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Sam Donaldson: Tucker Carlson's Old Bubba the Love Sponge Jokes "Will Change This Country FOREVER"
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What is the deal with this “change the country/world FOREVER” … uh, trope that’s in every movie trailer these days? Heck, Sam Donaldson hasn’t even changed the way he combs his hair since the Iran Hostage Crisis Watergate. (Okay, I just realized that I was confusing 85-year-old Sam Donaldson and 79-year-old Ted Koppel.)

For example, people have been writing credible exposes on the Southern Poverty Law Center FOREVER and yet nothing ever changes except the SPLC piles up even more money in the Cayman Islands.

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  1. Anon[218] • Disclaimer says:

    What the deal with this “change the country/world FOREVER” … uh, trope that’s in every movie trailer these days?

    I can’t help but feel this is related to the fact that every startup job posting in Silicon Valley mentions how the company is planning to “change the world”. It’s insane.

    There is a minority cynic viewpoint that it’s cheaper to pay employees in feelings of “you’re changing the world” than in money, but the majority viewpoint actually appears to be that it’s great to work for such a noble company. [Where “such a noble company” is, again, every company.]

  2. Clyde says:

    Sam Donaldson is a little old to be dabbling in the culture of fake outrage.

  3. guest says:

    “If you want a vision of the future, imagine Tucker Carlson cracking wise on Fox News…FOREVER.”

    – Sam Donaldson, 2019

    • Agree: Colin Wright
    • LOL: Achmed E. Newman
  4. It’s part of the hyperbole-based persuasion toolkit the Left has developed in the age of social media. It resonates with humans natural sensitivity to eschatological events.

  5. JimDandy says:

    Why does the guy from My Favorite Martian think anyone wants to hear his opinions?

    • Replies: @captflee
    , @Anon
  6. @Anon

    I worked for a company that changed the way supermarket sales data was processed FOREVER. Or at least until something else comes along, which it usually does.

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
  7. Mr. Anon says:

    Wait! Sam Donaldson is still alive!?

    • Agree: bomag
  8. “This is the kind of speech, if left unchecked, will change this country forever,”

    That’s what they said about “I Had a Dream”, too.

    • Replies: @istevefan
    , @Mr McKenna
    , @SMK
  9. @Clyde

    Sam Donaldson is a little old to be dabbling in the culture of fake outrage.

    He even thinks “homophobic” is a real word. That’s the giveaway.

    “I hate to repeat myself.”

    Yeah, right.

    Do you get the feeling that Sam is in danger of being #MeToo’ed himself? This has the aroma of preëmptory deflection.

  10. After spending the weekend with a room of Boomers, I can unequivocally say this bit is geared towards Boomers, who are the poster children for low-information voters. They will see the unibrowed fellow Boomer and hear the naughty word sound clip of the non-Boomer, and immediately make up their minds because generational solidarity. If USA Today and NYT — the only newspapers fit to print in 20px font in the Boomersphere — also confirm this narrative, they will consider it fact.

    • Disagree: TTSSYF
  11. hahahahahaha

    When asked on “Bubba the Love Sponge” in 2008 how he pays his bills, Carlson replied that he’s “extraordinarily loaded” just from “inheritance from my number of trust funds.”

    “I’ll go out and beat some servants, I’ll wrap my Lamborghini around a tree, go pick up a kilo or two, you know, just like normal stuff,” he added.

  12. istevefan says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    I thought change was supposed to be good, and that only narrow minded people were opposed to it.

    I guess change is only good when it craps on our world, not theirs.

    • Replies: @Almost Missouri
  13. @Reg Cæsar

    Changing the country forever??

    That’s what they said about “I Had a Dream”, too.

    That’s what we’ve actually come to realize about Hart-Celler.

    Only it’s not a dream–it’s a nightmare.

  14. Anon[173] • Disclaimer says:

    Sam Donaldson beclowning himself is just most apparent than it used to be.

  15. It didn’t change the world forever 10 years ago, but let’s give it another shot.

    • LOL: Johann Ricke
    • Replies: @Dtbb
  16. @TropeMaster

    It’s part of the hyperbole-based persuasion toolkit the Left has developed in the age of social media. It resonates with humans natural sensitivity to eschatological events.

