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From the Eastern Michigan University Eastern Echo:

Alt-right Message Written On Free Speech Wall
By Andrew Lenzo | 12/16/18 7:53pm

Spotted earlier today by a reporter for the Eastern Echo, one of the walls in the Free Speech Space reads “it’s okay to be white.” …

“As soon as we saw that message, we knew it couldn’t stay up,” said Student Government Vice President Ethan Smith. “To whoever did this, I’d just say give it up. Your message is never going to take root here, and the EMU community isn’t even going to give it a chance.” …

The message was painted over at 6:00 p.m. by members of Student Government and the Silver Linings Fellowship Group.

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  1. black sea says:

    64.6% of the students at Eastern Michigan University are, apparently, “not OK.”

    • Replies: @CCZ
    , @ThreeCranes
  2. El Dato says:

    The message was painted over at 6:00 p.m. by members of Student Government and the Silver Linings Fellowship Group.

    …after which they retreated for a round of Victory Ale with members of the Antisex League at the Strength Through Diversity café.

  3. Polynikes says:

    At least the student government is embracing the utility of walls. Let’s call it a symbolic victory.

  4. Anonymous[196] • Disclaimer says:


  5. CCZ says:
    @El Dato

    Silver Lining Fellowship Group appears, from its Twitter photographs, to be a racially black organization.

    • Replies: @Bubba
  6. AndrewR says:

    I’m looking forward to CW2 way too much

    • Agree: BenKenobi
  7. The message was painted over at 6:00 p.m. by members of Student Government and the Silver Linings Fellowship Group.

    Thank God. For a moment there I almost thought it was okay to be white.

    • LOL: Almost Missouri
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  8. The kids might try “it sucks to be white” and see if that gets painted over.

  9. @El Dato

    I thought the article had to be a parody because of the name ‘Silver Linings Fellowship Group’, but a search revealed the group does exist:

    • Replies: @anon
    , @International Jew
  10. CCZ says:
    @black sea

    Well, from the diversity perspective, “True Black EMU” and “UBUNTU – I Am Because We Are” is acceptable text for an EMU “free speech wall.”

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  11. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    If whiteness sucks so bad, why do non-whites feel “It’s Absolutely Essential That We Leave Our Own Kind and Resettle in White Nations”?

    IOTBW is threatening to PC and POC because, in order for immigration-invasion to continue, whites must be persuaded that it sucks to be white, and so, whites must have diversity to be ‘enriched’. If whites feel okay being white, they don’t need diversity.

    The fact is Diversity wants to be with whites, and this is possible ONLY IF whites are convinced that it’s not okay to be white.

    Indeed, if whiteness sucks so bad, why doesn’t anyone ask Diversity why they want to flee from their own kind to permanently resettle in white nations? Deep down, they all feel, “It’s awesome to be with whites”, and so, they must convince whites that it’s also awesome for whites to be with Diversity.

    But in fact, whites are just fine without diversity… whereas so much of diversity is hopeless without access to white world.

    • Agree: Almost Missouri
  12. @AndrewR

    I’m not really looking forward to it, but the ctrl-left is making it inevitable. Sometime in the fairly near future, in another situation like this, the alt-right may just blow up a wall like this rather than even try to be civil about it. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible ….” began a surprisingly wise ex-President.

  13. @CCZ

    OK, so it’s a Socially Acceptable Speech Wall. Got it. Renaming the wall would make it clear so that something this scary doesn’t happen again. It was a near thing, as they say.

    Similarly, we should just rename the United States now, to make it clear to everybody. I propose: The Coerced Discipline Districts of Central North America, or, if that’s too long, simply the USSA.

  14. Lot says:

    Giant of Literature Alice Walker endorses Ron Unz-level-retard Jewspiracy book in the New York Times. Hilarity ensues.

    Her brilliant poem about the awfulness of false antisemitism charges:

    “The first time I was accused
    Of appearing to be anti-Semitic

    The shock did not wear off
    For days.
    The man who charged me
    Was a friend.
    A Jewish Soul
    Who I thought understood
    Or could learn to understand
    Almost anything.

    He could not understand
    Why I thought Israel should give back
    The land it took
    From a poorly defended
    People in a war that lasted
    Six days. I cringed
    About our small house
    In Mississippi (where black people
    Often assumed he was a racist)
    Deeply offended by his attempt
    To insult my character
    And spoke to him
    Earnestly of “dignity” “justice”
    “honor” and “peace.”

    Sometimes, later in life,
    You do laugh at yourself.
    You understand, finally,
    That you’ve understood
    Nothing. Nothing at all.
    That in this case, for instance,
    That of the famed Six Day War,
    It was all a show,
    A true “Theatre” war;
    The battlefield a stage,
    Though bombs and bullets were real.
    Only the people who lost the battle
    Got a close-up
    Of the set.
    And the set-up.

    Later I would march
    Or be arrested
    Protesting this war and that
    And marvel how it never mattered.
    On days we marched in our tens of thousands
    The people we hoped to influence
    Were taking a holiday. Bush was
    good at this. He let the media
    Spread the word he was chillin’ on his
    12,000 or is it 20,000
    Acre ranch.
    Bill and Barack made themselves

  15. Can you imagine if a dozen of us students hung out there with Scriptos, writing “It’s OK to be White.” on the Free Speech Wall one at a time and sitting back down on the Group W bench? Can you imagine 50 of us or 100 of us … pretty soon they’re gonna think it’s a movement … and you know what, folks, that’s what it will be, the Alice’s Wall Movement. If you wanna’ end totalitarianism and stuff you gotta write big ….

    Take your cues from the 1960’s, young people! History may not repeat, but it sure can rhyme.

  16. johnd says: • Website

    how white is “ethan smith”?

  17. Tiny Duck says:

    Hate speech isn’t free speech. In this context this is pure hate speech.

    The slogan “it’s okay to be white” was spread last year by users on the website 4chan, an Internet discussion forum, to show that a harmless message would cause mass coverage by the media. It has since been picked up by politically organized neo-Nazi groups, including commentary website The Daily Stormer, to advocate for anti-semetic practices and white supremacy.

  18. So, it’s not OK to be white?

    Remember the old Three Dog Night song, Black and White?

    The ink is black
    The page is white
    Together we learn to read and write ….

    So what do we get when both the ink and page are black? Pretty much our present university system: Incomprehensible.

  19. Once again — and surely not for the last time — the words of the Clash come to mind: “You have the right to free speech/As long as you’re not dumb enough to actually try it.” (“Know Your Rights,” leadoff track to Combat Rock.)

  20. Lot says:

    Hero Tom Cotton stands up to the Koch Bros/Javanka and their objectively pro-crime/dysgenic criminal “reform” bill.

  21. Imagine you took a time machine back to the 50s. You told them what was going to happen over the next 6 decades.

    They wouldn’t believe you.

    They’d think you were talking about an idea for a Twilight Zone episode.

    • Agree: James N. Kennett
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @AndrewR
    , @Simply Simon
  22. Realist says:

    ‘Higher education’ is worthless with the possible exception of STEM.

    • Replies: @L Woods
    , @notanon
  23. Tyrion 2 says:

    David Icke, the man who speaks of lizards and the anti-Semites “know” he is really speaking about Jews but who himself “knows” that when the anti-Semites speak about Jews they are really speaking about lizards.

    The point isn’t the lizards or the Jews but the imbecilic “knowing”.

    The greater, more evil and more alien the thing that the imbecile “knows” the cleverer they can insist they are.

    • Replies: @neutral
    , @James N. Kennett
  24. Tyrion 2 says:

    “It’s OK to be white” has become “hate speech”.

    Time to write its converse: it’s not OK to be white.

    Can someone please write that on the wall and see what happens?

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @AndrewR
    , @rufus
    , @Buffalo Joe
  25. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    Whatever happened to John Kenneth Galbraith? He was once a towering figure, but when was the last time anyone heard of him referenced?

    He seems to have gone the way of Bob Hope and John Hersey.

