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Is Google Biased?
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From the New York Times:

Google C.E.O. Denies Allegations of Political Bias in Search Results

By Kate Conger
Sept. 21, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO — Sundar Pichai, Google’s chief executive, said in an email to employees on Friday that the company has never and will never bias its search results for political purposes.

On an internal email thread at Google, employees discussed the possibility of including pro-immigration content in search, according to The Journal. The email thread was a brainstorming session among employees and none of the ideas were put into effect, said Gina Scigliano, a Google spokeswoman.

“Recent news stories reference an internal email to suggest that we would compromise the integrity of our Search results for a political end. This is absolutely false,” Mr. Pichai wrote in the email, which was obtained by The New York Times. “We do not bias our products to favor any political agenda. The trust our users place in us is our greatest asset and we must always protect it.”

One interesting aspect of this is that people have generally seemed kind of scared to call out Google on it biases, perhaps from fear that Google will do you down in vengeance.

For example, go to Google and type in “American inventors” or “American scientists” and see the hilarious results. My 2016 post on this was one of my most popular ever, but nobody in the press besides the Daily Caller dared pick up on it.

Another issue is that it’s hard to tell the difference, both empirically and in theory, between when Google is doing something bad to somebody and when Google is not doing something nice for somebody. Google has coded a vast number of clever ploys to make it easier for users to find what they want without being experts at Boolean algebra or library science.

For example, back in 2010, I pointed out the blatant and petty Google bias against Pat Buchanan in its auto-completion prompt.. But nobody else seemed to notice it.

More understandably, after I pointed out in 2012 in my column “Google’s Gaydar” how you can use Google’s autocompletion prompt system to measure how much the public is looking for information about whether a celebrity is gay (e.g., in 2012, Kevin Spacey maxed out Google Gaydar):

Other stars who score a 0 on Google Gaydar include Walter Matthau, Jeff Bridges, W. C. Fields, Mel Gibson, Fred MacMurray, Robert Duvall, and Woody Allen. This doesn’t mean that they are all 100 percent straight, just that none of their ten most common search terms — €”or even the ten most popular beginning with the letter “€œg”€ — are the word “€œgay.”€

In contrast, type in “€œKevin Spacey,”€ and the word “€œgay”€ is immediately proposed as the single most efficient suggestion to finish your search. So Spacey gets a 100.

Not long afterwards, Google broke its own system to stop autocompleting the word “gay.” (Microsoft’s Bing still does, and the world hasn’t come to an end.)

Does anybody methodically study Google’s various biases? If not, why not?

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  1. jim jones says:

    One of the first things I do with a new browser is disable autocomplete

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Pat Boyle
  2. Lot says:

    To avoid most of Google/Microsoft:

    Brave Browser, on your PC and phone both, instead of Chrome

    DuckDuckGo instead of Google Search

    Paid e-mail accounts that are ad free and tracking free with your own domain name is under $20 a year from all the domain companies, eg GoDaddy. Under $10 if you don’t get your own domain.

    For desktop e-mail, Mozilla Thunderbird is close to Outlook and free.

  3. Lot says:

    For online shopping, always try ebay first instead of amazon. Shipping may be slower but prices are often better.

    Especially important is to cancel Amazon Prime. They just raised the price from $99 to $119, and will autobill you if you don’t change the setting to stop this.

  4. Re if anyone is studying this stuff….
    This guy was put on a town hall panel with Ann Coulter by Breitbart. He is apparently a legitimate academic and says he is not a conservative or Trump supporter. I have not looked beyond that town hall video or these mainstream op-ed pieces to see what his more scholarly papers have to say, but they are linked within this general interest piece. (toward the end of the third paragraph)

    • Replies: @Covfefe
  5. Anon[154] • Disclaimer says:

    In the movie that Googlers are watching, there is political stuff, which they would never censor, and stuff that is beyond-the-pale human rights criminal speech, which of course you censor. The problem is that where they draw the line ends up including most non leftist speech. Everyone is literally Hitler causing literal violence with words.

    The discovery in the upcoming Damore v. Google lawsuit against Google will reveal a lot more of what is going on, unless there is a settlement and an NDA. If Damore settles, I think he should be raked through the non-literal coals.

    • Replies: @Anon
  6. As everybody knows, google “white couple” and then google “black couple,” and see if your results don’t look biased.

    • Replies: @Lurker
  7. Didn’t you also write about how when you do a Google Image search for “American inventors”, most of the first row of images are black people?

    Actually, I just checked. Yes, you did:

    And just for fun, do a Google Image search for “white american family”.

    • Replies: @Almost Missouri
  8. “Does anybody methodically study Google’s various biases? If not, why not?”

    I Googled the question, “Is Google biased?” and got plenty of hits that discuss it. Many seem to suggest concerns are not what they appear to be, almost in that calming way an adult on a sinking ship tries to keep the kids cheerful right up to the point of the big swim. To your point, there’s a lot of study, but given how much of that takes a rhetorical-approach rather than a research-approach to the question, I would hazard the answer is “No.”

