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Matthew Boling Sets National High School Record in 100m
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On Saturday, Matthew Boling ran a 10.13 in the Texas high school state final 100 meter dash with a legal helping wind of 1.3 meters/second. (2.0 m/s is the maximum for a legal time.) A couple of weeks ago he ran his now famous 9.98 with more than three times as much wind behind him.

This is the 6A state final for the biggest high schools in Texas (and Texas has huge high schools), so Boling winning by 3 yards is impressive. Generally speaking, a 10.5 would put you in contention for winning the 100m in a giant state like Texas or California, so 10.13 in high school is extremely fast.

I gather this is a new national record for a high school meet, but I’m a little confused on the technicalities. On the other hand, guys have run faster during the summer after high school, like Tentavis Friday’s 10.00 on July 5, 2014, so it’s a little tricky to say what is high school and what is not. Is “high school” the period when you are in high school or the when you are old enough to enter college?

Presumably, it’s a pretty awesome feeling to be an 18 year old sprinter and be getting faster week by week, even if it causes confusion for track statistics nerds.

For example, football player Johnnie Lam Jones finished 6th in the 1976 Olympic 100m final with a 10.27 a few months out of high school. (About six weeks after the Olympics, the Rice U. defense had the Texas Longhorns football team on a 4th and 1 play at midfield. All the Owl defenders knew the already legendary Earl Campbell was coming straight up the middle at them and they were going nuts in hopes of being able to tell their grandsons they had stopped Earl Campbell on 4th and 1. So, Texas faked it to Earl and instead pitched out to freshman Johnnie Lam Jones. There were only 5 guys in the whole world faster than Johnnie Lam Jones and none of them were playing for Rice that evening.)

I see that Lam Jones, who was my age, recently died of cancer. RIP:

Apparently, this is only about the sixth meet in which Boling has run the 100m, having been previously stereotyped as a 400 meter runner.

Here’s the Boling family. I believe the fellow behind the curly haired Boling is his (fraternal?) twin brother.

And here’s the last leg of the 4×400 relay that traditionally ends high school meets in the U.S.:

I like how the other white kid, who had been crushed by Boling on the first turn, tried to re-pass him on the second turn. It didn’t work, but he gave it his best shot.

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  1. Bugg says:

    As an NFL WR, Jones had speed to burn but couldn’t run a pass pattern to save his life nor block nor catch. By all accounts a good guy who had substance abuse problems but overcame them to become a motivational speaker before cancer took him this year. Jets being the Jets inexplicably took him over monster HoFs OL Anthony Munoz and WR Art Monk.

  2. CTD says:

    Still relatively new here – doesn’t this knock certain HBD theories into a cocked hat?

  3. anon[354] • Disclaimer says:

    OT: another Texan, this one with 500k YouTube subscribers and making $100k+ per year on his welding channel has had enough of the globalist garbage and declared himself a pro-white, dropped the dime on (((you know who))) and is apparently starting a political party or organization to further the cause:


  4. it can be confusing but this is how it works.

    1) what’s the fastest time ever run in a US high school meet?

    2) what’s the fastest time an 18 year old ever ran anywhere at any time?

    these are 2 separate records.

    so he ran the fastest anybody has ever run in a US high school meet. but not the fastest time an 18 year old has ever run, anywhere, at any time.

    he has the national US high school record. which counts.

    but not the ‘real’ record. that IAAF would keep.

    the high school record is usually slower, in track & field, swimming & diving, weightlifting, and so on. not always, but usually. there’s often a few guys who don’t even bother with high school meets and just go directly to international meets. likewise, there’s guys who skip NCAA entirely and go pro out of high school.

    for a long time the real record was this guy, J-Mee Samuels, who ran 10.08 when he was 18, but then never got any faster in college.

    so this run probably puts bolling into the top 5 all time performers, but he’s not as fast as a few other guys were at 18. but he also doesn’t train specifically for the 100 and was a 200/400 runner before this year.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  5. some of the high school swimming & diving records would be insane if michael phelps gave the slightest F about high school swimming. instead. he skipped everything and just went directly to winning international meets by the time he was 19. the NCAA records are slower too, since he skipped those as well.

    there’s a guy, michael andrew, who did the same, and will be at the olympics in tokyo.

    prospects in baseball, ice hockey, and tennis all do this too.

    that feeling, when a free ride to cal, stanford, or harvard is a joke, and you laugh at the coaches, administration, and college.

