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My Apologies to NYT's Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond
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Recently, I implied that the letter “How Can I Cure My White Guilt?” from “Whitey” to the New York Times’ advice columnists Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond might have been a hoax, even though the well-known authors took it extremely seriously.

But now Titania McGrath has stepped forth to state that [pronoun unspecified] is not a troll and did write Whitey’s letter, exclaiming, “Do not deny my lived experience,” and showed this photographic proof:

Screenshot 2018-08-16 14.04.57

Other files by Titania include “I, Victim,” “Slag Badgers,” “BLM Meeting Minutes,” and “Butternut Squash Is Sexist.”

I assume that Godfrey Elfwick would weigh in on Twitter to verify Titania McGrath’s authenticity, but it turns out that Godfrey has been banned by Twitter.

My apologies to Titania, Cheryl, Steve, and the New York Times. Skepticism is a luxury we can no longer afford in these fraught times.

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  1. Thud says: • Website

    ‘Theres nowt so queer as folk’ goes the old saying and it becomes more of a truism every day.

    • Replies: @Cortes
  2. You left out “Toxic Masculinity”, written to her friend on the occasion of giving birth to a son.

  3. Jonah says:

    Somewhere Godfrey Elfwick is smiling and there’s a cold beer in xer’s hand.

    • Agree: NickG
  4. J.Ross says: • Website

    No way is Titania McGrath a real name.
    (Note: I have an awful record on recognizing the reality of names, having Slavic relatives and having doubted the authenticity of the name Natasha Fatale, a respelling of Arabic fataal with an accidentally novelesque aura.)

  5. fish says:

    Troll level: Grandmaster!

  6. anon215 says:

    God bless the Godfrey Elfwicks of the world!

  7. jb says:

    Um, I would love for this to be true, but I honestly can’t tell. Could the Times really have been that sloppy? (Yeah, she’s got a screenshot. :-) But still…)

    If she really did write it though, that would be AWESOME!

  8. Titania’s Twitter is, dare I say it, quite puckish.

  9. anon[217] • Disclaimer says:

    I wrote this letter to the New York Times under my poetic alter ego “Whitey”, a privileged cisgender white girl from Harlem.

    I feel my letter encapsulates the way that all white people should feel about themselves.

    Still can’t believe they published it.

    Poetic alter ego? It represents how she feels white people should feel. Titania, I’m sure, is quite satisfied with herself.

  10. Regarding that Breitbart report:

    “Twitter bans legendary troll Godfrey Elfwick for ridiculing Leftists”…

    Breitbart banned me for ridiculing (((Leftists))).

  11. Boethiuss says:

    Hoeleee sheeit. I thought it was real the first time, and I still can’t believe how over the top this supposedly real person is.

  12. Boethiuss says:
    @The preferred nomenclature is...

    We truly do just live in Mr. Sailer’s world.

    This is pretty good on its own right, but it would be so much better with video.

  13. Daniel H says:

    Ha, ha. I love this.

    Just imagine the panic in the Times management. Not only have they lost the narrative, but they are hopelessly outmatched by pranksters and gadflies, spawned from the very environment they have worked so hard for 50 years to create. Ha, ha.

    • Agree: ben tillman
    • LOL: TomSchmidt
  14. @The preferred nomenclature is...

    Regarding that Black lady politician mocking her “ching-chong” Asian opponent…
    — ( )

    Joe Jitsukawa has little patience for “ching-chong” mockery. He demonstrates how to do it right:

    “How to speak a fake Asian language”:
    — ( )


    • Replies: @Brutusale
  15. Titania is the Alan Sokal of the Social Media age. I want to check my cishet privilege and have zir baby…

    • Replies: @International Jew
  16. This is not real. The white-family-in-the-same-apartment-in-East-Harlem-for-four-generations thing alone makes it impossible.

