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Rising Democratic Extremism
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Above are a couple of informative graphs showing how extremist Democrats became on the key issues of race and immigration after Obama won re-election. A central question about our time is: Why did Democrats go nuts in c. 2013?

A second question is whether Democratic ideological extremism is related to the apparent rise in psychological problem around 2013. And which causes what?

I offered one possible explanation in Taki’s Magazine in my review of Haidt and Lukianoff’s The Coddling of the American Mind.

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  1. Will Pew ask, “Would you hire an immigrant or a black American for a job you need done?”;)

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
    , @pyrrhus
  2. The trends in the graphs started to change in 2010. Maybe the rise of the Tea Party and the republican sweeping victories in 2010 midterm elections triggered the democrats in abandoning any pretense of support for egalitarian liberalism and go full into feminist and anti-white identitarian craziness.

  3. Mookie says:

    Looks like they went nuts even more after Trump, at least on the first chart.

    Obama and Trump strike me as two peas in a pod: brothers in arms to divide America as much as possible.

    Conquer and divide is the strategy of both. I’d prefer a politician, don’t care the party, who is actually looking to make a grand compromise.

  4. Extremist? Nah, we’re the extremists for not joining in on the “consensus” on these issues. Pretty soon they’ll figure out how to work “denier” into their epithets for us.

    • Replies: @anon
  5. Mookie says:

    Looks like the extremism went crazy right when Trump came on the scene.

    Obama AND Trump have increased the extremism in this country.

    How about we try to find a leader is looking for a Grand Compromise instead of one who profits on tearing us apart?

  6. It does seem like the total stupidity level started an extreme rise in (more like) 2010, with even the “R or leaning-R” showing some of it. However, “leaning R” could easily include some of the ctrl-left trying to spike the poll. Also just that “R” designation alone is not a cure for stupid. There must be some inate conservativsm inside too.

    To answer the questions, possibly these people expected a lot more from the Øb☭ma administration, other than just the racist talk. Their utopia has not come around as planned, and they are not a patient lot. “And which causes what?”. I’m gonna say that 22 YEARS of coddling, with 18 or so of that including brainwashing from the Big-Ed complex has warped the minds of those not being homeschooled or having conservative and proactive parents to counter all that.

    It’s nature AND nurture as the cause of their extremism/psychological problems. I see these as 2 sides of the same coin, as liberalism* is indeed a mental disease.


    * Not classical “liberalism”, of course.

    • Agree: Coemgen
  7. The ideas themselves are secondary. Notice how much more popular they have become over the past twenty years. Apparently, half the people who now think immigrants are the best thing since sliced bread felt differently back in 1994.

    All you have to do to get people to believe a lie is to keep repeating it.

  8. @Mookie

    It reads like you don’t stray very far from this mental disease yourself, Mookie. Your 2nd sentence sounds like the extreme lies and/or stupidity of the antifa crowd. Trump has increased extremism in the same way that a few dozen peaceful alt-righters protesting removal of statues in Charlottesville greatly increased the chances of a violent riot.

    What would your grand compromise look like? We will destroy the country, not it 5 years per the left, and not in 50 years, per the right, but in a dozen years? It’s a Grand Compromise and should therefore make everybody happy!

  9. Clyde says:

    Whitey gave away and gives away so much to minorities that they have become arrogant and spoiled, entitled and crazy. AA preferences, gov’t welfare of a thousand kinds, blacks over represented in gov’t jobs.
    Hispanics are a minor case, while blacks are the gold medalists in taking, and taking very greedily because they feel they are owed for slavery and so on.
    There are millions of blacks who don’t behave this way. My take is 75% do in varying degrees.
    We get lots of intelligent African immigrants. Their minds are blown by all the AA possibilities for them and their children. I know a nice Nigerian guy……House is worth 400,000. He is employed by a local water district. Seems to me that he has responsibilities. IOW he does not sit around all day.

  10. Clyde says:

    A black dude might end up as Florida governor. I heard the polling breakdown is that 99% of blacks will vote for him. This looks like the Tom Bradley effect in reverse. This shows how warped the polling is in the Dems favor.
    Even Obama only got 95 percent of the blacks vote. So lets hope The Republicans keep the US House or crazy House Dems will unleash a shitstorm on Trump and people working for him. Their theme will be, disrupt to the Max! Bring maximum chaos.

    • Replies: @Dtbb
  11. Jake says:

    Those kind of leaps are ‘normal’ in any group that has already been fully immersed in revolutionary ideology with no pushback to startle them back into awareness of where they are headed and what it means. It is mob fury, and it will be stoked by those who know the monstrously violent ends and crave them.

  12. TTSSYF says:

    Trump is only “extreme” to those too young to remember what this country used to be like. He’s not that different from JFK.

    Take another look at the charts. It’s the Left that have become the extremists. They’ve always had their crazies, but Obama inflamed them. The Tea Party was a reaction to Obama’s efforts to “fundamentally transform this nation”, and Trump’s election was a reaction to Obama’s forcing the Left’s political religion on an unwilling majority population via his pen and phone.

    There is no Grand Compromise to be had. For traditionalist conservatives, there’s no compromising with people who openly espouse socialism and open borders. They simply must be defeated in overwhelming numbers at the polls, as they were in 2010. It is the only way, short of civil war, for the Left to regain some sanity.

    • Replies: @Ida
    , @Jack Hanson
  13. Anonym says:

    Conquer and divide is the strategy of both. I’d prefer a politician, don’t care the party, who is actually looking to make a grand compromise.

    After listening to Krugman expound upon what he thinks of us, give me Conan.

  14. Jake says:

    Jacobins and Bolsheviks do not compromise, because that would be doing evil.

    Either we peacefully separate the Union, or there will be large scale war, civil war by the Left to forever end the threat of the deplorable white trash being able to say no to their desires for change.

  15. Arclight says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    I think the “people expected a lot more from Obama” explanation is the right one…I mean, people went absolutely bananas over his election in 2008, and expectations were sky high – after all, he got a Nobel simply for existing. We were told repeatedly that he was the smartest, most talented person to ever hold the office and the fact that he was black (at least politically) meant he was morally unimpeachable as well.

    Turns out he was just a mediocre president. He certainly faced a lot of GOP intransigence, but at the end of the day he had an incredibly naive foreign policy, was regarded as a terrible negotiator even by Democrats, and a growing number of left-leaning but semi-honest publications had to admit he completely lacked the personal charm and political touch to deal with Congress and was cold even to Democrats, so he never was able to reach any meaningful political compromises.

    But most of the left cannot swallow this, so the new narrative is that America is so racist that even the smartest president ever has stymied in his efforts to bring about a transformed America and the only way we can be the country we need to be is if we allow millions of low-education/low-skill immigrants in to tip the electoral scales and change our demography to a more virtuous shade.

  16. Was it the realisation that Barack Obama is a false god? The liberal-progressive prophesies spoke of a golden age that would dawn with the arrival of the first technocratic mocha POTUS but life went on as before. America’s racial frictions continued to grind on and relations with the Muslim world actually got worse. Their grand project of the last half century had turned out to be a flop. This would have been felt by both the intelligent and the less than intelligent among them.

    The stupider and more impulsive progressives then had their genital related political projects to fall back on. To escape the emotional trauma that would come with recognising the failure of the Mocha One, they almost literally disappeared up their own “whatever”, as Trump would say. The “Vagina Monologues” fan base are our schoolteachers, professors, single mothers and journalists. Would they try to soothe those who screamed about safe spaces, rape culture and the urgent need for tranny washrooms? Of course not.

    Social media platforms helped those escalate and spread at lightning speed. With the grey-haired elders terrified of appearing insufficiently cool and progressive, there was nothing to stop them.

    • Replies: @Lagertha
  17. Flinty says:

    I think 2010 is the dividing year. That’s when liberals realized that Obama wasn’t going to steamroll through all their legislative desires. The high of Obama being elected was immense, and liberals thought they would rule forever after, getting pretty much everything they wanted. The tea party and other conservative movements were successful in pushing back and getting Republicans elected in the house and senate. Democrats thought Obama meant a sea change in American politics, rather than just the natural ebb and flow of electoral politics.

    Also to consider. James Taranto has argued before that as our society becomes more color blind, claims of institutional racism might actually get more shrill. As race matters less and less in a person’s life outcomes, an allegedly oppressed person may have to yell louder and louder about race to get people to believe him. This because fewer people than in the past take racism as an excuse for lack of success. Kind of counter intuitive, but an interesting take.

  18. @Achmed E. Newman


    * Not classical “liberalism”, of course.

    Classical liberalism is having its own crisis now too. Can classical liberalism survive the end of endless economic growth? Classical liberalism depends on the reasonable man and the common sense of the English gentleman. Can it survive in a landscape that favours his opposite? Nope.

  19. Unzerker says:

    A central question about our time is: Why did Democrats go nuts in c. 2013?

    Looking at the graph, 2010 seems to be the year that Democrats changed.

    My guess is that after Obama’s 2010 mid term election loss, the Democrats gave up on white people. Blaming whites for everything and importing new voters became their number one priority.

    • Replies: @snorlax
  20. Polynikes says:

    I can’t believe the second graph is still at 42 for Republicans. Goes to show that there is still work to be done on that issue. Nobody has really talked about the fiscal impact and the establishment Republican refrain of “free market…cheap labor…illegal immigrants good” still holds firm in many areas. I’m guessing it’s nice white areas too.

  21. @Mookie

    Sorry, this “plague on both their houses” stuff doesn’t sound very convincing these days. Unless you can come up with some examples of such Grand Compromisers.

    Why should it be the burden of your political opponents to come up with “compromise”, and not your own fellow travelers?

    I don’t think the left understands how radical and divisive their programme is.

  22. CCR says:

    Perhaps this is simply due to members of the greatest generation aging out of the Democratic Party. Nobodies mind has changed, it is just the composition of the party that has changed.

  23. Tiny Duck says:

    You guys obviously don’t speak with any People of Color.

    They want allies in the fight against white supremacy.

    Just look at the twitter feeds of Sabaa Tahir and Marie Lu to name a few.

    • Replies: @RedPillNow
  24. Tyrion 2 says:

    Your compromise politician is Trump. There are loads of things he’d happily work with the Democrats on but they’re stuck pretending he is literally Hitler, and a Russian agent.

    • Agree: Trevor H., Coemgen
  25. @Redneck farmer

    Actually, they do not hire to a darker standard. Check out the editorial boards of HuffPost, NYTimes, WashPost. Except for a few Indians and Asian women, all White folks, chicks, that is. Whitest places I ever saw in person in Radical Democrat Feminist areas was Planned Parenthood, headquarters and clinics throughout the DC area. Another is N.O.W. headquarters, DC, , 99.99% Pure Ivory Soap.

    Feminist Democrats will bludgeon us with race but they take pains to avoid diversity for themselves. Universities, corporations of every stripe, all White Feminists.

    • Replies: @Redman
    , @Bubba
  26. Anonymous[175] • Disclaimer says:

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  27. @SIMPLEPseudonymicHandle

    The media/journalism spurred that. From their Ivory White Towers. And they abandoned all pretense of impartiality starting with Obama, and they threw Hillary over the side. Later, they threw truth and impartiality, the final scraps, over the side in support of Hillary.

    Now they’re just a left-wing megaphone. Without Amazon, WashPost is dead.

  28. Tyrion 2 says:

    I’m ready for a theory that we are witnessing the unravelling of consciousness as we know it.

    The fact that people no longer spend time thinking and that everything relies on external stimuli means this makes sense.

    Sure it is a bit mad and sure it is very convenient to label those you disagree with as mindless drones but when does one exercise one’s inner voice if you’re constantly scrolling through Instagram, going from one externally set off dopamine hit to the next?

  29. IHTG says:

    It’s often only when a revolution has won a victory for the second time that its full impact is made apparent. For example, in Israel, Menachem Begin’s greatest day was his 1981 reelection, not his original 1977 election. The second victory proves that it’s not a fluke.

  30. @SIMPLEPseudonymicHandle

    Yes, I agree.

    The emergence of the Tea Party is what drove the left over the edge. After years of progressive reform, to have been confronted with this apparent throw back to a pre-1960′s mentality was just too much to contemplate. Leftists were literally driven into a murderous rage by the sight of older, smug, white men standing on public streets waving placards displaying those supremely annoying Tea Party slogans.

    And they’ve never recovered. They’re still fighting that battle, abortion rights etc. even though those aren’t threatened by Trump’s presidency. Every thing they do is to spite what they imagine to be the values held dear by those comfortable, retired white people. They believe they’re shocking them with their acceptance of trannies, their weird piercings, hair colors etc.

    The Left today is just rebellious teenagers finding a way to act out their dissent. They couldn’t begin to imagine that their parents and grandparents went through the same rite of passage with their elders. Like all young people they think that their’s was the first generation to discover the concept of “social justice”.

    • Replies: @Prof. Woland
  31. Berty says:

    Pretty much that.

    I mentioned this before but after 2010 whatever was left of the old rural Democrat veterans shriveled away very quickly. John Murtha and Robert Byrd died. Ike Sketon, James Oberstar, Alan Mollohan, Nick Rahall, Mary Landrieu, and Mark Pryor were all defeated. Jim Webb, Ben Nelson, and Max Baucus retired. The Democrats basically pulled out of several states ensuring that nobody like them would ever be elected again.

    The “Obama changed everything” liberal meme is a lame one but in this case it’s true.

  32. @Arclight

    Just to be clear, I didn’t write “the people”. I wrote “these people”. I, and others that I hang around with, had no expectations that Øb☭ma would be anything other than a race-hustling, jawboning, left-wing POS. The economy was not going to get better with anyone other than 20 years of a Ron Paul and a Ron Paul clone Congress and Senate, so I didn’t expect anything there. The invade-the-world business is not a problem for the ctrl-left when they are in power (at least after the time of the Socialist LBJ), so I didn’t expect any “hope and change” there either.

    I wrote “these people” in reference to the coalition of the fringes, Arclight. They really thought that Øb☭ma was going to give them those free cellphones and just open up “the people’s” money spigot all the way. They figured white people, especially white men, would have been put on the sidelines needing permission to even speak by this point. Then, Trump got elected, and their heads are now close to criticality. Let’s push those U-235 segments together, shall we? MuAHE! (Make un-American’s Heads Explode)

  33. TG says:

    Missing a bit of the point, I think.

    Remember, all this “democratic extremism” is scripted. It’s all made up out of whole cloth by the six or so major media conglomerates that are owned by the super-rich. This is political theater to distract us.

    What does the Democratic party stand for? Why, for what their donors want: wasting trillions on pointless foreign wars so politically connected defense contractors can profit, subsidizing Wall Street with countless trillions of dollars of public subsidies, driving a generation of young American into debt slavery via a student debt scam where the big banks gets their profits subsidized, etc. So when someone like Trump attacks some of these policies, the Democrats can’t say “Oh sure but the Republicans are the same and Trump is probably unwilling or unable to do anything about it” – no that doesn’t sound good. So all they can do is scream that Trump is a fascist, a racist, Literally Hitler, and whip up an incoherent mass frenzy to distract us from what contemptible whores to Wall Street the Democrats (and Republicans) are.

    It’s working.

    • Agree: Desiderius
  34. snorlax says:
    @Tyrion 2

    A good example is the present all-time low in the percentage of (US) voters who name “the economy” as the most important issue. A growing majority of people care far more about their fantasy world than the real one.

  35. Stick says:

    I view Obama as a very cheap imitation of Oliver Cromwell with his ‘Transformation of America’. I view Trump as the Restoration of America and its ideals. That they are polar opposites is not a reason to go half a loaf, but rather to chose which pole you identify with. Since Obama was a post modern and Trump a modern I side with Trump. It should be recalled that the US represents modernity. How much of modernity do you want to trade away to witch burners?

  36. The depredations of Lois Lerner were revealed in 2013. When lesser Dems saw what she had gotten away with, the lesser Dems were emboldened. No Obama flunky would ever go to jail for any crime, no matter how outrageous.

    Hillary Clinton was Lois Lerner’s Role Model.

    • Replies: @tyrone
  37. OT – I’m not exactly sure what the use of the modern British Army is any more – it’s certainly not for defending our borders.

    ‘The Army Needs More Feminists’. Intrigued? Read our latest #Leadership Insight by Maj Tim Towler

    (via Derb’s VDARE column)

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
    , @L Woods
  38. Anonymous[344] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes definitely social media echo chambers and all of that hardens positions and reduces independent thought.

    But I also posit that in addition to people’s opinions getting more extreme, there is now more virtue signaling and even what I will now coin ‘vice signalling’ to pollsters: With the explosion of Farcebook and Twatter after 2010, people got used to stating their stupid opinions in a quick way to maximize likes and retweets from their friends and hate from their enemies. Because of all of those repeated dopamine hits, it is now just the default mental state for many people to talk and think in that way.

    So when the pollster called before 2010 and asked something, people might have thought to themselves first ‘what is the reasonable thing to say here?’ But when the pollster calls today, people automatically blurt out what would most impress their friend and piss off their Republican uncle. The fact that the pollster doesn’t actually have a like button doesn’t matter – people are like Pavlov’s dogs salivating for the bell long after it stopped delivering the food.

    • Replies: @Iberiano
  39. anon2028 says:

    Leftists are revolutionaries. The revolution can never be over. Their goals can never be achieved. There’s always something more to be done. Yet more and more purification and searching for cleverer and more insidious threats.