  6. anon[812] • Disclaimer says:

    Red haired people are more powerful than any other people?
    I’m fairly sure Steve has commented on this before.

  7. @CTD

    “doesn’t this knock certain HBD theories into a cocked hat”

    my opinion is, probably not, since boling is german, and the germans are generally the fastest sprinters in europe as a national team. they have the fastest european 4×100 relay with no africans, 38.02, and julian reus was a 10.01 runner. although he was garbage in international meets outside of germany.

  8. He’ll end up with the Cowboys. Just watch.

    Boling for Dallas.

    • Replies: @Paul Jolliffe
    , @Noman
  9. @CTD

    A rare exception to the rule doesn’t knock anything, in biology there will always be exceptions. If he continues to improve and become a sprinting superstar who isn’t of African descent, he will become the first one in a very long time, probably since the 1970’s internationally, and in the US probably since the late 1950’s- early 1960’s time frame. The last time the best sprinter in the world was white, Jimmy Carter was the President and the last one to dominate an non-boycotted Olympics was when Richard Nixon was President if that puts into perspective for you.

    • Replies: @Okechukwu
  10. Mr. Anon says:

    OT, but very i-Stevey:

    I recently saw a TV spot for, the job-search and hiring website, which is at least big enough to advertise on TV. They were touting their “assessments” – tests to help employers narrow the field of applicants.

    How representative are the results of these assessments. What is the racial breakdown of these “assessments”? And how does get around Griggs? Or do they?

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @JMcG
  11. I was certain you’d end by saying he was now called Mary and was on the girls team.

    • LOL: bomag
  12. Contrary to what most people who watch sports including baseball, as far as I know Mickey Mantle was the fastest man from the left side of the plate to first base. I believe it was 3.1 seconds. I saw this and read it as a kid. I don’t think anyone in the modern era has beaten it. Furthermore, I watched a physicist analyze his stride (years ago) and state that if he had one of the new sleeker uniforms modern ball players wear he probably could have done it in 2.9 seconds.

    I still think he was fastest outfielder and probably the fastest mlb player ever. Mantle was around 6 foot tall and had a great built.

  13. jon says:

    Maybe this Boling is just a good tester, right? I mean, it’s kind of ridiculous to judge an entire 4-year high school career based on barely even 10 seconds of it.

    • LOL: Redneck farmer
  14. Houston McTear ran a 9.0 100 yards in high school. That’s better than a 10.0 100 meters.

    • Replies: @AnotherDad
  15. On the other hand, guys have run faster during the summer after high school, like Tentavis Friday’s 10.00 on July 5, 2014, so it’s a little tricky to say what is high school and what is not. Presumably, it’s a pretty awesome feeling to be an 18 year old sprinter and be getting faster week by week.

    In addition to being a high school graduate, Trentavis Friday was 19 years old when he ran 10.00 in the 100m.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  16. Curly hair means fast twitch muscle. See Richard Simmons.

    • LOL: jon
    • Replies: @jon
  17. goatweed says:

    Was either of his parents a track person?

  18. @niteranger

    Mickey Mantle only grounded into double plays half as often as Willie Mays did, even though Mays was famously fast. Mays batted right handed while Mantle, a switch hitter, hit left handed about 2/3rds of the time, so that gave Mantle an advantage, but jeez.

    How else can we compare Mantle and Mays for speed? Mantle successfully stole bases about 80% of the time vs. maybe 77% for Mays, although Mays stole more often. Mantle’s stolen base stats in his late 20s look a lot like Mike Trout’s these days: he’d get caught 3 times per year.

    Mays hit a ton of triples in the Polo Ground with its extremely deep centerfield, so I give Mays the advantage on triples. Mays was the superior centerfielder. Mays was really durable while Mantle seemed to be playing hurt most of the time after 1951, while still putting up astonishing numbers.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @niteranger
  19. @Mr. Anon

    They are high tech, right? Discrimination laws only apply to low tech. Or that was the view up through 2012 or so. Once Obama cashed Silicon Valley’s checks to his re-election campaign, however …

    • Replies: @Dr. X
  20. @prime noticer

    OK, but J-Mee Samuel ran his 10.08 on July 26, 2005, so once again that falls in the interregnum between high school and college. He wasn’t old enough to be in college yet but he was done with high school. It’s not unreasonable to call somebody “high school” until they are old enough to start college, but it’s not unreasonable either to take the opposite view and say you have to still be in high school to set the high school record. Apparently, Boling’s 10.13 is the fastest wind-legal time any current American high school student ever ran in a high school meet.

