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Norm Macdonald's Not Stupid
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  1. njguy73 says:

    “We could have saved the earth, but my wife just had to have the Range Rover.”

  2. ricpic says:

    Okay, I’ll bite — who are “the smart people?”

    • Replies: @BB753
    , @24AheadDotCom
    , @Svigor
  3. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    His tweet didn’t display in the post, but maybe it will here.

    Norm has also been one of Roseanne’s few celebrity defenders. Apparently she’s thinking of signing off on a Roseanne-free spinoff of her show. She should tell them to piss off and create a new show with Norm.

  4. fnn says:

    Mob of Lewiston, Maine Somalis beats a white man to death:

    Well, it was white men who imported the Somalis (and gave them food and medicine to explode their population).

  5. Neoconned says:

    Whatever happened to Norm? I remember he had some semblance of a career til the early 2000s….

    Didn’t he act in 1 of the recent KFC channels as Col. Sanders?

    • Replies: @PaceLaw
    , @MEH 0910
    , @MEH 0910
  6. Anonymous[241] • Disclaimer says:

    Nell Scovell (born Helen Vivian Scovell; November 8, 1960) is a television and magazine writer, and producer. She is the creator of the television series Sabrina the Teenage Witch

    • Replies: @Dillinger
  7. So confusing, who gave white men all the power? POC?

    • Replies: @Stan Adams
    , @Dave from Oz
  8. Tiny Duck says:

    Everyone aside from white makes agree that white males cause all thecworkds problems

    That tells you something right there

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  9. jb says:

    OT, but this article from The Atlantic might be of interest: An SAT for CEOs.

    Executive summary: timed intelligence tests are useful for evaluating high level management candidates.

    Human interest angle: black billionaire Robert Smith enthusiastically endorses the idea.

    Although not mentioned by name, Griggs is alluded to.

  10. Somewhat OT:

    I was looking over a local performing-arts calendar for this fall and stumbled upon this little gem. It’s scheduled for fifteen consecutive performances in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

    Thursday, October 11 – 7:30 PM
    A World Premiere play by award-winning playwright and Zoetic Stage co-founder Michael McKeever. It’s 1897, and Jonathan Harker and his fiancée Mina Murray are welcoming Count Dracula from Transylvania. From that point on, nothing is what you’d expect it to be. Using Bram Stoker’s novel as starting point, McKeever has reinvented the Gothic horror tale and – taking a feminist point of view – created female characters that not only stand up to the title character, but eventually overcome him. Breaking the mold of what a Victorian “lady” should be, the women in this DRACULA are strong, determined and unwilling to play victim to any predator. A very modern take on a classic story.

    This is the playwright:

    His dozens of plays have dealt with subject matter ranging from the prejudices of small town America to the lives of French impressionists to “philosophizing drag queens” and the “world’s ugliest stripper.” They have toured all over America and Europe, and garnered him a slew of awards–three Carbonells, four Curtain Up awards, and three Florida Individual Artist fellowships. He is the recipient of a residency grant at the New Theatre, and has been a three-time finalist for Humana Fest’s prestigious Hedieman award.

    If you’re surprised that a white guy with blue eyes is allowed to accumulate so many “prestigious” awards in this day and age, keep in mind that he has gay privilege:

    McKeever lives in Davie with his husband, Stuart Meltzer, who is also a playwright and a director.

    “Gay privilege” is officially Not a Thing, but it’s a powerful factor in the creative world.

  11. Forbes says:

    Norm Macdonald’s Tweet isn’t funny, at all. Wasn’t he known as a comedy writer? I recall him appearing on SNL back in the 20th century.

    Are we supposed to take him as a serious commentator now? Or as an indicator of the deranged, mentally unstable, self-hating SJW left..

    • Replies: @anon
  12. @Buffalo Joe

    The Wakandans. They were doing it for the lulz, but things got out of hand.

    • LOL: Abe
    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  13. PaceLaw says:

    Norm had a standup special on Netflix last year which was hilarious! You should check it out.

  14. White men are so stupid. But its not their fault that they are so stupid.

    Pray tell, if they are stupid then who is not?

    The danger comes when you take the stupidest people on earth, white men, and give them all the power. Now, that is truly stupid.

    Are/were white men all powerful?

    Maybe the stupidest decision the smart people ever made.

    Who are these smart people who took this decision, Mr Macdonald? Do you want to tell us?

    Summing up: not funny, not bright. I’m sure he’ll eventually claim it’s irony, or maybe Brittish humour.