    Yes, but it goes even deeper than that.

    Post-Christian western progressives retain the broad narrative of Christianity’s overarching narrative — creation, fall, redemption, eschaton. But they reject the central character in this story, and put themselves in his place.

    In their grotesque pride, contemporary progressives see themselves as ‘world-changers’, so tropes such as ‘the world will never be the same’ and ‘we can change the world’ seem to them reasonable and natural, even though such utterances sound ludicrously overblown, pompous, and deluded to anyone who’s actually listening, noticing, and thinking.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Autochthon
    , @bomag
  17. @Steve Sailer

    You’d better not be the bastard who invented those damned store cards (i.e. customer-purchase-history tracking cards) that we all have to carry to get the sale prices.

  18. Glaivester says: • Website

    If we finally have someone who doesn’t back down, that WILL change things forever.

    • Agree: Harry Baldwin
    • Replies: @Desiderius
  19. Dtbb says:
    @Ghost of Bull Moose

    Ten Years After has a great song to that effect.

    • Replies: @Dtbb
    , @Kgaard
  20. @anonymous millennial

    …because generational solidarity.

    There is no such thing. There isn’t any such thing as a “generation”, for that matter. Except within families.

    Who is this “unibrow”? Not Cooper (b. 1968). Not Donaldson (b. 1934). Not Carlson (b. 1969). Not Bubba (b. 1966).


  21. @Clyde

    Sam Donaldson is a little old to be dabbling in the culture of fake outrage.

    The farm he grew up on in New Mexico was bought by his father before statehood.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
    , @Clyde
  22. @Reg Cæsar

    The farm he grew up on in New Mexico was bought by his father before statehood.

    That’s nothing. His grandfather hunted mastodons in the Pleistocene.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @TTSSYF
  23. Anon[387] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    “This is vulgarity. This is hate speech. This is homophobic speech.”

    Donaldson just now noticed vulgarity? Twerking, rap, ‘gay’ pride parades, pussy marches, slut pride. etc. Where has he been?

    Hate Speech? He hasn’t noticed all those Liberal Hollywood movies that feature Muslims as primitive monkey terrorists? Or the nonstop hate news against Iran, Russia, Syria, Christians? There was a candidate who condemned 25% of Americans as ‘deplorables’. And what about the silence about the hatred toward Palestinians supported by US government?

    Doesn’t Donaldson know that homos are deeply entrenched in deep state and media and have taken part in Wars for Israel and hate campaign against Christian Russia and decent folks everywhere?

    If Carlson was most offensive, it was about Iraqis. Why blame those people as subhuman savages when it is Americans who have twerking as main culture, Miley Cyrus as hero, fake news as media, and war machine that carries out AbuGharib atrocities? And it was the Zionist gorillas who used sanctions and wars based on lies to destroy millions.

    Arabs are civilized compared to current Americans, the most disgusting scum whose idea of protest is pussy march, idea of spirituality is homo flags in churches, idea of justice is support of total erasure of West Bank and support of Alqaeda in Syria, and idea of parenting is raising whore-daughters who emulate lady gaga.

  24. Sam Donaldson has four marriages and a DUI under his belt.

    Oh, and a crazy look in his eyes.

    Oh, and everyone on the planet is shocked to learn that he’s still alive. In fact he’s probably tweeting in a furious effort to make people aware of that.

  25. Sam Donaldson was always strange, and not very bright.

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  26. Carlson is too smart to lose as an ally. He may pretty much be the best advocate for conservatism out there (besides Steve Sailer, of course). Also, Warren Jeffs was a child molesting creep.

    Anyone who spends as much time on TV and radio as Carlson does is apt to say something ridiculous or inflammatory every now and then. Hell, we all do, except that for most of us there’s no record of it. Apologioze for it, tell people you had a lapse of judgment, and move on. Tucker’s smart enough to survive it. Denying what he said is, oh, “problematic” is absurd.

  27. Clyde says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    The farm he grew up on in New Mexico was bought by his father before statehood.

    Last I heard from Sam D was about his sheep ranch in New Mexico. Circa five years ago it was in the news for getting large payments from the US Department of Agriculture. I respect the ol buzzard for keeping on at age 85 and going on TV to engage.

