a bug, of the system.

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  23. Some commenter recently said that every party in Sweden supported the return of conscription, which ended in 2010. Now I see why.

    Would the threat of a compulsory term in the new country’s armed forces repel, or attract, opportunistic “refugees”? (Eritrea’s are often escaping a pretty nasty draft themselves.)

    One problem is how will you keep the draft all-male, what with all the egalitarian nonsense in the air? Norway surrendered to the feminists and became the first country anywhere to equalize its draft laws. But note that the feminists themselves pushed this change, which I don’t see them lifting a finger to do anywhere else!

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  24. If it’s “Surf City” for Middle Beasterners, when will the Germans sing “When I Grow Up to Be a Man”?

  25. Based on the German elite reaction to the Rape of Cologne, I think they’ll just import women from the Muslim world or Western prostitutes to balance things out.

    I mean there is a real debate in Germany about whether refugees that violate the law & are sentenced to more than 3 years can be deported. The anti-deportation side is currently in the majority.

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  26. The German health insurance scheme is said to cover spa treatments. And prostitution is legal in Germany and one of the few jobs illiterate peasant non German speakers can do. So why not have the health insurance scheme pay for visits to prostitutes?

    But I think we know where this is going. Bringing in a million refugee women. Or the extremely unlikely, ending the war, rebuilding Syria and sending they refugees back to their homes.

  27. Where would they go? I guess it’s possible to go to other EU countries to the West but France has to their credit a pretty bad rep in migrant circles.

    Going to the UK would be ideal but it’s cost prohibitive & sneaking in is difficult. I hope you’re not suggesting a large scale repatriation is possible. Most of these people are here to stay.

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  28. We can’t forget that part of the reason that the “1950s” is rather idealized for men is because , following WW2, the ratio of men to women dropped thanks to the way. Women suddenly were forced to compete more heavily for male attention, resulting in more feminine and obedient behavior.

    And don’t get started on how many English, French, German, Japanese, and Italian women, faced with a dearth of their own countrymen around and a major fear of either Russian or Chinese invasion, found the strutting, handsome, relatively wealthy, uniformed American servicemen way more charming than they normally would have.

  29. There are factors other than sex ratios involved here. These so called ‘unaccompanied minors’ would be overwhelmingly lower class and, given the civil war there, now in its fifth year, would barely have an elementary school level education if that. Not exactly employable in an advanced economy even if they didn’t want to take breaks to pray every few hours.

    Then there is their physical anatomy. Middle eastern and North African men tend to be shorter than Northern Europeans. While we ocassionally see the statuesque woman with a short man it is infrequent and often means the male is both older and wealthy. The notion that a halfway attractive Swedish girl is going to want to pair up with a sawed off, Arabic speaking lout from the slums of Alleppo may appeal to the refugee but, like my chances of marrying Taylor Swift , not at all likely!

  30. Obviously, the only solution is to allow these young men to send for wives from their home country. Once that happens, game over. (Well, game over more quickly.)

    You know, people keep saying that it’s going to get ugly when whites in these countries “wake up.” But I don’t see any white uprisings in Texas or New Mexico or California or some of the deep South states where whites are a minority or very close to it. Heck, even the whites in South Africa aren’t fighting back.

    What about the current situation in these places make people think it will be different in Europe of the United States in general in a generation or two? I’m just not seeing whites getting off their couches. What am I missing?

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  31. Since it’s increasingly clear (to us, if not the Swedes and Germans) that the governments of those countries are actively hostile to the interests of their people, how long will those governments stay in power?

    Unlike some of you, I’m rather pessimistic. I think a majority of people in those countries don’t have their own interests in mind, let alone those of their countrymen. Or more specifically, their concerns and beliefs aren’t actually compatible with their own well-being – they do actually seem to believe letting in so many covert immigrants is a great thing, and I suspect they’re not going to give up that belief no matter how much evidence to the contrary exists.

    I’m increasingly sympathetic to the idea that the masses need religion as a benign symbiote that fills up a niche that would otherwise be parasitized by harmful ideas. The secular religions that have sprung up in the West make Christianity look good in comparison. But I digress…

    I think Germany and those Nordic countries which have let in ‘refugee’-migrants are going to be a demonstration of how the destiny of Western countries will work out, greatly accelerated. And I think the optimists among you are wrong – they isn’t going to be an uprising, the people who realize what’s happening are going to be silenced and stifled by the majority, and life-as-they-know-it is going to end permanently.