  21. My guess is that the twin is fraternal. Matthew looks like Dad and the twin looks like Mom.

  22. jon says:
    @Hoyt Thorpe

    His appearances on Letterman were always great.

  23. Tank says:

    But can he play cornerback?

  24. @anon

    All I know is redhead women are awesome.

    • Replies: @anon
  25. Anon[181] • Disclaimer says:

    He is not going anywhere close the real competitions (as you mentioned, that other fellow ran at the Olympics at his age), but I hope the system remains the same, and he gets to go to Harvard. I mean, who wouldn’t want a classmate who, for four year, just runs? No all four years, continuously, but in brief episodes.

    ETH, Karolinska, and Tsinghua students must be green with envy for lacking such capable classmates.

  26. @Reg Cæsar

    When the Cowboys make that draft pick, I hope Roger Goodell is wearing a jacket like this:

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @Reg Cæsar
  27. @Paul Jolliffe

    I used to watch Bowling for Dollars with Lakers’ announcer Chick Hearn in 1973. I guess they got the show from Pittsburgh.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
    , @ScarletNumber
  28. @Triumph104

    There’s little better than being a terrific 18 or 19 year old 100 meter dash man so that track nerds debate exactly when is your birthday.

  29. McTear might have been just the third best sprinter at the 1975 FHSAA Boys Track and Field Championship at Showalter Field in Winter Park.

    Earlier in the season James Brown (Daytona Beach Mainland) and Mike Roberson (Winrer Park) had set the national high school record in the 100 yard dash with times of 9.2 sec. The 5′-8″ Roberson tied the 120 High Hurdles mark of 13.2 and my recollection is that he tied the national 220 yard dash record of 20.6.

    In the Class 4A (largest classification at the time) state finals Brown ran the 100 in 9.2 and Roberson ran 9.4. Roberson was handicapped by having to run the 100 immediately after the 120 Highs, which he won in 13.2 sec, and if memory serves he got off to a bad start in the 100. Roberson easily took first in the 220 with a 21.1, half a second off his best time but 5 yards ahead of second place. Roberson was probably the best 330 yard intermediate hurdler and 440 yard runner in the state as well. James Brown took first in the long jump, another event in which Roberson would have done well.

    Roberson won the NCAA 200 meters in 19.96, possibly the first man to go sub 20.0 at sea level. I remember him running a 10.07 100 meters but I’m not sure if that’s his PR. Roberson was not a doper, IMO. Never looked very muscular in comparison to other sprinters.

    McTear ran 9.0 in a preliminary race and 9.3 in the finals. I think the grey-haired old men holding the stopwatches were a little late clicking them when the race began. One timer clocked McTear at 8.9 sec.

    McTear was the fastest at 60 yards. If Roberson skipped the 120 highs and raced Brown and McTear in the 100 I think Brown wins by 3 inches over Roberson and 5 inches over McTear. Roberson easily wins a 220 yard dash over both men.

    Interestingly, when the track was later measured it was found that the 100 yard dash race was about a foot too long.

    Cris Collinsworth won the state 3A title in a photo finish but his time was 10.0 sec. Matthew Boling would have beaten him by roughly 8 yards.

    After McTear’s “9.0” a TV reporter interviewed him beneath the grandstands. McTear made stuttering Lester Hayes’s Super Bowl interview look like Lincoln reciting the Gettysburg address. Houston came from extreme poverty and it showed. He married a Swedish sprinter and they died 3 weeks apart in 2015, both deaths cancer related. Wife’s illness not discovered until a week before she died.

    • Replies: @anon
  30. @CTD

    There are usually a couple world class white sprinters competing at any time. Just like there are a few super smart blacks in the world at any time.

  31. Steve, your second chance for ‘Pretty fly for a white guy’ and you still didn’t indulge. Your skill thick or what?

    • Replies: @Redneck farmer
  32. Arclight says:

    So do we think this is genuine talent and a major outlier, or does he have some chemical help? Just asking, since the last 20 years or so in sports has taught me that whenever you see something that seems pretty out of line with experience, there’s a reason for that. Kinda like when you see a Chinese sprinter or hurdler winning Olympic medals.

