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NYT: "Coaching Stars to Avoid a ‘Racist Against Whites’ Moment"

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From the New York Times, welcome news that black movie celebrities like Spike Lee are being gently coached to avoid saying things that are “racist against whites.”

Coaching Stars to Avoid a ‘Racist Against Whites’ Moment
The Carpetbagger

… Concerns peaked after Charlotte Rampling, the British best actress nominee from “45 Years,” told a French radio station last month that talk of a boycott was “racist against whites.” Her publicity team, aghast, quickly went to work, and Ms. Rampling said that her words had been misinterpreted (even though that is what she had said, verbatim) and that “in an ideal world every performance will be given equal opportunities.” But for fellow nominees, she served as the most cautionary of examples: Don’t be like Charlotte. Or Julie Delpy, or Michael Caine, two other non-American actors who found themselves in hot water after weighing in. Ms. Delpy said Hollywood was easier on black people, and Mr. Caine said black actors ought to be patient. Ms. Delpy apologized for her comments; Mr. Caine did not.

Oh … sorry … I got that backwards.

It’s not that black celebrities are being advised to not say things that are “racist against whites,” it’s that white celebrities are being coached to not say that statements by blacks that are racist against whites are “racist against whites.”


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  1. says:
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    It never ends.

    Everyone says the OTHER person is ‘racist’ when I’m the only true race-ist.

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  2. Steve,

    This is not really related to the topic but you never have open threads so I have to post it here. The link “Taking Race out of human genetics” may be of interest to you.

    if the link does not work, try

    Apologies if you have seen this before.

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  3. says:
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    By what metric do we judge black vs. white actors? We can say that a black man runs faster than a white one in a head to head foot race.

    Do we now have to have ‘acting races’ between Meryl Streep and Viola Davis?

    I am sure there are many blacks out there who are very good actors but who are just simply not being cast by anyone.

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  4. 2015- if you think racism isn’t a problem anymore, then you’re racist

    2016- If you think racism can be done against whites, then you’re racist.

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  5. Michael Caine doesn’t care. He’s in his 80s. He could retire tomorrow.

    The undercurrent of this of course is the Oprahization of society, which in turn is fed by female consumerism. Without much of the public content of daily life filtered through the prism of selling stuff to young White women, this society would be far more pro-White and far less indulgent of anti-White behavior.

  6. i’d say eff the blacks, except, well, the UN predictions. so… i got nothing. sucks to be my kids.

  7. No they are not . What the f**k do you think ? Do you think that the “The cultural winds” will shift by the grace of the dead white gods ? Or your simple passive will . No , take up the gun white man and don’t just defend what you still have but spill the blood of our enemies and the breeding females and the little brats with their cute dirty faces . Aren’t our children’s faces cuter ?

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  8. Maybe BCOCM* will finally kill off the Oscars. Hollywood’s interest in the whole thing seems to have died. No one wants to host, the have to fill the seats, etc.

    *Black Celebrities Oscar Chances Matter.

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  9. You know Sailer while you blather on and run your mouth about free speech and post your limp dick fish bait , get your panties off topics . For all your over educated fuckwit fans who will save us ?
    certainly not any of these unarmed pussies . Can hot air and the great billowing bags of gas help us ? I think not .

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  10. I am sure there are many blacks out there who are very good actors but who are just simply not being cast by anyone

    Well, you have Ta-nehisi Coates’s performance as an intellectual, as well as Malcolm Gladwell’s. And don’t forget H. Barack Obama’s eight-year run in the live version of West Wing

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  11. Ms. Delpy apologized for her comments; Mr. Caine did not.

    Caine is notoriously one of the hardest-working stiffs in show biz. Seems likelier than most Hollywood types to notice where apologizing gets you in this context. That, and being old enough to no longer give a damn.

    I am sure there are many blacks actors out there who are very good actors but who are just simply not being cast by anyone.


  12. 2015- if you think racism isn’t a problem anymore, then you’re racist

    I have noticed that one Bill C’s alleged sex crimes are getting a lot of attention, while the other Bill C’s are ignored.

    Almost all the victims of both are white. But only one Bill is. Coincidence?

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  13. All these French celebrities expressing insensitive remarks about American Blacks?

    Didn’t Mr. Genius T. Coates move to France to escape the awful microaggressions of American style racism?

    Why the devil didn’t he go to some place run by black colored folks? Like Sub-Saharan Africa or Haiti?

    Perhaps he wants to bring the good news about white guilt and black supremacy to Europe.