    • Replies: @Almost Missouri
    , @bomag
  9. I’ll believe Google if and when they fire the people involved in the email brainstorm session.

    After all, the participants were planning some very unethical behavior.

    Google fired Damore for less.

  10. It ought to be pretty easy to design an experiment to test the hypothesis that a given search engine (and it autocomplete suggestions) is biased. Maybe this task is easy enough to have undergraduate programmers design and carry out a (possibly competitive) project to rate various search engines for bias of various types.

    Has some university Computer Science department already done this?

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  11. And Bing has turned off the auto-complete on the gay thing for some celebrities. They will fill in “gay” for Vin Diesel, John Travolta, Will Smith, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Hiddleston (whoever that is) as soon as you put in “is xxxx xxxxx”. (In fact, “Is Tom” was all it took to bring up the gay question for several Tom’s, which is the first time I’ve ever heard of Tom Hiddleston.)

    But for others, including the most famous “is Tom _____ gay” of all, it won’t even add the “y” these all but completed entries:

    “is jamie foxx ga”

    “is tom cruise ga”

    “is george clooney ga”

  12. Anonym says:

    Google is biased. The most annoying thing they do is to insist on linking to their own Orwellian cache of websites instead of the sites themselves. It is nice to search on something else and actually link to a pdf from the g.d. search page.

  13. @Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

    Has some university Computer Science department already done this?

    Maybe university Computer Science departments don’t want their students to get on Google’s bad side?

  14. The e-mail chain could easily be set up as plausible deniability. I hate to sound all “infowars” but the silicone valley elite all sound like Maxine Waters to me. Hashtag resist.
    The chain is political theater.

  15. For what it’s worth I went to google and Pat Bu made him the second result.

  16. Bill P says:

    Google has been biased for years, I’d assume from the beginning. Controlling discourse was probably an important reason Sergei Brin got into search in the first place. Wasn’t he born in the USSR? Somehow I don’t think he’s fully assimilated Anglo ideals of free political discourse.

    You could find bias by analyzing AdWords. It seems that conservative sites get demonetized for lesser infractions, especially in election years. The fact that conservative talk shows are more popular and lucrative on the radio while conservative websites struggle says a lot. Google controls online advertising, and that control can be used to have a huge influence on content, simply by rewarding some speech and “demonetizing” other speech. This can be done nearly invisibly by targeting small publishers who have few resources, e.g. iSteve. Although not readily apparent, the cumulative effect is large, and this has been going on for at least a decade.

    • Replies: @utu
  17. To paraphrase Larry from the comic strip Pearls Before Swine,” Do not blaspheme The Google, Sailer”!

  18. robot says: • Website

    The paradigmatic case for Google’s biased AI should be this one from three years ago:

    They had to make an explicit exception. Treating everyone equal will always cause special problems for hypocrites.

    Any unbiased AI will also properly flag the New York Times as blatant propaganda, eg in its coverage of different groups and its selection of opinion columnists.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
    , @Almost Missouri
  19. utu says:
    @Bill P

    Controlling discourse was probably an important reason Sergei Brin got into search in the first place. Wasn’t he born in the USSR? Somehow I don’t think he’s fully assimilated Anglo ideals of free political discourse.

    No, it was not Putin.

    In 1995, one of the first and most promising MDDS grants went to a computer-science research team at Stanford University with a decade-long history of working with NSF and DARPA grants. The primary objective of this grant was “query optimization of very complex queries that are described using the ‘query flocks’ approach.” A second grant—the DARPA-NSF grant most closely associated with Google’s origin—was part of a coordinated effort to build a massive digital library using the internet as its backbone. Both grants funded research by two graduate students who were making rapid advances in web-page ranking, as well as tracking (and making sense of) user queries: future Google cofounders Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

    The research by Brin and Page under these grants became the heart of Google: people using search functions to find precisely what they wanted inside a very large data set. The intelligence community, however, saw a slightly different benefit in their research: Could the network be organized so efficiently that individual users could be uniquely identified and tracked?

    • Replies: @Lurker
  20. “Is Google Biased?”

    Wow, these questions just get easier and easier.

    • LOL: bomag
  21. @40 Acres and A Kardashian

    Or try Googling for American Renaissance videos.

    Google’s top “hit” for you is a video about Renaissance Faires in America (500 views).

    If you scroll down to find an actual Jared Taylor American Renaissance video (47,600 views) it will offload you to the AmRen site (assuming it is not under DDOS attack), where you can watch the video in isolation. If you try to click back to the YouTube host, Google/YouTube asks you to sign in and prove your age. Warning banners abound and related suggestions are all greyed out. You and the video are clearly under quarantine to make sure your contagion won’t spread.

    But yeah, there’s no bias.

    • Replies: @jim jones
    , @Trevor H.
    , @prusmc
  22. AndrewR says:

    That article is just “wow just wow” in extended form. No effort is made to refute the claim that Jews run Hollywood (not that this claim is refutable).

  23. tyrone says:

    “is google biased?” is this one of those “does a wild bear s**t in the woods”things?

