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New Definition of Sexual Harassment Emerges: Nonsexual Harassment
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In the iSteve universe, which looks suspiciously like this universe, all moral discourse tends to constantly degrade toward sheer Who? Whom? childish favoritism unless strong recurrent efforts are made to counter this tendency toward ethical entropy with objective standards.

Hence, “sexual harassment” as a career killing offense is now coming to include nonsexual harassment, such as one person yelling at another person during a workplace argument, as long as the yeller is of the Wrong Sex (male) and the yellee of the Right Sex (female).

For example, from the New York Times:

Jason Bateman Apologizes to Jessica Walter Over Jeffrey Tambor

By Sopan Deb
May 24, 2018

Following a blistering reaction on social media, Jason Bateman, one of the stars of “Arrested Development,” apologized on Thursday after an interview with The New York Times during which he defended Jeffrey Tambor, a co-star, and his on-set behavior toward another co-star, Jessica Walter. Critics accused Mr. Bateman of excusing Mr. Tambor’s verbal harassment at the expense of Ms. Walter, during an era in which male toxicity in Hollywood is facing a reckoning.

Jessica Walter was upset at Jeffrey Tambor (Hey Now Hank Kingsley on “The Larry Sanders Show”) for yelling at her on set. She specified that there was nothing sexual-related about the incident.

Jason Bateman got in big trouble for then saying in defense of Tambor, who has been a comic supporting actor of growing legend since Three’s Company in the 1970s:

What we do for a living is not normal, and therefore the process is not normal sometimes, and to expect it to be normal is to not understand what happens on set. Again, not to excuse it, Alia, but to be surprised by people having a wobbly route to their goal, their process — it’s very rarely predictable. All I can say, personally, is I have never learned more from an actor that I’ve worked with than Jeffrey Tambor. And I consider him one of my favorite, most valued people in my life.

Some actors aren’t anything like the characters they play on screen. But comic actors who play, say, annoying bundles of neurotic insecurities often really are much like the characters they portray.

Comic genius actors aren’t necessarily the most emotionally stable individuals. Consider the Big Three on “The Larry Sanders Show” in the 1990s: the great Garry Shandling almost never worked again before his death a few years ago, and the last I’d heard of Rip Torn he’d driven his car into a glassed-in bank lobby thinking it was his home driveway, leaving Jeffrey Tambor last man standing. Individuals as funny as Tambor, Torn, and Shandling have enough troubles of their own making without political interest groups like the transgendered conspiring to get them fired.

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  1. syonredux says:

    Critics accused Mr. Bateman of excusing Mr. Tambor’s verbal harassment at the expense of Ms. Walter, during an era in which male toxicity in Hollywood is facing a reckoning.

    So, we’ve gone from “toxic masculinity” to “male toxicity”…..

  2. J.Ross says: • Website

    This is the kind of thing that wakes people up. Imagine getting frequently humiliated and screamed at for work but accepting it because
    >you’re a man,
    >it was a reaction to an indefensible mistake of yours, and,
    >there exists no legal category for “getting chewed out when you screw up.”
    And then hearing about this.
    Bonus: when Bateman apologized on Twitter, he was met with “advice” on how to apologize better, and suggestions that the entire male cast apologize together, not just for this but for ever having a locker room atmosphere. It turns out that Synanon won the cold war and we find ourselves always in a self-confession confrontation session.

  3. Lot says:

    In watching Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, you’ll see how most of the male comedians who also acted, including Shandling and Jim Carrey, were playing themselves.

    • Replies: @Danindc
  4. @syonredux

    Soon to become “unbearable maleness” and “abolish maleness”?

  5. Thomm says:

    TeasersiSteve Blog
    New Definition of Sexual Harassment Emerges: Nonsexual Harassment

    The same happened to Matt Damon. He said something simple and sensible, and the #Metoo twats shrieked at him, effectively proving themselves to be utter mental defectives who should be avoided outright.

  6. The recent iSteve post about a Polanski movie got me thinking — with the recent reduction in the level of sexual egregiousness required to unperson someone in the film industry, why hasn’t he been given a renewed reckoning in the press? You could say that it happened a long time ago when the world was different, but a lot of recent unpersonings were also based on decades-old incidents. The crucial variable seems not to be society’s stance on the behavior when it happened, but society’s stance on the behavior when it was found out (or revealed to be more than just a rumor). If a celebrity behaved badly in the ’70s, it may be better for his present career if he had been openly lecherous in those days than if he covered his tracks with hush money and good PR managers.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Tyrion 2
    , @utu
    , @snorlax
  7. Black guys,call your offices! We may need you.

