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Nancy Pelosi's Daughter's Documentary: "Meet the Donors"
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Where did Rep. Ilhan Omar get those “tropes” about the role of campaign money in influencing American policy that Nancy Pelosi found so objectionable?

Perhaps from watching the 2016 HBO documentary Meet the Donors: Does Money Talk? by Alexandra Pelosi, Nancy’s daughter. From The Forward in 2016:

Patriotism, Power, Photo Op: What Do Jewish Donors Really Think About Money in Politics?
Drew Gerber

A new documentary on HBO by Alexandra Pelosi, the daughter of Democratic Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi, explores the influence of money in politics by interviewing some of the biggest donors in the game. Of the more than dozen big-time donors interviewed, over half are Jewish.

Perhaps due to the fact that she is the daughter of a prominent and divisive Democratic politician, Pelosi’s documentary “Meet the Donors” emphasizes Democratic (and Jewish) donors while heavyweight GOP bankrollers are far and few between, including prominent Jewish Republicans like Sheldon Adelson and Sam Fox.

But Pelosi’s documentary captures the thoughts of some of the biggest Jewish donors in politics today.

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  1. Anonymous[137] • Disclaimer says:

    Pelosi fils’s documentaries are pretty good. She’s not like a Werner Herzog searching out epic highbrow concepts, but mostly sticks to the behind-the-scenes stuff in the political beat, the human side of it which is more interesting because it’s about money and nepotism, not cheap promises about policy that are never delivered on anyway.

    • Replies: @Ickenham
  2. J.Ross says: • Website

    While I was still a leftist I saw and was deeply disgusted by Jennifer Dworkin’s 2002 welfare documentary Love & Diane, which to its credit is very honest; as Soviet, dishonest, and uniform as NPR programming is, there’s plenty of good information in their longer-format pieces. It reminds of a Japanese interrogation technique. The prisoner is compelled to write in a little notebook, and most of what he says is assumed to be lies, but if you keep him writing constantly, good information must slip out.

  3. Rational says:


    I think she meant, “meet the owners”, as they are not just plain donors. Normal Donors just given money (to a beggar on the street, or a charity, say) and are gone. These Jewish owners control the parties, and order them to vote for the alien invasion, supporting Israel and for wars in the Middle East, etc.

    These Judaists are the Owners of the Democratic (and Republican) parties, not donors.

  4. My god, a young Sheldon Adelson looks just like that cartoon trope/canard/blood libel on certain alt-right sites.

  5. IHTG says:

    • Replies: @Barnard
  6. Tim says:

    But Pelosi’s daughter’s movie was only seen by Democrats, and inside the beltway types. That’s like Jewish people telling the truth about themselves (proudly) in “The Forward.”

    What Rep. Ilhan Omar did was blast it out to everyone–and you can’t have that.

    • Replies: @Ragno
  7. Anon[410] • Disclaimer says:

    #MeToo: “I’m not your whore.”

    #MeetToo: “I’m your whore.”

  8. Barnard says:

    Wow, I wonder who threatened them, they wouldn’t make a change like this without outside pressure. It had been openly reported he was getting paid over $300k and hadn’t shown up at the office for years.

  9. Asagirian says: • Website

    Jewish way is impervious to demographics. No matter who wins, they’ve been bought at the top.
    Whites worry about demographics, but Jews at 2% never worried about it because they can ‘fix’ whoever makes it to the top.

    What will the white middle do? Side with the lower 50% and demand MORE taxes and programs from the top bracket? Or, side with the top bracket against the bottom 50%?

    Nothing will change in the US until the elites feel a real threat. And that will come when the Middle sides with the lower 50%, white or not, against the top, esp the top 1%. This is why Trump cutting taxes for the 1% was a total shi* move.

    The top 1% uses the lower class(and non-white immigrants) against the middle class, but the middle class has reliably sided with the top class. It’s about time white middle just sided with lower 50% and POC against the elites who are mostly Jewish and Anglo-cucks. Only that will create conditions that will really make the top 1% tremble in fear.

    Just think. The top uses the bottom against the middle, but the middle serves as bulwark for the top against the bottom. If the top is going to use the bottom against the middle, how about this? The middle unites with the bottom against the top! And why not when the top is out to pauperize the middle?

    Imagine a rich kid in school who tells the dumb kid to attack and hate on the medium kid. Meanwhile, the medium kid defends the rich kid from the dumb kid. Wouldn’t the rich kid laugh at the medium kid as a dupe and idiot? Now, suppose the medium kid makes friends with the dumb kid, and BOTH go after the rich kid. Now, the rich kid will tremble.

    Ramzpaul is onto something. The elites have given a middle finger to Middle America. Elites encourage the lowers and immigrants to hate the middle. But the middle, esp under Trump, is still standing in defense of the top against the lowers and POC. There is the usual Con Inc talking points about ‘free markets yes’, ‘socialism no’.
    But this makes no sense. If the top really wants to use the lowers and immigrants against the middle, why should the middle defend the interests of the top? The middle should join with the bottom against the top. In a way, OCCUPY WALL STREET made more sense than TEA PARTY. 99% vs 1%.
    The elites are the real scum. And since the elites JUST LOVE to virtue-signal by showing how much they care about the lowers and immigrants, the Middle should follow that formula and side with the noble lowers and immigrants against the greedy and privileged top. A united middle-and-lower front against the top. See how the top likes it then.

    If Middle America is lost forever, then the middle should demand free stuff too. It should be like the lowers and immigrants. “Let’s get the bag.”

  10. If it wasn’t for money would Harvey Weinstein and who ever that is on the right in the photo even get a whiff ?

  11. Ragno says:

    Cynthia McKinney: Tell me about it, honey!

  12. @Bragadocious

    I laughed when I read your comment, then checked the picture again. A caricature right out of the Richard Spencer Weekly. Young Adelson also looks like a 1970s pornographer.

  13. That guy looks like a photomorph of several unctuous young Jewish comic actors. Well, not so young anymore.

    Kind of like a Gilbert Gottfried imitation by someone who looks like Jerry Lewis.

  14. Steve,

    This year is just coming at us too fast.

    I am not sure I can make it to the end of the year if it keeps up like this.

  15. Olorin says:

    I thought the three of them looked like Dick Tracy villains: Leatherface, Blondie, and Da Schnozz.

    • LOL: Harry Baldwin
  16. Ickenham says:

    Perhaps one might write that as “Pelosi fille’s…”

    I cannot claim to be a francophone, having only the vestiges of schoolboy French, but unless the younger Ms. Pelosi has a Y chromosome, “… fils’s …” can’t be right.

    There is also the matter of the “…s’s” possessive. In French, where apostrophes are not used for the possessive, that’s “not even wrong.” In English, that “s” after the apostrophe shouldn’t be there. Correcting fils [son], to fille [daughter] makes the ‘s possessive technically correct in English, though still a barbarism.

    The only way I can see to avoid a barbarism would be to recast your opening sentence entirely in French, which is doubtless worse than where we started. Probably best not to venture the French word at all in this case.

    Please forgive me for going all TL;DR about it, but that “fils’s” bumped me.

    • Replies: @MBlanc46
  17. MBlanc46 says:

    Thank you. On the basis of my 30 days at the Alliance Francais (I don’t know how to tpye the cedilla) in Paris, I can confirm that you are correct.

  18. Escher says:

    He reminds me of the Tintin character “Rastapopoulous”.

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