    Not just Genius T Coates, but also Evangelist T Coates…

  14. It’s also impossible for Hollywood writers to create interesting complex characters for black actors. Any complexity or weakness is too much for the hair-trigger indignant industry complex. Put a black actor in an interesting role with moral challenge or failure and the cries of racism will make the producers regret it no matter how good the performance or how Oscar worthy the story.

    What black actors are left with are the most shallow and facile Manichean “hero” roles. No tragedy allowed.

    Denzel W. won an Academy Award for his role in Training Day. That was one bad ass dude and a bad ass performance truly worthy of recognition.

    • Agree: Desiderius
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  15. Good point. Film makers are treading on eggshells when choosing roles for blacks. They end up with safe and bland parts that carry no risk of controversy about “stereotyping”. It’s a brave casting director who’d give the role of Hannibal Lecter or Anton Chigurh to a black actor.

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  16. It does end….with people killing each other.

  17. Why are white females so antiwhite?

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  18. I say a lot of the spellbinding black racism depends on Obama being the president. Once he is out (Jan 2017) and ANY Republican gets in, you will see the assertive black racism and triumphalism drop by 80%. White ethnomasochism will also take a dive.

  19. Why are white females so antiwhite?

    Short term thinking and sexual pleasure or at least the illusion of it. Over sane family formation with a steady white provider. Females are more subject to popular fantasies the current culture/mass media thrusts onto them. In this case that a black man is better for you.

  20. Oh keep this going!

    I have nothing but hope that the Oscars will be relegated to the dustbin of irrelevancy once they go all-black, all-the-time.

    There’s nothing quite like the sight of a snake eating itself.

  21. Interesting.

    Has anyone done a racial tally of actors playing the characters of “God” and “President of the United States”?

    Both roles seem immune to criticism (as “racist”), both roles are relatively small parts, and both roles don’t require much dynamic range (unless the movie is actually ABOUT the president).

  22. Lmao I love how Sailer censors my comments for calling Tanehisi Coates ugly but he approves comments that call for initiating an all out race war.

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  23. I don’t know that to be true. Technically not “Hollywood” I guess, but the black characters on Orange Is The New Black are just as complex and flawed as the other characters.

  24. Well that depends on if there was a black “good guy” in the film as balance.

    What we are unlikely to see for the foreseeable feature is a film of significance in which a black person is a major villain while all the heroes are white.

  25. You guys nailed it. The most interesting character/best role in most recent films is that of the villain. Hollywood hasn’t cast black actors as villains for the past 30+ years because racism…. or something. This “soft bigotry of avoiding stereotypes” has deprived countless black actors an opportunity to shine.

    Irony is funny.

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  26. Very little of the public outrage racism industry is aimed at actually making things better for American blacks.

    • Agree: Desiderius
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  27. Blacks cannot be racist by definition.

    The current newspeak does not have a word for hate or hostility against whites,
    that’s why we need to create a word.
    You could say the lack of such a word is the proof that it doesn’t exist and if we don’t create it, it won’t exist in the minds of the people. They cannot articulate it.
    Saying blacks are racist sounds ridiculous and can be easily refuted through its definition.

    Blacks cannot be racist, but they are something similar, something I can’t describe with a single word.

    I said it before, Steve you have the power to establish such a word, because people will listen to you. You could ask for suggestions to find a good one.

    Words have power and if we can’t even exert that power we show that we really are losers.

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  28. They cite noted population geneticist W.E.B. DuBois as an authoritative expert.

    The authors of that article wish to study the Descent of Man while ignoring the descent part.

  29. Because of rising significance of Asian markets black window of opportunity in mainstream cinema might be closing shortly after it opened. So they make noise to stay relevant, but soon Jet Li and Iko Uwais types will replace guys like Denzel and Will Smith.

  30. Training Day(2001), Titus(1999), Unbreakable(2000), Just Cause(1995), Kingsman(2014), there are probably more.

  31. Is Malcolm Gladwell black? I thought he was just ugly.

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  32. says:
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    Most of this flagellation of whites is being conducted by a certain segment of the white population itself which have assumed the role of being justice warriors and are out to police everyone else. By themselves blacks have little power and could be ignored. They could be told simply that everything is on a merit basis and that they’d have to perform in order to place rather than being lazy and just expecting to get things through the quota lottery. The SJW types have actually harmed black progress by having everything on some racial patronage-quota system. Instead of working harder blacks have gotten the idea that things are simply given out and they need to just line up for them, discouraging motivation. Groups create their own images and stereotypes by their actions. What we have here is one group-primarily whites- trying to artificially create a public image for another group-blacks- by portraying them in movies, television shows, commercials as being genius doctors, visionary scientists, hero cops, and so on, all in contradiction to everyday observed reality. Has any other group been the beneficiary of such a massive PR campaign?

