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Opera World Shocked, Shocked to Discover That Placido Domingo Was a Latin Lover Type
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Watching the 1984 movie version of Bizet’s Carmen starring Placido Domingo is probably the best way to give opera a try. It’s a good movie qua movie, and Carmen of course has some of the catchiest songs among all operas. Carmen is more like an American musical than most operas, where, frustratingly, the best hook is only used once, maybe twice. In Carmen, however, the good tunes are pounded on, over and over:


I never saw the late Luciano Pavarotti live, so Domingo is the biggest opera star I’ve ever seen — in Chicago Lyric’s productions of Carmen and Saint-Saens’ Samson and Delilah. As a singer, he was a natural baritone forcing his way up to tenor roles, but unlike a lot of opera singers, he was a big rugged-looking guy who could act. If he couldn’t sing, he probably would have been a movie star in sword and sandal films.

He had a great career, playing almost all the big roles except Don Giovanni, being a regular at the World Cup in his Three Tenors act, and getting the Los Angeles Opera off the ground.

But now that he’s 78 he’s been Canceled.

Advice for Latin Lovers: don’t get old. Women you slept with will decide that because you’re creepy old now, it had to have been rape back when you were 44.

Heather Mac Donald in Quillette has more.

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  1. Wow! Heather MacDonald can write! And has a first-rate mind as well.

  2. vinteuil says:

    Agreed that Domingo’s film of Carmen is a great introduction to opera. Not sure I agree about him being a natural baritone who forced his way up to tenor roles, but I guess it’s an arguable position.

    Anyway, the current me-too attacks on him seem a lot less plausible than those on Harvey Weinstein & James Levine for the simple reason that Domingo was a genuinely hot (& charismatic) man.

    • Replies: @cliff arroyo
  3. Anon[224] • Disclaimer says:

    If Leonard Bernstein had been born in a later generation, he would have been #MeTooed. According to what I’ve heard, he couldn’t keep his hands off of anybody.

    Opera also has a casting couch, it’s just that classical music is more discreet about it than film.

  4. Dan Hayes says:


    Too bad Pavaotti is amongst the dear departed. But even dead he’s such an inviting target that his real or imagined actions merit recycling!

  5. Dan Hayes says:


    Agreed. That lady sure can write!

    But both MacDonald at City Journal and Carlson at Fox News have to be ever vigilant. Once false step and the power-that-be will have them heave hoed!

  6. Dan Hayes says:


    Did “anybody” include the female persuasion or were Lenny’s predilections confined to males? Just asking.

  7. Does the Latin temperament apply to Mestizos in Central and South America?

    When I look at history south of the border over the last 500 years, I see a pretty compliant population.

    Now, someone pointed out all the revolutions and coups in Latin America, but I wonder if that is just a function of an unstable population (too much diversity) rather than the temperament of the Mestizos themselves.

  8. Bubba says:

    Well, I guess opera in America needs to go back to all-male casting to avoid so-called sexual harassment issues. Maybe the castrati who will take over the women soprano jobs will be the beefy male-to-female transexuals that Steve has pointed out in the past.

    At least Placido will still sing in Europe and Russia. Good for him.

  9. Heynoknee says: • Website

    I guess this little instance of Domingo serenading opera fan The Notorious RBG will be memory-holed. Will Harvard rescind the honorary degree?

    • Replies: @Pericles
  10. Kronos says:

    First rule of becoming a Latin Lover:

    1) Don’t get old.

  11. Kronos says:
    @Dan Hayes

    That’s a good question.

    Actually, has any lesbians been caught up in #MeToo?

    • Replies: @Glaivester
  12. The one named accuser, soprano Patricia Wulf, said that he never touched her, but used to whisper in her ear backstage: “Do you have to go home tonight?”

    By all accounts, Domingo backed off when told explicitly to do so.

    Well I’m certainly horrified. Placido Domingo? Just like Ned Flanders after his “first–and last–blackberry schnapps”…more animal than man!

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  13. I never saw the late Luciano Pavarotti live

    A lot of people in Chicago never did– even though they had bought tickets:


    But now that [Domingo is] 78 he’s been Canceled.

    Nevertheless, Pavarotti will always be The King of Cancellations.

    By the way, “Placido Domingo” means, more or less, “lazy Sunday”.

    • Replies: @Andrey illyich
  14. @Dan Hayes

    Did “anybody” include the female persuasion or were Lenny’s predilections confined to males? Just asking.

    Arthur Laurents said Bernstein wasn’t really bisexual, but a “gay man who married”.

    Laurents, Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim, Jerome Robbins, Larry Kert. West Side Story was the product of a pentad of gay Jews.

    I like to be in America!
    O.K. by me in America!
    Everything free in America
    For a small fee in America!

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
    • LOL: Bubba
  15. Clyde says:

    Wow! Heather MacDonald can write! And has a first-rate mind as well.

    Yes indeed! I read the whole thing. Best part is, she writes that Placido Domingo still has engagements in Europe and Russia. The man got screwed in America but still has a career.

    • Replies: @Paleo Liberal
  16. Anon[213] • Disclaimer says:


    So apparently something big is happening with Brexit, and it looks like it will probably happen, with footnotes. Is that right?

    Can someone from the UK help me here: Brexit has generated so much derangement and Sturm und Drang that I though when it finally came to some sort of resolution there would be a Russiagate level acceleration of hysteria.

    And yet when I look at the left and right and center UK newspapers (as well as the WaPo and NYT), its just another daily news item. Why the sudden calm resignation on both sides?

    Are the winners not sure they won and the losers not wanting to acknowledge their loss? Is is a down-the-middle compromise that nobody is that excited or angry about. Or what?

    • Replies: @jim jones
  17. @vinteuil

    His nickname among opera fans used to be ‘topless’. Though maybe he was a high baritone or ‘short’ tenor (lacking security in the top of his range).

    On the other hand, male voices are far less… protean? pliable? than female voices so it’s much rarer to find male professionals who change voice category or who can consistently perform roles for a different voice category. Domingo first became well known in the opera world in the late 1960s IINM so that’s a very long time to sing out of his natural voice category.

  18. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    Another Latin lover was that practitioner of the other activity loved by Italians, Il Commendatore Enzo Ferrari. He sired several illegitimate kids from all accounts but only acknowledged one: he also had one legitimate son who died very young, Alfredo, known as “Dino”. Dino was used as the name of some race cars and was in essence Ferrari’s “off brand”, like LaSalle was to Cadillac or Bentley was to Rolls Royce after they bought the company. The 246 Dino nowhere bears the Ferrari brand, and rumor has it the 308 was originally planned to be offered as a Dino rather than a Ferrari.