    Sane people see the election of Obama and his re-election as a sign that racism is a spent force in American politics. Ideologues need an opponent to shriek about no matter what, so when the battle is won, they have to become more shrill and go to more extremes to find evidence that the war is not won.

    You see the same thing with feminism and environmentalism. When there are real problems to be dealt with, you don’t have time for hysteria. When the problems are marginal-how many ppm of arsenic in water is safe compared to a river burning in Chicago-true believers ratchet up the rhetoric. It’s all straight out of Orwell: We’re now at war with East Asia.

    Politically, it’s an interesting problem to decide when to start supporting sane Democrats. It’s not like I trust politicians from any party, so I want the Repubs to have serious opposition, not insane opposition. But for many years now, “moderate Democrats” have been as useful as the mule in “Animal Farm.”

    • Replies: @ben tillman
  40. @Mookie

    Yeah!!!! You can clearly see that the graph changes with Trump’s 2012 presidential bid!!!! Totally!!!!!!!

    As in, totally insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. The moral/political leverage that comes with certified “victimhood” is just too good to resist and everyone is jumping in. Obama was the master of the game “my victimhood is bigger than yours”.


    • Replies: @Kylie
  42. @Tyrion 2

    Don’t confuse the issue with facts, we want to make our sounds good points. ;)

  43. @Tyrion 2

    The “smartphone” is the equivalent of lead paint for breakfast.

  44. Jack D says:

    I think it is a sort of feedback loop. Dem pollsters find some issue that polls well and is easy to convey in political ads and hook onto it. For example, right now it is “pre-existing conditions” – there are a few contested congressional seats open in the Philly media market (which includes the southern half of NJ). Every Dem ad points out that Trump and Republican candidate X wants to take away your coverage for pre-existing conditions. Eventually it becomes a badge of your party identification – Dems are the party of coverage for pre-existing conditions.

    Coverage for pre-existing conditions violates one of the basic principles of insurance, which is you can’t buy fire insurance (and get paid out on it) AFTER your house has already burned down. Of course if health coverage is some sort of loss making social program and not a viable going concern, then no problem.

  45. tanabear says:

    These graphs indicate that it is the Left that has become more extreme over the past decade, Republicans haven’t really changed all that much. I believe I saw another graph that showed how trust in the media went up among Democrats after Trump started running. I believe a lot of changes among Democrats since 2015 is just counter signaling Trump.

  46. Corvinus says:

    “Above are a couple of informative graphs showing how extremist Democrats became on the key issues of race and immigration after Obama won re-election. A central question about our time is: Why did Democrats go nuts in c. 2013?”

Classic begging the question—The Democrats went nuts after 2013 because they are extremist about race and immigration.

    The reality is that the public has long been divided over issues of race. During Obama’s second term, Republicans/conservatives, especially those on the hard-core side, ramped up their rhetoric on those issues, which in turn their Democrat/liberal counterparts (i.e. the hard-core side) to respond in kind. In the middle are normies, aka the “mushy middle”, who are bombarded with definitional finagling, over the top accusations, and good old fashioned “hate hoaxes” to the point that racism, sexism–hell, all of the “isms”–are effectively neutered.

    In other words, the partisan divide has increased over the past 40 years, especially among the Coalition of the Fringe groups. Look at the number of “pro-white” groups that have exploded onto the scene since Trump’s election. Are they “nuts”, or they “normal”? YOU decide.


    However, since 2014, note the share of Republicans saying the country needs to continue making changes to give blacks equal rights with whites has increased. (Obviously, this particular group are cucks and race traitors, so their opinion really does not matter.)

    In addition, young adults (those ages 18 to 29) are the only age group in which a majority (54%) says that discrimination is the main reason many blacks cannot get ahead. So much for Generation Z to come to the rescue to save our nation, as clearly they have been indoctrinated by Marxist propaganda.

    As far as immigration is concerned, Pew Research explains: “Republicans are split in their views of the contributions of immigrants: 44% say immigrants do more to burden the country, while about as many (42%) say they do more to strengthen the country. Republican attitudes toward immigrants have fluctuated over the past few decades, though the share viewing immigrants as strengthening the nation has never surpassed the share saying immigrants are a burden. But Republican views today are slightly less positive than they were in the early 2000’s. For example, in June 2003, 46% said immigrants strengthened the country. As a result of differing opinion trends among Republicans and Democrats, the once modest partisan difference in views of immigrants has ballooned to 42 points in the current survey – the widest gap since the question was first asked in 1994. Beyond partisanship, there remain significant demographic differences in views of immigrants’ overall impact on the country.”

    “A second question is whether Democratic ideological extremism is related to the apparent rise in psychological problem around 2013. And which causes what?”

    What does SCIENCE have to say about this important issue?

    “Many people are worried about how busy they are,” said Dr. Laurel Williams, chief of psychiatry at Texas Children’s Hospital. “There’s a lack of community. There’s the amount of time that we spend in front of screens and not in front of other people. If you don’t have a community to reach out to, then your hopelessness doesn’t have any place to go…“It is possible that the increased rates of depression in adolescents is related to a combination of increased electronics use and sleep disruptions in already vulnerable individuals,” she added.

    In “The Epidemic of Mental Illness: Why?” (New York Review of Books, 2011), Marcia Angell, former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, discusses over-diagnosis of psychiatric disorders, pathologizing of normal behaviors, Big Pharma corruption of psychiatry, and the adverse effects of psychiatric medications.

  47. Can’t y’all see it?

    2009 marked the beginning rise of Facebook. 2009-10 marked the beginning rise of the first iPad and iPhones.

    In late 2009, friends I’d known in a different city years before told me about this new thing that was replacing Friendster and My Space. It was called Facebook. In the next year or two (2009-11) I got into so many crazy nutty disputes on Facebook with friends I thought I had known (who they were) and their friends and friends of friends. It was truly insane the things that were coming through!

    It was so voluminous and nutty (I saved some of those threads, I thought at the time, to serve as examples of my writing & resoning, but they also serve to document some of the weirdness).

    That was the beginning of the strangeness. Believe me, by 2012 it was getting so weird that I dumped my account completely. Never seen anything like it. Most of the people I knew (friends, friends of friends, their relatives in some cases) were Gen-X, some Boomer.

    In those days I had 2 Millenial relatives one pre-teen the other teen. I was told by their mother that they seemed extremely fragile emotionally. Now they are young adult. And are extremely fragile emotionally.

    None of this had to do with Obama. Or Trump.

  48. Andrew M says:

    It’s instructive to look at what happened in other countries. Did Britain or Ireland or Australia go nuts with transgender policies around the same time? (Yes, absolutely.) What about non-English speaking countries like France or Germany? (Not so much, nope. Except Sweden, which was already nuts.)

    So this sounds like social or cultural contagion, rather than policy-driven. Obama was merely jumping on the bandwagon, not driving it.

    The exact mechanism of social contagion is unclear. Twitter? Online newspapers and their comments? TV shows? All of the above?

    The average Frenchman on Twitter or in the blogosphere only writes in French to other French people; whereas the average Briton might find themselves discussing trans-stuff with an American, without even realising it. This facilitates cultural transmission amongst English-speaking nations, and could explain the Anglo-wide trend.

    Another explanation involves a certain international tribe, over-represented in the media, who are always looking for a victim group to compare with themselves.

    • Replies: @S. Anonyia
    , @nearhorburian
  49. @Arclight

    I get the feeling he is just one of those guys who has a full organised calendar and just achieves nothing, month after month. People got used to this slow somnolent schedule, where things were either above his pay grade, or worthy of hamlet style deliberation. And before you know it, eight years were gone.

    Then this hurricane arrives and just GETS SHIT DONE. It’s quite a shock.

    But Scarborough was right: he was a glorified state senator who wasn’t ever really up to the job. All this was disguised by the immaculate crease of his trouser leg.

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
  50. @Tyrion 2

    Maybe there is a tie up here with Steve’s post on Julian Jaynes’ book the other day. A sort of inverse Bronze Age collapse is going on. Too much comfort is causing the reimposition of a bicameral mind and consciousness is disappearing amongst large numbers of people.

    • Replies: @Samuel Skinner
  51. @SIMPLEPseudonymicHandle

    Once more unto the Edsall:

    Thomas Edsall in the New York Times (2011):

    For decades, Democrats have suffered continuous and increasingly severe losses among white voters. But preparations by Democratic operatives for the 2012 election make it clear for the first time that the party will explicitly abandon the white working class.

    All pretense of trying to win a majority of the white working class has been effectively jettisoned in favor of cementing a center-left coalition made up, on the one hand, of voters who have gotten ahead on the basis of educational attainment — professors, artists, designers, editors, human resources managers, lawyers, librarians, social workers, teachers and therapists — and a second, substantial constituency of lower-income voters who are disproportionately African-American and Hispanic.

    Tweet from 2015:

  52. Mike P. says:

    The change on immigration may simply reflect the changing demography of the Democratic coalition. Plenty of the people who disagreed are now nominally GOP voters.

    • Agree: Desiderius
  53. Also OT – Yglesias in Vox – “Republicans have a huge strategic advantage in shaping the news.”

    • Replies: @Anonymous IV
  54. Russ says:

    It’s my understanding that a single ticket won the $1.6B lottery last night.

    Whoever the winner, s/he rubbed up inappropriately against me 36 years ago, and I’ve been uptalking ever since. I recall no peripheral details regarding the incident, but, whoever it was, I’m 100% certain that that’s who it was. My story is credible.

    Per the graphs in this blog post, I never would have been able to tell my story in 2010. Different today.

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
  55. The Democrat Party implicitly abandoned Whites Without College Degrees(WWCDs) in 2011 and the Whites noticed it.

    The GOP donors did not want to make implicit appeals to WWCDs, but Trumpy noticed all those voters who had no voice, and he gave them one.

    Trumpy also was playing to win the Electoral College and he went after the votes of WWCDs in the Great Lakes states that he needed to win.

    Trump also implicitly used the GERMAN STRATEGY to win the important Great Lakes states of Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania are loaded up with German Americans.

    Trump’s brilliant use of the GERMAN STRATEGY was wonderful to watch.

    To repeat, the GERMAN STRATEGY is to win the votes of the German Americans in the Great Lakes states of Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania while winning the votes of the Anglo-Celts in the Southern states. Trump won Florida with the votes of the Anglo-Celts in the north of Florida and with the votes of snowbirds from the Northeast and the Great Lakes states.


    • Replies: @jim jones
  56. @Tyrion 2

    Sorry, I have to call BS on this one.

    As soon as Trump was elected, Sanders offered to work with Trump on trade issues, since their trade policies were so similar. Trump turned him down. There are plenty of Democratic Senators and Representatives in the Great Lakes region who would love to work with Trump.

    When Ryan and McConnel were pushing through their signature bills on taxes and healthcare, Democrats offered to work with them, and with Trump. The Republicans shut every single Democrat out of the negotiations.

    So much for plenty of issues.

    I will admit that the Democrats have been immobile and extremist on immigration issues.

    I’m not trying to put words into Mookie’s mouth. It does appear to many people in this country that the Democrats are refusing compromise on immigration, while the Republicans are refusing compromise on every other issue. When I talk to normal people, not political activists, I see a great deal of disgust with both parties.

    I personally tend to vote for Democrats because around Wisconsin the Ryanist Republicans are far worse than the Democrats.

  57. Russ says:

    I’ll never forget the black woman in Georgia on election night November 2008 exulting “Barack gonna pay my mortgage; Barack gonna pay my bills!” I suspect that that sort of thinking went well beyond that single person. It thus was a cold, cold realization late in the second term that Valhalla would not be in hand even in the era of Black POTUS.

    I try to coach the children in the extended family to build their lives such that their chances of success and prosperity are heightened irrespective of who holds power in DC and the state capitals. It’s not a message echoed by the Left.

  58. NickG says:

    Rising Democratic Extremism

    The same thing is happening here in Blighty with the Labour party and across society.

    I put this down to a combination of:

    1) Ubiquitous smart phones, and the narrow focus and narcissism engendered by social media.
    2) Internet filter bubbles, weighted by unbiased search results.
    3) The huge success of the long march through the institutions of the cult Marx/ post modernists exposing the young to goodthink bromides.
    4) The leftward drift and politicisation – with constant brow beating – of popular culture, especially TV.
    5) Demographic shift born of mass third world immigration.

    I suspect it’s going to get much worse.

  59. jb says:

    Just FYI, I don’t see the charts unless I disable Firefox’s content blocking for the site. (This seems to happen for some visuals but not for others).

  60. Sammler says: • Website

    My favorite part of the Obama era was all that racial healing.

  61. > A central question about our time is: Why did Democrats go nuts in c. 2013?


  62. sondjata says: • Website

    A relatively lengthy discussion of the paper that the above graph came from:

  63. Travis says:

    it all began in July 2009, Obama focused the national press on the incident at Harvard. When Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct. The incident was instigated by Bystander Becky, who called the police to report 2 black men breaking into a house on her street.

    “the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting, what I think we know separate and apart from this incident is that there’s a long history in this country of African Americans stopped by law enforcement disproportionately.” – Barrack Obama

    Yet ignored in the media hoopla was the behavior of Prof. Gates. The police officer report states that he was surprised by Gates’ behavior, which included a threat that he did not know who he was “messing with.” The officer asked Gates for a photo ID so as to verify he was the resident of the house; Gates initially refused, but then did supply his identification card. Gates repeatedly shouted requests for his identification. The officer then told Gates that he was leaving his residence and that if Gates wanted to continue discussing the matter, he would speak to him outside. Gates replied, “Yeah, I’ll speak with your mama outside.” Gates continued to yell at officer Crowley, accusing him of racial bias and saying he had not heard the last of him. Faced with this tumultuous behavior from Gates, Crowley warned Gates that he was becoming disorderly. When Gates ignored this warning and persisted in his behavior, Crowley informed him that he was under arrest.

    This incident made it clear that Obama was not the “post Racial’ President. He would use these common incidents to escalate racial tension and normalize bad black behavior. Obama had missed his opportunity to ignore the incident or reprimand the professor for his uncivil actions toward the police. Most people realize by the time they are 12 years-old that it is foolish to insult police officers. But Obama made it clear that black misbehavior would not only be tolerated , but any prudent actions by whites would be lambasted if directed toward the bad behavior of Blacks….which eventually resulted in the Trayvon Martin narrative in 2012 , followed by Michael Brown and BLM. It all started in 2009 with bystander Becky calling the cops and Obama siding with the belligerent negro.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  64. Tyrion 2 says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    Which bills have been presented to Trump by the Democrats? They may be a minority but if Trump backed it, enough Republicans surely would.

    • Replies: @Paleo Liberal
  65. OT:

    Gilad Atzmon has up a great post honoring the recently deceased Prof. Robert Faurisson, who was among the first to be prosecuted under France’s ‘holocaust denial’ laws.

    The history of ideas provides us with the names of those few men and women who challenged the boundaries of tolerance. Professor Robert Faurisson was one such man. Faurisson, who died last Sunday at age 89, was a French academic who didn’t believe in the validity of parts of the Holocaust narrative. He argued that gas chambers in Auschwitz were the “biggest lie of the 20th century,” and contended that deported Jews had died of disease and malnutrition. Faurisson also questioned the authenticity of the Diary of Anne Frank many years before the Swiss foundation that holds the copyright to the famous diary “alerted publishers that her father (Otto Frank) is not only the ‘editor’ but also legally the ‘co-author’ of the celebrated book” (NY Times).

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  66. ChrisZ says:

    With Democratic extremism currently the talk of the Internet, right on cue our media masters have joined forces to trot out the B.S. story below, about how the great and good are being targeted for explosive death–with an accusatory finger lazily pointed at “ir[ate] right-wing groups.”

    Sorry for posting the whole article here, but I figured it would be changed soon, and the early draft always reveals so much. (The emphases below are my own, marking phrases that were partisan editorializing, or just laughably gratuitous attempts to elicit sympathy for the “victims.”)

    The New York Times

    Explosive Devices Found in Mail Sent to Hillary Clinton and Obama

    By WILLIAM K. RASHBAUM 2 mins ago

    Two explosive devices were found in mail sent to the offices of former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Secret Service said Wednesday.

    The devices were similar to one found on Monday at the home of the billionaire philanthropist George Soros, two law enforcement officials said.

    In a statement, the Secret Service said it “has intercepted two suspicious packages addressed to Secret Service protectees,” who were identified as Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama.

    The device addressed to Mrs. Clinton in Westchester County was found late on Tuesday by a Secret Service employee who screens mail for her office, the statement said. The package addressed to Mr. Obama was intercepted by Secret Service personnel in Washington, D.C. early on Wednesday.

    “The packages were immediately identified during routine mail screening procedures as potential explosive devices and were appropriately handled as such,” the statement said. “The protectees did not receive the packages nor were they at risk of receiving them.”

    The statement said the agency had “initiated a full scope criminal investigation that will leverage all available federal, state, and local resources to determine the source of the packages and identify those responsible.”

    Mr. Soros’s home is in a suburb north of New York City. That device was constructed from a length of pipe about six inches long filled with explosive powder, and it was “proactively detonated” by bomb squad technicians, according to one of the officials, all of whom were briefed on the investigation.

    The motive of the would-be Soros bomber or bombers remained unclear, one of the officials said, adding that there had not yet been any claim of responsibility.

    Mr. Soros, who made his fortune in finance and is now a full-time philanthropist and political activist, is often a subject of the ire of right-wing groups. In recent days, some have falsely speculated that he funded a caravan of migrants moving north in Mexico.