    • Replies: @Frank McGar
    , @jsm
  15. L Woods says:

    State police say 38-year-old Donald Giusti died Friday afternoon in Central Maine Medical Center. His friends say it’s a sad day, but a sign that more needs to be done to clean up the city.

  16. snorlax says:

    OT/white Hispanics:

    Mexican fans celebrating their goal against Germany inside the stadium in Moscow:

    And watching on screens in Mexico City:

    • Replies: @Stan Adams
    , @dr kill
  17. Gee, I wonder what Nell Scovell’s ethnic background is. Wikipedia won’t tell me.

    P.S. This. There’s now a furious debate in the replies as to whether Norm is or is not “alt right”. LOL.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  18. El Dato says:

    Take this quote

    [Y]ou have to make the good out of the bad because that is all you have to make it out of.

    from Robert Penn Warren’s All the King’s Men, feed it through a Progressive Brain in full decay and that’s what comes out.

    Or maybe I’m mistaken.

  19. Norm is a master troll and one of the funniest comedians out there. Here is a bit of SJW trolling mastery:

  20. I love Norm. On his podcast/comedy show he drops some serious stoic gems of wisdom from time to time. Somebody who didn’t get caught up in fame. He knows the deal and how to wrap himself in the Narrative:

  21. @snorlax

    In Mexico, “white flight” means that only pale Conquistador descendants can afford trans-Atlantic airfare.

    Silly mestizo, plane tix are for blancos!

    • Replies: @Janus
  22. MEH 0910 says:

    Norm’s done some voice work:
    (NSFW bleeped language and humor)

    Mike Tyson Mysteries – Best of Pigeon Season 3

    Mike Tyson Mysteries – Best of Pigeon Season 3 Part 2

  23. @ricpic

    Pretty much anyone who isn’t a conservative-leaning white male who doesn’t belong to a favored subgroup. Conservative-leaning females are also in the dumb group.

    For a tangible example, Trump has publicly supported amnesty since August 2015. His first plan was like the Flake-Gutierrez amnesty. His fans never caught on to that or if they did they smeared the messenger. Even when he was openly colluding with Pelosi and even when he almost got tricked into giving Feinstein what she wanted, his fan club stuck by him and invented fantastic tales about 247 dimension chess.

    All along, all they’ve had to do was demand better. Exactly like blacks do of their leaders, Hispanics do of their leaders, and on and on.

    It’s a combo of mental issues and emotional issues. If they were animals in the forest they’d be lunch by now.

    I’m sure Trump fanboys and fangirls will disagree in the form of smears and so on: that’s also part of their panopoly of pathologies. Instead, I have a challenge for them: detail how to back Trump off amnesty. I know how to do that and I’ve posted it here many times. Now I want to hear from the critics. Either present a plan to make Trump back off amnesty, or admit you want amnesty as much as Pelosi does.

    • Replies: @Yojimbo/Zatoichi
  24. Chase says:
    @Jim Don Bob

    If White men are so stupid, how did they amass all the power to wield it so terribly?

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  25. MEH 0910 says:

    Norm Macdonald Has a Show: A Netflix Original

    Comedian Norm Macdonald hosts this talk show with celebrity guests, unexpected conversation and a behind-the-scenes view into Norm’s world.

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  26. MEH 0910 says:

    • Replies: @Malcolm X-Lax
  27. AndrewR says:

    I looked up this Scovell female. She created one of my favorite late 1990s shows – Sabrina the Teenage Witch. This is a sad day for me…

  28. Anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

  29. MEH 0910 says:

  30. Svigor says:

    That’s the joke. SJWs are supposed to nod, and nod, and nod, then retweet & amplify, then read the last sentence and go, “wait, what?” and never quite get that they were played.

    • Replies: @Anthony Wayne
  31. vinteuil says:
    @Jim Don Bob

    It’s a zen kōan, dude.

    You’re not supposed to get it.

  32. I like Norm MacDonald, especially after listening to some of the lengthy interviews with him on YouTube. You can tell he gets it, though he’s generally fairly cautious (outside of his bit about “gay pride”). He doesn’t do much political humor and doesn’t believe that the anti-Trump diatribes of Stewart, Colbert, Oliver, and the SNL Show qualify as comedy. The only Trump joke he’s made is, “People hated Hillary Clinton so much that they voted for someone they hated more than Hillary Clinton in order to rub it in.”

    Norm’s pretty good at making a point while pretending he’s not making a point.