    I bring him up because we will be seeing the movie, “Ford vs. Ferrari” in theaters shortly. Since (despite James Mangold directing) Debbie Harry is not in it, there is chance a certain slow-on-the-uptake blogger may actually review the film, insofar as it has many interesting implications (although they are best understood if one actually knows the real back story).

  19. @RichardTaylor

    It’s the ask, ask, ask from the manor that brings the Answer. Secondary cause, sexual licence ‘tween the Lord and the daughters or wives of the laboring.

  20. @RichardTaylor

    The only two times a man has tried to rape me, was when I was with two mestizos. One in his late 20s, the other early 30s, both quite fit, very masculine (could “pass as straight”), and clearly high testosterone. Wouldn’t take no for an answer, not in a Placido Domingo way but in a “pin you down and force their way in even if it bleeds” way. Since the second time, it became a pattern, and as a good pattern recognizer I avoid them ever since. White guys only for me.

  21. Advice for Latin Lovers: don’t get old. Women you slept with will decide that because you’re creepy old now …

    Sounds about right. That’s what must have happened.

    • Agree: Bubba
    • Replies: @Desiderius
  22. jim jones says:

    Boris cane up with a deal that seems to be acceptable to most everybody. Parliament votes on it today:

  23. probably the easiest way to give opera a try

    You’re welcome.

  24. El Dato says:

    NoSex&Safety crimes against WOMEN have no statute of limitations. He’s still raping them in his mind. WOMEN, JOURNALISTS and RESPONSIBLE MANAGERS can feel this from hundreds of miles away!

    An unwanted advance is not sexual assault, despite the fashionable conflation of the two. If persistent enough, such advances feel and may become harassing. But an alternative regime that puts the burden on the sexual petitioner to proceed only when certain of a positive reception would result in no sexual overtures at all, since such advances are, by definition, uncertain. It is doubtful that the average female would want to live in a world where males remain chastely aloof until overtly invited to engage.

    I don’t know. It would leave more time to look after the cats. And if necessary, there is always the quick gallantry of BLACK LANCELOT.


    Mark Hurd is dead: Oracle co-CEO, and ex-HP boss, dies aged 62 after stepping aside for health reasons

    His first run at chief executive [at HP] was both successful and short-lived. In that same year [2005], HP was sufficiently impressed with Hurd to name him the successor to Carly Fiorina [she was a right catastrophe] as CEO of the iconic American computing brand. [now very ex-iconic]

    By 2010, Hurd’s career took another, less pleasant, turn when allegations of sexual harassment were brought against him by Jodie Fisher – the model-and-reality-telly-star-turned-HP-greeter. Hurd, a married family man, abruptly resigned from his $17m-a-year post amid claims he repeatedly tried to awkwardly solicit Fisher for sex and fiddled his company expenses to hide dinners and other spending with her. When all was said and done, he was handed a $53m severance package to go on his way quietly.

    Hurd’s time in business purgatory would be short-lived, as rival tech boss and longtime friend Larry Ellison made a public show of snapping up Hurd and immediately appointing him as co-president alongside Safra Catz.

    • Replies: @Pericles
  25. Andy says:

    No, Spanish and Mestizos are quite different people – despite being in the US both covered under the the term Hispanic/Latino

    • Replies: @Uslabor
  26. From Heather Mac Donald’s piece, it seems this whole affair is based on outside reporters/investigators trying to drum up anonymous sources. Why did the investigation even start? Who benefits?

    My guess is that if reporters went after every public figure with similar behavior, we’d see several of these stories a day for years on end. So there is clearly down-selection. Who wanted to go after Domingo, and why?

    • Replies: @Forbes
    , @Anonymous
    , @Anon
  27. Bill P says:

    Wow, Heather’s bringing out the heavy guns on this one.

    Quillette’s pretty awesome. Go get ’em, Claire!

    This right-headed Anglo woman reaction to the metoo mass hysteria is going to make a difference, mark my words.

    It’s been a long time coming, but it always is.

  28. @Anon

    Opera also has a casting couch

    This is what I get for reading before I fully wake up, but I thought this said Oprah.

  29. Pericles says:

    Great Ginsburgs Ghost!

    Speaking of Ginsburg, how do SC clerks handle these things? Do they dress in black and perform puppetry of the solemnly seated remnants while reading the opinion* in a harsh, reedy voice?

    * (“Totally dictated by RBG!” “How do you mean?” “From beyonnnnnd!”)

  30. Pericles says:
    @El Dato

    … allegations of sexual harassment were brought against [Hurd] by Jodie Fisher – the model-and-reality-telly-star-turned-HP-greeter. … [he resigned] amid claims he repeatedly tried to awkwardly solicit Fisher for sex and fiddled his company expenses to hide dinners and other spending with her.

    To clarify, Jodie Fisher was not just a model but a Playboy model.

  31. Art Deco says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Arthur Laurents said Bernstein wasn’t really bisexual, but a “gay man who married”.

    People say stupid things. No need to recycle their stupidity unless it’s entertaining.

  32. The post-wall female can be an angry and bitter thing.

  33. Altai says:

    Now, someone pointed out all the revolutions and coups in Latin America

    Latin American countries tend to be highly unequal with an upper caste who display an extreme contempt for the poor, possibly mediated through the ethnic stratification. Thus we get these revolutions which seek to redress this but which have largely failed to ever break the back of the elite oligarchies there which reassert themselves through right-wing military coups to dislodge popular democratic regimes.

    Though much of the same kind of public corruption and narcissistic elites and a legacy of right-wing military coups against democratic regimes and popular revolutions can be seen in the recent histories of Mediterranean Europe.

    Though in both cases the elites in both Latin America and Southern Europe got outside help.

    • Replies: @Clyde
    , @Art Deco
  34. Glaivester says: • Website

    Technically a bisexual, but singer Melanie Martinez has been accused of rape of a woman (albeit a woman with a man’s name – Timothy Heller). As far as I can tell, there has been no legal action.

  35. @Dan Hayes

    The impression one gets is that Lenny was “Lenny-sexual” more than anything else — that is, he was an unimaginable egotist with incredible appetites and tremendous energy and charisma, and he simply wanted whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it, however he wanted it.

    It’s kind of interesting in retrospect to consider the incredible self-regard of the now-defunct American Century, if for example you try to soberly assess Bernstein’s career looking back, compared to the Olympian reputation he enjoyed during his life.