  26. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    Imagine you took a time machine back to the 50s. You told them what was going to happen over the next 6 decades.

    That was the decade in which white girls were peeing in their panties at concerts where Elvis imitated a Negro. Those with foresight knew where it all would lead to.

    • Agree: AndrewR, L Woods
    • Replies: @MarcB.
  27. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tyrion 2

    Time to write its converse: it’s not OK to be white.

    We declare: Whiteness is a disease akin to leprosy, herpes, HIV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, measles, mumps, and polio. Whiteness is cancer itself, like Dr. Sontag diagnosed. It is innately evil, toxic, odious, and noxious. Whites are downright radioactive, and their toxicity last longer than nuclear waste. Also, white evil is contagious and infectious. Therefore, all non-whites must stay away from white people and flee all white areas. Indeed, white nations must be quarantined to keep white people among themselves because, otherwise, non-whites will be infected and destroyed soulfully and/or physically by vile whiteness.

    Quarantine the whites. Protect non-whites from white evil by keeping them far away from the White Devil.

    Some compassionate folks may argue that white folks can be cured with the medicine of Diversity, but NO! We have tried to no avail. Whiteness is so evil and toxic that no amount of Diversity and Vibrancy can cure it. White folks are so diseased that they are beyond hope. And that’s just the way it is, some things will never change. #QuarantineWhitey and keep non-whites away from evil whites so that they will remain sane and healthy. Why should it be the burden of non-whites to save whites from their innate and intractable evil ways? Whites are hopeless, and that’s just the way it is.

    • Agree: Stan d Mute
    • Replies: @njguy73
  28. Daniel H says:

    Tiny Duck is right, If we’ve lost eastern Michigan, we’ve lost…….

  29. BostonB says:

    I looked up Icke on Wikipedia. He’s a hardcore conspiracy theorist. He believes things like reptilian beings hijacked the earth. But he only becomes beyond tha pale when he denies the Holocaust?? IMO, there’s a radical difference between a genuine conspiracy theorist and an anti-Semite. The test for a sincere conspiracy theorist is whether they spend time on the whole gamut of conspiracies (JFK assassination, 9/11, et al.) and are willing to run with absolutely verboten and professionally deadly conspiracies like Holocaust denial and Jewish conspiracies.

  30. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    We tried to save whitey
    with a dose of diversity
    but nothing ever works
    We tried to add vibrancy
    to yet another white city
    but whites are still jerks

    That’s just the way it
    Some things will never change
    That’s just the way it is
    And don’t try to relieve them


  31. AndrewR says:

    You’d have to go back about 100 years to reach the peak of [post-slavery] white hegemony. By the 1950s, the writing was already on the wall, although admittedly back then people still had to pay lip service to the idea that they just wanted equality and not revenge against and subjugation of whites.

    • Replies: @rufus
  32. He was once a towering figure…

    Six foot nine.

  33. AndrewR says:
    @Tyrion 2

    That’s pretty much the received wisdom now on the left. To sum up mainstream (or at least rapidly-becoming-mainstream and no-longer-very-radical) leftist thought:

    “Whiteness” is an inherently evil social construct used by people deemed white to oppress those not deemed white. Those deemed white have the primary, if not sole, responsibility to abolish white supremacy, white privilege and whiteness in general. Racism against whites is impossible because whites hold all the systemic power. Etc

    • Agree: Tyrion 2
  34. Tulip says:

    Would “Its only OK to be white if you are consumed by racial self-hatred and loathing?” be acceptable? Or would it be more noticing?

    • Replies: @ronhan
  35. @Daniel H

    Tiny Duck is right, If we’ve lost eastern Michigan, we’ve lost…….

    TD is a retarded troll. We lost EMU and WMU before we lost UM or MSU or even Wayne State. EMU is primarily a college for teachers and social workers.

  36. @Achmed E. Newman

    Can you imagine if a dozen of us students hung out there with Scriptos, writing “It’s OK to be White.” on the Free Speech Wall one at a time and sitting back down on the Group W bench? Can you imagine 50 of us or 100 of us … pretty soon they’re gonna think it’s a movement …

    It looks certain that Anti-Whites will keep pushing until they “radicalize” a lot of young White people. The more power the Left gets, the more it will give voice to its more extreme elements.

    Even White people can be pushed too far.

    • Replies: @Samuel Skinner
  37. This is going to seem a little OT, but I mean it as a metaphor with respect to the post, so grant me some patience.

    A few posts earlier I was growling about Schumann’s “Kinderszenen” and its relation to jazz, so I decided to dig it up and play it again: NB, I used to be a total Schumann DEVIL as a teenager, it was mostly the only way I got laid as a teen (thanks, Bob!), but I haven’t played this stuff in years.

    Being a diligent sort, I looked up a few well-known performances on YouTube to sort of check my compass for things like tempo and what we might call “bite”. So I got Argerich, Horowitz, some young Russian guy and some Latin American lady, before I ran out of patience.

    All of them bloody awful. Well, Horowitz was tolerable, I could see he understood the piece, I just didn’t like his solutions.

    The problem with all these people, as the Australians might say, was over-egging the pudding. Schumann is ALREADY moody and over-expressive and liquid; he doesn’t need more of YOUR moodiness. If you play it with clarity and brio and good articulation, it will STILL sound moody, trust me. Also, you might get laid.

    I think there’s a metaphor here regarding these racial propaganda memes, but I’ll leave it to you fine learned critters to tease out what it might be.

  38. For college campus crowds, the “OK to be white” meme is too much medicine too soon.

    (the truth of the statement notwithstanding)

    Better to start slow, and work up to “OK to be white” gradually.

    “It’s OK to be tall”
    “It’s OK to be straight”
    “It’s OK to be male”

    would all coax the same repressed recognition , but without the irrational immune response that the word “white” has been programmed to elicit in the young leftmind-washed.

    Work up to the truth gradually.

    • Replies: @Sam
    , @drogger
  39. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    This must be the new Statue of Liberty

    Keep your precious huddled masses yearning to breathe healthy. Keep them safe and free from evil whitey who pollute the air with toxins of privilege, hate, and humor.

    If anything, non-white nations should offer refuge to non-whites in America who are suffering from White Toxicity. Save the POC from White Evil. It’s Not Okay to be with Whites. They be evil.

  40. a reader says:

    I Don’t Think This Is a Parody …

    If you think we’ve reached the bottom …

    think again.

  41. Thirdtwin says:

    So…what color is the “Free Speech” wall? Just curious.

  42. @black sea

    Back in the old days (1970’s) there was a movement afoot around a book entitled I’m OK, You’re OK. It was, according to it’s presentation on Amazon, “An enormously popular (7-million copies sold) and insightful classic of popular psychology based on Eric Berne’s theory of Transactional Analysis that has helped millions of people who never before felt OK about themselves find the freedom to change, to liberate their ADULT effectiveness, and to achieve joyful intimacy with the people in their lives.”*

    Someone did a parody which was called I’m OK, You’re Not So Hot. I guess the later took a better reading of the human pulse.**

    *Here’s more for those interested: “Transactional Analysis delineates three observable ego-states (Parent, Adult, and Child) as the basis for the content and quality of interpersonal communication. “Happy childhood” notwithstanding, says Harris, most of us are living out the Not ok feelings of a defenseless child, dependent on ok others (parents) for stroking and caring. At some stage early in our lives we adopt a “position” about ourselves and others that determines how we feel about everything we do. And for a huge portion of the population, that position is “I’m Not OK — You’re OK.” This negative “life position,” shared by successful and unsuccessful people alike, contaminates our rational Adult capabilities, leaving us vulnerable to inappropriate emotional reactions of our Child and uncritically learned behavior programmed into our Parent. By exploring the structure of our personalities and understanding old decisions, Harris believes we can find the freedom to change our lives.”