  8. BenKenobi says:

    “If you want a vision of the future Winston, imagine a frizzy-haired mulatta screaming in the face of an elderly White professor forever.”

    • LOL: Buffalo Joe
    • Replies: @Anon
  9. Anon[274] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s a good point. Lots of otherwise marginal people find their niche in acting- especially comedy acting.

    Having to deal with Jim Carrey in real life for more than a few hours sounds extremely grating; but bundling that energy and putting it on a big screen (in small doses) to pay the salaries of hundreds of other people and entertain a million more is a good use of his annoying particularities. Fitting him into HR jargon seems more cruel in comparison.

    Same thing with someone who may or may not have been caught up in all of this if he survived.

    Hypomaniac Robin Williams would’ve starved to death if he didn’t have a stage to expel all that neurotic energy highs and more depressive lows.

    It sucks if you have to deal with the obnoxiousness; but isn’t that sort of in trade-off of the job?

  10. Ahh, the Swedes raised the bar, again:

    This is a modern legislation based on modern relationships,” said Sweden’s justice minister, Morgan Johansson. “It should sit in the spines of every boy and man in Sweden that this is how it is. That you have to make sure that the one that you intend to have sex with is a voluntary participant.

    Translation, safe sex involves a Prostitute. The only way to guarantee that voluntary stays voluntary.

  11. Anon[274] • Disclaimer says:

    Jessica Walter has had a long working career; I find it hard to believe no one has raised their voice to her since the 1960s.

    Her continued career and fame from Arrested Development is also owed to Jeffrey Tambor, who is the best thing about the show.

    Will Arnett, Michael Cera and David Cross may be the bigger, goofier characters, and Justin Bateman is an excellent straight man; but Tambor elevates the whole thing to a higher level. His patriarch/twin characters usually doesn’t stand out on the first viewing but becomes the funnier and funnier on each subsequent watch.

    It’d be a shame if this sinks any chance for more seasons.

    • Replies: @Danindc
  12. The Japanese have a solution for #MeToo

    Takarazuka is a popular all-female drama troupe. If you follow the link, you can see their posters for plays and musicals about The Three Musketeers, Lincoln, Trafalgar, King Arthur, Fiddler on the Roof…

    The female leading men are hugely popular here, proving that you don’t need men in Hollywood at all. Rebranded as “Hollxwood”, no doubt it could turn out a Mission: Impossible movie with an androgynous hero that would appeal to audiences worldwide as much as Tom Cruise.

    • Replies: @MBlanc46
  13. Anonymous[196] • Disclaimer says:

    ‘Male toxicity’ – ha, I like it.

    I suppose the author is referring to the actual medical condition of ‘semen allergy’ in women.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  14. Anonymous[196] • Disclaimer says:

    ‘Mr. Bateman’.

    Rather unfortunate choice of name, given the subject matter.

  15. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Matt Damon is an anti White liberal and anything bad that happens to him is good.

    TV is anti White. Every AD is full if blacks. When I click thru the channels it looks like every channel is BET.

    Anything bad that happens to the people who work in TV is good.

  16. Anonymous[196] • Disclaimer says:

    The ultimate messianic, struggle for supremacy between those two cosmic forces of Hinduism, the Yoni and the Lingam, is reaching its climax with the much heralded triumph of Yoni supremacy.

    What this means for the ‘end of times’ is another matter.

  17. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    When I was in college all my White male professors were anti White and pro black and pro communist Russia and China.

    They loved Jesse Jackson when he led a bunch of non student thugs rampaging around screaming
    Hay hay ho ho western civ has got to go. They even beat up some White women on campus

    Love it when the left eats the left. Those old White professors preached their anti White propaganda for 40 years. Let them reap the consequences.

    There should be some kind of GED exam for people who need a college degree but don’t want to sit thru 4 years of hatred and lies directed at Whites, our accomplishments and civilization.

    Just take a multiple choice test check all the PC anti White answers and viola!! A bachelors degree in liberal arts

    I can’t wait till the persons of color turn on White feminazis for their White privilege.

  18. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    The Jewish entertainment industry is totally anti White non Jewish men. All non Jewish Whites should be glad this Jewish industry is being attacked.

    All Whites should be glad black sex harassers like Freeman and Cosby are being pulled down off their great black hope pedestals.

  19. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Anal rape of a girl barely 13 is pretty bad. He was convicted remember. He fled the country while out on bail.

    The Jews gave him a life long achievement award at the academy awards and stood up and clapped and clapped It’s not so much that he got away with the anal rape but more important that he, a Jew, defied the department of justice for decades.