    It is unclear where exactly the package addressed to Mrs. Clinton was sent. [Huh?] The Clintons and his wife [sic] have a home in Chappaqua, a suburb of New York City. They bought their 11-room Dutch Colonial home in the affluent enclave in 1999 for $1.7 million as Mr. Clinton ended his tenure in the White House. The decision to settle in Westchester County came as Mrs. Clinton was preparing to run for Senate from New York.

    Facing significant debts from the legal troubles that dogged Mr. Clinton’s presidency, the Clinton’s were able to buy the house after their chief fund-raiser, Terry McAuliffe, personally secured a loan.

    • Replies: @Altai
    , @Anon7
    , @Anon
    , @Anonymous
  67. @Mookie

    What is your conception of the “Grand Compromise?”

    • Replies: @Mookie
  68. This has got to be related to some kind of diversity racket being activated during Obama’s years in office. All of this race-based grievance used to be fringe stuff limited to some academic radicals. But then somehow it jumped the fire line and landed in the mainstream press and cable news. Then political correctness took off and we got the Trump backlash.

  69. Thirdtwin says:

    “I’d prefer a politician, don’t care the party, who is actually looking to make a grand compromise.”

    We had one of those. You must have missed his funeral series last month. It’s a good thing you don’t care which party, because it’ll always be a Republican.

  70. L Woods says:

    There is no unitary “America” in any meaningful sense.

  71. Looks like progressives are making the switch from ideas to tribe. If the other side believes something, you believe the opposite. Doesn’t matter what the subject is about. You’re good, and they’re bad; therefore, if the other side believes that racism isn’t the primary driver of black underachievement, you believe that it is. If they’re against immigration, you’re for it.

    It’s the natural outgrowth of a multi-everything society. Things get tribal.

    Civic nationalism is going to get harder and harder to achieve.

  72. countenance says: • Website


    I’m surprised you haven’t seen the new and freshly minted bafflegab rationale for AFFH:

    • Replies: @Steve in Greensboro
  73. istevefan says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    I personally tend to vote for Democrats because around Wisconsin the Ryanist Republicans are far worse than the Democrats.

    Assuming you are white, how can you vote for the democrats? The democrats clearly appear to be anti-white. And this is no longer just a suspicion. You have democrats who will actually say anti-white things in public. They also refuse to denounce their friends in the MSM for the myriad of anti-white content published daily.

    And to those who would debate whether or not what we hear and read is anti-white, just substitute any other group for ‘white’ in the subject of that rhetoric and see where it lands you.

    I can see how elite whites vote democrat given how their position in the top 1 percent or 1/10 of a percent might depend on betraying the majority population. But 40% of whites nationwide still vote democrat, and by definition, 40 percent is no where close to being in the top 1 percent. In other words these are poor, working class and middle class folks who are voting for a party that is actively advocating against them and wishes to empower others over them simply due to their race.

    How ignorant or self-hating does one have to be to support this?

    The GOP is far from perfect. But of the two parties it is clearly the only one that is not explicitly anti-white. And it appears to be transitioning to a party that is not just anti-white, but actually pro-white.

  74. I have a grand theory of contemporary American racial politics.

    Until recently, what you might call the Jackie Robinson model of integration dominated the culture. Discrimination is the reason for black-white gaps, and as discrimination recedes, blacks will achieve. Unequal starting points means that the process will not be instantaneous, but progress will happen, measurable by First Black (Fill in the Blank). First black law associate, partner, senior partner. This was the mentality of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor expecting in 2003 that affirmative action would only need another 25 years.

    As candidate Jesse JAckson put it in 1984, “from the outhouse to the courthouse to the state house to the White House.”

    Well, in 2008 a black man was elected to the White House, driven by his supporters chanting “Race doesn’t matter”. The millenium had come–a black man had reached the highest pinnacle that America has to offer.

    But the Gaps still remain. On the one hand, black people as a group were still on the wrong end of wealth gaps, income gaps, crime gaps, crime-victimization gaps. On the other hand, white people were still hearing complaining from black people, when we elected Obama–twice! How is this not solved?

    The cracking of that narrative is, I think, the big event driving both the Trump remaking of the GOP (the failure of blank slate theory to build democracy in Iraq helped a lot too, plus the aftermath of 2008 making GOP economics risible) and the takeover of the Democrats by the intersectional college–based left.

  75. eah says:

    Conan O’Brien was never funny — now we know he’s NPC dumb.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @stillCARealist
  76. @Tyrion 2

    That’s not how Congress works.
    Congress sends laws to the President to sign or veto, although a very large number of bills are written by people in the Executive branch. Many decades ago my father had a job in the Executive Branch sending bills to Congress for review.

    There are plenty of bills with both Democrats and Republicans as co-sponsors. In fact, MOST of the bills the Democratic Congresswoman from Arizona on the ballot for Senate co-sponsored were sponsored by Republicans. So there is some bipartisanship.

    What has NOT happened is either Trump meeting with Democratic leaders about major bills, or even Trump meeting with Sanders or the Great Lake Democrats about common interests in trade.

    Which means Trump has been blocking, rather than aiding, bipartisanship.

  77. Anon[935] • Disclaimer says:

    Self-righteous become more deluded.

  78. Tyrion 2 says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    If I were the Democrats (and I wanted to achieve my political goals not merely take power) I would write up an honest infrastructure bill, that Trump could sign, plug it through the media and dare him not to support it.

    • Replies: @Carol
  79. SteveM says:

    You have to recognize that there is a parallel universe on the Republican Right whose theology is the Cult of Military Exceptionalism. I.e. too much “defense” spending is never enough, the unaffordable America as Global Cop Gorilla model is sacrosanct and the fear-monger/war-monger musings of the “Generals” can never be challenged. Combined together with a flaccid Congress and Deep State Hacks, they form a recipe for perpetual war out the wazoo.

    The lunatic Left gives us warped social policies whose costs are no doubt high but difficult to calculate directly. While the lunatic Right has stuck taxpayers with $5 TRILLION in bills for the Middle East quagmires alone.

    Both sides are populated with opportunistic parasites. Although for the war-monger parasites on the Right, it’s more obvious that they always walk away rich from their wreckage.

    Come the mid-term elections most voters will have little more choice than picking their poison…

    • Replies: @Art Deco
    , @Johann Ricke
  80. MarcB. says:

    This has been building steam ever since the New Left gained primacy within the Democratic coalition in the wake of Bill Clinton’s presidency. It’s just become more explicit than implicit.

  81. ChrisZ says:

    Great comment, Arc.

    I’d add that it’s not just the disappointment in Obama’s results, but also the realization that he represented the optimal condition for ever realizing so many of the Left’s aspirations: he was “peak” liberal, peak left, peak black, etc.

    Now that peak time is over—and never to be repeated again. That must be a severe blow to their ability to hope; it’s no wonder so many on the Left are losing their minds.

    Political types in general hitch their stars to “What if…?” scenarios, and Leftists are especially susceptible to such romances. I’d love to print some T-shirts for my depressed liberal friends, reading: “My political dream came true—and all I got out of it was some lousy gay marriage.”

    • Replies: @CCZ
    , @Arclight
  82. @Mookie

    Obama and Trump strike me as two peas in a pod: brothers in arms to divide America as much as possible.

    Conquer and divide is the strategy of both. I’d prefer a politician, don’t care the party, who is actually looking to make a grand compromise.

    Obama is a man of the left. The left’s project is to divide America from itself.

    Trump’s ideology is Americanism. His project is to divide America from the left.

    Your sensibilities seem fundamentally female – is the greatest good that people are “nice”
    to one another, even if the Country goes to Hell in your view? Do you happen drive a Volvo SUV and “lunch” with the other soccer moms during the week?

    • LOL: bomag
  83. peterike says:

    Speaking of extremism, looks like Clock-Boy is back!

    “NYPD Issues Emergency Alert After Pipe Bomb Sent To CNN Newsroom”

    He was just looking for his next 15 minutes of fame.

  84. snorlax says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    1) The President doesn’t need Senate approval to impose tariffs. Obviously, he isn’t going to let his potential 2020 opponent take the credit for something he can and is doing himself. If Sanders wants to share stages with and receive kudos from Trump, he’s more than welcome to switch parties and/or endorse his reelection.

    BTW, Trump just negotiated the changes to NAFTA that organized labor always wanted but never got in 16 years of Democrats, the latter of whom broke his oft-repeated promise to do so. You’re welcome.

    2) Ryancare, for better or worse, was a change-the-window-dressing version of Obamacare. If Obamacare failed to pass (as very nearly happened) or had been struck down by SCOTUS (as also very nearly happened), and Obama decided to try again, he would’ve proposed something very much along the lines of Ryancare.

    Just as it’s fair to say, that while Republicans didn’t participate in its drafting, Obamacare was influenced by Republican plans (Heritage Foundation, Bob Dole, Romney), and was well to the right of pre-2009 Democrat plans, it’s also clearly the case that Ryancare was very much influenced by Obamacare, and was well to the left of pre-2017 Republican plans.

    Speaking of Obamacare, back in ’09 many Republicans did (attempt to) work with Democrats and produced a plan with them (Wyden-Bennett) which was arguably to the left of, or at least more radical than, Obamacare and, if Obama hadn’t rejected it out of hand, would’ve easily cleared the Senate with 75+ votes. So much for bipartisanship!

    Back to Ryancare, if the Democrats didn’t want to negotiate with McConnell and Ryan, they could’ve gone directly to Trump. He was practically begging them to!

    It’s beyond obvious that Trump’s personal instincts on healthcare are center-left, and, as a man obsessed with putting his name on everything, all he really wanted was to sign something called “Trumpcare.” If Democrats were actually interested in policy wins instead of playing politics, they could’ve very easily achieved one. They probably still could!

    3) Republicans publicly invited Democrats to participate in the tax bill negotiations many times. A small handful of the more moderate Democrats (Manchin and Heitkamp that I remember) said they wouldn’t support it unless it didn’t decrease revenue as scored by the CBO, and kept the corporate tax rate at or above 30%. The rest refused to engage at all.

    After Trump signed the tax bill into law, Democrats, at a press conference with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, released their own tax plan which was virtually identical to that of the Republicans, and which featured a 25% corporate tax rate and would (per CBO-style static analysis) decrease revenue relative to prior law. In other words they knew all along that it was good policy but were deliberately playing politics to hurt the economy and improve their own election chances.

    • Replies: @snorlax
  85. @istevefan

    How can I vote for Democrats?

    Two words: Scott Walker.

    The local races don’t matter. Either the Republicans put up token opposition or none at all.

    Senate? That won’t be close either. Tammy Baldwin runs some of the best campaigns in the country. Six years ago she beat a popular former governor — Tommy Thompson — for an open seat. Now she is an incumbent running against a hack.

    Governor? Walker has been terrible. Wisconsin and Minnesota faced similar challenges, but Minnesota fared much be better than Wisconsin. So did just about every Midwestern state. He gutted the schools, the roads, the University of Wisconsin — the golden goose that has been driving the economy of the state for about 150 years — and screwed over workers. All for tax cuts for the rich.

    Attorney General? Brad Schimmel is just a political hack. Pretty much ruined the DOJ. I have voted against Democrats who were incompetent political hacks, so why should I cross party lines to vote for incompetent Republican hacks? The previous GOP AG was a decent guy and a good lawyer who happened to be a Republican, but he left after one term.

    The state Treasurer is a partisan Republican hack as well.

    The Sec of State is a nobody, but harmless. He is a Democrat. Why not vote for a harmless nobody over an unknown? The SoS cannot do any good, and can only cause harm. So I’ll vote for the ancient harmless incumbent.

    Sorry, but if Republicans want my vote, they will have to do better than hacks who are completely in the pockets of lobbyists.

    To be fair, Rep. Glenn Grothman is an honest and principled conservative. He isn’t in my district.

  86. charlie says:

    Basically correct.

    I’d say it isn’t Jackie Robinson, but more about electing politicians. So from 1968 to 2008 you had steady gains.

    And basically validates the Supreme Court on the Voting Rights Act; if the country elects a black man as President you don’t need to watch southern states like a hawk.

    Is the situation fair for the black man in 2018 — of course not. Is it better than 1968 — probably. Do we need to double down on what worked for 40 years — no. Low hanging fruit is gone.

  87. anon[133] • Disclaimer says:

    Why did Democrats go nuts in c. 2013?


    2008-12, Obama still has to win re-election, so has to be coy. Utopia won’t begin until Nov. 9 2012.

    Whatever they were expecting, it didn’t happen.

  88. Also OT – reports of a bomb found at a NYC Clinton residence.

    I can’t help thinking hate hoax aka false flag.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Jus' Sayin'...
    , @Tipsy
  89. snorlax says:

    Other than their despicable smears of Brett Kavanaugh and Ronny Jackson among others, the tax bill was a truly extraordinary example of Democrat mendacity. Before its passage, Nancy Pelosi described it as “the worst bill in the history of our country.” (I wonder where she ranks the Fugitive Slave Act or the Corwin Amendment). After passage, she calls a press conference to tout an all but identical bill.

  90. peterike says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    What has NOT happened is either Trump meeting with Democratic leaders about major bills, or even Trump meeting with Sanders or the Great Lake Democrats about common interests in trade.

    Nothing in the past 50 years of American politics would lead one to believe the Democrats would EVER negotiate in good faith about anything. So why go through the charade? Trump knows it. Screw them. We won.

    • Agree: Jim Don Bob
    • Replies: @Charlesz Martel
  91. @Jack D

    Coverage for pre-existing conditions violates one of the basic principles of insurance

    True. But it’s a problem because for some reason the market doesn’t offer a long-term medical insurance contract. You have to renew every year. So, lose your job (company folds, fired, unable to continue working, etc), lose your insurance.

    Imagine a life insurance market that offered only term policies. It would be useless except as coverage for sudden death, as from an accident.

    • Agree: YetAnotherAnon
  92. Blue Wolf says:

    Jonathan Haidt points out that the kids who came to college beginning in 2013 were extraordinary coddled. A majority of them didn’t get a driver’s licence, hadn’t been on a date, hadn’t drank alcohol, and hadn’t had a job. They don’t know anything about life, so they don’t have any frame of reference to refute the propaganda that goes on at college.

  93. Unfortunately, the left is convinced that it’s the right that’s become extremist.

    Just another reason it’s very hard to have a productive conversation with a leftist today.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  94. Rebunga says: • Website

    See 538′s take on the same subject posted today. The relevant paragraph:

    The largest changes in views of race and gender occurred among white liberals; their perceptions of racial and gender discrimination increased, their feelings toward minorities improved, and their support of policies aimed at increasing diversity, like affirmative action and allowing more immigration, rose. Voters who consistently voted Democratic moved to the left on these questions, especially young voters.

  95. I want to see the graph for “Brawndo, it’s got the electrolytes plants need”.

  96. J1234 says:

    Latest news: Explosive devices sent to Hillary, Obama, Soros and CNN. Look for false flags. Hate hoaxes and leftist conspiracy theories on steroids.

  97. istevefan says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    Senate? That won’t be close either. Tammy Baldwin runs some of the best campaigns in the country. Six years ago she beat a popular former governor — Tommy Thompson — for an open seat. Now she is an incumbent running against a hack.

    What is her stance on the anti-white rhetoric coming from her party? Has she condemned or denounced?

    My question remains. How can you vote for an openly anti-white party?

  98. pyrrhus says:
    @Redneck farmer

    Yes, these poll numbers are totally bogus because what respondent wants to be accused of racism? And of course, most race realists these days won’t participate in polls….

  99. “Why did they go so crazy?”

    I think it’s because by 2013, they could see Obama was an empty suit who wasn’t going to do anything for blacks, aside from gas-light some racial conflicts around the country. This caused severe cognitive dissonance because in 2008 they believed he was a messiah who could get blacks to calm down and join the team.

    So they basically said screw it, we’re throwing in our lot with Mexicans and Hondurans, who will replace blacks and take whatever jobs they’re willing to do in the process.

    Obama, btw, was completely on board with this.

  100. Anon[204] • Disclaimer says:

    Neocon reversion to the mean

    Let them in to your homeland of Israel.

    • Agree: Bubba
  101. Clyde says:

    Obama was the classic black empty suit as posted at Lawrence Auster site 10 years ago…..

    Non-university people cannot grasp just how simple it is to fool those wanting to believe that outward appearances signify intellectual ability. This is particularly the case in soft disciplines that do not require mathematics. The clever law student imposter can conspicuously carry around legal tomes, ask “serious” questions whose sole purpose is to name-drop obscure cases, complain about spending too much time in the library, join organizations to build a stellar resume, and otherwise construct a false persona. Success at one level leads to triumph at the next. Few professors have the gumption to flunk a pretender who has successfully fooled dozens of others (con artists use this technique when telling potential suckers about all the others who have bought the scheme). But assuming that the lightweight must be the real thing is painless.

    My impression is that it is often even easier to fool so-called conservatives. These folk are always suspected of racism, and when they find that seeming stellar African American intellectual, the fawning can be embarrassing. This, they hope, will convince the world that they are not racists, and they may even exaggerate the imposter’s abilities—a mediocrity becomes brilliant. Needless to say, these highly presentable intellectual lightweights are often sufficiently savvy to exploit conservatives anxious to demonstrate their anti-racist bona fides.

    more at source

  102. El Dato says:

    I notice that the mirror image on the conservative side is global warming denialism which is really gone a bit far to the point where NPC text is preferred over trusting the lying eyes. Hot button issues are self-reinforcing as changing ones mind hurts more than going full retard and doubling down … or reviewing ones lifestyle or future outlook of what life may bring. Same as stockmarket bubbles really.