    The one question I had [for Caitlyn Jenner] is, what’s a woman? She couldn’t answer it. That’s what I find most confusing about it. It’s a woman trapped inside a man’s body. Then, what’s a woman? And he had no answer. Or she, rather. You get in trouble for pronouns. She had no answer for what a woman was because women like to pretend that women and men are the exact same. But then if they are, they can’t say they are women trapped inside man’s bodies. But he’s very, or she I should say—it’s a she if you look her in the face and it’s a he when you’re shaking her giant hand. There’s nothing you can do with your hands, I realized talking to her. They haven’t come up with that yet. But she was very charming, and she’s going to golf with me. She’s a scratch golfer, for God’s sakes. She hits the par fives in two. And I said, “You go on the ladies tees now?” And she said, “Oh yeah.” And I thought that’s a bit unfair.

    • Replies: @Sam
  33. Castlereagh says: • Website

    They say history is written by the winners. So who are the winners rewriting history today?

    • Replies: @Yngvar
  34. dr kill says:

    Maybe so, but consider that in Mokba everyone hates hates hates the Germans, probably even some Germans hate their own National Team. They might all be Poles and Croats rooting for Los Aztecas.

    • Replies: @snorlax
    , @bored identity
  35. Anon[281] • Disclaimer says:

    • Replies: @Rosie
  36. Anon[281] • Disclaimer says:

    Henry Winkler.

  37. Harold says:

    You have to read it in Norm’s voice and infectious this-is-going-to-be-funny manner, with pauses in the right places.

  38. We won’t have this stupid problem much longer.

    The smart people are benching the stupid White men and giving the power to the stupid Chinese men.

    Now that’s stupid.

  39. @Malcolm X-Lax

    Is it impudent to ask what religion you practice?

    Her grandfather was a Jewish cowboy. Yippee-aye-oh-chai-ay.

    • LOL: Malcolm X-Lax
    • Replies: @DATL
  40. OT: I’m sure like me everyone on unz is in the grip of world cup fever, so I thought I’d post a little reminder, since Wells Fargo Bank is encouraging Americans to root for Mexico, of this.

    “Mexican Americans Boo US Anthem and Soccer Team in Pasadena”

  41. @ThirdWorldSteveReader

    I listen to and watch a lot of Norm, and I can tell you for a fact he is trolling the fuck out of the left in this tweet.

    • Replies: @ThirdWorldSteveReader
  42. @Jim Don Bob

    It’s all about the commas. He addresses white men:

    The danger comes when you take the stupidest people on earth, white men, and give them all the power.

    Both “the stupidest people and earth” and “them” are all the other people in power that aren’t white men, and who have been granted power by the actions or inactions of white men, which turned out to be …

    Maybe the stupidest decision the smart people ever made.

    Norm, not being dumb, worked in some comma chameleon Rorschach plausible deniability. Any lefty SJW who retweets him approvingly just got played.

  43. Anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    • LOL: Svigor
    • Replies: @Tim Howells
    , @Svigor
  44. Rosie says:

    It’s Father’s Day in America. Are we supposed to celebrate these evil patriarchs. I need to be told. Ladies? Ladies? Please. I’m very confused.

    Yes, we are. Happy Father’s Day, you knuckle-dragging louts. I almost forgot!

  45. Anon[281] • Disclaimer says:

  46. @MEH 0910

    Also Fonzie: Palestinian children can just go F themselves.

  47. @Tiny Duck

    Everyone aside from white makes agree that white males cause all thecworkds problems

    That tells you something right there

    It tells us you need to oil your typewriter keys.

  48. Dillinger says:

    Jewish Feminist Hates White Men.

    Man Lands on Moon.

  49. @Buffalo Joe

    @8 So – confusing, who gave white men all the power? POC?

    My immediate thought too. This could only have been written by someone who thinks thinks in terms of empowerment, who thinks that that power only comes from some external agent. It’t the mindset of someone deeply useless and weak.

  50. Dillinger says:

    Astounded at all the people in this comments section who don’t get what Norm was doing there. He was making fun of our common enemy, you nitwits.

    • Agree: Harry Baldwin, Anonym
  51. Allen says:

    It’s truly hilarious that Norm MacDonald is getting accused of being alt-right for this tweet and the denizens of isteve are confusing it for the very thing he’s parodying; hint he’s mocking the hate whitey left

  52. @Reg Cæsar

    Good one, but even TD’s not that big a Luddite. He’s got a computer keboard but here’s the thing – he’s nicknamed ‘Tiny’ in the sense that a mafioso is nicknamed ‘Tiny.’ His keys don’t need oil, they need 100 psi to blow ten years of tendie crumbs out of the interstices.

    • Replies: @Hanoi Paris Hilton
  53. @Frank McGar

    Reading yours and Jenner’s comment, I will (happily) admit to being wrong about him.

