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A reader points out one advantage to former Southern Poverty Law Center main man Morris Dees of being in the not-for-profit racket:

One of the marvelous advantages of controlling a successful non-profit is that he doesn’t legally own it and his exes can’t consider it an asset and there’s no equity that could be sold. It paid him lots of money but he has no equity in it. Otherwise he would have been ruined by four divorces.

Jeff Bezos might want to take note.

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  1. Clyde says:

    Other than taking large salary and expenses from his 25 million dollar non profit. How was Rick Singer ever going to suck it dry?

    • Replies: @Almost Missouri
  2. Anon[125] • Disclaimer says:

    Richard Cohen has now taken a dive from the SPLC. I still say this is a coup on the part of greedy underlings who intend to spend the nest egg on yacht girls and cocaine.

    Minorites have figured out the best way for them to get rich is wait until whites amass a pile of money, and then try to do them out of it.

    • Replies: @AnotherDad
  3. anon[415] • Disclaimer says:

    I understand now why the Clinton Foundation is such a cash cow for Bill and Hillary and Chelsea.
    American power is very weird. You make more money if you don’t own stuff. You make more money if you go deep into debt. The only way you don’t make money is if you work hard and save.

  4. Lugash says:

    This is one of the reasons why Trump appeals to people. Trump made his money building stuff; people understand getting rich in real estate development*. How did Romney make his money? It’s also Trump couldn’t divest upon taking office.

    *OK, he initially made his money in real estate, then turned to marketing and licensing his name.

  5. This was Johnny Carson’s problem. Wrong industry, wrong state.

    But he dressed his wives like that, too. He had serious mommy issues. Does Mo?

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
  6. Anon[236] • Disclaimer says:

    But without equity a panicky board can shove you completely out for something like a #metoo and you’re left with nothing. Someone like Peter Thiel can be a Trump fan and still manage to stay on the Facebook board because he owns a chunk of the company.

    • Replies: @brioche
  7. Uhhh,

    maybe its just me. But Mr. Carson made out like a bandit.

    • Replies: @James Speaks
  8. Well Steve, according to various tax filings, Amazon IS a non-profit.

  9. @Lugash

    Trump finished a 90 story hotel in Chicago as recently as 2009, not going broke.

  10. @Clyde

    I think the answer to your question is that Singer’s primary corporate asset was The Edge College & Career Network, LLC, which, as the name implies, is a private for-profit limited liability company.

    Singer’s nonprofit Key Worldwide Foundation was a vehicle for moving bribes around tax-free, which may have had a patina of nominal charity to give it legitimacy. The $25m or whatever (I haven’t been able to confirm the amount) in the Foundation may be mostly bribes that were awaiting distribution when they got busted. That amount looks pretty large compared to the known bribes (largest I think was $400k to that Meredith guy at Yale), which suggests that Singer’s conspiracy was much bigger than what we’ve so far heard about.

  11. @anon

    Yes, the legal system has morphed from something that protects productivity to something that attacks productivity.

  12. brioche says:

    Someone like Peter Thiel can be a Trump fan and still manage to stay on the Facebook board because he owns a chunk of the company.

    No. Thiel has sold most of his fb stock. He remains on the board because Zuck (who controls fb) recognizes that Thiel is a brilliant man with excellent judgement.

    • Agree: M. Hartley
  13. tyrone says:

    What ! you mean you don’t keep a dog just to feed ticks and fleas?

  14. Yup. From a tax and liability standpoint, it’s just like owning a church. It’s great! It’s the perfect racket.

  15. @Lugash

    “Trump made his money building stuff ….”

    Trump generated cash flow, and that’s all that really matters.

    Excuse me, but now I have to go start a charity.

  16. @anon

    The only way you don’t make money is if you work hard and save.

    Of course you make money that way! Money for the Man, that is …

    • Replies: @L Woods
  17. Technically speaking the Washington Post is non profit. I doubt they’ve been in the black for years.

  18. George says:

    Since SPLC is said to have $500M, I think 10,000 lucky Black people should be selected at random and given $50,000 each. More interesting would be to give 10,000 parents of black newborns the $$ and see if it helps. Laws would have to be modified so that the $50k windfall would not affect any government benefits they receive.

  19. Gordo says:

    The only way you don’t make money is if you work hard and save.

