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Race Doesn't Exist, Except in Cancer Cell Lines
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From Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention:

Genetic ancestry analysis reveals misclassification of commonly used cancer cell lines

Stanley E Hooker, Leanne Woods-Burnham, Madhavi Bathina, Stacy M Lloyd, Priyatham Gorjala, Ranjana Mitra, Larisa Nonn, Kevin Sean Kimbro and Rick Kittles

Background: Given the scarcity of cell lines from underrepresented populations, it is imperative that genetic ancestry for these cell lines is characterized. Consequences of cell line mischaracterization include squandered resources and publication retractions. Methods: We calculated genetic ancestry proportions for 15 cell lines to assess the accuracy of previous race/ethnicity classification and determine previously unknown estimates. DNA was extracted from cell lines and genotyped for ancestry informative markers (AIMs) representing West African (WA), Native American (NA), and European (EUR) ancestry. Results: Of the cell lines tested, all previously classified as White/Caucasian were accurately described with mean EUR ancestry proportions of 97%. Cell lines previously classified as Black/African American were not always accurately described. … Most notably, the E006AA-hT prostate cancer cell line, classified as African American, was found to carry 92% EUR ancestry. We also determined the MDA-MB-468 breast cancer cell line carries 23% NA ancestry suggesting possible Afro-Hispanic/Latina ancestry. Conclusions: Our results suggest predominantly EUR ancestry for the White/Caucasian-designated cell lines, yet high variance in ancestry for the Black/African American-designated cell lines. Additionally, we revealed an extreme misclassification of the E006AA-hT cell line. Impact: Genetic ancestry estimates offer more sophisticated characterization leading to better contextualization of findings. Ancestry estimates should be provided for all cell lines to avoid erroneous conclusions in disparities literature.

I wonder whether it would be better to use black cell lines that are close to 100% or closer to the 80% black average found among African-Americans?

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  1. trelane says:

    I wonder whether it would be better to use black cell lines that are close to 100% or closer to the 80% black average found among African-Americans?

    That would be racist according to the AMA.

  2. Having practiced law in Michigan rust belt cities for a few years, I understand the question about black cancer is a trick.

    Blacks only suffer from two diseases, the Betes and the Itis. Neither of them are ‘cancer’ or ‘HBP” or ‘CAD”, nor any other white fake disease, and both can be cured with enough faith and alka seltzer

    • LOL: Almost Missouri
    • Replies: @guest
  3. Lot says:

    ICE lists multiple examples of requesting illegal aliens be turned over for deportation from Washington jails, instead being released and murdering and raping

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  4. donut says:

    OT : first I want to give Anton a plug and share his video

    Second will we find rings around our local gas giant POTUS ?

  5. Might such “black cell lines” have markers which Henrietta lacks*?

    * I’m so effing old that “Helen Lane” was on my brain

  6. Whispers of Immortal Cell Lines
    Or: Variations On Henrietta Reparations

    Webster was much possessed by death
    And Mondegrinned “HeLa” beneath the melanotic skin

    – BS Eliot

  7. Anon[100] • Disclaimer says:

    One problem is that oncologists are going to have to ask the uncomfortable question, How black are you? Are you Obama black? Are you Kaepernick black? Are you Shaun King black? Because the deal is, whether you live or die may depend on how much African ancestry you have relative to European ancestry. The treatments are different. If you are Obama black or less, you’re going to need the white person treatment.

    • Replies: @Olorin
  8. @Lot

    Yeah, but odds are they’ll rape and murder some deplorable like that alt-right Steinle chick.

    Win, win.

  9. Riot in Cell Lab #9.


    Seven ‘models’ used on FedEx’s home page.
    SEVEN of SEVEN are POCs.
    Five are clearly negroid.

    This wouldn’t be worth mentioning but it’s absolutely everywhere now. Under-represented! They don’t see people who “look like them” in the media. They are delusional. Steve has said that blacks must win 100% of awards or there’s not enough diversity. But will 100% be enough? Remember they’re not very good at math.

    • Agree: jim jones
  11. newrouter says:

    When every problem is a nail and all you have is the Hammer/megaphone.