    • Agree: Carol
  103. Art Deco says:

    The ratio of military expenditure to domestic product is as low as it has been at any time since 1940.

  104. anon[694] • Disclaimer says:

    There is no “grand compromise” when it comes to immigration. The GOP has been compromising since Reagan, that’s what led to where we are today. No more compromise! If the GOP takes the house and senate, it’s time to lower the boom and make drastic cuts to immigration on all fronts. I would prefer a 20 year moratorium, not a single new immigrant/refugee for the next 20 years, period.

    Trump’s been doing nothing but talk, talk, talk. Even with the 7,000 caravan now heading towards the US, he’s busy campaigning and making empty threats without any plan to stop them. All these people know that they will be let in after a few months detention, maybe even no detention since there are so many of them. This is an outright invasion, and Trump is doing nothing to protect our borders other than more talking.

    • Replies: @istevefan
    , @Eric Novak
  105. Anonymous[146] • Disclaimer says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    If there was ever a dog bites man story, it would be Gilad Atzmon coming out with that. What’s next, an anti-Israel piece from Girladi?

  106. Anon[243] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tyrion 2

    There have always been a certain percentage of people who are easily suggestible or who just go with the flow, and these people traditionally adopted the beliefs of their relatives, friends, and neighbors. When television and radio came around, they absorbed the beliefs of these outlets as well.

    But when television became radically left-wing, they became radicalized leftists because this was ‘mainstream.’ Liberal parts of the internet have also reinforced liberal beliefs. I think there’s a direct correlation between what the talking heads say on TV, and what Democrats beliefs are according to the pollsters.

    As long as TV is crazy left, we’re going to have problems with a radicalized left. The stupid parts of the internet will also forever be a problem.

    The one thing that is certain is that the leftist ideologues who believe this nonsense are more likely to be promiscuous, (and therefore likely to contract sterilizing STDs), less likely to be married (and end up poorer), and if they marry, they’re more likely to end up with violent, drug-addicted mates too irresponsible to hold down a job (because they marry minorities like they think they should), and because they are drawn to living in big cities, they’re more likely to become victims of crime that leaves physical, financial, or emotional scarring, and they will always struggle to afford living in an expensive environment.

    In sum, because these people chose to believe nonsense, they are heading for a real beating from Life Itself. Darwin is going to be grinning like an evil skull over their graves. Because they are fools, they are less likely to pass on their genes with any success.

    • Replies: @bomag
  107. @Arclight

    True. As much as I dislike Obama the long-term effect of the Obama presidency may be salutatory.

    There have always been two competing hypotheses floating around in America. 1.) Blacks are dysfunctional because of the effects of discrimination, vs. 2.) Blacks are dysfunctional for hereditary reasons.

    We now live in an America where blacks have been given affirmative action for >50 years, the welfare state has ensured that all basic material needs are taken care of, and we had 8 years where the most powerful person in the country was Black. During this period Blacks have not only failed to improve their condition but have arguably become far more dysfunctional.

    The results of this 50 year, nationwide social experiment are about as clear as can be: the reason for black dysfunction is genetic.

    The left has become more radical because they know in their heart that this is true, but they want to deny this reality, and they think by shouting “discrimination” ever louder somehow this will change reality, or at least distract others from the obvious truth. They are like the closeted homosexual who is constantly deriding gays, or the 90 lb. weakling who won’t shut up about professional sportsball.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  108. Art Deco says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    Now she is an incumbent running against a hack.

    i.e a normal person with a normal home life and a normal career, who didn’t run for public office until she was 44 years old and has never held an elective office wherein the place of business was more than about 70 miles from her home. Can’t have such a person stinking up Congress in her old age.

    • Agree: Desiderius, Johann Ricke
  109. Anon[243] • Disclaimer says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the bombs are not capable of detonating, and the timing right before the election is very suspicious. Leftists pull this sort of false flag crap to influence public opinion all the time.

    • Replies: @istevefan
  110. jim jones says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    Call them what they are, the working class.

    • Replies: @Charles Pewitt
  111. CCZ says:

    “My political dream came true—and all I got out of it was some lousy gay marriage.”

    So true!!

    A Gallup Poll in January 2017, Americans Assess Progress Under Obama, asked about the state of the nation over the eight years of the Obama presidency and 68% (the highest) saw more “progress than decline” in the “situation for gays and lesbians.” Only 14% saw a decline in the gap between rich and poor (the lowest) and 48% said the gap was worse. A 52% majority said race relations declined during Obama’s 8 years. Respondents saw declines in 15 of 20 categories, with healthcare at 0% improvement.

    Never saw much discussion of this in the “media.”

    Full chart at:

  112. @Achmed E. Newman

    * Not classical “liberalism”, of course.

    “It is morally right for us to seize power from those currently having it” is exactly the same in both ideologies. Fortunately while we know liberals in our time are evil and willing to say anything in order to justify their seizure of power, those in the past weren’t. We know that because they told us so and they would never lie because they are such moral people.

  113. @Cowboy Shaw

    It isn’t comfort- having the wrong opinions can get you fired and shunned. So people shut down their minds and repeat what everyone else is saying.

    Ice-9 is people!

  114. Achilles says:

    Why did Democrats go nuts in c. 2013?

    February 2012 – Trayvon Martin
    August 2014 – Michael Brown
    April 2015 – Freddie Gray

    It was an effect of the Jewish Media Industrial Complex flexing its muscles. All of the above cases were race hoaxes. Yet it remains an article of faith among Democrats and those who give credence to the messages of the mainstream media, Hollywood and academia that these cases were evidence of systemic American racism against non-whites.

    They helped give rise to the Black Lives Matter and Antifa groups and sparked countless street demonstrations, riots, arsons, assaults and assassinations of police officers. They also provided a pretext for the Obama/Holder/Lynch Justice Department to use claimed civil rights violations against local government police departments in places like Ferguson and Baltimore to gain a measure of federal control over these police forces. (Note that in contrast the Sessions Justice Department has done nothing to enforce federal civil rights for those on the other side in places like Charlottesville or Oakland.)

    Incessant coverage in the mainstream news outlets and on social media gave rise to high levels of stress in those susceptible to the hoax message.

    Also, Jewish wealth from those like George Soros available to fund and organize civil disobedience and fill the coffers of anti-white-gentile hate organizations like the SPLC has never been greater.

    Similarly, the Jewish Media Industrial Complex has pounded like a drumbeat the false message that massive immigration of poor, unskilled Third World populations benefits American citizens economically and that it is racist for the United States to continue to maintain a majority white population.

    The main elements of Jewish strategy are to bring into the United States massive non-white populations (including muslim colonies); provoke civil disorder and racial hatred and violence against white gentiles; and disarm white gentile private citizens.

    • Agree: Them Guys
  115. @Jack D

    Health insurance mostly exists today as a sort of corporate action so individual consumers have recourse against hospitals, whose behavior is quite frankly, uniquely exploitive and corrupt compared to any other line of business. You show up to the doctor, he tells you what to buy, and you can only legally buy that drug then, for whatever price the pharmacist is going to sell it to you. There is absolutely no “market” in it, what soever. They won’t even tell you the prices of medical procedures until you agree to pay for them, and have them performed. Without a large organization such as health insurance (think of it as a health-union), you go to the hospital and it tells you 3 months later that you owe them $70,000; and if you have a problem with it, take it up with their high priced legal team.

    Since hospitals and pharma are major democratic donors, don’t expect sensible healthcare reform from them. Or any sort of change in the academic-pipeline preventing us from creating more doctors with adequate skills for basic healthcare, as that would lower their monopoly prices.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  116. Tyrion 2 says:

    I was too. One person might lie but Bayesian logic dictates that you won’t find two very rare liars, so we must be telling the truth.

    • Replies: @Trevor H.
  117. Well, George Soros’ son has blamed the recent rash of ‘suspicious’ packages sent to Democrats and John Brennan on President Trump.

    He wouldn’t lie, would he?

    I guess the Republicans must be the extremists. I mean, he wouldn’t lie, would he?

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  118. Now that Alex Jones and the 4chan frogs are actually bombing innocent Democrats, can we ban the alt-right as a terror group yet?

    • Replies: @L Woods
  119. bomag says:

    “Compromise” means Repubs give in to Dems.

    Name one thing upon which the Left has compromised.

    • Agree: Jim Don Bob
    • Replies: @Louis Renault
  120. @Paleo Liberal

    He gutted the schools, the roads, the University of Wisconsin — the golden goose that has been driving the economy of the state for about 150 years — and screwed over workers. All for tax cuts for the rich.

    So the problem with Walker is he realizes that education is a scam and doesn’t make people smarter? That now kids can simply look up information online so there isn’t even the veneer of legitimacy?

    Sorry, but if Republicans want my vote, they will have to do better than hacks who are completely in the pockets of lobbyists.

    You have a choice. You can have people who are motivated by the desire to make money and line their pockets or by those who desire power and the infliction of pain on other humans beings more then anything else in the world.

    You appear to have chosen those who are good at lying to conceal which one of the two they are. You have chosen… poorly.

    • Replies: @William Badwhite
  121. bomag says:

    I observe what you describe.

  122. L Woods says:
    @Tiny Duck

    Lol, so, she was fine with the horrors of “abuse” when she still had a use for the relationship. Now, she wants to cash out on her “victimhood.” How typically female.

  123. @jim jones

    Call them what they are, the working class.

    Whites Without College Degrees(WWCDs) is more measurable and more easily definable.

    It also allows you to get WHITES into the picture.

    We need EXPLICIT appeals to White Core Americans.


    Whitey Has Interests That Must Be Advanced


    The Working Class Has Interests That Must Be Advanced

    You say so much more when you use WHITE or WHITEY or WHITES

  124. @YetAnotherAnon

    It appears that Soros and the NYT may have prepared an “outraged” response to the bomb hoax before the bombs were even discovered:

    It seems as if the diomocrats are trying to pull off a Reichstag fire here to stoke up the ardor of the faithful.

    My main question now is, “Was it the deep state, some Soros founded org, anti-fa, or the DNC that planned this hoax?”

    • Replies: @Kirt
  125. @Cowboy Shaw

    …he was a glorified state senator who wasn’t ever really up to the job.

    Disagree. BHO was lazy. All he wanted to do was watch ESPN until 10 and then go golfing.

  126. istevefan says:

    There is no “grand compromise” when it comes to immigration. The GOP has been compromising since Reagan, that’s what led to where we are today. No more compromise! If the GOP takes the house and senate, it’s time to lower the boom and make drastic cuts to immigration on all fronts. I would prefer a 20 year moratorium, not a single new immigrant/refugee for the next 20 years, period.

    The GOP has been compromising since 1965. The other side has brought into this nation, legally and illegally, over 50 million people since 1965. That is the largest international migration in history. Including their descendants, this immivasion has been so large that it did what was once thought impossible. It transformed an 88% white, USA into a 63% white USA that is expected to become majority non-white in a decade or two. And all of this happened within the lifetime of a great many people. Relatively young guys like Steve were born into, and spent their first years in a nation that we cannot even fathom anymore.

    If immigration could be shut down to zero for a century, the other side would still have achieved a victory that history will forever recall. Nowhere has something like this happened to such a populous nation without a major famine, disease or military invasion. It would be one thing for a nation of 5 million to be swamped. But the USA was the third most populous nation in the world. To demographically flip it without some ecological or biological disaster, or even a military takeover is unprecedented.

    All on our side should realize this and offer no more concessions on this issue.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
    , @Anonymous Jew
  127. Anonymous[332] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s always cute when a rich man with various assistants, drivers, and ass-wipers exhorts all the folks to remember the real heroes: law-breaking, desperate peasants with no means of support whose wages most importantly will be mildly easier on the rich man’s cash flow.

  128. Anonymous[170] • Disclaimer says:

    That was an ominous precedent, but it was Trayvon in 2012 that caused everything to go nuts.

    I remember watching the media with amazement as the 20th anniversary of the LA riots approached. They wanted another big riot, and were doing everything they could to conjure one up in time for the anniversary. They were deliberately pouring oil on the fire.

    This was because the “lesson” of 1992 (contra the earlier Nixon-era wisdom) is that black mayhem is good for the Democrats and bad for the Republicans.

    There were no really big riots in 2012 but still a lot of racial violence and unrest, and Obama was duly reelected – apparently affirming the “lesson”. After that all restraints were off and we had 4 years of continuous racial mayhem, consciously fanned by the left.

    • Replies: @Anonymous IV
    , @J.Ross
    , @Olorin
  129. Jack D says:
    @Gross Terry

    Our whole “health insurance” system makes absolutely no sense whatsoever – it combines elements of payment for routine maintenance (like changing the tires on your car) with elements of catastrophic coverage.

    Its roots are in the wage and price controls of WWII – employers were not allowed to raise wages as they competed for scare wartime civilian workers so they offered fringe benefits such as medical coverage (which was very cheap in those days anyway) which were not covered by the price control system. Before that, if you went to the doctor you paid for it yourself (unless it was a worker’s comp claim). The whole system came into being by accident and a time when health care was a tiny fraction of GDP and now it is a monster.

    Its main effect has been to divorce the people paying from the DIRECT costs of the system which leads to all sorts of perverse incentives – say that replacement of the tires on your car were insured the same as collision damage . You wouldn’t mind burning rubber at every stoplight or driving through potholes since you are not paying for replacement tires and when the tire shop charged you $5,000 for a set of new tires you wouldn’t care either. Then at the end of the year when you (or your employer) got a $5,000 bill for comprehensive auto insurance you would grumble but have no choice but to pay it – it’s not like you are going to drive around uninsured or pay for a set of new tires which you now knows costs $5,000 when it used to cost $500.

    And nobody seems to know how to ever get us back to a market based system, only onward and upward to socialism.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  130. Tyrion 2 says:

    The article is reasonably fair-minded given how nakedly careerist it is. It is a paint by the numbers effort.

    That the writer knows the head of the military and that both are incredibly ambitious, perhaps a bit robotic and very single-minded makes these type of articles inevitable.

    This is an example of someone successfully surfing the wave.

  131. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Alarmist

    How about “truther”? Ala 9/11 truthers??

  132. The Democrats may be “extremists” and all that, but the Republicans are bought-and-paid-for politician whores.

    I will vote this November because of a couple of ballot questions that I want to support. I will not vote for the GOP US House Representative candidate nor will I vote to keep the current governor in office. I would not even contemplate voting for any Democrat on offer, especially US House Representative Ann Kuster, who is an open borders immigration extremist.

    The GOP candidate for governor and the candidate for US House Representative in New Hampshire are two standard issue mass immigration boosters of the worst sort. To Hell with them.

    Ann Kuster is vulnerable on the immigration question, but the GOP challenger shares the same mass immigration boosting proclivities as Kuster.

    Kuster pushes the nation-wrecking immigration bill(HR 15) from 2013. HR 15 was the US House companion bill to the Rubio/Obama Mass Immigration Surge — Illegal Alien Amnesty bill(S 744) of 2013.

    Kuster’s challenger has stayed mum on that, and I won’t give him my vote.

    Tweet from 2014:

    • Replies: @snorlax
  133. @YetAnotherAnon

    All I can say is that it is eye-opening to see how leftists view the media landscape….
    Left-leaning media is “infused” with real journalism while right-leaning stuff is pure “propaganda” (see how many times “right-wing propaganda” comes up in this article alone).
    Fox News and the WSJ “dominate” the world of news coverage (despite being about the only two such sources, and despite them both being fairly cucked).
    Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Hillary’s email server…. all should have been non-issues according to Yg.
    What would happen if we forced the Right to abandon propaganda and be serious? Why they will move to the left (inevitably!!) on health care, for example. Why? Because facts, logic and reasoning *always* lead to the left!

  134. A central question about our time is: Why did Democrats go nuts in c. 2013?

    They didn’t. They just made it public.

  135. @Anonymous

    Yes, this squares with my recollection the late Obama age collapse. Trayvon sort of lit the fuse. It really blew up with Ferguson. When the Ferguson narrative fell apart (Hands up, don’t shoot never happened), the Left doubled down, insisting that the sign of being a non-racist was to continue to believe Michael Brown was a gentle giant victim. Somewhere there is a good quote from Theodore Dalrymple about how the essence of propaganda is getting you to say things publicly that you privately know to be not true. That’s what started happening more and more: there are more than two genders, a man can choose to really be a woman, a white hillbilly is more privileged than a middle-class black, etc.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  136. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    White people used to see blacks this way: Servants, cooks, nannies, sharecroppers, cleaning ladies, and etc.

    But as blacks won in as sports athletes, sex symbols, and song-and-dance folks, they are to be revered as the New Master Race.

    So, who are the new helots of the Servant Economy? The bean-eating Browns. So much for Proglob Compassion.

    Well, why not? The White Conquistador Elites of Latin America use the Browns in the same way. But as they got surplus helots who are a burden, they dump them on Gringoland. And Jews find them useful for votes.

  137. @anon2028

    Leftists are revolutionaries. The revolution can never be over. Their goals can never be achieved.

    Right. Trotsky said, in essence, that revolution is not the means but the end.

  138. Neocon reversion to the mean

    The Neo-Conservative Faction of the GOP must be destroyed.

    Bill Kristol is a horrible baby boomer Neo-Conservative who pushes open borders mass immigration and endless war for Israel in the Middle East and West Asia.

    Trump must explain why he follows the orders of Shelly Adelson and the Neo-Conservatives.

