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SPLC's Latest Shockeroo: Stephen Miller Cited Harvard Researchers!
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From the scandal-plagued Southern Poverty Law Center, America’s most lucrative hate group:

Emails Detail Miller’s Ties to Group That Touted White Nationalist Writers
November 14, 2019

White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller demonstrates a connection to an anti-immigrant think tank that promoted white nationalist writers, according to emails acquired by Hatewatch.

On Nov. 12, Hatewatch reported that Miller showed an affinity for white nationalist and other extremist thought in more than 900 previously private emails he sent to Breitbart News in the run-up to the 2016 election. At the time, Miller was an aide to then-U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama.

In those same correspondences, Miller shows ties to the think tank Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). CIS researchers say the White House has invited them into policymaking discussions. …

The SPLC began listing CIS as an anti-immigrant hate group in 2016. …

In 2017, McHugh was fired from Breitbart reportedly for posting anti-Muslim tweets amid backlash to that site’s connections to extremism. She has since renounced far-right politics. She shared the entire volume of her correspondences with Miller to Hatewatch, which span from March 2015 to June 2016, out of what she said was opposition to the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

In a keynote speech at a May 2015 CIS event, Miller credited the group for illuminating “a debate that far too often operates, like illegal immigrants, in the shadows.” …

Later that day, Miller sent McHugh an email with the subject line, “Camarota cell,” referring to Steven A. Camarota, CIS director of research. Camarota confirmed to Hatewatch that the cell phone number was his.

Miller cited writer behind controversial IQ study

The SPLC added CIS to its list of hate groups nearly three years ago, responding in part to the group’s willingness to associate with white nationalist writers. CIS bills itself as a “non-partisan, non-profit, research organization” that is “low-immigration, pro-immigrant,” but the SPLC and others have criticized it for using data to portray immigrants unfavorably.

Those haters use data.

… The late John Tanton, the father of the modern anti-immigrant movement, played a significant role in helping found CIS. In a 1985 grant prospectus, Tanton bemoaned the advances of what he called “pro-immigration” forces.

… In the following years, CIS frequently looked to the far right to help achieve its goals. A 2017 investigation by Hatewatch and civil rights group the Center for New Community determined the group sent white nationalist content to readers more than 2,000 times across nearly 10 years as a part of its weekly email blasts. The total included more than 1,700 links from the white nationalist website VDARE and at least three links from another white nationalist site, American Renaissance. VDARE and American Renaissance are also two white nationalist sources Miller recommended to Breitbart in the lead-up to the 2016 election.

CIS also published dozens of reports authored or co-authored by Jason Richwine, an anti-immigration author who was forced to resign from the conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation in 2013 after the discovery of his controversial Harvard University dissertation. In his 2009 dissertation, “IQ and Immigration Policy,” Richwine argued that Hispanic people have lower IQs than whites, a finding that immigration advocates dismissed as racist. …

As recently as October, Richwine participated in a panel discussion hosted by CIS in which he and others discussed “the cost of granting health care benefits to illegal immigrants.”

On at least eight occasions in his emails to McHugh, Miller also referred to the work of Harvard economist George Borjas, a former CIS board member, who was Richwine’s primary adviser while writing his dissertation on race and IQ.

For example, Miller sent a link to Borjas’ study on the 1980 Mariel Boatlift of Cubans into Florida to McHugh in a Jan. 11, 2016, email marked with the subject line, “Harvard Professor Borjas: Mariel Boatlift Crashed Wages.” Some economists have criticized the professor’s research, which purported to show that migrant workers from poorer countries hurt native populations through the example of Cuban immigration in Florida.

The email is notable because on Aug. 2, 2017, now as an adviser to President Donald Trump, Miller cited Borjas’ study in the White House press room as an example of how immigration harms American workers.

“I think the most recent study I would point to is the study from George Borjas that he just did about the Mariel Boatlift,” Miller told reporters.

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  1. Katie McHugh doesn’t have any eyebrows.

  2. Dtbb says:

    A little sunshine is coming their way. From a guy who is representing himself in a liable suit. Can’t he get some help?

    • Replies: @Barnard
  3. In a reasonable society, the SPLC would be out of business for the fraud it is and the damage to society it causes….. one day….