    He got that Academy Award shortly after a European court turned down yet another extradition request by the DOJ.

    Message at that academy award ceremony was Jews are above the law better get used to it.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  20. Twinkie says:

    Comic genius actors aren’t necessarily the most emotionally stable individuals.

    Actors (and actresses) – comic genius or no – aren’t necessarily the most emotionally stable individuals.

    Disproportionately they come from broken homes, with all that entails.

    • Replies: @MikeatMikedotMike
  21. Tyrion 2 says:

    The victim, now an articulate and confident middle-aged lady, publically defends him all of the time and in the clearest words. She thinks there should be no further punishment whatsoever. She has no bad feelings towards him.

    Do Polanski’s detractors really want to shout down his victim?

  22. @Thomm

    The same happened to Matt Damon. He said something simple and sensible

    There’s a first time for everything, I guess.

  23. @J.Ross

    It turns out that Synanon won the cold war …


  24. jim jones says:

    I find that the MGTOW sub on Reddit has lots of useful information for us chaps:

  25. utu says:

    Polanski: Holocaust trumps pedophilia.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  26. Altai says:
    @Tyrion 2

    Notice she uses the word ‘forgive’ not the phrase ‘he did nothing wrong’. That’s not how the law works and everything noted above would have taken place no matter her statements.

    Half her motivation is to make the whole thing go away for her own sake due to it being apparently intractable.

  27. I wonder if Jessica Walter realizes that her middle name is now Trouble with a capital T. Hope she doesn’t get lonely waiting for the phone to ring.

  28. Joe Joe says:
    @Nigerian Nationalist

    Let’s hope they told their refugees about this new policy too!

  29. @Anon

    Robin Williams was also difficult to work with because he was always “on”. Plus cocaine.

    • Replies: @Jack Hanson
  30. Anonymous[385] • Disclaimer says:
    @Nigerian Nationalist

    Actually, Sweden criminalized men paying for sex.

    Britain’s odious Harriett Harman tried to do the same. The same Harriett Harman who fought long and hard to legalize the ‘right’ of paedophiles to have penetrative sex with children under the age of sixteen.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  31. @Twinkie

    “Disproportionately they come from broken homes, with all that entails.”

    Combined with nepotism. I can’t imagine the affect that “dad’s been married 4 times, and those few times I did see him as a kid (mom was around, but always looking for her pills) he was naked in the pool with women who weren’t any of those, but he did get me an audition for a movie with a big sweaty fat guy in his hotel room” has on a person’s state of mind.

  32. @Tyrion 2

    Whether or not his victim forgives him is irrelevant. Public prosecutors are public for a reason. They’re there to prevent the perp from harming others, not to avenge whoever happened to be the victim last time.

    I pity Ms. Geimer, a victim of child rape, but her grasp of civics is shaky. Her victimization probably didn’t help.

  33. @Tyrion 2

    She’s shot. Hollow eyes. I imagine her opinions have been shaped by 40 years of anti-depressants.

  34. @J.Ross

    There was a recent ‘scandal’ in the UK when a female infantryperson in the new touchy-feely British Army wasn’t showing the required aggression at bayonet practice, and was treated exactly the way a male recruit would be treated i.e. sworn at and mocked mercilessly by the corporal in charge.

    Foul-mouthed Army instructor” – well I never heard of such a thing – “reduces recruit to tears” – nor that either.

    The corporal is apparently facing a court-martial – whether for doing his job correctly or whether for videoing it and putting it online I’m unsure.

    It’s instructive to look at the latest gay-friendly, feminist, touchy-feely latest recruitment video (and the comments) for the British Army and then look at the gung-ho, heavily male (the intro could have been directed by Bronze Age Pervert), big-boys-toys latest ad for the Chinese PLA.

    snorlax – the same Academy which expelled Polanski gave him a lifetime award and a standing ovation only a decade ago.

  35. @snorlax

    Well, it’s something, but if the Academy expelled

    “Roman Polanski from its membership in accordance with the organization’s Standards of Conduct”

    in 2018, then I guess they are admitting that they had no “Standards of Conduct” for the last 40 years.

    Indeed, they previously awarded and applauded Polanski’s Standard of Conduct, something the news stories are now eliding over. So apparently the Academy formerly had the opposite of the current Standards of Conduct.

    So, welcome to civilization, Academy, where there are negative consequences for child rape. Enjoy your stay here, however temporary that will be.

    Sorry to say it, but a hundred bucks says Hollywood won’t be able to maintain its sudden infatuation with “Standards” for even a year. Heck, a hundred? Am I crazy? I wager a billion. Which Hollywood mogul will take the other side of that? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

    Of course no one will. They know too well how they work.

