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Nike has had an interesting year, with Trevor Edwards, the black Brit executive who appeared to be next in line to be CEO and was supposed to be paid $10 million this year, getting MeTooed in the spring along with ten of his executives, half of them fellow PoCs. Some Nike observers think the MeToo purges were mighty convenient for Nike’s white CEO Mark Parker, who was paid $47 million in 2016.

Unsurprisingly, Parker announced that the official lesson to be taken away from purging his black would-be successor was that Nike needs more diversity. Isn’t that always the lesson?

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  1. Rivelino says: • Website

    OT, Steve we need your vote on this poll!

  2. Would more diversity mean gay men of color in this case?

  3. Nike has gone all in with their new spokes=loser, and the NFL is perfectly happy to continue to flip the bird to its viewers by showering its ad space with their new propaganda.

    This is clear evidence that monetary profit is no longer the primary goal of American corporations, right? Both of these corporations are sure to lose even more money with this nonsense.

  4. Trevor H. says:

    Isn’t that always the lesson?

    Whatever bad things are happening as a result of our favorite policies? Those are merely fail-safe indicators that we all need to come together and redouble our efforts in support of said policies.

    Whatever things (good *or* bad) happen as a result of your policies are indicators that you are a Nazi and need to be silenced, disenfranchised, dispossessed, executed, well whatever mood strikes us really.

    Why do you think certain kinds of people lust for power so much? Because it’s fun!

  5. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Please direct requests like this to Mr. Sailer to the email address that he has provided. These “Hey, Steve, whatcha think about [***]…” comments are juvenile and rude.

    I warned long ago that Unz Review commentary would decline just like that at Taki’s and ZeroHedge. If Mr. Sailer would tell readers that “OT” comments will be blocked/removed and then follow up, things would improve quickly.

  6. @MikeatMikedotMike

    Those viewers deserve to be crapped on. This has been a long time coming and it is glorious. Muh team and muh free markets.

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  7. Anon[497] • Disclaimer says:


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    - 3 cloves garlic, pressed or minced
    - 600 ml chicken consomme, or as needed
    - 1 can whole tomatoes, blended
    - 250 ml of sugars, for example:
    - 2/3 c plus of brown sugar
    - 1/3 c honey
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    - 1 T salt


    1. Soak beans in salted water for 10-20 hours at room temperature.
    2. In stock pot cook pork until fat has rendered, the remove, leaving fat.
    3. Add onion to stock pot, stir till soft, starting to brown, about 7 minutes.
    4. Add paprika, jalapeno, garlic, stir for a few minutes.
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    7. Add tomato, sugars, mustard, vinegar, salt, stir.
    8. Transfer to Pyrex baking dish, cover with foil.
    9. Bake about 4 hours, stirring, checking bean softness and salt.

  8. Anon[146] • Disclaimer says:


    Hey, Steve, whadaya think about that thing where they put a prefix or qualifier on something that didn’t use to need one, like “cisgender,” “prime lens,” or “anthropogenic explosion”?

  9. Capitalism at work. Nike, which used to be a favorite stock of Warren Buffet, makes its money be foisting ridiculously overpriced shoes to a gullible public and people who like to follow trends by means of clever advertising and promotion.

    Since most people who waste their money on Nike shoes are fools with more money than sense who would buy shoes from stores with names like Athlete’s Foot (the name of a fungal infection), how could the company possibly devise an advertising program that would sell more shoes in the hoods where fools wear Nikes?

    [Disclosure: I have a pair of all-white Air Jordan basketball shoes. I refused them in my local thrift store, where they were offered to me, apparently never worn, or hardly worn, for $20. However the next time I went back there a couple days later, there was a 40% off sale, and so I yielded to vanity. However I have similar black shoes that cost me $20 new that I like better, so it does not always pay to be cheap.]

  10. Bubba says:

    I totally agree with your sentiment about Nike, the NFL and Kaepernick and I can’t figure out which one is the biggest moron though all 3 rank extremely high.

    But it pains me to read that supposedly Nike and the NFL teams are making more money. True, it is widely agreed that the NFL is losing its fan base and that alone would cause panic among shareholders if they were a public company, but it is also reported that teams are making more money than ever. And Nike is bragging that they increased sales exponentially after this disgusting affair.

