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Napolitano's Law of the 51-Foot Ladder Tested
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Janet Napolitano famously said, “Show me a 50-foot wall, and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder,” after which Obama made her Secretary of Homeland Security. And then her mastery of engineering and physics, as proven by this celebrated quip, helped get her appointed president of the University of California.

Except … An illegal alien has now attempted to test Napolitano’s Law on a mere 30-foot wall:

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  1. “Show me a 50-foot wall, and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder, then a 51-foot fall from that ladder, and a 51 Million Dollar lawsuit against the US Government.”

    • Agree: Stan d Mute
    • Replies: @Olorin
  2. Hopefully he landed on the Mexican side.

    • LOL: JMcG
    • Replies: @Anon
  3. Thommy says:

    New VOX article on the scourge of well educated people who are immigration skeptics:

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @AndrewR
  4. OT-

    Conservative street artist achieves next-level counter-trolling by multiplying Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame:

    The photo of Reiner’s star surrounded by Trump stars on all sides is too perfect!

  5. Has Janet offered to house the alien at her estate while he recovers?


    I’d say her walls are working as intended.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  6. J.Ross says: • Website

    OT Robert Mueller, who is mere years away from proving that Trump is a Russian, moves that all Manafort trial dates specify high precipitation.

    “Look at me when you’re talking to me,’’ Ellis said to Andres.

    “I’m sorry, judge, I was,’’ Andres said.

    “No, you weren’t,’’ Ellis said. “You were looking down.’’

    “Because I don’t want to get in trouble for some facial expression,’’ the prosecutor said. “I don’t want to get yelled at again by the court for having some facial expression when I’m not doing anything wrong, but trying my case.’’


    “Well, I understand how frustrated you are. In fact, there’s tears in your eyes right now.’’

    “There are not tears in my eyes, Judge,’’ Andres said.

    “Well, they’re watery,’’ Ellis said. “Look, I want you to focus sharply on what you need to prove — to prove the crime. And I don’t understand what a lot of these questions have to do with it.”

    Any law talkers here able to confirm that this is what trials sound like?

  7. Show me a 50 foot wall with razor wire along the top and guard towers every 20 yards equipped with chain guns. Then Ms. Napolitano can bring her 51 foot ladder and we will have some real entertainment.

    • Replies: @CCZ
  8. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:
    @Prof. Woland

    As a dreamer, why couldn’t he fly? Dream and it comes true.

    Traumers have it better. No German walls blocking them from blitzing into Germany.

    • Replies: @Prof. Woland
  9. D. K. says:

    I would love to see one of Janet Napolitano’s beloved Reconquistadores trying to pull a 51’ ladder up behind him, while straddling the top of a 50’ border wall, so that he can climb down it onto terra firma in El Norte!

  10. newrouter says:

    “Show me a 50-foot wall, and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder,” ”

    Remember the 4-to-1 Rule for Ladder Safety to Avoid Home Improvement Injuries

    • LOL: Bubba
    • Replies: @FPD72
  11. this invasive brown orc

    is now in a hospital in Palm Springs CA.

    and we are paying his bills.

    same as with all the others.

    thanks, Trump.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  12. AndrewR says:

    Vox is really the gift that keeps on giving. It’s basically a slightly edgier, equally pseudointellectual (((NYT))).

  13. Carol says:
    @The Wild Geese Howard

    Looks like someone took care of that deplorable link.

  14. The Kaiser came up with a 2,000 Volt electric fence that WORKED:

    A century later, aren’t we tired of being colonized and killed by the southern invaders?

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  15. @Carol

    Looks like someone took care of that deplorable link.

    …Et voila!

  16. What do you call a Mexican who falls off a 50 foot wall?

    Matt de Doré

  17. @Anon

    Apparently he needed two ladders; one to climb up and the other to climb down.

    A wall is a fitness test. An 18 year old man might be able to do it but a 50 year old woman probably not. Even if a fence only keeps out 50% of the infiltrators it is worth it because there will be more spare manpower to nab the other half. Maybe what we can do is build a ‘test’ wall and then test people who apply for work visas to see if they can climb ladders to pick fruit out of trees or climb back when the harvest season is over.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @ChrisZ
  18. Cortes says:

    Heinrich Boll, apologies for the lackofumlaut (!) , in his Irish Journal, tells how pilots preferred to crash on land rather than on water because water is unforgivingly hard. *

    But even a shortish drop onto land…

    * in an moment of adolescent braggadocio someone nameless may have scaled the top deck of the platforms in the local pool to plunge (less like Greg Louganis than Saddo McSad) with resounding bellyflop to the hilarity of the watching babes.