  54. MEH 0910 says:
    @MEH 0910

    Norm’s new Netflix show is upcoming in 2018, it doesn’t have a premier date yet.

  55. anon[342] • Disclaimer says:

    It is pretty funny, if you get it.

    All these other people always talk about how dumb white men are. But if they’re so much smarter than white men, then how is it that white men managed to be in charge of everything?

    He has to be somewhat subtle.

    • Replies: @Forbes
  56. One of Norm’s greatest bits:

    • Replies: @stillCARealist
  57. @Jenner Ickham Errican

    Typo correction: “the stupidest people on earth”.

  58. eah says:

  59. Anonymous[192] • Disclaimer says:

    As John Lennon said to Elvis after Elvis proudly flashed his honorary ‘Drugs Enforcement Officer’ badge at Lennon, “Elvis, when are you going to turn yourself in?”.

  60. Brn says:

    Coincidentally, I’m listening to Scovell’s autobiography on Audible right now. Half of it is interesting insights into tv writing and the other half is “Feminism – yay!”

    What is really interesting is that in her life she demonstrates the real causes of the pay gap: she is terrible at negotiating and, having worked her way up through various writing gigs to show-runner for the first season on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, she quit before the second to spend more time with her new baby. And is completely oblivious to the fact that it is this the thing that makes women earn less money.

  61. CCZ says:

    Look at the 3 photographs in the below article and see the new face of Maine, “still the most white” and “least diverse” state in the nation. Wonder what less white and more diverse will look like?

    As Lewiston police looked on, Fatuma Hussein of the Immigrant Resource Center of Maine read a prepared  statement from immigrant leaders who are concerned about rising ethnic tensions and rumors that are fueling them on social media.

    “Clashes in Kennedy Park have escalated in recent weeks and community leaders say they hope Donny’s death [will] lead to reflection and a renewed commitment to peace,” Hussein said. Hussein said Giusti’s death is both a sad time for the city of Lewiston and a setback in the nearly two-decades-long effort to bridge the cultural and ethnic divide between refugees from Somalia and other parts of Africa and residents of Maine’s second-largest city. 

  62. OT – the UK finally gets an equivalent to Columbus Day or Australia Day, when we can celebrate our dispossession as the Palestinians do with the Nabka.

    “A national day will be held to ‘recognise and honour’ the Windrush generation, the Government has announced.

    The annual celebration will take place every June 22, the date around 500 migrants from the West Indies arrived in the UK on the cruise ship Empire Windrush after the Second World War.

    Communities minister Lord Bourne, speaking days before the 70th anniversary, said it would help ‘recognise and honour the enormous contribution’ of those who arrived in 1948 to help the country rebuild, as well as their descendants.

    He told activists that the day will be supported by a grant of up to £500,000, overseen by a panel of British-Caribbean representatives, that will be offered each year to charities and community groups to hold events. ‘It will keep their legacy alive for future generations, ensuring that we all celebrate the diversity of Britain’s history,’ Lord Bourne said.”

    I guess the only difference is that this is being instituted by a Conservative Government, using (mostly white) taxpayer money. It’s as if Columbus Day had been the creation of Cochise or Sitting Bull.

    • Replies: @DFH
  63. @Anonymous

    OK, now that was funny! I guess I’ll give Norm credit for playing mind games with that comment about “White men” and “smart people.”

  64. Another good Norm joke, with great delivery:

  65. @Jack Highlands

    N.B., everyone… Unless TD is typing on a laptop, in which case this method is strongly advised against, stand-alone keyboards really can be successfully rejuvenated by running them through the dishwasher. Google up the details (no detergent, no heater drying, no superheated water temps, let air dry for minimum 3-5 before plugging back in). Been there done that!

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  66. @Dillinger

    True, but I think the wording needed more work.

  67. @Chase

    Easy-peasy. The Christian God gave them all the power. So, after spending the better part of century killing off the Christian fork of the monotheistic religions, the peaceful other-believers of the world can set about to cleansing the world of this stupid clique.

  68. @Dillinger

    Steve doesn’t have the best commenters.

  69. Aardvark says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    If one is a tiny duck, how well can they type utter nonsense with their wing tips?

  70. My favorite Norm comment was when that photo-that-went-viral of Michael Sam (remember that nine-day wonder?) kissing his boyfriend du jour when he learned he had managed to be a seventh-round draft pick. He said something like “if he had been drafted in the first round, would we have seen full anal insertion?”

  71. Read it in his voice and inflection, he’s mocking the idea

  72. C’mon, guys, we all know we’ll say anything in order to get laid! What PC hottie has ol’ Normie been hittin’ on? Wait…”PC hottie” is an oxymoron, in my experience. But you never know.

