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Jordan Peterson: "Controversial Facts About IQ"
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  1. songbird says:

    I have a feeling that that many armed services in the West have this basic info, and in a quantity great enough to resolve the question for any reasonable people, but are sitting on it. If I recall correctly, Emil Kirkegaard sought out the Danish info some time ago and was rejected.

    • Replies: @Anon7
    , @Neoconned
  2. Anon[422] • Disclaimer says:

    This is good, but I’d keep Jordan Peterson at arm’s length…

    He’s a self-help book merchant who is also peddling these psychological profile tests (basically horoscope). Also, he uses the word “judeo-christian” unironically.

    • Replies: @Luke Lea
    , @Svigor
  3. J.Ross says: • Website

    OT Shooting in Marseilles near cultural center, police established cordon and exchanged fire with attackers: not yet known if it’s Muslums shooting people because of Islam or Muslims shooting people because of undocumented pharmaceutical sales.
    French anon posts this (he uses “Merry” to mean “American”):

    France average violent crime rate: 782/100k

    Merry average violent crime rate: 386/100k

    you can thus easily see France is, in average, twice as violent as the US (they have guns and many more shitskins than we do, but you gotta take into account the influence of our complacent commie judges, here)

    now, a few other interesting numbers:
    most quiet French department is Lot: 350/100k violent crime rate
    most violent Merry state is Alaska: 730/100k violent crime rate

    and you see it’s not only that France is twice as violent as Merryland
    it’s that the quietest part of France barely is below average Merry violence, while the most violent Merry state still is below average French violence

    worst is we’re still a lot safer than places such as uk with their acid attacks, sweden with their grenade attacks, or germany with their mass rapes…

    >The men opened fire on a group of young people not far from the cultural space known as ‘La Busserine’, local media Corse-Matin reports.

    >Three vehicles with the masked individuals arrived in the city’s district of Busserine at 5pm local time, France’s ACTU17 said.

    >Police exchanged fire with the shooters and officers have set up a cordon.

    >At this time it is unclear if any arrests have been made, but police are investigating.

    • Replies: @Lot
    , @Lot
  4. Anon7 says:

    “If you don’t buy IQ research, you might as well throw away all the rest of psychology.”

    No wonder the Left hates this guy.

    Here’s the one you want:

  5. Frank G says:

    I like reading JP but I can’t bear listening to him, he’s impossible to follow and is constantly trying to show off his intelligence instead of communicating clearly.

    • Replies: @Antlitz Grollheim
    , @BB753
  6. Anon7 says:

    Here’s the one you want, demonstrating that one tenth of the population can’t even be trained to be useful in a completely controlled setting, i.e., the military.

  7. Warner says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Yay! Steve is watching videos. And yes, that is THE video and THE quote on IQ. If you deny this question of IQ’s effectiveness, you can’t buy any other sociology/psychology/social science arguments. Some of which are valid and some of which are still hokum in any case.

  8. @Frank G

    I’m impressed by his ability to hold multiple tangents together while speaking extemporaneously and pulling from diverse sources. The fact that he can at least seem to speak authoritatively on numerous topics and speak densely yet voluminously is how he has avoided the trap of being framed as the ignorant reactionary. Impossible to see any decent snippet and think, “gee, this guy is dumb”.

    • Replies: @m___
    , @Anonymous
  9. BB753 says:
    @Frank G

    Peterson does not strike me as a good teacher. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  10. Lot says:

    Yep, we have more murders since guns kill more surely than knives/household acids, but almost every other category of violent and property crime, UK and France are worse.

    Merkel’s 1.6 million Muslims are mostly young male amd jobless, with less than 1% have found anything other than poverty-line jobs, despite government incentives. I remember some early 2000s data from Belgium that found native-born children of North Africans had an employment rate around 35%.

    Think about your own workplace. Would you bring in an Arab or Pashtun migrant even if the government paid 90% of the wage? It might work out, but the downside seems not worth the limited upside to German employers.

  11. RCB says:

    Or about 1/2 of black people

  12. Lot says:

    Good call linking to Express. They and Breitbart are the best general news sites to link to IMO. If Express gets enough US hits they might set up some dedicated US operations like the Daily Mail, which is fairly good itself.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  13. Big Bill says:

    What a sea change!