  12. Roger says:

    I thought that the situation was just the opposite, with the vast majority of the cancer cell lines coming from Henrietta Lacks, a black woman.

  13. You ask a good question.
    In this study of thyroid, brown men were grouped with black men:
    But in this study of the prostate, brown men were grouped with white men:

    Your appropriate cell lines, or the number of varieties needed, might vary by the disease you’re researching.

  14. eah says:

    And organ donation:

    More donors from black, Asian and minority ethnic groups are urgently needed to address an increase in patients from the same communities dying whilst waiting for an organ transplant… Blood and tissue types need to match for a successful transplant…Although many black and Asian patients are able to receive a transplant from a white donor, for many the best match will come from a donor from the same ethnic background.

    Another factor seems to be very low donation rates among ‘ethnics’ combined with increasing need due to their rising share of the population — like many behaviors (sense of altruism), this is likely also tied to genes.


    – White British people have a 1 in 3 likelihood of finding a bone marrow transplant match.

    – Asian or black people living in Britain have a 1 in 125,000 likelihood of finding a bone marrow transplant match.

    – People of mixed race living in Britain have a 1 in 200,000 or more likelihood of finding a bone marrow transplant match.

    – There are 16.9 million people on the NHS Organ Donor Register. Of this number only 1.2 percent are Asian and 0.4 percent are black.

    Blacks are approaching 4% of the UK population and ‘Asians’ 8% (however those groups probably make up 100% of acid attack perpetrators), so they are both dramatically underrepresented among potential organ donors.

  15. guest says:

    We implore you, Saint Henrietta of the Lacks, deliver unto us more representative cell lines.

    (image from the 1986 album cover for Immortalized Cellular Line on Da Dance Floor by the Jets)

  16. guest says:
    @Lawyer Guy

    I hate to correct you, but blacks do recognize the existence of venereal disease. They can’t avoid it.

    As for the Betes, I’ve also heard it called “the Sugar.”

    That “the” pattern holds for other diseases, including cancer. Which if acknowledged is called “the cancer. “

    • Replies: @Desiderius
    , @Mr McKenna
  17. guest says:

    “Consequences of cell line mischaracterization include…publication retractions.”

    That’s a weird way of saying publication errors. Or errors in articles and research.

    Back when I was forced to write papers in exchange for a worthless degree, any error I committed in research or writing I wouldn’t describe as leading to revision after my professor called me a dunce and threw an eraser at my head. And not just because professors don’t call people dunces and throw erasers at their heads anymore, if they ever did.

  18. Genes clearly influence a person’s susceptibility to cancer. But the cancer itself is supposed to be a cell mutation, not an inherited trait.

    So it’s unclear why a person’s ancestry might influence the recommended treatment if, and when, they actually have their own personal cancer mutation. It’s also unclear how they could figure out any general racial differences based on a few isolated cancer cell lines.

    But maybe they’re just starting on researching the issue and need to get the provenance of their cell lines figured out before they do anything else.

  19. Years ago (so many!), I overheard two blacks talking late at night in the barracks. They were discussing the relative merits of the two races. One said white people are weak. Milk is white and is weak. Black people,he continued are strong,like coffee.
    I thought to myself,and yes, kept it to myself ( I didn’t want to converse with these jerks),if you feed a baby milk,he will be strong and healthy.
    Feed him coffee and he will be screwed up but good.
    Years later I would listen to blacks on black radio declaim the weakness of white men because only whites got AIDS. That line of thinking had to be modified eventually of course.
    This was years before the term “downlow” bevame popular.
    I thought,til I was in my thirties(!) that blacks did not have homosexuals. Then I met one.

  20. @Mr McKenna

    Mathematics is a tool of White Supremacy!

  21. @Roger

    Don’t Relax Around Lacks!

    -Glad to see such an overwhelming response to comments #5 and #6!

