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Media Applauds Hillary's Latest Stroke of Genius: Praising Merkel's "Bravery" on Refugees

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From Politico:

In swipe at Trump, Clinton names Merkel as her favorite world leader

By NOLAN D. MCCASKILL 09/29/16 05:47 PM EDT

Hillary Clinton trolled two White House opponents with a single response, dinging Gary Johnson and Donald Trump by naming Angela Merkel as her favorite world leader.

The Democratic presidential nominee on Thursday joined the discussion about politicians’ favorite world leaders, a topic that went viral when Johnson, the Libertarian nominee, drew a blank when asked Wednesday to name a world leader he looks up to and respects.

“Oh, let me think. Look, I like a lot of the world leaders,” Clinton said, bursting into laughter initially when asked about her favorite world leader during a gaggle with reporters aboard her campaign plane in Chicago. “One of my favorites is Angela Merkel because I think she’s been an extraordinary, strong leader during difficult times in Europe, which has obvious implications for the rest of the world and, most particularly, our country.”

Clinton praised the German chancellor’s “leadership and steadiness on the Euro crisis,” while adding that “her bravery in the face of the refugee crisis is something that I am impressed by.” …

Her seemingly innocuous response could be interpreted as a two-pronged attack against Johnson and Trump, though.

When first asked the question, Johnson admitted that he was having another “Aleppo moment” …

Trump has frequently attacked Merkel on the trail, panning her for Germany’s intake of refugees, and will likely use that line against Clinton in the final stages of the campaign.

“Hillary Clinton is running to be America’s Angela Merkel, and we’ve seen how much crime and how many problems that’s caused the German people,” Trump said in a speech he delivered last month in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Trump, however, also named Merkel one of his favorite leaders Thursday, despite his rhetoric on the campaign trail that would suggest otherwise.

“Well, I think Merkel is a really great world leader, but I was very disappointed that — when she — this move with the whole thing on immigration,” he told New England Cable News. “I think it’s a big problem and really, you know, to look at what she’s done in the last year and a half. I was always a Merkel person. I thought really fantastic. But I think she made a very tragic mistake a year and a half ago.”

Well, sure, what Trump said about Merkel is far more reasonable than what Hillary said. But the point is that Merkel is a woman, and YOU CAN’T CRITICIZE A WOMAN.

You just can’t.

Those are just the rules. We didn’t make them up.

Well, actually we did, which is what’s kind of awesome about them. The fact that they are absurd and humiliating to thinking people is what makes enforcing them so satisfying.

Tomorrow, Hillary could promise to name Alicia Machado chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the press would be agog at her campaign genius. What, is Trump going to criticize a woman? A woman smashing glass ceilings?


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  1. I never dreamed having my beliefs about women in power fully vindicated would feel so bloody effing lousy.

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  2. ref: “Hillary could promise to name Alicia Machado chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff…”

    Well, she apparently has driven towards the sound of gunfire.

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  3. Anyone else notice how they are attempting to frame Hillary as some masterful satirist who skewers her opponents with ease? She trolled Gary Johnson and Trump?

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  4. It seems that Hillary has decided to double down on her stupid this week, not only tying her campaign to The Real Housewives of Miami via Alicia Machado, but then by naming a failed, unpopular female world leader as her favorite.

    (And as a former secretary of state and person auditioning for the presidency, is it really a good plan to announce the ones on your BFF list? I mean, do you really want to start openly setting a pecking order in your foreign relations? Is she going to release a “most hated world leaders” list, so she can piss off people rightly and sour relations prematurely? I thought foreign relations were meant to be delicate in her world.)

    I guess she’s decided to go even harder on the “war on women” meme/first woman president meme. Like Obama did with race, she’s using this week to do with gender.

    Of course, race is a much more powerful draw for people that gender is with women. Lesbians like to pretend that it’s a giant sisterhood, but really women hate working with other women or for other women. I just had a conversation last night with a young Hillary supporter who admitted that she hates having female bosses/co-workers. When I pointed out that Hillary would be a female boss her eyes froze up.

    Women can’t employ their female privilege in an all-female environment, and they know it.

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  5. And Trump and Gingrich are talking about Bill Clinton’s affairs and some fat ex-beauty queen. Important stuff.

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  6. i’m german. merkel is on her way out, even the liberal media here agrees. funny that cankles would endorse her.

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  7. Is “trolled” a complimentary (laudatory?) verb now? Do adults read Politico? This au courant D.C. prose style tends to sound a lot like junior-high undercover narcs simulating kid slang.

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  8. How far behind would Hillary be if the press did not like her and coordinated against her like they do Trump?

    As for Johnson will this cause people, who thought they were being cerebral by supporting him, to change their minds and go for another candidate? I always thought the Libertarians were taking votes away from Trump. So if this causes these guys to realize that Johnson isn’t it, will a significant number of them come back to Trump?

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  9. No, she is alleged to have driven away from the sound of gunfire, with her gun-toting boyfriend in tow– which she chose not to deny, to Hillary Clinton’s good friend, Anderson Cooper of CNN, the other night, instead remarking that she is “not a saint girl.” As we once said in my high-school Spanish class: “O, pobrecita! Oja la que se mejore pronto.”