    A score of years ago, when the “World Wide Web” was barely populated, La Griffe du Lion said the exact same thing, blew my mind, and gave me the red pill.

    Now we have Jordan Peterson, the current doyenne of the Internet, sitting in a public auditorium and broadcasting the same message to millions.

    Steve, when is Griffie going to step out of the shadows, don the laurel, and take his place in the Internet Pantheon?

    Let’s have a party — “The Apotheosis of Griffie” — at the next AmRen conference in Nashville. I would be honored to pay his transportation and accommodations as guest of honor.

    • Agree: BB753
  14. Neoconned says:

    I loved how until recently message forums were rampant. One common feature of most message boards, especially the late IMDb boards was that they had a good ignore feature.

    There was a dude on the old Yahoo boards back in the day who would post long cut-and-paste jobs from some weird ass cult religious book. Some Hindu splinter cult or something….and most did what I did….put him on ignore….

    Now w the Advent of social media, group shaming etc they no longer even have an ignore feature.

    I go to a comic Con every yr(passing this year) that as recently as 2014/15 was probably 75% nerd. You’d think this would keep bimbos away. Nerd girls and boys are known to”glomp” aka jump on & hug cosplayers they like. In the last 2-3 yrs the SJW mob and would-be female social media fetish models have swarmed comic cond and nerd conventions.

    Asshole photographers take up huge areas of public space to film their bimbo models who then sell their prints online for hundreds of dollars per pop.

    This has been a small thing for yrs but now these ppl have taken over.

    Last year a nerd got banned from the con after several girls did a witch-hunt on the cons Facebook page claiming he had “sexually assaulted” them…. surprisingly to me several girls recognized him.

    I can’t remember one person from the next so I’m shocked they’re so good at recognizing someone from 1-2 yrs back…. anyway fat nerd dude turned out to be autistic….

    Didn’t matter, still banned his ass.

    My point on all this? There’s a pattern here….

    Nerds like Fat Autistic Dude used to be 95% of the awkward base of comic cons… models pay a grand or more per outfit and then another grand on expenses.

    Nobody wants to press the ignore button or live & let live any more. The SJW mob and Jigglypuff want to invade YOUR F***IN DOMAIN and then demand all kinds of shit to accommodate them.

    It’s like how a decade ago Myspace was fun because IT HAD NO PRIVACY FILTERS….now social media is like Beirut…..w privacy walls & aggressive moderation policing and snuffing out all diverse thought and opinion.

    I thought it was interesting you used to be able to create any anonymous account on the IMDb forums & then they forced you to verify your crap via Amazon….and then the year Trump won they axed the forums entirely….

    I like the job market from this decade….the 2000s were wretched…. everything else is terrible

    • Replies: @27 year old
  15. IQ race realism simply is not all that controversial.

    Charles Murray and Jordan Peterson are semi-mainstream figures.


    Because an over-emphasis on IQ realism can be used to obscure the far more important truth of ethnocentrism realism.

    That is why Kevin MacDonald is the intellectual #1 enemy of the establishment.

  16. J.Ross says: • Website

    As this guy continues to lay out other peoples’ ideas that are interesting the first time you hear them, South Carolina has passed blatantly unconstitutional laws that were apparently written by the ADL.

    (B) For purposes of this proviso, the term definition of anti-Semitism includes:

    (1) a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews.

    (2) calling for, aiding, or justifying the killing or harming of Jews [sounds reasonable, but remember, this means anything less than foaming at the mouth hatred of Iran, and Lebanese and Palestinian victims of Israeli expansionism];

    (3) making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews [so if a Jew did something that recalls a stereotype, you are not to speak of it. The stereotype overtakes reality]

    (4) accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing [See? If Jews do something in real life it is hate speech to not cover it up for them. Nepotism is the new n-word, tax fraud is creativity]

    (5) accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust [remember, we are on second and third generation "survivors"];

    (6) accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel [presumably this means noticing when they say so themselves]

    (7) using the symbols and images associated with classic anti-Semitism [eg, a cross]