    His Davy Crockett hat style toupee is at least 20 years younger than him

  28. Clyde says:
    @anonymous millennial

    Clever repartee! I like your boomersphere, 71 mentions according to Bing.

  29. Anon[385] • Disclaimer says:

    Why does Sam Donaldson look Asian?

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Anon
    , @BCB232
  30. @Mr McKenna

    Sam Donaldson’s great-grandfather was the first person ever in Clovis, New Mexico.

  31. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Last Real Calvinist

    Excellent wonderful post.

  32. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    I usually don’t use mine. But sometimes CVS and the supermarket clerks politely insist. They probably get penalized if they ring up purchases without the customer card or phone number.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  33. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Too many facelifts and eye work.

    The old eye work stretched the skin around the eyes sideways. Best to get the top eyelids and the bags under the eyes fixed but don’t stretch sideways the wrinkles at the side of the eyes.

    He’s so old his face lifts are probably the old fashioned stretch kind.

  34. Sam Donaldson hasn’t even changed the way he combs his hair since the Iran Hostage Crisis Watergate.

    I thought he might be trolling Anderson Cooper by letting it go white.

  35. @The Last Real Calvinist

    A back-of-the-envelope etymology of variationa on the phrase yields:

    – Steve Jobs’ nonsense about “punching a hole in the universe” (probably an origin of the popular gimmick of paying employees with feelings, and still used extensively in his corporation’s propaganda, including for recruiting (“come changw the world at Apple…”).

    – Willow Ufgoode being told by the High Aldwin that he (Willow) had the power to in his (Willow’s) own finger all along.

    – Those exciting Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books.

    – John Kennedy’s smaltzy call to Baby Boomers to participate in yhe Peace Corps and ask what one can do for one’s country, goofily aggrandising what any one man can do for a polity of hundreds of millions.

    – Margaret Meade’s insipid platitude that a small group of thoughtful people can change the world and are all that [sic] ever has.

    I don’t think one encounters the sentiment much before around yhe time of the Second World War, honestly. Perhaps add it to the interminable list of sins visited upon mankind by Baby Boomers determined to destroy the world, hitching their pants up by belts of garlic as they cluck their tongues about entitled young people who were just too darned lazy to work part time as a soda jerk during graduate school to pay the $50,000.00 annual tuition, like folks did in the days when nickels had pictures of bumblebees on ’em (“gimme five bees for a quarter,” you’d say…).

    • Replies: @Logan
    , @anon
    , @mmack
    , @Anon
  36. @Buzz Mohawk

    As I understand it (he’s written about it on this very blog if you care to read the details firsthand) Mr. Sailer’s work in marketing research (his first career) was part of the revolution in using universal packaging codes to not only track inventory and make paying more efficient, but to monitor the relative popularity of goods, and thus a precursor to the later Orwellian monitoring of those data for individual customers – so, if I’m remembering correctly (and I confess I may not be), then, yes, I’m afraid he is, in his own humble way, at least one of “the bastard” (to borrow your royal plural, as it were).

  37. @Steve Sailer

    The border crossed him, Esé.

  38. @Anon

    I can’t help but feel this is related to the fact that every startup job posting in Silicon Valley mentions how the company is planning to “change the world”.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  39. 22pp22 says:

    I thought Nick Sandmann’s face was the most punchable ever according to CNN.

  40. @Buzz Mohawk

    I have plenty of land to hide the bod- anything you need to dispose of, Buzz.

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
  41. Anon[216] • Disclaimer says:

    You may have discovered that it’s not so easy to find actual verbatim quotes in context of what Carlson said. This is in line with the current media practice of protecting the tender eyes of its readers from trauma. Never spell out the “n word,” (I’d just write it here, but even Steve censors that), never explain exactly what someone did that is being characterized as “sexual assault,” and never quote hate speech.

    Heartiste does a good job showing side-by-side Media Matters characterizations of what Carlson said adjacent to the actually text, making Media Matters look silly. Carlson comes off as possessing good common sense, and not afraid to be a little reckless. For instance he points out that rape is a spectrum of behaviors, and consensual statutory rape ending in marriage and a happy family is not like snatching a girl off the street and taking her to your abattoir.