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  10. “And Trump and Gingrich are talking about Bill Clinton’s affairs and some fat ex-beauty queen. Important stuff.”

    If it works – if it swings votes – it’s important.

  11. Hillary isnt swiping at Trump by praising Merkel. She is swiping at sane people.

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  12. Stupid move on her part. Most white liberals are against the refugee acceptance in Europe. The people for it are the SJW/anarchist types, and they are insignificant in number.

    Trump should take this opportunity to liken her to Merkel, stripping away some of her moderate support.

  13. Hillary keeps piling on the kill shots.

    People of Color are all voting Hillary.

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  14. desperate times. Just to be wicked: I don’t think Angela really wants Hillary’s “sucking up, ” to her right now. Angela is now slowly, disintegrating. She f*cked up Germany for generations – a woman with no children, for God’s sake! – eh, she doesn’t care. She only cares about herself – she’ll be dead when the sh*t really hits the fan in Germany.

    Also, I think Angela should find Bill’s Bimbo Eruptions and Cigar Recreation a bit too much. I do think the European Christian Democratic Parties are diametrically opposed to presidents and PM’s, who are into boffing junior interns, making money at every chance, and pulling all kinds of stuff for personal gain.

  15. Mr. Trump would do well to say into the mike: “I admire Viktor Orban. There’s a leader, a true leader, who – believe me – stands up for his own people!

  16. says:
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    Tomorrow, Hillary could promise to name Alicia Machado chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the press would be agog at her campaign genius. What, is Trump going to criticize a woman? A woman smashing glass ceilings?

    Right, and Chairman Miss Piggy could proceed to make a sex tape of herself getting spit roasted by the other Joint Chiefs and the mainstream media would remain silent and nothing would happen to her.

  17. No more fat-talk. Let’s get back to ISIS.

  18. I can’t blame Gary Johnson for not being able to name a foreign leader he admires. Most of them are contemptible. I would name Viktor Orbán, but I’m sure neither Johnson nor Trump know of him. Trump probably said Merkel, with reservations, because that was the only name that he could think of, as she’s been in the news a lot. It would have been cool if he had said, “Enrique Peña Nieto, because he’s going to pay for my wall.”

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  19. difficult times in Europe, which has obvious implications for the rest of the world and, most particularly, our country

    She got that right! How true, how true…

  20. Utterly suicidal because she is trapped in a frame of reference that she can’t see is crumbling/being overthrown, take your pick.

    Barbara Tuchman, The March Of Folly, in case anyone needs introductory examples of how stupid elites can be when the paradigm is shifting beneath them. Elites thrive upon an existing, stable frame of reference, established rules/order, etc.

  21. A public allegation that is not unambiguously denied is taken by many, if not most, to be acceded to by the accused. Trump did not raise the fat pig’s name; another fat pig did. That the latter pig has served her sexually psychopathic husband by attacking her husband’s many female victims of sexual assaults, and at least two outright rapes, goes rather a long way toward demonstrating that the self-styled feminist icon and savior of women is rather less than she makes herself out to be– which, for a fat pig such as she, is something of a surprisingly neat trick.

  22. I believe H.L. Mencken once said that men and women agreed on one thing – they both distrust women.

  23. And next week Hillary will be inveighing against Halloween costumes. Why are you stuck on the botched Machado rollout? Social Justice moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop looking at what’s racist you will miss the new one!

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  24. to appeal to Millennials, mostly young guys, the MSM are trying to make her seem like an avatar from Pokemon….but, Pokemon mania is nostalgic…part of the childhood of Millennials. Hillary, like Trump can no longer be cool with young people. It looks so forced and stupid. However, what Trump espouses, resonates with young people; ergo, the bizarre and meandering path that Hillary’s handlers are going down, which is all boring, btw, so not gonna work.

    Millennials are merciless and cynical, maybe nihilistic a tad. But, I know they do not want war with Russia (or China). They know how hard it might be to survive a nuclear war (they’ve seen a sh*t ton of movies!)…they are not preppers, but are a sh*t ton smarter than we are…they gotta clean up after us, and take care of us when the world is not nice anymore. And, if there is still a Central Bank, after a nuclear war, Millennials will say: FU Boomers, we will wipe your butts and feed you in nursing homes, but we are so not gonna pay up our college loans to the Fed!

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  25. Hillary’s most admired world leader is the single person most responsible for the single most rapid race replacement of whites in world history. Just the 2014-2015 cohort of Arab/African migrants to Germany now make up more than 20% of the young male population in the country. It took other countries decades to gradually make such a mistake, it took Merkel less than two years. And the problem is not improving in the slightest, and she is aggressively bullying smaller European countries into joining Germany’s dysgenic auto-democide.

    The only nice thing you can say about Merkel is that on a per capita basis, Swedes are slightly more suicidal than Germans in their mass resettlement of Arabs and Africans.

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  26. Can you imagine the gaggle of low test cucks and childless cat ladies who must make up Hillary’s media pool?

    Do they really think this plays to anyone outside of the Jezebel/Gawker/Buzzfeed crowd? Rhetorical question, of course.