  36. @Nigerian Nationalist

    And you better get a receipt!

    The article mentions that reported sexual crimes increased from 2012 to 2016. No real reasons given. It almost seems like the powers that be believe this still to be too low. Build it and they will come!

    Third wave feminism wins another round in its war on men.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  37. backup says:

    What surprises me about the #metoo thing is how well this might work out for Harvey Weinstein. From what I read he likely raped women. I mean, setting up a trap by issuing “meetings” somewhere remote, but with other women attending t remove suspicion, whereupon the other women went away after 5 minutes is knowing you’re doing something very wrong.

    So, with the number of rape charges he has been charged with, the concept that all men rather than he himself are responsible might give him a way out. For him the #metoo movement is the perfect smoke screen.

    EDIT: Ha! Speaking of the devil…

  38. Dr. X says:

    … “sexual harassment” as a career killing offense is now coming to include nonsexual harassment, such as one person yelling at another person during a workplace argument, as long as the yeller is of the Wrong Sex (male) and the yellee of the Right Sex (female).

    This is actually old news.

    I was in a workplace “situation” fifteen years ago in which I had a very, very trivial “incident” with a female. There wasn’t even any yelling or shouting involved. “Sex” wasn’t even tangentially an issue — the supposedly aggrieved party was female… that was enough. A gay male co-worker goaded her into filing a sexual harassment complaint. I got hauled before the Sexual Harassment Inquisitor, (a hardcore feminist looking for men to hang) and I told her that “this is bullshit.”

    The employer’s staff attorney agreed that there was no sexual harassment, but I got shitcanned anyway for being a “bad colleague” for “refusing to cooperate” with the Sexual Harassment Inquisitor.

    And yes, it most certainly was a career-killer.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @ScarletNumber
  39. Anon7 says:

    Since we’ve gone from legitimate criminal conduct (“He raped me”), to gross indecency (“He forced me to watch him masturbate”), to vague harassment (“He made me feel uncomfortable”), what is the logical endpoint?

    “He failed to pay attention to me.” This happens when men terrified of losing their jobs freeze when females are around, and thereby fail to properly appreciate women when they need it. It makes women feel terrible! And that’s a crime.

  40. countenance says: • Website

    Hard to believe the dorky accountant in “The Ropers” (not “Three’s Company”) is still a thing.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @ScarletNumber
  41. anonymous[304] • Disclaimer says:

    “Jews are above the law”

    Well…except when they run counter to The Narrative (which, ironically, they helped to write). Weinstein just turned himself in, no doubt upon advice of counsel.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Lot
  42. Anonymous[385] • Disclaimer says:

    Based on UK originals from back in the good old days when ITV still made programmes worth watching:
    The hilarious ‘Man About The House’ and ‘George and Mildred’.

    • Replies: @countenance
  43. @Thomm

    “and the #Metoo twats shrieked at him..”

    There’s a reason the Greeks called them Furies and Harpies. They hounded Orestes relentlessly, he who was the conscientious son who revenged the murder of his Father by his Mother and her Lover by doing them both in.

    sotto voce; “so a son who sides with his Dad in opposing his Mother’s taking an alien lover is relentlessly persecuted by shrieking hags…..hmmm, the more things change…..”

  44. TheBoom says:

    Ultimately, #MeToo is going to focus heavily on preventing men from ever criticizing women and making sure they never say NO! Women take criticism very personally and in a female centric environment it can be career suicide for a man to say “NO” to a woman. Female managers view that as a sign of disrespect no matter what the man’s level in the corporation happens to be.

    One of the saddest examples I have ever run across of NO being the kiss of death was in a healthcare company that was very female centric. They had a new tech system that I could easily see was going to be a compliance nightmare. Compliance is a very serious issue in healthcare and being out of compliance can have serious financial ramifications for a healthcare company. I went to the compliance head of our department. I explained to her that it would be a likely expensive compliance nightmare and the conversation went almost verbatim like this:

    Her: I know

    Me: What have they said when you brought that up.

    Her: I can’t bring that up because the Chief Compliance Officer is one of its biggest champions.

    Me: Huh? Why is he championing it? Doesn’t he see it will be a compliance nightmare?

    Her: He sees that but he can’t say no.

    The person pushing it was a woman. He was a white man. The company based almost all of its bonus and retention decisions on 360 degree feedback. Any man who said no to a woman was slammed in his 360 degree feedback so if this top exec wanted to stay a top exec he knew he had to say YES! I spoke with some of the men and they said that the secret was to always say YES, let the situation blow up in the woman’s face then, when she came back to you asking for help, you could be honest. It didn’t matter if the company lost millions in the process. What mattered is a woman was never told NO!

