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Eric Garcetti Is First Mannequin-American L.A. Mayor
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Mr. and Mrs. Garcetti
kick back casual-style
The MayorTron 3000
is now operational

As we all know, the Hispanic Electoral Tidal Wave is sweeping into office new, diverse faces, like Eric Garcetti, who was elected mayor of Los Angeles yesterday. The Oxford-educated and always exquisitely-groomed Garcetti, who looks like Don Draper’s less rugged cousin and is an heir to the Louis Roth Clothes fortune, claimed to be the Mexican candidate in the race for reasons that I could never quite keep straight in my head (something like Mexico being one of the countries his ancestors have had to flee one step ahead of angry peasants brandishing scythes).

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  1. Using Garcetti logic, Mitt Romney couldve been the first Mexican American President! Thank god the fiercely anti Mexican Obama nipped it in the bud

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  2. Peterike says:

    Meanwhile, more delightful Hispanic news! New York man kidnapped on street and tortured for 30 days. Suspects?

    Christian Acuna, Dennis Alves and Eduardo Moncayo.

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  3. Anonymous says: • Disclaimer

    The best candidate left won.

    So now Chicago, NYC and LA all have Jewish mayors.

    NYC will most likely lose it's mayor this year to lesbian WASP Christine Quinn but she's much like Bloomberg the preferred candidate of the white liberal establishment.

    She's the most staunch defender of "stop and frisk".

    Rahm's doing yeoman's work in closing black schools and pushing them out of the city.

    Now we get Garcetti, who's in a tough bind. His latino support was higher than for the other candidate, but as you note, the guy is a Euro/Jewish man. I take his claims to "indigenous" heritage just slightly more serious than that of Elizabeth Warren's.

    He has been accused of being close to big business and he isn't a Mexican nationalist the same way, say, that the previous idiot was(the same guy who failed the law bar exam five times).

    Garcetti, on the other hand, is an intellectual. A high-performer, Oxford-education and a former professor.

    Will he make common cause with the rabble or will he go the same way that Bloomberg and now Rahm are pushing?

    I'm leaning towards the latter.

    LA may indeed become a more livable city the next few years.

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  4. Anonymous says: • Disclaimer

    If Garcetti is successful as mayor, Madame Tussaud's can just move him in there after his term expires.

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  5. Anonymous says: • Disclaimer

    His tie is not askew. I do not know tie knot names, but it sure has a fancy name. And its asymmetry is as calculated as the asymmetry of the hats of Prussian light cavalry.

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  6. First the "Hispanic" pope now this "Hispanic" mayor. Italians- doing the jobs that Hispanics just wont do

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  7. Anonymous says: • Disclaimer

    So now Chicago, NYC and LA all have Jewish mayors.

    Whoa! You can't notice that!!!

    Racial bean-counting does not apply to Jews. You're only toa notice that the mayors of Chicago, NYC, and LA are white. Therefore, Whitey is racist and won't elect minority mayors. Ahhh, isn't that better? The world makes sense again.

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  8. The first photo is somewhat creepy ,he looks like a hypnotist.

    These Euro "Hispanics" are really old world and immaculately groomed.
    Another one which comes was Ricardo Montalban of Naked Gun fame…and I suppose Fantasy Island as well..

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  9. Anonymous says: • Disclaimer

    Didn't they say there would never be a white guy as mayor of LA again after kenny hahn? Seems white enough to me. Where was the mestizo candidate?

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  10. Anonymous says: • Disclaimer

    Looks like Dr. Samuel Beckett has leaped into the body of a politician in the year 2013. A politician whose surname sounds almost identical to that of the Mayor of Baltimore in The Wire.

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  11. Slumber_j says:

    "NYC will most likely lose it's mayor this year to lesbian WASP Christine Quinn…"

    Quinn is not an Anglo-Saxon name.

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  12. Pat says: • Website

    I'm careful about what words I 'add to dictionary'. I don't want to clog the spell checker with obscure words. I had finally added 'Villaraigosa'.

    Now this.


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  13. Zuma Dogg fell a few write ins short, eh? I live here and completely forgot about this election

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  14. Anonymous says: • Disclaimer

    Are the mestizos so dumb that they voted in this guy because he's one of their own?

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  15. Billy Chav says: • Website

    As the US continues to transmogrify into Brazil Norte, we can expect more of this. Mostly plutocratic rulers punctuated by a term here or there for some populist to blow off the rabble's steam. The good government types will largely disappear.

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  16. Anonymous says: • Disclaimer

    NYC will most likely lose it's mayor this year to lesbian WASP Christine Quinn but she's much like Bloomberg the preferred candidate of the white liberal establishment.

    LOL. Christine Quinn is not a WASP. Quinn is an Irish name. And her background and physical appearance make it clear that she's Irish, not a WASP.