    ‘You fought hard and you saved and earned
    But all of it’s going to burn’

    I think that was a song.

  20. Gilbert says:

    The rich man to-day does not only rule by using private property; he also rules by treating public property as if it were private property. A man like Lord Murray pulled the strings, especially the purse-strings; but the whole point of his position was that all sorts of strings had got entangled. The secret strength of the money he held did not lie merely in the fact that it was his money. It lay precisely in the fact that nobody had any clear idea of whether it was his money, or his successor’s money, or his brother’s money, or the Marconi Company’s money, or the Liberal Party’s money, or the English Nation’s money. It was buried treasure; but it was not private property. It was the acme of plutocracy because it was not private property.

    Now, by following this precedent, this unprincipled vagueness about official and unofficial moneys by the cheerful habit of always mixing up the money in the pocket with the money in the till, it would be quite possible to keep the rich as rich as ever in practice, though they might have suffered confiscation in theory. Mr. Lloyd George has four hundred a year as an M. P.; but he not only gets much more as a Minister, but he might at any time get immeasurably more by speculating on State secrets that are necessarily known to him. Some say that he has even attempted something of the kind. Now, it would be quite possible to cut Mr. George down, not to four hundred a year, but to fourpence a day; and still leave him all these other and enormous financial superiorities.

    It must be remembered that a Socialist State, in any way resembling a modern State, must, however egalitarian it may be, have the handling of huge sums, and the enjoyment of large conveniences; it is not improbable that the same men will handle and enjoy in much the same manner, though in theory they are doing it as instruments, and not as individuals.

    For instance, the Prime Minister has a private house, which is also (I grieve to inform that eminent Puritan) a public house. It is supposed to be a sort of Government office; though people do not generally give children’s parties, or go to bed in a Government office. I do not know where Mr. Herbert Samuel lives; but I have no doubt he does himself well in the matter of decoration and furniture. On the existing official parallel there is no need to move any of these things in order to Socialise them. There is no need to withdraw one diamond-headed nail from the carpet; or one golden teaspoon from the tray. It is only necessary to call it an official residence, like 10 Downing-street.

    I think it is not at all improbable that this Plutocracy, pretending to be a Bureaucracy, will be attempted or achieved. Our wealthy rulers will be in the position which grumblers in the world of sport sometimes attribute to some of the “gentlemen” players. They assert that some of these are paid like any professional; only their pay is called their expenses.

    This system might run side by side with a theory of equal wages, as absolute as that once laid down by Mr. Bernard Shaw. By the theory of the State, Mr. Herbert Samuel and Mr. Lloyd George might be humble citizens, drudging for their fourpence a day; and no better off than porters and coal-heavers. If there were presented to our mere senses what appeared to be the form of Mr. Herbert Samuel in an astrakhan coat and a motor-car, we should find the record of the expenditure (if we could find it at all) under the heading of “Speed Limit Extension Enquiry Commission.” If it fell to our lot to behold (with the eye of flesh) what seemed to be Mr. Lloyd George lying in a hammock and smoking a costly cigar, we should know that the expenditure would be divided between the “Condition of Rope and Netting Investigation Department,” and the “State of Cuban Tobacco Trade: Imperial Inspector’s Report.”

  21. @EliteCommInc.

    He was a funny guy. Not Joe Pesci funny, really funny. I met him on the set of You Bet Your Life. They were handing out tickets to passerby’s on the sidewalk. This would by NY, NY circa 1961. No, exactly 1961. Though it was summer (summer vacation time – see the folks in NY) he had apparently just figured out that “1961” has rotational symmetry. He had this card with 1961 and then he would rotate it and it still said 1961. He found this to be intriguing. Funny guy.

    Had I had a chance to think about it, I could have taunted him with, “Oh Yeah? How about 2525? It has symmetry if you mirror image, then rotate.” But I didn’t, mainly because Zager and Evans had not yet ruined numerology for me forever.

    Carson was famous for not wanting guests (subjects?) to ruin his illusion of mastery. But he was nowhere near as capable as Letterman, who could and would occasionally take care to carefully deconstruct a victim. Except for Jeff Foxworthy. It was funny, in an interesting sense, to observe Letterman grasp Foxworthy’s capabilities, and for Foxworthy to grasp Letterman’s grasping, and for Foxworthy to back off and launch into his, “You might be a redneck if ….” Afterwards I made it a point to understand why. And it is true that Bill Clinton’s VP could not dance.