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  27. Nobody knows just how many Arabs/Africans Merkel has invited in, but the estimates for just calendar year 2015 range for 1.1 to 1.5 million. Nearly all young men in a country that had, prior to the great invasion, about 4.9 million men in their 20′s (many of them already non-european).

    The invasion rate only decreased a little in 2016, with estimates running around 3,000 migrants per day. So Germany may well end up, for its population of men in their 20′s, about 90% white in 2013 to less than 60% white in 2017.

    The starting and ending percentages in Sweden could both be worse.

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  28. POCs are staying home: Hillary is not a “happening.”

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  29. i’m german. merkel is on her way out

    How exactly is that going to happen? It seems like Germany has a pretty solid left-wing majority, and the center-left prefers Merkel’s fake-conservative party as a coalition partner to the radical left.

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  30. In swipe at Trump, Clinton names Merkel as her favorite world leader

    May God and the American people grant Frau Clinton the same fraction of the vote as Frau Merkel attained.

  31. “Oh, let me think. Look, I like a lot of the world leaders,” Clinton said, bursting into laughter initially when asked about her favorite world leader…

    Sumpin’ ain’t right with that gal.

  32. On any scorecard not biased by The Narrative, the most admirable world leader today would unquestionably be Vladimir Putin. He is an incredible leader of almost uncanny ability; and not only that, but he is also leading his country in the right direction. That’s why he is numero uno on Hillary Clinton’s shit list.

  33. @Jack.Hanson
    I often look at the Facebook comments on Politico, and I’ve noticed that the staunchest Hillary supporters are often gay yuppies. Yuppie gays seem to be an important part of Hillary’s coalition of fringes, even though they have little in common with Hillary’s other designated victims.

  34. Her party is getting mauled in the local elections, and the losses mean ” the existing grand coalition between the two centrist mainstays of Germany’s political system – which is currently in power at the national level – is no longer possible.”

  35. I think Gary is a long-term, pot head living in a waspy, privileged world. He has smoked too long in beautiful Taos, to not really give a sh*t about the world…and, on record, not really knowing about the world. New Mexico is a weird state. I love New Mexico, but there are a whole lotta of very wealthy people in N.M. who are out of touch with reality. It’s a great place to retire, don’t get me wrong. Santa Fe has wonderful restaurants and a great summer opera…can you tell I’m snickering!

    The poor people of N.M, are Native and Latinos; boom, end of story, end of Johnson.

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  36. Trump is exactly right. Up until the migrant crisis, Merkel always appeared to be an extremely shrewd leader who put Germany’s national interest first…almost to a fault. Then she completely lost her mind. Maybe it was that ambush on TV with the crying migrant girl.

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  37. Halloween costumes, you say?

    Perhaps you’re a psychic. What are the next Powerball numbers?

  38. Clinton praised the German chancellor’s “leadership and steadiness on the Euro crisis,” while adding that “her bravery in the face of the refugee crisis is something that I am impressed by.” …

    That’s messed up. Why would you want to screw over your own country?

  39. Trump probably said Merkel, with reservations, because that was the only name that he could think of, as she’s been in the news a lot.

    I dunno. There’s a fellow in Israel he seems rather fond of.

  40. I hope the Trump Brain Trust in Trump Tower is planning for this question to be posed to Trump in the next Presidential Debate.

    Most obvious answer from Trump is Putin, but he could just as easily go with Netanyahu (Safest Choice) or Duterte (Basest Choice). Viktor Orban would raise eyebrows and Erdogan might be a bridge too far. Bashar Al-Assad likely won’t get the nod.

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  41. Can you imagine the gaggle of low test cucks and childless cat ladies who must make up Hillary’s media pool?

    Commenter Tiny Duck is a childless white cat man.

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  42. The fact that they are absurd and humiliating to thinking people is what makes enforcing them so satisfying.

    Theodore Dalrymple — “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

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  43. which she chose not to deny, to Hillary Clinton’s good friend, Anderson Cooper of CNN, the other night, instead remarking that she is “not a saint girl.”

    The look on his face is priceless. “Sweetie, I was giving you an opportunity to deny these rumors, not confirm they’re all true.”

    Oja la

    Don’t let the wrong person catch you putting a space in there!



    From Old Spanish oxalá, from Arabic وشاء اللّٰه (wa-šā’ allāh) (“and may God will it”). Compare English inshallah, Portuguese oxalá, Maltese jalla.

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  44. “But the point is that Merkel is a woman, and YOU CAN’T CRITICIZE A WOMAN.”

    You can criticize a woman if they are on the political Right. Ask someome who works for the mainstream media what they think of Katrina Pierson, Sarah Palin, Kellyanne Conway, Margaret Thatcher, etc.

    Remember when Martin Bashir said he would like to shit in Sarah Palin’s mouth and no SWPL feminists in the mainstream media came to Sarah’s aid.

    Men shitting in women’s mouths must be a cultural practice in Martin Bashir’s backwards stone age ancestral homeland of Pakistan.

    How many Martin Bashirs does America let in per year? I want to see a breakdown of which 3rd World hellholes are sending the most DIEversity into The U.S.