    (8) drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis [this is every leftist group now by the way];

    (9) blaming Israel for all inter-religious or political tensions;

    (10) applying double standards by requiring of it a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation [this ridiculous argument has never made any sense and apparemtly means that any activist concerned with Israel must devote an equal amount of time to all other human rights causes, eg China];

    (11) multilateral organizations focusing on Israel only for peace or human rights investigations [see above; you are not allowed to have an organization that concerns itself with Israel except to worship it]; and

    (12) denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, and denying Israel the right to exist [Palestinians and white people can exist on the Moon]


  17. @Lot

    Right wing news outlets tend to have more pop up crap than left wing news outlets.

  18. Luke Lea says:

    “Also, he uses the word “judeo-christian” unironically.”

    What’s ironic about Judeo-Christian? They have a lot in common, including our Western ideals of social justice, political and economic freedom, and human equality, which is no accident considering that Christianity was and is a Jewish sect.

  19. He’s probably a good teacher for very smart students–maybe not so good for average and poor students.

  20. @Big Bill

    Don’t you remember? We already figured out that La Griffe is David Axelrod.

  21. Veracitor says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Right wing news outlets tend to have more pop up crap than left wing news outlets.

    Yeah, since they get fewer subsidies from The Powers That Be.

    • Agree: TheBoom
  22. Too bad Vox Day is hating on Jordan Petersen (a true mensch) because Vox Day is a rabid anti-semite and a prick.

    • Replies: @Eeeeep
  23. @Luke Lea

    Christianity is not a Jewish sect. The Judaism of today with its reliance on the Talmud and other rabbinical writings is the Judaism Christ specifically rejected when criticizing the Pharisees and Sadducees. Christianity is a fulfillment of Judaism and the subsequent tradition is Christian. From a Christian perspective, modern Judaism is heresy.

    The founding cultures of this nation were Christian, not Jewish, so when people refer to our Judeo-Christian heritage it rankles, because our heritage is Christian, not a mixture of Judaism and Christianity.

    • Replies: @Luke Lea
  24. Anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  25. TheBoom says:

    Worth comparing Peterson’s take on Jewish IQ as the reason for Jewish over representation and either Ron Unz’s or Vox Day’s debunking of it. This is the type of thing that shows Peterson is really just a good careerist who understands there is a line that, if he crosses it, he gets Daily Stormered, Sailered, or Derbyshired from the main stage.

    One one hand, it is good that Peterson is willing to commit the thought crime of acknowledging IQ is important. On the other, his fake analysis of Jewish IQ and avoiding, if he can, racial implications shows he is probably a moral coward. The best spin you can put on it is that Peterson is a purveyor of fake news who is too lazy to research a topic before being an expert on it. So if he is faking/ lying about this, what else is he distorting? Some role model.

    • Replies: @Lagertha
    , @Svigor
  26. Hpoepin says:

    I expressly hope that this will be the beginning of the #iqmetoo movement. Our economy can’t survive the mass importation of ineffectual IQ’s with erect penises.

    • Replies: @EH
  27. Anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:
    • Replies: @Parser
  28. Anonymous[270] • Disclaimer says:

    I like Peterson. But I don’t think the lecture in the first video is particularly good. It makes sense to me but that’s because I already know all that stuff. For a total newbie, there is too much non-linearity and seeming lack of logical progression. Would probably not be too convincing to a large proportion of IQ-agnostic audience.

  29. Eeeeep says:

    Many leading Jews believe that simply pointing out their collective high IQ is antisemetic.

  30. Anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Also why does the design tend to be so much tackier? Left wing outlets tend to be much sleeker and more professional looking.

    • Replies: @utu
    , @TelfoedJohn
  31. J.Ross says: • Website
    @Steve Sailer

    I hate everything that causes the screen to move around. When I am made to unintentionally navigate (because, when you go to click the close-button in the corner, things moved around at the last minute, so now instead of closing the pop-up you are validating it), I consider it malware and close the browser window. Good job, you scared me off. That said, Veracitor has it right.

  32. Michael Eric Dyson actually brought up the IQ issue in the Munk Debate with Jordan Peterson as an example of the modern Right Wing going too far. Jordan Peterson basically acquiesced on this point.