    By the way, it seems that Media Matters released a second tranche of tapes. I haven’t looked into this, but holding back the worst stuff, waiting for your target to defend himself, and then making his defenses look like lies by a new release: If that’s what they are doing, props to them. Excellent tactics! That conservative organization tends to shoot itself in the foot by releasing deceptively edited video followed by the full tape that puts things in context. Better to just release the weaker stuff and not get a reputation for being a faker.

  42. Speaking of changing the country forever, Tucker should have Sam Donaldson on to ask how he feels about gay marriage, transgenderism and 40 million illegal immigrants.

  43. @AnodyneOneKenobi

    I was waiting for this to happen. I used to listen to Bubba’s show back when Tucker was on it (I admit it). A lot of what Tucker would say was tongue-in-cheek fun and it is impossible to convey it without understanding the show and its personalities. It was very raunchy, masculine, white trash entertainment. I mean, they have a guy play a character (Ned) who is a perverted Vietnam vet who smokes crack and meth but makes parody songs. Everyone but casual listeners understood that he was fictional, but they included him in their show publicity pictures and the guy’s father-in-law showed up at appearances to play him.

    It seemed like Tucker would hang out with Bubba when he visited his area of Florida.

  44. Eagle Eye says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Sam Donaldson’s great-grandfather was the first person ever in Clovis, New Mexico.

    Sam’s great-great-granddad immigrated to Clovis from Solutria. He arrived with only three flints in his pocket. Sam still has one of them.

    • Replies: @Kibernetika
  45. @anonymous millennial

    Funny how Donaldson was born a Boomer 12 years before the returning troops have the U.S. the baby boom.

  46. TTSSYF says:
    @Mr McKenna

    Attacking a person because he’s old, rather than addressing straight-on the content of what he’s saying, is just another ad hominem. It’s a cheap shot and a distraction from the real debate, which is whether what someone said in jest over a decade ago should be the basis for destroying the person’s career. Isn’t enough to say Donaldson is just another fake, blue-nosed Leftie? I’m sure he heard plenty of off-color comments from his fellow Lefties during his 40+ year career as a reporter.

  47. Logan says:

    This was back in the day of shock jock radio. The whole point was to be shocking, or you didn’t get invited back. To use a word from the art and literature world I haven’t seen much lately, the goal was to be “transgressive,” which until yesterday was considered great praise on the Left.

    But apparently the Left has switched on most issues. The Deep State and powerful corporations are now Good rather than Bad Things. The (white) working class is no longer the oppressed proletariat, it’s now the basket of deplorables who are rightly despised by all right-thinking people. Speech is no longer liberating when it breaks the taboos of the moment, it’s oppression and even violence. (Even when that speech was uttered long before the taboo was invented.)

    The world has become a very strange place.

  48. Logan says:

    I don’t think you’re going back nearly far enough.

    Remember the Jacobins? The guys who literally started the world over at Year Zero? Who changed the names of the days, weeks and months? Those guys?

    • Replies: @Autochthon
  49. Logan says:

    Well, if I had ever publicly, or even privately, said anything this stupid, which I haven’t unless in one of my past blackouts, I’d cheerfully agree that what I said was stupid and I regretted saying it.

  50. Sam Donaldson, who is still alive, used to be an on-screen newsreader on the ABC television network in decades past. At 1:40 in the above video, the current-day CNN newsreader Anderson Cooper calls Sam Donaldson “legendary”. Is he really?

    is legendary. Sam McGee is legendary, as told in a poem by Robert W. Service,

    But is Sam Donaldson legendary? Please recite to me the Legend of Sam Donaldson and list his legendary exploits.

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
    , @Anon
  51. @Steve Sailer

    Pretty amazing when you consider that Clovis is considered the first permanent site of humans in North America dating to over 12,000 years ago.

  52. @The Alarmist

    Cooper’s on the verge of failing the Turing Test on the basis of his face alone.

    • Replies: @Kibernetika
  53. FPD72 says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Since the Donaldson farm was near El Paso, am I safe to assume that your Clovis reference was tongue-in-cheek, referring to Clovis Man?

  54. @The Alarmist

    I am not kidding, I always assumed he simply had the world’s worst rug. When I was watching this clip, I thought, “Sam’s at least changed his piece to match the gray hair at his temples.”