    • Replies: @Charon
  4. which purported to show that migrant workers from poorer countries hurt native populations

    As a pro-illegal immigration argument I’ve heard it said that without immigrants, including illegal immigrants, the cost of fruits and vegetables would go up. In other words, without them farmers would have to pay more for labor. How can someone make this argument in favor of immigration, yet at the same time claim that immigrants don’t lower wages?

  5. Apollo says:

    Just some run of the mill anti-semitism, I suppose. Or did the screen glow from such sites turn him into an WASP? These things matter, I am told.

  6. I suspect the page views for the VDARE and AmRen web sites will skyrocket.

    Is anyone at either site keeping the stats?

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  7. Barnard says:

    That is from Septemeber, I don’t like his chances representing himself and if CIS is getting shut out in court that isn’t good either. How much discovery can Nelsen do on his own. Why doesn’t one of these publicity seeking lawyers take the case?

    • Replies: @ben tillman
  8. She shared the entire volume of her correspondences with Miller to Hatewatch


    Whiskey vindicated.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  9. @Harry Baldwin

    Being touched by white pickin’ hands increases the cost of the produce. Literally, the kiss of the Queen.

    • Replies: @Alden
  10. @Harry Baldwin

    I once heard someone from SPLC on the radio describing what constitutes a “hate group” on immigration policies.

    He said favoring lower immigration is okay, but if you say immigrants are coming to rape your sister or take your job, that’s “hate”.

    It was at that moment that I knew the SPLC was full of it. I had to leave a career for which I got a PhD partly because Bush I decided to let every Chinese grad student in the US stay after the TienAnMen Square massacre. The rest was because afterwards the government still let Chinese take all the science jobs.

    So I went into computer programming. Wages are much lower because of the glut of foreign workers. My cousin lost a job once so the company could hire a cheaper H1-B visa. Then, same thing happened to me. A guy who has supervised some of my current projects told me he once had to fire an entire department of programmers at BAML and replace them with cheaper H1-B workers. Some of the guys he fired had worked for BAML for decades.

    But, apparently talking about how our immigration policy has greatly damaged my career is hate speech according to the SPLC.

    Maybe Miller is a racist. Maybe not. Maybe somewhere in between. I know I can’t take the word of the SPLC.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  11. @Paleo Liberal

    One of the VDare writers mentioned views were up.

    • Replies: @Paleo Liberal
  12. @John Gruskos

    Whiskey vindicated.

    At the risk of possibly offending one certain commenter greater than your comment already has, it’s not just white women, per Whiskey. Women are not part of any deal we have in societies about keeping one’s word. They just don’t subscribe to that point of view. They don’t really have principles that they feel a need to stick to, either. Additionally, the vindictiveness can get pretty bad. They are not men, and we don’t want them to be.

    Steven Miller would have been better served to share his views with Brietbart himself. Yes, I know he’s dead. That’s kinda my point.

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @AnotherDad
    , @Barnard
  13. So tomorrow President Kushner is going to be worried about optics…

  14. Whiskey says: • Website

    YesvI am vindicated. White women are the natural and eternal enemy of White men.

    • Replies: @Gunner
  15. Miller sent a link to Borjas’ study on the 1980 Mariel Boatlift of Cubans into Florida to McHugh in a Jan. 11, 2016, email marked with the subject line, “Harvard Professor Borjas: Mariel Boatlift Crashed Wages.”

    To quote another Steve Miller, “Hoo, hoo, go on, take the money and run…”

  16. Kilenc says:

    SPLC and Hatewatch are totalitarian NGOs just like the Volksliste and the SS were.

    • Agree: El Dato
  17. Charon says:
    @Gaius Gracchus

    One day…? One day soon the SPLC will be running the “Justice” Department.

    • Replies: @Ragno
  18. J.Ross says:

    CIS bills itself as a “non-partisan, non-profit, research organization” that is “low-immigration, pro-immigrant,” but the SPLC and others have criticized it for using data to portray immigrants unfavorably.

    Abe Foxman has billed himself as an arbiter of human morality but anonymous internet cowards and others have accused him of drinking the blood of children. So if somebody, anybody, accuses you of something — hey, wait a minute!