    • Replies: @Couch Scientist
    , @jon
  33. prosa123 says:

    Mickey Mantle knew that his heavy drinking would shorten his lifespan, as in fact it ended up doing, but figured that it didn’t matter because the men in his family all died young and therefore he was destined to die young no matter what. The irony is that the men had died young not because of some genetic flaw but because they had worked as miners and were exposed to all sort of toxic substances. Mickey himself never worked in a mine and should have been able to live a normal lifespan.

  34. prosa123 says:

    Being a track star in high school helps a bit when it comes to getting girls, it’s certainly far better than being a comic book nerd, but it’s not remotely comparable to playing a ball sport. Individual sports like track simply don’t build character like team sports.

    • Replies: @Hypnotoad666
    , @Marty T
  35. Dr. X says:
    @Steve Sailer

    They are high tech, right? Discrimination laws only apply to low tech.

    That’s actually true. In Griggs v. Duke Power in 1971, the Supreme Court ruled that the company policy of not considering applicants without a high school diploma was racially discriminatory unless it could be proven that a high school diploma was a “bona fide occupational qualification.”

    In other words, the Court wasn’t going to force the company to hire black electrical engineers, but they could be forced to hire black truck drivers.

  36. sb says:

    Is it the American custom to run the 100m in reverse direction if the wind is that way ?
    If so it seems pretty pointless as that is not how championship races are organised

  37. The Z Blog says: • Website

    The Boling family also provides an example of the gay uncle/gay shaman theory.

  38. Rich says:

    What many in the US don’t comprehend, is that the myth of black athletic superiority is just that, a myth. Plenty of all White SEC teams used to defeat mixed teams before integration, I played on all White high school teams that regularly beat the all black teams. What I’ve seen, is that generally blacks physically mature at a younger age, and many of the black athletes you see have been left back in school once or twice to add to that dominance. A White kid trying to compete against an older, already physically mature black, will often withdraw from the competition. I think one of the results of forced integration is that Whites are going to realize that the myth of black athletic superiority is false and you’ll see a lot more Whites getting even more competitive. Of course, the politics is different, as our elites prefer to sign blacks to colleges and pro teams, so it’ll be a while before those numbers get fixed, if ever.

  39. anon[316] • Disclaimer says:
    @Adam Grant

    Cris Collinsworth won the state 3A title in a photo finish but his time was 10.0 sec.

    there’s an arrogant prick

    • Troll: Desiderius
    • Replies: @Adam Grant
    , @ScarletNumber
  40. JimS says:

    My vague impression is that top speed is not heavily dominated by those with SSA genes, but acceleration is. Hence SSA domination of defensive football positions like cornerback, where acceleration is most important. It seems Bolling’s trick is to keep accelerating through the race and end at higher speed, not to get to his top speed as quickly as the others.

    Again, this is just an impression. I am sure someone must have done a study to confirm or refute this. Does anyone know?

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  41. @Arclight

    Article says he didnt know he was fast and his dad says not genetics, all hard work. If neither parent was a standout athelete, chemistry probability is raised.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  42. @CTD

    No, but yes, but no.

    Hollywood will continue to remind on daily basis Outlying Bolings of Weimerica that White Man Can’t Jump.

    The parents of Outlying Bolings of Weimerica should continue to Ignore, Boycott & Starve The Beast.

    Parabolic Parabole vs. Supply & Demand:





  43. Lam Jones has been sick for a very long time….he was diagnosed with a bone disease 30 years ago….it afflicted his spine and he shrunk from 6’ 1”…to 5’9”……

    Gastineau…..Klecko…..Lyons…..used to take Lam Jones down to Buttle’s(Greg Buttle’s Club)
    0n Hempstead Turnpike and get him massively drunk several times during after weekday Jets practice at Hofstra during the season….The Sack Exchange were all alcholics……they played drunk at times…according to Joe Klecko

    Wesley Walker is in very bad shape these days…..

  44. @CTD

    It’s precisely the “man bites dog” aspect that make it a story. For example, every other runner in the Texas 100M finals that Boling won was black.

    It would be really interesting if someone were to compile the mean and standard deviation for sprint times from a representative sample of say 18 year-olds.

    With that information you could figure out approximately how many whites and blacks, respectively, are far enough out at the right tail of the distribution to be truly world class sprinters.