    I haven’t figured the reasons for the NFL reportedly making more money. Maybe it’s from TV contracts made years ago, but their future isn’t bright. Elites own the NFL and as long as they made a few dollars more than last year, they could care less. Most will sell before the crash as always.

    As for Nike making more money, the controversy was timed to occur right when BLM monthly welfare checks hit the mailboxes (beginning of the month – the 1st was a Saturday and banks didn’t open until the 4th due to the Labor Day holiday). Also, their sales were boosted several weeks ago (long before Kaepernick was ordered to open his mouth by his white Nike owners) by kids returning to school and fall sports.

  11. Parker is covering his ass.

    Edwards was taken down by the MeToo campaign, but these days it’s pretty easy for people to forget who did what to whom during some irrational social media outrage.

    It’d be pretty easy for some black activist to spin Edwards’ downfall as racism from Nike if other Nike bigwigs were accused of sexual misconduct (which is not unlikely in the age of Trial by Internet). “They took down the black guy but kept the white guys!” is a potential PR disaster.

    So Parker is fighting a preventive war to make it clear that Edwards fell because he was a sexist pig, not because he was black.

    Internet mobs are a very powerful enemy for corporations which sell overpriced products based on their endorsement and trademark.

  12. The ratings for the Thursday night game were off 25% from last year. Part of the reason was probably Nike flipping the bird to fans, and part was that the game stunk.

  13. Ragno says:

    I warned long ago that Unz Review commentary would decline just like that at Taki’s and ZeroHedge. If Mr. Sailer would tell readers that “OT” comments will be blocked/removed and then follow up, things would improve quickly.

    Or better yet: just Elect A New People™. (PS: you’re in luck!….)

  14. @MikeatMikedotMike

    A good investment advice is never to invest in a company which is more PC than its peers, however much it is celebrated in the press. So a female or black CEO or such an SJW campaign like these Nike ads – each of them is a sure sign that you need to abstain from the stock. It will likely underperform its peers.

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
    , @Lowe
  15. There was a quick spike of Nike sneaker purchases just now, immediately after the hoopla about that mediocre quarterback’s shoe contract with anti-American Nike.

    No doubt those quick purchases of slave-made shoes came from blacks spending our money.

    This is all a shame. Nike shoes being manufactured in Asia by virtual slave labor, and now this. Why is this a shame? Because the original Nike shoes were an American innovation, invented via the ingenuity of an American runner. The waffle sole, with its cushioning effect, helped runners and athletes everywhere.

    I bought my first pair of running shoes at Frank Shorter’s store on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado in 1978. Blue with orange swooshes. Like everyone else there, I ran in my Nike waffle shoes, “just like Frank Shorter,” who could often be seen running in town, always ready with a friendly “hello.”

    Now Nike just plain sucks, like every other nationless, global company.

  16. anon[109] • Disclaimer says:

    Nike got their Tweet from Trump.

    They have solid marketing. This is what they wanted. Its not the arc of history. Its their demographic.

  17. Because the original Nike shoes were an American innovation, invented via the ingenuity of an American runner. The waffle sole, with its cushioning effect, helped runners and athletes everywhere.

    Totally agree. I had a pair of those Nike running shoes with the waffle soles at the height of the 1980′s running boom, and they were not ridiculously expensive either. I used to run 40 miles a week in them. (Today I would do well to run 40 yards.)

    I believe these were the ones:

    • Replies: @Dave Pinsen
  18. Hosswire says:

    If our collective future is a world where every personal, political & spending decision is made through the lens of a war of “Everyone Else vs. Whites” then Nike made the smart choice.
    Looking at current demographics & trends, Team Everyone Else is already bigger & growing faster than Team White. Team Everyone Else also controls the academic & cultural discourse where this war is being fought. Most importantly, Team Everyone Else actually wants to win this war, while much of Team White wants to deny it exists, to wish it away, or fight for the other side.
    There’s nothing special about Nike shoes. The company became successful by reading & then leading the cultural zeitgeist. And right now they are reading that anti-white hatred is the wave of the future.
    If Team White wants to have a future, it is going to need to pull itself together & start doing things differently.

  19. @MikeatMikedotMike

    No, Nike and the NFL are doubling down because they are betting there is more revenue in a vibrant future versus a non-vibrant one.

  20. @reiner Tor

    Someone should start an ETF that exclusively shorts companies that have selected a woman or black CEO or whose board has been newly hijacked by SJWs.