  19. Wilkey says:

    Funny that nowhere in the article does the New York Slimes mention the SPLC’s recent and varied legal troubles, including the ousting of its extremely famous founder.

  20. Anonymous[379] • Disclaimer says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    I had to leave a career for which I got a PhD partly because Bush I decided to let every Chinese grad student in the US stay after the TienAnMen Square massacre. The rest was because afterwards the government still let Chinese take all the science jobs.

    Could you elaborate on how exactly the immigration of Chinese grad students forced you to leave your career?

    • Replies: @Paleo Liberal
    , @Alden
  21. Ano says:

    …Those haters use data….

    First it was Hate Facts, now it’s Hate Data.

    Rationality is hated by the $PLC as hateful.

    I find it surprising in 2019, in spite of the Hatefinder Generals at Hatewatch, there are still some Hate academics out there busy plying their Hate research for their Hate studies.

    Donate now! and help the $PLC hate on the people it hates!

  22. NY Times writers are equally disturbed if anyone associates with men terms like “testosterone” or “XY” or “National League Manager of the Year.”

  23. How many members of Center for New Community currently live in the “New Community” they wish to inflict on others?

  24. @Harry Baldwin

    Immigration is absolutely wonderful for a bundle of reasons.
    First, immigration is both a real & moral pressure valve. You go into someone’s country, fuck it up totally with a war for corporate / imperial reasons, then, when millions flee (ie Syria, Libya etc) take some in to salve your conscience. Secondly, take those same “some” in to keep downward pressure on wages & to further fragment any unity of thought or purpose within your origin population.
    Thirdly, you may skip the war part & simply use globalism & neoliberalism to destroy the country’s existing economy & culture (ie Hondurous). Which gives your you point 2 again.
    Fourth, immigration (esp’ illegal) has the benefit of creating warring factions in the host country directly — ie pro/anti immigration factions. This is great too because it gets people fighting over symptoms rather than the disease.
    Fithly, immigration is useful to certain minority groups who can exploit the fragmentation for their own minority interest.
    Please always remember, MOST people don’t want to leave home & start again, possibly alone, in an alien environment.
    Immigration (beyond a responsible, controlled, manageable level or where you have a huge, largely uninhibited land such as the US, Canada & Australia in the 18th C ) is always for the benefit of elites.

  25. Those haters use data.

    Yes, and facts too. If you are one Truly Woke, you learn to function effortlessly on feelings alone, and not cloud your thinking with facts or data.

  26. El Dato says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    And the ongoing feminization increasingly transforms professional work into a bitch boat ride to hell. Where the bitches have numale beards.

  27. Richwine argued that Hispanic people have lower IQs than whites, a finding that immigration advocates dismissed as racist.

    Name one thing a Mexican ever invented, besides a taco and a gordita/mulita/tamal. How many STEMS are south of US?

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @Jim Don Bob
  28. Rob McX says:

    You have no credibility on the anti-immigration scene until the SPLC adds you to its canon of haters. It’s a badge of honour.

  29. @petit bourgeois

    Nachos, the Caesar Salad, and the Margarita.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
    , @Alden
  30. @James Braxton

    Not so sure:

    She has serious TCS going on though.

    • Replies: @Laugh Track
  31. @Anonymous

    The jobs were gone. There was now a much greater supply of potential workers than there were jobs.

    I tried for a few years to middle through making almost nothing teaching science. I hated what that was doing to my family.

    • Replies: @nymom
  32. Danindc says:

    How much dod you think McHugh was paid from Hatewatch for all those emails? Was she paid?

  33. slumber_j says:

    Jason Richwine, an anti-immigration author who was forced to resign from the conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation in 2013 after the discovery of his controversial Harvard University dissertation

    Right, his dissertation–the title of which I can’t imagine was right there in a prominent spot on his résumé–had to be “discovered” before he was cancelled. Must have been pretty hard work, the investigation that led to that discovery.

    • Replies: @gregor
    , @WowJustWow
    , @Alden
  34. Anon[250] • Disclaimer says:

    So having “ties to”: that’s weaker than being an “operative”? I guess I need to wait for the giant charts of Miller’s connections.