  33. Speaking of raaaaacism, The Martian got to Redbox this week so I rented it and watched it last night. Good story, realistic special effects, Matt Damon was good, but a bit long at 2:20.

    But what kind of spoiled it for me was the relentless PC casting: the Mission director was black, the head of the Probe team looked like a Hawaiian, and had a guy who looked like a Pakistani. Then there was a Hindu, and the commander of the mission was Jessica Chastain, a red head who looks like she is about 23 and weighs 95 pounds. Did I mention that there was another female on the mission, and a guy named Gonzalez? FFS, they had everybody but a Caitlyn Jenner and a babe in a burkha! No white guys with crew cuts and pocket protectors, no sireee.

  34. The only organization that is attempting to make things better for blacks is Dr. Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. Every other organization has a vested and profitable interest in keeping the majority of the black population as dependent as possible.

  35. The stance of Times reporter Cara Buckley brings to mind a two-day-old comment by “vinteuil”. He or she excerpted passages from a 2009 essay by Mencius Moldbug, A Gentle Introduction….

    Excerpting the excerpt:

    Let’s say you… wanted to take America back to the past and establish a new order of hereditary nobility… First, we need to define noble status. Our rule is simple: if either of your parents was a noble, you’re a noble… And nobility remains a biological quality – a noble baby adopted by common parents is noble, a common baby adopted by noble parents is common…

    The basic quality of a noble is that he or she is presumed to be better than commoners. Of course, both nobles and commoners are people. And people do vary. Individual circumstances must always be considered. However, the official presumption is that, in any conflict between a noble and a commoner, the noble is right and the commoner is wrong. Therefore, by default, the noble should win.

    …Commoners and nobles will inevitably come into conflict. Our goal is to settle these conflicts, by default, in favor of the noble. For example, if a business must choose whether to hire one of two equally qualified applicants, and one is a noble while the other is a commoner, it should of course choose the noble. The same is true for… any other contest of merit. Our presumption is that while nobles are intrinsically, inherently and immeasurably superior to commoners, any mundane process for evaluating individuals will fail to detect these ethereal qualities – for which the outcome must therefore be adjusted.

  36. Is Malcolm Gladwell black? I thought he was just ugly.

    In Christian morality, it’s ok to hate sin and moral wrongs. The anti-white racial animosity directed at the movie awards is sin and should be hated.

    Gladwell’s pop social science books have some bad ideas that should be criticized.

    But criticizing the man’s looks is petty, unproductive, and wrong. I don’t think Gladwell is ugly by 50-something academic standards, but even if he was, it’s would be wrong to hate on him for it.

  37. Women need room in their imaginations to respond to their own fears, anxieties and desires. They need room to imagine themselves with black men (even though they rarely marry them) and they need to imagine themselves as open-armed mothers of the world (brown immigrants welcome! especially with children, even if white women are determined to be career women who have someone else take care of their children).

    When mean white men give them factual information, it’s difficult for them to use their fantasies as they need to. And that makes them upset. And betas give in.

    And don’t forget that the struggles of women against patriarchy and the struggles of blacks against slavery are intertwined in America. Anti white means against patriarchy (men in control) and against slavery, which women imagine applies to themselves as well.

  38. Maybe we should adjust acting performances for racial factors like baseball players have their state adjusted for ballpark factors. Like how it’s more impressive to have an OPS of .900 while playing in San Diego than Colorado.

  39. People were saying both of those back in 1990.

  40. I keep hoping that so-called minorities will get their wish, where the top-line often appears to be, “we want our own stuff, and YT can stay the hell out of it.”

    Imagine a USA in one of these conditions:
    1. 100% PoC
    2. 100% YT

    In which one are nuke plants melting down? Rivers choked with refuse and waste? Streets crumbling, water mains breaking, bridges falling down, and people starving in the street? In which one is every street corner a shooting gallery (until the ammo runs out, wherein reversion to spears takes place?)

    Give every self-identifying group their own land. Put up high walls because they make for good neighbors.

    Shoot every sumbitch who tries to circumvent said walls uninvited, and eject anyone who attempts to invite any of the other’s individuals to overstay but a brief (invited) visit.

    I don’t much appreciate the rhetoric of hate.
    If you hate me, then stop using the political system to take my stuff. Create your own. If you can. If you can’t, then tough tiddlywinks.

    I don’t need you. If you need me, then you’d better get used to being polite to me, or one day soon I’ll tell you to leave me alone and reinforce my preference physically if forced.