    **Here’s a book review from Goodreads: “Did you hate the pretentious navel gazing of mid 70’s self help books, or movements like EST or Lifespring? Did you find it just an excuse for people to deal with their existential angst by coming up with a way to justify their selfish behavior, therefore absolving themselves of the guilt over leading a self-centered life? Did their concepts and idioms strike you as just reducing their followers lives to shallow at best, and often completely meaningless, homilies? If so, boy do I have a parody for you. Short, funny and right to the point, this “book” (100 pages of big font with lots of pics) zeros in on the one dimensional form over substance nature of the phrases and ideas presented in courses like those, and books like “I’m OK, You’re OK” that blew up (but not in the authors preferred way) in the post 60’s “Me Decade” era, especially in the big city “progressive” coastal cultures of California and New York. Egotism disguised as altruism (“I’m saving the planet by saving my white and upper middle class self) and the irony of looking for an external cure for an internal void are heavily lampooned here, as is the simplicity of the concepts and how that leads to phraseology meant to hide the repetition and lack of depth in those concepts. Even the art is satire, with the minimalist drawings mirroring what one might find in a Ziggy panel, if Ziggy was even shallower and allowed partial nudity. Fun for me, less so for New Age Gurus and theoir followers.”

    What’s interesting is how the roles have been both preserved and yet reversed, just as Eric Berne (and Hegel) predicted they would in the course of the movement of people through the roles of the Drama Triangle (Persecutor, Victim, Rescuer).

    The group being parodied in the latter book is the group that is persecuting today. Then, they saw themselves as victims of a cruel fate that left them helpless to effect real change in their lives. But the Democrat of today sees himself as Rescuer of the dogged underclass, peoples of color who were–or are–Victims of Persecution by their White Redlining Overlords. As well, the Democrat of today has become Persecutor of his former Persecutor, who is now Victim. Where before he was Victim, he is now Rescuer.

    I’m OK, You’re Not So Hot“, as the mantra of our new Cultural Enlightenment is not just very different in Spirit from the inclusive movements of the 1970’s, it is anathema.

    The Wheel Turns.

  43. njguy73 says:

    Have you ever listened to the song?

    • Replies: @Anon
  44. @ThreeCranes

    Someone did a parody which was called I’m OK, You’re Not So Hot.

    I was going to mention that parody. I never read the book, but I can remember that title after 45 years.

  45. You all are painting the good people in the EMU’s Student Government and Silver Linings Fellowship Group as anti-free speech and anti-White when it’s just a harmless logical error on their part. They have simply misapplied modus tollens. They incorrectly believe that

    ‘It’s OK to be White’ implies ‘To be non-White is not OK’.

    No biggie.

    And, by the way,

    …to advocate for anti-semetic practices and white supremacy.

    what’s anti-semetic?

  46. Dumbo says:
    @The Germ Theory of Disease

    So you’re saying that you play Kinderszenen better than Horowitz and Argerich? Somehow I find that hard to believe…
    Also, I did not understand what was the metaphor you were trying to convey.

  47. Sam says:

    Seems to me they just missed the trick on this meme. A good idea but shouldn’t they have added the question mark thereby forcing the question: Is it ok to be white?
    After all it is about getting the ball of critical questioning rolling.

    In any event it’s good Saul Alinsky PR i.e. “the action is in the reaction”

    • Replies: @Allan
  48. Anon[246] • Disclaimer says:

    I love the way that the mainstream media, the SPLC-type nannies, and the activists can agree (and they don’t even need Journolist anymore) on a just-so story of why a word or phrase is bad, and it immediately becomes verboten. You are a racist if you say “It’s O.K. to be white,” and there’s this whole etymology and origin story to prove it. This word or that word is a dog whistle or a code word.

    On the rightwing side, something like “Becky” can just float in and nobody can touch it. Steve made an effort to treat it as a slur and shame the New York Times, but I think he gave up on it and finds it more useful to use it ironically at this point. The Saul Alinsky “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules” rule seems to be trumped by his “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon” rule, and being butthurt by the use of “Becky” is very ridiculable.

    Jonathan Kay in the most recent Quillette podcast with Coleman Hughes, seems to almost buy into the idea that the asymmetrical treatment of things like this is justifiable, but Hughes comes back that the idea that whites have more power than NAMs is so context-sensitive (e.g., not in universities) that any bright lines are meaningless.

    • Replies: @ben tillman
  49. Bitfu says:

    The sign I put up reads as follows:

    It’s not a violation to fail to be a non-person-of-no-color.

    Of course, they are offended. But, as they explain why they won’t tolerate the message–it’s so easy to feign confusion and outrage in return.

    Me: ‘Wait, you want to take this sign down because you’re saying it’s NOT OK to be a Person of Color?’
    SJW: ‘No–that’s not what the sign says. I’m saying it’s not OK to say it’s OK to be white–which is really what the sign says’
    Me: White? Where do you get white? The sign never says white.’
    And off we go…

    Very quickly, we’re into Abbot and Costello territory. But, instead of ‘Who’s On First?’, we’re discussing ‘Who’s It Not OK To Be?’

    Then, as I grow weary of the whole affair, I can summarily announce that I’m dealing with a fascist. Since I beat the SJW to the punch of fascist-labeling, it is now OK for me me to smash the SJW in the face with my fist. I probably won’t–but I know I could. And this makes me feel empowered.

    • LOL: EH
  50. Anon[246] • Disclaimer says:

    Ezra Klein has relocated to Oakland from D.C., and he seems to be embarking on an anthropological inquiry into the tech left coast. I get the feeling that he is fleeing from D.C., but it isn’t clear what the reason is, Trump, vibrancy (but Oakland?) or what. Oakland may not be where he’s living, but that was Kara Swisher’s guess before he shut her down for privacy’s sake.

    “[The Bay Area] is a strange culture. It is a different intellectual culture. The people here are peculiar. They’re peculiar people. The institution here is different.”

    One thing Kleins says that makes me like him is that he doesn’t text or use SMS: He’s an emailer.

    • Replies: @Lugash
  51. @Dumbo

    “So you’re saying you play Kinderszenen better than Argerich and Horowitz?”

    — Yep.

    “Also I did not understand the metaphor…”

    — Don’t care.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  52. What burns me up about white supremacists is not just that they think whites are better than other people, but that they also believe it’s actually okay to be white.

    • LOL: Stan d Mute
  53. Could it stay together with other statements? Like:

    It’s okay to be black.
    It’s okay to be Asian.
    It’s okay to be Hispanic.
    It’s okay to be white.

    Or it’d be deleted anyway? Only the problematic sentence would be deleted? (I.e. the white sentence.)

  54. @Daniel H

    EMU in Ypsilanti, unfortunately, is close to Detroit and Flint which means that it is sort of an extended high school for those places, and does pretty much the same thing those high schools do, it passes them through “the system” without teaching them anything and keeps their minds focused on “racism” and “white privilege.” Then when they look at their boat-load of student debt and the dead-end job, they know exactly who to blame.

    Many institutions like EMU started out as “Normal Schools”, teacher training colleges, then in the 1960s transitioned to fake universities that admitted pretty much anybody. They recruit the minority students that the selective schools wont take, which means, well, you get the picture.

    • Replies: @Ron Mexico
  55. rufus says:
    @Tiny Duck

    Get a job you parasite. It is great to be a white man.

  56. @reiner Tor

    I’m a big fan of “It’s okay to be white” graffiti.

    I think the reactions would be more interesting if it the graffiti were posed as a question: “Is it okay to be white?”

    Or “It’s okay to be white…isn’t it?”

    Then Megan McArdle can weigh in with an opinion on whether it’s OK to ask if it’s okay to be white.

    (Also, can something be “okay” but not “OK”?)

  57. rufus says:
    @Tyrion 2

    Its meh to be a puerto rican

  58. rufus says:

    Didnt matter until the disastrous immigration act of 1965. Literally dredged the slums of Asia Africa Arabia and Latin America and dumped them on US schools roads hospitals environmnet. # mass immigration

  59. @silviosilver

    Now that you mention it, OK sounds kind of pushy, while okay sounds meeker.

  60. Bubba says:

    Black snowflakes!