    It might be 4 sigma for blacks and 5 sigma for whites. So whites are going to be vastly outnumbered, but there will still be some way out there for sure.

  45. @prosa123

    Individual sports like track simply don’t build character like team sports.

    I think individual sports do also, but in a different way.

    In track you have no one else to share credit or blame with for the outcome. It’s all on you and your training. And you learn that you are always only competing against yourself in the end. Most of the athletes are motivated by setting personal records far more than winning events.

    So maybe it builds self-reliance more than teamwork. But those are both important traits.

    One thing about the sprinting events, however (which were my events in the day), is that it’s initially easy to improve by learning basic form. After that, it’s really hard to do anything to improve much – at some point you are basically as fast as you are. In fact, overtraining will just reduce your times.

    So it was kind of nice to find something that by its nature didn’t require obsessive hours of training to be good.

    • Replies: @PhysicistDave
  46. I’m a bookish, nerdy fellow who doesn’t really care about sports.

    Except… okay, this is cool.

    One of my childhood heroes was Roger Bannister (who, of course, broke the four-minute mile).

    Is it some genetic memory of our ancestors running across the savannah that just makes us males cheer on the fast runners?

    Or is it just those of us who are number geeks who like seeing records broken?

    I don’t care about the Super Bowl; I’m only mildly interested in the World Series.

    But, give me a foot race, and I’m watching the clock to see if it will be a record run.

    Must say something about who we are.

    • Replies: @prosa123
  47. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:
    @Steve Sailer

    can probably thank dimaggio for mantle’s serious injury and yankee’s announcer melvin allen israel(never used last name) for recommending a quack dr (another israel) for Mick to go to for medical butchery.

  48. Valery Borzov won the 100 meters and 200 meters in the 1972 Olympics. His 100 meter time
    was 10.14 and his 200 meter time was 20.00. However there were two black U.S. sprinters
    who failed to make it to the qualifying 100 meter run. I think they overslept that day.
    Pietro Mennea of Italy held the 200 meter world record of 19.72 for a long time then it was
    broken by Michael Johnson who ran 19.32.

  49. @Hypnotoad666

    I think individual sports do also [build character], but in a different way.

    In track you have no one else to share credit or blame with for the outcome. It’s all on you and your training. And you learn that you are always only competing against yourself in the end. Most of the athletes are motivated by setting personal records far more than winning events.

    So maybe it builds self-reliance more than teamwork. But those are both important traits.


    In junior high PE class, the PE teacher had me run a 100 yd race against the school track star, just for fun (I could have declined).

    The track star won, of course, and was very gracious to me for giving it my best shot.

    Fifty years later, I still remember it fondly, Sort of makes me wonder if I should have gone out for track — the only sport I would have considered.

    • Replies: @International Jew
  50. He’s always been a slow starter. In this race, he’s last at the ten meter mark. I’d estimate he’s giving away 0.2 or more to the best starter.

  51. @Steve Sailer

    I really don’t agree that Mays was a superior outfielder. Mantle played in Death Valley of the old Yankee Stadium. I’ve known many major league scouts who are now dead but all of them told me that Mantle was just as good as Mays and had a much better arm. Mantle only won one gold glove however as the scouts told me they couldn’t give Mantle every award every year so they gave it to Kaline who was a heck of an centerfielder but never had Mantle’s range. Mays had more flair but Mantle made it look easy.

    Mantle wasn’t durable because he tore his knee up trying to get a ball that he was supposed take and Dimaggio called him off at the last second ( supposedly Willie Mays said that Joe did it on purpose it and never forgave Dimaggio). Stengel had told Mantle to cover the ground because Joe was lacking in range at that point in his career. Today the surgery would have been a lot better than the hackers they had back then. One other point Mantle may have been the best bunter to ever play the game. He could bunt from either side and had a variety of drag bunts which is a lost art now.

    You can’t really compare lots of numbers from way back then because athletes today play for numbers. Mays had to try do more in terms of triples etc. because Mantle played on some of the greatest teams in the history of baseball and they were just loaded.

    I think this can be summed in two true stories about the Yankees back then. A rookie for the Yankees asked what is the steal sign? Someone on the team laughed and said, “if you get on base you just stay there…we’ll hit you in! And the best was a dinner Mantle attended where they gave some type of award to Cansesco for the 40/40 award for steals and home runs. Mantle was asked about it and he said it was great but if he knew it would have been such a big deal he would have done it…and more than once! So it’s very hard to compare anything depending upon the team you play on and the time period.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  52. Grown men saying “awesome.” Cheesis K. Rist. And you expect to be taken seriously.

