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"Today Germany, Tomorrow the World!" Merkel Is Touted for UN Secretary-General

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From an op-ed in the NYT:

Why Angela Merkel Could Lead the U.N.
By MARK SEDDON FEB. 16, 2016

… Yet some United Nations insiders speak of a woman far more established on the world stage: Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. There was speculation in the German media last year about her possible candidacy, though it subsided and since then she has had her work cut out as Germany welcomed a huge influx of refugees.

With elections in Germany due next year, the newsmagazine Der Spiegel quoted colleagues of Mrs. Merkel’s saying that she does not wish for a fourth term. With Europe’s immigration crisis inciting resistance to her continued open-door policy, there is talk of a “graceful exit” for the chancellor.

No candidate could magically restore the United Nations’ prestige, but there is a compelling logic in favor of a Merkel candidacy. She is both female and, as someone who grew up in the former German Democratic Republic, Eastern European. More important, she has an intuitive understanding of Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin, who was based in Dresden as a K.G.B. officer when the Berlin Wall came down. While Russia’s annexation of Crimea sorely tested Mrs. Merkel’s patience, she continued to have regular telephone conversations with Mr. Putin. She could bring a unique ability to mediate between Russia and America.

Germany’s remarkable response under her leadership to Europe’s refugee crisis has also underlined Mrs. Merkel’s humanitarian credentials. At the height of last year’s wave of migration, the contrast between Mrs. Merkel’s willingness to accept desperate asylum seekers in their hundreds of thousands contrasted with the parsimonious response of Britain’s prime minister, David Cameron, as well as with a growing xenophobia among some Eastern European leaders. …

Mark Seddon was a communications aide to the United Nations secretary general from 2014 to 2016.

Why am I not surprised?


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  1. Look on the bright side. All the homeless in Manhattan will move onto the UN Plaza.

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  2. The best trait to have in a UN Secretary General is someone who is easily ignorable. That’s why I like the current UN Secretary General… some korean guy..

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  3. Why am I not surprised?

    Because contrary to reason, experience, and common sense, we have not reached the upper bound of human stupidity.

  4. Frau Merkel gives failing upward a whole new meaning.As with the Korean guy, who even knew Boutros Boutros Gali was still alive spare Seinfeld reruns. Or that he was an Egyptian guy.

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  5. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"]
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    I would support that.

    It’s about stupidest and most worthless position in the world.

    She deserves it in spades.

  6. Yes, and that is why I am sorry to see that former UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali has passed from the scene. That, and the fact that his name means “Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater” in Egyptian Arabic.

  7. German readers: If Merkel gets kicked upstairs, is her replacement likely to be any better?

  8. If you are looking for someone to drive a bus off a cliff, who better than someone who has previousy driven a bus off a cliff? Today Germany, tomorrow the world!

    I like this line: “…she has an intuitive understanding of Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin…”

    Did Merkel, like Soros, intuit that Putin was sending a flood of Syrian refugees to destroy Germany?

  9. The guy two guys ago died today. He was most famous for having a name that repeats…

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  10. That Merkel ‘understands’ Putin maybe correct but she doesn’t like him and even questioned his grip on reality. Of course what someone’s views are about Putin and a declining Russia may not really matter as far as being the UN Secretary General. Of more import to her candidacy would be her relationship with the Third Word ( good) and her adherence to multiculturalism ( devout).

  11. says:
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    There was a good piece in a Brit paper last fall describing the behind-the-scenes social meetings between Cameron and Merkel:

    Just like high school with the overgrown kids drinking too much and then bitching about status jockeying.

    She actually spoke phrases to Brit PM such as “We hate you because …”

  12. This is good news.

    There is a dumping ground for silly people like Merkel.

    I am all for giving silly people an incentive to go somewhere else where they will be able to do less harm.

    All the silly people can interface with each other at the UN all day and issue joint communiques.

  13. This is the sort of BS that makes any reasonably intelligent person despise the MSM. There is zero chance that the Russians or Chinese would agree to Merkel.

  14. He was most famous for having a name that repeats…

    It also screamed “Christian” to an Arab. “Boutros” means Peter.

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  15. I’m stealing that.

  16. My optimistic self is saying that she can’t possibly end up heading the UN. Per the Peter Principle, she’s right where she’s supposed to be…

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  17. Per the Peter Principle, she’s right where she’s supposed to be…

    Or in her case, the Boutros Principle.