    • Replies: @BrokenSymmetry
  24. Anonymous[203] • Disclaimer says:

    This may be somewhat related to a recent Documentary titled “The Creepy Line”

    The creators were interviewed on the Michael Malice Show.

  25. The NYT article left out the last sentence of Pichai’s internal memorandum.

    It’s not okay!

  26. jim jones says:
    @Almost Missouri

    I run a VPN with the location set as Sweden. I can watch all the Amren videos without any censorship.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @Yngvar
  27. Progs don’t think their crazy beliefs are a political agenda; they think they’re just true — or should be true, and will be true as soon as progs have accumulated enough money and power and entirely silenced anybody who disagrees with them.

    It’s… nuanced.

    But basically, “we have no political agenda” means “we weight results to sell our political agenda and we try to silence anybody who disagrees with it.”

  28. bomag says:
    @The Alarmist

    …I would hazard the answer is “No.”

    Google builds an ecosystem of sorts. It’s not that they have overt filters, but some plants and animals do better on their Savannah than others.

  29. National Public Radio runs a program called “On the Media.” This program did several episodes on the question of whether NPR has a liberal bias and concluded that it does not. In the final segment, it brought in as an impartial critic Ira Glass, host of NPR’s “This American Life,” who validated that conclusion.

    • LOL: bomag
  30. Corvinus says:

    “For example, go to Google and type in “American inventors” or “American scientists” and see the hilarious results.”

    Indeed, a classic. We must get Congress to form an Internet police for this transgression. How dare Google, an SJW infested entity, commit a thought crime of epic proportions by “maliciously neglecting” more prominent (white) inventors. Oh, the horror. Oh, the inhumanity. More than ever, Trump must use the bully pulpit to bring Silicon Valley companies to their knees by way of Teddy Roosevelt trust busting. Only then will Red Ice TV, V-Dare, and other Alt Right media conglomerates build their own search engines to direct the (white) masses toward the “more appropriate” innovators.

  31. Lurker says:
    @Song For the Deaf

    Try a search on “knife crime”.

    Then there is the whole thing about “American inventors”.

  32. Lurker says:

    Indeed, thanks to Google I know that black folks are in fact the most inventive group around!

    Not like poor dumb whitey, who just sits in a cave grunting and banging rocks together to no avail.

  33. Lurker says:

    A twofer. They get to find out who’s asking the wrong questions and they get to manipulate the answers given. What’s not to like?

    • Agree: lavoisier
  34. Corvinus says:

    Speaking of biases, what about this big NYT story regarding Rosenstein’s treasonous act of trying to convince White House officials to declare Trump incompetent via the 25th Amendment? Why no commentary, Mr. Sailer? You certainly enjoy pontificating on such important matters.

    Wait, that’s right, the NYT is Fake News. Thus, this story must be completely fabricated. My bad.

    • Troll: MBlanc46
  35. El Dato says:


    Thanks for the hysteria outburst. No I don’t need to feed my Twitter craving for another half-hour.

    And now, back to whatever Sundae Pikachu, CEO of the largest ad-blasting, cream-skimming, people monetizing, copyright ignoring company in the world has to say about the lack of biases.

  36. res says:

    Steve, you are definitely on target regarding Google’s biases in general, but you really need to let this one go (as anything other than a humorous aside):

    For example, go to Google and type in “American inventors” or “American scientists” and see the hilarious results. My 2016 post on this was one of my most popular ever, but nobody in the press besides the Daily Caller dared pick up on it.

    This comparison of scientists and architects (from a comment in your earlier architects post) makes very clear the phenomenon is caused by Black History Month: Scientists vs. Architects

    The plot for inventors is even more dramatic and has the added benefit of showing the iSteve influence with the out of cycle searches for “american inventors” corresponding to your articles. Doing your part to change the behavior by observing it (I’m trying to decide whether the Heisenberg uncertainty principle or the Hawthorne effect is the more appropriate analogy, I’m thinking the former).


  37. istevefan says:

    Wait, that’s right, the NYT is Fake News. Thus, this story must be completely fabricated. My bad.

    More than likely the story was run to bait Trump into firing RR. The Mueller investigation is winding down and there is nothing on Trump. So my guess is they are trying to bait him into some overreaction to open up an obstruction case.

    • Agree: Jim Don Bob
    • Replies: @Lot
    , @Corvinus
  38. Is google bias? ! of course not WaPo , the Atlantic NPR and NYT say that’s right wing nut nonsense.

    I remember when google news truly aggregated news sites and for example the Lebanese star and Al-jeezera came up when googling middle east stories.. funny how it disappeared back to the same old neocon/liberal globalist Pro israel narrative.

  39. @Harry Baldwin

    There we have it, cased closed! :)
    It reminds me of the USS liberty investigation by the state department a few years ago, – they concluded it was a case of accidental friendly fire…. EVERYONE leading the different aspects of the investigation was jewish, it was almost comical.

  40. Anon7 says:

    Steve, I just searched google for “is google biased” and your article came up third for me. If you had titled your article properly, I would have seen the result I wanted on the first page of results.