  53. prosa123 says:

    Competing against yourself is one of the keys to Crossfit’s success. Instructors keep records of each person’s progress, records open for everyone to see.

  54. @Henry's Cat

    I think that’s past Steve’s musical era, by 15 years or so.

  55. @International Jew

    Houston McTear ran a 9.0 100 yards in high school. That’s better than a 10.0 100 meters.

    Hand timed.

    The typical hand timing correction would make that a 9.24–which would map to something like a 10.1. McTear’s actual 100 yard record is 9.3. His 100m best is 10.13.

  56. Dtbb says:

    In soccer I was a center-midfielder, but everytime we played against our neighboring town my job was to mark Michael Clemons. His main skill was speed but he never scored against us because I was easily faster than him.

  57. JMcG says:
    @Mr. Anon

    Every utility administers some form of the CAST test to applicants for trade positions. It stands for Craft and Skilled Trades, I believe it was created by the Edison Electric Institute.
    I don’t know why it doesn’t run afoul of Griggs. Since scores aren’t revealed, I assume there’s no disparate impact effect.

  58. @Steve Sailer

    We had it in Cincinnati mid70s.

  59. @PhysicistDave

    In junior high PE class, the PE teacher had me run a 100 yd race against the school track star, just for fun

    Heh, my gym teacher had me wrestle one of the stars of the wrestling team. Again, just for fun (though not my fun).

  60. jon says:

    or does he have some chemical help?

    By your question, it sounds like you are assuming sports are mostly clean.

  61. Noman says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Looks to me like he wants, or is already signed up, to go to Georgia. Mom, Pop, and son, all wearing the Georgia logo.

  62. @niteranger

    nite, I like your comment but Mantle faster than Ricky Henedrson? Neon Deion Sanders? I’ll even throw in Ichiro.

    • Replies: @niteranger
    , @Steve Sailer
  63. Lam Jones and Ham Jones. Imagine having two “John Jones” on your squad? Every kid’s name now is a mixture of Fake French peppered with random apostrophes.

    From Lam’s wiki: “…. A hazing incident as an NFL rookie was an omen of things to come. When veterans took him out drinking, the group started downing shots. Unbeknownst to Jones, the vets were drinking soft drinks while pouring him liquor…..”

    OK…..That explains one night……………..

    Either way, RIP. Dude was three weeks younger than I am.

  64. Mantle was timed at around 13 seconds circling the bases. 360 feet plus whatever extra you get from rounding each base. That’s pretty fast. Rickey was often not the fastest on his teams and mostly played left rather than center. I remember Lois Polonia being faster for example but base stealing is a skill that Henderson had that most faster guys lacked. He also walked a ton, 118 times as a 39 year old. He often came across as an airhead in interviews but you won’t have a career on base percentage of .401 and steal 1400 bases without having something going on upstairs.

    • Replies: @ScarletNumber
  65. Johnny789 says:

    The guy, Nick Gray, that finally broke Jesse Owens’s Ohio State 100m record earlier this year just broke his own record yesterday. 10.15 good enough for 1st in the Big Ten Men’s Outdoor Championships. He won the 200m, too.

  66. anon[166] • Disclaimer says:

    He looks like Finnish NBA player Lauri Markannen

  67. @Buffalo Joe

    I don’t know what happened to my previous reply to Steve but I getting a bit disgusted about removing replies. Here’s the data on first base:

    Mantle is still probably the fastest man to first base and maybe the fastest guy ever to play in the major leagues.

    Steve..delete this too? What’s going on?

  68. @Paul Jolliffe

    For you lovers of cheesy ’60s and ’70s television, be happy to know that, although The Gong Show‘s Chuck Barris is gone, Jaye P Morgan and Arte Johnson are still alive.

  69. @niteranger

    Mantle’s stolen bases figures from his late 20s are terrific: a bunch of 16/19 and 21/24 seasons. A lot of baserunners before about Tim Raines tended to get themselves thrown out too much so that they weren’t helping their teams as much as they thought. Mantle’s numbers are a lot like Mike Trout’s the last couple of years: 22/26 and 24/26. Trout is kind of the Baseball Player from the Future who does everything right according to the latest analytics, but Mantle in 1956 was doing a lot of the things Trout does.