    This is how you know Pakistan is extremely backwards, their Human Development Index is in line with that of other Sub Saharan African countries.

    Pakistan can’t even lift up their society to Latin American levels of Human Development Index, let alone European levels. Their inbred cousin fucking plus Islam thrown into the mix can be blamed for why their country is on the same level as Dindu Nuffin African nations.

  45. says:
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    “I never dreamed having my beliefs about women in power fully vindicated would feel so bloody effing lousy.”

    You haven’t worked with women much, have you?

    From my earliest experience at jobs in high school and college to the refreshingly small number of (quota hire) women I have to deal with now, women in positions of authority can be the nastiest, meanest, pettiest people to deal with and all in their own special way.

    That’s not to say I don’t like working with women. I mean what red-blooded man wouldn’t want to enjoy working with women, if it’s at all possible, especially if they’re attractive but even if they aren’t? But the truth is they too often aren’t.

    It really shouldn’t be any great shock that the approval ratings of Congress have fallen even as the share of women in Congress has risen. Politics is the kind of job far more likely to bring out the worst in women than in men.

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  46. says:
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    If Mohammar Khadaffi had the foresight to fully transition into a woman (instead of just cross dressing) then he would surely still be alive today and leader of Libya.

    Neither Hillary nor Obama has the appetite for murdering a transexual leader of a nation state.

    But they (CIA/MI6/MOSSAD) whacked that lady in Pakistan, Mrs Bhutto, though, back in the aughts. Regular female gender status is not bulletproof.

    Can’t wait to see what the globalist mafia will try to do with Duterte. That guy is one serious Filipino. He’s a straight up killer. I doubt Trump would pay any attention to Duterte but Hillary would be compelled to make an example out of him. But this is the kind of guy who surprises.

    Watch out for this guy, Hillary. He is more cunning than Qaddafi. Cuidado.

  47. You’re right, he could have mentioned him.

  48. says:
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    Germany has a large Turkish population in the form of guest workers that started arriving in the 1960s, and which had achieved pretty large numbers by the 1980s, comparable to the Mexican invasion of the United States. Merkel probably thought the Syrians, et. al. would be nice, hard-working untermensch grateful to have low-paying, manual labor jobs just like the Turks, and Germany would be all happy happy joy joy. She was certainly shocked at finding out how crazy-violent they were.

    Anyone with a working knowledge of the history of the Middle East could have told her that almost everyone in that region is nuts. Merkel was undoubtedly convinced that her enlightened white German rule, plus her Lady Bountiful complex, would tame all those savages and they’d become proper little ditto-Turks. She hadn’t realized that though the Turks may seem backwards to Westerners, their position on Europe’s border and long contact with Europe means they’re actually a mongrel, cross-bred culture that’s distinctly different from the rest of the Islamic Middle East. The other Islamic countries are a lot worse off and a lot more alien to the West.

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  49. “leadership and steadiness on the Euro crisis”

    I guess one person’s “leadership and steadiness” is another’s stupidity and amoral depravity — insisting those poor Greek sods remain slaves to the unpayable euro-denominated debt created by their own corrupt “leaders”.

    Speaking of Merkel, those who follow the markets may have seen that the knives are out for Deutsche Bank, and that Merkel ruled out direct state aid/a rescue — yet not long she exposed Germans to the total tune of (by some estimates) nearly 100b€ in guarantees on Greek debt during “the Euro crisis” — figure that out if you can.

  50. Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines seems to be very Trump like. Very aggressive against crime, nationalist, politically incorrect, blunt. The oldest ever elected like Trump would be here.

  51. “Lo siento!” That was back in the early 1970s– and I have long since come to detest the language, and rue the day that I followed my siblings’ example, in high school, rather than go with French. (One of our older brothers– who took only Latin, in high school, and went on to learn Italian, while in the seminary, in Rome– has been a priest in El Salvador, for the past few decades, and I cannot even bear to hear him yammering in Spanish, when he returns to visit Indiana.)

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  52. I would have responded “Putin, Assad, Duterte” without missing a beat and exploded pundit heads like “Scanners.”

  53. They were never Trump voters just as Nader voters weren’t likely to ever vote for Gore.
    People who vote for third parties do so in protest against the main rebuplocrats.

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  54. It’s good that trump didn’t pick Putin. Putin has been built into a global boogeyman by our establishment press over the last few years, and trump would have incurred another round of condemnatory headlines if he’d said Putin.

    Netanyahu would have been the safest choice. There are few democratically elected nationalists to choose from.

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  55. says:
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    All they care for is intercept the tide of the day and swim with it, to gain as much as possible personally.
    They are social tides interpreters.

    In February 1963, Kennedy invited 800 blacks to the White House to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. Louis Martin, a Democratic operative who helped plan the function, had placed the names of entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. and his wife, May Britt, on the guest list.
    The White House scratched it off and Martin would put it back on. According to Martin, Kennedy was aghast when he saw the black and white couple stroll into the White House. His face reddened and he instructed photographers that no pictures of the interracial couple would be taken.

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  56. says:
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    He wouldn’t say Netanyahu out of a wish not to annoy Pepe.