    You should have titled this post “Is Google Biased? Does the Pope S**t in the Woods?”

  41. kihowi says:

    While I’m always ready to buy into conspiracy theories (hi Ron!), it looks to me like a side effect of searches for high school projects, as some people suggested last time we did this.

    Ok, “American inventors” yields negroes wall to wall.
    But “American writer” looks like it should.
    So does “American poet”.
    And “American singer”.
    “American guitar player” doesn’t even include Jimmy Hendrix at all!

    So, nothing to see there.

    I also have an explanation for the seemingly laughably unsubtle miscegenation propaganda with “white couple”.

    Who would specifically search for a white couple? About three white nationalist publications, and that’s it.

    Who constantly needs pictures of a “black and white couple? All media, all advertising, all government.. Everybody. Seems like the Google algorithm has concluded that “white couple” is an abbreviation for the vastly more popular “black and white couple“.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  42. scrivener3 says: • Website

    What makes you think paid email accounts are tracking free? You have to run your own server.

    Send an email saying your gout is kicking up (when you never or searched for mentioned gout anywhere else) and see what kinds of ads turn up.

    Intelligence agencies see all your mail also, but you can encrypt.

    • Replies: @Lot
  43. tanabear says:

    Is Google Biased?

    Any search engine that returns RationalWiki as a top search result is biased.

  44. Anon[121] • Disclaimer says:

    Of course Google is biased.

    But the real problem is not so much that it is biased now as that it was UNBIASED(relatively speaking) at the beginning.

    Google began with DON’T BE EVIL statement of principle. It claimed to be a fair, neutral, and unbiased arbiter of searches and information. THAT is why so many people signed onto Google and trusted it. That is why it got so big.

    When Google’s Israeli employees were caught messing with ‘Pat B’, Google fixed the problem. We were led to believe a few bad apples did it. It was the official policy of Google.

    If Google had candidly started out with a statement of its political biases and agendas, at least half of current users now would have used another search engine. Google would never have grown into a monopoly IF it had openly declared its intentions at the outset.

    Same with Paypal and Twitter. They got so big because it was understood by all that they would be un-ideological, unbiased, and neutral, fair to all. If either had started out by declaring Liberal or ‘leftist’ bias, many would have sought out another service or platform. They were supposed to be Libertarian.

    Because these companies owe their monopoly status to having promised everyone neutrality and fairness, they must be attacked for deviating from their original purpose.

    Imagine if a closet-rightist Arab-American began Facebook with the idea that it would be fair and neutral to all. Suppose everyone signs up from far left to far right. But once Facebook becomes a giant monopoly, he says it’s his company and he can do as he pleases and begins to shut down leftist pages and suppress Liberal news. He also shuts down Zionist pages and hires BDS to monitor for ‘hate’, most of which is identified with Jews.
    The issue wouldn’t simply be one of a private company doing what it wants. It would be about a monopoly reneging on the very promise that made it a monopoly in the first place. After all, many Zionists and their allies would never have signed up to the platform IF they knew from the beginning its ideological and tribal biases.

    Imagine if Zuckerberg began Facebook with a statement that it would favor Jews/Zionists over Palestinians and would be working with Jewish-controlled groups to censor or suppress pro-Palestinian, pro-Iranian, pro-white, and pro-Christian voices in favor of Zionists, homos/trannies, radical feminists, and black loonies. Many people would have steered clear of Facebook, and many people would have gravitated to an alternative social network site, one that is conducive for conservatives. Zuckerberg is now working closely with Neocons to shut down ‘hate’. Knowing neocons, we know that Wars for Israel are not acts of hate but the Palestinian desire for liberation is ‘hateful’ and ‘terroristic’.

    These are not just private companies but monopolies, and they became monopolies because ALL OF US were sold on the idea that they would be fair to all sides. They lied to us. They pulled us all in with that false promise. Now that they got the power, they are using their monopoly power to favor certain views over others.

    Also, when they say ‘hate speech’, they don’t mean Zionist hatred against Palestinians, Iranians, and Syrians. They don’t mean Jewish vitriol, paranoia, hysteria, and derangement syndrome about European patriots, Russians, and Hungarians.

    It’s gotten to the point where the Right should wage its own war on Hate Speech, that of Jews, homos, and black rappers/lunatics. The problem is Free Speech is morally defensive. The Right is saying ‘We defend ugly speech because of the Constitution.’ It is legally sound but comes across as morally tainted. In the end, emotions can win over reason. The consecrated righteous can win over constitutional rights.
    To fight fire with fire, the Right needs to identify Zionism, Homomania, radical feminism, and black thug culture as HATE and wage war on it. And Diversity has to be associated with immigration-invasion and ethnic replacement. No one won a fight just by playing defense only.
    Paypal denies service to Jared Taylor and Alex Jones for ‘hate’. But George Soros and Zionist war-mongers(whose policies have turned millions of Muslims into refugees if not corpses) can rake in billions and use whatever payment platform they wish.