  70. @Aryan Racist

    Mennea’s 19.72 was run at 7300 ft in Mexico City, so it was like a lot of the records set by Americans in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.

    But Mennea made 4 straight Olympic finals in the 200m, so he was really good.

  71. anon[105] • Disclaimer says:
    @yaqub the mad scientist

    Heheh, red for danger.

  72. @Couch Scientist

    If the twin is an identical twin, they’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do.

  73. @JimS

    Blacks have monopolized the 100m, but not quite as much the 200m, and less the 400m, and are only competitive rather than dominant in the 800m

    I think there was a lot of effort put in over the last half century in sprinting to make the starts faster. For example, upper body weightlifting is used to get upright faster.

  74. Anyone see the other finalists come over and congratulate Boling on his record win? Me either. Maybe they are offended by getting smoked by one of THOSE guys. Tiny Duck, any thoughts?

  75. @anon

    Cris Collinsworth is a great guy from what I’ve seen. Not as good a golfer as you might expect a Parade All-American QB to be, looked like he shot over 100 when I played behind him on the UF golf course in 1980. Maybe that’s why they moved him to wide receiver. My girlfriend was a nurse at the student infirmary and she enjoyed slipping a suppository into the #1 lady’s man on campus when he stayed overnight.

    Steve Sailer might have witnessed Collinsworth best known collegiate play, a 99 yard TD pass from Collinsworth to Derrick Gaffney vs Rice in Houston on September 17, 1977.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  76. anonymous[751] • Disclaimer says:

    Deion Sanders is the fastest baseball player ever. Easily.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  77. @Aryan Racist

    Johnson broke Mennea’s record at the 1996 Olympic Trials with a 19.66, then broke his own record with a 19.32 at Olympics later that summer. The two American sprinters who missed the 100m heats were apparently using an earlier schedule which the US team was unaware had been changed. Borzov easily won both sprints, so he silenced some of the doubters when he won the 200m handily.

    Johnson’s record stood until Bolt broke it at the 2008 Olympics with 19.30, despite running into big headwind, he later lowered it again with a 19.19. When Mennena broke the record in 1979 it had stood since 1968 and it was set in the same stadium as the previous record which was 19.83 by Tommie Smith.

  78. “This is the 6A state final for the biggest high schools in Texas”

    How many years did it take Texas to go from AAA to AAAA to AAAAA to AAAAAA?

    In another forty years will Texas high school sports reach AAAAAAAAA?

  79. Marty T says:

    True, but he’s the fastest 18 year old kid in America. That will get him laid by the Georgia girls.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  80. Okechukwu says:
    @Unladen Swallow

    A rare exception to the rule doesn’t knock anything, in biology there will always be exceptions.

    Don’t be a scientist. You don’t even know how to conduct a basic experiment.

    What is the sample size of whites that have dedicated themselves to these events to the degree that this kid has? That information is critically important in determining whether or not Matthew is an exception. Fact is, he is only a rare exception in the sense that whites usually don’t pursue these events with passion and conviction, having too many other choices in and out of sports. Given their populational advantage, whites could dominate these events.

    Trying to apply HBD theories to life outcomes has a 100% failure rate.

    • Replies: @Unladen Swallow
  81. @Adam Grant

    Heh, I played behind him, Anderson, and Coslet at Royal Oak when I was in high school and they invited me up for the last hole. Coslet’s a little flaky but the other two are class acts the whole way.

  82. @anonymous

    Billy Hamilton is (was?) no slouch either. Deion was better with the bat but not better enough. Way better player than Jordan.

  83. Cedric Golden is a black sportswriter for the Austin American-Statesman. Today he had a very nice column about Boling’s accomplishments, said his new nickname is “White Lightning.” I sent an email to Golden stating I bet Boling has a higher percentage of African blood than Elizabeth Warren has Comanche.

    • Replies: @Simply Simon
  84. I have to conduct an experiment to know every finalist in the Olympic 100m dash beginning in 1984 has been of SSA ancestry? That would be 72 out of 72 which is…100 percent? I guess since I am not a statistician I shouldn’t be doing that calculation either.