  21. @Buzz Mohawk

    Now Nike just plain sucks, like every other nationless, global company.”

    We knew that the long march through the institutions had permeated the corporate world a couple of years ago when about ten minutes after the supreme court ruling legalizing homosexual marriage had passed, pretty much every corporation in America, including Nike, had a rainbow logo ready to go.

  22. L Woods says:

    Nobody likes a volunteer hall monitor.

  23. In the white Anglosphere, Britain was easily the most resistant to feminist nonsense, what with their lad culture, and experience with a female leader who horrified the left.

    So the #MeTsoonami has reached Blighty’s shores, but the Clintons’ toes are still dry.

  24. What are the demographics of Nike’s customers? If Nike’s primary customers are blacks, Hispanics and hipster, urban Whites, the Kaepernick ad (basically telling normal Whites to go to hell) may be a good marketing move.

    Now, the NFL is a different story. This ad running during NFL games attacks the NFL’s best and most loyal customers. My guess is that behind the scenes, the NFL brass is extremely pissed off about what Nike is doing, but who knows.

    Either way, it doesn’t matter to me. Nikes are overpriced, and I haven’t watched the NFL in years. But it is fun to watch the left eat their own.

  25. How long before Payless Shoes becomes exclusive US retail brick and mortar outlet for Nike shoes?

  26. Lowe says:
    @reiner Tor

    Better investment advice is don’t pick stocks, just invest in a broad stock index, a broad bond index, etc.

    You don’t, and can’t, know if a company espousing PC ideology will suffer for it. If espousing PC were so bad for you in business, then why do the biggest businesses do it, and why do most MBA programs teach their students to do it?

    • Replies: @EdwardM
  27. I’m a former runner,too. But I have never owned Nike. I was and remain a NB man. I miss those days,deed I do.

  28. @MikeatMikedotMike

    This is clear evidence that monetary profit is no longer the primary goal of American corporations,

    Hollywood is willing to leave millions on the table and choose to not make movies like Mel Gibson’s Passion, and that’s just what we know about.

    The first wave of this self destructive tendency were mainline protestant churches. They will collapse in a decade or so, and their beautiful urban parishes will become mosques and synagogues.

    second wave were colleges – the smaller less endowned ones that swallow this poison will close their doors in 30 years.

    The powerful high status ones are so desirable – the pc stuff is actually you’re way of showing you’re a true believer, and you recognize all that rhetoric only effects deplorables.

    Corporations have made a devils bargain with the progressive left – Banks can practice predatory lending, get bailed out, engage in monoplistic behavior (same with big tech) and as long as they push hard left political memes.

  29. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail, I s’pose ….

  30. Anonymous[332] • Disclaimer says:

    There is no way in Hell that in 2018 Nike didn’t know that this kind of partisan behavior would affect their bottom line. Everyone knows. The minute a company like Target or Nike decides to alienate at least half of their customers, the somewhat abrupt downturn of their stock price is inevitable.

    Nike executives know this. But they are in the business of making money. Therefore, it is highly that key players at Nike, whether executives or large shareholders, are shorting their own stock before a major PR fumble like the Kapernick ad campaign. Insider trading. Of course they are.

    Why wouldn’t they? The SEC never does a thing to large players. They are there to give the illusion of an impartial legal system and to do the big boys’ dirty work for them.

    The only thing stopping Nike from illegal profits is their honor, and we already know they have none. Their cynical anti-American ad campaign has already proved they have no honor at all.

    • Replies: @Lowe
  31. Barnard says:

    Nike and other companies believe the social justice mindset is the future and think it will be profitable. With movements like this, the companies who embrace it the earliest get credit from the cult members for being leaders of the movement. It sounds crazy to us, but the number of people who support it is not insignificant.

  32. Anon7 says:

    I don’t understand why nobody calls black athletes out on the kneeling movement. On average, most black athletes in the NBA and the NFL today are middle class or better (much better). It’s basic health economics. To get taller, to get bigger, to have fully myelinated nervous systems, to have the kind of discipline (and support system) to consistently make it to practice starting in middle school, you need middle or upper class background.

    What’s with the “poor black man” cosplay by these wealthy black athletes? Colin Kaepernick was adopted at birth by a nice white couple from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, for crying out loud. What more did he want?