    Shame Paypal for offering services to Zionist warmongers, Obama the war criminal who wasted Libya, Victoria Nuland the recruiter of Nazis, Albright the killer of Iraqi kids, Hillary Clinton the terrorist-loving butcher of Syria, the moguls who promote gangster rap, and etc. Paypal is Hatepal.

    Another thing. This isn’t primarily about ideology but about identity. It’s a myth that Silicon Valley and Jewish globalists are ‘leftist’. Jews and globalists use ‘leftism’ as a ruse to push agendas that are good for the Tribe. Jews and their globo-cucks HATE leftists who are consistent in their principles. Jeremy Corbyn and Norman Finkelstein, like them or not, are consistent and principled universal-leftists. Corbyn attacks ALL nationalisms, even that of Zionism. And Finkelstein believes the US should treat Jews and Palestinians equally. And guess what? Jewish Power hate them.

    Google pretends to be ‘leftist’ by hiring SJW nitwits to fun funny doodles and hold anti-white-male struggle sessions. But this is all just for show. Notice it’s always WHITE privilege but never Jewish privilege that is condemned. Jewish elites are protecting Jewish Power by using ‘white evil’ as bogeyman. And all this Homomania is good for the Power Elite because vain homos serve the rich. And despite the same PC slogans about Diversity, we know that Silicon Valley will be ruled by Jewish moguls, white execs, and Asian middle management and coders. Google Doodle is just a ruse, as are feel-good movies like HIDDEN FIGURES which gives the false impression that Hollywood Jews are really committed to black women running space programs.

    Whenever people on the Right label globalists and Jewish elites as ‘leftist’, they are doing their enemies a favor. Globalist hegemonists and Jewish supremacists love being associated with the Left because it creates the impression that they are for the little guy, the downtrodden, the marginalized. The fact that homos and immigrant-helot-scabs than the native working class now define the ‘Left’ is proof that the Elites rigged the algorithm of Leftism to destroy True Leftism. If anything, today’s Right(the real right, as opposed to cuckservatives) is more genuinely leftist in that it cares for the middle and working classes.

    Also, the secret to Jewish Power was the use of left and right to serve Jewish identity. Jews make ideology serve identity. Without identity, ideology runs out of control. It’s like without the sun, the planets will just fly off into space. Jewish rightism and Jewish leftism were given meaning, focus, and limits by Jewish identity.
    Without an identity to serve, leftism becomes radical universalist nonsense.
    Without an identity to serve, rightism becomes elite tyranny, like in the Age of Aristocrats when the elites looked down on the masses as mere serfs or cattle.
    It is identity-as-covenant that makes the elites feel something for the people. And it it identify that keeps leftism real. Leftism is good in championing the rights of the People. But which people? No ideology can serve All the people. Leftism works best in the national setting, as with the New Deal, Social Democracy in Northern Europe, and universal health care in Japan.
    It is identity that humanizes the right(by making elites identify with the people) and keeps leftism real(by reminding the leftists that they should serve the nation than the world; the only reason Bolshevism survived was because Stalin opted for National Communism).

    Because Jews have a strong identity, their leftism and rightism revolve around identity. Because whites have a weak identity(unlike during New Deal era), their leftism flies off the handle and obsesses over unrealistic things like ‘endless refugees welcome’ or ‘Sweden as moral superpower must take in all of Africa and Afghanistan’. Or their rightism turns into Ayn-Randian libertarian obsession with the successful, rich, and powerful with NO feeling for the white masses. In the end, Chinese identity saved China from Mao’s ideological madness. Even the nutty Chairman scaled back the Cultural Revolution because he grew worried about escalating Sino-Soviet tensions. Needs of identity trumped ideological purism.

    What Jews fear most is not white leftism or white rightism. They know white leftism will be too much about ‘save the world’ or ‘worship the homo’ to ever be about white unity. And they know that white rightism will be too much about ‘muh money’ and ‘muh success’ to be about unity of white elites and white masses. Paul Ryan the ‘far right libertarian’ only cares about the Koch brothers, not the white working class that is dying of opoids. What Jews most of white left-rightism. The unity. They call it ‘fascist’. I call it ‘neo-fascist’. But that is the secret to Jewish Power.

    Finally, Jews pretending to be a Victim Group is as ludicrous as White Hispanics pretending to be People of Color. White Hispanics held power over POC in Latin America forever, and now, they continue to hold elite positions in the US as the voice of the Hispanic Community but as members of POC. It can’t get any lower than that. Well maybe not. Paul Ryan denigrating white identity but celebrating the 3% of him that is Jewish is lower in character.

  45. Forbes says:

    The big NYT story, anonymously sourced, i.e. likely fiction, has been denied by RR, and others in the meeting. Try to keep up.

    We know the Times doesn’t…

  46. SAN FRANCISCO — Sundar Pichai, Google’s chief executive, said in an email to employees on Friday that the company has never and will never bias its search results for political purposes.

    I hereby claim that this Google CEO foreigner, Sundar Pichai, is a nasty liar who uses Google to stifle and suppress pro-White voices on all Google platforms, including YouTube.

    Sundar Pichai was born in India.