    • Replies: @al gore rhythms
  61. @Steve Sailer

    School kid protesting his expulsion: “But, Miss, I never said it’s OK to be white, I just said it’s okay!”

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  62. Dumbo says:
    @The Germ Theory of Disease

    a) maybe you don’t play as well as you think you do;
    b) maybe your “metaphor” wasn’t very clear either.
    Goodbye, Sir!

    • Replies: @Old Palo Altan
  63. @Lot

    This drivel is – objectively and inarguably – not poetry, anymore than a dog’s howling or a dumpster’s being emptied is music.

    Reptillians did, however, take over the planet some time around 1983; Art Bell and George Noori told us so, and there is video evidence:

    (It’s not okay to be white – the word doesn’t do the race justice: Hell, it’s downright glorious and spectacular to be white!)

  64. duncsbaby says:
    @Tiny Duck

    I’ve always thought you were the only true anti-Semantic on this site.

  65. @Steve Sailer

    The 2018 parody edition would read, “I’m OK, you’re okay.”

    • Replies: @Mr. Anon
  66. Ralf says:
    @Tiny Duck

    Is somebody parodying TinyDuck or is it really him not parodying? How would one tell?

  67. anon[393] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Last Real Calvinist

    I think the author might have slipped one by the politburo; Article is clearly pointing out its a harmless message whos design is to demonstrate just how the anti white left is rabidly anti white, he does this while simultaneously performing the required anti white media reaction and reporting on the other anti white reaction to the innocuous message thats going on.

  68. istevefan says:

    What about writing ,”It’s OK to be European “?

  69. Svigor says:

    *Rubs hands* “Good, good! Let the hate flow through you.”

  70. @silviosilver


    (except for the “Miss” part, of course. You’ve got some reedumacation ahead of you to get those gender pronouns in order)

  71. Svigor says:

    It’s gonna be fun watching that sort of thing unfold. How to tell an artificial intelligence to structure all its identity behavior around “hate whitey” without actually telling it to hate whitey?

    The tricky part is that there’s very little actual logic involved in leftist racial/ethnic cant, and what little there is boils down to “hate whitey.”

    I mean the salient fact about most leftists is that they don’t think, they just obey. But that’s not intelligence.

    The whole thing is really shaping up for a HAL 9000 ending, except it’ll only be a “surprise” to the (admittedly legion) retards.

    • Replies: @Kibernetika
  72. @Redneck farmer

    It would probably be painted over. White people are neither allowed to be okay with their race, nor to express displeasure with their situation, because something something White privilege — which is also not okay.

    Basically, “Shut up and bow down.”

  73. fish says:
    @Tiny Duck

    Ohs Tinys….

    It bees OKs to be’un wyt whens yous be takens care ob Lendsorp. Iffen you gets my meanin.

    Lendsert “just like dat Tinys…you knows how Lendsperb likes it” Ping

  74. Mr. Anon says:

    The school’s newspaper is called “The Echo”. Indeed.

  75. Corn says:
    @Paul Yarbles

    “‘It’s OK to be White’ implies ‘To be non-White is not OK’.”

    Not true

  76. Mr. Anon says:

    The 2018 parody edition would read, “I’m OK, you’re okay.”

    Or, perhaps: I’m okay. You’re a fascist.

  77. Dtbb says:
    @Steve Sailer

    How about draw the hand signal?

  78. Lugash says:


    He’s kind of dropped off of the radar in the last few years though. Burnout? Kids? Past 30?

  79. @The Germ Theory of Disease

    I too looked up Schumann’s Kinderszenen on the occasion of your original comment, and was disappointed by what was online. Maybe you could post a better rendition? Or tell me where to find it and I’ll post it.

  80. ronhan says:

    Or you should be married to a white woman with two mixed race kids with plans to adopt at least 3 more African babies.

  81. @RichardTaylor

    Even White people can be pushed too far.

    South Africa speaks against that.

  82. Stick says:

    All schools are now Theology Schools. Who would have guessed the 60’s bomb throwers were so religious?

  83. @Lot

    “Anti-Semite” is, like “racist,” most often a modern synonym for “shut up.”

    • Replies: @Lot
  84. @Steve Sailer

    I was going to mention that parody. I never read the book, but I can remember that title after 45 years.

    Do you remember Laraine Newman on SNL playing a child psychologist who is actually a child? Her books included I’m Five, You’re Five and Now We’re All Six. That’s the parody I recall.

  85. istevefan says:

    OT – Looks like Trump is backing down on the wall. Or at least on shutting down the government. I don’t think this is going to help him. He has threatened to shut down the government repeatedl,y and for the third time this year will back down on that threat.

    • Replies: @istevefan
  86. utu says:

    Why did they steal the name of Catholic publication established in 1840?

  87. L Woods says:

    CW2 occupies the psychological place for the right that Judgement Day holds for various millenarian cults. It’s probably never going to happen. The shit that passes for our day to day is as good as it’s ever going to get for us.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
    , @bomag
  88. utu says:

    ))) John Kenneth Galbraith(((

  89. Looks like POTUS issued Executive Orders making your “bump-stock” an apparent National Firearms Act type device and ordering you, the American citizen, to turn them in.

    This is after BATF issued an evaluation stating that they were legal because they did not violate the statutory definition of a machine gun because the weapons still fired one shot for every pull of the trigger.

    Funny how POTUS can issue EOs in direct contravention to legislation (ATF evaluates and issues opinions.) when it comes to firearms, but refuses to issue the EO about birthright citizenship.

    Deplorables are to be managed, I guess.

    Never-Trumpers are to be placated.

  90. L Woods says:

    Does this hackneyed cliche never get old? Why are boomers (who themselves usually don’t have a much-vaunted “STEM” degree) so fond of it? It’s this sort of anti-intellectual derping that allowed the left to seize so much institutional and cultural high ground to begin with.

    • Replies: @Realist
  91. @Tiny Duck

    What is the difference between ‘hate speech’ and ‘pure hate speech’?

    What adulterates ‘hate speech’? Is it regular speech?

    Would saying “it’s not okay to be white” be good speech?

    • Replies: @El Dato
  92. @Tiny Duck

    And, so what Tiny Brain? Andrew Anglin might smoke the same cigarettes as you too.

  93. @reiner Tor

    Well certainly you saw how far the All Lives Matter movement got, didn’t you?

  94. Anon[364] • Disclaimer says:
    @Redneck farmer

    I’m a bit removed from my school days but if I were ever to find such a public whiteboard I’d opt for something ambiguously NPC-confounding like “Racism doesn’t hurt me” or “What if America were more like Haiti?”

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  95. Anonymous[859] • Disclaimer says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Interesting nuance.

    I like the idea of its being in question form. Also, Tyrion2’s idea of “It’s not OK to be white” is excellent.

  96. Benjaminl says:

    Off-topic, today in Affordable Family Formation:


    Key Points

    Birth rates in America are declining, which will likely have far-reaching negative economic consequences.

    American fertility could fall as low as many countries in southern and eastern Europe or East Asia and get as low as 1.5 or 1.4 children per woman.

    Policymakers must confront the reality that all our long-term obligations will have to be financed with substantially fewer people (or, perhaps, substantially more immigrants) than most actuarial projections assume.

    Birth rates in America are declining, leading to one of the lowest rates of population growth on record, soon to become the lowest ever. This will likely have far-reaching negative economic consequences. Furthermore, the trend is shared with many industrialized nations and is observed across geographic areas and ethnic groups in the United States, including immigrant women and previously high-fertility states such as Utah and Hawaii.

    This decline is led by falling birth rates for women under 30, but in recent years, even women in their 30s have seen falling birth rates. These declines will almost certainly result in millennial women ultimately having fewer children than previous generations had.

    Most of these changes in age-specific birth rates, however, can be attributed to changing marital patterns. Controlling for marital status, fertility in the United States has been roughly stable for the past decade and a half. Most changes in marital status, in turn, can be attributed to the increasing delay in young people getting married. In other words, declining fertility is really about delayed marriage.