    • Replies: @Svigor
  33. Parser says:

    so Jordan Peterson was actually asked about the “the ancients depicting mating snakes proves they discovered DNA” thing, and he literally cites a widely ridiculed pseudo-scientific quack in defense of his belief, and defends it as justified “speculation” LMAO (h/t @eskrav)

    You’re mixing yourself up. When a student questioned him on his use of the word “believe,” he requalified the statement as speculation. Sometimes you can misspeak when you give an hour lecture in front of an audience with no notes. Try it sometime, if someone ever offers you the chance.

    Furthermore, if you were familiar with Peterson’s knowledge of Jung, and his repeated reference to Jung in many of his lectures, you’d be more likely to follow the shorthand regarding his stated speculation.

    You might want to start with reading about Jung and his ideas, before you try to tackle more Jordan Peterson videos, so you won’t look silly agIn.

    • Agree: Dieter Kief
  34. Anonymous[270] • Disclaimer says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Yes, he is. And that is precisely why we can hope that he comes out. He does not have much to lose at this point. He could have been Watsoned ten years ago but today, presumably, it won’t make that much of a difference for him. I only communicated with him once, by email, and my sense is that he would indeed enjoy to be remembered as an influential La Griffe du Lion.

  35. @Anon7

    I was with him until “human value.” Hahahaha!

  36. Ed says:

    Interesting that the military IQ cutoff is 83. The average African-American IQ is 85, which would mean slightly less than half of AAs are incapable of serving in the military and as Peterson further concludes society.

    Yet the military is disproportionately black. Now that could be a function of underrepresentation of other groups. It would appear that the military is a preferable career choice for blacks at the right end of the IQ distribution.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @AnotherDad
  37. Arclight says:

    Peterson may not be perfect, but he’s about 1000% better than any other prominent person I can think of right now when it comes to dispensing with a lot of the BS about intelligence, gender differences, and oppression that all goodthinkers are are supposed to believe…and he doesn’t apologize or waffle, which I also appreciate.

    I wanted to watch the Munk debate with him and Stephen Fry against the detestable Michelle Goldberg and genuinely dim Michael Eric Dyson but I just couldn’t make myself listen to either of the latter two speakers. Although well chosen to represent the leftist position I must say – they combine to highlight just about everything that is wrong with progressive politics and why, no matter how irritating I find Trump, it’s better than having people like them in charge.

    • Replies: @utu
    , @NickG
  38. @Neoconned

    One silver lining of the increasing gayness of the internet is it could push kids back outside.

    I think that kids spend more and more time online because the internet was a place where the shitty rules of IRL didn’t apply. Kids wanted to escape the bullshit of PC. You can’t call someone a fag or a retard in school, but you could do it online. No teachers pet suck ups to narc on you.

    But now the Internet Of Real Names ™ and doxing — the return of The Permanent Record ™ — are making the internet more like real life.

    So, it may be less appealing to kids.

    Just a spitball theory

    • Replies: @m___
  39. Svigor says:

    I just got my first taste of Peterson from the Dyson/Goldberg/Peterson/Fry “Political Correctness” Munk debate. If I take him at his word and first blush, he’s a centrist, not a rightist. So the debate consisted of 3 leftists and 1 centrist.

    If we’re being kind, which I am not; Peterson’s a leftist, too. He’s just got a more conservative tone.

    • Agree: Simon in London
    • Replies: @dc.sunsets
    , @MBlanc46
  40. Svigor says:
    @Luke Lea

    National Socialist-Communist tradition. What’s the objection? They’re both socialist…

    • LOL: Twinkie
  41. Lagertha says:

    yeah, sigh..agree with almost all you stated. Despite hating PC culture….or leftist culture (Bolshevik, in particular), deep down inside (mere speculation) I think Jordan wants to remain the nicey-nice guy (there are parameters, for sure, he must obey) because: suddenly; famous. Canadians are never really, controversial or “fight the world.”