  73. Norm has a great joke about frontlashing Muslims. The guest on his show didn’t even pick up the humor.

    Edit: here’s the tweet version

  74. @Stan Adams

    The Wakandans. They were doing it for the lulz, but things got out of hand.

    The Wakandan Air Force, the Black Panthers. No, really:

  75. Joe862 says:

    Obviously he’s making fun of a ludicrous concept. White guys created the organizations so of course they and their descendants tend to have power over them. Various non-whites show up here and think they should be immediately recognized as special and handed power. It’s childish to say the least.

    We get a lot of immigrants from cultures that never got off the ground. They’ve seen the grinding poverty, violence and so they don’t have the motivation problem that we have in this country. If they ever really get collectively wealthy they’ll have all the same problems. A generation or two of wealth and endless billions spent each year creating entertainment targeted at them and they will change. When I was a kid back in the nineties Japan was going to completely take over the world with their superior everything. You don’t hear much about that anymore. China will be the same way. They’re a demographic train wreck in progress as well.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
    , @Rosie
  76. WGG says:

    There are a lot of isteve commenters that apparently do not get this joke/ tweet.

    I am somewhat shocked that the comments section has fallen so far. Has Unz become a refuge for comment migrants whose despotic overlords in their digital homelands have gassed their own comments sections? Or did the Breitbart or Freeper comments invade with imperialistic intentions?

  77. jsm says:


    Reread this: The danger comes when you take the stupidest people on earth, white men, and give them all the power. Now, that is truly stupid.

    Now. Realize that where he says “white men,” he’s speaking TO them, not ABOUT them.

    I’ll rearrange the sentence to make it clearer: White men, the danger comes when you take the stupidest people on earth and give them all the power.

  78. Ragno says:

    It’s not the fault of the “nitwits” – when every even-mildly-celebrated person with access to The Microphone and/or The Podium has been vomiting their 100% non-ironic loathing and vitriol on not just white men but every remaining vestige of white civilization for years and years now, backed up to the hilt by our corrupted institutions, a lot of us are a little too combat-fatigued to parse out the tongue-in-cheek bits from the parts indistinguishable from the tweets of any random college professor or television star. If we have to read the comma placements, a lot of us would rather not play.

    Particularly over a holiday weekend, when it would be a nice change of pace to open a newspaper, or turn on either of the idiot boxes, and not get splashed with the warm diarrhea of the, you should pardon the expression, Victims of our Oppression.

    Memo to Norm: on Twitter, no one can see you wink.

  79. Nathan says:

    Norm McDonald is probably the greatest living comedian. I’m a little surprised this one is going over a few people’s heads here. If you’re asking who the smart people are, and who gave the stupid white men all the power, that’s the joke.

    • Replies: @Rosie
  80. @24AheadDotCom

    It’s fairly simple: Hold Trump to his original promise, BUILD. THE. WALL. You do remember that he publicly campaigned on that promise, right? Wall = eliminates reason for amnesty, since one of the main reasons for amnesty was to bring in extended families, which can’t be done if there’s a wall on the border.

    Hold him to his original campaign promise, his signature issue.

    Build. The. Wall.


    • Replies: @Travis
  81. Thea says:

    Who gave them the power in the first place?someone more powerful than themselves?

  82. @fnn

    Well, it was white men who imported the Somalis (and gave them food and medicine to explode their population).

    “Stupidest decision the smart people ever made.”

  83. DFH says:

    Don’t forget that we have Stephen Lawrence day as well!

  84. Steve,

    Looks like Norm is a monster golf fan. His twitter was a play by play of the final stretch of the U.S. Open.

    You two should hang out. I suspect that you have a lot more than golf in common.

  85. MarcB. says:

    Norm is likely mocking SJW’s to see how of them many will smell the blood in the water and go after the chum.

  86. @fnn

    What’s with these Somalis and cold weather states? Guess it’s too hot in Somalia, which is why they seem to prefer Maine and Minnesnowta (big settlement in Minneapolis/ St. Paul). A friend tells me they panhandle at the airport. As Pelosi, Schumer etal would whine “But, they’re just looking for a better life” etc. etc. etc. etc. Blecch!!

  87. Forbes says:

    Subtle–like a sledge hammer. I see your point. Humor, satire, and the prog-left are so deranged that’s hard to discern the element of truth and the shared assumptions (for the humor to work), from the smug arrogance of prog-lefty “truth-tellers” lecturing the rest of us.

    Macdonald has been off my radar for so long, I just plugged him into the self-hating Hollywood left.