    I very much appreciate what Trump did at that South Carolina GOP presidential primary debate where Trump said the Iraq War was a big mistake and that there were no “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq, but Trump is still beholden to Adelson and the Jew-controlled Neo-Conservative faction of the GOP.

    Tweets from 2015:

  139. Tipsy says:

    Morally Depraved: Sending a pipe bomb.

    Above + Politically Uncivil: Sending a pipe bomb to a political figure.

    Above + Feckless: Sending a pipe bomb to already irrelevant political figure.

    Above + Moronic: Sending an already irrelevant political figure a pipe bomb in the hopes that it makes him relevant.

    Can I condemn all 4 all at once?

  140. Altai says:

    I find it a little too reminiscent of Assad always using the chemical weapons the US verified he destroyed to kill a small number of civilians just when he is winning.

    Similarly, with the momentum with the Republicans after they screwed up so bad they made a guy like Kavanaugh look like the victim, it seems very convenient that somebody organised and engaged enough sent all those pipe bombs that each failed to detonate. They must have known there was no chance of reaching any of the specific targets and that any way it went would be good for the agendas of their targets.

  141. L Woods says:
    @Tiny Duck’

    innocent Democrats


  142. L Woods says:

    Conservatives need to have their faces rubbed in more articles like this. Lest they keep babbling on about the wonderfulness of “our” military in perpetuity.

  143. @Discordiax

    Agreed. The 2010′s will likely be the final nail in the “Jackie Robinson” model of integration.

    Aside from Obama’s failed record in this area, another factor is the internet, where it is difficult to hide video of blacks behaving badly (despite big tech censorship). Baby Boomers likely saw a handful of these incidents growing up: 1960′s riots, Reginald Denny, OJ verdict, etc. Other than that, the national media largely suppressed them and the local news gave highly sanitized versions. Gen Xer’s and younger likely see unsanitized footage perhaps 1 – 2 per year, much of it in HD, with the behavior more egregious.

    Another under-discussed topic is the super-cycle of generational thought. In particular, how much of the Silent Generation/Baby Boomer worldview is largely a reactionary one, basically in response to the Social Darwinism and race realism of the early 1900′s.

    This reactionary world view was likely amplified by an American Jewish intelligentsia, which experienced its cultural high water mark in the 1960′s – 1990′s. With the Boomers aging, the Jewish intelligentsia a shadow of its former self, and the increasing frequency of genomic studies, it is likely the racial “blank slate” model will continue to fall out of favor for most people, excluding the lower-aptitude races and more fanatical good-thinkers, of course.

  144. Anonymous[170] • Disclaimer says:
    @International Jew

    I remember a discussion on a liberal forum about why the Republicans had lost so much support in California over the last few decades. The consensus explanation was that the Republican ‘extremism’ had increased. There was no mention of race or immigration.

  145. Anonymous[978] • Disclaimer says:

    OT: Now, for our next great caravan of migrants, 28 million more to add to Merkel’s Millions, is the population of Yemen, half of whom are facing starvation by famine.

    I’m shocked, shocked, that a country whose population has grown by 40% in just 12 years is embroiled in war and famine. What Yemen really needs…is lebensraum. A nice cozy welfare state where it’s uneducated men and their multiple wives can breed to their heart’s content and leach off the welfare state.

  146. Carol says:
    @Tyrion 2

    But then they’d have to agree on whose state gets what pork and how much.

  147. Altai says:

    I wonder as well if it is related to the 2012 election, which was the first one to take place after Twitter became really big. It may have normalised political debate through Twitter and with Millennials still having their life progression and status stunted, they compensated through political signalling.

    Political debate on the internet used to take place on venues that were highly male. Once it bled onto social media (Where women are much more active than men.) and most specifically onto Twitter, where your posts are meant to be broadcast to the world, political debate on the internet became highly feminised. Perhaps leading to more women becoming political or being influenced politically? I don’t think young women were as political as men prior to the rise of Twitter. They certainly weren’t anywhere near as influential.

    Young women are much more sensitive to what is or isn’t socially acceptable behaviour and signalling ones moral ingroup status. (Even if they don’t really believe it) Men don’t seem to create very many campaigns on social media.

  148. Stogumber says:

    My three pence.
    1. Generational effects. A new generation will reenact the heroic deeds of their fathers. This was the problem with the Neocons who wanted to reenact WWII. The next generation wants to reenact the Civil Rights Movement.
    2. BUT there’s a cognitive dissonance. The Civil Rights Movement was not an obvious success, and at first this was kind of embarassing. Until people learned to see it different: The Civil Rights Movement was unsuccessful and, hey, that’s just why we have to revive it.
    3. This new idea came in a cultist way, as a “revelation” from above, rather like Inspiration Communities (French Prophets/Amana). That’s why its followers are so fanatical.

  149. Anonymous[410] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jack D

    For starters, the “insurance” model of paying for health care that we have is not the right one. Insurance is a way for people / society to pool the risk for high impact low probability events. Foe example very few peoples’ houses will actually burn down so if we all pay a little for fire insurance we’ll all be better off.

    But now almost everyone will utilize a lot of health care in their lives, if not throughout then at least at the end. The idea of insurance just doesn’t make sense in this context. It would be better to recognize that health care has to simply be paid for in one way or another, either by individuals, employers, or the government. As you state, the current system shields people from costs and then socializes those costs in exactly the wrong way.

    Having individuals pay runs up against the problem that most people couldn’t afford it, even with better cost competition.

    Having employers pay runs up against the problem of spiraling costs to hire workers and ties people into jobs.

    Having the government pay creates a massive social entitlement program.

    There are no good options.

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @Trevor H.
  150. @Andrew M

    In 2015 gay marriage was legalized without much hoopla or resistance. An issue that got the democrats a lot of sympathy and defined them as the laidback opposition to the bible-thumpers was gone. Dems probably realized there were no longer that many bible-thumpers to galvanize against and they need to rebrand ASAP. Being against bible-thumpers worked really well for them for about 15 years before that. They took cues from academia (which went nuts circa 2010) and started using a lot of kooky post-modern sociology theories in their talking points. It was probably some sort of top-down directive and they sent orders to the media to hammer the same points again and again, which created an echo-chamber among their die-hard supporters, who then took their outrage to twitter/FB/tumblr.

  151. @eah

    What is this NPC stuff? I see it around, but I’m afraid to search it.

    Every so often we all need to translate our text speak so as not to leave normal speakers out of the conversation. YMMV was one that took me a long time to remember, and it’s quite random. tl;dr is another one. Does it actually mean too long, didn’t read? I see people using it to mean… I don’t know. They just throw it out there.

  152. Arclight says:

    I agree with your comment about the “peak” angle. I think it’s dawned on a lot of people that black political power did actually hit its peak under Obama…but 1) blacks really didn’t end up any better after 8 years of Obama, 2) many independents felt good about voting for him but are over it when it comes to tilting the scales for a guy based on race, so the value of being a black presidential candidate is a lot less next time around (sorry Kamala and Cory), and 3) even with relatively low turnout, Latinos are very soon going to eclipse blacks in terms of the voter base and will be more important to the white elites that actually run the party, which will be a very bitter pill to swallow for a lot of black organizations and public figures who are used to being humored by the Democratic party masters.

    I think this is going to lead to a lot of resentment on the part of blacks on the left that will bubble to the surface in the form of accusations of racism committed by nominal allies, a lot of counter-resentment from Latinos towards blacks who keep trying to elbow their way back towards the front of the line, and exasperation on the part of the white liberal elites with a group they still need to win national elections but who they really don’t want to deal with.

    As scary as the progressive left is, it seem inevitable that their coalition will have a messy breakup in the not-so-distant future.

  153. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    Hey….interesting set of opinions.

    1. Signal anti racism.
    2. Replace blacks with Hispanics.

    Double down on virtue signaling while diluting the impact of black pathology. Need to fill bad jobs? Hire cheap, poor immigrants.

    Replacing whites was already working. Why not replace blacks with virtuous, oppressed Central Americans? But that required doubling down on virtue signaling. And the pretense that it wasn’t happening. After all, immigration was win/win, no?

    Its no coincidence that the two opinions became more popular together.

  154. Rising Democratic extremism just means that the battle lines are now clear. It is now the West against the rest, i.e., non-whites, non-Christians, homosexuals.

    The most clear battle lines in Europe are between Western and Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe is fine. They have taken measures to avoid being invaded by blacks/Muslims/Asians. There are very few Jews in Eastern Europe. I’ll include Japan in the West. They are in very good shape. They kept their island homogeneous and have a bright future.

    Western Europe is a total mess. The only bright spot is Italy with their leader Matteo Salvini. Italy should be fine. Germany, Sweden, France, England – they better get moving and start expelling people. They should study what Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand did in Spain. The Roman Catholic Church has collapsed because it’s multi-culti and most priests are homos. At this point in world history, it is clear that diversity destroys.

    The Democratic party is the perfect example of multi-culti nonsense, sexual deviancy and anti-Christian attitudes. It will collapse. Repatriation and separation will follow.

  155. Anonym says:

    I blame Steve. Remember when he was predicting WWT? The leftists read him and then implement their agenda based on this blog.

    • LOL: YetAnotherAnon
  156. is steve seriously asking this question, or is it rhetorical. what happened in 2013 that made everybody go crazy. the day after the election in 2012, america’s enemies thought they had won a permanent victory, so the masks came off, and they went full power into their agenda.

    how is this complicated?

    the disturbing trend for me in that graph is the 12 point increase in republican voters between 1994 and 2017 who think that immigrants make the country better. like anatoly discusses with similar graphs for support of homosexuals and support for marijuana, and other social problems, nobody is immune from the constant, unending propaganda.

    at least republicans increasingly see that africans are their own worst problem, not society. good to see that equivalent 12 point drop in the first graph. now if we could only get rid of these jack kemp style attempts to attract african voters.

    so the real question is, how are republicans becoming increasingly resistant to the similar steady and unending propaganda that africans are middle class normals just like you and me? why is the left’s propaganda campaign in the television news, in television shows and movies, in television commercials, in the schools and colleges, not having the same effect on race that it’s having on homos and drugs and a dozen other attack vectors?

    one really bad half african president was enough to do it? what about one really bad homosexual president? or one really bad decade with all drugs legal? maybe overwhelming real world experience is what’s needed to overcome the propaganda.

    • Replies: @midtown
  157. @Tiny Duck

    How about they just gtfo this horribly racist, WHITE country?? Much easier and they’ll never have to tolerate the unbearable whiteness of America.

    I’ll pay for a one way ticket to Liberia.

    • Replies: @donut
  158. Anon7 says:

    This is the obvious Leftist, antifa, extremist Democrat response to the “Jobs vs. Mobs” meme that President Trump is currently using. The use of non-exploding, easy-to-find bombs is so obviously a Democrat ploy that it’s trite.

    I’d remind younger Trump supporters that in the early 1970′s, there were 2,500 domestic bombings in 18 months mostly perpetrated by leftists (have the anarchists declared themselves anti-Trump?). (These were bombs that went off by the way.) I’m wondering if, when the FBI finally makes somebody do the perp walk for these mailings (not bombings), I wonder if it will be the oldest Weather Underground guy they could find.

    A more desperate plea for attention I can’t imagine. Oh wait, yes I can. How about a series of Jewish cemetery desecrations, that were carried out by an Israeli guy. And the vandalism of portraits of black leaders, done by a black woman. Or the hijab-pulling on the subway, that never happened, as reported by a Muslim woman. Etc.

    BTW, Steve, nice catch on the “Rising Democratic Extremism” story!

    • Agree: Tyrion 2
  159. Ed says:

    To me the graph is a combination of Obama’s hope and change cultish mantra, coming of age of millenials and the decline of religion.

    Millennials have been fed a steady diet of cultural liberalism at schools. Obama with his media polish and messaging affirmed that.

    There is simply no reason for them to moderate on such issues as it would be going their new faulty of cultural liberalism.

    When Trump won. The next day a couple young millennials congregated in front of my office. They were in shock. One was in near tears. That the ecstasy of the Obama age could be followed by in their view an uncouth, racist and misogynistic man was soul crushing.

  160. tyrone says:
    @Detective Club

    Right ,and who controls the justice dept. now ,certainly not Trump……..the answer ,cabbage head, under the watchful eye of Rosenstein (the real A.G.)

  161. @countenance

    Fox Butterfield specializes in obtuseness of which this is another example, hence Taranto’s “the Butterfield Effect” an example of which is “More Inmates, Despite Drop in Crime.”

  162. OFF TOPIC

    A 6 month retrace on the NASDAQ is all it is — nothingburger drop on a tremendous NASDAQ asset bubble.

    The NASDAQ should be at 2,000. The Pewitt Plan to raise the federal funds rate to 20 percent will get the NASDAQ to 200.

    The asset bubbles in stocks, bonds and real estate must be popped by patriotic White Core Americans.

    God Bless Young White Core Americans And To Hell With Greedy White Geezers!

  163. @istevefan

    According to Pew, I believe it was 70 million since the 65 Act became effective. But that number also includes some White Europeans, so let’s say 60 million.

    Obviously, the leftward lurch is not possible without this influx. Of course, White conservatism would be a lot different without this influx too. Also note that this happened throughout the West at roughly the same time (1960′s – 1970′s). It started off slowly at first, but seemed to reached a critical breaking point in the last 10-20 years. US, Australia, Canada, UK – the whole Anglosphere. (There’s also an important difference in the type of immigrant, with Australia getting the most skilled and the US not so much).

    At this point, immigration (legal and illegal) is really the only issue that matters. Everything else (short of actual communism) is like polishing the brass on the Titanic. Kamala Harris just stated the US should welcome the caravan. She’s a serious 2020 contender, and could easily pull an Angela Merkel.

    I’m still not exactly sure how the world wide migrant crisis ties into all the recent craziness, besides providing votes. What would happen without changes to our immigration? Would White Libs reach this level of craziness with a population that’s, say, 78% White, 18% Black and 4% other? (Blacks would be a larger proportion of the population without the Asian/Brown influx).

    OT: I’m always amused that people can’t connect the rise in housing costs or the decline in the value of low-skilled labor with a 28% increase in our population (mostly low-skilled), but I digress…

    • Replies: @istevefan
  164. @Andrew M

    “the average Briton might find themselves discussing trans-stuff with an American, without even realising it”

    Nope: your hatred of “ou” gives you away.

    And “ass” rather than “arse”.

  165. GSR says:

    How does Trump divide the country? I think people who says this are either a) young & dumb or b) just plain dumb (of history). Politics is about disagreement. Duh.

    He’s against illegal immigration. Is that considered terrible? Both Shrillary and Barry from Indonesia were against illegal immigration several years ago.

    He wants to reduce legal immigration. Either a small majority or a plurality of Americans also desire it. Is that “radical”?

    He’s trying to boost domestic engineering and manufacturing so we are not 100% reliant on foreign nations. Is that “radical”?

    “Trans-genderism”? There is no such thing, only sad people with a serious mental disorder.

    Get real people. Trump is a moderate right of center president.

    • Replies: @Mookie
    , @J.Ross
    , @Anonymous
  166. J.Ross says: • Website

    Re: Obviously fake bombs
    Anon at 4chan asserted:

    A previous thread stated that, because there were no post markings, this was proof of a false flag. I work for the USPS. When a parcel is above 13oz w/ only stamps this is considered anonymous mail, even if it has a return address. It is set aside for further inspection or returned to sender without being sent to a sorting facility. Each stamp represents one ounce. Even if under 13 ounces, which is highly unlikely, there would still be postage due. This was obviously intercepted at the post office.

    tldr there were no post office markings because these fake bombs, be they real or fake, were intercepted right away. But yeah they were fake.
    This comment was illustrated by an image of a package with computer printing instead of handwriting, misspellings, a high-profile celebrity addressee, and only six standard stamps, all of which are universal red flags.
    Mailboxes used to have a sticker explaining that you could ship any package like a letter, with stamps and putting it in the big blue box as opposed to filling out papers at a station, provided it was under twelve ounces.
    NPR is saying almost nothing about the fake bombs apart from a brief editorial statement that Trump has only himself to blame for political violence (correction: that wasn’t an editorial, that was an actual NPR news headline) and a Ceaucescu-like Feel Piece about Hillary at Home with her Family safe from harm in these Divisive Times cross-stitch quilt fireplace Yes.

  167. J.Ross says: • Website
    @Peripatetic commenter

    Soros’s little elfin son is famously a risk-taker, a partyer, a jet-setter, and often appears in person at Soros operations no matter the distance or danger.
    The bomb (if it was a bomb) was left at an empty house in upstate New York.
    Re-read the last two sentences if you don’t see. It might help to remember that the Saudi argument that they are not running ISIS was that some empty warehouses on their border were once bombed.
    These mail bombs follow wierd bombing incidents in Texas and elsewhere, which looked at times to be following a learning curve (random locations, increasing size).

  168. @Mookie

    “How about we try to find a leader is looking for a Grand Compromise instead of one who profits on tearing us apart?”

    Who cuck this is!

  169. @ThreeCranes

    The Tea Party was threatening because liberals are far more dependent on the government and to some it is downright existential. . The left is at it’s heart, a coalition formed along identity politics to sponge off of the right. According to their way of thinking, money is supposed to go in perpetuity from white to black, men to women, Native born to immigrant, straight to gay, rich to poor, etc. That is the whole point of politics. Things like tax cuts, the space program, and ICE just detracts from that.