    Here’s a little something from the abstract of a paper published in the 2009 Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine which might gladden the cockles of the cuck-mocking Tiny “Peeking” Duck (yeah, we know where he or she is really coming from):

    “…The cancer cells, now called HeLa cells, grew rapidly in cell culture and became the first human cell line. HeLa cells were used by researchers around the world. However, 20 years after Henrietta Lacks’ death, mounting evidence suggested that HeLa cells contaminated and overgrew[!] other cell lines…”

  22. Consequences of cell line mischaracterization include squandered resources and publication retractions.

    OMG, since when did accuracy and actual causality ever stop shit studies from being funded and published?

  23. @Mr McKenna

    It would be terribly racist here to add “FedExCons.”

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  24. @Roger

    I thought that the situation was just the opposite, with the vast majority of the cancer cell lines coming from Henrietta Lacks, a black woman.

    Right, that affair was a real surprise to cancer reserachers. I followed that in _Science_, of which I was a member at the time. Take a look at this 2019 description of HeLa cells:

    “The World’s First Immortal Human Cell Line ”

    and you can look up more in Wikipedia, which includes a proposal to make HeLa cells a new “species of human” on the grounds that they hve a different number of chromosomes than do human cells.

    Back to the HeLa affair. Turns out that, back then, lab proceduers weren’t quite a strict as they are in 2019. In particular, there were troubles wtih lab glassware. I can think of three foulups associated with that: the HeLa affair, the flatworm learning by eating trained flatworm affair, and the general failure of mous in maze experiments because the mice were following the scent of their predecessors in the maze.

    HeLa affair ws caused by inadvertant contaimination of cell lines during (if I remember coorrectly) transfer of cell samples from cell libraries to researchers. In such transfers, at least some containers sampled after the HeLa container had been sampled were contaiminated by HeLa cells. The problem was that the same spoon (or whatever it was) was used to withdraw samples from several lines. It also turned out that HeLa cells, unlike all others, were highly aggressive, and displaced the non HeLa cells in contaminated containers.

    The end result was that cancer researchersjad who thought they were checking their results over several lines of cancers actually had only HeLa cells. For that mater, researchers who had thought they were working with specific kinds of cancer actually were working only with the HeLa vareiaty.
    There went several years of research and a _whole lot_ of money.

    The flatwork fiasco came from training flatworms to run a glass maize, then killing trained flaworms (sort of like industry, no?) and feeding the bodies to other flatworms, who _then ran tthe maze better than had a conttrol group of flatworms_. Turned out that maze was dirty and the cannibal flattworms were just following the trails of their predecessors.

    So: cleanliness is next to Godliness, and the scientists apparently weren’t close to either.

    Nowdays techniiques are better and, at the very least, researchers can test for HeLa imperialism.


  25. The problem and research cost of cell line validation have been known for years.

    Theres literally hundreds of thousands of papers that should be retracted but aren’t being retracted.

    This is one reason for the replication problem in science and data heterogeneity.

  26. Anonymous[162] • Disclaimer says:

    Can someone translate this please?

    • Replies: @Olorin
  27. @guest

    I’ve also heard it called “the Sugar.”

    I’ve also heard that in discussions of my Appalachian ancestors.

  28. Olorin says:

    And all these proliferations of research and treatments based on a Politically Correct interpretation of HBD are going to prove to be good growing weather for the House of Pharma.

    (I’ve always suspected that this was behind HBD to begin with, but let’s not venture there.)

    If you think things are bad now, where teat cancer gets many times more funding than say prostate cancer, think of how it will be when Big Pharma is incentivized not only to prioritize the diseases of the Billions and Billions Served (Asians and Africans) over the diseases of the piddling number of whites.

    And whites won’t even be allowed to break off and go back to funding research/treatment for our own diseases, coz that rayciss, now tax up, white man, PS, you suck.

  29. Olorin says:

    Cancer researchers are calling for segregation.

    Big Pharma can’t segment its target customers finely enough to deliver them product/services when cell lines’ racial origins are glommed together/not finely specified.

    I’m being partly arch. It’s in fact an issue that there are countless thousands of extant research articles based on work with cell lines that weren’t racially segregated enough so produce wastefulness in treatment…and likely loss of life.

    IOW, segregation can be good science.

  30. @guest

    I do hope The Donald doesn’t have The Sugar.

    Well, I guess I hope that.

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