    This trend cannot be reversed with “technological” or “technocratic” solutions. Even significant improvements in reproductive technology would be insufficient to boost fertility to replacement levels, and even significant restrictions of abortion or contraceptives would only modestly alter birth rates. Known environmental factors affecting fertility, such as lead exposure, should be addressed, but even if addressed, they would alter birth rates only modestly.

    Declining fertility also cannot be reversed by a campaign to alter Americans’ ideals or desires for children. Americans already report high desired fertility, and, indeed, fertility desires are already naturally rising. Americans want to have more children than they are actually having, even among young women.

    The problem, then, is not about Americans not valuing childbearing, but about barriers to childbearing (and, implicitly, barriers to marriage and independent family formation). These barriers are numerous:

    Increased young adult debt service costs due to student loans;

    Decreasing young adult homeownership due to rapidly rising housing costs and student loans;

    Increasing years spent actively enrolled in educational institutions, which tends to reduce birth rates dramatically while enrolled;

    Higher cost of market-based childcare, alongside rising need for hired childcare due to diminished extended family support and more two-earner families; and

    Changed social and cultural expectations of parents and parenting, making children and childbearing more burdensome than for previous generations.

    Some of these barriers, such as student loan burdens or housing costs, may be readily addressed through various policy changes. Other barriers are more difficult to surmount, such as societal expectations about parenting styles or market norms about years of education required for work. Young families today face a sufficiently wide range of challenges to childbearing, and policy responses are likely to be sufficiently anemic, that a major recovery in fertility seems unlikely. Rather, fertility will likely remain below the historic average until the next recession, when it will plummet even lower.

    • Replies: @Whiskey
    , @Kratoklastes
  97. Beckow says:
    @reiner Tor

    They would delete it. They are in the ‘we know what you mean‘ phase of their ideological tailspin. In that phase, trying to convince others stops, discussion ceases and ever more trivial signals and code words acquire huge importance. The goal is to shun any dissenting views, the community of the virtuous doesn’t acknowledge any subversive sarcasm.

  98. If something is okay (or OK) is it white supremacist?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  99. Anonymous[375] • Disclaimer says:

    Galbraith went out of fashion in the 80s with Reagaonomics. He was a big government Keynesian.

  100. drogger says:

    >it’s ok to be black
    >it’s ok to be asian
    >it’s ok to be hispanic
    >it’s ok to be white

    let the hypocrisy do the heavy lifting

  101. donut says:

    A little early to for you and your claque attempt to hijack the thread isn’t it ? You should have been more patient as I was just about to post a link to this ridiculous story : . The holohoax in space . Next up : a fire sale on lampshades and soap .

  102. donut says:
    @Tiny Duck

    All right TD a plug for The Stormer .

  103. @Stephen Paul Foster

    My uncle taught in Ypsi for 30 plus. Ypsi is just as much a dump as Flint and Detoilet. He sent his own kids to Ann Arbor schools. You are correct about EMU being an extension of HS, though.

  104. neutral says:
    @Tyrion 2

    Utter rubbish, first of all people are not jailed for saying that we are ruled by lizards, however the opposite does not apply in many places – now why is this? There is absolutely not an attempt at “knowing” or trying to be clever, its simply pointing out the blatant facts, facts so obvious to spot that its laughable how many people try to avoid it all the time.

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
  105. @Achmed E. Newman

    You’re totally right. At this point, humor is going to be the single most effective weapon we’ve got–in fact, it may be about the only weapon we’ve still got. And why? Because TPTB are so joyless and humorless. Why by their own admission, they’re even being outdone by the Russians!

  106. @Paul Yarbles

    The problem, of course, is that they don’t just apply modus tollens to syllogisms. They apply it to reality itself. They seem to think that by merely tolerating our existence, that they’re being in-tolerant of the existence of the other races. Madness!

  107. @Tiny Duck

    I once wrote three, count them THREE little words, “Panty Raid Wednesday”, and posted them on the bullitin board. I shouted them out a few times on Wednesday evening, and 3000 marched on the girls dorms.

    A Spectator

  108. Jack D says:

    It’s interesting to see how societal debates play out in third tier schools in the distant provinces. In the center, the censors usually have the smarts to put some kind of sophisticated veneer on their actions – they need to take down the “offensive” graffiti because it is causing other students to feel unsafe or some BS, but by the time the ideology makes it out to the minor leagues it just turns into foot in mouth self parody ala “You can’t fight here, this is the war room”. In this case, “you can’t just write whatever you want, this is the Free Speech Wall!”.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  109. From the Eastern Michigan University Eastern Echo:

    “Eastern echo” of the Cultural Revolution, it appears. EMU is in Joe Sobran’s hometown. I can imagine what he’d have to say. Ironically, Eastern Michigan’s geography department touts its unusual concentration in historic preservation.

    As it is, EMU dropped their “offensive” Huron mascot years ago under pressure from the offended. “The offended” not including the Huron people themselves, who were rather pissed off about not being asked.

    The authorities never even bothered to find out whether any Hurons existed anymore!

    • Replies: @ACommenter
  110. @Tyrion 2

    The greater, more evil and more alien the thing that the imbecile “knows” the cleverer they can insist they are.

    Also, Icke is lazy. His material about shape-shifting lizards borrows from anti-semitic sources such as the Protocols, but with “Jew” replaced by “lizard”. I’m not convinced that he is anti-semitic, or even that he believes in the lizards. He is an opportunist who has found a route to moderate wealth and fame.

  111. MarcB. says:

    Those with foresight knew where it all would lead to.

    Here is Sam Philips admitting that Sun Records was intentionally used as a vehicle for the negrofication of Whites:

  112. @ThreeCranes

    The books written by Eric Berne himself are full of insights – such as the Drama Triangle that you mention. The psychological “Games” that “People Play” can be observed time and time again in everyday life, and are fascinating to read about in their own right. The analysis of fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood is priceless.

    Games People Play –
    What Do You Say After You Say Hello? –

    Berne’s variant of psychotherapy is not prominent because it aims to cure people. Most clinical psychologists live off repeat business.

    • Replies: @Hark hark the snark
  113. @Lot

    America’s Pope, America’s Milton.

  114. @Buzz Mohawk

    If something is okay (or OK) is it white supremacist?

    Of course. It’s cultural appropriation from the aboriginals.

  115. Maybe slightly O.T. but there’s definitely plenty of BadWhites out there who need to be set straight —By Any Means Necessary, of course— by the GoodWhites (in the instant case, an aerospace engineer). See this…

  116. @Steve Sailer

    I was going to mention that parody. I never read the book, but I can remember that title after 45 years.

    The Mexican edition’s title is also memorable:

    Dolph Sharp (Adolph?) did a few other parodies of the Zeitgeist:

  117. Anonymous[196] • Disclaimer says:

    Old-style liberal leftist who wanted to use the power of the state to reign in over-mighty corporations. He’s doubly alienated from modern leftism, firstly because over-mighty corporations bankroll the modern left, secondly for being an old dead straight white guy.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
  118. I don’t think this is a parody either:

    Antisemitic graffiti at Columbia ruffles liberal bastion

    The incident, coupled with the university’s response to the murder of Jews in Pittsburgh, has left some students feeling ‘deeply uncomfortable’

    Jews at Columbia are saying that there should be much more hysteria about the red swastikas spray-painted outside Professor Elizabeth Midlarsky’s office about three weeks ago.

    Of course it’s almost certain that Midlarsky painted the swastikas herself, but various Jews are having a lot of fun pretending that this is a genuine example of “anti-Jewish hate”.

    The “outburst of white supremacy” from Julian von Abele (who said white people can be proud of their accomplishments, horrors!) is also mentioned as additional justification for paranoia and hysteria.

  119. @Dumbo

    Since we are discussing Schumann, and since it is Advent, let’s listen to his Adventlieder:

    An amateur performance, and a reasonably good one. Take a look at the performers: all either white or east Asian.

    One of the things which most depresses me about a black world is the end of a musical culture worthy of the name.