    Bernstein was a superb popularizer and educator of classical music, and his electric personality did much to enhance its impact. He was a very fine conductor, but that isn’t really quite as big a deal as some people make it out to be. As a composer he wrote two very good musicals (“West Side Story” is really quite good, but let’s face it, it isn’t earth-shattering), one so-so musical that has its moments (“Candide”) and his symphonic work is already mostly forgotten.

    In other words, his entire life’s work adds up to what Mozart might have gotten around to on a rainy Wednesday, before lunch. It might have taken Schubert all of Wednesday and Thursday, and Friday before breakfast. Perspective is a sobering thing.

  36. @Art Deco

    You don’t get quoted much do you?

  37. I saw an opera a couple decades ago that was so good that it had not one, but three fat ladies sing it out.

  38. Anon[351] • Disclaimer says:

    Advice for Latin Lovers: Make sure that before you get old, you save up enough money for a comfortable retirement in a Latin American country, where an old man with money can do as he pleases with the ladies.

  39. @Art Deco

    That it’s stupid is irrelevant to whether it’s true or false. It was evidence, valid or otherwise, in response to Dan’s question.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
    , @Art Deco
  40. @ThreeCranes

    My favorite insight of Heather MacDonald is about the post 9-11 role of the MacDonald’s Filet-o-Fish sandwich. Heather MacDonald was claiming that the concerns regarding torture of terrorist captive suspects was overblown, and her evidence for this was the use of the Filet-o-Fish sandwich in getting captives to talk.

    The Filet-o-Fish sandwich may be an acquired taste for many Americans, but apparently the guys held at Guatanomo Bay think it is really yummy. This gooey mixture of pollock, fry oil, mayonaise and a slice of what passes for cheese also meets Islamic dietary restrictions whereas something like a Big Mac may not and anything with both beef and cheese in it definitely does not.

    The story was that a MacDonald’s Filet-o-Fish was offered as a bribe if a person held at Gitmo was willing to talk. There was a “lawfare” restriction on offering a special food treat to one captive that was not also offered to everyone else. Even though the US claimed that the people being held didn’t deserve Geneva Convention treatment — they were there because they were deemed illegal combatants by the Convention at the time of their capture on the battlefield — we were following the Geneva Convention, at least regarding their treatment in prison camp.

    I other words, if a Filet-o-Fish was offered to one prisoner, it had to be offered to all prisoners, so if you were going to bribe a prisoner with one, this action had to get reviewed an cleared at the very highest levels. Heather MacDonald reasoned that if feeding a captive a fast-food sandwich was such a big deal, the claims of punishing prisoners to get information were suspect.

    Anyway, I always wanted to ask the counter clerk at MacDonald’s to “give me your Instrument of Enhanced Interrogation”, but I don’t think any of them would know what I am talking about.

  41. @Reg Cæsar

    More like “pleasant sunday”

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  42. I bought tickets to see Domingo in MacBeth at the Met before he got me-tooed. I’d seen him before in Il Trittico (sp?) and he had a wonderful stage presence.

  43. Down with Placidissimo! To the tune of “The March of the PC Sturmtruppen.”

    He was in fact a pushed-up baritone, but without the weight to qualify as a true Wagnerian heldentenor. He would have been an ideal Figaro in “Barber of Seville.” He recorded “Tannhauser”, “Siegfried” and “Tristan” but was intelligent enough not to go near either of these three roles on stage. Nevertheless, voice had enough weight to qualify him as the preeminent “Otello” of his generation. I write of his career in the past tense because, as Canio says in “Pagliacci”: “La commedia e’ finita” (“the comedy is over”)–like Domingo’s career. A pity things have come to this point.

    • Replies: @lysias
  44. @TheMediumIsTheMassage

    “The only two times?”

    Yikes. “Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me twice…you can’t get fooled again.” -W

    • Replies: @Prester John
  45. @Reg Cæsar

    The private lives of public figures are always exposed due to almost constant scrutiny. In consequence, almost any male Jew in public life is eventually exposed as being gay. So that leads me to wonder, as an amateur ethnologist, if a very high percentage of male Jews in the general Jewish population are gay (aside from the question of the percentage of Lesbians in the general Jewish population). The studies I have read, Arthur Koestler et cetera, indicate that the normal occurrence of homosexuality is about 2% in most populations. This raises two additional questions in my mind:

    1) How do Jews manage to keep their population stable or growing if a large percentage of the males are not interested in behavior that leads to reproduction?

    2) Is the high percentage of gay males in the Jewish population due to their well known tendency to inbreeding, especially among the Ashkenizim?

  46. @TheMediumIsTheMassage

    Non-degenerates find one time of a guy forcing his dick in you is plenty of a pattern to justify killing him.

    • Replies: @TheMediumIsTheMassage
  47. J.Ross says:

    >perfect gentleman, polite approach, accepts rejection without complaint, fighting, or restarts
    >this is the same thing as rape
    Why are men giving up on women, it is a mystery [cheap ghost graphic].

  48. J.Ross says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    It’s Art. Supply a video recording of Lenny holding up his Social Security card while outing himself in a neutral voice or concede defeat.
    [speaking of those people, going somewhere with the p & m, they have serious radio, or something, so there’s a whole echo chamber, I mean channel, of “Broadway,” and suddenly I feel the most unforgivable homohate, especially with the hosts, both of which are clearly men but one of which is named Christine. Patton the Wifeslayer hasn’t shown up yet but he would totally fit right in, especially to the Hammer-worthy list of things I would do to these people.]

  49. KR says:

    I used to be a bit … “disconcerted” that Marie Callas — the best female opera singer ever, in my wee opinion — was such a homely woman. In romantic roles, it was quite a stretch to imagine her male counterpart falling in love with her.

    Perhaps it saved her ?

    There are several recordings of Domingo and Callas singing duets on you-tube — fantastic.

    I attend the Met recordings of opera at the movie theater. They are live with interviews and cameras backstage during intermission. Usually, I’m the youngest one there, unless grandma brings her grandkids. And I’m in my fifties! Opera is a dying art form that appeals to a very small slice of humanity, a relic, perhaps, of musical times past.

  50. explorer says:

    I had a chance to be around Placido… He came across as a down to earth guy…. I remember one year at the Met. he came around to each department with drinks and sandwiches around Christmas time. His wife walked up to each of us with a tray of sandwiches and offered them to us…He walked around shaking hands….one thing I won’t forget, we had an older Cuban man on the crew and he asked Placido if they could sing an old spanish love song about their mothers….Placido agreed and they both sang their hearts out by the time finished they both were a little teary eyed… I’ll never forget the look on the Cuban man’s face, it was lit up…..he’ll never forget that.