  18. “There is a dumping ground for silly people like Merkel.”

    As a cranky nationalist I used to be of the view that the UN was a waste-of-space organisation suffering from a severe case of mission creep. But perhaps it does have a purpose – without a dumping ground for idealistic liberals things could be even worse.

  19. Merkel might do less damage as UN secretary than as Chancellor of Germany. She wouldn’t have an actual real country to hose-up.

  20. “The guy two guys ago died today. He was most famous for having a name that repeats…”

    Not many people know that before he was the UN Secretary, he was a secret agent.

    And you are…………..?

    Boutros. Boutros Ghali.

  21. Nice little club there where failing upward is par for the course. Imagine if the NFL or small business worked that way. Every failure was rewarded with a promotion. This cultural practice only seems to work when other people’s money in at stake or other people’s futures. Odd that.

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  22. says:
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    So, the reward for failure – catastrophic failure – is ultimate power.
    Such is The Economist run world.

    One of the many, many legitimate criticisms that can be levelled against the EU – and yet another damned good reason why Britain should leave, is that the people who ultimately run the EU, the unelected ‘commissioners’, who in fact have absolute dictatorial powers, are invariably failed and supperannuated politicians given the reward of cushy, highly lucrative and powerful sinecures by others of their ilk, usually as a result of their being ejected from their national parliaments by a disgruntled electorate.
    Such was the case with Britain’s Neil Kinnock and Leon Brittan, to name but two examples.

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  23. “He was most famous for having a name that repeats…”

    It also screamed “Christian” to an Arab. “Boutros” means Peter

    Boutros = PETROS . Closer to the original Peter than the English transliteration, which is a bit better than the French “Pierre”. Also, though I am not an expert, among Eastern Christians (even all the way to the India, as to this day I often meet Indians whose forefathers were proselytized by the Portuguese with last names like “Samuel” and “Thomas”) it is common to have an apostolic last name, so the seemingly double name could really be a first name of Peter combined with an Eastern Christian apostolic last name of Peter as well. Not so strange when one considers there are names like George Michael (Cyprian, if I recall) out there. BTW, Merkel’s a lock- got the scoop from an inside source through a careless whisper…

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  24. Imagine if the NFL or small business worked that way. Every failure was rewarded with a promotion.

    What are you talking about? The NFL does work that way. Ever heard the term “draft choice”? How do you think you get the first one of those?

    A soccer club in the same position is kicked down to the minors. As it should be.

  25. No candidate could magically restore the United Nations’ prestige, but there is a compelling logic in favor of a Merkel candidacy. She is both female


  26. The biggest homeless encampment and open drug bazaar in San Francisco is UN Plaza on Market Street.

  27. most likely not

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  28. I did read someone suggest this is why Merkel invited the immigrants. Sums up politicians.

  29. I guess it’s okay to call out Eastern Europe for xenophobia. But why they don’t use that kind kind of language when it comes to Denmark?

    Orban was called fascist when he decided to build fences. When Austria did the same nobody said a thing. Typical Western hypocrisy.

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  30. “Why am I not surprised?”

    Because Merkel is attracted to the sorts of men who rape German women. KGB in Dresden, Muslim youths, etc.

  31. says:
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    If Italians elect a far right government (1994), Brussels is concerned. If Austrians elect the same (2000), Brussels goes all out to attack the Austrian elected government.

    Europe is suspicious of the propensity for evil of German speakers.

    Danes are very nice people while Hungarians were the 4th Axis Power. So again suspicions about the propensity for evil.

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  32. I looked up the author’s bio:
    - he studied ‘Development Studies’ at East Anglia. Development Studies is full of Marxist theories of underdevelopment. Not surprising that he see the invasion as a good thing;
    - works at Al-Jazeera: Loving Islam is a job requirement;
    - worked for UN: Loving Islam is a job requirement;
    - lives in Manhattan. Has to show his fellow Gucci Marxists his politically correct credentials.

  33. Arabs don’t have last names. Their names normally consist of their first name followed by a patronymic, sometimes followed by the patronymic of the father.

    For example Saddam Hussein’s first name was Saddam (which in Arabic is used in polite address, e.g. General Saddam or President Saddam), and his father was called Hussein. Hussein was not his family name. Similarly, his son Uday was not called Uday Hussein (as is often reported) but Uday Saddam Hussein, because Uday was his first name, Saddam the patronymic, and Hussein his father’s patronymic (which was used in this case because his father was such a highly respected person, i.e. the president of the country).