    If things turn out differently, we’ll have reason to hope. I can only hope they will. But one way or another I believe this to be a bellwether moment.

  32. “Most of these people are here to stay.”

    Until welfare runs out, of course. And until there are enough Swedes running the show, like making sure no contaminated water is flowing from the tap. These are jobs that are out of range for those third worlders due to their meager intelligence levels.

    The “have sympathy with those poor ‘refugees’” line is getting old now, too. No white male who isn’t a gay liberal has sympathy with young, able-bodied males that don’t even look European.

  33. This was explored in Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. The whole “Loonie” culture, customs, marriage, everything was affected by the high man/woman ratio.

    I’m not sure the Swedes are up for radical changes in living arrangements like the “line marriages” in the book, but they’re about the Proggiest Progs on Earth so why not? Trouble is, I don’t see the “refugees” signing on, at all.

  34. says:
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    If young swedish women ”go vibrant” you might get some Anders Breiviks.
    If they don’t, you might get some Tsarnaevs.

  35. I thought highly of Sweden because they had no sexual double standard. Sexually active girls were not called sl*ts. I speak of this in the past tense because it will not be possible for Sweden to maintain these liberal gender roles with the large number of Muslim young men they are bringing in.

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  36. Keith Vaz [AKA "Sir Charles Pipkins"]
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    The refugees sneaked their way into Europe – they’re hardly going to give the authorities their details so they can join a foreign army.

  37. Valerie Hudson’s full thesis (not described in this post) is very interesting. I highly recommend her book, Bare Branches (though occasionally she goes off on tangents that are a bit too feminist / pedestalizing). She lays out an argument with lots of historical examples of how a heavily male-skewed population engenders social unrest. Nasty things happen when young, testosterone-filled men realize they have little chance of establishing a genetic legacy. There’s no longer a strong incentive for them to maintain the social order. I can’t help but wonder if the present situation in Cologne and other cities is motivated at some point by that same (unconscious) antecedent.

  38. says:
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    It is for this reason that it is imperative for the UK to leave the EU at the forthcoming referendum.

    But I am extremely pessimistic that the great British electorate has the brains or wisdom to do this.

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  39. It’s likely that the majority will.

  40. I hope you’re not suggesting large scale repatriation is possible.

    Large-scale repatriation is the only way Europe can be saved, unless we come up with some way of bribing the non-whites to stop reproducing. Unfortunately, if some financial reward for sterilisation were introduced, the native population might be equally willing to avail themselves of it.

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  41. Only in a democracy could something like Rape/Annihilation occur. The USA of the Founders on an empty a continent as could be wished for , is the greatest political miracle ever seen. It is Not a model form of government for the whole world. The best form of government, with its flaws, is a Christian Monarchy. And yes, I can’t believe I’m writing this.

    But this anarcho/tyranny is going to wax worse. And soon. And here. A new people has been summoned. And they don’t have an opinion on the Federalist Papers.

  42. AmericanaCON [AKA "BernieBarker"]
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    I don’t think Americans should be worried about Muslim immigration. Almost all American Muslims are converts from Christianity. Many of them are African-Americans. Just about 1 percent of the US population is Muslim. Muslims coming to the Americas seem to convert to Christianity because of social pressure. The Argentine President Mauricio Macris first wife is Lebanese/Syrian (Father Muslim) and converted to Catholicism (I would guess from secular Islam or Atheism) upon marriage with her first husband.

    Muslims seem to assimilate if there is a strong social pressure to do so. You cannot make it in Americas (including Untied States) if you don’t run with Christianity. This is however not the case in Europe. European political elite has since long (with some slight exception for France) introduced an aggressive multiculturalism (ethno-separatism) in the 1960s and 1970s which made it possible for migrants not to assimilate.

    In fact – migrants were encouraged to keep to their own and not mix with the overall society. Today – the left-wing (liberals and socialists) is heavily invested in the migrant community. This is why left-wing is becoming more and more aggressive in their support of identity politics for migrants. However, the Left is now in some deep trouble because it appears that ethnic minorities want more than welfare and some minor support for retaining their separation from the majority. They want good jobs and opportunities. They want the jobs that the Left currently holds.