    I digress.

  22. Bezos divides his time between the states of Washington and California. Both are community property states. I’m no divorce lawyer, but it’s hard to see how he avoids losing 50% of his assets. I don’t think he’ll starve, though.

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
  23. Sean says:

    Of course Bezos was in any case planning to transfer his shares to a non –profit he would head, like Gates. If you sell them then you must pay tax. She will get the same advice.

  24. @Reg Cæsar

    Reg, I remember Carson winning a trademark infringement suit against the owner of “Here’s Johnny”, a porta potty company. At least he knew his shit about somethings.

  25. L Woods says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    This is why I remain a devoted war profiteer/petty deep state functionary: I refuse to produce wealth for our vile ruling class when I can”protect” them instead.

  26. TWS says:

    It’s such a shame

  27. @Anon

    Richard Cohen has now taken a dive from the SPLC. I still say this is a coup on the part of greedy underlings who intend to spend the nest egg on yacht girls and cocaine.

    Minorites have figured out the best way for them to get rich is wait until whites amass a pile of money, and then try to do them out of it.

    If Dees had any brains he’s skimmed off in “expenses” millions and socked it way offshore where it’s hidden from auditors, Uncle Sammy and ex, current and future wives.

    I don’t really have any decent take on the Richard Cohen departure. I guess i suspect he’s either done some looting that he thinks is safe–if he skates now–or realizes he’s going to get tarred with a bunch of “knew or should have known” responsibility for sleazy stuff if he stays.


    But you minority point is actuall they big opportunity here for whites, conservatives, real Americans.

    Trump should be tweeting out–and Republicans echoing–that it is absolutely *outrageous* that an organization titled “Southern Poverty Law Center”, claiming to be working for poor Southerners and their civil rights is not run by blacks. Demand it have a *black* president, and a *black* majority on the board, and have a majority *black* southern staff.

    Conservatives can kill this cancer right now with the right propaganda effort.

  28. Sung to the tune of “Disco Duck” (Rick Dees)

    I was in bed with my wife Maureene
    Her daughter Holly was just eighteen
    My wife was hot, but Holly was hotter
    How in the world could I resist that daughter?

    I snuck down the hall, vibrator in pocket
    Thinkin’ I’d plug it into her socket
    All of a sudden I began to cluck
    Hey, look at me, I’m the Dildo Duck!

    • LOL: Craig Nelsen
  29. Anon[934] • Disclaimer says:

    OT: On the subject of affordable family formation. I was not aware until recently that 2/3rds of all student debt is held by women. I suspect this is playing a bigger part than people realize in why young people aren’t getting married at the rate their parents are. The average young male would panic at the thought of marrying a woman with a massive amount of debt. It would be just as much of a burden on him as her. No one is pointing fingers in that direction, but if young men choose to marry women from their workplace (at an older age), and not at college, it’s because too many of the women he finds at college have godawful debt and are a potential marital disaster because of it.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @Anon
  30. @Black Death

    There are 13 de jure (by law) community property states, mostly in the South and West. But all states are de facto community property states.

    There is no state where the wife gets less than half , and she will get well more than half if there are under age kids involved.

  31. @Anon

    Is there a way to find out debt and credit scores of somebody that a person might date? It should be added to Tinder.

  32. J.Ross says: • Website

    Another SPLC resignation!

    A week after co-founder Morris Dees was ousted over sexual misconduct claims – with two dozen employees signing a letter of concern over “allegations of mistreatment, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and racism,” the head of the SPLC, Richard Cohen, as well as the organization’s legal director, Rhonda Brownstein, resigned on Friday.

  33. @Steve Sailer

    Steve, you don’t need to know someone’s credit score to sleep with them. That’s what a Tinder ‘date’ is, it’s not to find your future wife.

  34. Anon[236] • Disclaimer says:

    I was not aware until recently that 2/3rds of all student debt is held by women.

    I read Philip Greenspun’s blog. He’s an MIT computer science grad, tech company founder and seller, and pilot. Politically he is quite the noticer.

    He’s also divorced, and he researched and wrote a book and started a website, and freequently blogs about “real world divorce.” Laws vary massively by state. In addition to student debt, future husbands (or anyone who might accidentally get a woman pregnant) should at least spend a little time boning up on state divorce law:

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