    I actually believe that black advantage over whites may not be as large as conventionally assumed due to to the fact of differences in maturation times between whites and blacks. However to think anatomical differences don’t exist between any population? Where are the Polynesian, East Asian, South Asian, or Native American sprinters? Particularly in the 100 or 200 meter sprints, the long jump, the relays in the Olympics? None to be found.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @Adam Grant
  85. @Steve Sailer

    Remember when Comedy Central tried to revive it with Let’s Bowl?

    BTW, Bowling for Dollars was a franchise. NY/NJ had its own version on Channel 9 hosted by Mets’ broadcaster Bob Murphy, which was broadcast from MSG Lanes (back when they existed).

  86. @anon

    They tried to “me too” Collinsworth over this old interview but it didn’t stick.

  87. @Desolation Angel

    360 feet plus whatever extra you get from rounding each base.

    Assuming a perfect circle, 4oo feet.

  88. @Okechukwu

    See my other comment above this one.

  89. @Unladen Swallow

    Several Japanese 100m men have made the Olympic semi-finals in this century. The Japanese do quite well in the 4x100m Olympic relay because, unlike the American team of superstars, they actually practice passing the baton and don’t all hate each other.

    And of course recently the Japanese anchorman is half black.

  90. @Buffalo Joe

    Mantle might have been insanely fast at getting down to first base but not so fast at going to second or third.

    Lately, they’ve started tabulating infield singles separately. It turns out Mike Trout is up near the top of the majors in that too: a right handed power hitter with speed will hit a lot of grounders to deep short from which it would be hard to throw out somebody as fast as Trout.

    • Replies: @Unladen Swallow
  91. @Simply Simon

    He replied, “Haha, good one.”

  92. @Steve Sailer

    At the 235 lbs no less, at lot bigger than most speed guys who typically weigh 160-170 lbs.

  93. @CTD

    Matthew Boling: 6’2”
    6’2” = 94.5 Percentile []
    Man with top 5% longest legs wins running contest.
    Not HBD. Short-legged just need to run 10,000 hours to go faster.
    All ethnics have the the same bell shaped curve of leg length and should have equal representation of sprinters (else racist HBD).

  94. @Unladen Swallow

    Chi Cheng of Taiwan ran fastest 100 meters (11.0) and 200 meters (22.4) in the world in 1970. Second fastest in 400 meters and third fastest in 110 hurdles per Wiki. AP 1970 Female Athlete of the Year.

    Twenty-nine year old Su Bingtian of China has run 100 meters in 9.91 sec at least two times.

  95. @Marty T

    As any Ramblin’ Wreck can tell you, that’s way more work than it takes to get laid by a UGA girl…

  96. Anonymous[766] • Disclaimer says:

    Cristophe Lemaitre (white, French) broke 10 seconds in the 100m a few years ago. He’s also world class in the 200m. Has a bit of a different build (taller, long strider). Not fast out of the blocks, but makes up distance later in the race.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  97. @Anonymous

    Lemaitre decided to de-emphasize the 100m in favor of the 200m and won an individual bronze in it in 2017 (by about 2 inches). So making the stereotypical white sprinter choice of the longer race paid off for him.

    • Replies: @Unladen Swallow
  98. @Steve Sailer

    I think his coach told him to focus on the 200m back in the 2012 Olympics, he finished sixth, so it didn’t pay off for him then. He did win a bronze running second on the French 4×100 team, maybe he should have competed in both. His coach reasoned since he ranked higher in the 200m than the 100m he should focus on the former, but plenty of sprinters run both, it doesn’t represent a scheduling problem like running the 200m and 400m does and did for Michael Johnson in 1996.

    He actually stated he preferred to try to medal in the 100m. In 2011 he actually ran his best times in both sprints at 21 yrs old, he never ran faster any other year. After 2011, Bolt seemed to be of the opinion that Lemaitre was destined to be an excellent 100/200 dual threat to medal in both or even be a champion down the road, but he never got better in his times afterwards, you wonder if he would have if he choose to run both and not listened to his coach.

  99. sb says:

    Most white sprinters are not particularly fast out of the blocks – I’m thinking Lemaitre and Daphne Schippers, the top whiteys of this generation , who both have had more success at the 200m

    Would have been interesting if Sally Pearson had focussed on sprinting rather than the hurdles as she is about the fastest starter around in womens hurdles (all her real competition are USA blacks who are almost certainly juiced up )
    But whiteys have more success at technique events

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