    Mainly white color jobs in MSM, Government and Academia. More and more of these migrants also want to go further in identity politics. They don’t want to adopt Western Liberalism, Feminism or Socialism. What is more interesting is that most of them really don’t care about the Left. They don’t vote and is creating their own ethnic communities. Currently, the Leftist establishment has neither support among the white indigenous working and middle class or the third world migrant community. In Western and Northern Europe – The establishment Left has for years been losing the old migrant community (from Eastern and Southern Europe) to the far-right. They have mostly assimilated and is in many cases even more hostile to non-white immigration then ethnic Scandinavians, Brits and Germans.

    Anyway – Americans don’t have to worry about Muslim immigration and with Donald Trump as President. Well, there will be no more Muslim immigration for a few years;

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  43. says:
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    Far more relevant than this sex ratio nonsense would be a straightforward comparison of forces: how many military age men of ours, vs how many of theirs?

    It’s the same thing at different scales.

    Mass blue collar immigration is generally mostly young male and local scale Cologne style attacks occur wherever it happens and has done for 40 years – it’s the main driver of white flight – but until recently it was concentrated in the poorer parts of the cities.

    Merkel’s blitzrape has simply brought out into the open what the media has been covering up for decades.

    Your “comparison of forces” has three stages:

    1) local scale superiority = white flight
    2) city scale superiority = cologne
    3) national scale superiority = civil war

  44. I recently happened to pick up a copy in Asia of the old Swedish art/sex film I Am Curious Yellow, which my young 1970s self was under the impression was the last word in lubricity and the carefree kicking over of European social mores, but was not easily available where I was in those more prudish days.

    It turns out to be diabolically awful and ugly. Joyless sex laced with empty political posturing.

    I can’t help wondering if there is a connection with current events…

  45. OT

    The Trump was deployed against the warriors of Islam 500 year ago at the Siege Of Malta, when the Knights of St John held out against the army and navy of Suleyman The Magnificent.

    “Wildfire and Trumps and firework hoops were loosed upon the white-robed Turks …”

    Trumps were hollowed out tubes of wood or metal, secured to long poles. In the same way as the pots of wildfire, they were filled with an inflammable mixture. except that it was made more liquid by the addition of linseed oil or turpentine. “When you light the trump,” wrote one authority, “it continues a long time snorting and belching vivid, furious flames, and large, and several yards long.” The trump derived its name from the harsh snoring sound it made when alight. A smaller version was attached to the head of a pike. This often had a further ingenious mechanism whereby, when it was almost burnt out, it fired two small cylinders of iron or brass, which were loaded with gunpowder and discharged lead bullets.”

    (Ernle Bradford, The Great Siege, 1961)

  46. The rape will be disgusting it’s own right, but how will the Swedes react when their young men are murdered in disputes over the sanctity of nubile Swedish women, or when the age of consent , that is the age the newly imported Swedes determine appropriate for sex, drops to 10 or 12 years of age. There has to be a tipping point that will cause a massive backlash against those in power. And Steve, I don’t think there will be too much primping by Swedish girls looking for a Captain of Industry among the new arrivals. Shepherds maybe, doctoral candidates, doubtful.

  47. Alt-Right’s been saying this from day one. There’s been precious little remarking or informing from the leftist corporate media, but plenty of noticing from the Alt-Right.

    Once again, Alt-Right has predictive power.

  48. They’re talking like it’s a foregone conclusion that all these “asylum seekers” will remain in Sweden long-term.

    When you’re seen as an authority, and you want something to happen, it’s usually a good play to treat it as a fait accompli. Particularly when it’s something bad.

    I’m increasingly sympathetic to the idea that the masses need religion as a benign symbiote that fills up a niche that would otherwise be parasitized by harmful ideas. The secular religions that have sprung up in the West make Christianity look good in comparison.

    Welcome to the party.

  49. Immigrant groups tend to converge to native fertility rates over time. Another example is the B/W fertility rate convergence in the US.

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  50. Colin Liddell over at Alternative Right has evaluated some suggestions on how to alleviate the sexual tensions of the male migrants. It makes for some depressing reading and he admits that there’s no viable solution.

    My guess is that the authorities opt for a prostitution/pornography solution, but the results will be disappointing and Western women will end up travelling only under escort.

  51. I was pointing this out 2 months ago. What matters isn’t simply the number of immigrants relative to the overall population, but relative to their age cohort. If the current pace continues over 10% of German men ages 20-40 (prime reproductive age) will be migrants who have arrived just in the last year. That is enormous. It is a nation destroying level of immigration. And that’s just one year’s worth of immigration.

    People really don’t know how to think about immigration. They hear that a million migrants are arriving and they say to themselves “well, it’s only 1% of our population.”