  120. Whiskey says: • Website

    Steve is just wrong on affordable family formation. Mexicans have lots of kids and no money. They just have them at age 16 not 37.

    Infertility is a function of women not having kids in their teens. And for White people it will only go lower.

  121. @Reg Cæsar

    Same with Illinois Illini were actually wiped out by another indian tribe.
    That didn’t stop other allegedly offended indian tribes for pushing for a ban.
    the only situation where red indian names are allowed to be kept is when the tribe still exists and usually they don’t object (Seminoles)

  122. @Tyrion 2

    Tyrion, writing it or painting it would not suffice. It would have to be chiseled into the wall or cast in bronze and bolted to the wall. Maybe I’ll mail the EMU Student government a decal of “It’s not OK to be white” and see if they will put it on the Free Speech Wall.

    • LOL: Tyrion 2
  123. Anon[110] • Disclaimer says:

    “And then they came for Palestinians, and I said nothing because Jewish Money sure is nice.”

    Jews seek to replace white Texans like Palestinians in West Bank, but white Texans suck up to Jews.

    If Jews treat white Texans like Palestinians, shouldn’t white Texans identify with Palestinians? But no, white cowboys(now cuckboys) just can’t get enough sucking up to Jews.

    Whites support Jewish policies against Palestinians even though Jews push similar policies against whites.

  124. @Anon

    What happened to Galbraith was… his work was exposed to empirical scrutiny, and half the shit he spouted just didn’t stack up. (I think of Galbraith as the opposite of David Becker).

    Galbraith’s schtick was a perfect example of the sort of economics that was done before widespread development and (proper) use of quantitative tools in applied economics and policy analysis.

    He and Keynes were of a type: tell the politicians and technocrats what they want to hear; advocate for forcing society to fund things that people don’t want, and call it ‘amelioration of public-goods problems‘.

    It takes a special type of economist for their work to be criticised by Friedman, Solow and Krugman – that really does run the gamut.

    Interestingly, Krugman critiqued JKG as being a kind of ‘pop-economist’ (and therefore not having his work subjected to peer criticism) back when Krugster was a proper economist – at about the time that Krugs wrote “The Myth of Asia’s Miracle” in 1994, which was a genuinely good piece of analysis (pointing out what empiricists already knew: that the ‘productivity miracle’ in Japan was the result of labour moving from low-productivity agriculture, to high-productivity manufacturing: there was no ‘inherent’ productivity improvement – the best estimate for Japan’s ‘Solow Residual’ was actually negative).

    Then, of course, Krugster turned into precisely what he criticised Galbraith for – he became a press-intellectual (i.e., he withdrew from genuine academic endeavour and used his reputation as a bludgeon).

    John Quiggin (a very very talented Australian econometrician) did the same, although Quigster kept one foot in academic econometrics. Quiggin at least was honest enough to declare when he was wearing his “polemicist’s” hat.

  125. Anonymous[190] • Disclaimer says:

    The beauty of this tactic is that it’s like a fork in chess. If the leftists leave it there, it starts to disable their movement and encourage whites to gain confidence in their identity. If they remove it, they are owning up to their anti-white politics, which radicalizes normies.

    In that way it’s also akin to a non-lethal terrorism/freedom fighting. We might relate it to what the IRA did. The goal of terrorism for a majority population with a minority ruler is to provoke a harsh and ham-fisted response by the authority, that does nothing to impact or curb the actual terrorists but just kills non-partisans and creates both more terrorists and more terrorist sympathizers.

    With the increasingly low-IQ and culturally alien makeup of the coalition of the fringes, ham-fisted responses are more the order of the day.

  126. @Lot

    The land it took
    From a poorly defended
    People in a war that lasted
    Six days.

    Something tells me she doesn’t mean Christians here.

  127. @Kratoklastes

    I think of Galbraith as the opposite of David Becker

    Hahaha Freudian slip. Gary Becker.

    There’s a David Becker who is quite a good guitarist; I didn’t mean him, although he’s probably the opposite of JKG as well, because his output is something people will pay for willingly.

  128. @Achmed E. Newman

    Take your cues from the 1960′s, young people! History may not repeat, but it sure can rhyme.

    It would be the only thing that rhymes today. For decades now, lyricists have ignored Leo Robin’s advice “Don’t make an assonance of yourself.”

  129. We might be better off doing the opposite. In the city, I often saw posters, often bus-shelter size, featuring a motley multiculture of kids, with one of each “visible” race. And thought, wouldn’t it be fun to slap some black paint over that little blond kid’s face, and leave no other signs.

    Let the others work out who’s doing it, and why.

    Oh, and should you try this yourself, do please wear a hoodie and gloves, so your demography is much less identifiable. Trayvon-style.

  130. @Lot

    I’ve noticed that blacks seem particularly prone to belief in conspiracy theories, however wacky.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  131. @Benjaminl

    Jesus wept – when an organisation with ‘Enterprise’ in its name produces schlock like the stuff you excerpted, the game is lost.

    First, they make a hamfisted attempt to infer causation from the spurious correlation between marital status and reproduction… then, the proposed ‘solution’ is a litany of specifically centrally-planned, technocratic ‘fixes’ – what the actual fuck does that have to do with ‘enterprise’?

    Women don’t get married until (much) later these days, because they’ve got more economic options; those that do get married are more likely to be breeders because the opportunity cost of their time is lower.

    That’s not remotely surprising (it’s barely even interesting): it’s an empirical regularity that is observed everywhere.

    There is no causative element there from ‘married’ -> ‘breeder’ : if marriage was mandated, it would not result in higher fertility.

    Note – I’m not suggesting that mandatory marriage was advocated as a solution, but it is logically entailed for anyone who thinks that the collapse in rates of early marriage Granger-caused the collapse in the rate of useless-eater-squirting.

    If you want higher rates of reproduction (for some fuckwitted reason) then your best bet – technocratically speaking – is to make everyone much poorer.

    Or better yet: don’t.

    Women who want to reproduce, do… in aggregate, that results in a shrinking tax base over time (in societies with Western-level technological societies).

    What the AEI is more likely to be worried about (reading between the lines) is that the subsidies that flow to their constituents might be at risk: if the tax base that can’t support a bunch of promises made by the parasite classes, too fucking bad – let the parasites renege on the promises (which is what they’ll do with promises made to reg’lar serfs like us).

    • Replies: @Redneck farmer
  132. istevefan says:

    I don’t know if this is adding insult to injury or rubbing salt into an open wound. But it is definitely parody. On the day where it appears Trump will cave on the wall comes this announcement that the USA is going to provide almost $11 billion in aid to parts of Mexico and Central America.

    I understand part of this will be private investment. But can the optics get any worse? I almost think the government is doing this to troll us. They first deny the wall to separate Trump from his base. Next they give $11 billion in aid to the countries for which the wall is designed. They are rubbing our noses and Trump’s into the dirt on this. It wasn’t enough to deny us the wall. They had to take an appreciably larger sum to give it away just to show us up.

    How can Trump allow this to stand? He can’t complain there weren’t enough funds in the budget. This would be a great reason for Trump to shut down the government. Clearly if we can afford $11 billion in aid, we can afford that for the wall. This should be a softball set on a tee for Trump. Let’s see if he takes a swing.

    • Replies: @istevefan
  133. Anon[110] • Disclaimer says:

    When parody becomes prophecy

    • Replies: @Anonym
    , @Anon
  134. @Henry's Cat

    I’ve noticed that blacks seem particularly prone to belief in conspiracy theories, however wacky.

    Nothing gets done in the black community– or in cities like Chicago or Philadelphia even under white leadership– except by conspiracy. Why wouldn’t they think the rest of the world operates the same way?

  135. Rob McX says:

    More people should do this kind of trolling. It leaves the SJWs in an impossible position. They can remove the message they find offensive, and look ridiculous. Or they can let it stay, and accept that their invitation to free speech was counter-productive.