    What about Laos’s President?
    That’s a nationalist one for sure, and, I guess, democratically elected. At least I’ve never heard they need some democracy import over there, so…

  57. Hillary is not completely stupid, and Robert Cialdini is supposedly the best of the persuaders. Scott Adams and Roissy both speak highly of Cialdinis skills.

    White professional women, and a non-trivial number of other White women, support mass Third World Immigration to drown White men in a sea of brown/black. They do this out of greed and spoils politics — more ability to kick out White men from jobs and take them, and baby-sitting opportunities and the ability to morally lecture the Third World masses, both things White women like very much thank you. Resentment against White men for being too intelligent and able to see the future, dialing down the violent immediate ego action domination acts that make men sexy. Resentment against too many White men being fat is also there.

    But the main thing is, straight White men are entirely absent from most women’s lives. They are completely absent from the media, just go to work a bit later in the day and watch a bit of morning TV to see what I mean — its wall to wall hens and gays and various mystery people of color. Not a straight White man in sight. The same is true for most workplaces, any that have significant amounts of women end up deeply feminized and with White men in exile.

  58. “You haven’t worked with women much, have you?

    From my earliest experience at jobs in high school and college to the refreshingly small number of (quota hire) women I have to deal with now, women in positions of authority can be the nastiest, meanest, pettiest people to deal with and all in their own special way.”

    My earliest experience was the same as yours. That led me to avoid working with women as much as possible. I have a few woman friends who are wonderful in every way and mean the world to me. But I avoid most women like the plague that they are.

    No, I meant I thought I’d enjoy the spectacle of powerful women publicly flaunting their abysmal stupidity and monumental ignorance. I didn’t dream they’d be given so much power that they could–and would–destroy Western civilization.

    People who object to the assertion that Merkel is worse than Hitler don’t understand the enormity if what she’s done by flooding Germany with savages. She’s set off a delayed detonation demographic bomb. Yes, Hitler left much of Europe a smoking ruin. But by 1960, a mere fifteen years after WWII ended, Americans were using some of their post-war prosperity to visit Europe. They went in droves. I’m old enough to remember the little books of phrases in European languages, the package tours, the post cards and vacation photos. They went because there was still much to see: historic buildings, monuments, museums. And they went because it was safe. Will Europe being as appealing and as safe for tourusts and for Europeans fifteen years from now? No. It won’t, in large part because of Merkel’s ruinous–and typically female–hubris.

    And watching this slo-mo train wreck caused by a woman being where she ought not to be–in a position to rule over a state and its citizens–is a really miserable experience.

    If this comment gets any replies, whether agreeing or disagreeing, I’m not going to respond to them. The whole thing is too depressing

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  59. hopefully in the 2017 election merkel falls short of black/green. Then we get red/red/green. Germans are so hopelessly leftoid, they need the music in full before they come right. Red/green is traditionally unstable and will lead to a coalition of post-merkel christian democrats with the AfD.

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  60. Precisely.

    And in so doing, she is equating the specific, wretched insanity of female power-gluttons with what’s good and true and the sanity of non-power-glutton women and all non-wuss men as crazy.

    I feel like I’m in a version of Groundhog Day scripted by Bret Easton Ellis and Tama Janowitz.

  61. I’m guessing 30 to 40 percent of people who vote for any third party are people who otherwise would not vote.

    When i was active in the LP we would meet monthly and had a regular crew of around 20-30 people. About half of them had no political past before libertarianism, and of those who left, I’d guesstimate (more of a speculation since I have only had much contact with three or four) about that many went back to ignoring politics.

    With libtys, of course,many came in via Ayn Rand. Rand herself hated the LP as a “squirrel” (in the scieno sense) and rival unauthorized offshoot of her work, but Objectivism was so doctrinaire, so hostile to religion, and so openly ass kissing of Rand personally that for everyone who became an Objectivist, three went to small-l libertarianism and of that three, 1 1/2 became LP members or hangarounds.

    I have no idea if Reform, Constitution, or Green parties have similar dynamics.

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  62. JFK had good reason not to want Sammy and his white wife there-it could have had serious repercussions in the South. He was no idiot.

  63. Why does El Salvador need American priests? Seems to me there is a shortage of them here, at least that is what the local diocese claims.

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  64. The three things that most Millennials want most are most likely to be gained by supporting Hillary even if they think she is corrupt and a war monger:

    open borders

    ethnic and cultural cleansing of white society

    as close to free college as possible with no paying of loans

    Hillary is best for those. They are willing to have war and wall street corruption if those are met.

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  65. Cat ladies, and by extension cat-ostensible-men, are a serious problem in that they indiscriminately feed ferals, who blossom in number, shit all over everything, kill all small game and nongame animals around, and caterwaul, scratch and cause all sort of issues. “Companion animal” statutes make it a felony to whack them and are popping up in several states.

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  66. Spanish is the language of our oppressors’ cat’s paw. I will not learn it, or ever visit Mexico.