    But it’s only one year’s worth of immigration, too. The immigrants arriving are far more likely to be of reproductive age. They come from a culture with far higher birthrates. And for the purposes of breeding, over half the German population is effectively dead, being past the age that most people have children.

    • Agree: Travis
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  52. “I hope you’re not suggesting a large scale repatriation is possible. Most of these people are here to stay.”

    The US government seemed to have little problem drafting, training, clothing, feeeding, arming, transporting, supplying and medically treating ~15 million men during World War 2. Funny how the government is perfectly capable of such massive feets when it needs to be.

    If the government wants to kick them out it is perfectly capable of doing so.

    • Agree: tbraton
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  53. Conscription is a bad idea if you are giving citizenship to Islamic invaders and then conscripting (and training them up to 1rst-world military standards). It would be smarter to keep an all-volunteer force and encourage European-heritage men to step up to the plate.

  54. says:
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    It’s fine because there is no native Swedish culture:

    “Official Working for the Swedish Government: “There Is No Native Swedish Culture.””

    This brave woman, who is just such a counter culture rebel is trying to convince Swedes – yet again – that there isn’t such a thing such as a “native Swedish culture.”

    This courageous woman, Ingrid Lomfors, who just happens to be Jewish, has not only been educated in Jerusalem at the Hebrew University. She’s also been trained at the Hebrew collage in Boston. She is the general secretary at the Jewish Synagogue / Jewish Community in Stockholm, Sweden.

    Currently she is the head of the “Forum for living history” in Sweden.

    Well today right here dear reader is where you’ll see a true history enthusiast share their knowledge and wisdom with you.

    In a recent talk, given on October 12, 2015 to some of the establishment in the Swedish government, she gave the following three solid points:


    Comment: Exactly, so relax! The invasion you’re seeing now into Europe is nothing new, I mean during the Migration Age there wasn’t any real consequences due to it anyway. It’s all just so very normal and you should embrace it goy. I think it’s great these state puppets and propagandists have to continue to reassure us that everything is fine, once some topics heat up a bit too much.


    Comment: Oh yeah and also most of us alive today are a consequence of rape, somewhere down the line of our ancestors. So obviously every practice that has been a prominent feature of our past must naturally be a good thing and it most be brought back again, right Ingrid? So by that logic let’s also bring back human sacrifice and slavery (although some of that still goes on in non-European countries).

    Perhaps that’s why you and all the state sponsored feminists in Sweden, don’t speak up for your fellow women when they are getting raped, You can continue to ignore the rape epidemic in Sweden, Germany and in other European countries, but due to the recent invasion the numbers are now going to grow so fast, exponentially, that even you won’t be able to stick your head in the sand any more. Thanks so much for helping to keep the lid on about this.

    Here is the best one of her three:


    Comment: Bah! Where do you even begin? Is this a HISTORIAN? Tells you how much they know about the culture of the country that they hate so much. We covered this aspect in the video we did on the housing crisis in Sweden due to the invasion. In that video we also focus on this common quackademic statement that there is no culture in Sweden.

    We have, according to some finds, 40 000 years of history in Northern Europe. Even if it was only 20 000 years, would that somehow be less impressive? It’s been proven that Scandinavians were the FIRST Europeans. To denigrate and try to erase our history, culture and achievements is frankly something only a myopic kosher certified historian like Ingrid could not only do, but also get away with. Thank you for revealing yourself and making your hatred of us so obvious.

  55. Moving people is easy. It’s a matter of will. They say you can’t rapidly shift millions of people to another country. Yet that’s just what’s been happening for the last year, but in the wrong direction.

  56. Where would they go?

    I’m gonna recommend Angola. Lots of room, and far away.

  57. The police chief of Cologne has been driven out. The real reason of course is not his failure to prevent the attacks. That is Merkel’s fault. The real reason is the un-PC comments he made later.

  58. I have read a lot of articles in the gutter press over the years about how the Chinese sex disbalance means they will attack Siberia to get rid of their surplus male population.

    What would Sweden do?

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  59. In Germany the respective value for the cohort of approx 20 to 3o years old rose from 1,06 to 1,13 in just one year, surpassing India and China (who have imbalances due to selective abortion)

    Exactly. Thanks Erik.

    I think a lot of people–even some iSteve readers–don’t understand the insane magnitude of this. They might think “it’s a million so sorta like 1% of 80 million Germany … kinda stupid, and a program for long term strife, but not an immediate disaster.”