  17. “Slag badgers”? Easy women from Wisconsin? Am i missing something?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  18. It probably is Godfrey. If you look closely at her Twitter photo you can tell the face is some kind of Photoshopped compilation of different facial features (each of which probably has some meta association to ultra “whiteness” or something).

    • Replies: @Barnard
    , @MEH 0910
  19. I believe what LeBron James is to Basketball, what Michael Phillips is to swimming is what Titania McGrath is to the world of trolling. We may not see another like this in our lifetimes.

  20. rienzi says:

    I would like to think that if there actually is a real person who believes that “butternut squash is sexist”, we would have the good sense to make sure they spend the rest of their life in a padded cell, under heavy sedation and adult supervision. It’s the humane thing to do.

  21. The most likely explanation is that Cheryl and Steve wrote it themselves, which would tell a lot about what they see themselves as doing – trolling the snobs for great (social) Justice.

    That would also explain (post-)modern art.

  22. Barnard says:

    The guy behind Godfrey lived in England though. I doubt he would have the knowledge of New York necessary to write that masterpiece. Most likely an admirer of Godfrey’s in New York wrote it.

    • Replies: @Saint Louis
  23. Other files by Titania include “I, Victim,” “Slag Badgers,” “BLM Meeting Minutes,” and “Butternut Squash Is Sexist.”

    Butternut is sexist? What must Titania think of pattypan?

    There is a whole town (i.e., civil township, for those of you below the 42nd parallel) called Butternuts just outside of Cooperstown.

    But Cooperstown, the county seat, is eminently sexist. There are 323 members of the Baseball Hall of Fame, and 322 are men.

    • Replies: @clyde
  24. black sea says:

    Titania McGrath . . . so, Scotch Irish, then.

    • Replies: @Forbes
  25. @AnotherDad

    “Slag badgers”? Easy women from Wisconsin? Am i missing something?

    They have to compete with grody gophers (Minnesota), squawking hawkeyes (Iowa), cuck suckers (Illinois), mean queen wolverines (Michigan), and floozy hoover hoosiers (Indiana).

    • Replies: @Jus' Sayin'...
  26. If you Google “titania mcgrath” -twitter (i.e. excluding “Titania’s” tweets), you get only six hits, all of which are not by her but about her. To my mind, that establishes that she’s not a real person; anyone that active on Twitter, would be bound to be active on other social media (and maybe even in the physical world).

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  27. clyde says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Butternut is sexist? What must Titania think of pattypan?

    Quick! When was the last time you ate pattypan?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  28. “Her” first tweet is on April 28th. Her 2nd is responding to a tweet that @realelfwick was mentioned on.

    So Godfrey Elfwick’s account and “her’s” overlap somewhat.

    What are the odds that two master trollers would be around simultaneously? And how long until “her” account is suspended?

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  29. Andy says:

    Titania McGrath is obviously a trolling account. She (or more likely, he) is pretty good as a troll though.

  30. @Reg Cæsar

    Don’t forget those skanky yankees from the Bay state!

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @Brutusale
  31. Cortes says:

    Queen of the fairies….Titania.

  32. @Half Canadian

    What are the odds that two master trollers would be around simultaneously?

    Not too low. It’s not a unique talent. Once somebody shows what can be done, it’s not too hard to follow along.

    But it also could be G.E.

  33. @ScarletNumber

    The “poem” is a classic. But almost everyone of Titania’s tweets is a classic, rip your femur out of its hip socket, leg pull. Even our beloved Tiny Duck would have trouble matching the lampooning of prog doubleplusgoodthink. I wonder if the NYT will ever acknowledge how thoroughly they and their silly pretensions have been revealed.

  34. The Alt-Right itself is starting to look like an elaborate series of pranks, rather than any kind of political movement:

    Watch dad blast white supremacist Charlottesville organizer during live stream with neo-Nazi
    Published time: 16 Aug, 2018 13:40

    The organizer of last year’s white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, which left one person dead, has been humiliated in public as a video emerged of him being scolded by his father over his extremist views.
    The video, which has garnered 610,000 views since it was posted on Tuesday, is a live streamed conversation between Jason Kessler and Patrick Little. Little is a neo-Nazi who this year ran for the US Senate in California, and whose platform called for America to be “free from Jews.”