    • Replies: @SFG
  51. @ThreeCranes

    Heather MacDonald noted the key connection between the anti-Domingo narrative (a proxy “warhead aimed at the edifice of a civilization deemed too male”) and Debra Katz.

    I-Steve readers remember Debra Katz as the attack dog/shill/Deep-State asset who spearheaded the attempt to derail Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

    MacDonald wrote that “Katz had failed to keep Brett Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court on behalf of another client, Christine Blasey Ford, so Domingo’s scalp must have been a welcome consolation prize. “

    Heather MacDonald nailed it.

    Here’s Debra Katz , who “professed the Me Too movement “must be a catalyst” for increasing and changing existing Title 7 laws” . . .

  52. Forbes says:
    @I Have Scinde

    Who benefits?

    The reporter and his/her career. Does the name Ronan Farrow come to mind…

  53. Art Deco says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    It wasn’t evidence except in the loosest understanding of the term. It was the personal opinion of someone who’d worked with Bernstein, and a manifestly dopey assessment for a’ that.

  54. Fwiw, a friend with a lot of in-person experience of opera’s backstage world has told me about Placido that 1) he was one of the most respectful, appreciative and courteous of all opera performers, 2) he was gorgeous, and 3) ambitious, hot young performer-gals were constantly throwing themselves at him.

  55. Rahan says:

    Thaat’s it. The Anglosphere should:

    1) Stop inviting any interesting performers over
    2) Fire all the good teachers and lecturers
    3) Give away all its “unjustly accrued art and archaeological items”
    4) Open its borders
    5) Pay gibs to anyone who’s colored, gay, trans, or retarded

    Once the opera halls and museums are empty, the schools and unis are all on Detroit levels, the economy has tanked, and the rundown infrastructure is overwhelmed by infinityPOCs, then, then true piety shall be achieved!

    Probably combined with forever bombings (from tired overused 1970’s planes) of some poor semi-Neolithic sods who are oppressing neighboring moderate terrorists for no reason.

    Since the US is in the alleged process of decoupling from China, perhaps now’s the time for China to do a quick “reverse-braindrain” campaign. After all, there’s a forest of cities there now…
    …in which one can have a normal middle class lifestyle, with pretty OK street safety, should one raise a family.

    Just hand out leaflets to demoralized US teachers, lecturers, cops, and firefighters—a few pictures, a few statistics, and with big bold letters: “WITH US ONLY MERIT MATTERS”

    Get the newcomers to sign a pledge to not try to subvert the state, society, or culture, and off they go. And those who start subverting, for example, the concept of family, or marriage, or patriotism, or gender—get the blackmark boot, like those with weed in their pee do now.

    In theory Russia and Eastern Europe could do the same, but a) their salaries are crap, and b) their universities are crap. But I suppose a cop or a firefighter or a school teacher looking for a normal affordable place to live, can also do much worse.

    I’m kidding, but who knows. If the GloboHomo crazies don’t get shown some boundaries—the reverse braindrain may indeed happen. Especially if demographic and transvestite level changes ensure no possible election victories in the coming generations.

    Why endure having chimps throw feces at you while you’re in a shootout with a robber, when you could be a cop or private security adviser in Slovakia and actually enjoy life instead?

    All that’s keeping them home is the hope that things will turn around. Let’s hope they’re right…

  56. Whiskey says: • Website

    The whole get rid of Placido Domingo movement was about POWER.

    Who has it? White women. Who does not? White men.

    Over and over and over again, everything shows that there is no end of ways in which White women are the enemy of White men, and will remain so until the social, cultural, financial, and economic power of White women is radically reduced (and don’t hold your breath for that).

    White women like Gays, Blacks, various other non-Whites have the Whip Hand over White men. And they will not spare the lash. White women have many, many resentments with White men (but not non-White men). Too beta, too boring, often too old. White women wanted Placido when he was 45, not so much at 75. White women are the eternal and natural enemy of the White man and should be considered and treated as such. Which means doing everything to reduce White women’s power, a bit at a time. Yes their power is like a mighty rock, but water can over time erode it. Fundamentally this means a change in attitude. Instead of the pedestalizing, placating, supplicating behavior that comes naturally to White men, treating White women as they are: feminist and “liberated” with all that entails, a combination of Andrea Dworkin and Miley Cyrus, can do much over decades to curb White women.

    Domingo was apolitical and his only sin was getting older and unattractive. Its always rape if it generates attention and sympathy for women. This includes a come-on decades ago. The solution: no attention and nothing but derision for women. This sort of stuff only thrives when men give it validation. And again, White men must recognize reality, outside female relatives White women are generally the enemy. They certainly declare and act like it at every opportunity. Don’t worry — a Brett Kavanaugh experience is coming to you, soon, if a woman wants your job.

    • Replies: @Prester John
  57. baythoven says:

    This derailing of him is disgusting. That said, I’ve also been somewhat disgusted by how he’s extended his singing career and has starred in all these choice Verdi baritone roles in his old age. What an egomaniac. And it’s a stain on the Met too, and other companies, that they choose star power over performance quality and opportunity for more deserving younger talent.

  58. Anonymous[277] • Disclaimer says:
    @I Have Scinde

    Reporters are utterly shameless in their attempts to dig up dirt on people they hate. I know someone who briefly overlapped with Brett Kavanaugh at Yale (but didn’t know him); he was getting e-mails from random Huffington Post muckrakers asking if he had any “information” on Kav. Clearly they were just scouring LinkedIn and alumni directories and mass emailing hundreds of Yale alumni in the hopes that one “anonymous source” would tell them Kavanaugh was a notorious rapist/racist/sacrificer of young children. That’s the level they work on.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  59. J.Ross says:

    Before porn star Mercedes Grabowski hanged herself, one of the angry storm of outraged xxxxxx tweets (responding to her criminally pointing out that gays don’t abide by industry safety standards) was a “journalist” innocently asking if she would comment on a story they were doing on homophobia. Journalists are regulars on the chans and often use the same passive-aggressive threatening questions. Some NPR “interviews” leave in exchanges that make clear their understanding of technique. Just think, if these self-righteous near-illiterate brats actually learned real journalism and turn in some real Robert hours, they would have the pull to do this kind of Rothkoing. As it is they just come off as creepy commissars in genuine Abercrombie & Fitch “worker’s hats.”