    Sundar Pichai is a perfect candidate to be legally removed from the United States when the time comes. Sundar Pinchai should be sent back to India. Too harsh? Wait till these current asset bubbles in real estate, bonds and stocks implode, and then you’ll see some harsh measures taken by White Core American Patriots to take back their country.

  47. @Lot

    Agree 100%.

    Mozilla Firefox is also a good browser. I use Firefox and DuckDuckGo for most of my searches. We can defeat the tyranny of Silicon Valley progs simply by substituting other products for theirs.

    Another example: On many issues Wikipedia is scrubbed of anything that upsets the progs who control the site. These same progs often include misleading or downright wrong information. There is now a Wikipedia mafia controlling the site and insuring that non-prog views on controversial issues get short shrift. is one of many sites. having similar biases but in the opposite direction. These can often provide useful supplementary information countering Wikipedia biases.

    Very few people these days have the skills and patience to thoroughly research the “facts” they glean from the MSM, the internet and other sources. At the least, comparing alternative sources of information with known biases can alert individuals to problematic information and “facts”.

  48. @Corvinus

    That’s a pathetic imitation of Tiny Duck, Corvinus!

  49. @Corvinus

    You’d better cut down on the caffeine or ramp up the meds, Corvinus.

  50. theMann says:

    Sorry, but Amazon Prime pays for itself three time over, at a minimum, and gives me a cavalcade of commercial free SciFi.

    Average 36 orders a year from Amazon, 1\3 of which are cat food, which is heavy. So fast and free is a really sweet combo. Not to mention the two day arrival of the occasional oddball (usually cable or cable connector) item that I need for IT work\IT hobby.

    Hey, Bezos is a SciFi fan and so am I – binge watching all 5 seasons of Babylon 5 commercial free is a really big deal.

    Now if he ever gets Space: Above and Beyond or Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! that would be awesome.

  51. Anonymous[157] • Disclaimer says:
    @jim jones

    One of the first things I do with a new browser is disable autocomplete


  52. Anonymous[157] • Disclaimer says:

    Do you recommend people take these measures?

  53. Trevor H. says:
    @Almost Missouri

    Oh, you meant bias. We were talking about bias. Totally different things you see.

  54. Trevor H. says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    Pretty classic. The MSM are forever running pieces of one sort or another, the essence of which is that the MSM are unimpeachable and unassailable, and that anyone who dares to hint otherwise is un-American and probably a Nazi too and should be punched at the very least.

  55. gunner29 says:

    When I first learned about the ‘Don’t be evil’ motto, I KNEW they were a bunch of dirtbags.

    Whenever somebody is telling me how great they are instead of letting their actions speak, it’s ALWAYS a dirtbag in action….

    Kind of like womyn telling me how kind, nurturing, sacrificing, putting others needs before themselves. Then the reality of the most selfish, self centered, thinking only ‘what about me?’ behavior….

    • Replies: @The Wild Geese Howard
  56. Anon[103] • Disclaimer says:

    You used to seem like a semi-amiable contrarian. Now you just seem angry all the time. Watch out or you will end up looking like Ron Unz , Israel Shamir or Brother Nathaniel. Constant anger and negativity will rapidly age and distort a fellas appearance and psyche.

  57. Pat Boyle says:
    @jim jones

    Is Google biased?
    Does a bear shit in the woods?

  58. Does anybody methodically study Google’s various biases? If not, why not?

    The only way to find out is to Bing it.

  59. @Harry Baldwin

    This program did several episodes on the question of whether NPR has a liberal bias and concluded that it does not.

    Most SJWs see NPR as far to the right of them. They do have a point.

  60. Abon says:

    We White deplorables find the truth sites anyway.

  61. Abon says:

    I’m Emmet Till’s age. I remember the blast of anti White woman propaganda when he got what he deserved.

    My reaction was that he probably did attack her. A few years later Kill A Mockingbird came alomg. Halfway through I figured it was just more liberal propaganda to convince the empty brain dead liberals ( and future jurors) that blacks didn’t commit most of the rapes back then.

    I grew up totally sheltered from blacks. One in my grade school. Just one family in a suburb of 30,000.

    But somehow I knew that blacks are sexual predators and that the media and conventional wisdom and the NYSlimes best seller list is a crock

    College, required course of Dr Sigmond Fraud another crock.
    I didn’t need amren or vdare. I just knew the truth.

    Old French saying: Don’t listen to what they say, WATCH what they DO

    Maybe it comes from being from a long line of builders. Can’t write and talk a high rise into erecting itself.

  62. Abon says:

    Every word that’s appeared in the Slimes since 1920 is a lie.

    What’s to discuss?? Fill your empty brain with its lies if you want, but don’t ask intelligent people to read it.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  63. Abon says:

    We high IQ , logical thinking Whites don’t need to read the Slimes. We observe reality and form our own judgements unlike idiot conformists like you who believe the conventional wisdom.

    Liberals like you remind me of diary cattle whose udders start filling at 3 and head for the barn at 4 and file into their stalls all on their own ready to be milked.

    Absolute total conformity to the elites, that’s liberals.