    These emails remind me of that time when the New York Times got ahold of some pages from a Trump tax return, assigned half a dozen reporters to the story, retained outside accounting expertise … and it came up a complete dud. Trump’s accountants had taken a clever, but very legal deduction. A couple of years later, Congress closed a loophole. The Times tried to make a big deal out of the fact that Trump’s accountants did something that in the future would be illegal. Everybody else was doing it also, and thus Congress heard about it and shut it down.

    That’s when you spike a story. As the SPLC should have. They don’t all pan out.

  35. @Barnard

    It sounds like the CIS case was solely a RICO case. I don’t know why they didn’t sue for defamation.

  36. gregor says:

    It was “discovered” by the media and they started complaining about it. I’d like to see a few companies and orgs try the following experiment: Next time the media starts complaining about one of your people having politically incorrect views, instead of hastily forcing the person out, just tell the media to eat shit. I suspect they will find that the supposed outrage doesn’t run very deep and the public doesn’t care that much.

    • Replies: @NOTA
  37. George says:

    Southern Poverty Law Center management said Tuesday they would not voluntarily recognize a union organized by employees at the civil rights nonprofit and have hired a Virginia law firm whose website boasts about victories over labor organization attempts.

    In recent years, labor unions, advocacy groups and other NGOs [Like the SPLC?] have turned increasingly to the use of public pressure strategies to influence the direction of corporate, human relations and other policies within American businesses.

    Hunton Andrews Kurth has a successful track record of advising companies and trade groups facing the threat of corporate campaign attacks.

  38. @Steve Sailer

    Lawyer: “Over Nacho Grande?”
    Witness: “No, I don’t think I’ll ever get over Nacho Grande.”

  39. Ragno says:

    The second Tuesday of next November if we’re not careful.

    • Replies: @Ragno
  40. @Achmed E. Newman

    At the risk of possibly offending one certain commenter greater than your comment already has, it’s not just white women, per Whiskey. Women are not part of any deal we have in societies about keeping one’s word. They just don’t subscribe to that point of view. They don’t really have principles that they feel a need to stick to, either. Additionally, the vindictiveness can get pretty bad. They are not men, and we don’t want them to be.

    I think it’s a few–very related–things, but all basically springing from women’s much higher agreeableness and conformity.
    — Women have higher agreeableness–much greater urge to agree and “get along”.
    — As a result, much higher desire to conform to consensus. (And our consensus is ridiculous minoritarian nonsense.)
    — Much more sensitive to social-status. Again which pushes toward conforming. Women much more uncomfortable being “out there”.
    –Less logical orientation. Male personalities are much more “out” directed toward figuring out the natural world and how to manipulate it–hunt it, farm it, fight with it. Men are willing to latch onto ideas and say “yeah this is right”, and then stick with that because they think it is true, even if it is not popular. For women things are much more personal. A woman can love nationalist ideas one day if their boyfriend likes them or if they are getting attention from nationalist men. Then if something changes and suddenly new people are giving her attention, patting her on the back and telling her she’s a good girl for repudiating them … suddenly those same ideas are wrong.

    Overall their trait package makes women much, much less willing to stand on principle.

    This is, of course, deeply unfortunate. We need women–both as companions to make life enjoyable and fun, but also directly to continue to reproduce our nation. The left, minoritarians, globalists have been smart in specifically targetting white women and pushing to make preserving our nation, race, civilization declasse. Highly effective.

    All we can do is fight. Explain, have confidence and demand the women we court and marry be loyal–to us and our civilization. But reality is reality. It is unwise to put much trust in some alt-right babette to stay the course based on logic, conviction, principle.

    • Agree: Dtbb, Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
  41. @petit bourgeois

    I guess diarrhea from tap water doesn’t count?

  42. @AnotherDad

    Governing also requires sometimes making hard decisions. The people best suited to this are known as men.

  43. nymom says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    Lately I have been noticing a lot of U-tube documentaries on space and other science related topics hosted by scientists. I am assuming they are people in your situation who could not find jobs in their fields so began doing these documentaries or discussions on various scientific topics to make extra income. They have guest speakers as well also in their fields or related ones at various times.

    If you get a following the income can be decent. Remember the entire world can watch a U-tube video so it is much easier to get over 100,000 followers world-wide than to get that many just from the US.