    Besides these, Arabs often have some sort of tribal designation or similar at the very end of the name, which in the case of Saddam’s family was al-Tikriti (Uday Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti).

    In the case of Boutros Ghali, I think Boutros was both his name and his patronymic (hence the doubling), but Ghali was some sort of extended family designation. It might have been somewhat different from Muslim Arabs’ use of names, because he was a Coptic Christian.

  34. “… who was based in Dresden as a K.G.B. officer when the Berlin Wall came down.”

    For second, I thought you meant Merkel, not Putin.

  35. Barring a coup d’état or the Second Coming – but I reckon she’d rather be kicked downstairs then.

  36. The best match of competence with the stature the position deserves would have to be Michelle Obama. With her experience ruining school lunches just think what she could do on a global stage!

  37. Falling upward? Becoming head of UN more like falling into a black hole, from which no light or information emerges.


    Grandson of slain Egyptian prime minister

    In many ways, Boutros-Ghali was born into the world of diplomacy, Egyptian politics and all the dangers both of those entail.

    His grandfather, Boutros Ghali, served as Egypt’s foreign minister and finance minister before becoming the North African nation’s prime minister in 1908. An assassin took his life two years later.

    A notable name

    His singular double name became known to whole new audiences — intentionally or not — as a punchline on some of the biggest TV series of the day, including popular American sitcoms like “Seinfeld” and “Friends.”

    Later, the then former secretary-general played along in a sit-down interview with Sacha Baron Cohen’s character Ali G, who poked fun at “Boutros Boutros-Boutros-Boutros Ghali.”

    But while his name was at times fodder for late-night comedians, it was no laughing matter for his family.

    According to The New York Times, after his grandfather, Boutros Ghali, was assassinated in 1910, relatives decided to honor him by officially changing their last name from “Ghali” to “Boutros-Ghali” — apparently so that all future members of the lineage would, in effect, be named after this martyr of the family. The late U.N. chief was then bequeathed “Boutros” as a first name as well. So, in effect, he was doubly named after his slain ancestor.

  39. “Such was the case with Britain’s Neil Kinnock and Leon Brittan, to name but two examples.”

    There is some truth in the overall point,though its exaggerated. The Commissioners are usually politicians who get to the second or third highest step on the ladder and don’t quite get to the top. Someone like John Kerry among American pols would be a typical Commissioner. They also include a few people who got to the top of the political ladder in their respective countries, mostly in smaller countries, but Romano Prodi was PM of Italy.

    Kinnock and Brittan, who are considered to be to of the better of the group, fall into this category but this post is unfair to them and you may have some animus against them carried over from UK domestic politics. Kinnock was a Labour Party leader who didn’t make it into #10 Downing Street, which is not unusual for Labour Party leaders (it is for Tory leaders) but who is widely viewed as having saved the party from oblivion after its loony left episode. Brittan was a memeber of Thatcher’s cabinet who took the fall for her over the Westland scandal. Especially for Brittan the description doesn’t fit.

  40. says:
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    Kind of makes sense since she has done everything humanly possible to make Germany look like a miniature version of the world. She can’t jettison Germany’s German heritage fast enough.

    Isn’t it interesting how the UN only dumps “refugees” on white countries? Kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it? Doesn’t it!

  41. says:
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    You should put “propensity for evil” and “Europe” in quotes, lest someone thinks you’re serious.

  42. Great visuals — here’s what Poland thinks of Merkel’s rapefugees:

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  43. Growing up in the GDR would make her a Central European, not an Eastern European. East Germany wasn’t even in the easternmost part of traditional Germany, if you’ll recall. The allies split Germany in three, not two, at the end of WWII.

    Why would her being an Eastern European be an asset, anyway? Because that’s where the action is, i.e. that’s what the New World Order has its heart set on gobbling up? But her intuitively understanding Putin is presented as a separate qualification. And no Ukrainian, for instance, is going to care that she is from the east part of Germany instead of the west, any more than they’d be more likely to listen to me if I came from one side of the Mississip or another.

    Who cares, UN secretaries don’t matter.

  44. She should be bloody and bruised and showing a nipple. Sort of like the female personification of France, Marianne.

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