    This neglects the age\sex structure of those coming, and the reality of Germany with sub-replacement fertility. Their younger cohorts are substantially smaller than German baby boomers–later than our American one–born as the Wirtschaftswunder restored prosperity.

    I pulled up a German population pyramid–here’s one or Google\Bing yourself:

    There are roughly 5 million German men in their 20s–core breeding age. Germany took in 1.1 “migrants” and those were perhaps 90% male and mostly young and unattached.

    Using a round number of a million, then in *one year* Germany has made something approaching 20% of its male breeding population mostly muslim (or African) foreigners. That’s would project as a 20% of it’s children now half-white, half-German. Now, my count is for immediate “breeders”–i’m calling that the 20-somethings–not a full generation so you could cut those percentages in half for the full impact on future generations.
    a) these 20 somethings are the baby-boom echo, the younger German cohorts are even smaller and
    b) Merkel’s not done! She’s bringing in more next year and refuses to cap it at 200,000. Even 200K is roughly half the size of the a typical male age cohort. Kept up that would mean a third of Germany’s future children have foreign fathers, and that’s a lower limit Merkel refuses to agree to!

    Now, obviously these foreign men won’t all grab German girls. They’re on average much lower quality than the German men. But they’ll still either displace breeding by German men, or eventually be allowed to import muslim women for themselves. It will be some combination in some percentage of both.

    But the point is it’s not small. Nothing like 1%. It’s a *huge* impact that will destroy the breeding of hundreds of thousands–eventually millions–of German men, and de-Germanize a substantial proportion of Germany’s future children.


    We were visiting some grad school friends of ours in Bavaria, back in September, right when the refugee crisis was peaking. (Our friends were showing us around Munich with Salzburg on tap for the next day, when resting outside the Feldhernnhalle one of their boys texted that the border had been closed.) Their boys–fine young men–are in this 20s cohort, with the older boy (mid 20s) now feeling he’s ready to find a nice girl who’s interested in being a wife and mother and starting a family.

    It’s hard to imagine how much it’s gotta suck to have your “leader”–with no opposition from anyone, ergo “your nation’s leaders”–essentially *invite* foreigners to take the girls you’re supposed to marry and have kids with, take your territory, take your children’s future. Essentially to have your so-called “leader” indicate that you suck and don’t deserve to inherit your nation, your patrimony–and snatch it from you to give to invading foreigners.

    • Agree: Anonym
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  60. says:
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    Maybe the Love of the Other is due to NOSD among Europeans.

    Germans had a nasty row over Greece with many European nations. Germans said Greeks(and some other Europeans) are lazy and always begging for more, and Greeks(and others) said Germany was not sharing and being not generous with all its wealth. (It’s like Barzini saying the Corleones must share more with the other families).

    So, maybe Germans had enough of this bickering from other Europeans.
    It decided to take a Moral Vacation by inviting in ‘Syrians’. What a fresh change of scenery from all the nasty food-fights with other Europeans. Unlike these spoiled Europeans, maybe the ‘Syrians’ will be grateful, kindly, and appreciative. And Germany would show other Europeans that it is more generous than all of them combined.

    Germany was overworked morally by the beating it took from other European nations over the Greek crisis. So, it needed a vacation. It needed an easy something for Germans to feel good about and restore their moral vibes. And why would Syrians be so bad? They are light-skinned Arabs and would likely be grateful for being offered so much affection and welcome. (Well, for one thing, 80% of ‘Syrians’ are not even Syrian.)

    It turned into vacation in hell.

  61. The musical Paint Your Wagon portrayed problems associated with gender imbalance in a California mining community. And it featured Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin singing–no voice dubbing!

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  62. The genocide of whom?

  63. Did the US receive an imbalance of genders during the large immigration waves? If so, were there problems?

    They did, but *nothing* remotely like this. The typical ratio during the “Great Wave” was about 1.2.

    And as US was in a period of very high fertility and population growth, there were every larger cohorts of young women coming of age every year. Since women tend to “marry up” both in age and status, during a period of rapid population growth there are more women coming of age each year, than there are men a few years older–much less a few years old and achieving the economic position (a suitable job or farm or business) to support a family. Given the immigrant numbers vs. the native population this immigrant sex skew was very easily adsorbed. (Though, of course, there’s no doubt that it pushed some marginal native men from “just able to get a wife” to “no wife”.)