    Many leftists / liberals such as Michael Moore or Thomas Frank to name a few constantly talk about how stupid red state white conservatives are because many of the policies supported by the right harm them as much as blacks and browns. What is always missing is that humans organize along a dominance hierarchy and by giving welfare it elevates undeserving people to where they shouldn’t be. It is more than just material wealth. This is why people resent long term welfare recipients. It is not a hand up but a hand out. The same way socialism distorts pricing in the economy, welfare distorts the social pecking order.

    • Agree: Clyde
  170. @Mookie

    Good idea. The Democrats will suggest something like “Let’s burn down the Capital and imprison all the white men”! and instead of being obstructionist and saying “Gather your armies- your country needs you” the new kinder, gentler, compromising Republicans should agree that that sounds like a good idea, but let’s phase it in over three years.

    • LOL: Desiderius
  171. Marty says:

    I think that my experience observing a reaction to the Grutter decision in 2005 belies this. I was standing in front of the librarians’ desk at Boalt Law when the decision became known. Whooping and high-fiving among the white ladies at the desk.

  172. J.Ross says: • Website

    To this point there was a brazen effort (culminating in a heavily advertised Hollywood movie) to celebrate the ’67 Detroit riot and rebrand it as an “uprising.” This followed the popular and political “Purge” movies.

  173. J.Ross says: • Website

    Yesterday it came out that the FBI screwed up their FISA wiretap on the Trump campaign. Today Papadapolous was supposed to testify on this. But then there was all these bombs …

    • Replies: @peterike
  174. Kirt says:
    @Jus' Sayin'...

    Since these appear to be actual bombs, my vote is deep state, specifically FBI involvement. Which is not to say that they haven’t set up some clueless Trump supporter to take the fall, just as they arrange for some idiot wanna be jihadist Moslem to take the fall in their manufactured terrorist plots which go down every so often.

  175. @Paleo Liberal

    Sanders offering to work with Trump means nothing. He’s out on an island.

    Sanders has no pull among Senate Dems. He’s just a guy. Sanders was going to be able to deliver up Dem votes for various trade bills? When Schumer, Feinstein et all offer to work with Trump, then you’ll have a point.

  176. Anonymous[287] • Disclaimer says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    “He gutted the schools, the roads, the University of Wisconsin — the golden goose that has been driving the economy of the state for about 150 years — and screwed over workers. All for tax cuts for the rich.”

    Who cares? We’re in an existential struggle for the survival of civilization and you’re caught up in local economic minutiae that won’t matter in the long term. Boomers still think it’s the 80′s and we can afford to argue over minor issues like this.

    • Replies: @Paleo Liberal
  177. dr kill says:

    Is that you, Rich Lowry?

  178. Redman says:
    @Jim Christian

    Wealthy white liberal women have a lot of time and freedom to virtue signal to their heart’s content. The Westchester suburbs are loaded with them.

    • Replies: @Anon
  179. istevefan says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the bombs are not capable of detonating, and the timing right before the election is very suspicious. Leftists pull this sort of false flag crap to influence public opinion all the time.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out these bombs were built by the Clock Boy.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
    , @Anonymous
  180. @Paleo Liberal

    Do you get your info from Teen Vogue? Just yesterday Trump signed a Water infrastructure bill that was bipartisan. Watch the presser, Trump speaks from knowledge, unlike the recent douchebags who pretended to be POTUS. He’ll do the job whether the pussyhat liberals want to participate or not.

  181. @Mookie

    “make a grand compromise.” On what? The only compromise worth making in our History was done in 1787. All other compromises serve to degrade.

  182. @Anonymous

    No, these are the things that make a state great or crappy.

    Existential crisis? Meaning if I don’t vote for the Koch brothers’ lackey civilization will end? I don’t see that at all.

    What has Walker done to preserve civilization?
    I clearly need some help with this.
    Was it when he told the Republicans in the state legislature not to push any bills to restrict illegal aliens and the companies that hire them because the big GOP donors wanted illegal aliens?
    Yeah, I guess that was when Walker saved civilization in Wisconsin. My mistake.

    • Replies: @Muse
  183. Mookie says:

    “How does Trump divide the country?’

    Do you really not believe that much of what he says isn’t calculated (or perhaps merely intuited) to anger libs, so that they will react foolishly? Wasn’t that a theme here just a few posts back?

    It is his rhetoric, not his policy proposals, that is radical and divisive.

    Compare, say, to Reagan, who was out to win over his political opponents (and who did win over many in 1984.)

    Trump’s political strategy is to say ridiculous things in order to own the libs. No, not everything he says is ridiculous, but you must admit that much of it is, no? This strategy has worked well for Trump, but I don’t see how it works well for conservatives or reactionaries in the long run. Even if he wins in 2000, and I suspect he will if the economy remains strong, the Dems will return to power eventually and all the more radicalized.

    What we have in this country is a political pendulum swinging back and forth, with the distance of each swing growing longer.

    • Replies: @snorlax
    , @Paco Wové
  184. snorlax says:

    Not quite; in 2006/8 the Democrats won over a lot of anti-Bush moderates and conservatives (including many/most of the commenters ITT, I’m guessing), who mostly went back to the Republicans from 2010 onwards.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  185. istevefan says:
    @Anonymous Jew

    According to Pew, I believe it was 70 million since the 65 Act became effective. But that number also includes some White Europeans, so let’s say 60 million.

    That number is still in flux because it is a moving target. It’s like our national debt clock that just keeps ticking 24/7/365. Suffice it to say that more non-Europeans have now come to what is the USA than Europeans. The only reason Europeans still outnumber them is because many have been here for 2 or more centuries and have had several generations of descendants.

    You are correct about the rest of the European world following in the same direction. It’s hard for me to imagine Canada or Australia as anything other than white given they did not have the legacy slave population or even the same number of aborigines as the USA. Growing up, Canadian diversity to me meant about 25 percent of their population were French-speaking whites.

    Though Europe is still not at our levels of diversity, maybe what is happening there is even more surprising. Given their history of being repeatedly invaded, it’s really hard to believe they are welcoming in the descendants of those who have tried to conquer them for centuries.

    And the most frustrating thing of all is the fact that the European world is at the forefront of technology and military capability, and could easily defend its borders, but refuses to. Not only that, they actively assist in bringing in the migrants and subsidizing them at the expense of their citizens.

    I don’t think I will ever understand how this has happened. I’d love to hear the honest opinions of the few survivors of D-Day and other similar battles to see what their take on this is. Would they have fought back then if they knew this was what they were fighting for?

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  186. J.Ross says: • Website

    >a grand conpromise
    >with violent reolutionaries who shoot congressmen, derail trains, kick women, crack skulls, and point rifles at cars
    Okay, dude.

  187. J.Ross says: • Website

    It’s nothing but an empty talking point. Granting for purposes of discussion that it’s not, you must immediately conclude that it’s meaningless: what would any reasonable person then call Obama? Why do we have multiple parties and free speech?

  188. J.Ross says: • Website

    Right, Bush and the Neocons were divisive within their own nominal party, and Obama was attractive at that point because anyone not tied to Bush was getting the presidency. Of course it didn’t hurt that we know nothing about him despite constant press snuggling.

  189. @istevefan

    Because Paleo is a Boomer living in a still fairly white state – likely in a suburb or area that is almost completely white.

    He still views the world through the lens of 1975. To him, it’s still about the size of government, taxes and abortion. Race relations are all about blacks and helping them improve. Above all, he is color-blind.

    He will judge a politician or a person on the content of their individual character, not on the actions of their tribe, even if that individual supports their tribe. Indeed, he find tribalism icky.

    He is the type who couldn’t be happier about the nice black couple moving in down the street because, well, they’re nice. The fact that their children, nephew and the other blacks who are now encouraged to move into his neighborhood aren’t so nice never crosses his Boomer, color-blind mind.

    His whole view of himself is based on individualism and being “fair.” He would rather die, let his daughter get raped and see the entire white race get overrun than give that up.

    I’ve known so many people like him. They will never change. It would mean destroying what he considers his soul.

    Neither you nor anyone else will get through to him. Luckily, he doesn’t matter. His kind are a dying breed. He can afford to live in his fantasy. Most younger whites can’t. Reality hits them in the face daily. They will turn.

    • Replies: @UrbaneFrancoOntarian
  190. snorlax says:

    Senile Ronnie Raygun, a Nazi who lays wreathes at SS cemeteries, who racistly mocks “welfare queens” and backs Apartheid abroad and interracial dating bans at home, who smuggles crack into the inner cities to finance fascists who butcher Central American nuns, who created AIDS to exterminate gays and black people, who wants to start and “win” World War III—and jokes about it!, who antisemitically “named names” for Joe McCarthy, who ordered police to massacre peaceful students, that divorced Bible-thumping hypocrite with his Voodoo Economics trickle-down giveaways to Wall Street while homelessness reaches crisis proportions? (/s)

    Yeah, he really won over his political opponents.

    BTW, if America had 1984 demographics, Trump would’ve won in a similar landslide.

    • Replies: @Bubba
  191. Ida says:

    Trump is only “extreme” to those too young to remember what this country used to be like. He’s not that different from JFK.

    And even lighter handed than Eisenhower in some historic ways.
    He’s a hard historic figure for Dems to smear, even today.

  192. @stillCARealist

    Essentially, it stands for a “Neurally Poor Creature” like you seen in computer games.

    So, it refers to the sort of people who get their talking points from MSNPC or CNNPC etc. Ie, they follow the herd and can’t think for themselves.

    (Actually, I lied, it stands for Non Player Character, but it’s essentially the same.)

  193. J.Ross says: • Website

    The “timer” was an off-brand auto part dashboard clock with no alarm, second, or countdown function.

  194. Mookie says:
    @Liberty Mike

    “What is your conception of the “Grand Compromise?”

    I have no idea what the details would be since of course a deal can’t be made unless the majority agree upon the details. But what I consider to be fundamental is that the the majority of Americans citizens would have to agree upon it, not just a temporary majority in congress. Meaning we probably couldn’t get there from here now; it would require some politicians willing to steer their respective parties closer together, sell them on the idea of a compromise first.

    Then I suspect the compromise would need to look something like this:

    - End all illegal immigration.
    - Limiting legal immigration to, maybe, half of what it currently is.
    - Means test legal immigrants in some way. Something like requiring a majority of immigrants to have college degrees, English fluency, perhaps make them pass an aptitude test.
    - End chain migration.
    - End anchor babies.
    - End all current asylum seeking.
    - Leave open the possibility of asylum seeking from future conflicts on a limited basis if congress approves it on a war by war basis.

    I know such a compromise wouldn’t be popular with 99% of commenters here, but I think it would have to look something like that. I don’t see what purpose there would be in trying to get a conservative majority in congress to pass your ideal zero immigration deal, because such a deal would be overturned the next time the liberals regained power. Then they’d probably just make things much, much worse than now.

    • Replies: @Samuel Skinner
    , @Lowe
  195. J.Ross says: • Website

    OT vintage gun ad thread

    You see, when the laser sight is larger than the gun itself, there can be no muzzle flip.

  196. J.Ross says: • Website

    Hard-hitting journalism:

    >The /pol/ message board on* is a hotbed of conspiratorial delusions even on a slow news day. On Wednesday, it was deluged with suspicion.

    >In one of the most popular threads, amateur detectives opined that the envelope sent to CNN did not have sufficient postage stamps for the weight of the pipe bomb it contained, and so must have been built at the cable news headquarters. (The 4channers did not seem to be aware of a New York Times report that the bomb had been delivered by courier [what courier requires stamps? And less stamps than the post office? And uses no markings?].)

    >Another thread fixated on a tweet Trump sent in late October, 2012: “Be careful of an Obama ‘bomb’ to win election!” It’s unclear what “bomb” Trump was talking about, but on 4chan some people took the tweet as proof that he predicted a false flag attack years ago.


    • Replies: @Jack Hanson
  197. Jack D says:

    The government doesn’t actually have any money except what it takes from people.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  198. @peterike

    As that great Republican said, “Elections have consequences”. Oh, wait….

  199. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Thinking of the alleged bombs sent to Soros Hildabeast Obama and CNN am I the only one who thinks the DNC sent them?

    The latest immigrants crusade hasn’t generated much sympathy. Early voting is strongly Republican.

    My cynical thought is that the demon rats sent the bombs to themselves

  200. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Virtue signaling used to be called social climbing.

  201. Iberiano says:

    Agreed. The “Wow.Just.Wow” 20-somethings are so fast to react to any perceived misstep by another party, that they are already thinking of who/how to share it, before processing it. White Women lead this behavior, but it seems especially strong among the “female intellect” of the Western Muslim world. Over there years, there must have been hundreds of “viral” posts, pics, comments, that went something like, “wow, did he just actually tell me I’d look better without my hijab?” (usually followed by blacks’ favorite “smh” or “smdh” (esp in the simp comments to such posts/pics).

    But the worst virtue signaling has to be the “self hits” snorted right up the nose–when, particularly white liberal women run out of “”, possibly, potentially, verifiable situations, they just simply make stuff up. Dalrock has run a few of these over years. The last “airport conversation” (that never happened) was a classic one. Some SJW (almost always white female) runs into a neanderthal that conforms to ever stereotype regarding ___________ (or a composite of many issues), and the white female has to tell us how she and “her friends” were “discussing” the incident and all that. Lots of long, drawn out narratives that sound like a portion of screen play Lena Dunham might have written.

    Here’s a breakdown of the “airport conversation”, from Christian blogger Dalrock:

    in reference to a a long-winded post on FB:

    {* The comments are priceless and exactly what she was looking for}

  202. Bubba says:
    @Jim Christian

    Many mentally ill women started the feminist movement in the 60′s and the N.O.W. headquarters is a modern day asylum.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  203. Anonymous[550] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m betting this has a leftist attached to it, looking to stir up the Dem masses in the weeks leading up to the elections. It is too convenient, it is too much like the things they do, it smacks of the desperation they are feeling right now, and none actually detonated, suggesting that they were never intended to actually go off. And, question is, who would actually have a clue about where all these people actually are? Someone with some inside knowledge of the Dem connection trees is the most likely guess, suggesting it is not some random halfwit loser pulling the strings on this, but someone a bit higher up who arranged it. Heck, wouldn’t be suprised if some or most of the targets were in on it. The brains behind it probably had some halfwit useful idiot to actually carry it out, so that when it does finally come out, the useful idiot is the one who takes the hit, but don’t expect the MSM and establishment to bother digging too hard into this one until after the midterms.

  204. Svigor says:

    # of idiots who lean GOP much more consistent than # of Democrats.

    Seriously that’s all this is is rates of idiocy.

    • Replies: @snorlax
  205. eah says:

    Why did Democrats go nuts in c. 2013?

    Politics is no longer or not really about ‘public service’ — the average decent employed person who paid attention in school doesn’t need much from the government (eg Obamacare: they have health insurance through their employer) — nothing done by the average politician benefits me; in fact, I pay for the average politician as well as foot the bill for whatever they do — these are career politicians who feel and have the need to justify their existence — how do they do that? — by trying to demonstrate their moral authority to lead — today’s career politicians spend a LOT of time trying to show they possess the moral authority to lead — the things in your graphics are fundamentally moral in nature/substance, and the morally correct position on these matters is defined by the media, which is today in many ways just as extreme as Democrats.

    As I said before the 2016 election: Trump could boost his chances of being elected by saying ‘Everyone who currently works for the federal government ought to consider looking for another job’ — in the runup to 2020, he should still say that, as well as add/repeat ‘The media is the enemy of the people’ and ‘The Democrats are too extreme/unfit to govern’.

    • Replies: @eah
  206. Anonymous[550] • Disclaimer says:

    If clock boy went transgender, would he lose his hour hand?

  207. Anonymous[550] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump divides the country into PCs and NPCs :D

  208. J.Ross says: • Website
    @Jack D

    That’s effectively true for us but there are happy alternatives, like Norway’s petrochemically based sovereign wealth fund.

  209. eah says:
  210. Bubba says:

    BTW, if America had 1984 demographics, Trump would’ve won in a similar landslide.

    Yes indeed. And the first thing that Democrat consultants check fanatically on every election day is the % of white voters going to the polls. They do not want a high percentage (65%+) of white voters.

  211. @J.Ross

    I’m sorry but I’m sick of flunking 4chan verification tests when I try to check out whatever it is you’re sending.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
    , @Lagertha
  212. snorlax says:

    A bit of a silly list, leaving out (Republican) Presidential assassin Charles Guiteau.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  213. @Mookie

    “Compare, say, to Reagan,”

    ah, yes, compare the safely dead Nice Conservative to the current Mean Conservative. How bad the current Mean Conservative is!

    Jesus, do you really not see what a tired, obvious trope this is? “Liberals” have been pulling this shit for decades. No one believes it anymore. No one trusts you anymore. As an ex-moderate, someone who voted for Al Gore, for God’s sake, look at the insanity on your own side for a moment. Be the fucking moderate you claim to want.

  214. Anonymous[550] • Disclaimer says:
    @Anonymous IV

    They’ve passed ‘Go’, rang the Taco Bell, and burned down the Wildling’s Wall at this point. Adjusting your tie or the OK sign are clear cut signs of violent racism, drinking milk is literally Hitler, teaching transgender ideology to 5 yr olds, etc.

  215. Lagertha says:

    Yes, the realization that Obama just did not wind up being the genius everyone thought he was, is a huge part of the anger. In fact, I think there are 3 things that I noticed in 2013 that adds to the vindictiveness/crazy anger of leftists/liberals/etc., as well as exposing the long-suppressed frustration of conservatives, that recently erupted, much to the surprise of the opposition. Of course, the fact that Trump won was the biggest clue to smack the left…so, their seething hatred (and violence toward Republicans) and irrationality, now, is not a surprise at all.