  88. @Joe862

    “When I was a kid back in the nineties Japan was going to completely take over the world with their superior everything. You don’t hear much about that anymore. China will be the same way. They’re a demographic train wreck in progress as well.”

    Japan is doing very well. They’re happy for Americans to think they aren’t.

    And Chinese success can be seen if you turn over your router, or look at the back of your TV, and see where it was made.

    They’re not a demographic train wreck. Their population may now shrink slightly, but that should mean higher wages, and more automation as labour becomes a precious resource.

    It’s the USA that’s the demographic train wreck. They’ve expanded their population by 50%, but with mostly low-IQ people – and the much smaller numbers of high-IQ arrivals tend to be people whose loyalties lie elsewhere.

    In 2050 China will still be full of Chinese and Japan full of Japanese. What will the USA and Europe look like? Brazil is probably the best case scenario.

  89. vinteuil says:
    @Anonymous Bosch

    First time I’ve encountered “woosh” as a verb.

    MacDonald wooshed them good & hard.

  90. Thea says:

    So many dads separated from children through US courts as well.

  91. Travis says:

    we need more than a wall, we need to change void the Immigration Act of 1990 to eliminate the Diversity lottery and end family unification policies and limit Legal immigration to 450,000 per year (as we did from 1966-1986)..Since 1990 we have admitted over 1.2 million legal residents per year.

    The modern system of immigrant admissions is weighted toward family reunification, with a lesser emphasis on employment-based migration. In fact 80% percent of all permanent visas are due to to family reunification categories. It is imperative to end chain migration and end the Diversity Visa. The Diversity visa program is racist , since it prevents Mexicans from applying. Not sure how the Supreme Court would uphold a law which bans Mexicans, since the courts recently rules that we cannot ban Mexicans from crossing our borders.

  92. @Anonymous Bosch

    Margaret Cho doesn’t get it at first, but she’s still a professional comedian, so she does eventually figure it out. The end of the interview is pretty frosty, with Cho clearly perturbed. It’s almost as funny as Norm’s joke.

    • Replies: @NoWeltschmerz
  93. vinteuil says:

    Agreed on all points. Even knowing a little about Norm MacDonald, and even reading the comma placements right, the message remains ambiguous.

    • Replies: @Not That Miami
  94. @Ragno

    If we have to read the comma placements, a lot of us would rather not play.

    Matters of punctuation comprehension aside, Mr. Sailer helpfully gave a glaring heads-up right in the title of the blog post.

    Memo to Norm: on Twitter, no one can see you wink.

    In this thread, I find the rampant lack of faith… disturbing.

    • Agree: slumber_j
  95. @Anonymous Bosch

    This is one of my favorite clips of Norm..the delivery is so spot-on, she has no clue that she fell right into his trap…then to cap it off with “ok, let’s do some jokes” is just icing on the cake.

  96. If Norm MacDonald can’t say what he means in plain language, what the hell good is he to anybody? His “jokes” are way too subtle and cowardly. Let me know when he says something funny, if ever in my lifetime.

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  97. @Ghost of Bull Moose

    It’s a variant of the old “World To End Tomorrow: Women, Minorities Hardest Hit” newspaper headline bit.

  98. Rosie says:

    Obviously he’s making fun of a ludicrous concept. White guys created the organizations so of course they and their descendants tend to have power over them.

    I thought of that when I saw this:

    We are near a global watershed – a time when white people will not be in the majority in the developed world, Britain included. Anthony Browne reports

    from this article:

    It’s not “the West” or “European Civilization” or whatever. It’s the “developed world.” The fact that White people live here has nothing to do with said development, which is purely the the result of magic dirt or whatever. So please folks, let’s make it a point never to say “developed world,” which is now being used asa term of dispossession, even if it wasn’t always so.

  99. Rosie says:

    Norm McDonald is probably the greatest living comedian. I’m a little surprised this one is going over a few people’s heads here. If you’re asking who the smart people are, and who gave the stupid white men all the power, that’s the joke.

    In our defense, it’s rather hard to tell sincere commentary from satire in these time.

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
    , @Nathan
  100. Boy oh boy this thread became a litmus test for who’s autistic and who’s not.

  101. @Rosie

    In our defense, it’s rather hard to tell sincere commentary from satire in these time.

    That was my problem. Who knows what to believe these days?

  102. Nathan says:


    Ok, I’ll give you that.

  103. This is the funniest Norm exchange I can think of:

    • LOL: MEH 0910
  104. @eah

    Man you talk about a coordinated hit on this whole false flag children separation B.S. My Lord, unbelievable the level of evil demonstrated by the elites on this lie (most especially the Bushes and Popes of the world and of course the tribe that shall not be named).