    In contrast, what’s going on in Germany or worse Sweden is highly distorting. In Germany (attributing all these men to that cohort for simplicity) they’ve added about a 1/5th to the male 20-something population in one year. Hundreds of thousands of German men will never have wives as a result and\or Germany will have to quickly import a million muslim women to balance it out. Merkel has created a terribly skewed sex ratio, more despair, crime and disorder and millions of future genetically foreign “German” babies all in one fell swoop. And that’s just 2015!

  64. I thought highly of Sweden because they had no sexual double standard. Sexually active girls were not called sl*ts.

    This whole “double standard” trope is feminist nonsense you shouldn’t have let colonize your brain.

    The double standard is there for good evolutionary reasons–men and women simply care about different things. Men want chaste, faithful women; they don’t want to be cuckolded and have all their labor go to raising some other man’s child. Women want reliable high earning men; they don’t want to be deserted or have their man unable to hold a job and provide and end up raising a man’s child without his support.

    You’re entitled to think of slutty women roughly what women think about can’t-hold-a-job men.

  65. says:
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    What about Madagascar?

  66. “What am I missing?” – The swedes are burning the refugee centers, and the government is having to hide them. I believe I’ve already mentioned how things are going in the US, and why a rebellion isn’t too likely in the short term.

  67. Typically not, frontier communities had sex imbalances though, and they didn’t behave the way the rapugees are behaving.

  68. 1.23 to 1 ?? Bada-bing, Bada-boom!! These Muslim males are from a culture where ostensibly no unmarried males (save moneyed elites who jet set to Western nations) even get to first base without an honor killing or disowning of a wayward young Muslim female. On the other hand Helga might be bangin’ Hans and Uleh on alternate weekend shack-ups in her parents’ home.

    It’s plain ol’ garden variety cultural incompatibility writ large. (among other things)

  69. ” Gutter press” ? Do you mean you read it here ?

  70. Argentina’s previous Carlos Menem was born Mohammedan as well. And there was a President Abdalla or such in Ecuador. I don’t know his faith, but he wore a toothbrush mustache, which went way out of style after VE Day. Even Ron Mael, who wore one as a gag, has switched to a pencil line of late.

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  71. “I was pointing this out 2 months ago.”


  72. says:
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    There’s probably a lot of truth in the idea that a shortage of females magnifies pre-existing cultural behavior rather than creates a universal pattern. I’d say the exception to that is the forced prostitution aspect which is common to all because the forcing part is done by a minority of criminals and mostly happens out of sight.

  73. Where would they go? I guess it’s possible to go to other EU countries to the West but France has to their credit a pretty bad rep in migrant circles.

    Going to the UK would be ideal but it’s cost prohibitive & sneaking in is difficult. I hope you’re not suggesting a large scale repatriation is possible.

    Obviously, large-scale repatriation is the right thing to do. It’s “impossible” only in the sense that people who want to do the right thing are prevented from acting, which makes it one of many impossible policies, so why single it out?

  74. “I think a lot of people–even some iSteve readers–don’t understand the insane magnitude of this. They might think ‘it’s a million so sorta like 1% of 80 million Germany … kinda stupid, and a program for long term strife, but not an immediate disaster.’”

    Right. Like the people who don’t understand why anyone would be upset at finding a few cockroaches in their home.

  75. And it featured Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin singing–no voice dubbing!

    Had some pros too:

  76. […] might be an example of the damage? Again, referring to the link, note replies 51 and […]

  77. Isn’t this another example of the “Luck of the Trump”, says something outrageous and events bear him out.

    Last summer he said migrants to the U.S. were rapists, howls of outrage. Admittedly, he wasn’t talking about euro-migrants, but it is hard not to draw parallels….

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  78. says:
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    Why are the Swedes committing national suicide? They had such a nice country. It wasn’t broke. Why did they have to “fix” it with alien Muslims and Africans?

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  79. says:
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    I’m not sure I’ve seen this point made before, though it’s obvious. Based on observation of relatives, I don’t think it’s good for the “pretty blond girls” themselves to be a small minority all though life. Sure, they can probably exercise maximum male selectivity. But it can also be just bad for their personality development. If they were in a cohort where 95% were similar pretty blonds, they would probably just be “normal”. But if they are genetic stand-outs things seem more stressed and they probably don’t get as realistic a view of the world as they should.