  60. SFG says:
    @J S Raggmann

    1) An increase in the gay population from, say, 2 to 10% would be enough to create a large visible number of gay men but have little impact on the population. And Jewish reproductive rates are overall pretty low due to urbanization, apart from the Orthodox.

    2) We don’t know the genes, so it’s hard to say. More likely the traditional Christian prohibitions on it don’t mean much to Jews, for obvious reasons. The Old Testament is very much against it (it’s Deuteronomy, not St. Paul, that advocates stoning men who have sex with men), but that has little impact on the media types you’re thinking of.

  61. SFG says:

    Doing a duet with Placido Domingo! That would have made any Latin American man’s month a few decades ago…

    • Replies: @explorer
  62. I tried looking in Google to see if Sesame Street has retired Placido Flamingo.

    Turns out the guy who did the voice for the Placido Flamingo muppet died in 1992, so the character has not been on the show for a long time. There were some old shots used in shows up to 1998.

    In other muppet news, Sesame Street denies that Ernie and Bert are gay lovers.

  63. Anon[567] • Disclaimer says:
    @I Have Scinde

    Reporters don’t care that much. This is simply ‘drumming up news,’ which they do to please the prejudices of their editors. Destroying personal reputations is the new muckraking, as opposed to attacking businesses for their evil deeds, which is what they did back in the days of Ida Tarbell. Businesses these days do most of their evil deeds in Chinese factories, which Western reporters find much harder to enter and investigate.

  64. Anonymous[128] • Disclaimer says:

    He even did Jackie Coakley on broken glass.

  65. Clyde says:

    About Latin America…… Look at how awful Venezuela is. It was a rich nation when the Euro-Elites were in power. LOTS of photos.

  66. explorer says:

    it was a few decades ago and my friend Orlando passed on awhile back……

  67. @Andrey illyich

    More like “pleasant sunday”

  68. @J S Raggmann

    …if a very high percentage of male Jews in the general Jewish population are gay

    Not sure where you derive this hypothesis. Not from Arthur Koestler; he was accused of being a rapist and a woman beater, but not a homosexual as far as I know. I’m half Jewish, and I’ve had more women than you’ve had hot dinners.

    There’s a reason homosexuality was called ‘the English disease.’ And there seem to be a large number of Irish homosexuals, too. But my opinion is that blacks have the highest rate. There’s a reason so many have AIDS, and it’s not because they are such voracious studs. It’s because many of them are ‘men who have sex with men,’ to use the hilarious phrase invented by the homo media to obscure the fact that AIDS really is the gay plague.

    Magic Johnson says he got AIDS because he had so many women, but look at his son FFS. Or his little pregame ritual when he and Isaiah Thomas would give each other a kiss. Weird.

    As for being “interested in behavior that leads to reproduction,” Jews have a slight interest in that behavior, if the pornography industry is any indication. And Israel is one of the few First World countries with above replacement-level fertility. If anything, Jewish men are oversexed, ie Harvey W and all the other Jewish #metoo pervs. Jerking off in a potplant, indeed.

    • Replies: @HammerJack
    , @Dan Hayes
  69. Anon[210] • Disclaimer says:

    I worked with both Domingo and Pavrotti in my time with SF Opera. Pavarotti, of course, had that incredible sound, but off stage, out of character, he seemed kind of a pudgy nebbish. Not that I knew either one of them beyond the opera house. But Domingo seemed the real deal, both on and off the stage. In my experience at SFO, different groups were rehearsed separately with the whole thing coming together at the dress/tech rehearsal (when suddenly, for example, what was a flat rehearsal space is now a mountain side and everyone is completely anonymous in costume and makeup). In a part of the opera Othello, I was in a group of powdered Venetian courtiers who had just arrived by ship when an angry, roaring Othello charges at us to send us back up the gang plank and back on the ship. We had done the scene with Domingo before, out of costume on a rehearsal space floor, and we were supposed to effetely cower in fear from the “brute”. But we needed no instruction now. In full costume and character, this WAS Othello and this was one scary dude who was coming straight at us. We literally ran into each other getting out of the way. Pavarotti had THE voice but Domingo was the character, and an awesome forceful personality.

    Btw, in my observation both were constantly hitting (lightly IMO) on the girls. But they were f**ing Italian opera singers, what else should one expect? :). “You, a one in 7 billion talent, must follow My rules! Cuz…”

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @IggyBiggy
  70. @J S Raggmann

    …their well known tendency to inbreeding, especially among the Ashkenizim?

    It’s the Sephardim who marry their nieces– legally, in Rhode Island. Emma Lazarus had an unrequited crush on her first cousin.

    I’m surprised some enterprising playwright hasn’t playwrought a good farce out of the case Matter of May.

  71. @Ghost of Bull Moose

    I’m half Jewish, and I’ve had more women than you’ve had hot dinners.

    Wow, a new benchmark in iSteve comment braggadocio! But just for the record, which half of you is the man whore half?

    • Replies: @Ghost of Bull Moose
  72. Meanwhile back at the ranch..

    Academics want sex robots capable of withdrawing consent.

    Researchers are calling for sex robots to be programmed with the ability to give and rescind consent, lest their human ‘partners’ become rape-crazed maniacs.

  73. Dan Hayes says:
    @Ghost of Bull Moose

    Ghost of Bull Moose:

    “a large number of Irish homosexuals”

    Citation(s) please.

    • Replies: @Ghost of Bull Moose
  74. @Dan Hayes

    Maybe they’re just loud. For years they were obsessed with marching in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in NYC, so every year the local news would feature various and furious Irish lesbians for about a week beforehand.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
  75. Art Deco says:

    Latin American countries tend to be highly unequal with an upper caste who display an extreme contempt for the poor, possibly mediated through the ethnic stratification. Thus we get these revolutions which seek to redress this but which have largely failed to ever break the back of the elite oligarchies there which reassert themselves through right-wing military coups to dislodge popular democratic regimes.

    There haven’t been many such ‘revolutions’. Successful insurrections in the last century have been mounted in just two countries, and, to a great extent, they were driven by the ambitions of a counter-bourgeoisie. The vast bulk of the coup activity derived from the inter-personal and factional disputes within the military (who, in turn, had affiliations with the country’s political parties). Emphasis on the past tense, as there hasn’t been a single sterling example of a civilian government dislodged by a military coup in nearly forty years.

  76. Oh boo freaking hoo a famous man made a pass at me. I’m such a lily-livered coward I couldn’t say anything until 40 years later but I was irreparably damaged by it, I really was. You must believe me because I have a vagina and emotional validation is my Constitutional right. Boo freaking hoo. Milo is right, feminism is cancer!