    His IQ discussion went lamoe at the end; the ole,’ “we are all smart in certain ways” …the ole,’ “multiple intelligences” canard of the 90′s in inner-city schools. Yet, he found a shtick, and, now…he has to be careful about the edges of his platform. He is totally, banking on his charm, and, he has that in spades, suits and all – SJW women find him infuriating but compelling…and white guys have found someone that validates their insecurity of being marginalized by Progressive comrades, and, of course, those SJW women who think Jordan is hot. Sheesh, I sound like Whiskey! haha!

    • Replies: @TheBoom
  42. Svigor says:

    FFS, “JEWISH CONSPIRACY,’ that’s not a very good answer.” So stop using it, philo-Semitic wrestlers of straw men.

  43. Svigor says:

    No, “somewhere between 110 and 115″ is not “a standard deviation.” That range MAXES OUT at a standard deviation. And the range is too high. It’s more like 107 or 108 worldwide, or 109-110 in the US.

  44. Svigor says:

    Yeah he’s kind of like a useful idiot, except he’s smart. I trust him less the more I hear him speak.

  45. Svigor says:
    @Clifford Brown

    He was right to refuse to answer (he didn’t acquiesce). He asked Dyson a question like four times (please tell us how we know when the left has gone too far) without getting an answer, and finally Dyson “responded” by interrogating Peterson on when the right has gone too far, to which Peterson responded with several examples, and then Dyson, arrogant thick-skulled ass that he is, piled on another demand.

    As I said in the Munk comments thread, Blacks see concession or apology as weakness, making “debating” them pointless except to show others their bad faith.

  46. eleuterio says:

    Well, McNamara did try…

    A presentation and reading by Hamilton Gregory, author of “McNamara’s Folly: The Use of Low-IQ Troops in the Vietnam.” Because so many college students were avoiding military service during the Vietnam War, Defense Secretary Robert McNamara lowered mental standards to induct 354,000 low-IQ men. Their death toll in combat was appalling.

    • Replies: @Simon in London
    , @E e
  47. TheBoom says:

    The more I listen to and think about Peterson, the more he reminds me of Obama. Both are smooth talking showmen/con men.

    Obama was great at playing the role of intelligent statesman, healer of racial divides. You didn’t have to look too deeply to see he was none of that but his audience didn’t care because it was a role they wanted to see played.

    Peterson plays the role of thoughtful, brave role model, a guiding light to young men (especially of the white persuasion) in an increasingly hostile world. As with Obama, it is an act but fulfills a pent up need, especially as any real brave thinkers are driven from the main stage. Peterson can be counted on not taking his audience into spaces that can undermine the system.

  48. Anon[916] • Disclaimer says:

    When did it become iq 83? I’m sure I remember reading in this here blog that the afqt cutoff was, since the 1980s, an iq of 94? US military anyway. Are these stats from when there was a draft?

    • Replies: @Ed
    , @Anon
  49. Anon[322] • Disclaimer says:
    @Steve Sailer

    There was that econ proof that someone IDed him as, had a wife who was also a pretty interesting academic. I don’t know what the I’D was based on, a guess, or something more. Generally these sorts are not known and out of left field.

  50. @Anon7

    It’s even worse than one in ten. Jordan Peterson is inconsistent whether the cutoff is <83 or <=83.
    Assuming an average IQ of 100 and a standard deviation of 15, the cutoff is either 1.2 or 1.13 standard deviations below the mean.
    This means, the percentage of people that is useless in the military is either 11.51% or 12.92%.
    If you assume the average iq of the United States to be 98, which is a figure I have read somewhere, then the percentages are either 15.87% or 17.62%.
    17.62% is higher than one in six (!).

  51. Ed says:

    Peterson cites it in the clip I replied to.

  52. utu says:

    I watched a part of this debate. It was first time I saw Michael Eric Dyson in action. Has anybody written about rhetorical methods common among some African-Americans like Dyson? The tendency to use big sounding words for, what I guess, ornamental purpose only? Where do they get it from? Black church, black colleges? If I were Peterson I would address this directly and tried to discipline this guy Dyson. Why nobody was laughing?

  53. utu says:

    The correct answer should be lower IQ. At least here.

  54. @eleuterio

    I think this is why most third world armies are so easy to beat, and why you should never fight a land war in Asia.