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  33. Anonymous[195] • Disclaimer says:

    “If Mr. Sailer would tell readers that “OT” comments will be blocked/removed and then follow up, things would improve quickly,” said the anonymous off-topic commenter.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  34. Whiskey says: • Website

    Brilliant move by Nike. It faces lawsuits over sex and race discrimination and it’s China prison labor.

    Now the press will provide air cover on the cheap and every judge will be on its side.

    Hate Whitey is what the press and judges crave. Black people are out society holy objects.

    Hitler got it all wrong. The master race is black. Be sure of sportsball domination.

    • Replies: @Neoconned
  35. Dave Pinsen says: • Website
    @Buzz Mohawk

    Nike sales were up, but favorability was down last week, which is interesting.

    The FT had a column yesterday saying Nike made the right decision, because most of their customer base is “urban”, diverse, etc., but as I said on Twitter, they seem to have fallen into the trap Steve suggested the GOP set for the Dems: to become the “black” brand, rather than the “cool, diverse” brand.

    There’s an easy opportunity here for another brand (New Balance?) to become the implicit white brand. There is more spending power among American whites, and white celebrities and athletes are popular in much of the world. Let Nike have Serena Williams. There are a dozen or more competitive white women tennis players who are beautiful when dolled up off the field you could sponsor.

  36. Dave Pinsen says: • Website
    @Jonathan Mason

    When I ran, as a heavier guy, I used New Balance. There’s a New Balance store near me manned by professional runners, and they have a little exhibit showing you how their “Abzorb” material absorbs pounding.

    • Replies: @Chrisnonymous
  37. Brutusale says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    The White Brand modeled by a guy we all know.

    They are NOT cool, though.

    • Replies: @Chrisnonymous
  38. Speaking of #MeToo, looks like Les Moonves is leaving CBS with $100 million after years of being a known pig. Ronan Farrow again does the work that “journalists” won’t do:

    It’s a damn good thing we have journalists like this guy Moonves keeping an eye on Trump or democracy really would sink into darkness. /s

  39. Mr. Blank says:

    I recently bought a new pair of running shoes. After a weeek of online research, it came down to Nikes and Asics. I went with Nike. (This was before they debuted their new ad campaign with Colin Kaepernick LARPing as Dietrich Bonhoeffer.)

    They are exceptionally nice shoes — the most comfortable pair I’ve ever owned. I intend to keep wearing them until I need a new pair, because I am not rich enough to make futile symbolic gestures.

    But I won’t ever buy another pair. And I suspect that’s true of a lot of people currently sporting Nikes. It’s not so much that I’m upset about Kaepernick as that Nike has chosen to make their products into a political symbol. I prefer to be anonymous. And Nike has just made it impossible for anyone bearing the swoosh to be politically anonymous.

    It must be nice to have enough money that you can afford to actively drive away customers.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  40. @Dave Pinsen

    As a heavier guy, you really shouldn’t be running unless it’s short sprints.

    Lighter guys shouldn’t be putting in so many miles either.

    And nobody should be using padded running shoes.

  41. @Buzz Mohawk

    Wow i lived in boulder years ago and chatted w frank on a few of my jogging outings around town. Friendly guy

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
  42. @Dave Pinsen

    I don’t buy this. Their “Just do it” brand is not aimed at black folks. It’s aimed at middle Americans who fantasize about being super fit. It taps into the idea, beloved of people who don’t read iSteve, that people aren’t born into being slugs–you just have to sweat it out to have a six-pack and be able to dunk… and the first step is having the right clothes.

    I think Nike broke their brand because their message used to be “leave all that political/social/family/work baggage at home and just do it”, but their new ad campaign’s message is “make sports/your workout secondary to your political identity”.

    I think CTH blog had the right perspective on this situation. That is, Nike’s massive contracts with Chinese mean they have a vested interest in opposing Trump, which led them into an incorrect marketing decision.

    • Replies: @Dave Pinsen
  43. @Brutusale

    Poor Mel. It looks like he’s coming from a workout, but he really ought to have put those shoes in his bag and worn leather.

    Grown men shouldn’t wear sports shoes with street clothes.

  44. @Dave Pinsen

    There’s an easy opportunity here for another brand (New Balance?) to become the implicit white brand

    Keds could be the next PBR. Worn by both slobs and snobs.