    1. The idea that Obama was just not as accomplished, or worldly/learned was a blow to Democrats, and it became obvious fast, especially to people who are obsessed with foreign relations, foreign policy, international business. And, in 2013, through Snowden’s exposure of surveillance, we learned Obama was just as interested to drone, bomb, and meddle in the ME – that really cut like a knife. Obama did not end the wars – he ratcheted them up. People felt betrayed.

    One of my dog whistles to find out what side people are on: “How do you feel about Snowden?”

    As soon as Obama was re-elected, he showed his Cultural Marxist soul by trying to usher in as many tactics to bring that change he talked about in his campaign Yet, he continued to bomb (29,000 hits), whatever, in the Middle East. So, the Nobel Prize was a big ugly joke.

    People who really believed he was the messiah, transferred their frustration and hatred onto any Conservatives, Republican, the Deplorables, rural people, Beckies, Chads, church ladies, The Boy Scouts, etc….white people in general.

    2. Then, race-baiting/gender wars – Obama went all-in with race baiting – all the shootings, cops being killed, Hillary going on and on about implicit bias. Campus chaos, BLM, and the infatuation with anything trans, gay, etc. just stoked the divide. That Congress wasted time focusing on transgender toilets instead of figuring out how to deal with Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt….was just breathtaking. It must have embarrassed liberal foreign policy wonks who care deeply about foreign affairs and diplomacy, never mind our quagmire wars in the ME, to listen to asinine discussions about gender/trans (hormone therapy, yeeech, for children) scheisse while children in Syria were being droned.

    3. Women have become bitter – my least favorite group of humans: I notice 10 years after 9/11, that so many of my peers and women 10 years younger (Gen X) were getting divorced. About 7 out of 10 couples we knew got divorced. Only 2 divorces were for what I would call, serious reasons (there are 4 reasons when a divorce is logical/necessary, if you didn’t know). The rest were all just boredom or something.

    The majority of single women now, as they are close to 50 or 60, have realized they are not looking at a financially secure future. Most seem lonely and deeply unhappy. They are alone, pissed-off at the patriarchy, and probably angry at all those family men who were once their peers, like Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, Pence, Tom Brady, guys like Tucker. Republican men tend to be married…and, as we found out through #MeToo, liberal men are horn-dogs….with ex-wives and bimboes in their wake.

    And, to really aggravate women, Trump has the audacity to have had a starter wife AND 2 trophy wives, and, a bunch of children and grandchildren. Naturally, bitter, lonely liberal women are losing their minds. So, liberals always go on and on about fairness, and, when life has not worked out the way they fantasized in HS & college, they gotta lash out at all the Beckies, Chads, Trump and now, Moderates, especially, their sisters.

    Lastly, finding out that Hillary really is a crook and a world-class scumbag (in the words of Maxine), must also just be such a bitter pill to swallow with that bottle of Chardonay that lonely liberal women spend the night with. Who wants to be with that?

    So, yeah, way too long to read….but I have a head-cold and can’t think fast, or edit :( tongight.

    • Replies: @BenKenobi
    , @Lagertha
  216. J.Ross says: • Website
    @Steve Sailer

    Exactly what a robot would say.
    Sorry, today is unusual, direct pic links will cease.

  217. Lagertha says:
    @Steve Sailer

    hahhaahaaa! How many cars are in each cube?…how many traffic signs? Do you also have a cold, Steve? The chans drive me crazy, but I am obsessed with passing their little tests. It brings back the 1st grader in me.

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
  218. J.Ross says: • Website

    … of Garfield?!
    I don’t think it’s meant to be exhaustive (or that Guiteau would really fit modern conservatism, except accidentally). Thing is people relying on the lyingpress have no appreciation for the normality of violence on the left. People who were alive in the Seventies don’t need this explained but lately all leftist violence against right wing targets has been censored or under-reported, and all possible Nazism has been hyped. The mainstream default is that Trump’s divisive rhetoric gives a Rwandan radio signal to evil Tiki-stürmers. So the point of that list is to get younger people who aren’t familiar with names and details to understand how normal it is for a revolutionary who goes around telling everyone about the revolution to commit revolutionary violence.

  219. @Anon

    Bunch of UXB guys on Twitchy saying the “bombs” are publicity stunts.

  220. @Lagertha

    There are more and more of these things. I guess the Captcha (sp?) wasn’t enough.

    I signed up to play McDonald’s new game on my phone today and there were nine pictures each about a 1/2 inch square with the directions “click the ones with stop lights”. Took me three tries because the damn pictures were so small. And I didn’t even win french fries!

    • Replies: @Lagertha
  221. J.Ross says: • Website

    NYT contradicting WaPo on the alleged bombs.

    • Replies: @Lagertha
    , @Jack D
  222. Muse says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    Walker saved Wisconsin from financial ruin. You are sitting with a good view of Illinois and Chicago as we slowly self destruct due to corrupt politics. This has led to out of control public sector labor costs and entitlements.

    You should thank your lucky stars.

    Scarcity of resources is a fact. The UW system will ultimately do just fine. You will notice that the Illinois public university system is the one having trouble maintaining enrollment because anybody that can bail out of here is leaving Illinois. There is not money to subsidize higher ed, pay exorbitant public pensions while supporting an enormous welfare state at the same time.

    The real estate market in the Chicago area is one of the worst performing in the nation. This reflects Illinois dire financial and political situation.

    • Replies: @Paleo Liberal
  223. @SimpleSong

    There have always been two competing hypotheses floating around in America. 1.) Blacks are dysfunctional because of the effects of discrimination, vs. 2.) Blacks are dysfunctional for hereditary reasons.

    There is also a third hypothesis, from Michael Levin and others. Blacks are not dysfunctional at all. They’re doing exactly what you’d expect of such a population set free in a white man’s world.

    The problem isn’t their behavior. It’s their address.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  224. Lagertha says:
    @Cagey Beast

    you said it so much better than my comment way down at .210! I’m glad that I was not alone, after all, in my thoughts the years before I fell down to Steve’s rabbit hole. Hmmm? whadda yah think about these bomb? pretty fishy. If the FBI can not figure out what was the deal with the Las Vegas mass shooting (more witness/more blood, guns, evidence) it seems ridiculous to figure out how all these bombs to these individuals never actually, exploded – I smell PsyOps.

  225. @Reg Cæsar

    A neutral observer unaware of the context would say they’re a classical rentier class.

  226. Lagertha says:

    agree. The fact that not one bomb exploded is very fishy. And, I found it almost silly that the return address was Wasserman-Schultz (!), and, that included Soros and Clapper? Clapper? That was just one too many crazy, over the top additions, that makes no sense – only dweeby liberals come up with clumsy stuff like that! Case Point: hookers urinating on mattresses (one which Obama had slept on, in Russia) while Trump was cavorting with them!

    I think this whole bomb thing is a hoax, just like the Russian Dossier. I think the Democrats are desperate, coming up with anything to block the news of the Invading March of thousands headed to the USA…and, of course, the mid-tern elections. Clapper, and Maxine, Wasserman (WTF?)…a bridge too far as far as logic. No one cares about those 3. They’re nothing/losers – and, they will go to their grave knowing they were bad people.

    A crazy, evil-genius misanthrope would have so wanted to hear how heads or other body parts were blown up…Ok, I know, I’ve seen too many movies. I am also channeling cold medicine. However, no one sends that many bombs and not have at least, one go off with complete, lethal destruction.

    After I read the Unabomber Manifesto, I actually had a a high regard for Ted – I felt sorry for him, but I was impressed about his views of the deterioration of society. He was used by Harvard & MIT and you know who, so, he got back at all of the people he perceived were involved in anti-human stuff. He made sure those bombs were good. A person who really wants to lash out, is almost always successful, even if he winds up dead in the process. Ted was not afraid to be caught or killed. This guy, is non-existent.

    • Agree: YetAnotherAnon
    • Replies: @J.Ross
  227. Lagertha says:
    @Jim Don Bob

    :( sorry for your loss…pffhhh! hahahaaaa!

  228. @Paleo Liberal

    In your case I vote for ignorant with a little self-loathing.

    You’re comment above might mean something if our demographics were pre-1965. Now you just sound like a fool.

    • Replies: @Polynikes
  229. What about the economic recession of 2008? Accusations of racism and sexism are the primary tools by which the modern left attacks free market capitalism, hence its hardly surprising that identity politics would intensify in economically tough times.

    From an elite perspective identity politics also acts as a useful means of distracting the left from head on clashes with economic elites. While Obama focused on identity politics, “I welcome their hatred” FDR focused on financiers.

  230. J.Ross says: • Website

    UXB people, the NYT, the AP, and now BuzzFeed (which is hardly a pro-Trump rag): more, and more respectable, people are saying that these “bombs” were fake.

  231. Lagertha says:

    I agree, completely. Most people who make bombs actually, want those bombs to work. I mean, it is a pride thing.

    This is all crap…but Trump must tread lightly, as do the Conservative Networks. They (Democrats) know it is bullshit, but they are waiting for spokespeople of the Conservatives to blink.

    It is an interesting trap, kinda’ like lying about Sunday School: did you attend? I didn’t see you – where were you? So, they set a trap. However, dragging Clapper, Wasserman-Schultz, Maxine ruined the credibility.

    Hmmm? when I think about it, Soros was the first feeling I had: this is bullshit. This is a smokescreen to distract the American people from freaking-out about the 10,000 invaders at the border.

    Besides: I am royally pissed-off that the lame-ass FBI still can not be honest about Las Vegas Shooter!?! Why did this guy shoot up concert goers? Was he really alone? Was he already dead? Whole lotta evidence & DNA in the fibers of that hotel than in Soros’ mail facility.

    This is all bogus, but the trap is: get Trump to call it bs now! Have this non-bomb thing be something that the press is obsessed with – ignore the Caravan deluge.

    So, slowly, do what the FBI/Deep State did with Las Vegas shooter….push the snooze button. Trump & Fox, and whoever, should not take the bait….let it fester like a canker on the butts of the Democrats. This is theater, and I want Trump to win an Oscar if he can’t get a Nobel!

    Lastly, tonight, I blame all my blah-blah-blah (TLTR) on Alkaseltzer Night Time. Jack Hanson is gonna pile on me, bigly.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  232. Dtbb says:

    Gillum won the primary surprisingly by getting only 34% but all the black vote. Had dinner with my sister monday night on her birthday. Talk got around to politics and I mentioned how I was going to vote straight republican for the first time and how nice it was to be able to ignore all the ads and other crap. My sis informed me she was going to cancel me out by voting the opposite. Whaddya do?

  233. J.Ross says: • Website

    Trump really needs to stop the divisive rhetoric; and now the NYT Literary Supplement fantasizes about assassinating elected officials

    Frustrated by the failure of the Mueller investigation to turn up the requested dirt on their nemesis-in-chief, the media “resistance” asked a few spy novelists to predict a more appealing future in the Times’ literary supplement.
    The results revealed some shoddy writing work, even putting aside their predictable endings (spoiler alert – he was colluding with the Russians all along!).

    Zoe Sharp’s story was apparently written while she was held hostage in a Bond movie with a bunch of Soviet bad guys.
    A Russian agent (of course) checks into a hotel, meets another Russian carrying a briefcase with a Makarov pistol and Stolichnaya (because Russia), and gets drunk.
    The next morning, he tries to shoot the president, but the gun misfires.
    The crisis – what will Putin think, now that I’ve failed him?! – is averted when a secret service agent lends a helping hand. Get it? It’s funny, because even Trump’s staff want to murder him!

  234. @Muse

    Or, one could look at Mark Dayton of Minnesota. He came to office the same time as Walker. He did far more to restore the financial health of Minnesota. Job creation and per capita income have surpassed Wisconsin in the past eight years. Also, he didn’t screw over everyone in the state while the Koch brothers and other large campaign contributors looted the state.

    Nope, Trump was right when he said Walker is a terrible governor.

    • Replies: @snorlax
  235. Jack D says:

    They look like TV bombs with a big digital timer in the middle. In a real bomb, the last thing you want is a visible timer. Also the fact that none of these went off. Fake, fake, fake.

    I think it’s too soon to call this a false flag operation but it can’t be ruled out either.

    • Replies: @Clyde
    , @J.Ross
  236. J.Ross says: • Website

    And they all arrived at their destinations (in different states) at the same time.
    And one was supposedly received by the post office and then returned to sender — without a single post mark, received by stamp, stamp cancellation, bar code, number, or the “return to sender” marking.

    • Replies: @Lagertha
  237. On the first question, Republicans answer affirmatively at only 14%, versus the Democrats at 64%. You can argue that Republicans are more extreme in the other direction on that particular question.

    • Replies: @snorlax
  238. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:


    Per a Fox News picture of the ‘bombs’, they were mailed in Manila envelopes with 6 first class stamps.

    Nasty but hardly shock and awe.

  239. @TTSSYF

    Nah, there ain’t a ballot box big enough to keep this from going kinetic.

    If you think the Left is just gonna accept being crushed at the ballot box with a meek shrug of the shoulders you’re not serious or not paying attention.

  240. Lagertha says:

    exactly, it’s a trap for Trump. bullshit back the bullshitters.

    How’s that Las Vegas shooter case coming along? Why is the FBI so pathetic and useless, cockless in solving this case?, Benghazi, etc.

    Trump needs to be soooooooo cloying right now – a Boy Scout. Kill them with Concern Trolling.

    All the Republicans, Collins (Vanessa Trump & her children) were sent ricine, all kinds of shit,; Scaliese was shot,etc., the last year.

    Democrats are dirtbags, liars, evil people for this latest depraved move of theirs (so lame and obvious). God will judge them, and it will scare them when they feel it. Nothing good comes from lying.

  241. snorlax says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    Per-capita personal income, annualized % growth Q4 2010-Q2 2018: WI 3.3; MN 3.2

    Employment growth, 2010-17: WI 265,192; MN 343,013

    Population growth, 2010-17: WI 105,080; MN 265,895

    Employment growth less population growth, 2010-17: WI 160,112; MN 77,118

    • Replies: @Polynikes
  242. Polynikes says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    Your problem is you’re ignorant of reality. Wisconsin is a heavily traded state that wastes tons of money. Complaining that the Republicans cut back a tenth of that is insane.

    The democrats of Wisconsin are of the abolish ICE kind. You conveniently left mark pocan and that last of Baldwin out of your diatribe.

    Your “facts ” have no basis in reality. Gutted the schools? Haha….

  243. snorlax says:
    @Labatt Blu

    14% of Finns and 64% of Latvians agree with the statement “the sky is yellow.” Who’s more extreme?

    • Agree: Coemgen
  244. Polynikes says:
    @The preferred nomenclature is...

    He doesn’t just sound like one. He is one of his grasp of the facts is any indication. Wisconsin was in financial turmoil and left to the Republicans to make hard choices.

    I’m no scott walker fan myself, but he was left a mess too clean up from the previous Democrat control. Dems resent him for not taxing nor instead of actually reigning in spending.

  245. Polynikes says:

    You’ll get no reply from him on this.

    Also, Wisconsin does as well or better than it’s Midwestern peers in most of these metrics. He’ll cry because their not number 1 forgetting that they’d be last if previous dem policies were kept in place.

  246. The graphs reflect the exodus of (mostly white) moderates from the Democrat party. This started in earnest with the purges of moderates in the Obama era, which is why the graph ticks upward in 2010. Those moderates are now Independents or Republicans.

    The Democrat party of 2017 bears little or no resemblance to the Democrat party of the 1990s.

  247. @J.Ross

    Yeah, the courier story is totally legit seeing as how its got a bunch of a stamps and it has no marking or other signs it was actually delivered.


  248. @Anonymous

    The very premises of those Pew questions are Blank Slate infused. You’re offered a basic choice between “it’s Whitey’s fault” and “it’s black people’s fault”. No allowance for it not being racism AND not being black people’s fault.

    Fake Pews !

  249. donut says:

    Well , at least half way .

  250. @istevefan

    “I’d love to hear the honest opinions of the few survivors of D-Day and other similar battles to see what their take on this is. Would they have fought back then if they knew this was what they were fighting for?”

    And English guy whose name I forget asked this question of WW2 vets – basically asked “looking at Britain today, was it worth your friends deaths?” – they overwhelmingly replied no.

  251. Realist says:

    The so called ‘bombing’ of Democrats is possibly an effort by a Democrat or Democrats to influence the up coming election. None of the the bombs detonated….we don’t even know if they were viable. Did they have a triggering device….were there actual explosives involved?

  252. @anon

    Trump is ordering the military to the border, which he will close to traffic, if Mexico doesn’t halt the advance. Do pay attention sometime-and wipe that drool off your desk.

  253. CCZ says:

    Virtue signaling, feminist, and exhibitionist Democratic white women could always bring back the “Grab Him By The Ballot” mantra to the 2018 elections.

  254. @Mookie

    - Limiting legal immigration to, maybe, half of what it currently is.

    With the TFR below replacement that eventually results in the end of the United States. We want to avoid destroying the country, not have it die slower.

    I don’t see what purpose there would be in trying to get a conservative majority in congress to pass your ideal zero immigration deal, because such a deal would be overturned the next time the liberals regained power.

    So if we let the liberals regain power they will destroy the country? And our goal is not to have the country destroyed?

    Well, why do you think people call him God-Emperor?