    F’em all.

  105. Norm’s comedy has always included a strong vein of “agree and amplify”-type absurdity, even in the SNL newsdesk days, which nowadays helpfully provides some plausible deniability.

    I suspect rather than being truly “alt-right” he’s more in the vein of Adam Carolla, Colin Quinn, and Andrew Dice Clay – blue-collar urban white comics who are smart enough to realize what’s going on and resent it (and not just in an anti-PC, “this is bad for comedy”-way).

  106. Janus says:
    @Stan Adams

    Is “blanco” a commonly used term for whites? I’ve been called “guero” many times, but never blanco. I generally don’t find it offensive unless it’s preceded by “pinche”.

  107. Mr. Blank says:

    Now THAT is funny.

    Imagine lefties trying to parse that Tweet to identify the Crimethink.

  108. @Frank McGar

    “I’m trying to do some syllogisms . . .”


  109. @Svigor

    Of course there are a number of people who don’t get it making angry responses defending white men as well.

    Norm is, unsurprisingly, much more clever than his fans.

    • Replies: @Svigor
  110. Dr. Doom says:

    Norm MacDonald is the White guy all the Jews wish they were. He gets it, but is subtle enough to get by – ON TALENT. The Groucho Marx era died with Hitler apparently. There’s been a palpable hatred of Whites since then. Once a White person wakes up to it, all the hatred is there to see. The blacks will never get woke. They prefer confabulation. They dream of Wakanda and magic rocks falling on their heads. We should all pray that a comet helps blacks out. Fossil Fuels don’t just grow right?

    At this point, subtlety is pointless. A group of White people having a barbecue by themselves is the Nazi Party for the enemy. The blacks see racism in Fried Chicken. Humor these savages at your own peril. They see kindness as a weakness. Being kind is the WRONG WAY TO GO.

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  111. Dillinger says:

    You’re too sensitive about this stuff. Everybody knows Norm’s reputation as a conservative.

  112. @vinteuil

    Not everything translates into Asperanto.

    • Replies: @vinteuil
  113. Sam says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    He is indeed very cautious about being too explicit. So much so that even journalists writing glowing profiles haven’t caught on. He thrieves on not being too high profile so he might well be quite comfortable being right below the pop radar. Surprised his semi outspoken Christianity doesn’t arouse more suspecion.

    One crucial thing about Norm is what he learned from Letterman. Norm claimed in some interview that he realised at one point that the genius of his late show was that Dave was in on the joke, so was audience, the viewers and the
    Joke was the first. That is how he has structered his interview show. Recall his interview with Margaret Cho where she went on a political rant about demonizing Muslims. He then goes on to use his tweet joke that his biggest fear is a Muslim terrorist using a nuclear bomb because of the horrible backlash against Muslims that would follow. Margaret Cho was nodding along completely clueless to his satire.

    That is another reason why Norm doesn’t do explicit statements because the art lies in subtlety which is one reason he hates political comedy

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  114. @jsm

    As I did in an answer to Frank well before you commented, so thanks, but stop sighing.

  115. Somewhat OT:

    SJWs keep harping about how much better off the world would be if women were in charge.

    Well, it turns out that incompetent female officers nearly sank the USS Fitzgerald last year:

    As the Navy becomes ever more dominated by members of the fairer sex – sorry, the superior gender – we can look forward to the creation of many new artificial reefs.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  116. @Janus

    It’s an old term, now obsolete(?).

    en el censo de 1930 el gobierno mexicano dejó de clasificar a la población del país en tres categorías raciales, blanco, mestizo e indígena, y adoptó una nueva clasificación étnica que distinguía a los hablantes de lenguas indígenas del resto de la población, es decir de los hablantes de español.

    In the 1930 census the Mexican government stopped classifying the population of the country into three racial categories, white, mestizo and indigenous, and adopted a new ethnic classification that distinguished speakers of indigenous languages from the rest of the population, that is, from Spanish speakers

  117. @Sam

    That is another reason why Norm doesn’t do explicit statements because the art lies in subtlety which is one reason he hates political comedy

    Exactly. He has this schtick of being the simple guy struggling to understand something and asking seemingly dumb questions, but the questions and the struggle to understand effectively expose the absurdity of the subject he’s mocking. I agree with the commenter who described him as the greatest living comedian.

    • Replies: @Anon
  118. Anonymous[306] • Disclaimer says:

    That’s wishful thinking on your part. He already stated earlier that White men are stupid so yes he is talking ABOUT them there.