  64. prusmc says: • Website
    @Almost Missouri

    I had no difficulty, other than agreeing I was over 18 years, in searching for “Dogarama” starring Linda Lovelace.

  65. Out of respect for God, some rabbis recommend spelling the divine name as “G-d”.

    Similarly, in deference to Google (curator of all knowledge), we should respectfully spell its name as “G–gle”.

  66. @theMann

    The additional video and e-book content made available by Prime makes the service more than worth it.

    I hate to make Bezos even richer, but who is offering a competitive service? Best Buy? Barnes and Noble?

    I would like to consolidate my subscriptions even further and move my music streaming from Spotify to Amazon Music Unlimited, but Spotify’s apps seem to run far more smoothly than Amazon’s at this time.

    • Replies: @Brutusale
  67. J1234 says:

    I don’t know if google search is biased, but their news page most certainly is.

    Yes, they will post versions of stories from Fox and The Washington Examiner on their main news page, but the stories they select definitely tend towards critique of the right and either exonerating the left or ignoring it’s glaring flaws.

    Current example: I don’t know if he’s left, right or crazy, but the guy on the FBI’s most wanted list who threatened to kill Trump was captured, but it it didn’t make google’s news headline page, that I could see. The story made British headlines, though:

    If the story made it to google’s news page, it was maybe there 15 minutes or so (but I suspect it didn’t get there at all.) By contrast, if someone makes fun of Michelle Obama, it’s on google’s news headline page for days. Don’t worry, though – if they find out the guy has connections to white supremacy groups, the story will immediately be “discovered” by google.

    Also, as I’ve said before, for the past several weeks I’ve been able to guess the questions featured on google’s “fact check” Snope’s articles with close to 100% accuracy. If the presented topic has a political context, you can be sure that google never features an article about, say, Trump telling the truth or the NYT misstating something. Today’s article was a little less obvious because it involved “Irish slavery”. Once you figure out that google (and maybe Snopes) is trying to “disprove” some conservatives’ claims about white slavery in the US, however, you know that the claim is going to be false, or in this case, “miscaptioned.”

    Of course, there will never be a Snopes article featured by google about the (very little known) enslavement of hundreds of thousands of Irish, Italians, Spanish and Scandinavians by north African pirates over many centuries, even though it’s a fascinating subject. Some say that Snopes “fact check” articles are biased, and they may be, but if you go directly through Snopes you can find at least a few things that validate claims made by the right. Never with a Snopes article on google, however.

  68. @gunner29


    I agree completely.

    Note how so many of those constantly shrieking about their hatred of drug users or sexual deviants turn out to be heavy drug users or sexual deviants themselves.

    In my own life, my corporation has been shrieking about ethics for the past three or four years. There is quarterly online training about this topic. They recently hired a lead ethics investigator.

    What does this imply about what is really happening at my firm?

  69. @kihowi

    You can compare Google to Bing for “American inventors” or “American scientists” as I did in my post.

  70. Lot says:

    Purely as a shipping discount, Prime isn’t worth $119. Your catfood doesn’t need 2 day delivery. And for your other 24 orders per year, you are paying about $5 each extra for prime. That is plenty to just upgrade paid shipping the few times you need it.

    I can’t speak to the video value, Netflix lets a million people use the same account so I am covered by my parents.

    I also have noticed small items that are eligible for prime usually cost an extra $3 or 4 more than expected compared to Target or eBay. eBay is really great for computer and electronics parts that cost $1 or $2 including slow shipping. So many things like a single obscure battery are $5 on amazon and $1 on eBay.

  71. Lot says:

    That’s getting a little paranoid to think GoDaddy and Rackspace are sniffing and selling commercial customers’ email for ads. Perhaps the NSA does, they certainly do with gmail.

    I have never noticed the creepy ad effect with paid Outlook IMAP emails the way I do with web browsing.

    • Replies: @scrivener3
    , @Fubar
  72. Lot says:

    “The Mueller investigation is winding down and there is nothing on Trump. ”

    It does seem like Trump is safe. But Manafort probably knows a lot of dirt about who else was getting money from Russia/Ukraine’s Russian faction. No way they paid him $60 million without paying others. I’d like to see him go after other lobbyists who take millions in foreign money without disclosing it or paying taxes on it.

    Besides Russia, Qatar is another one that loves spreading money around DC.

  73. scrivener3 says: • Website


    I run my own server and I create a new email address for every merchant/website/institution I deal with. If I register at costco I create [email protected], for amazon I use [email protected]

    All these merchants and institutions say that they will never sell my email address or give it to others.

    Yet after a short time each address given to a specific entity under promise that it will not be given to others starts to receive emails from other entities.

    They know they can violate their promise with impunity. How do you know godaddy or rackspace is not reviewing you email and using the data to make money?

    • Replies: @Lot
  74. Fubar says:

    The NSA’s abuse here is what caused the Snowden fiasco. They captured all SMS’d jpgs. There was a database breach of that… for porn of course. Oddly, they never captured tumblr traffic.