    Is that his real hair??????

  55. Anon[390] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Dr. Spock

  56. bomag says:
    @The Last Real Calvinist

    But they reject the central character in this story, and put themselves in his place.

    I view it as a drift back into paganism.

    Progressives are the Druid priests who are in charge of making the sun rise and crops flower; if you don’t obey them, then bad things happen to you. Media and institutions are here to punish those who don’t follow.

  57. @AnodyneOneKenobi

    Apologioze for it

    Apologies are taken as an admission of guilt, and are as blood in the water before sharks. Worst possible advice, unfortunately.

  58. @Buzz Mohawk

    Back in the’80s, Larry King interviewed Sam Donaldson on his late night radio show. Donaldson told one good story on himself. He said while speaking at a college he spoke about his fellow panelists on “This Week with David Brinkley” and described George Will as ‘the smartest man I ever met.’”

    One of the students asked, “If he’s so smart, why do you disagree with him about everything?”

    I put that admission in Donaldson’s favor, but overall he was an insufferably pompous ass. And evidently still is! I assumed he had shuffled off this mortal coil years ago.

  59. MarkinLA says:

    Apologioze for it, tell people you had a lapse of judgment, and move on.

    NO,NO, a thousand times NO. If you even apologize once, you enter the PC grovel dance vortex and never come out.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
  60. It’s gone from infuriating to sad – the game of leveraging the supposed moral authority and judgment of the august neutral news man for partisan purposes has been exposed for a while now, so they’re going back to the hutch cabinet to pull out a warmed over Sam Donaldson thinking the results would be better.

  61. anon[315] • Disclaimer says:

    “….change this country FOREVER”

    Sam sounds like an hysterical old woman

    btw what is that thing on his head, a dead rat?

  62. anon[315] • Disclaimer says:

    – Margaret Meade’s insipid platitude that a small group of thoughtful people can change the world and are all that [sic] ever has.

    by lying?

  63. BCB232 says:

    As a child, I always thought he looked like a Romulan.

  64. Gunner says:

    Sam Donaldson is a hothouse flower who never heard homosexual slurs in his life!

  65. mmack says:

    But will they tie an onion on their belt, which was the style at the time?

    • Replies: @Autochthon
  66. Donaldson’s one of the good guys. He reported on the ADL spying case back in the 90s when the other networks wouldn’t touch the story. Whatever he says now, he gets a pass.

  67. @Redneck farmer

    He’s done more than enough good works to atone. I’ll let him go.

  68. ZachSays says:

    Things you could say ten years ago are things you can’t say now. We’ve already changed. Let’s test that change and see if it really is FOREVER.

  69. @Steve from Detroit

    Is that his real hair??????

    It’s someone’s real hair. Has anybody seen Marv Albert lately?

  70. Anon[267] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Why does a man that old worship homomania?

  71. SMK says: • Website
    @Reg Cæsar

    Tucker Carlson, if not censored and definestrated, will “change the country forever”! Beginning in the 1960s and then the 79s, the Immigration Act, the Civil Rights Act, the radical left, the black power movement, radical feminism (then called “women’s liberation”), an invasion of tens or millions of legal and illegal aliens from the Third-World that will soon transform the U.S. into a nonwhite-majority country, “affirmative-action” for blacks, i.e, racial quotas, set-asides, double standards, preferential treatment, the systemic coddling of violent and recidivist black criminals, the feminization of the military, police departments, male prisons, etc., college speech codes, leftist, racialist, and feminist propaganda and indoctrination in the mass-media and education from kindergarten to graduate school -all this and much more has “changed the country forever” and will ultimately destroy what’s left of the “historic American nation. The left controls almost everything, despite Trump and Fox News and Tucker Carlson, but they’re unhinged, deranged, and frothing and foaming with hate because they don’t control everything.

  72. Dtbb says:

    Here’s the song. I don’t know the fancy way of imbedding.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  73. Anonymous[287] • Disclaimer says:
    @anonymous millennial

    He’s not even a boomer, moron. I’ve seen silent gen, gen xers, and even some early millennials refered to as “boomers” online. When did boomer get redefined to mean “anyone older than you that you dislike”?