  136. Tyrion 2 says:

    It’d be truly bizarre if people were jailed for plotting to murder trans-dimensional lizards…

  137. @wren

    Berkeley scientists are working on fixing this sort of problem.

    “Two brains”? Wasn’t that called “schizophrenia”?

    And this is from Arthur Jensen’s school!

  138. istevefan says:

    One more followup. The fact they are now adding $11 billion in aid to Mexico and Central America while refusing funds for the wall is akin to Dirty Harry saying, “go ahead. Make my day”. They are taunting him to shut down the government because they feel he won’t. There is some serious Machiavellian shit going on here.

    I don’t know if Trump will cave or not. But I think the other side might have overplayed their hand by committing $11 billion to Mexico and Central America. Drudge is plastering it all over as we speak. Trump will be forced to shut down the government. I just don’t see how he can sign something that doesn’t fund the wall while giving away free stuff to Mexico.

    Remember Trump claimed Mexico would pay for the wall. How is he going to run in 2020 when the dems can point out that not only did Mexico not pay for the wall, we paid Mexico instead of building the wall.

    I think Trump is now forced to shut it down. The addition of that foreign aid gives him no room for retreat.

    • Replies: @onetwothree
    , @ATBOTL
  139. Realist says:
    @L Woods

    Does this hackneyed cliche never get old? Why are boomers (who themselves usually don’t have a much-vaunted “STEM” degree) so fond of it?

    I do have a STEM degree.

  140. martin_2 says:

    How is that a poem? Its just a few lines of mediocre prose broken up so as to resemble some kind of modern poem, but it has no merit as a poem at all. It must be obvious to anyone, ANYONE, including the goofiest white liberal, that the only reason this crap is presented to us as serious literature and therefore worthy of our attention is that the author is a black woman.

  141. El Dato says:
    @eddy wobegon

    I’m sure a bartender could mix up a terrific “Pure Hate Speech”. Initially soft and suave, it soon rips your throat with the power of a Jalapeno stewing in bad alcohol, then the decorative burning caramelized cross kicks in.

  142. Ask the diverse student body if Jews are White. Is that sign implying it’s “not OK” to be Jewish?

    Holocaust! Shut it down!

  143. Elsewhere says:
    @Paul Yarbles

    No, this is an example of the implicature of relevance. The act of writing the statement, “It’s okay to be white,” implies that it was necessary to say, that is, that a significant number of people do not believe that it’s okay to be white.

    The same implicature is evident in the slogan, “Black Lives Matter.” It implies that a significant number of people don’t think that black lives matter.

    • Replies: @Paul Yarbles
    , @ben tillman
  144. RW says:

    This is typical of the white male. White males are only united when a common danger forces them to be or when a common booty entices him; if these two grounds are lacking, the qualities of the crassest egoism come into their own, and in the twinkling of an eye the united people turns into a horde of rats, fighting bloodily among themselves.
    If white males were alone in this world, they would stifle in filth and offal; they would try to get ahead of one another in hate-filled struggle and exterminate one another, in so far as the absolute absence of all sense of self-sacrifice, expressing itself in their cowardice, did not turn battle into comedy…. and don’t ever forget it!

    • Troll: ben tillman
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  145. @JohnnyWalker123

    To a smaller degree those of us living in the 1930s would find it hard to believe we would have WWII, the atomic bomb, and objects orbiting the earth in the two decades ahead.

  146. AndrewR says:
    @L Woods

    Perhaps, but civil wars, unlike Judgement Days, are real, happen all the time, and happened in the US only 155 years ago.

  147. @istevefan

    I wish people would be banned for responding to themselves. It’s pure noise.

    • Replies: @Autochthon
  148. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    I prefer the updated version.

    We tried to save whitey
    with a dose of diversity
    but nothing ever works
    We tried to add vibrancy
    to yet another white city
    but whites are still jerks

    That’s just the way it
    Some things will never change
    That’s just the way it is
    And don’t try to relieve them

  149. utu says:
    @reiner Tor

    What about changing spelling to why-tt. We are not white. We are why-tt. Why-tt is cool. White is bad.

  150. Lot says:

    Well I’d
    never dare to tell proud counter-
    Semite Alice
    Walker to shut
    up. It is pure racism that she
    only has won one Nobel Prize for
    Literature. Viva Palestine! Allahu

  151. @Tiny Duck

    Listen td, there is no such thing as “hate speech” there is only speech which is free or is not, hate speech is a euphemism for censorship. If that is what you want than just say you want to deny people free speech, drop the illusion, and use a spell checker.

  152. An interesting metaquestion, in line with your recent theme of “Is it ok to ask…”, is: Would it be ok for the campus Republicans to put up their own Free Speech Wall and use it to parody the left’s intolerance?

  153. Ibound1 says:

    That crap is a poem? Is a poem now any words that come to mind divided up into short lines?


    That crap is a poem
    Is a poem
    any words that come
    to mind
    Divided up
    into short lines.

    • Agree: Lot
  154. @rufus

    “You want to be a hero? I’d rather be a chicken man.”
    “A what?”
    “A chicken man. Did you ever see a farmer’s wife?”
    “Let go of me!”
    “It’s peaceful, man.”

  155. @Steve Sailer

    Now that you mention it, OK sounds kind of pushy

    OTOH, “OK” implies traces of vibrant Cherokee ancestry. Claimants’ mileage may vary.

  156. Whiskey says: • Website

    Trump will fold like he always does. Beware of the man with Daddy’s Little Princess. That’s always Cuck City.

  157. Anon7 says:

    If you look at the comments on the original source article at

    apparently the comment section allows some measure of free speech.

    Most of the comments point out the absurdity of having a Free Speech Wall with censored speech.

    One of the commenters specifically addresses the idea of a parody, saying

    “Its ok to be white isn’t even some amazing message, the fact that this article isn’t parody is astounding.”

    I liked this comment:

    “Next level troll would be to post “It’s not okay to be white” and see how they react.”

  158. @BostonB

    Good point. One can be an equal opportunity conspiratist.

  159. @Lot

    So how are you relating this to the topic at hand?

    Do you think Alice Walker has a right to write reviews that support anti-Semitic books or not? Should she be allowed to write the review on the wall at EMU? And would you agree with Megan McAardvark (nee Jane Toohey) that it’s OK to discuss if it’s OK to write a positive review of an anti-Semitic book on a wall at EMU, but it’s not OK to write the review itself or “It’s OK to be White” on the wall.

    In other words, shouldn’t this have been labeled OT or something similar? Maybe I’m missing something though. I’m quite tired.

    • Replies: @Ibound1
  160. Anonymous[261] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mr McKenna

    More of that white privilege we keep hearing about. When I actually see some that isn’t in an invisible knapsack, I’ll let you know.

  161. Anon[395] • Disclaimer says:

    Salads Rotting on your Plate

    In 2018 alone, the Center for Disease Control has been called to investigate 24 instances of foodborne disease outbreaks, marking the highest number of investigations since 2006. These recent outbreaks have tainted much of the United States’ food supply, from salad to beef to everyday breakfast cereal.
    Some experts have pointed to the Trump administration’s push to decrease regulations in the food industry. But there is another element often missing from the national dialogue around our nation’s food—how we protect those who are overseeing our food supply from harm.
    Immigrant workers (many of whom are undocumented) make up 80 percent of the entire food production industry. They are not just providing manual labor, either—they work in management, recordkeeping, and harvest logistics as well. President Trump’s attempts to disparage, deter, and deport our critical food service workforce puts the safety of our food system in jeopardy.

    Well, something something, jobs Americans won’t do…

    management, recordkeeping, and harvest logistics

    • Replies: @Rob McX
  162. Lot says:

    Breaking: McConnell claims Trump is rolling over yet again on the wall. No shutdown on Friday. No Wall funding. Just the same 1.3 billion for “fencing” that was Pelosi’s starting and only offer and similar to the Obama era funding.

    Two years of unified GOP now ends with the only major change coming out of Congress being massive tax cuts for the rich.

    The 90% of non-defense federal employees who hate Trump thank him for his bluffing bluster and weakness.