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  67. will lead to a coalition of post-merkel christian democrats with the AfD

    Given current rhetoric around the AfD, I find that difficult to believe — although meiner Meinung nach, Frauke Petry is the most impressive politician in Germany today — imo the most likely outcome is a continuation of die Grosse Koalition, although Merkel may not survive as Kanzlerin — but as you suggest, Germans are rather politically naive — zB, few seem to realize or care that there has been no real opposition for a long time now — it seems if they believe they will get their Rente, it’s all scheissegal.

  68. My mother often complained, late in her life, that she was working for a female supervisor in an all-female environment and hated it. Loathed it. Her preferred work environment was being one of two women in an otherwise male environment-she hated the only-mare-in-the-stable thing, but did not want to deal with women very much.

    My sister on the other hand prefers being in an all/mostly female environment. She is not (AFAIK) a mussypuncher but has picked up some distinct feminist tendencies.

  69. as close to free college as possible with no paying of loans

    OK Old Economy Steve

    Old Economy Steve

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  70. Can this possibly work? So obviously contrived as this? Trump needs to go on offense every play–if they ask about this quickly restate, yeah, Merkel was great until she blew it, because that’s the way shit works you idiots, now let’s talk about how she blew it and how Hillary is going to follow her lead.
    He should have been doing this all night at the debate. He ought to retain the no-prisoners-no-apologies brashness but, like Ann Coulter suggested, not talk about himself.

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  71. He originally went there as a missionary, in the early 1980s. After he returned to being just a diocesan priest, a few years later, he talked the bishop into allowing him to return to El Salvador, “on loan.” He has been there ever since, through a few new bishops, and he took out Salvadoran citizenship, around the turn of the century. He plans to die and be buried there. “Ad ogni il suo!”

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  72. Jesus, that me c1978. Nah, that’s not a St Christopher. And I parted my hair slightly to the left.

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  73. I went to high school with him. I think.

  74. P.S. Last Sunday, my eldest sister attended the last mass at our childhood church, led by the current bishop– closed due to a lack of parishioners and, yes, a lack of diocesan priests! Our old parish school, next door, which opened just weeks before I was born, closed decades ago, and was torn down and paved over, several years ago.

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  75. I grew up with a lot of Mexican-Americans, many of whose parents spoke Spanish, when I was a kid in Gary, in the 1960s. The kids seemed as American as I was, even when the parents were not. That was before the Immigration Act of 1965 opened the floodgates, and before the powers-that-be decided that America would be infinitely better, and markedly better-off, as a “mosaic” rather than as an old “melting pot.” My old friends from Gary, and the many Hispanic friends from Latin America that I added during my years at Purdue, notwithstanding, I really have no use for such ethnic intermingling, any more. I would not touch an Hispanic woman, these days, for instance, with the proverbial ten-foot barge pole, no matter how good-looking she was!

  76. quickly restate

    He doesn’t need to answer the question — it’s a stupid, fluff question — why ask it when there are so many other important matters? — answer: to avoid these more substantial issues where HRC’s views align more with the ‘coalition of the fringes’ or neocons or plutocrats than with mainstream America — no American voter really cares which world leader Trump most admires — Trump should act like an alpha male and dismiss the question — or rephrase it, and name policies of other countries or leaders he admires.

  77. It’s Gram Parsons in a ‘before’ photo in a Clearasil ad.
    Poor Gram… but at least he doesn’t look in the mirror these days and see a slightly off version of himself thirty years on. That’s our lot.

  78. Perhaps the media should asking if this is wise in light of Merkel having destroyed her party in the last round of elections.

  79. UK version of that poster

    “A slump in home ownership and less generous pensions have left those born in the early 1980s with only half the wealth of those born a decade earlier by the same stage of their lives.

    In fresh evidence of the UK’s growing inter-generational divide, the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has reported that people in their early 30s had average net household wealth of £27,000 from equity in their homes, the value of their pensions and other financial investments.

    The thinktank said that those who were born in the early 1970s had accumulated household wealth of £53,000 by similar stage. It added that children of the 70s were themselves notably less wealthy than those born in the early 1960s.”

    Now some of that £53,000 “wealth” is inflated house prices, but the decline is real. Male UK earnings are less in real terms than in 1997, meanwhile

    future pension payouts have collapsed as so-called “final salary” schemes are scrapped
    house prices have soared making the average house unaffordable for someone on average income
    university costs have soared leaving young people with huge debts
    state pension age has risen

    I was pointing out years ago that this wasn’t just a working class phenomenon, but would spread to the children of the middle classes i.e. tomorrow’s middle class. Now that’s happening, even the globalist media have to take notice, if only to ensure the blame is attributed incorrectly.

  80. I got more quality memes that Old Economy Steve.

    Meet High Expectations Asian Father

    High Expectations Asian Father

  81. Never settle for second

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  82. I think Lagertha’s description of Millennials is far more accurate and nuanced. It goes beyond the caricature that the MSM gives us — which is what your description is. For every outspoken SJW, bravely fighting for the right to cower in her safe space, there are probably dozens of cynical, thick-skinned mockers who see through the BS.

  83. “. . . but really women hate working with other women or for other women. I just had a conversation last night with a young Hillary supporter who admitted that she hates having female bosses/co-workers.”