  74. rufus says:

    Its the corollary to, ” not who we are” which is a little trite from the sexual degenerates in the media and hollywood that have been so thoroughly discredited.

    Thats not who we are, if we dont suppress this dissent, it will change this country forever and inhibit my ability to exploit its inhabitants and extract resources.

  75. Asagirian says: • Website

    Did Tucker Carlson attack GOP for its Anti-BDS bill?
    If he really cares about free speech, why the silence?

    It’s not about the LEFT vs Right. Israel is right-wing and Venezuela is left-wing, but the Deep State and so-called ‘leftist’ MSM are totally with Israel and totally against Venezuela.
    BDS is considered ‘leftist’, but all of Deep State and MSM are with Israel and against Palestinians.

    It’s about Jewish supremacism vs whomever Jews hate.

  76. Kgaard says:

    Re Ten Years After … Actually “I’d love to change the world” hasn’t aged that well as a song.

    With the benefit of 45 years of hindsight, they had two great songs: I’m Going Home (live version at Woodstock) and Woodchopper’s Ball, which is really an incredible showcase for Alvin Lee (and his bass player).

  77. Speaking of relics from the 1980s, does anyone remember a goofy political themed puppet show called DC Follies?

  78. Pericles says:

    Perhaps that’s how Silicon Valley make their highly intelligent, engaged employees grind out another day in the PHP mines? The new registration flow on this dating site will change the world … forever!

  79. I have always thought SD was a supercilious blowhard with a really crappy toupee. My favorite part of his Arbiter of All Things Good act is that he got subsidies from the federal Mohair program for years right up until the Feds killed it in 2012. POS.

    • Agree: Bubba
  80. Corvinus says:

    The white people who outright refuse to think and act like the head honchos of the Alt Right and their acolytes will decimate our nation FOREVER.

    The real hate hoaxes, which in reality are fake hate hoaxes, need to be put on ice FOREVER.

    The continued Jewish influence on the Trump Administration will taint his presidential record FOREVER.

    Hey, this is fun, Mr. Sailer.

  81. @istevefan

    Yeah, Obama 2008 in Bettendorf Iowa:

    “I don’t want to settle,for anything less than real change, fundamental change, change we need, change we can believe in.”

    Also 2008:

    “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”
    [Wild cheers.]

  82. @Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

    Sam is legendary for yelling “gotcha” questions at Ronald Reagan as he walked to Marine One.

  83. @Steve from Detroit

    I believe Sam was wearing a rug back in the ’80s.

  84. Slighltly OT. Did Sam Donaldson and John Kerry purchase their Chinese-made fright wigs at the same dime store? It’s hard to take seriously “professionals” like Kerry and Donaldson who look like 11 year olds dressed like the mummy for a night of trick or treating.

    • Agree: Jim Don Bob
  85. @Buzz Mohawk

    Oh, man, this one is right in my wheelshouse – BIG DATA can kiss my ass!.

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
  86. @Dtbb

    Here you go, Dtbb. You had those 2 extra characters “lo” at the beginning of the URL. Otherwise, copying it from the address bar up top while you are “watching” it and then pasting it in directly should work fine. (You can’t do a PREVIEW though, unless that bug’s been fixed.)

    I really like that guitar sound.

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
  87. @AnodyneOneKenobi

    “The tweets of my death have gone greatly viral.”

    Samuel Twain Donaldson

  88. @Anon

    I just linked to a blog post of mine about it in reply to Mr. Mohawk, but I’ve got to chime in. Most clerks let you use their own card from under the counter, or a customer will lend it to you, if you tend to forget the fake phone number you gave them (and I ain’t carrying around an inch-thick wallet, much less a man-purse for this card crap). This one at the drug store was HARD-CORE, and as I signed up for another one, holding up a coupla customers, she got pissed when I told her the email I gave her was fake. What the hell business is it of hers whether I lie to Corporate?

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
    , @Anon
  89. @Achmed E. Newman

    I worked for a time in the 60s at a famed rock and roll palace. I saw a lot of guitar players. Alvin Lee was fast. I really like I’d Love to Change The World.

  90. @Achmed E. Newman

    Card yes. Cell phone number never. I use an old terminated land line number.