    • Replies: @IggyBiggy
    , @Joseph Doaks
  77. lysias says:
    @Prester John

    I have a DVD set of Lohengrin where I think Domingo does a great job of singing.

    • Replies: @Prester John
  78. lysias says:
    @J S Raggmann

    Many ancient Athenian men were homosexual, but almost all of them married and had children.

  79. @lysias

    I have that one too and agree with you. “Lohengrin”, like “Otello”, is a perfect vehicle for Domingo as
    it is set within his vocal comfort zone–not too high and not too low.

  80. @Anon

    I was really impressed by Domingo as Samson. It didn’t require a big suspension of disbelief.

  81. Back in the 1920’s, before Arthur Koestler became famous as a writer, he took just about any job that related to writing and helped him keep body and soul together. One of his jobs was editing an Encyclopedia of Sexual Behavior, or something like that, that was published by some institute in Germany. In editing the encyclopedia, AK read the results of the studies of that institute. That’s where the 2% comes from. I was a real AK fan many years ago, after I read “The 13th Tribe” and “Darkness at Noon”, and subsequently read almost every book he had published.

    You bring up some very interesting facts and the conclusions you draw are quite logical. However, other conclusions can be drawn.

    The British ruling class seems to be very inbred. So, I would expect various pathologies to arise from several generations of marriage to relatives. For hundreds of years, members of the royal class would be the only ones to have the wealth to travel abroad at will and be observed by people in other countries. They had the wealth and power to feel able to display whatever behavior they pleased at home and abroad. Some people will be somewhat restrained at home, but will behave differently away from home, where no one from their social and professional set is present to observe them (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas), If they exhibited a higher degree of homosexual behavior than people of the European continent, then the Europeans might be justified in thinking that flagrant homosexuality was an English disease.

    The Hasidim, according to studies I have read, are also highly inbred, almost as inbred as the Amish. So, one should expect the full array of pathologies associated with many generations of marriage to relatives. What percentage of present day Ashkenazim are descended form Hasidim ancestors?

    In your case, since you are “half Jewish”, you are the result of out-breeding, not inbreeding.

    Israel has a fair share of Arab citizens, most of whom are Muslims. Muslims tend to reproduce like rabbits. That tends to skew the average reproduction rate for the country as a whole. It is interesting to note that Hasidim in Israel also reproduce like rabbits, but not the more secularized Jews, again according to studies I have read. I usually retain the gist of what I have read, but usually don’t remember where I read the information. For information about Israel, I sometimes read Harretz; sometimes other Israeli online newspapers; sometimes dissident Israeli expat writers.

    As for Blacks, a very large percentage of male Blacks spend at least several years of their 20’s and 30’s, years of high sexual drive, in prison. See FBI statistics. Lots of sex in prison, just not the heterosexual kind of sex. Easy to catch any STD there, including AIDS. I wonder if after several years of sex with other men, do ex-cons continue with the same behavior out of force of habit?

  82. @Whiskey

    “The whole get rid of Placido Domingo movement was about POWER.”

    It’s what motivates the whole prog movement. Their worldview is abstract and devoid of any real “humanistic” content, notwithstanding all their crowing about how much they “care.”

  83. @Steve Sailer

    Another one of his signature roles, though I don’t think he sang it that often. Incidentally, I read somewhere that the late Ezio Pinza (of “South Pacific” fame) was quite a swordsman too. I don’t recall who the soprano was who said that she couldn’t keep his hands off of her during a performance of “Don Giovanni”–a comment supposedly echoed by other sopranos too.

  84. @Steve Sailer

    I was really impressed by Domingo as Samson. It didn’t require a big suspension of disbelief.

    It would be most entertaining to see him as Simpson. Though Pavarotti would have been even better.

    • Replies: @IggyBiggy
  85. baythoven says:
    @Steve Sailer

    I was too. Was in attendance in SF when he took on the role for the first time, 1979 I think. He was great. The Dalila, Shirley Verrett, not so much, unless you like the character hard as nails. There’s a great recording from a few years later — Domingo, Elena Obratsova, and Renato Bruson (the ideal Verdi baritone.)

  86. famous star musicians get chicks. duh

  87. @PiltdownMan

    He always had a slightly dorky people-pleasing affect that can get one in trouble with the ladies if one gets out of one’s lane. Like he may have been fat as a kid or something.

    He never had the easy self-possession of a Pavarotti or the hard-edged masculinity of many actual Latin Lovers.

    • Replies: @IggyBiggy
  88. Uslabor says:

    And yet we Spanish, Mestizos find more in common with each other than we do in the prevailing Anglo/Jewish culture that you, Andy, probably live in.

  89. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:
    @J S Raggmann

    Unscientific wild ass guess, over five, less than ten percent of Jewish males have had at least one homosexual encounter but their rate of real homosexuality is probably only double the average white rate, meaning maybe 2.5 to 3 percent maybe. The real rate of male homosexuality among whites of European descent is probably one to 1.5 percent of the population overall.

    Both homosexuals and Jews tend to congregate in certain cities that are centers for art, commerce, et al. So Manhattan and parts of LA will have very high numbers of both as opposed to, say, Omaha.

    Kansas City (KS/MO/JoCoKS)/Lawrence, KS has a relatively higher number of homosexuals than similar cities but not so much Jews, while in St. Louis and its environs (the city, county and adjacent white areas of Illinois) the opposite applies-substantially more Jews, average number of homosexuals.

    Homosexuals, male and female, are a very small minority in practice and transsexuals a even very substantially tinier number. They are significant because they are a tool for upending the society and when their usefulness ends the forces that promote, amplify, and mollycoddle them now will oppress them with equal vigor, but they don’t get that.

    Indeed in a thoroughly globalized, homogenized and pasteurized world, they’ll probably just be gotten rid of as an inconvenience.

    • Replies: @Hegar
  90. SafeNow says:

    A “biological imperative” exists for men to engage in what academics call “sexual signaling,” be it overt or covert. As a chess player, I learned that sometimes, as soon as I made my move, suddenly the position looked very different than it looked during the preceding period of careful calculation. The MeToo sea change has produced a similar result in sexual signaling behavior. The solution for White males in everyday life is to refrain from sexual/relationship signaling toward all women except those with firmly rooted traditional values. Domingo, like many others, lived in a society in which such women existed only rarely.

  91. Dan Hayes says:
    @Ghost of Bull Moose

    Ghost of Bull Moose:

    I agree with you that those shrieking Irish lesbians give banshees a bad name.