  55. @utu

    “In Living Color” did a lot of sketch comedy about blacks using big words 25 years ago.

  56. Arclight says:

    Unfortunately I have been familiar with Dyson for years – he’s an angry, hate-filled guy who has a huge sense of self-importance due to his post at Georgetown…but even when my sympathies were more left-leaning it seemed obvious to me that he really isn’t all that bright and has zero original ideas.

    In today’s environment we have numerous black ‘intellectuals’ like Dyson, Melissa Perry-Harris, Marc LaMont Hill, Ta-Nehisi Coates who are so clearly one-trick ponies with unremarkable intellectual horsepower that get lots of exposure, praise and money while actual black intellectuals like Thomas Sowell, John McWhorter, and Glen Loury are largely unknown and the media does nothing to elevate their voices. And of course you cannot point out how moronic the former group are because then it’s attributed to being racist and/or threatened by an outspoken black person.

    Mr. Sailer already mentioned this, but Damon Wayans on Living Color repeatedly played a prison inmate who repeatedly used malapropisms in speech…pretty funny and impossible to imagine a network TV show having the balls to do it today.

    • Replies: @utu
  57. Anon[246] • Disclaimer says:

    Ok my memory is slipping , 92 not 94.

    “To be allowed to enlist, you have to score 92 or higher on the military’s IQ test, the Armed Forces Qualification Test (the same one used throughout The Bell Curve.) Since 1992, only 1% of new military enlistees have had IQs below the 30th percentile nationally.”

  58. utu says:

    Thanks. I found one:

  59. Svigor says:

    I watched a part of this debate. It was first time I saw Michael Eric Dyson in action. Has anybody written about rhetorical methods common among some African-Americans like Dyson? The tendency to use big sounding words for, what I guess, ornamental purpose only? Where do they get it from? Black church, black colleges? If I were Peterson I would address this directly and tried to discipline this guy Dyson. Why nobody was laughing?

    He did get laughter when he was looking for it, though he slowly lost sympathy as the debate wore on, and the laughs were fewer, and finally he was booed (once) for his race-baiting. But I suppose they didn’t laugh at his antics (as opposed to with them) because they’re polite Canadians and polite people don’t make fun of the “challenged,” and that’s kinda the intimation about blacks, underlying our nice polite talk.

    “In Living Color” did a lot of sketch comedy about blacks using big words 25 years ago.

    I was gonna cite the same example. Actually did last night in the Munk thread (“I hypothesize my urethra”). It was a Damon Wayans character, a jailhouse lawyer type.

    At one point, Dyson said he was in “agreeance” with his opponents. It’s the sort of quasi-word that tends to slip out when one’s mouth is outrunning one’s brain, though Dyson is probably eccentric enough to have claimed it deliberately beforehand.

  60. @Steve Sailer

    Most browser have features like “reader view” or “print preview” which often help getting a decent reading experience, cf a Firefox screenshot at

    There are also add-ons to remove CSS info that help if all else fails like eg

  61. Tiny Duck says:

    Jordan Peterson is a crytoracist and junk scientist

    You need to read Nathan Robinisnons takedown of him

  62. @Luke Lea

    human equality is not something in Judaism; in fact, the basis of the religion is ethnic particularism.

    It would be more accurate to describe the west as having been based on Islamo-Christian values.

    • Replies: @Luke Lea
    , @m___
  63. @Anonymous

    Lefties are more creative, which results in better design. Righties more functional. Look at for instance – very functional. Peterson summarises the left-right thing very well in the last 2 mins of this interview:

    • Replies: @Svigor
  64. @utu

    Wasn’t there a black or mixed writer (perhaps in the NYT?) who wrote about this? I think Steve mentioned him. Something about how blacks need to few 10 dollar words with alliteration and they’ll howl in agreement, as if at a Baptist service.

    • LOL: utu
  65. @Ed

    Interesting that the military IQ cutoff is 83.

    Where did you come up with this? There may be some sort of very hard “absolutely not!” cutoff down that low, but it hasn’t been the cutoff in the peacetime military from everything i’ve read.