    Kessler, 34, was having a discussion about Orthodox Jews with Little when his father barged into his room.

    The guy who pleads poverty while bragging about his boat manages to make himself obnoxious more quickly than I thought possible:

    • Replies: @anon
  35. Since Elfwick started interacting with Titania several months ago I’ve been confident they are one. So it looks like Godfrey got the Times good. Well done!

  36. Forbes says:

    The darling Titania has posted this Pinned Tweet

    Titania [email protected]
    Aug 9

    This poem is dedicated to my good friend Clarissa, who has sadly just given birth to a son.

    It’s called “Toxic Masculinity”.

    I left off the lovely poem. She is a parody.

  37. Forbes says:
    @black sea

    Mac is the Scots spelling–Mc is the Irish, IIRC.

  38. RW says:

    This really made my unbearably privileged white day.

  39. @Barnard

    The Toxic Masculinity poem uses the word “bollocks” which is common across the pond but not in the States. Not definitive but maybe a clue.

  40. @ScarletNumber

    Some lizards have forked penises, in that they have hemipenes,

    I guess that means they have toxic masculinity.

    That raises the question: If a male of any species had more than one complete penis, what would it denote? Super-toxic masculinity?

  41. @Saint Louis

    Her Mac OS date format (“13 Aug 2018 at 08:03″) is not the American standard.

    • Replies: @Peter Johnson
  42. Trumpty Dumpty promised a wall
    Trumpty Dumpty fumbled the ball
    This is the message for red-pilled white men:
    He may put it up if elected again.

  43. Cortes says:

    And …for the avoidance of doubt as Rumpole of the Bailey might have it

  44. God help me, I just read the original piece at NYT, and by their responses I can only assume Strayed and Almond were in on the joke. If they weren’t…well, I’d rather not think about it.

  45. Titania’s a hoot. Here’s hoping he/she really did write the White Guilt letter to the Times. Another Twitter wit I’ve been enjoying is @MilesPierpont. Mucho un PC drollery, give him a try too. Miles and Titania seem to know each other, fwiw.

  46. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    I think Haven Monahan finally saw the light and turned over a new leaf by starting over as a trans-person named Titania

  47. BB753 says:

    Why can’t we get entertaining trolls like Titania here, instead of Tiny Duck?

  48. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    Peppa Pig’s Second Favorite Dildo?


    Titania needs to be hired immediately by the Times. Another sure win after Jeong.

  49. anon[397] • Disclaimer says:
    @Cagey Beast

    The Alt-Right itself is starting to look like an elaborate series of pranks, rather than any kind of political movement

    Those pranks have red-pilled a large part of Generation X and younger. The pranks draw the lefties into the spotlight, where they have the appeal of John Lithgow in Footloose.

  50. “100% chance this was written on a mac” – TLP

  51. @Saint Louis

    Also ‘minge’ is UK (or maybe Irish) slang.

  52. anon[320] • Disclaimer says:
    @Saint Louis

    Her MS Word says “English (United Kingdom)” at the bottom of the screen.

    Odd choice in language settings for someone from East Harlem, who went to predominately minority schools.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  53. Tiny Duck says:

    That person claij g to write that is a hoax

    The rarest real author is sibcsere

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @MEH 0910
  54. Damn Steve, you beat me to it. I was going to hint to you that perhaps Titania McGrath is an alter ego of Godfrey Elwick.

  55. @International Jew

    If you Google “titania mcgrath” -twitter (i.e. excluding “Titania’s” tweets), you get only six hits…

    But put her into Internet Anagram Server, and you get:

    Attracting a him.
    Attaching a trim.
    A charming tit, ta.
    A thin, magic tart.

    • Replies: @International Jew
  56. @anon

    Her MS Word says “English (United Kingdom)” at the bottom of the screen.