  80. says:
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    The Old West town was Virginia City, Nevada, by the way.
    I read about it in “The Miners”, a part of the 1970s Time-Life Old West book series.
    ISBN: 0809415399

    a picture of it on ebay:

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  81. Sure it’s very possible to do but what Western leader can withstand non-stop coverage from CNN, NYT et al. showing masses dumped off in some war zone? The Left would go bananas, non-stop protests, candlelight vigils etc.

    It was only a few months ago refugee policy shifted in several countries based on a picture of a dead boy.

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  82. ” But I don’t see any white uprisings in Texas or New Mexico or California or some of the deep South states where whites are a minority or very close to it

    Whites were a minority in South Carolina and Mississippi for 130 years. They’re used to it.

    1950 wasn’t just the last census with a white minority in every state. It was also the first since the early 1800s.

  83. says:
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    The good old days when we ran trade surpluses, when America was made up of whites and blacks with a few Indians, Asians, Hispanics thrown in, when Detroit was a booming factory town, when all steel we used was made here, when Southern California was a defense contractor superpower and space exploration too.
    Back when the private sector had pensions and better compensation than the public sector.

    Right. The days before whites were guilt-tripped into giving up all power to The Other.

  84. Abdalá Bucarám was Catholic ( his mother was a local).

  85. Why are the Swedes committing national suicide?

    They’re not.

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  86. The Old West town was Virginia City, Nevada, by the way.

    Home to the Red Dog Saloon, where the (allegedly) first psychedelic band, the Charlatans, used to play, openly carrying guns on stage in 1965.

  87. Why are the Swedes committing national suicide?

    They’re not.

    Really? Then what do you call it? National improvement?

  88. says:
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    They’re not committing national suicide. If the media told the truth about immigration related crime then mass immigration would have been stopped decades ago.

    The media are doing it to them.

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  89. No white country can afford to wait the 300 years that it took in the US – or even 30. Even if they stopped coming – which they won’t.

  90. says:
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    It was only a few months ago refugee policy shifted in several countries based on a picture of a dead boy.

    And if the media wanted to reverse the policy over night they would show pictures of sweet looking gang-raped 13 year olds.

  91. Damn. It’d be nice to go back to those times.

  92. Good point. Trump’s most controversial statements are those about immigrant rapists and banning Muslims. Now suddenly we have mass sexual assaults in Germany and refugees being arrested for terrorist links.

    Rather than looking like a deranged bigot, Trump seems like a prescient statesman. It’s the “respectable” members of our overclass who appear incompetent, blind, and apathetic.

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  93. Sweden is a lost cause. The few sane people in Sweden are leaving (see

    • Replies:
  94. And now you hear about the SJWs organizing to block attendance to trump rallies by reserving all the tickets and more nefarious schemes.

    So where are the civil rights prosecutions of the individuals and the RICO prosecutions of them acting collectively. Blocking people’s right to assemble for political purposes is a major, major civil rights violation, I’d believe, regardless of the criminal severity of the underly offense?

    Any takers on whether Trump will eventually mention (but not whine) about how were the shoe on the other foot – i.e, right wing folks doing something like this?….

    This is the best election cycle ever…. Trump has got to be thinking this is like shooting fish in a barrel.

  95. So you’re saying the Swedes are too stupid to goon the internet?

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  96. I hear they’re going to remake that movie and have the men sing “They Call The Wind Mohammed.”

  97. says:
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    Too trusting.

    They trust the media but the media is their enemy.

    Hence the key is making them realise the MSM have been lying to them for decades and convincing them they need to to get their info from the internet instead.

    Hence also the sudden desperate attempts by the globalist elite to censor the internet: FB, Twitter, newspaper comment sections etc.

  98. AmericanaCON [AKA "BernieBarker"]
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    American MSM and Hollywood still continue to describe Scandinavian women (and Northern European women in general) as more open towards sex than American women. Although it seems to be less frequent today than twenty years ago. After the WW1 Norwegian Feminist and Socialist-Anarchist Elise Ottesen-Jensen (1886-1973) began to promote feminism and Socialist-Anarchism with her Swedish-Norwegian husband Albert Otto Jensen (1886-1957).

    They were expelled from Norway and moved to Sweden in 1919. Ottesen-Jensen was never successful as an anarchist and the communist movement never took off in Sweden or Scandinavia. However, the Social Democratic had by 1920 become a significant political force in Scandinavia. Ottesen-Jensen turned Social Democrat (which in Scandinavia had adopted racialism and nationalism to gain support for their social cause) instead and sold her ideas about abortion, contraception, gay-rights and sex education combined with eugenics and nationalism.