  45. @Mr. Blank

    And Nike has just made it impossible for anyone bearing the swoosh to be politically anonymous

    A little nail polish can remedy that:

  46. AnonAnon says:

    I stopped buying Nike shoes in the 90s – they were overpriced crap that didn’t last long. Their athletic clothes never impressed me either – overpriced and cheaply made, they were scratchy, stretched out, never fit right, or fell apart. I actively started avoiding buying anything branded Nike for my whole family when Elim bashed Tiger’s car, Nike stuck with him even after he was revealed to be a cheating pig and they haven’t improved on the quality of their spokespeople much since then. I think they’re a joke now and the designer of sore loser Serena’s tennis outfits should be fired, her catsuit was stupid but her tennis tutu was utterly ridiculous. After taking up running a few years ago, I latched onto Brooks, whose rather boring shoes are built like tanks, and Hokas, which aren’t tanks but oh so cushy for my older bones and joints. I’m thankful my kids have grown up in SoCal where the [good] kids go for skater/surfer looks and brands and don’t dress in fugly urban yuf basketball shorts and shoes.

  47. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    I don’t run at all now. I still manage to get a decent aerobic workout from lifting a couple of times per week, alternating deadlifts and bench one session, and squats and press the other one, plus assistance stuff. For that I wear lifting shoes, which are sort of the opposite of running shoes (minimal cushioning or compression).

  48. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    “Just do it” is the slogan; Nike is the brand. And Nike has courted blacks at least since it signed Michael Jordan in the mid-’80s. Yes, it’s slogan also targeted recreational athletes, but IIRC, its commercials showing non-famous runners were pretty diverse.

    • Replies: @Polynikes
    , @Chrisnonymous
  49. @Anonymous

    Where would I get half my material without Off Topic Comments?

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Anon
  50. @Buzz Mohawk

    Nike has always sucked, you’re just noticing now. BTW, Nike would like to thank you for being lazy and careless and helping make them a nationless, global company worth many billions of dollars.

    • Replies: @CCZ
    , @Buzz Mohawk
  51. @Anon7

    LeBron James is very downscale in origin. You have to give him a lot of credit for how professionally he has managed most of his life relative to where he started out.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
    , @Polynikes
    , @Anon7
  52. @MikeatMikedotMike

    Globalism is very lucrative.

    Evil often is.

  53. @Chrisnonymous

    If people, heavy or light, don’t do distance running you’re going to put a lot of cardiologists and orthopedic surgeons out of business. Fat people alone can’t sustain the extensive coronary artery disease business nor the hip and knee replacement businesses (although they are the bread and butter, so to speak, of both).

  54. Anon[302] • Disclaimer says:

    Tranny Mia Isabella says he’s had a long term relationship with Colin Kaepernick.

    Something tells me this is not going to go over well with blacks. They hate gay players. So it appears the Nike CEOs hiring of Kaepernick to look good to black buyers after kicking out a bunch of black company execs is going to backfire.

  55. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:
    @Steve Sailer

    As I said, via email.

  56. @Rivelino

    HBD in this case means Haitian Black Dysfunction.

  57. Anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    “Some Nike observers think the MeToo purges were mighty convenient for Nike’s white CEO Mark Parker”

    And this campaign might be a convenient excuse to get rid of the white guy. I wonder who tricked him into it? Increasingly, our society resembles that alternate universe episode from Star Trek. You know, the one where Kirk beams over into an alternate universe by accident and everyone is a social climbing psychopath willing to off the competition.

  58. @Steve Sailer

    My understanding is that the father was anything but.

  59. CCZ says:
    @Fred Boynton

    “Nike would like to thank you for being lazy and careless and helping make them a nationless, global company worth many billions of dollars.”

    As would “Lead Independent Director of the Board of Directors of NIKE” (since 2005), Apple CEO Timothy D. Cook.

  60. @Fred Boynton

    Nike has always sucked, you’re just noticing now. BTW, Nike would like to thank you for being lazy and careless and helping make them a nationless, global company worth many billions of dollars.

    In 1978 that was a little hard to see. I’ve known Nike is what it is probably as long as you have.

    BTW do you have a smart phone? Where was it made and by whom?

    Do you eat meat, vegetables and fruit? Who worked in the slaughterhouses, fields and orchards it came from? I buy a lot of mine from local farmers I know, so I probably have you beat in the virtue signaling department.

