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Right Wing Hate Hoaxes?
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Last week in Taki’s Magazine, I reviewed Wilfred Reilly’s new book Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left Is Selling a Fake Race War.

And, over the past dozen years or so, rightist whites have started to stage a few hate hoaxes of their own. …

Recently, however, some conservative whites have gotten into more Jussie Smollett-style awareness-raising hoaxes. Perhaps the funniest in Reilly’s book is from Princeton in 2007,

when a white Hispanic Mormon traditionalist conservative—I certainly hope I got all that in the correct order—named Francisco Nava accused two hooded men of beating him bloody with a bottle of Orangina.

There’s not much of a media market for this kind of thing compared with antiwhite hoaxes, but conservative celebrities such as Harvey Mansfield, Brit Hume, and David Horowitz took up Nava’s cause. Then the cops tripped up the Princeton student over his inconsistencies and he confessed to making it all up.

Today, a reader writes from Europe:

Dear Steve,

You may want to follow a developing story from Norway today. The wife (or possibly domestic partner) of the Norwegian Minister of Justice Tor Mikkel Wara was just arrested for a weird reverse hate hoax, in which she burned down their own car. Over the last few days, Norwegian press have been all over the story. Today, she was arrested and the minister took leave from his position. It is unclear if he is also involved

This is probably the third most powerful politician in Norway. Remarkably, this appears to be a hate hoax from the opposite side as we usually see. Tor Mikkel Wara is a representative of the Progress Party, which is on the side of restriction on immigration. Apparently, she wanted to make it seem like pro-immigration immigrants were attacking them.

This is a very interesting story since it appears to show that at least one very powerful person on the right is adopting the tactics of the SJWs. You may be interested in following the story as it develops today.

And from the New York Post:

Jacob Wohl may have faked death threat against himself

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  1. Anonymous[137] • Disclaimer says:

    I dunno if it’s “right-wing” or not, but don’t Arab countries seem to exhibit this problem? i.e. both sides fake attacks or chemical warfare against themselves and try to blame their enemy, hoping to lure in World Police to their domestic dispute

  2. Hate hoaxes are problematic; reports of hate crimes are needed on a regular basis to keep the narrative forefront, but with a dearth of actual, tabloid worthy events, the noble crusaders must invent outrage.

    I propose a solution along the lines of microaggressions. We need a new category, call it constructive hate, where a pattern of behavior implies deep seated resentment towards the entitled victims. Evidence for this covert hate can be induced through normal behavior, such as emerging from the restroom with dry hands, then proffering a handshake to every hate-filled white male until some unfortunate individual balks at the thought of transmitting pathogens hand to mouth.

    Voila! Implied hate.

  3. J.Ross says: • Website

    I don’t know how common it is in Norway but Antifa in France and Germany burns cars on a regular basis (for some reason, they don’t do this in England, but they do invade houses or attack public gatherings) . The preponderance of evidence shows that these right and left hate hoaxes are not comparable phenomena, but notice what the lyingpress chooses to report.

  4. Anonymous[137] • Disclaimer says:

    I read a lot of alt-etc. political sites and /pol/ and I had no idea who Jacob Wohl was (until now, of course). Is he like Stanford’s legendary sailing team

  5. Interesting that right-wing hate hoaxes are being perpetrated by Hispanics, Mormons, Women and Jews. One more thing white men aren’t willing or able to properly do.

    • Replies: @M. Hartley
  6. istevefan says:

    The media sure seems to think there are right-wing hate hoaxes. For example, there is that right-wing hate hoax claiming Whites are being replaced by mass, non-European immigration. That is so easy to disprove, it’s not even allowed to be debated. Oh, by the way enjoy being a minority in 20 years.

    • Agree: Almost Missouri
    • Replies: @BenKenobi
  7. @Fred Boynton

    White men are too busy working for a living. Someone has to pay the bills.

  8. BenKenobi says:

    “What you think is happening is all in your head and you deserve it anyway.”
    – Borzoi, in his twitter essay during the SkyKing saga

  9. I certainly hope I got all that in the correct order

    Mark Forsyth explains quite clearly the categories by which adjectives are to be ordered, in The Elements of Eloquence.

    Anyone have a copy handy? Mine is in storage.

  10. Olorin says:

    when a white Hispanic Mormon traditionalist conservative—I certainly hope I got all that in the correct order—named Francisco Nava accused two hooded men of beating him bloody with a bottle of Orangina.

    I have been laughing at this all day thanks to the peculiar specificity of “a bottle of Orangina.”

    (Which I always considered a badly named product, sounding as it does like a portmanteau involving a primate and a reproductive body part. Like mangina, only Pongoid.)

    So I was going to say that there are fewer right wing hate hoaxes because conservatives aren’t as good at making up stories. So many being of traditional religious grounding, the story/narrative set is already installed.

    The left is constantly milling new entries in its synthetic Secular Religion of race and equality. They’re still trying on ideas. Seeing what works.

    But then I read this:

    she burned down their own car.

    We inhabit a timeline in which supporting evidence for a position involves whether or not it gets headlines and clicks. Argumentum ad rubricam? Or merely the fallacy of misleading vividness.

  11. Altai says:

    Jacob Wohl may have faked death threat against himself

    I’m deeply disappointed he had to fake his own death threats. I just assumed there was a little justice in the world and his DMs consisted of nothing but death threats.

    • Replies: @Rufus
  12. rufus says:

    Welp….were all Drake Holmes now.

  13. Rufus says:

    Smollet V Wohl cage match and we just forget the whole thing.

  14. The proper spin here is to blame-shift: ‘She was so triggered by pro-immigration extremism that she burned down her own car. Isn’t that tragic?’

    White bodies lack agency; therefore, nothing is ever our fault.

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