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
  45. Tyrion 2 says:
    @Almost Missouri

    I agree completely. I was only answering how he has survived in the court of public opinion.

  46. Danindc says:

    Great show. Brian Regan was the best guest imo. You can see how much Seinfeld genuinely likes him.

    Norm MacDonald was so so. He’s gone off deep end a little.
    Colin Quinn is always great but he had to split time w Mario Joyner.

    Bob Einstein (super Dave) was really neurotic but interesting.

    Seinfeld hates the direction the country is moving. Stand up comedy is a wasteland. Hope he speaks up more forcefully. He dipped into it with his refusal to play colleges because of PC BS but more is needed from this icon.

    Colin Quinn feels same as Jerry – they’re best friends btw. He would sound off but he doesn’t have the F you money to do it.

  47. Danindc says:

    Couldn’t disagree more. He’s my least favorite character. Jessica Walter, even as a woman, is 10x funnier on that show.

    The rest of the cast is amazing.

    I’m only speaking of first 2 1/2 seasons (about 50 shows). It got bad after that. Right when they brought on Charlize Theron iirc. The Netflix series was total trash.

  48. Anon[121] • Disclaimer says:

    Well, if there are 50 genders, there must be 50 kinds of ‘sexual’ harassment.

    I think I saw an example of ‘Neutrois’ harassment the other day.

  49. But comic actors who play, say, annoying bundles of neurotic insecurities often really are much like the characters they portray.

    I was a student at Marquette when Chris Farley was there. I found him terrifying and avoided him and his Greek Chorus of friends. He was exactly like what you saw on SNL only louder, much more random, and less orderly. You literally never knew what he might do next. I was shocked he could pull it together and be a successful comedic actor.

  50. “Comic genius actors aren’t necessarily the most emotionally stable individuals. ”
    Peter Sellers comes to mind right away.

  51. MNL says:

    News to me: a google search reveals the phrase, “nonsexual harassment” is actually in use. And Steve uses it exactly for the behavior it’s meant to describe–harassment that’s non-sexual But for a brief moment upon reading Steve’s headline, I thought it was a term to describe something else: the disappointment an actress feels when she’s gets beyond a certain age or is otherwise noticed “nonsexually,” if she’s even noticed at all. We need a word for this “harassment” a female feels when NOT getting the sexual attention she wants. Because it’s indeed a real thing–the disappointment one feels when passed over for younger, hotter women.

    …Or maybe we already have such a term to describe this resentment. Maybe it’s called “feminism”?

  52. @Almost Missouri

    I agree as well. Statutory rape is statutory rape, even if the victim freely consented.

  53. Brutusale says:

    Off topic: someone is following the iSteve Reparations Plan.

    On topic: I seldom hear a guy treat a woman any worse than other women. It all smacks of tge Animal House logic.

  54. ic1000 says:

    Critics accused Mr. Bateman of excusing Mr. Tambor’s verbal harassment at the expense of Ms. Walter, during an era in which male toxicity in Hollywood is facing a reckoning.

    That’s admirable wordsmithing by the NYT’s Sopan Deb.

    > Critics accused Mr. Bateman of excusing Mr. Tambor’s verbal harassment at the expense of Ms. Walter

    Witness recount Tambor shouting at Walter; the Voice of God NYT reporter describes the encounter as “harassment”, consistent with those accounts.

    > during an era in which male toxicity in Hollywood is facing a reckoning.

    … and the Voice of God NYT reporter continues his sentence, providing the reader with the objective, factual context of the incident. Clearly, #MeToo is about male toxicity, full stop, there’s no more to be said. Clearly, NYT writers are describing, uh, facilitating, uh, propelling this reckoning. Because woke, and because virtue. All while practicing the highest professional standards of journalism!

  55. AndrewR says:
    @Almost Missouri

    Is your “grasp of civics” a universal and timeless one, or more a relic of your own upbringing and cultural values?

    I don’t want to wade into the specific case of Polanski; it’s a minefield of the intersecting touchy topics of sex, drugs, consent, youth, the legal system, and Jewish privilege. But it viscerally strikes me as fundamentally appalling to read a claim that the legal system should completely ignore a victim’s forgiveness of an offender when considering a punishment for the offender. Should a victim’s forgiveness necessarily completely let the offender off the hook? Probably not, but, while this topic is complex, I know that the victim’s forgiveness ought to count for something. To say that “it’s irrelevant” seems astoundingly ignorant to me.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
    , @Anon
    , @Anonymous
    , @Lot
  56. AndrewR says:

    I think Jewish toxicity is a bigger problem than male toxicity.