    I am not sure what your particular field is but if you can make your topic interesting and post about once or twice weekly you can make a decent income. I actually found a woman with a channel about managing your budget that gives weekly advice to people about shopping, balancing a check book, savings, etc., and she was doing pretty well in what I would have thought was a fairly boring topic yet she has a solid following.

    Anyway, I recommend to her applying for a job in Congress since our representatives don’t understand the concept of living off of a budget and I felt she might help them…

    Just thought I would throw this out there. Hope it helps.

  44. @slumber_j

    Based on these initial leaks, we should look deeper into this shadowy “Harvard” organization. Sounds like another secretly fascist think tank like CIS.

  45. Barnard says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    In this particular example, McHugh combined incredible vindictiveness with crazy delusions. After she was fired from Breitbart alt-right people did a crowdfunding campaign for her. They were the only people to support her and she still went scorched earth on them. She seemed to believe trashing these people and blaming them for her problems would land her a job at Buzzfeed or The Atlantic. It appears she now realizes they were using her to trash people on the right and has now turned to the SPLC. She was so hell bent on thinking of herself as a victim, she didn’t even consider the possibility that leaving all this behind and using her job skills to get a non political job would be a much healthier path.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  46. Ragno says:

    AGAIN I’m trapped in the ‘awaiting-moderation’ dungeon? For a comment comprised of a single, profanity-free sentence?

    Somebody over there has mistaken me for a cat toy. Well, you can go profanity yourself. I’ve been reading, and commenting, here for years….long enough that, if I can’t be treated like anyone else here – and I’m referring to Tiny Freakin’ Duck! – I should at least have my tormentor(s) made known to me.

  47. @nymom

    Well, I left science for computer programming about 20 years ago, so that ship has sailed.

    I was organizing an online science class at my last teaching job, which wasn’t really fair to have a first year professor work on. But, the contracts had changed so professors hired before I was would get paid extra money, but they made me do it essentially for free.

    I was living in a place my family hated. The pediatrician was incompetent, the teacher in the only pre-school was a lunatic, and they gave me a ton of extra work first year professors weren’t supposed to do. Not to mention I created a new class out of nothing. All that for about $33k salary. I was making more than double within a few months when I got into the tail end of the dot com boom.

    • Replies: @nymom
  48. ATBOTL says:

    Katie McHugh is a despicable person. This incident certainly hasn’t done those who think the alt-right needs women in it any favors. I will also note that Irish Catholics are still significantly more liberal and pro-multiculturalism than other whites. See Massachusetts for proof. IME, Irish Americans are very high on indiscriminate empathy and bleeding heart style liberalism.

    • Replies: @Moshe
  49. @Barnard

    Thanks for that background, Barnard. What a nasty person.

    … she didn’t even consider the possibility that leaving all this behind and using her job skills to get a non political job …


  50. @nymom

    LOL on the 2nd-to-last paragraph, I mean.

  51. @James Braxton

    is there anything lower than an eyebrowless snitch?

  52. Alden says:

    I know how exactly how Chinese grad students drive Paleo Liberal out of the job market. I saw it happen at UCLA My last job was at a prestige research university, UCLA . I saw it happen. The Chinese grad students graduated, stayed in America and were hired for 2 reasons.

    1 Diversity and affirmative action aka the No Whites Need Apply Laws.

    2 Much cheaper wages about 1/3 less.

    There was a clerical job at the university that paid $15. an hour in the mid 1990s. Everyone was laid off and the workers doing the same job, same job description same job title were then paid $7. an hour or minimum wage. Still being paid minimum wage. They’re various diversity immigrants

    When I worked there, UCLA every single medical researcher was a Chinese National. Every single one. And UCLA is a major major medical research institution. 320 million people and UCLA can’t find even one American to do medical research

    I worked in the Science and Engineering South Campus for years. I observed how the graduating seniors were hired.

    First pick January and February Chinese Nationals.
    Second pick March and April Chinese immigrants who were not citizens.
    Third pick, May Chinese immigrants who were citizens

    Most years no White Americans or American born Asians were hired.
    I had a friend, we’re still in touch. He was 7 when Tianemen square happened. His parents hastily had him and themselves baptized Catholic. So they were double oppressed refugees and quickly got to America .