  19. Anon[383] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m disturbed to find out that Janet Napolitano thinks the same way I do. I might have to rethink things…

    But until then: doesn’t a wall do nothing but stop half-assed attempts at crossing the border? All it means is that you need resources to get across or around: either a ladder (which, in practice, would be a little more complicated – presumably you’d need a small team of helpers, two ladders, and a platform bridging them), or a tunnel, or a boat, or a smuggler, or a crooked guard…

    In other words, the wall eliminates all illegal border crossings except those facilitated by professional people smugglers – but isn’t that most crossings anyway? Don’t you already need a guide to shepherd you through the unfamiliar countryside?

    One idiot breaking his legs is not going to change all that, nor deter people, since supposedly the border-crossers are already at risk of getting raped or robbed by the coyotes.

  20. I suppose it’s insensitive to make light of this poor guy’s misfortune but it reminds me of a phrase my dad used from time to time: “Like a mule going up a ladder.” He used this phrase when someone found the most difficult way to perform a simple task. It was directed my way on not a few occasions.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  21. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:
    @Prof. Woland

    He did demonstrate why US construction companies wanna hire Mexicans. They will get up on the roof and do dangerous work.

    Here’s an idea. Hire the Mexicans to build the wall. It’s construction work for them, and Americans get a wall. Both sides win.

    • Replies: @Prof. Woland
    , @Gemjunior
  22. newrouter says:

    I like “Mexican Twister”: landmines.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  23. @Anon

    When I was 18 I was a roofer. I can swing a pick as hard as any Mexican.

    My solution would be to crowd fund a wall. It would be like hitting two birds with one stone. Pres. Trump could simply call on all patriotic Americans to donate what they could privately thereby bypassing both the Uniparty in Congress and building a mass political movement at the same time.

    During ww2 towns, schools, factories used to raise money by holding fundraising drives but rather than a bake sale they would buy a single fighter plane or tank or some such. It was the prefect way to motivate people. Individual people got personally involved because they had a tangible impact on the war effort and felt involved.

    Even at the inflated rate of $10 million per mile, all it would take is $20 billion. That means that if every single Trump voter donated $1 it would build 6 miles of permanent double row impassible fence. You would have people coming out of the woodwork to fund it.

    Better yet, it would completely humiliate the naysayers who pretend that their primary objective was the cost. The cost is insignificant.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  24. Anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    this invasive brown orc

    That’s such an ugly, ugly phrase.

    I mean, so redundant.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  25. Anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:
    @enemy of earth

    I suppose it’s insensitive to make light of this poor guy’s misfortune

    While they are making light–nay, denying–our nation’s misfortune? I think not.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  26. Anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:
    @Prof. Woland

    The cost is insignificant.

    The cost–insignificant or otherwise–is not the problem. The problem is the nearly-complete lack of will to defend our borders, and the wall does not really address that.

  27. That’s a woman who clearly has no experience on ladders.

    A 30 ft ladder is a beast, forget a 50 ft one. I find ladders over 20 ft tall terrifying. The damn things can slide if not well secured, and they warp and wobble. On a 30 + ft border wall, you may be able to get on top with a ladder, but you’re not easily going to use that same ladder to get down the other side. You’d probably need a rope, which wouldn’t be necessarily that easy to secure and safely use. This equipment will cost you several hundred dollars minimum, maybe more, and you could lose it in the attempt.. If you didn’t know what you are doing, you could very easily badly hurt or kill yourself, like our misfortunate muchacho here.

    That’s all assuming that the wall is improperly designed, without angled obstructions on top making it basically impossible to get on top of without being able to fly, much less put a ladder safely up against.

    I was in Israel two years ago, and saw the West Bank wall in East Jerusalem, and the miles of hardcore fencing along the Sinai border. The West Bank wall is no joke, no civilian with a simple ladder is getting over it. The Sinai line is a multi layered tactical defense, also not exactly easy to cut through, especially since there’s surveillance on it…

    • Replies: @ChrisZ
  28. @Anonymous

    That is the beauty of crowd funding the wall. The popular will is already there just not the political will so just bypass them. The saboteurs and obstructionists will never agree to it but they are in the minority. Once it is built they will tell us they were in favor of it all along.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  29. Anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:
    @Prof. Woland

    The wall only works if people are prepared to use lethal force to defend it, and nearly the entirety of the American populace is one crying baby photo away from letting everyone in the world destroy our country. And anyone who tried lethal force is one federal judge away from spending the rest of his life being tortured in prison.