  119. Anon[306] • Disclaimer says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    Could he do a segment exploring the absurdity of progressives’ zeal for mass immigration while they claim to stand for workers and the environment?

  120. Altai says:

    Maybe if you really cared about climate change you’d talk seriously about the policy implications and decisions to be made instead of making it another perch from which to virtue signal artificially creating a form of political tribalism that allows people to dismiss it as just another part of a nexus that is purely hostile to them?

    You’d try to bring the essentially science without bluetick snark and appeals to authority.

    But then you’d never accept the likes of Canada or Australia not becoming blade runner and not subsequently lowering their lifestyle expectations.

    I find it deeply disturbing and demoralising too, but I don’t subsequently also argue open borders and link the two in a quasi-religious manner.

    This is the tragedy of the SJW, they suck up all the oxygen and take up all the space and fuck up the whole political system. It’s not that they argue hatred for the core of society, it’s that they do it using the corpse of the left making them unavoidable and rendering real political discourse impossible but blocking others.

  121. @Percy Gryce

    It would be funny if it weren’t so gross.

    Actually I was just wondering about this whole “pride” approach. Why be proud if it’s innate? I’m not proud of being female or pale skinned, that’s just the way God made me. There’s no achievement or accomplishment involved in just being who you were made to be. Is there secretly some sort of effort put into homosexuality or perhaps a new mental state, like nirvana or hallucinations?

    Something tells me that PRIDE is really there to cover up SHAME.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @Svigor
  122. @Janus

    I spend a lot of time around Mexicans and they do not use blanco for white people. Güero is used for people (including Mexicans) with light skin and is not necessarily an insult.

    Mexicans with light skin look down on Mexicans with darker skin. Among Mexicans, being a güero is a good thing.

  123. vinteuil says:
    @Not That Miami

    Oh c’mon. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t claim, on the one hand, that the joke was subtle & sophisticated, understandable to those In The Know, and, on the other hand, that is was so totally obvious that you’d have to be a moron to miss the point.

    I don’t blame Norm MacDonald for refusing to take an unambiguous stand, any more than I blame Dmitri Shostakovich for withdrawing his 4th Symphony from rehearsals in 1935.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  124. BigPappy says:

    Uh…knumbnuts knows he’s a white dude, right?

  125. @the one they call Desanex

    You want him to explain his jokes to you as he tells them. He has a lot of fans who don’t find that necessary.

  126. @Dr. Doom

    The Groucho Marx era died with Hitler apparently.

    Cue Norm:

    I don’t think comedy does anything anyway. I was reading this book—I’m kind of obsessed with Hitler, you know? And they were saying, when Hitler took power, all these comedians and sketch troupes would do Hitler. They’d put a comb under their nose. They all hated Hitler and they’d make fun of him. Hitler didn’t care and then he did all those bad things. I don’t want to get into the details, but this guy was no saint. So I have no historical precedent that comedy ever changed anything.

  127. @vinteuil

    Oh c’mon. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t claim, on the one hand, that the joke was subtle & sophisticated, understandable to those In The Know, and, on the other hand, that is was so totally obvious that you’d have to be a moron to miss the point.

    Treble entendre?

    Anyway, there are jokes that morons are more likely to get. Smart folks often overthink things, and thus are slower on the uptake.

  128. Norm Macdonald’s Not Stupid

    Norm’s not the norm.

  129. @stillCARealist

    Pride is one of the Deadly Sins. It’s easy to see why.

  130. Svigor says:
    @Anthony Wayne

    Plenty of utility in playing the straight White man in that setup.

  131. Svigor says:
    @Jenner Ickham Errican

    Didn’t even notice the crucial comma, good point. Way too subtle to really be effective, though.

  132. Svigor says:

    “Virile antisemite” x2 LOL.

    “You know who else says they were just following orders? Hitler.” LOL.

    Wow. That is a LOT of holocaust denying humor in one place.

  133. “So you see, Sun People, they’re all stupid … except me!”

  134. Anonymous[352] • Disclaimer says:
    @Stan Adams

    This was the story of Kara Hultgreen, the Navy pilot who died in a 1994 F-14 crash. Investigation showed that Hultgreen had been allowed to proceed in her training after errors that would have meant a washout for any male pilot. But the Clinton administration was pushing for female fighter pilots, which resulted in a competition between the Navy and Air Force to put women into these combat roles

    I’m glad to see this hasn’t been forgotten. Nothing has changed in 20 years.

  135. Svigor says:

    So, no national pride, civic pride, allowed? No pride in one’s family or parents? Etc? Think it through.

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