    This is similar how the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, sold in the same ideas to the political establishment. Just like Sanger, Mrs. Ottesen-Jensen became alienated with early Marxist organizations such as World League for Sexual Reform when she promoted eugenics and nationalism. In 1933 Mrs. Ottesen-Jensen formed Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU) while her husband ran Scandinavia’s largest Anarchist Newspaper. In 1944 she was able to convince the Swedish establishment to make homosexual act legal. However, it was classed as mental illness until 1979 and homosexuals were not allowed to marry until 2009. The Swedish “sin” was constructed by people like Ottesen-Jensen. She introduced the Society for Free Physical culture in 1931.

    When Ottesen-Jensen retired in 1959 her ideas were already well-established in academia, journalism and among higher civil servants. The Social Democrats, The Left Party the Liberals had internalized most of her more mainstream ideas in the 1950s although not implemented them into law for the fear of losing elections. The “Swedish sin” was basically the work of radical leftists journalists, professors, film-makers and writers. In the 1970s the Left had been able to successfully legalize prostitution, pornographic (including child pornographic), homosexual acts and Zoophilia. An American producer named Joseph Sarno came to Sweden in 1977 and 1979 to produce pornographic movies. Both of them became an international success. However, the Liberal and Socialist Left of the 1960s and 1970s didn’t count with the Anti-Sex feminists. They didn’t support prostitution, pornographic, nudism and sexual exploitation of women.

    With the HIV epidemic (mostly affected homosexuals) in Scandinavia in the 1980s the sex-industry was killed in Finland, Norway and Sweden. Prostitution (or rather the purchase of sexual services) was prohibited. It is still legal in Denmark and most prostitutes in Denmark are from Eastern Europe or third world countries. In the 1980s child pornographic was banned all over Scandinavia. In 2008 Norway made Zoophilia a criminal offense followed by Sweden in 2014 and Denmark in 2015. It is still legal in Finland but distribution of pornographic of that kind is illegal.

    The Anti-Sex feminists in Sweden have been so successful that they have killed off Miss Sweden. The last time it was broadcasted on Swedish Television was in 2002. Around this time H&M was pressed to stop advertise underwear (men & women) in public spaces because it was seen as sexist. The truth about Sweden and Scandinavia in general is that it their population is not very liberal when it comes to sex. The Scandinavian divorce rate is lower than in United States. Finland, Denmark and Norway have actually a divorce rate not far from Kuwait. Danish farmers in 1885;

    They don’t look like liberals or socialists and for good reason. They had not yet been exposed to liberalism and socialism. This is not about bikinis on the beach. This is a non-issue and was a non-issue before the Liberals, Marxists and Feminists hijacked the sexuality and the human body. Here is how people in general bathed in 1880-1920

    Is this oppressed women? They all show skin and more about “style” than anything else. The reason why German (or Northern European) women were attacked on the New Years Eve was because the third world migrants have more or less been told that they are allowed to attack non-Muslim women. One wonders why people which have to be told “not to attack people” ought to be allowed to migrate into a country but this is a partly different matter. Merkel (and her progressive fellows in the European Union) have encourages foreign men to sexually exploit domestic women. It was not German women and German men.

    In United States (and in Australia & New Zeeland) there is still some sort of masculine defense of their women. As Charlton Heston once said;


    • Replies:
  99. [The Scandinavian divorce rate is lower than in United States]

    Because it’s hard to get divorced if you haven’t got married.

  100. says:
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    chutzpah = sociopathy

  101. says:
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    “But I am extremely pessimistic that the great British electorate has the brains or wisdom to do this.”

    Sadly have to agree with you there. The British public allowed their degenerate political elites to drag them into two needless wars with Germany. Wars from which the British gained absolutely nothing.

  102. In the New York Times we find a ratio undreamed of by Jan and Dean – or by any of their female fans:

    In Sweden, for instance, which like Germany has had an open door, 71 percent of all asylum applicants in 2015 were men. Among the mostly-late-teenage category of “unaccompanied minors,” as Valerie Hudson points out in an important essay for Politico,” the ratios were even more skewed: “11.3 boys for every one girl.”

  103. What happened to Sweden’s future? Back in 1971 Poul Anderson wrote “Tau Zero” and in his future he had Sweden as a world super-p0wer but his future wasn’t populated by a nation of Muslims and cucked Swedes.

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