    What i’ve heard is the service branches vary–the Army with more low skilled positions dipping further–but roughly they’d cutoff aound the bottom 1/3, something that would correspond to the mid-low 90s. You do need people who are literate–without struggling (can RTFM)–and trainable.

    The result is that while the enlisted population tends to not have a lot of really smart folks–who usually can find a route to college or can get an ROTC scholarship if interested in a military career–the enlisted mean and median IQ is actually slightly higher than the average American. (Way, way higher for AAs.)

  66. Ickenham says:
    @Big Bill

    “…Jordan Peterson, the current doyenne [sic] of the Internet…

    That ought to read “doyen”

    Unless you’re intentionally misgendering the gentleman as a sly joke.

  67. @Luke Lea

    What’s ironic about Judeo-Christian? They have a lot in common, including our Western ideals of social justice, political and economic freedom, and human equality, which is no accident considering that Christianity was and is a Jewish sect.


    Isn’t “Judeo-Christian” one of those polite fictions invented by polite American WASPs to be inclusive. Did anyone ever say such a thing before say 1945?

    The social and political values of the West developed in a long historical process, probably tapping some deep ethno-cultural-genetic traits of the Indo-European (Aryan) steppe peoples, and forming them through (universal) Christianity and a long process of social inclusion and national integration … which the Jews specifically rejected in favor of tribal separatism and their tribal religion.

    A more or less accurate description of the Jews with respect to the Western traditon is … “passengers.”

  68. @Luke Lea

    What’s ironic about Judeo-Christian? They have a lot in common, including our Western ideals of social justice, political and economic freedom, and human equality, which is no accident considering that Christianity was and is a Jewish sect.

    No one actually knows what Jesus was up to. (Note to orthodox believing Christians: I know you know, i’m talking about those without your faith.) However, one of the things that’s clear–black letter scripture–is that Jesus is specifically rejecting the legalistic tradition–the “pharisees”–that became the dominant tradition of Judaism after the destruction of the 2nd temple–the tradition that is Rabbinic Judaism. (I assume that’s all pretty uncontroversial.)

    Christianity being universal is clearly a very different beast than Judaism. (With a new convenant and ethos.) And Christainity as exists in and informs the West, is clearly a product of the West–of European peoples and their culture and traditions working in concert with Christian scripture and tradition.

    Islam is actually a universalized Judaism that sticks much closer to the theology and ethos of Judaism. And i think it’s fair to say that Islam is not “Western” and does not have the same social and political values as the West.

    I find this all pretty ho-hum obvious. The social and political traditions of the West are a development … of the West. Their creation has nothing to do Rabbinic Judaism, and actually even Christianity outside of the West (see Russia) is insufficient.

  69. Luke Lea says:
    @Gross Terry

    “human equality is not something in Judaism; in fact, the basis of the religion is ethnic particularism.”

    Well, yes and no. In fact the tension and sometimes outright conflict between universalism and particularism has been with Judaism, not since the very beginning perhaps, but at least since the time of Moses, and it is not over yet (and perhaps never will be). That is the beautiful paradox.

    For some of the historical background see here:

  70. m___ says:

    A woman in labor, the first video watched, how close is the correlation between the explanatory format and the average IQ in the room.

  71. m___ says:
    @Antlitz Grollheim

    to hold multiple tangents together while speaking extemporaneously and pulling from diverse sources

    Conceded, Peterson uses associative thinking, improvising, and tuning to audience. Some linearity is left, it still is a “story” with a beginning and an end. Wonder how much that has got to do with weighting his audience. And then the big question, if being more concise, to a higher IQ audience, can he hold the associative interference “tangents” together, and circle the subject by taking surround viewpoints.

    Interestingly, his level of “talk” allows the showing of how writing and talking are different. Writing is more apt when complexity grows, for the author, and on the contrary excuses the public to reassert continuously. Probably that is why live debate is such a disrupting picture, since the tangents are constantly redefined which makes between others, collaboration so non-constructive. It would be nice to make human brains scalable, using brainpower of more then a single brain on a set of variables. That’s where singularity, AI come in. Much needed, larger data sets only being part of the solution.