    You can use any number you want. It’s just an id number they know everyone will remember.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  91. @AnodyneOneKenobi

    “Oh, and everyone on the planet is shocked to learn that he’s still alive. In fact he’s probably tweeting in a furious effort to make people aware of that.”

    Your comment followed Anon[387]’s post about twerking, and so I for a very damaging moment I imagined ol’ Donaldson twerking furiously.

  92. @Eagle Eye

    Dang, beat me to the reference…

  93. @Desiderius

    He truly makes the uncanny valley very, very creepy. Cooper and Turing have at least one thing in common… but their accomplishments, in the final reckoning, leave Cooper rather lacking. I know, I shouldn’t make such jokes. There’s no comparison.

    I remember that the Turing programming language was remarkable (at the time I became aware of it) for enforcing pre- and post-conditions in functions or methods, dpending on the version.

    Why would anyone care what a creep such as Cooper says, in a rational world?

  94. @Achmed E. Newman

    And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    Revelation 13:17 King James Version

    We’re not there yet, but maybe my friends who take the Bible literally are onto something.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  95. @Jim Don Bob

    I do the very same – give them an old land-line number that I will always remember. What happened that time, as related in my post, is that my wife had gotten the card, but I didn’t have it and had no idea what number she gave that store.

  96. @Buzz Mohawk

    A guy in college years ago used to talk about this. I always thought having bar-codes on our forehead would be kind of odd, but we couldn’t imagine RF-ID chips back then.

  97. RobRich says: • Website
    @anonymous millennial

    What? These guys aren’t boomers.

    The boomers were libertarian influenced, peacefully crushed the commies and dozens of right tinpot dictators, saved social security temporarily from the mess the ‘red diaper babies’ left them and THEIR grandkids left them as far as they could, and brought tolerance vs. extremist right and left faiths–plus the internet and the spread of freer markets and its wealth and anti-poverty.

  98. @Cagey Beast

    “What if one molecule could change the world”

    Oh, no dey di’int!

  99. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

    Teen age psycho serial killer Billy the Kid is legendary. Donaldson is not.

  100. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Check the age of boomers. Tuition was very cheap when the boomers were in college. And it was before the mass immigration of Hispanic Indians which forced businesses to hire young Americans. Minimum wage was only about $1.50 an hour, hardly worth the time.

    Books: nowadays the books cost about $200 apiece. I remember well back in the good old days, one week’s minimum wage take home bought 5 hard back textbooks 4 notebooks small date book packet of pen dream of typing paper couple typewriter ribbons couple bottles of wite-out.

    Now one weeks minimum wage buys about one and one fourth text book.

  101. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    I just don’t use them anymore. Except I think CVS is making the clerks insist Once after about 3 year’s of a supermarket card I got a whole $10.00 credit. Whoopeee!!!!

    If you use the non human check out thing it asks for the card but you don’t have to give it.

    You could avoid the use of the card altogether by shoplifting.

    • LOL: Achmed E. Newman
  102. MEH 0910 says:


  103. MEH 0910 says:


  104. @Logan

    That was a group making a earnest (to the point of being precious and deluded) effort at change, sure, but it’s not the phenomenon at hand. It wasn’t “You (or I); Jacob the Jacobin, personally, am so important I will make an enormous difference in the world.”

    I also want to clarify the phenomenon does not encompass those wise and humble enough to (rightly) dedicate themselves to being good parents or charitable people in daily life, realising such behaviour is in fact the one meaningful thing they can do to change the world, by doing their tiny part in the sphere they really can influence.

    The phenomenon in the initial point I responded to with examples is, fundamentally, egotistic. It’s not a desire to help the poor or support the church – it’s a drive to be lauded and honoured for doing those things (cf.Luke 20:45-21:4).

  105. @mmack

    Touché and thank you; I misremembered that detail (but, in fairness to myseld, I am relying on a memory of a cartoon I saw once, twenty years or more ago, so I’m happy enough to’ve recalled it was a member of Allium and something to do with belts).

    That story from Grandpa Simpson and Dana Carvey’s Grumpy Olde Man – though I didn’t know it at the time, – were conveying emotionally and dramatically to me the the utter denial of and incapacity to perceive reality and the present which I would later understand intellectually to be the utterly contemptible essence of Baby Boomers.

  106. MEH 0910 says:


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