  57. AndrewR says:

    Because we all know that at midnight on one’s 16th birthday one magically transforms from stupid child to wise adult.

  58. Rape is gross and criminal, so that’s where I stand on that. But in the past couple of years we have been treated to articles, first that comes to mind, an attractive young woman walking about NYC and counting all the times she was “eye raped”, or ogled, or had to endure a man saying unwanted things like, “Hi, how are you.” A few weeks ago the Teen Editor at Vogue wrote an article claiming that she was groped 22 times in ten hours (don’t know the world record) as she walked about the grounds at the Coachella Concert. Groping, according to her, included the simple act of touching her back as you tried to navigate around her. This is thin ice for the feminists and #MeTooers. I will throw this out there…accordingly if these little things are sexual harassment, don’t we now pull Emmett Tills’ victim status?

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @ThreeCranes
  59. AndrewR says:

    Perhaps you could read the article.

    It’s been sad seeing how many right-wingers have been throwing tantrums about this case since the story broke. Yes, the feminization [encouraging females to join, and lowering standards to the median female level] of our militaries is a harmful thing. Yes it needs to be reversed, and yes, training soldiers sometimes and unfortunately requires humiliating them, but the real issue at hand in this particular story is the video recording the humiliation of a recruit and sharing that video. What he did is completely tangential to the feminization of the military, and it’s and utterly inexcusable. No even halfway decent person would think otherwise for even a millisecond. The scumbag corporal responsible for this should go to prison. It makes me sick to think people like him even exist. And some ignorant people are so intent on virtue signalling against the feminization of the military that they want to let this sadistic scumbag off the hook for what he did.

  60. @Anonymous

    … the actual medical condition of ‘semen allergy’ in women.

    Come on! If any of it is getting in the nasal cavities, I think she’s is doing it wrong.

    … or maybe, very well, come, to think of it.

  61. countenance says: • Website

    “Three’s Company” was nothing more than an Americanization of “Man About the House,” and in fact, as a tribute, the pilot episode of TC was called “Man About the House.” “George and Mildred” was spinning off the landlords from MATH. So, the idea with TC was to do the same, spin off the landlords, in that case, “The Ropers.” But it was a ratings flop, and in fact, after “The Ropers” died, TC had to bring in a new character as the landlord, in this case, Don Knotts, who was obviously most noted for being Barney Fife.

  62. I just turned my teenage son onto Sanford and Son. He loves it for the non-PC nature of the show. For example, when Fred goes off on Puerto Ricans…

    Anyways, Garry Shandling wrote a number of the episodes.

    • Replies: @Anon
  63. @Anon

    It is hard to argue with that line of reasoning. For sure. Hang him by their own petard.

  64. J.Ross says: • Website

    Warsaw Ghetto plus Helter Skelter.

  65. J.Ross says: • Website
    @Paul Yarbles

    Sex crimes increasing in Sweden between 2012 and 2016.

    Someone last night brought up a 2016 Independent article about rape in Britain increasing by twenty per cent, but police had no idea why. Remember that they said nothing happened on New Year’s in Germany, and then after a few months of being called liars they admitted that something might have happened, but then, those New Year’s parties always were wild.

  66. J.Ross says: • Website

    Polanski is also a special case because this has always been presented as a one-off while on drugs and grieving, and it is a rule with pedophiles that they pursue their interests frequently.

    • Replies: @flyingtiger
  67. @Jim Don Bob

    One time I happened to be passing through Bagram when Williams was there. I stopped in to see his show and he was very entertaining. However at one point he makes eye contact with a soldier sitting in the first row and stops. Dead silence. Then he starts bawling, full on tears pouring down his face. In between sobs he manages to get out ‘Youre all so YOUNG and you’re here!”

    This went on until an aide ran out and ushered him off stage and we were told he wasn’t coming back. I felt a sense of melancholy about the whole thing. Dude just felt too much I guess.

  68. IBC says:

    What if a younger actor (or director) was yelling at a much older or elderly actor and they were both men? Public opinion would be against the younger actor even if he had good reason to be angry or extremely frustrated.

    The social rules governing interaction between people with differing social markers (i.e. age, sex, race, nationality, perceived wealth etc.) are implicitly different than those governing interaction between people of the same particular status. So what’s acceptable in one case is considered unacceptable in another.

    But because this implies that some groups are naturally more vulnerable than others, it’s an inherently illiberal and anti-egalitarian concept. But of course, certain factors do make some people more vulnerable and so this appeals to people’s intuitive sense of justice even if they can’t articulate why without resorting to thoughtcrimes or “Pokemon Points” style rationalizations.