  41. That has nothing to do with race and everything to do with power.

    Unless you’re a racist, then you would claim it has to do with race.

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  42. The current newspeak does not have a word for hate or hostility against whites, that’s why we need to create a word.

    How about leukophobia, the fear of whites?

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  43. You know if I was Rip Van Winkle awaking today and you told me that the President of the USA identifies as black, his two Attorneys Generals, past and present were black, most of his Cabinet was black, major cities across America were run by black mayors, council people and School Boards and black people were always finding a racist component in everything., I think I would call you a liar.

  44. Insulting Hillary or Merkel is also off-limits. They’re neither stupid nor bovine. Never. No ageism allowed either.

  45. We used to go to the moon and stuff.

    This sort of stuff is what our culture spends its cycles–and dollars–on now.

  46. Lookism raises its ugly head.

  47. I just saw Gone Girl on Netflix with my girlfriend and another couple. Tyler Perry played a lawyer, and my buddy’s wife said he was so great, and I had to ask why she thought he was so great. She said it was simply because she could understand what he was saying, unlike most black actors.

    We degenerate the parameters for minorities. Black actors are proof Heinlein’s expression: it’s not how well the bear dances, but that it dances at all.

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  48. Training Day(2001), Titus(1999), Unbreakable(2000), Just Cause(1995), Kingsman(2014), there are probably more.

    Just Cause? You high? He was the hero.

    Unbreakable is a pathetic example. He spent five seconds at the end playing a villain. He was a poor cripple in a wheelchair for the rest of the film.

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  49. Which brings me to my next point, don’t smoke crack.

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  50. Blacks cannot be racist by definition.

    If some pomo Studies prof told you to jump in a lake, would you?

    Alternatively, one could scrap the whole idea:

    Perhaps as alternatives to the whole racism business emerge, those who’ve lately made a killing in that business will become motivated to return to a more reasonable, and marketable, definition.

  51. Heinlein’s expression: it’s not how well the bear dances, but that it dances at all.

    The original quote AFAIK was from Johnson remarking on women preachers.

    By and large the subsequent centuries have borne him out.

  52. It is good but it’s too long. I prefer a shorter word.

    Here are some words created by a word generator
    Micarnism – Micarnic
    Vauntism – Vauntic
    Hybovism – Hybovic
    Limatism – Limatic
    Exuatism – Exuatic
    Felitism – Felitic
    Adurism – Aduric
    Esconism – Econic
    Avolism – Avolic
    Hetanism – Hetanic

    Readers can vote here

    The Definition:
    Hate, hostility or dislike for white people, countries, behavior or culture.

  53. There is some residual fear of whites, and especially of Jews called “white” due to fear of Jews, but most racist non-whites despise whites more than fear them. That’s why it is claimed to be injustice when whites occupy positions of power and/or merit.

  54. So donut, I guess you’re a man’s man (i.e. tough guy, not gay). What’s the plan? Lead us forward!

    • Replies:
  55. Women?

  56. Cosby had as much power as Oprah once.

    I’m just pointing out that this would be a prime instance of “white privilege”, if such a thing existed. Same with high-standard concealed carry permits. And low-wage immigration.

    But the privilege pimps fall silent when you bring these up.

  57. So donut, I guess you’re a man’s man (i.e. tough guy, not gay). What’s the plan? Lead us forward!

    Soon as he’s done freebasing.

  58. Sarah Silverman said about Gibson’s police encounter a decade or so ago: “Jews love when this happens. People think we’re all sad and upset, but really it allows us to say ‘Look! See? Antisemitism is real!’” Similarly, the more Gates outbursts, Duke Lacrosse fiascos, Tawana Brawleys etc. occur, the better.

    This is off topic, of course, because our elite doesn’t see or care when it’s about to stick it’s foot in its mouth. Obama eventually learned, but it took a while.

    • Replies:
  59. A link to Silverman’s statements:

  60. Come on faggot I ran heroin up in my arm and it was nice . I was in love with that shit but like everything else it went way wrong . That’s over now and all that’s left is the disgust that I feel for what I did . So here I am listening to you kikes and while the other posters step around the issue I won’t .

    Because I want to keep it real Goddamit!!!!!!!

  61. Agree to agree. Not to take anything away from Denzell’s well deserved acclaim in Training Day 2001, but he was more of an “it’s complicated” anti-hero than an according to Hoyle villain.

    Regardless, even if we accept Lex’s 20 years worth of examples, they’re still the exception that proves the rule.

  62. PiùI wonder how many more decades will have to pass before blacks stop demanding special treatment?

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