  92. Anon[210] • Disclaimer says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Yes, @baythoven mentioned Domingo also did Samson with SFO but not in ‘79, but in 80 I think? I remember the black body paint:). ‘79 was the world wide simulcast (first one ever?) with Pavarotti and (screeching:) Renata Scotto in La Gioconda.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  93. @Anon

    I thought the Chicago Lyric Opera’s early 1990s production of Saint-Saens’ “Samson and Delilah” with Domingo as Samson was the best of about 15 grand opera productions I’ve seen. Opera is this amazing career where being fat and old can be an advantage to vocal quality. Cecilia Bartholi has mentioned that she has this great job where her agent encourages her to sleep 9.5 hours per night and to order whatever she wants at a fancy restaurant every day.

    So you need to get used to performers on stage not being physically ideal for the roles they are playing because they are great singers.

    But Domingo, if he couldn’t sing, might have been an action movie star. He had the looks and charisma to do sword and sandal movies.

  94. Ranger says:

    If those managers had balls, these problems would be easily solved. Fire the women who complain, and fire the ones who complain about it. There are far more competent musicians than orchestra positions. The snowflake players obviously cannot do their jobs.

    Send out a press statement “when it comes to performances, between exceptionally talented individuals and mediocre dime-a-dozen musicians, we will always side with the true talents”.

    Then we will have good performances again, as artists stop fearing the feminist inquisition.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  95. Hegar says:

    From the story. So he slept with women. He hit on women, but stopped when they wanted him to stop. He kissed a woman on the couch, after she had followed him home, and then proceeded to the bedroom – and this is what she claims is harassment.

    The latest of the incidents allegedly occurred in the early 2000s; most dated from the 1980s and 1990s. Some of the accusers had had voluntary sexual liaisons with the singer, yet still asserted victimhood. An anonymous singer with LA Opera claimed that in 1998, after they kissed on his couch, he undressed her in his bedroom for a session of “heavy petting” and “groping.” A mezzo soprano in the chorus of LA Opera slept with Domingo in 1991 at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles and at his apartment. After those two encounters, she cut off physical contact. The one named accuser, soprano Patricia Wulf, said that he never touched her, but used to whisper in her ear backstage: “Do you have to go home tonight?”

    By all accounts, Domingo backed off when told explicitly to do so. None of the accusers alleged quid pro quo pressure to have sex in exchange for a role.

  96. Hegar says:

    Agreed, Anon. And the number of homosexual Jewish men is eight percent, by one study, so your estimate is correct.

  97. IggyBiggy says:

    Anon[224], I’ve heard similar rumors about Leonard Bernstein. Mercifully, he’s not around anymore to suffer this hideous American plague. He was a creature of spontaneity and a hunger for greatness. I suspect he also suffered some personality, emotional or mental disorders. A lot of geniuses were and are so afflicted and not enough of us take that into account, most especially the MeToo vigilantes.

    A casting couch in opera? Have you seen some of the sopranos and mezzos that show up sometimes? The couch would have to be fortified and the regie would have to like big butts and he cannot lie.

  98. IggyBiggy says:

    Desiderius, you touch on a very important aspect of Domingo’s personality that I’ve noticed as well. Each time I come across a new video of him being interviewed from very early in his career, the 60s, all the way up until today, I notice that he displays a child-like sweetness and unguarded open affection with those around him. Being a straight, macho man, he would lavish the women with his hand kissing, gentle embraces, and do the continental double cheek to cheek.

    The more and more I’d see him behave this way across the videos of him over the years, it started to dawn on me that it is possible that he has a few molecules of a disorder called Williams Syndrome.

    It’s the following characteristics that caused me at least to wonder and to give him the benefit of the doubt yet more firmly: a remarkable affinity for music, a very trusting nature even with strangers, superb hearing, and a strong tendency for being hug prone.

    Since he doesn’t have all the symptoms, and none of the physical characteristics I’ve read, that are observable at least, it would be understandable for it to go un-diagnosed.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  99. IggyBiggy says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Reg, you do know he “appeared” as a caricature of himself on the Simpsons… right? There’s a clip of it on yoothboob. Hilarious. It’s the episode where Homer fancies himself an opera singer. As a result millions around the world consider it one of their favorite notches in his belt.

  100. IggyBiggy says:

    ThreeCranes, no kidding. Outstanding essay. And that is what should have flowed from the heads of the American venues that cancelled him without a shred of evidence of any kind. I trust they’ve been sent the link to her article by now and if they have any decency, integrity and honor in them, they’ll hang their heads in shame and immediately start trying to fashion a way to compensate the great artist for their disloyalty and cowardice. I suggest they start by immediately reversing their horrible betrayal, making a public apology to his face and vowing to never, ever, cave to any witch hunt again.

    The best way to kill this nonsense at birth is to fully ignore it. Yes, just don’t respond to in any way, pretend you didn’t hear anything, no matter how loud they shriek. When they can’t get a rise out of you, they have nothing to use against you, they either try to up the ante or look elsewhere for attention. If we would all simply ignore them, all of us, most especially when the media starts trumpeting the claims, they’d very quickly drop it.

    The only time we should take abuse claims seriously is when the authorities investigate and refer it to a court for trial. Because then we’d know there was something to the accusation. The court of public opinion is never qualified to try the facts, nor even the rumors. And it never demands the accused be presumed innocent unless proven otherwise.

  101. IggyBiggy says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    Fidelios, LOL. Bang on. Milo is right.

  102. Anonymous[358] • Disclaimer says:

    That Carmen woman in Rosi movie is too ugly to be enchanting.

    She might have worked onstage, but the movie close up dispels any notion of a man crazily falling for her.

  103. I think Domingo sang about that a while ago, but then Verdi wrote about it around 100 years ago:

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
  104. IggyBiggy says:

    Steve, I like your take and I like your website. Think I’m gonna be a regular, your comment system is better than so many others, especially the very unpleasant Disqus.

    As a singer, he was a natural baritone forcing his way up to tenor roles, but unlike a lot of opera singers, he was a big rugged-looking guy who could act. If he couldn’t sing, he probably would have been a movie star in sword and sandal films.

    As a first time commenter, I’m going to agreeably and respectfully *clears throat* disagree with part of the quote.

    Domingo started out wanting to play the lead role in zarzuelas. In that art form (and in Russia, incidentally), the male leads were baritones, because that voice type sounds more virile, accomplished, in charge, yeah, macho. So the young and ambitious son of a father who he deeply admired and emulated decided he was a baritone.