    I’ve been verbally reamed-out at a construction site and if I’d responded by throwing a 2×4, I would have lost my job but the other guys on the crew would have probably just been amused. I’ve also been violently tongue-lashed on at least one occasion by a woman in a domestic setting, and if I’d even responded in full kind, maybe the police would have come and gotten me. Context matters, and implied vulnerability matters. There are some practical reasons why that’s the way things are, but SJWs and social rent-seekers are trying to both stretch and tailor the underlying logic to suit their own selfish needs.

    Regarding Jeffrey Tambor, I’m not saying that he should automatically be more respectful to Jessica Walter because she’s a woman –just that there is an implied expectation of differing behavior in many cases, right or wrong. But still, would the NYT consider something like “female toxicity” to be a useful term? Because it sounds like Tambor may have been acting like a prima donna.

    • Replies: @Anon
  69. @YetAnotherAnon

    Will Twinkie give iSteve fans Mandarin lessons? Based on recruitment ads, they’re gonna win.

  70. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Being the cynic that I am, I believe there’s something more to this than appears. Maybe the Israelis need more donations from wealthy American Jews. Maybe they don’t want any more Natalie Portman type defense of Palestinians .

    On the other hand, this is an exposure of everything from lecherous crude remarks to penetration rape in an industry in which most of the men are Jews

    If it were an exposure of lecherous behavior by big city bus drivers or postal workers most of the accused men would be black.

    So maybe it’s just what it appears and it just happens to be in the most sexual and Jewish industry in the country

    I’ve heard that in the casting and talent agencies and the attorney offices where the deals are made there are porn DVDs running all day on the TVs.

  71. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tyrion 2

    Forget about the rape conviction The other issue is defiance of the department of justice all these decades and the Jewish defense of the defeat of the US department of justice

  72. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tyrion 2

    I wonder how much she’s being paid for all this forgiveness. Maybe I’m just too cynical

  73. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Good point. When I worked in a hospital I saw and heard the young minimum wage black male clerks hired out of the parole office addressing middle aged women Drs as baby girl.

    It was just a friendly greeting in their culture but Rude crude and offensive

  74. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Buffalo Joe

    His victim had to threaten him with her gun to get him to back off.

    During much of the 20th century Jewish liberals promulgated the myth that black men never rape White women. The idea was that Whitecwomen lusted after black men then regretted it and reported them for rape and crusading Jewish civil rights attorneys defended them against these evil KKK false accusing White women

    It got so bad that for about 15 years Alameda County Ca ( Oakland) DAs office refused to prosecute any black on White rapes because they knew:

    1. The DA would lose the case
    2. The victim would be vilified as a racist skank.

    Across the Bay, Black rape was prosecuted but the penalty for take was 3 weeks evaluation in a mental hospital

    And then, all of a sudden the very Jewish commie women who had defended black rapists since the Scottsboro Boys got new instructions from liberal propaganda headquarters and started going after White police and DAs for not being sensitive enough to the victims.

    The reaction of the To Kill a Mockingbird brainwashed Jewish commie feminazis when they discovered that virtually all, and I do mean all, the rapists in the Bay Area were blacks was something to behold.

    It was vindication for all of us who had tried to convict and sentence the rapists for years.

    The hysterical Jewish defense of rapists goes back to Mary Phagan in my opinion. Of course defense of black criminals is still a Jewish thing. Anything that harms their host societies such as crime they encourage

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
  75. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @The preferred nomenclature is...

    Saw some Sanford & Son episodes recently What struck me was how thin thin thin everyone was, including the women

    Contrast those actors with the ones on the black sit coms today Wow!!!

  76. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dr. X

    Try being a White woman hauled before a civil service tribunal by Jewish busybodies for rudely declining black men’s sexual aporoaches. The fact that I was married was no defense to my racism.

    Just as women set up men for harassment charges today, black men set up White women for racist refusals to have sex with the animals not too long ago.

  77. @Dr. X

    Were you building a creature?

  78. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    My question is how much she’s being paid to forgive him.

  79. TheBoom says:

    Even more so when you see photos from the 1950s of rural blacks during the Civil Rights era. Middle age adults range from slender to medium weight. Now they range from medium to obese. But it isn’t a lot different with whites then and now either just worse with blacks.

  80. @Buffalo Joe

    “accordingly if these little things are sexual harassment, don’t we now pull Emmett Tills’ victim status?”

    The reason I read all the comments.

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
  81. @Anon

    Agreed. Also, most of the blacks were small business owners in the show. And the amount of inflation that has occurred in the last 40 years. Also, no mention of Mexicans at all. And no hate Whitey.