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  17. Jody says:

    ""Whoa! You can't notice that!"

    am i allowed to notice that this doug shulman guy is probably jewish, as is this louis lerner woman?

    as is jack lew, secretary of the treasury, as is ben bernanke, chairman of the federal reserve board?

    IRS, treasury, federal reserve, they have it all locked up and under control. amazing stuff. absolutely not a topic for public discussion though, the concentration of the US government's financial control down to a single, very small group. it doesn't "look like" america, which in 2013 america is apparently a very big deal in most cases, but that's very, very ok in this instance, and no, you're not welcome to notice.

    even zerohedge, an internet rebel site, recently put the kibosh on talking about this one very specific topic. talking about any other topic is still ok.

    are non-jews allowed to have these jobs? are they now permanently reserved exclusively for jews? is there something special about jewish people or jewish ability that enables them, and them only, to perform these jobs? would the world explode if a non-jew was in control of the US government's finances, the way the world will apparently explode if a euro american player is allowed to carry the football in an NFL game? this is not a legitimate avenue of questioning in 2013 america, it seems.

    (yes i know the federal reserve is not part of the US government. they certainly seem to function in an official, goverment sanctioned manner however)

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  18. Jody says:

    the handover of america's largest and most metropolitan cities in america's most deep blue states, to jewish politicians, makes all the sense in the world. once the democrat party has established a permanent monopoly in a city, it's just plain likely that many of the leading politician from that point on will be jewish, as they provide the majority of the intellectual firepower in the democrat party. it's a coalition party and there are only 2 intelligent factions in it. the euro american liberals, and the jewish cultural marxists. all the other "aggrieved" groups provide almost no intellectual firepower at all. and the euro american liberals are slowly checking out, being replaced by representatives of the aggrieved groups.

    i've posted before about how, after the defeat of the european americans and transition of the US to permanent cultural marxist control, that the few remaining euro american liberals, like bill clinton, will, unwillingly or unwittingly, hand over the baton to the cultural marxist shock troops. the african mayors, the mexican mayors, the jewish mayors, the homosexual mayors.

    they'll have worked hard their entire career to engender a cultural change, in which they themselves don't exist. it's kind of funny seeing clinton bitter about that.

    the message is clear. thanks for helping us overthrow and defeat the founding stock, but you're usefulness has ended, what do we need you for now?

    you can see the division pretty clearly, the genuine, do gooder european american liberals, like jay leno, have fractured off from the main cultural marxist, anti-white, anti-american thrust, and begun questioning it. the jewish cultural marxists on the other hand are moving full speed ahead and leading their army of vibrants on their almost completed march to total destruction of historical european nations.

    garcetti doesn't seem very jewish, or very mexican for that matter, it has to be said.

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  19. Are the mestizos so dumb that they voted in this guy because he's one of their own?

    You must be new here. Except for whites, every group votes for its own.

    But what's dumb about it? I assume this guy's a Democrat (were he a Republican winning the Latino vote, we'd be hearing it trumpeted from ever rooftop), so presumably he's be in favor of NAM preferences. Why shouldn't NAMs vote for him?

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  20. Anonymous says: • Disclaimer

    Steve, per Drudge from the LAT

    Mayor V is broke. Didn't save. Needs job.


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  21. Marc says: • Website

    "Hopefully, after Garcetti, all of Los Angeles will look like Silver Lake north of Sunset, not Silver Lake south of Sunset".

    If that's where all those beautiful futuristic homes on the hillsides overlooking the hipster section of Silverlake are, I hope so too.

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  22. Anonymous says: • Disclaimer

    Well, I don't agree with his politics but I notice an La Times article on growth of cities in the greater La area and La is at .9 and in the California Finance gave it 1.0, so La is growing and it isn't the Hispanic population as much since the Hispanic burbs have slow grwoth like Huntington Park and Southgate about .4 to .5 by either the Census or the state of California finance. The outh population is about 55 percent Hispanc but LA seems to be losing the Hispanic youth faster since as Steve mention once they hit adulthood the genrifcation drives up housing cost and sent them to the Inland Empire. Downside with the building is a lot of illegal Hispanics are hired to do construcation.

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  23. Anonymous says: • Disclaimer

    Garcetti won the Eastside and the Westside (Mexican-Americans and Jews, plus the Los Feliz,Silver Lake, Echo Park, Hollywood sections of Jewish/Anglo/Latino hipsters, bobos, yuppies and pockets of Persians, Armenians and Koreans. Stunningly, Wendy Greul won both the Valley (she is a Valley Girl) and South LA, the land of a vestigial Black vote in hoods were the majority of the population are foreign Mexicans and Central Americans. The Valley used to never vote the same way as South LA.

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  24. Anonymous says: • Disclaimer

    Interesting that Villaragosa's personal finances match the city's.

    The same can be said about Obama's before celebrity rescued his books from obscurity. He saved little and spent a lot, or at least his wife did.

    It's almost uncanny.

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