    You can’t get a much more female-dominated field than nursing, and as a former RN, I can tell you this is very true of the women who had some degree of philosophical awareness. Most of them were just cogs in the system who were either too dedicated to their life-calling or were too obsessed with scheming against the other b!tches and sucking up to Dr Soap Star.

  84. No, they aren’t staying home, science proves that “People of Color are all voting Hillary” must be so. Truly, this is how Americans can live the Hillary Dream. The People, uniting as one under firm guidance, to be Stronger Together! against their enemy fellow-citizens.

  85. I would hire him as a tutor. He has the perfect face for underperformance-shaming. I have a Welsh brother-in- law who looks just like this guy; well nothing a few tweaks on photo-shop wouldn’t fix. It’s all in the raised eyebrows and the calm demeanour. It conveys centuries of having seen all the special snowflake dramas before.

  86. What a childishly petulant thing to say.

  87. Nor, presumably, any other woman.

  88. I often think about that quote when confronted – almost daily – with the absurdity around me. You might find the following interesting:

  89. Keith Vaz [AKA "Sir Charles Pipkins"]
         Show CommentNext New Comment

    We should be criticizing women constantly. Go to Jim’s blog and look at his recent post, Yes Women Vote For Rape and Enslavent to see why.

  90. Yeah, I thought trolls were the KKK now

    It’s hard to keep up

  91. Actual LinkedIn essay by head of Sandberg’s “Lean In” campaign. Sandberg will likely be Secretary of Defense under President Clinton :

  92. Yes, and as we have seen in France and other countries, the second and third generation will probably behave worse in terms of hostility to the host population. Most of the migrants Germany took in came from closer to the bottom tenth as opposed to the talented tenth.

  93. I’m an older millennial (31), most other people I know my age and younger do not want the first two on your list, but somewhat understandably, would like lower tuition to not have to deal with the future burden of repaying massive student loans. Most white millennials find the anti-western civilization rhetoric they hear at college to be unsettling and uncomfortable. There are some naive idiots (SJWs) where the anti-white speeches seem to resonate with them, it gives them a chance to feel virtuous through ethnomasochism.

  94. I rike it.

  95. I always wondered why Pat Buchanan lamented so much the loss of traditional religion among European peoples. After all we had created all this fabulous material wealth. Now I am beginning to understand why.

  96. Each and everyone of us needs to ask ourselves a simple basic question. Are we in the West safer with an unending flux of Third World migrants ( honeychile they ain’t a,-comin from Denmark)? Or are we less safe?

    Now which presidential candidate wants to let the snakes inside the dovecote?

  97. Hillary keeps piling on the kill shots.

    And she is going to keep piling them on until utopia is achieved. That’s how her ilk rolls.

  98. I lament that teaching Latin in high school has gone out of fashion.

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  99. I love New Mexico


    I’ve always figured the future of the US will look like New Mexico: relatively poorer than today; half “Hispanic”; with our out of touch elites living in their Taos-like enclaves.

  100. Can you show links and your calculations for Germany?

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  101. I did not realize Rand felt that way about them. Worship of her is creepy.

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  102. > Hillary Clinton trolled two White House opponents with a single response [sic], dinging Gary Johnson and Donald Trump [sic] by naming Angela Merkel as her favorite world leader.

    Clever Hillary, smartly answering an easy question!

    Although it’s a darned difficult one for me. I came up with Hungary’s [firstname?] Urban (actually Viktor Orban, I learned in the comments here). Then, there are the leaders of small nations who seem to be managing problems with long-term outcomes in mind. Jordan, Finland, Singapore. But I don’t know their names.

    Big countries: can’t think of one leader that I admire, even remotely, in the context of a U.S. Presidential election. They range from awful to “perhaps appropriate for their situation, but un-American.” I’d be looking for a way to beg off the question without giving offense to foreigners.

  103. Latest horror news from Germany:

    Don’t think there’s anything about this in English so I’ll give a summary: In May a 70-year old woman in the medium-sized town of Bad Friedrichshall in south-west Germany was strangled to death in her own home. Arabic writing was found on the walls of the apartment, presumably of a religious nature (though the exact contents haven’t been made public); money and other valuables had been stolen. A 27-year old asylum seeker from Pakistan eventually became a suspect and the case has now gone to trial. According to the prosecutioner this wasn’t merely a burglary gone wrong, but the killer entered the house with the intention of killing a person he regarded as an infidel.

  104. Right, because women take -everything- personally. Say one wrong thing and you have an enemy for life. Men, on the other hand, don’t give a damn about small things.

  105. Unknown what he really is except performance art. He doesn’t believe any of the positions he advocates, he doesn’t even believe the arguments he uses. He simply is trying to get a reaction and does so admirably.

    Actually, he does a piss-poor job of it but people keep falling for his over-the-top exaggerated troll pose and respond to it. It’s all Kayfabe for him but the rubes keep buying his schtick.

    His persona is just as genuine as Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Nation of Domination’ storyline. The difference is, is that Johnson delivered it better and was actually entertaining.

  106. How many of those immigrants from Turkey were actually Kurds? I wonder how much Turkish/Kurdish tension was carried into Germany.