    And so on…

    This garbage is inescapable. You and I do not decide it.


  61. Lowe says:

    They are not shorting their own stock, which is illegal, and deeply unethical. I have a hard time seeing how you could believe corporate executives would risk everything, from their reputation to their freedom, on scamming their shareholders.

    Also the SEC is not in bed with the large players, but even if it were, Nike is not a large player. It’s an athletic shoe company, not an investment bank.

  62. Anonymous[408] • Disclaimer says:

    And nobody should be using padded running shoes.

    Why not?

  63. @Buck Turgidson

    That’s cool. Boulder had a small town feel then.

    Frank Shorter must be the last Olympic marathon winner anybody like us could have stories like this about.

    One girlfriend knew his wife, who called him the Energizer Bunny. I won’t tell you why.

  64. 3g4me says:

    I don’t run. I hate it and I’m not built for it. My cardio work is in the gym (elliptical, ARC trainer, incline treadmill walking, stepmill) split in the middle of each session with lifting 3/4 sets of 4-6 exercises per body part (almost all free weights): workout day 1 chest/back; day 2 shoulders; day 3 legs/butt; day 4 bis/tris. My shoes are whatever was reasonably priced and comfortable. I recently found a bunch on clearance and, since they don’t spoil, bought four pairs – 2 New Balance, one Asics, and one Under Armour. I currently have one pair of Nikes that are due to be retired soon (every 6-8 months) and then I do not plan on buying any ever again. All the companies are globalist shills, but I do what I can to avoid those who virtue signal the loudest.

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
  65. Polynikes says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    Signing Michael Jordan wasn’t about courting blacks. It was about courting whites. Jordan was immensely popular with whites, just like Tiger woods.

    • Replies: @Dave Pinsen
  66. Polynikes says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Lebron was taken in by a nice white family for part of his adolescence.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  67. Anon[497] • Disclaimer says:

    You’d think that the supposedly genetically knowledgeable HBD crowd here would know the laws of behavioral genetics by heart, the fifth of which states:

    All phenotypic relationships are to some degree genetically mediated or confounded.

    Jayman here on Unz restated it as:

    Whenever there is an association between two phenotypes (such as poverty and crime), there will be a genetic association driving both.

    The upshot? Your running and gym work may be satisfying, but is probably not extending your life.

    And finally, I come to Emil Kirkegaard’s newly coined law, one that is vastly underappreciated. This was drawn from studies like those of Amir Sariaslan’s and others showing the confounded nature of phenotypical associations (even extended phenotypes like social circumstances). This essentially strikes at the heart of modern social science (and for that matter, medical science), which assumes, wrongly, that association between social and/or behavioral factors is an indication that one causes the other. In reality, genetic forces cause both. Indeed, we see this with health and lifestyle: people who exercise more have fewer/later health problems and live longer, so naturally conventional wisdom interprets this to mean that exercise leads to health and longer life, when in reality healthy people are driven to exercise and have better health due to their genes.

    In other words, if you like to exercise, you already have the prospect of good health, and your exercise is not improving it. On the other hand, if you hate exercise, the good news is that for you it won’t do any good so you can skip it. The bad news is that your going to die sooner. So you should skip the exercise and use the time to enjoy life.

    To use an HBD IQ analogy: Additional tutoring for young kids will not raise their IQ and they will stop the reading when the tutor disappears; but high IQ kids who somehow find themselves in unfortunate, impoverished environments will remake their environments to suit themselves, by somehow obtaining books and finding the time to study.

  68. @Dave Pinsen

    There’s an easy opportunity here for another brand (New Balance?) to become the implicit white brand.

    I think you are right, but I am certainly biased. I started buying NB when I realized they are doing their best to be USA made. I never witnessed NB insulting me with PC bilge, like Nike just did. I bought NB for me, and my sons, so my purchase count for just shoes is North of 30. And I have bought their socks, shirts and shorts.

    Maybe Nike can get by on ‘urban cred’ and win this one, or maybe this is a New Coke incident. I expect the latter. Time will tell.

    • Replies: @Dave Pinsen
  69. Anon[497] • Disclaimer says:
    @Steve Sailer

    His complaints about off topic comments are themselves the most annoying of the off topic comments.

  70. anon[964] • Disclaimer says:

    The ad was low key. it was basically – ‘people that risk everything for a belief’. I agree that he likely believes this shit.
    Meanwhile, Trump doubled down and Nike is the anti Trump brand. The NBA is openly anti Trump.