  72. m___ says:
    @27 year old

    No spit-ball at all. The public always runs late. The incomprehensible is uncharted territory. As for the ones that are measured the right to speak in a “broadcasting” way, they cannot be taken too serious if they do not understand the format(internet technology, hard and soft, programming ability to the point to read some code, other machine issues), before shifting to producing content.

    Peterson made his own trap: Patreon, Youtube, he now is basically silenced as to what exceeds the politically correct. Kids are too.

    As far as IQ, it correlates to positions of authority, and prestige, …but not linearly. Outliers not welcome.

  73. m___ says:
    @Gross Terry


    Islamo- , inclusive as to ethnicities, but a very severe in-out group mentality. The “dogma” must prevail, it seems to attract it’s new affiliates in the below average IQ masses of deprived. Prisons, ghettos, Blacks(cumulating some desirable traits). Say an Islamist Black American would be first and foremost an Islamist, pulling his ethnicity and race in the wake. In such a way homogenizing the identity of Islam.

    The Christian tendency in modern reality is to make religion less prevalent, and living an implicit life under consumerism’s dominance. Not being a consumer is suspect. That is where Islam is coming to die also. Becoming a “fashion”(Victoria’s Secret underwear and a layer of tule on top) rather then an authoritative world view.

    The pull of consumerism as a religious phenomenon is stronger then anything conceived by humankind. Escaping the gravity to depravity? …you can guess, being privileged, dollars, best correlated between above three to Judaism as far as this can be meaningful.

  74. NickG says:

    This is very good shit.

  75. Svigor says:

    In other words, lefties can’t do math.

  76. NickG says:

    I was sad enough to sit through the whole Munk Debate. The analogy that came to mind with Dyson’s embellished style is that he is to debate what air-guitar is to proper skilled playing. The token woman was white noise.

  77. Dr. Doom says:

    The Oprah Book Club and Jordan Peter-San. Pretentious freaks everywhere prefer to decorate their end tables with Big Mother Approved ™ Pseudoscience Novels and Sad Tales of Unfairness to womyn, deviants and minority groups.
    If we all use our sociological imagination, you can suspend disbelief and somehow believe that people who had nothing to do with founding America deserve everything and the Founding Stock’s Posterity needs to die off and cede everything to those who are too dumb to even maintain it.
    Goalkeeper Jordan Peter-San is the latest in the long line of traitors blocking White people from taking their own side, with drivel, specious claims and the Judeo-Christian Values of a guy who admits to not even believing in God.
    With his long book tour and the kind of lecturing you would expect from a crazy old woman, Peter-San would have you know he has cardboard to wave around and not just insults from the Rhetoric of the Kindergarten Playground.
    White Man, bad. The minority rule good. Bippity Boppity Boo.

  78. @Svigor

    Leftism is a 400-plus year trend. After all that time, pretty much everyone is a leftist.

    If the last 50 years of leftism are a blow-off top in its Utopian lunacy (capped with the tranny-homo promo), then it pays dividends to think of political thought not as a left-right line but more as a sphere, with bat-guano crazy leftism now focused to a small cone of alienation-from-reality, while all other mode of political belief are Rightist (i.e., heresy in the ruling Left Cult Theocracy.)

    This is the hard part for pundits: All that is Right is defined simply by its being Not Left. The Right need not, nor is it, coherent. It is chaos, disorder, mutually-contradictory, but it is Not Left.

    And that is, if we’re at the cusp of trend change, all that matters.

  79. EH says:

    “Our economy can’t survive the mass importation of ineffectual IQ’s with erect penises.”

    But erect IQs with ineffectual penises, please send in your INS application now.

  80. Anonymous[322] • Disclaimer says:
    @Antlitz Grollheim

    ‘Impossible to see any decent snippet and think, “gee, this guy is dumb”.’

    This is really on the mark. I myself think he is deeply off the mark in some respects, but to actually demonstrate this would require me becoming a public figure close to his level. Not so easy. Even if you disagree with him, he is a worthy adversary.

  81. MBlanc46 says:

    I’ve called Peterson center-left and I believe that’s pretty close to the mark. He’s what the Left was when it was mostly reality-based, before it went full-bore “all distinctions are discrimination and therefore evil”.

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