  255. @Anon

    What are you, some sort of racist sexist homophobe who hates the poor children?

    Only a deranged Hitler-like Donald Trump supporter could have done this, perhaps even Donald Hitler himself!

  256. Clyde says:
    @Jack D

    Too many of the worst Ron Paulers cry out false flag at the drop of the hat, I have ridiculed them for it. But this sure looks like false flag fake bomb fiesta. A fake bomb piñata. Dan Bongino is hard core but he was initially cowed by these crappy bombs, calling the perps savages.

  257. @Samuel Skinner

    So the problem with Walker is he realizes that education is a scam and doesn’t make people smarter? That now kids can simply look up information online so there isn’t even the veneer of legitimacy?

    The University of Wisconsin has an endowment currently valued at about $3.6B. They have plenty of money to fund useless grievance studies without further soaking the taxpayers.

    Their website claims they currently have over 4,000 international students out of a total student population of 43,820, therefore at least 9% of their student body is benefiting from an institution meant to serve Wisconsinites.

    Their list of majors includes such rigorous fields as African Culture Studies (not to be confused with their Afro-American Studies major), American Indian Studies, Asian American Studies, Jewish Studies, and LGBTQ+ Studies. Pull the plug.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  258. @stillCARealist

    I’ve found to be a pretty good resource for deciphering these things.

    Interestingly, they’re usually pretty spot-on with their descriptions of various towns/cities.

  259. Lowe says:

    Regardless of whether a majority of Americans might support them, Democrats would never agree to those terms, ever. Those terms are favorable to ~80% of the commenters on this site. Are you American? This post suggests a poor understanding of what Democrats support, and the current political climate in the US.

    • Agree: snorlax
    • Replies: @Mookie
  260. Mookie says:

    I agree that current Democrats in congress wouldn’t support that compromise, but I also think that Dems will eventually figure out that re-winning the Whitehouse will require a major reckoning with what their constituents think about immigration. The masses of actual voters, not NYT opinion writers.

    As Sailer mentions, there’s a lack of schmaltz from Dems regarding the caravan. The caravan is calling Dems bluff on immigration.

    The current political climate is one in which Dems have no good candidate to run in 2020, because the Harris’s, Booker’s, Warren’s, Sanders’, etc. are out of touch with the median voter. But, just as the GOP figured out a way to win in 2016 — by nominating a surprising candidate — the Dems will have to pull a similar bunny trick in order to regain the Whitehouse. This person will need to be way to the right of most Dems on immigration and when they take office, most Dems in congress will re-create themselves in the image of that leader. Not saying the Dems need a new demagogue — hope that’s not the case — just a charismatic moderate.

    Let me add, I don’t believe immigration is a big issue for most Dems, which is why it won’t be a big deal FOR THEM to compromise on this. But they will need a face saving way to do it. I don’t see Trump allowing them to be face-saving about it.

    • Replies: @Lowe
    , @snorlax
  261. Kylie says:
    @Stephen Paul Foster

    “The moral/political leverage that comes with certified ‘victimhood’ is just too good to resist and everyone is jumping in. Obama was the master of the game ‘my victimhood is bigger than yours’.”

    Right. Obama used “Muh vic” to good advantage.

  262. peterike says:

    Yesterday it came out that the FBI screwed up their FISA wiretap on the Trump campaign. Today Papadapolous was supposed to testify on this. But then there was all these bombs …

    I believe these are known as Squirrel Bombs.

  263. J.Ross says: • Website

    We learned something very valuable from this: the mainstream media monitored the supposedly worthless alternative media in real time. MSM then used AM critiques of MSM mistakes to inform future repropagations. This afternoon NPR was careful to handle some specific criticisms 4chan had (in an unsatisfactory way that relied on old information). Of course instead of crediting us they issued high-horse and insubstantive condemnations, hoping that their readers would get their AM discoveries through the proper filter and not directly. Risky. When first I came to 4chan it was merely to see what all the fuss was about.

    • Replies: @Lagertha
  264. Lowe says:

    I agree that the Democrats are in a bad spot, and do not have a good candidate to run in 2020. However, you seriously underestimate how important immigration is to establishment Democrats. The only wing of the party that might go along with some of the terms you listed is the Bernie Sanders wing, which is a minority, and not an ascendant one.

    The Democrats have made their nest. It is the nest of identity politics and trying to elect a new people, mostly of Latin Americans. It will either be good nest for them, or not, but they can’t hop out now. They will ferociously oppose any one of the terms you listed. They will not compromise on any point, until they have lost many more elections… which may not happen because their current strategy isn’t bad. It just hasn’t paid off yet.

    Hopefully Latin American apathy and increased white racial consciousness will mean that their strategy never pays off. We can hope.

  265. midtown says:
    @prime noticer

    That’s part of it. The lunacy stems from being THIS CLOSE! As for immigration, what most of those questions fail to test for is volume of immigration. A little bit of immigration can be beneficial. But the dose makes the poison.

  266. J.Ross says: • Website
    @Jack D

    I like the Australian who quipped, in the persona of the villain, “So, I’ll bet you’re probably wondering why a mail bomb would have timer.”

    • Replies: @Joe Stalin
  267. BenKenobi says:

    Good comment, Lags.

    • Replies: @Lagertha
  268. @SteveM

    You have to recognize that there is a parallel universe on the Republican Right whose theology is the Cult of Military Exceptionalism. I.e. too much “defense” spending is never enough, the unaffordable America as Global Cop Gorilla model is sacrosanct and the fear-monger/war-monger musings of the “Generals” can never be challenged.

    Defense is about 13% of total government spending. In Eisenhower’s time, it hovered at around 10% of GDP (aka annual national output). It is now around 4%.

    Government spending (federal, state and local) is around 35% of GDP.

    I’d say the real problem is that non-defense government spending has increased in leaps and bounds over the decades. Defense spending as a % of output has increased from 100 years ago because having oceans on both sides isn’t as much of a barrier as it used to be. The Japanese certainly discovered that having an ocean to their east was no barrier to American reprisal for Pearl Harbor. And that was before the supersonic age.

  269. eah says:

    These are apparently part of a current campaign by the NYC Sanitation Dept (?)


  270. eah says:


    • Replies: @Lagertha
  271. How much worse can those Trump/Hitler supporters go?

    They are now making bombs out of cats!

  272. @Citizen of a Silly Country

    Yup reality hit me pretty hard when I left my super white high school and went to my 3rd world shithole university. If that doesn’t open your eyes to racial difference then nothing will. Boomers like Paleo are the worst. (I know alot of boomers are actually pretty woke so I’m not casting them all with the same charge).

  273. snorlax says:

    Apologies for being a dick, but I have to echo Lowe; you sound like you’re either a foreigner, a Silent/Boomer/Xer whose understanding of the political landscape is frozen in the year 1980±20 (e.g. “Paleo Liberal” in this thread), or just poorly informed.

    Immigration is THE issue for Democrats. Democrats care at least as much about immigration as the readers of Steve Sailer’s blog do. Democrats would much sooner lose a dozen Presidential elections than give an inch on immigration.

    Here is the Democrat position on immigration. That’s from 2015 so it’s actually now the moderate centrist Democrat position on immigration.

    There is not a single Democrat in Congress who would vote for your “compromise.” Not one. None who would vote for even a single one of its provisions. This isn’t hyperbole; I actually looked into this a few weeks ago and, as of 2018, every single Democrat in Congress, and every single Democrat candidate for Congress, is for open borders.

    You could maybe get 80% or so of Republicans in Congress to vote for it, although it would be like herding cats. You’ll notice that Republicans currently control both houses of Congress and yet no wall.

    And no, while the radical open borders Democrat stance isn’t popular with the voting public, neither is a “hard-line” immigration stance a la Trump, much less a truly hard-line stance like Sailer’s, as much as we may try to kid ourselves otherwise.

    There’s a reason the two biggest drops in Trump’s approvals came during the “Muslim ban” and “separating children!!1!” news cycles. And why the “Mexican judge” controversy during the campaign was one of the few that significantly dented him in the polls.

    There is a large constituency who either favor or are comfortable with open borders. 100% of votes in the 2016 Democrat primaries went to open borders candidates, as they have in every Democrat primary season from 1992 onwards. The last (and, in retrospect, obviously insincere) non-open borders Democrat was Al Gore in 1988.

    A much-lower-than-typical 27% of the vote in the Republican primaries went to open borders candidates, which somewhat understates things as Trump won the last few primaries near-unanimously once everyone else had dropped out.

    Absent a major shift in public opinion (which is a race against time with the non-Hispanic white population at 61%—down from 80% in 1980—and dropping like a rock) the Democrats have absolutely no incentive to brook any compromise.

    Nor would they need to in order to win. If they find that Hillary and Kamala weren’t able to cut it, all they need to do is to follow their well-worn “Conor Lamb” playbook of nominating some telegenic, youngish, fake “moderate” white guy, preferably a veteran of some kind.* Nice White People buy that act every single time, whether it’s Kennedy or Carter or Clinton.

    *Lamb habitually wears both a t-shirt and baseball cap emblazoned “MARINE”—he was a lawyer on Okinawa for the minimum 4 year enlistment.

  274. @J.Ross

    I was watching some sort of Bollywood movie years ago and they paid homage to the James Bond “Goldfinger” movie by having a digital timer on a bomb in which “Our Hero” stops it at “007.”

  275. Olorin says:

    Remember that this was also the time when MSM bean-counters were figuring out that clickbait was currency. And fearclicks/hateclicks were a newly discovered mother lode. This is the overlap between the cultmarx racial stuff and the rise of smartphones and “social” media.

  276. Olorin says:

    We obviously aren’t privy to all the facts, but the object supposedly mailed (with uncancelled stamps) to CNN looks like a prank designed to tweak hyperreactionary and uber non humorous Dems into hysterical reaction. There’s also the Clock Boy element: if you’re a Muslim and son of a political grifter, your bomb prank gets you invited to the White House, with much Dem praise.

  277. Lagertha says:

    hahaa! The MSM has been following these for quite some time, but probably, only younger lower level people at like, CNN/NPR – but I agree with you.

    What I really admire, that no one, absolutely no one can stop: the Wildlings on 4 Chan/8Chan/Reddit/Subreddit/and like, 10 other sites. All chatter by teenagers and Millennials that hate, hate, hate EVERYONE! They think anyone over 25 is a sell-out and a normie….corporate scheisse. They detest PC and they detest Globalism – and, btw, they will hack into all of our on-line lives when they feel they must. For at least, 6 years I have sensed their hatred – hatred is winning. And I will blame Democrats (the Commie ones) and Republicans (Never-Trumpers) for stoking the hatred of young people who just want all Baby Boomers and Gen Xrs, and Older Millennials to be tossed off a cliff. Hatred is in…and division is permanent until most people, over 30 are dead – this is what I have deduced when treading lightly on these sites.

  278. Lagertha says:

    Nobody cares…Nobody cares about the fake bombs – Scaliese is the only one elected official who was actually shot; and bled, and almost died since Trump’s 21-month Presidency. Everyone else is, in Bill Maher’s words, just “a whiny little bitch.” This whole unexploded bomb thing is….boring, so boring and stupid. Just a desperate smoke screen to hide thousands of migrant warriors coming from Mexico. Democrats smell desperate so they will act desperate.

    • Agree: BenKenobi
  279. Lagertha says:

    Thanks, darlin’. Were you the one who asked me about red flags about dating sketchy women? – Red flags, when you should absolutely “abandon ship,” Get Out,”…run!? Anyway, I made a comment about Hare’s Checklist on Steve’s newest posts, and I left the only link about Hare’s Checklist somewhere above on a new post of his.

  280. “A central question about our time is: Why did Democrats go nuts in c. 2013?”

    This is indeed a central question of our time and while many of the reasons people have given in these comments and that you yourself Steve have given are totally valid, I think a potential exacerbating/tipping factor was the release of Django Unchained in late 2012. It was a big box office success watched by tens of millions and pretty much revived the national conversation about slavery– it was also one of the first mainstream films released to openly deal with the topic, particularly portraying it as extremely brutal. Furthremore, it was one of the first of many ‘historical white guilt’ films that followed in the years after it (others include The Butler, Hidden Figures, 12 Years a Slave, the currently in theatres The Hate U Give, etc).

    Django made a spectacle out of a black man murdering white people and gleefully portrayed every white character except Christoph Waltz’s German expatriate character as totally evil. It also prominently featured Sam L Jackson as the ultimate ‘uncle Tom’. I can’t think of any films in the preceding decade that prompted their audience to leave the theatre actively hating white people and celebrating black violence against them (however justified it is in the context of the film). I don’t know if it’s a stretch to imagine it was the spark that set off a feeling of extreme racial resentment that then coalesced into the organized Black Lives Matter movement and the ensuing ‘hate whitey’ media rhetoric that dominates today’s ‘liberal’ discourse, but I’ve never seen this theory advanced before so I think it’s worth examining. Django seems to have been overshadowed in the long run by 12 Years a Slave, so that may be why it’s impact hasn’t been analyzed.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  281. Lagertha says:

    that’s “Logs”, just so yah know :)

  282. @TheMediumIsTheMassage

    The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in 2011 was an efficient piece of hate porn, but, yeah, Tarantino making hate porn the next year about to rile up blacks to hate whites was a bad thing.

  283. @Bubba

    I worked for a Female owned company servicing their phones through the eighties and nineties. My boss had no use for them, she was tough as nails, a real broad. Back then at NOW and Planned Parenthood, they weren’t so strident, but then, they needed me to fix their phones for them, heh..

    You been in there recently, Bubb? I left the region in 2009.

    • Replies: @Bubba
  284. snorlax says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    Steve Negron (Republican House candidate for NH-2) isn’t Steve King, but he’s as solid on immigration as one could ever hope for in a D-leaning purple district.

  285. Bubba says:
    @Jim Christian

    I’m sure it would still be very difficult these days for them to get a qualified woman to work on their IP phone systems as it would have been years ago on a PBX. You worked for a great woman!

    Didn’t work there like you, but came across numerous ones working there on/off through co-workers, acquaintances & friends a few years ago until ’15 (yes, I was a technical contractor with a clearance in the area). Nose-rings, tattoos, piercings, purple & red hair seemed to be the norm with an in-your-face mentality. Maybe it’s that I am older and now finally realize it, but these poor souls (young women and older women too) I met back then really needed serious mental help for whatever reason.

    Another anecdotal story – a brilliant co-worker & his wife spent a small fortune in the early 90′s to conceive and they eventually had a beautiful baby girl. She was bright academically, social with boys in high school, never had issues getting a date for a school dance, played sports, sang in choir, etc…, but I could tell she had no common sense. (Mom & Dad spent another small fortune to educate her at great schools.) Then off to a $60K a year college, she accepted the brainwashing so she could be with the “cool” crowd, then graduated and is now working at Starbucks with a bad attitude with the aforementioned mindless tattoos, nose-rings, body piercings with purple/red hair (depending on her mood) living in a dangerous hovel with her 4th lesbian lover (yes, her parents bail her out of jail when she fights with the roommate du jour). Her $240K degree? Feminist Theory. But at least she has time to organize pussy marches and intern for free with NOW and PP.

  286. Trevor H. says:
    @Tyrion 2

    I listened, and I believe. Sorry I’m late.

    Never too late to virtue signal though, right?

  287. @Charles Pewitt

    I find hilarious that mention of “voters who have gotten ahead on the basis of educational attainment”, which is followed by a bunch of non-productive, liberal-arts “occupations” which depend on productive people and/or the government to pay them. Conspicuosly absent are those with “educational attainment” in business or economics or even tech. (Interesting though, how HR managers are mentioned specifically too. Perhaps referring to big tech there too – as HR’s interest is doing more with hiring less, and when doing so, hiring cheaper)

  288. @Polynikes

    I’d agree with you, although if infrastructure has gone lacking in spite of those good economic numbers, something must be done about it too.

    And at any rate, the real problem he is trying to mention is that at any rate, there could be some more collaboration between the populist (Trump) wing on the right and the redistributionist (Sanders) left. That said, like you and him and everyone mentions, the right also has its Koch wing, while the left has its Soros wing, driving any agreement over the edge (and not even talking about stuff like porkbarrel, divergent interests between geo/demographically varied states, and ethnic struggle adding the layer of race to the dispute).

    Speaking of ethnicity, one can see white Democrats remain old-school and non-globalist in places where there’s barely any minorities. Can only whites get away with redistributionism, even if to a limited degree? At any rate, seems like after decades the Scandinavian model survives – but has also created a people that don’t reproduce as much and want to bring Syrians into their country as if they were puppies…

  289. @Mookie

    I love when people blurt out vacuous terms such as “grand compromise” without explaining in detail what specifical proposals and compromises are to be reached.

    Not to mention, Trump has tried to compromise, even if partisan at times, but several times more than expected.
    For example, he would have allowed the DACA recipients to stay forever in exchange for the wall. He also doesn’t want to wipe Kim Jong Un off the earth. True, he could compromise more (economics, for example accepting the Bannon proposal of raising tax on the top bracket to offset tax cut a bit), or less (i.e. the wall), but that depends on the eye of the beholders/voters – who are less compromising than ever. I mean, 2008 Obama billed himself as a uniter, and look what came out, people more divided than before…

  290. Trevor H. says:

    One direction to pursue is to have everyone but everyone pay a given percentage of every procedure. Even this will provoke opponents, but there’s never going to be a fix until everyone but everyone has some skin in the game. Make the percentage progressive to piss off the rich.

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