    Anyway, his clever Dad delayed the citizenship process until Xiabo had his first job. Xiabo didn’t inform his employers when he became a citizen

    Some Catholics; who were Mary and Joseph? Huh? Name 2 apostles huh? What happened on Good Friday? Huh?

    At least Xiabo is a rabid conservative. He’s very shy so his parents arranged a video bride for him. He was very happy because she comes from some province known for unusually White skin.

    • Agree: Paleo Liberal
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  53. Alden says:
    @Neil Templeton

    I drive about 400 miles through the central valley of California several times a year. Except for strawberry season, I never ever see anyone working in the fields.

    Livestock need daily care.

    But produce needs to be just planted and picked several months later. Pesticide eliminates the need for weeding. Planting is done by plowing, harrowing, furrowing and seed drilling by a tractor driven by just one man. Pesticides by one plane trip Most produce is picked by machine.

    No one in the fields. But the town’s are full of grown men loitering around in the middle of the work day. Those Central Valley of Ca have the highest unemployment rate in the country. But the farmers constantly agitate for more and more immigrant farm workers. Maybe the farmers are also section 8 landlords and need their building filled

    The Central Valley people I see are White Hispanics, not Indians as I see in Los Angeles. Maybe the farmers keep them locked away in the quarters.

  54. Alden says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    I’m a meat cheese and egg eater because fruits vegetables grains and legumes are too fattening.

    The obesity epidemic would come to an abrupt end if Americans would get off the official and government nutritionist advice to eat carbohydrates carbohydrates and more carbohydrates which by the time they go through the digestive system into the blood turn into glucose which turns into fat.

    Bacon and eggs for a late breakfast, 2 thick pork chops for dinner I’m a size 4. Eat what the nutritionists tell you and bloat up to size XXX. And eggs don’t cause cholesterol. Your own body manufactures it.

    Remember that slogan Question Authority? A better slogan would be Authority Is Always Wrong.

  55. Alden says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Nachos are gross and icky. Carbs carbs carbs with scraps of meat and diizzzgusting lettuce.

    Here’s the Alden diet for weight loss

    Avoid all Asian and Mexican food it’s nothing but rice noodles beans tortillas wontons mushu pancakes pot stickers a big pile of carbs and a few scraps of meat.

    Might be not be a cause, but there’s definitely a correlation between the spread of obesity and Mexican and Asian food in America.

  56. Moshe says:

    Overall I think that the voting ages should be changed.

    When it comes to EVERY age-related legal issue we’re stuck with outliers for whom “it’s just not fair”. It ought to be a crime to “seduce” a Chassidic girl under 20 and not a crime to screw a 16 year old thot who had sex before her first period. But for the sake of simplicity we have age-related legalities that are imperfect but the best we can come up with.

    With that in mind I propose raising the voting age to 22.

    And this is a particularly important policy push at a time when the Influencers of the young are calling for it to be lowered to 16.

    What requires my preamble however is that I would be willing to make this policy suggestion more likely to succeed by phrasing it in a manner that would make it clear that this isn’t an “anti-youth” push by similarly recommending a cut off age on the older side as well. After all, it IS true that people over 85 know a lot less about our quick-changing world and they are also less likely to suffer or benefit for very long from the outcome of elections.

    None of which I happen to be too serious about because I myself never bother to vote and consider it a silly religious ritual practiced by silly religious people….But more to the point, I haven’t been approached by both houses of congress requesting my thoughts on the subject of electoral age so this comment isn’t likely to amount to much but, if I had to make a snap decision I’d say, yeah, 22 to 85 and voting gets you a crisp $10 bill.

    Also, electoral losers have to clean roads in jumpsuits for a year. Hey, public service is public service amiright?

  57. Alden says:

    Heritage Foundation is the conservative think tank that wants unlimited non White immigration from poverty stricken countries because the only way the capitalist pig businesses can make a profit is with low paid immigrant workers whose women and children are on welfare.

  58. nymom says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    Ok. Well it seems that after a rocky start to your career you could be doing alright now.