    Odd choice in language settings for someone from East Harlem, who went to predominately minority schools.

    Are you sure it isn’t East Haarlem?

  57. @clyde

    Quick! When was the last time you ate pattypan?

    2006, I think. I bought it from a Hmong farmer, and my fiancée and I looked for a fun way to prepare it. We may have had it once or twice since.

    • Replies: @clyde
  58. Mac is the Scots spelling–Mc is the Irish, IIRC.

    FWIW, every Scot I’ve ever asked about this distinction between Mac and Mc has dismissed it as any sort of reliable distinction.

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  59. hmmm says:

    I don’t have twitter.

    Could somebody tell Titania she is a figment of my imagination?

  60. PapayaSF says:

    I bet this is Elfwick. Many clues they’re in England. In addition to the clues mentioned above, other tweets mention Harvey Nichols stores,, and Su Pollard.

  61. @Jus' Sayin'...

    Don’t forget those skanky yankees from the Bay state!

    And Kentucky yuckies, and Missouri furries, and the lassie with the chassis from south o’ Tallahassee…

  62. clyde says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    I have not seen or eaten pattypan squash for 30 years. It’s an old timey squash I think. Old fogy food. It’s a shame because I like summer squash of any kind. Zucchini etc.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  63. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    Joke magnet.

  64. @Stan Adams

    You nailed it!

    She is a F-A-K-E.

    Gotcha, NY Times.

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  65. MEH 0910 says:

  66. MEH 0910 says:

  67. The original Godfrey was a project by one of the “Sceptic” malcontents and anarchists on “the Slyme Pit”, an outgrowth of Abbie Smith’s virology research blog (I am not making this up). A sort of Atheist/lefty version of /pol/.

    It was to see exactly how credulous their SJW adversaries (PeeZee Myers, Chewbacca Watson, ReGreta Christina, Olivia the Old Dead Woman etc.) really were and how far he could push those subnormal lolcows.
    From Middlesbrough as far as can be determined (went curiously quiet for a bit when there was trouble at’t’foundry and everyone got laid off), handle of “Tony Parsehole”, avatar Tony Parson’s face with a big arse for the lower face. Sharp as a tack, funny as [email protected]

    He announced his intention to franchise out the trollolollfarm to anyone with the chops to take up the banner, total anticopyright, some years back, on said forum of mindless evil and much laughter. Said he was bored now. Yep, Myer’s lackeys were dumb as bag of hammers; point .. proven.

    He does seem to dip back in now and again. For instance the venerable Gurdur (holier-than-thou sort of Christian Atheist type, i.e probably a lapsed Methodist, perfectly decent chap and ballsacheingly liberal and “fair”, i.e. red rag to a bull to the Slyme Pit maniacs) seems to be gunning for ‘Godfrey’/’Titania’/(and the other one I can’t remember, Septimus Twinksniffer or the like probably)* and has got their backs up. Some of the new Godfrettes lack the legerdemain and killer instinct of their progenitor, and are hence soon rumbled. The really PoesLaw-ey ones are likely him.

    So this person is claiming to be the creator of Godfrey Elfwick. I don’t know what to believe anymore. As far as I can tell Parsehole handed the Godfrey account over to her at some point. …

    [Anywhere on this page, seems to open at random comms. due to modding and rejigging of post order]

    *Wrightly Willowleaf. That’s the bunny. Phew, not senile yet ..

  68. @Reg Cæsar

    The anagram generators I’ve found produce thousands of mostly boring results. What’s your secret, for finding the good ones?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  69. @The preferred nomenclature is...

    Oh man, Seoung jeoung kim is gonna go batshit on this shine broad.

  70. Watzi says:

    “She” is a parody account: Her latest ode, to her father:
    The last line gives it away..

  71. @International Jew

    Cull brutally. Set the most promising words aside, and use them in the advanced mode. Tweak at times– they could be in any order. “A” and “‘-’s” aren’t always necessary, so move them around.