    Fast forward to his audition at the Mexico Opera. He took sheet music for a baritone role, did his audition and jury members said to him “did you happen to bring any tenor music?” Well, no. So they dug up the sheet for “Amor ti vieta” from Fedora and asked him to try it. Having been a pianist over a dozen years by this point, and a very good sight reader, he plunged in and, though he cracked on the A, he nailed it. The jury told him he is a tenor and they offered him a contract to as so sing. He accepted and the rest as they say is history.

    His father sang the lead in their zarzuela company, as a light lyric baritone, which is actually analogous to a spinto tenor in opera. As an opera fan, I am sure you are familiar with the vocal qualities of Enrico Caruso and Jonas Kaufmann. Two tenors with baritonal weighted voices as well. While Domingo routinely acknowledged that he was not a straight out of the box, on brand tenor like say Pavarotti or Juan Diego Flores, he worked on making his voice as unique, accomplished and great as possible. Semi-tone by semi-tone, he has worked his whole career, with help from Marta, his soprano wife, and baritone Franco Iglesias, a long time family friend and zarzuela artist, to make his voice do his bidding until it became the allotrope, succulent, potent, ringing, plangent, soaring and chocolate velvet glory that has graced the globe with unforgettable beauty for over 40 years in the tenor repertoir. He had high B flats for days, no stretch. He could, and did, sing high C’s and he’s got a high D on record in the punishing I Vespri Sicilliani. But he wouldn’t sing such notes if they weren’t written, and he had no interest in mimicking Bjorling or Bonosoli, shameless show offs.

    Ok, that’s my student of Placido Domingo’s career bio excerpt of the day, I’m shutting up now. I hope I don’t sound snooty, I just wanted to impart some info that might be useful to some. I swear, compared to real operaphiles, I’m wet behind the ears.

    Many thanks for the post, you’ve a nice joint here.


  105. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    If those managers had balls, these problems would be easily solved. Fire the women who complain, and fire the ones who complain about it. There are far more competent musicians than orchestra positions. The snowflake players obviously cannot do their jobs.

    You can fire them but you better make it look like it had nothing to do with their complaints, at least on matters of harassment, or they’ll sue and wind up owning the company.

    I have worked for several companies whose management later admitted that when they fired someone it was almost always for a stated reason other than the real one, because that made it a lot easier to defend. People construct defenses against being held liable for stuff they actually did, so it’s better to blindside them with fictional bullshit. 99 out of 100 times it works out better and in the one case where your ruse blows up on you….you just have to pay what you should have anyway more often than not.

    • Replies: @Ranger
  106. Ranger says:

    Good point. The kritarchy has to be dealt with first, based on the Constitutional right of Freedom of Association.

  107. @ThreeCranes

    I can testify from personal acquaintance that she is a great American lady, loyal and true.

  108. @IggyBiggy

    He’s not actually very macho. He’s harmless. Women like a little (potential for) harm.

    • Replies: @IggyBiggy
  109. IggyBiggy says:

    Desiderius, that depends on how you define macho. In the Spanish and Mexican cultures, both of which he is a product of, being macho doesn’t mean being a player or a jerk, but rather a man of his word, honorable, chivalrous, courageous in the face of danger, who defends and provides for the women and children in his life. Some men use the word as a catch all term for men who are tough customers. For far too long, feminists have turned the word into a pejorative to knock down the status of the male nature.

    I know women who are attracted to bad boys and that again is a result of the feminist movement. Unfortunately, the feminist leaders didn’t teach women how to in fact handle such men so they wouldn’t end up suffering, they simply flattered them with “you can do anything you want, get out there and be fierce!” A terrible disservice to their demographic, IMHO.

    “Men’s greatest weakness is their facade of strength, and women’s greatest strength is their facade of weakness.” ― Warren Farrell, The Myth of Male Power

    • Replies: @Desiderius
    , @Art Deco
  110. IggyBiggy says:

    Anon[210], great personal story. I always enjoy hearing personal anecdotes from those who worked directly with him. And what you describe closely matches what I’ve observed from video footage, interviews, documentaries, tributes, biographies, and the making of backstage bonus segments tacked onto DVDs of his movies and live filmed opera stage performances. Domingo and Pavarotti are worth a million anonymous accusers, or MeToo vigilantes, or gullible sympathizers, or feminazi lawyers who hunt rich men (Debra Katz).

  111. @IggyBiggy

    There’s more to it than the two options you’ve identified, and you’ve really idealized the meaning of macho out of all recognition. Women are instinctively drawn to men strong enough to defend them and their progeny. That requires doing harm to those who would harm them.

    Harmless men can’t. It’s no more complicated than that. Pre-moral.

    • Replies: @IggyBiggy
  112. Art Deco says:

    I know women who are attracted to bad boys and that again is a result of the feminist

    Don’t think so.

    • Replies: @IggyBiggy
  113. Anon[172] • Disclaimer says:

    Wow, how are there no comments from Jack D yet?

  114. IggyBiggy says:


    Being part Latino, I think I have a handle on the topic.

    Read here (spaces added to de-link until I learn the rules here for posting links in comments):
    ht tp://www. mexica. net/literat/macho.php

    Most women value strong men, but strong =/= bad boy.

    You familiar with the Socratic Method?

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  115. IggyBiggy says:
    @Art Deco

    Art Deco,

    Here’s Stefan Molyneux making a case I found agreeable (spaces added to de-link until I learn the rules for posting links):
    ht tps://youtu. be/Fyf5GGNEpjI

  116. @Cloudbuster

    Sure, but 1) he was easily 3x stronger than me, 2) I’d rather not go to prison, where more of the same might happen.

  117. @Jim Don Bob

    Nothing dramatic. In both cases he just stopped shortly after (maybe realizing he made a mistake) and then I just got dressed and left feeling dazed. I suspect that’s how most “hook up rapes” happen. I’ve never told anybody offline.

  118. @IggyBiggy

    You’re the one who brought up the bad boy concept. That has nothing to do with it. Trump isn’t badder than Romney, he just has a functioning set of balls.

    Likewise Pavarotti was self-possessed in a way Domingo isn’t.

    • Replies: @IggyBiggy
  119. IggyBiggy says:

    Desiderius, so you didn’t read the link. Ok, well then, have a nice day.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  120. @IggyBiggy

    So you we’re in agreement. Apologies for not reading the link.

    On a related note:

    “this new, energetic and popular form of the right is a Latino movement, and it is the future.”

  121. @Peripatetic Commenter

    I saw Matthew Polenzani sing that twice at the Met last year. Going to see him in La Boheme in two weeks.

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