    Crowd-fund all you want! I think it’s a fine idea. But the mass media controls public opinion and guess who controls the mass media?

  30. Pericles says:

    The problem is the nearly-complete lack of will to defend our borders

    More properly, there’s plenty of will against defending your borders.

  31. @CCZ

    The guard tower, the razor wire and then the catapult as deportation device! I wasn’t thinking about American Gladiators as ICE agents, but other than that it’s like the Robot Chicken guys were reading my mind. The DHS Secy should hire these guys immediately.

  32. ChrisZ says:
    @Prof. Woland

    Prof., you point to the true utility of the “51-foot ladder” argument: It’s so transparently stupid that anyone who uses it is automatically exposed as a shill for open borders.

    This is especially true for voices on the Right. It was Kevin Williamson’s use of the argument that told me he was probably bought and paid for by open borders interests.

  33. ChrisZ says:

    Great, succinct detail, fitz. Thanks.

    In my reply to Prof. Woland above, I say that the 51-foot ladder argument is so stupid that only an open-borders shill would use it. But that makes it very useful for identifying such shills, especially on the putative “Right.”

  34. @Anonymous

    The problem is the lack of a proper referrant for that “our”.

  35. Anon[564] • Disclaimer says:

    OHSA require that a ladder extend 3 foot above edge.

  36. @J.Ross

    Yep, if you’re lucky enough to have your case heard in Judge Reinhold’s courtroom:

  37. Art Deco says:

    It’s a feature of the guises and poses of those pushing open borders that if something is conceivable it will be common, and that the behavior of illegal aliens will be almost completely insensitive to measures which raise the cost and difficulty of what they’re seeking to do. I’ve been in discussions of this nature (at sites like Ordinary Times) where some back-of-the-envelope numbers on staffing costs (derived from information on the accuracy you can expect from trained rifleman and pay scales and pension costs of law enforcement agencies), on maintaining people in detention (based on New York’s Corrections department), and on amortization of construction costs (based on the Interstate System) sent the assembled into an arm-waving fury. It disrupts their rhetorical strategies and their sense of the world to have some ideas about the dimensions of such a project put on the table. Another rhetorical strategy is contrived indignation, which a particular Catholic blogger trades in; how could you be so vicious and unsophisticated to advocate that sentries be armed with live ammunition and occasionally shoot people who defy instructions to cease and desist?

    I did some rough research a number of years ago. A fifty foot ladder is about as long as any which are vended retail. And, of course, you’ll need multiple ladders and a team to place them on each side of the wall.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  38. Olorin says:
    @Clifford Brown

    And the ladder manufacturer, whose insurers likely have deeper pockets.

  39. Another big advantage of erecting a wall is that it prevents a ‘bumrush’ by hoards of people trying to cross at the same time. This helps fight against a Soros / Mexican Government type manufactured invasion al la Syria with the cameras rolling and the NGOs waiting. This almost happened earlier with the Honduran invasion. Instead the column broke up and the slithered across in smaller groups. If they all pile up on the Mexican side but cannot cross then they will stop trying it.

    In military parlance, a fence is a force multiplier. By its self it won’t do to much (name something that does) but what it will do is limit the number of people trying to cross in the first place and then further reduce the number of people who actually succeed. The extra manpower that will be freed up by not having to catch and release and can be used to trap the bolder ones who push further out on the frontier.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  40. FPD72 says:

    For full safety, the top of the ladder should extend three feet beyond the surface being climbed. Total ladder length to be OSHA compliant would be 54.5 feet. If erected vertically and secured to the wall, it would have to be either caged or equipped with a fall protection device secured to a full body harness. Since that probably wouldn’t happen, instead of La Migra, OSHA compliance officers could be waiting for them on the other side!

  41. MarkinLA says:
    @Art Deco

    No, they will lash multiple 16 foot ladders together. Imagine the you-tubes when it collapses on the guy when he is 35 feet up and his legs are entangled in it.

  42. Gemjunior says:

    You can’t hire the Mexicans to build the wall because we can’t trust them. Those little scammers will build little Trojan horse entrances for themselves.

  43. Be4ner Breaks Bones Breaching Big Border Boundary

  44. JimB says:

    Good point. Imagine getting to the top of a 51 foot ladder, then having to straddle some razor wire while you pull up the 51 ft ladder, which probably weighs at least a 100 lbs, and tip it onto the other side.

    Even if you could do it, you’d be in no shape to have any anchor baby’s afterwards.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational

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