    After all that, cull again, brutally. Never accept anything less than a B+. If nothing still comes up, drop it, and go on to the next victim.

    • Replies: @International Jew
  72. @clyde

    I have not seen or eaten pattypan squash for 30 years. It’s an old timey squash I think. Old fogy food.

    And I got it from a Hmong family.

    Well, there we have it. They’ve found a job Americans won’t do!

  73. @Reg Cæsar

    Even that would be a lot of work. What site/app do you use? Can it give you just a list, without repetitions, of the individual words it found?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  74. Alexandra … ??? B-b-but that’s mummy!! Our mummy!

  75. @Elf Himself

    What Titania is doing is not quite analogous. Sokal’s coup was to prove that a learned, degreed, academic society had no meaningful standards; an outsider with no formal training could pass himself off as a member of that society.

    Titania, on the other hand, aims her nonsense at a lay audience. SJW journalists and bloggers don’t pretend you need specialized training to produce what they produce. Indeed, they believe their views are so radiantly true that anyone and everyone should, or soon will, get on board.

    To pull a Sokal, Titania would have to publish in a peer reviewed journal of an academic discipline such as Gender Studies.

    Note, none of what I said should imply that I don’t find Titania’s writing amusing.

  76. tron3dfx says:

    I would love to read “humpty dumpty was a racist F*!K”, sounds swell!

  77. @International Jew

    The “advanced” link at Internet Anagram Server lets you isolate individual words. But you have to remember to turn that feature off when you go back to search. I find it helpful to have it up on two tabs.

    The longer words don’t leave much to anagram with, so start with those somewhere around half the length of the original name or phrase, and move both up and down from there.

    • Replies: @International Jew
  78. jb says:

    I’ve been keeping an eye on this in Google, and I’m not seeing much action except on Twitter (and not that much even there). Disappointing. I really hoped the NYT would be forced to acknowledge being trolled, but I suspect that isn’t going to happen.

    I’ve had letters published in the Times, and there was always an email confirmation from a Times staffer, and sometimes some back and forth over edits. If McGrath has anything like that she should post it.

  79. @Laugh Track

    Same goes for M’.
    There are no hard and fast rules, as the lenition or suppression of various sounds depends entirely on their nightmarish grammar/pronunciation scheme, same as Welsh. Sort of “i before e except after c”, but on aceed.
    You can get the same surname/patronymic having any variation available, in the same parish, right across the former sea-divided Gaeltacht(s).

  80. Svigor says:
    @Saint Louis

    The Toxic Masculinity poem uses the word “bollocks” which is common across the pond but not in the States. Not definitive but maybe a clue.

    Yeah but it’s very prominent to Anglophones online, wherever they live, because Brits are everywhere in Anglophone spaces online and they use “bollocks” a lot. In other words, it’s not some obscure Britishism; it’s probably making inroads with a certain kind of White American, at least for online purposes. I’ve picked up a lot of these, and I generally only use them online, or around a certain kind of very cosmo White American: taking the piss, having me on, lost the plot, m8, etc.

    PC with UK settings is rather decisive, though.

  81. @Reg Cæsar

    Interesting. I see room for improvenent, in fact clever anagram generation would be a worthy project for artificial intelligence scholars. Or certainly as worthy as the suggestions gmail gives you for canned responses to email.

    Here’s an idea: the program could google every word (other than ‘a’, ‘the’ etc) plus the word “s*x” (but spelled out fully of course). And highlight the words that yield the most hits.

    By gum, I’m going to try that. Watch this space for follow-ups..

  82. Anon87 says:

    I wish I could go back and find the article, but in The AVClub recently there was a discussion about some tweets or videos of a hipster who travels “real” America and reports in. It sounded like it was a very convincing parody of a SJW, enough that some commentors disliked it but might not have gotten the joke.

  83. MBlanc46 says:

    Well, that photograph sure does prove it, doesn’t it?

  84. MEH 0910 says:

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