    Meanwhile, it is rather shocking how thuggish most blacks killed by cops turn out. A bizarre shooting in Dallis involved a totally innocent black, and the black community can’t let the opportunity go. No one is defending the cop, so not much reason to chimp out. Just lock her up.

  71. @3g4me

    I currently have one pair of Nikes that are due to be retired soon (every 6-8 months) and then I do not plan on buying any ever again.

    Me too. “Fortunately” my left knee blew out a few months ago and I am not using them. I avoid doctors, so I haven’t yet gone in to see if I can get some kind of operation like the athletes do.

    Walking six miles in ninety minutes, four times per week has been my regimen, and I miss it. I stopped running years ago. Fitness walking does about as much good as running, and it causes less damage — until that stuff between your knee bones wears out.

    If I can get my knee fixed, I will need new shoes. Maybe it’s silly, but I won’t go around with a swoosh on my foot.

    • Replies: @3g4me
  72. @Polynikes

    The Williams sisters grew up partially in a tennis school in Florida so their favorite music, I’ve been told, is 1990s alt-rock.

    Dennis Rodman was taken in by a nice white family in college — his dad, Philander Rodman Jr., lives in the Philippines where Dennis has 26 half-siblings — which is one reason why his weirdness is on the right wavelength to be interesting to white people. (The North Korean connection … I’m not even going to try to explain.)

  73. Dave Pinsen says: • Website


    Who do you think is dropping $200 on the latest Air Jordans?

    • Replies: @Anon
  74. Dave Pinsen says: • Website
    @Charles Erwin Wilson II

    I liked that they’re American made, and their cushioning, so I’ve only had New Balance sneakers for 20+ years (my lifting shoes are Adidas, but they’re not really sneakers).

  75. Anon[302] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    What is it with blacks and shoes? They must spend all their time comparing grass sandals back in Africa.

    Of course, when you have no mental life, you just focus on clothes and appearances.

    • Agree: 3g4me
  76. EdwardM says:

    Because ideological groupthink, not checked due to white guilt, trumps business sense? It is within the realm of possibility.

  77. Neoconned says:

    In Germany a 22byr old German man died of “heart failure ” after being beat up when intervening in a fight between w Afghan men over who seeded a local white German girl….

  78. 3g4me says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    @75 Buzz Mohawk: ” “Fortunately” my left knee blew out a few months ago and I am not using them. I avoid doctors, so I haven’t yet gone in to see if I can get some kind of operation like the athletes do.”

    Truly sorry to hear about your knee. I’ve been extremely lucky not to have had any serious injuries (I slipped on my wet kitchen floor about 6 weeks ago and pulled something behind my left knee, but a week of limited cardio and taking tons of Bromelain (I can’t remember how or why it works for muscle/tendon injuries/pain, but believe me it really does work!) and I was fine again). I’m extremely careful when doing squats, and haven’t done lunges for years – that’s what really kills your knees – plus a lot of the exercises pushed as ideal for HIIT such as burpees. Besides which, you cannot out-exercise a bad diet so moderate cardio for heart/fitness and lifting for strength/shape is really all you need.

    I never lie about my age but have sufficient female vanity that I like knowing I lift heavier than most women 30 years my junior and no one believes I’m weeks away from 60 – plus I like the doctors (who I also avoid whenever possible – I understand your caution) being amazed by how strong/dense my bones are (like a 25 year old, they exclaim!).

  79. Anon7 says:
    @Steve Sailer

    I think there were two studies that showed that black NBA players were less likely to come from a poor background. Of course now the NBA is mining the planet for tall guys, even Europeans.

  80. @Dave Pinsen

    Yes, you’re about slogan/brand, but the Nike brand I still believe to be as I described it. Most Nike shoes are not basketball Jordans, and Nike sells a lot beyond shoes. When I see people wearing Nike apparel, I never make associations with blackness unless they are literally the Air Jordans.

    After the initial exchange above, I noticed that when I see people in Nike clothes now, it makes mecwonder what they think about Kapernick, kneeling, BLM, Trump… The new ad campaign is successful at creating the appearance of a possible army of anti-Trumpers, turning every customer in a Nike product into a protester carrying a sign. I think this was their intention, although, as I said, it broke their brand.

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