    Hope it all works out but keep the U-tube option in mind because there is all sorts of topics that interest people world wide and you might just hit on the right one especially anything to do with computers…there are so many rapid changes happening today in that field and somewhere, someone is out there waiting to hear about it via U-tube. I mean who would have thought a channel talking about Physics would have a huge following…but I have seen about a dozen of them so far…

    Good luck.

  59. Gunner says:

    David French, Max Boot etc. would have betrayed their former employer for a wooden nickel too. They are male, allegedly.

  60. abcd456 says:

    Looks like grotesquely insecure, inferior to everyone stupid, caucasian trash think Miller isn’t sufficiently insecure, inferior to everyone, stupid caucasian trash to pass muster. Poor child.

  61. NOTA says:

    There is no need for hostility. Just a comment that by company policy, we don’t discuss personnel matters in public, and any decision we make on Mr X’s continued enployment will be made only after we’ve carefully looked into the issue.

    Twitter outrage mobs have the attention span of a small
    child. Simply by not reacting in panic mode to a bunch of crazy people/bored teenagers/Russian bots demanding blood, you can probably just ride it out. As a bonus, you don’t fire/suspend someone innocent to appease an online mob.

    • Replies: @gregor
    , @donvonburg
  62. gregor says:

    Yeah, I was speaking figuratively. I just meant companies should try ignoring these hysterical campaigns. I really do want to know why companies/orgs don’t do this.

    A few possibilities:

    1) They are on board with the agenda.
    2) They are terrified of any sort of critical publicity and they irrationally overreact to it.
    3) From the company’s perspective, an employee who provokes negative attention is just more trouble than they are worth. Companies are therefore rational in getting rid of people who cause them trouble and embarrassment, even if this is unfair to the employee.
    4) Organizations are nervous about what else will happen if they don’t yield. If Heritage sticks up for Richwine, do they end up on the SPLC naughty list? Do they get branded as white nationalists and get cutoff from the DC establishment and donor money?
    5) There is an implicit threat of government action. For example, a company might refuse to fire “racists” “sexists” and “homophobes” and the media pressure might fade after a couple days, but how will the company fare when they get hit with a discrimination or sexual harassment lawsuit?

    In some sectors like Big Tech #1 is pretty obviously the case. But even there I’ve noticed that when they ban right wingers it’s often in response to media complaints.

  63. @NOTA

    Ofttimes in the fifties and sixties when a liberal but ostensibly not communist organization was caught “red-handed” with an employee who was a confirmed Communist, they’d ostentatiously fire him…..and rehire him a little later when the heat died off. The issue somehow, never came up in the press again.

    Just as in the cases of the “blacklisted” Hollywood screenwriters, most were rehired later or they just worked under a nom de plume. Of course the moguls and the accountants knew exactly who they were. None of the blacklisted Communists suffered more than a temporarily inconvenience and most died pretty comfortably off. The Left takes care of its own, always has.

  64. @Alden

    I have seen all of this that your anecdotes explain very well, Alden (except for the Chinese guy “converting” to Catholicism bit). I didn’t get to writing back to you, P.L., but everything you write is what I’ve seen too.

    The Engr. and Science graduate schools are no place for white men anymore. They’ve got a pretty good scam going for the cheap labor. I don’t keep up with the .Indians (I imagine it’s the same deal), but the Chinese grad students go for post-docs after they finish, and try to keep that visa as long as they can to get some work “Americans just won’t do” for that green card. It just has to be one out of two of the (very-often from what I’ve seen) husband/wife team getting that green card or extended visa to keep the other one here, who is also applying in the meantime.

    As I’ve written here under a J. Derbyshire post, and will soon write on Peak Stupidity, is preaching the Gospel in Chinese REALLY a job “Americans just won’t do”? (Plenty of American-born-Chinese speak the language, and the green-card applicant would be better off taking his chances and preaching it in China.)

    We are getting scammed, but I’ve seen some people sent home unexpectedly recently (having to sell the car last minute, etc.) Immigration control CAN BE DONE – it just ISN’T BEING DONE … to a serious extent

  65. @MikeatMikedotMike

    Not so sure:

    That doesn’t look like a photograph to my eye. More like a stop-frame of an animated character, complete with unmoving dragon-fly behind “her”. Where’d this come from?

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