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  82. @YetAnotherAnon

    Mr. Putin has a very forthright approach to military recruiting, as well:

  83. Rip Torn in the bank? Actually, I thought it was Nick Nolte. Whichever one it was, he went to the bank walking from the bar, his key didn’t work, broke a window and crawled in and went to sleep in the lobby on the floor. Passed out, anyway. Thought he was home. Maybe they booked him, but the bank let it slide. Man, Nick Nolte sure turned into one. One I didn’t expect to pull out of the mess he was in was Gary Busey. Saw him the other night on interview, he looks and talks ok. Still a kook, but a modestly articulate one nowadays.

    • Replies: @ScarletNumber
  84. @The preferred nomenclature is...

    Also, no mention of Mexicans at all. And no hate Whitey.

    They had Mexicans.

    Fred Sanford: [a Mexican man takes the stand] I’ll bet he got a speeding ticket. See, when Mexicans finally get their cars started, they gotta get where they’re going real fast before their car stalls again.

    Also Puerto Ricans, like Julio.

    Julio: Buenos Dias, Mr. Sanford.
    Fred Sanford: And beans and disease to you, too.

    And this classic exchange about law enforcement:

    Lamont: Did you know that hypertension and heart disease kill more blacks than anything else in America?
    Fred: Really? I thought it was the police.

  85. @Jim Christian

    Maybe they booked him, but the bank let it slide.

    Au contraire. Torn ended up getting a 2½ year suspended sentence and 3 years probation.

  86. @countenance

    He was a Realtor. Now why he would make the Ropers his neighbors when he didn’t like them never made sense to me.

  87. Anonymous[151] • Disclaimer says:

    No, this has several problems. For one, it opens the way to friends/relatives of the accused intimidating/bribing victims to get the sentence mitigated/dropped. Public expressions of forgiveness by the victim should have no bearing on the prosecution of the criminal.

  88. @J.Ross

    Additional points for Roman is that the girl was not a virgin. Both Roman and the mother agree that he never asked the mother to leave. She told him to call when it was time for the girl to leave. Also the mother said something to the effect of “you two have fun together.” Roman thought he had the green light for her.
    If Roman was gentle and offered a movie role, this would have been forgotten. He was brutal. At one point he shoved Quaalude down her throat, held his hand over her mouth. When she was groggy, he sodomized her.
    I feel the girl is forgiving because she knew that she was to entrap Polanski to start a movie career. He was just too brutal.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  89. Lot says:

    As I recall, he fled the USA when he learned his plea deal would be rejected by the judge as too soft.

  90. Lot says:

    Prosecution used to be private, and only gradually become socialized. So obtaining the victim’s forgiveness, or buying it, used to be completely sufficient.

    There are still some isolated modern instances in the USA and UK for private criminal prosecution. The 1960s English blasphemy cases were private criminal prosecutions. And in Kentucky (and probably other states) you can still hire a private lawyer, who then applies with the local gov to get approval to prosecute a crime on your dime.

    I am talking about criminal punishment (jailing) narrowly. Then there is the much larger group of laws that have criminal penalties that require a public prosecution and civil penalties that can be enforced by both public prosecution and private citizens. The Sherman Act is a good example.

  91. @Anon

    Anon, thank you, but the long standing story was that he talked to her, flirted with her and whistled at her…all of which are major offenses now.

  92. J.Ross says: • Website

    Roman Polanski in the kosher scheme of things is the corporal who supervised the latrine cleaning at Auschwitz. I’m all for seeing him in prison once massively less human creatures have been so much as formally accused (and yes, there’s worse than Bryan Singer and Dan Schneider, and they have not had one mention in the MeToo astroturf). If he had been properly submissive toward the government of a certain middle-Eastern government, this wouldn’t be an issue. He’s being punished for his decency.

  93. @Harry Baldwin

    I had already mentioned PR’s in my original post. I have watched a number of episodes recently and not seen any mention of Mexicans. Still, knowing the autistic audience here I should’ve qualified my Mexican comment knowing someone would find a mention of Mexicans. Of course, there were digs on Whites in the show (and Asians, PR’S, other blacks) it just was not full of the pure hatred we see today nor was it the focus of the show.

  94. @Anon

    Robin Williams wouldn’t have starved to death. His Daddy was a big-time auto executive.

  95. MBlanc46 says:

    I imagine that you intend this Hollxwood idea as a joke. And it is humorous. But it might be more prescient than you think. As women make it more and more impossible to work alongside them, workplaces segregated by sex might be the future.

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