    Btw, I think initially the German government in the 1950s promised that the first group of immigrants would stay a few years then be sent home with a new group replacing them. However, German companies didn’t want to retrain a new batch of immigrants, so the first group became permanent residents. When it comes to immigration, corporations and governments cannot be trusted.

  107. I took Latin in the 7th grade, and we had about seven students in the class. If I had signed up to take it in 8th grade, as I otherwise would have, I would have been one of only two students; so, I did not, and the class was cancelled. I always have felt bad about that, both because I let down my teacher– who was both a fine teacher and a fine fellow– and because I would have liked to have taken the full coursework in Latin that was then available, as my older brothers all had. The thought of my being called upon every other time, day after day, though, was more than I could bear, at that age!

  108. Agreed. Her comments are a clear signal to the people in power: “I don’t care what the masses think. I care about supporting us elites and our policies. See, I’ll both insult the masses and exult our immigration position simultaneously, that’s just how trustworthy I am.”

    She knows which hand feeds her, and she won’t bite it. She’ll fawn all over it. And she is.

    She has no need to pander to the masses, she’s pretty sure she’s got them covered.

  109. Isn’t that what I just said?

  110. Yeah, how was Clinton “trolling”? She is an anti-white globalist who named a fellow anti-white globalist as a world leader she admired.

  111. That’s very interesting. Have you visited him in El Salvador? Sounds like there is some interesting situation there, perhaps quite interesting.

    • Replies:
  112. I do believe she has a certain familiarity with many varieties of staff. She may be better with the campaign staff, though, with her proven ability to take a pole.

    Uh, sorry, poll.

  113. Crazy cat ladies literally are:

  114. I did not realize Rand felt that way about them. Worship of her is creepy.


    The Rand cult, Objectivism, was always especially noted for its cultish personal devotion to Rand and, so long as he was her official co-redeemer, Nathaniel Branden. When Brandon “fell”, he was of course declared Satan, so that Rand could be fully the object of all the adoration.

    This was all very well documented in the eighties and nineties.

    As with Scientology, Objectivism has sort of fallen away from intense publicity. The first decent book on libertarian politics in the US was Jerome Tuccile’s It Usually Begins With Ayn Rand. The response to the growth of the Libertarian Party by Objectivism is encapsulated in Leonard Peikoff’s Libertarianism: the Perversion of Liberty.

    Note that Peikoff was declared “the moral and intellectual heir” to Ayn Rand by Rand before her death from lung cancer. Rand, of course, was childless-an early “Barren Doe”, but one giving us little distress, inasmuch as she was between Hillary Clinton and Dianne Feinswine in attractiveness and general personality.

  115. No, the only family member who ever has visited him down there was one of our nieces, who was a young adult, at the time, and who teaches Spanish, in her native West Virginia. Even she was apparently taken aback by the level of poverty, in the parish where he served as pastor, at that time. On the other hand, El Salvador’s extreme level of violence– even since the civil war ended, many years ago– is not all that different from when he was an assistant pastor to the Bishop of Gary, at the cathedral downtown, back in the mid-1970s!

    As for me, I spent about an hour and a half in Mexico, in June 1988, with half of that time being waiting in line to leave the place. I had the creeps the entire time that my sister and I were there– especially during the short time that we needed to venture away from her car. I have ZERO desire ever to return to Latin America.

    I have lived in and near Hispanic immigrant communities– in California, Arizona, Nevada and New York– and there was nothing about those experiences that I found “vibrant” or “enriching.” The most educational experience, I suppose, was living in Staten Island, a short walk south of the Saint George Ferry Terminal– “where the ghetto meets the barrio,” as I always told my family and friends, back in America proper. Neither group seemed to appreciate us Caucasians living among them, as reminders of what Staten Island once was like– and still was, even when I lived there, the farther away from Saint George one got– but you could see the mutual animosity on the faces of Blacks and Hispanic immigrants, when they passed on the sidewalks, or at the ferry terminal. The Blacks usually glared at their Brown neighbors, as if they would like to kill them, while the immigrants usually looked intently wary of their Black neighbors, as if they feared spontaneous violence without warning or pretext. As when I lived in New Orleans, thirty-five years ago, it was almost impossible to fall asleep, in my neck of Staten Island, without hearing one or more police sirens driving by, on the main drag of Victory Boulevard.

    During my sixteen months living in downtown Baltimore, now several years ago already, I used to walk through the immigrant neighborhood where the Hispanics had taken over from the Greeks (and whomever else), while I was en route to buy groceries at the Safeway store in the Canton neighborhood, where I could briefly luxuriate in being among an overwhelmingly White clientele. When I passed through the barrio, coming and going, I felt alien, but I do not recall ever fearing for my safety, no matter how late at night. When I was back downtown, I always was very wary after dark, even when I was walking past the courthouses, city hall, and police headquarters! Even during the day, when most of the folks out and about on my busy street were local office workers, Blacks would glare at me as if I were an alien invader, when we passed on the street. Both in Gary, as a boy, and in the many big cities that I have lived in, including the otherworldly New Orleans, as an adult, I never have sensed more hostility from total strangers, day in and day out, than I did during my tenure in Baltimore.

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