  75. @tyrone

    “Is the Pope Catholic?” no longer works.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @RadicalCenter
  76. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    I think he’ll lose. That law he’s using to sue was written to protect union organizing. He’s also Alleging race and gender discrimination
    Discrimination against White men is the law of the land and companies that don’t discriminate against White mena ge heavily fined by the EEOC
    I was surprised he was able to find an attorney. This is the state court that issued an injunction against Prop 209, an anti affirmative action referendum a few days after it passed.

    Google is a Deleware corporation. His attorney is HDillon firm post street San Francisco. Anyone know anything about them?. The filing demands a jury trial.
    Santa Clara County jurors good luck White man.

  77. The problem is with the word American.

    Try looking up American Cheese on Google and you find information about a substance that cannot be legally defined as cheese.

    Look up American Revolution, and you learn about a regime change in which the landed gentry seized power and disenfranchised everyone other than white male property owners.

    Look up American Pie, and you learn about a song in which the main event is three popular singers being killed in plane crash.

  78. Anon[394] • Disclaimer says:

    Neither does “Does the Pope have a colostomy?”

  79. Brutusale says:
    @The Wild Geese Howard

    I get all of my books, music, and movies from the same place…my public library.

  80. @robot

    Yes, Google search (and every other product) is biased. What is less understood is it has to be.

    When people make a Google search, they assume they are directly searching the web. They assume wrong.

    The way Google search works is that Google has pre-scanned the web and created its own indexed outline or simulacrum of the “web” that Google keeps on its servers. When you do a Google search, this is what you are searching, not the actual web. If it stopped there, it wouldn’t be too bad. But of course it does not stop there. In fact, it cannot stop there.

    To operate in other jurisdictions, Google has to amend its index. Germany, for example, requires “Nazi” links to be censored. So Google tweaks the index so that “Nazi” links don’t show up in German searches.

    Then there are court rulings. Someone loses a defamation case or a copyright case and their content may still be on the web, but Google and other search engines receive court orders to de-list it. They comply.

    Then the SJWs get involved. The ADL doesn’t like discussions of Jewish power in Hollywood and kvetches to Google about it. Boom, Google disappears the references from their index.

    Then there’s Google’s own interior preferences. Google is full of internal struggle sessions and forum debates agonizing over “ethics” and “privilege”, which is all just sophistic ways to justify how they choose to put their thumbs on the scales. E.g., the peculiar list of “American inventors”.

    The net result of all this is that the somewhat faithful index that Google web spiders created five paragraphs ago now looks like swiss cheese, with holes and lumps caused by ever increasing external and internal pressures. So what’s sold on the front end as an unbiased algorithm is in fact on the back end more of record of the legal, political and economic social forces of the current year.

    Note that all search engines are like this to some extent, though Google is probably worse than most others, partly because its prominence attracts more result lobbyists, and partly because its corrupt moral culture hosts more bias.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Jim Don Bob
  81. @Corvinus

    Corvi, you write like a woman on the rag.

  82. Covfefe says:
    @Anonymous IV

    Dr. Epstein was recently interviewed on Michael Malice’s podcast ”Your welcome” about this exact topic

  83. @jim jones

    Scary that we need to use a “foreign” network to avoid some of the info control and mind control going on in the former land of the free.

    As for AmRen, as soon as those pussy Swedes find out what it is, they’ll prevent you from seeing it there too.

    I wonder if there’s a way to use a VPN and set it for a country that doesn’t permit known pornographic websites. That could be good for our (little) kids when they are allowed to use a computer or tablet at home. Or would they all be Muslim countries. And if so, what does that say about “our” countries?

  84. Lot says:

    Misuse of email lists is different than the major paid commercial email providers sniffing emails and selling them to marketers. I just have never seen any evidence of the latter.

  85. Anon215 says:

    Is Google biased? Do bears shit in the woods?

  86. Corvinus says:

    “Every word that’s appeared in the Slimes since 1920 is a lie.”

    That would be extremely ignorant and shallow for you to say. I am other than surprised.

    “We high IQ , logical thinking Whites don’t need to read the Slimes.”

    I highly doubt you have a high IQ, or even logical, since you are making a wild assertion.

    “Liberals like you…”

    Except I am not a liberal. I am an educated white American man who makes his own decisions about politics, race, and culture. You?

    • Replies: @Moses
  87. Corvinus says:

    “The Mueller investigation is winding down and there is nothing on Trump.”

    That would be Fake News.

  88. Anonymous[174] • Disclaimer says:
    @Almost Missouri

    There’s also Google Maps where certain houses and properties are fuzzed out. I assume that getting your house off the map involves writing a fat cheque to someone somewhere.

  89. Moses says:

    Fellow White talking points.

  90. Moses says:

    I think by “White” you mean “Gas lighting Fellow White.”

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  91. Yngvar says:
    @jim jones

    Any and all electronic traffic that cross Sweden’s borders are subject to intercept by the National Defence Radio Establishment, FRA. It’s lawful and routine. You are on file.

  92. Corvinus says:

    “I think by “White” you mean “Gas lighting Fellow White.””

    And you would think wrong.

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