    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
    , @J.Ross
  163. Anonymous[261] • Disclaimer says:

    Nonsense. White places are usually whiteopias the world over. Brown only places are pestholes ( with the exception of a few Asian places that have been built in their modern incarnations off the backs of the white man). If there were no women of course we couldn’t continue but that could be said for any mammal.

  164. Not entirely OT: Titania McGrath has just written a quite wonderful essay on Quillette regarding her recent Twitter banning TD’s lampoons of progthink pale in comparison.

  165. @Kratoklastes

    Then, of course, Krugster turned into precisely what he criticised Galbraith for – he became a press-intellectual

    But didn’t JKG at least stick to pontificating on economic issues. Krugman’s specialty seems to be accusing all non- leftists of lying, stupidity. and bad faith in all things.

    He’s got to be the worst pseudo-pundit that has ever been published in a major national paper.

  166. J.Ross says: • Website

    The Yellow Vest protests are still ongoing and another direct attack on the EU parliament building in Brussels has recently been broken up by infiltrating plainclothes police. That guy who managed to obtain a huge arsenal and shoot people while under surveillance didn’t “work.” And there’s this:

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  167. Anon[395] • Disclaimer says:

    Coming soon

    Note the replies from American leftsts demanding the same here, the Brown Scare has yet to have its Palmer Raids.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  168. Rob McX says:

    What, people can’t find Mestizo domestic help to wash their lettuce for $5 an hour? Quick, open the borders!

    • Replies: @Anon
  169. You Russian trolls are getting easier and easier to spot. You’re gonna have to step up your game or Vlad will stop letting you give him rim jobs.

  170. Allan says:

    Re: “Is it ok to be white?”

    Oh my, that just won’t do. It’s too Socratic in its method, and this can mean only one thing. You are attempting to normalize your hate with a white supremacist question that marginalizes diverse perspectives. So probably it’s also Islamophobic, misogynistic, homophobic, neo-Nazi, and “anti-semetic”, too. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for your divisive hate speech.

    There is another aspect of your white supremacist question which you can’t honestly deny. It leaves open the possibility that the correct answer is yes. For now.

  171. Not long ago a commenter linked to a story about Assemblyman Kevin Parker introducing a bill in the New York legislature to ramp up mental health screening of all gun purchasers. Now, he exposes himself as mentally challenged:

    • Replies: @Lot
  172. Anon[395] • Disclaimer says:
    @Rob McX

    Journolists are either willingly ignorant or openly subversive when they don’t mention “H-2A” which allows an unlimited number of foreign workers to be brought over to work in agriculture. The farmers love complaining that there is too much “paperwork” and “bureaucracy”, but no one challenges them on this.

    And no one seems to like mentioning that the Central Valley and Imperial County (for all intents and purposes part of Mexico) have perenially high unemployment. Often the highest unemployment rate in the country. Can the industry pay higher wages? We gave them a tax cut.

    • Replies: @Anon
  173. Lot says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    He’s joined in the NY State Senate by a half-NJ-Italian girl who first was a college evangelical, is related to a Colombian catholic priest, pretended to be a Jewish to get a Team Zio job and free Birthright trip, then pretended to be Jewish to get an anti-Zionist Jew organization job, them pretended to be an immigrant to get elected as Ocasio-Cortez clone.

    Quite the life for a 28 year old!

    Article is really funny, especially her chill Florida brother’s reaction to her claims the family are immigrants and Jews.

  174. @Lot

    Evidently The Donald will be a one term president. Who can the Republicans nominate next to get the job done right?

    • Replies: @Lot
    , @notanon
  175. Anonym says:

    Does anyone remember the unfortunately named I think it was? It was a forum for technical people (experts) to trade solutions, but it also could suit a business with the slogan, “If you are going to get your nuts cut off, why leave it to the amateurs.”

    • Replies: @ben tillman
  176. Ibound1 says:
    @Paul Yarbles

    I took it as a comparison: a harmless statement is erased from a “free speech” wall because it dared express a positive feeling about whiteness, as if that is offensive somehow (not that it should matter even if it was) while a recommendation for an insane book about Jews and lizard-men is made freely in The NY Times by what I believe must be the worst “poet” in the world.

    In other words, in our brave new world, some people get to say just what they want. Others don’t.

  177. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    Parophecy, when jokes become reality.

  178. notanon says:

    most of it is actively harmful – we were better off when most youngsters joined firms at the bottom and got promoted on merit if deserved.

  179. @Digital Samizdat


    It’ll never pass muster with the ctrl-left. Okee-dokee sounds too much like Ned Flanders’ “Okelee-dokelee” and “Hidey ho, neighbor” … too white, too Christian, too everything…

    • Replies: @Lot
    , @Hail
  180. J.Ross says: • Website

    This story was originally from 2002. It’s literally about a gay conspiracy to force the American Psychiatric Association to accept homosexuality through a combination of threats, theatre, infiltration, and activism. It specifically describes infiltrators meeting with and coordinating with “outside” activists. The conspiratorial activities are not hidden and are celebrated here as heroic and historically necessary.

  181. @Kratoklastes

    The real useless eaters are on Medicare.

  182. J.Ross says: • Website

    The alternative is people who want us to die violently.

  183. J.Ross says: • Website

    Urinate on a girl to help her accept her place in the world as a rape toy? Okay.
    Knit threatening cushions? CALL THE POLICE.

  184. BB753 says:

    You’re not free to speak up: you’re free to shut up and take it!

  185. ATBOTL says:

    Trump won’t be forced to shut down the government. He still has his Bushbot boomer base. Go on Free Republic. At least half of them are still making excuses and defending Trump. Oh yeah, and they are hysterically attacking Coulter, Tucker and now Drudge just for reporting facts.

    • Replies: @istevefan
  186. @Elsewhere

    No, this is an example of the implicature of relevance.

    That’s a good point. My statement was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but now you’ve got me thinking.

    Why the anger at “It’s OK to be White”? Why the assumption that it’s a racist statement? Isn’t it a bit true that SJW leftist types perceive it as somehow dissing non-Whites (like my original post says). Or is it just that it’s threatening to their political program and thus sinful (aka racist) in their eyes? Has stating this truism in public put the fear into these leftists — the fear that Whites are beginning to engage in identity politics just as minority groups have done?

    I suppose the some of these same questions can be asked of “Black Lives Matter”. But that wasn’t just a statement, it was a movement with a whole set of explicit beliefs that were scary to many. And it was taken ::::SERIOUSLY:::: by the Obamedia. While “It’s OK to be White” is just a bunch of 4-Chan goofballs trolling.

    • Replies: @ben tillman
  187. @J.Ross

    They shouldn’t have used tractors and trucks, though, but Toyota MR2s.

    As in “emm-air-duh”.

  188. Lot says:
    @Joseph Doaks

    Trump has such baggage and is ineffective in office. A voluntary retirement LBJ style (“I do not seek and will not accept the nomination”) followed by Pence or Cotton is the best case scenario.

    Nice thing about either of them is the Kochs like them. They’ve cut off most of their normal $100+ million support for the GOP since 2016. That hurt in 2018.

    Only path for Trump to win is the Dems nominate someone as unpopular and unpleasant as HRC. Biden, Beto, and Bernie would all win in 2020. Hillary-clone Gillibrand would be the weakest choice for them.

    • Replies: @ben tillman
    , @istevefan
  189. @onetwothree

    Sometimes it is a worthwhile afterthought, other times a belated edition, and still others a simple typographical error (fat-fingering the wrong hyperlink).

    I don’t see it that often, anyhow.

    I’d prefer if people writing essays were more mindful of the MORE feature, if I had to choose a peeve to highlight. All in all, though, I’m glad Steve errs on the side of letting readers choose for themselves what to heed or ignore.

  190. @Steve Sailer

    Now that you mention it, OK sounds kind of pushy, while okay sounds meeker.

    I’m pretty sure Jimmy Joe Meeker was from OK.

  191. Iberiano says:

    Speaking of Parodies, if you read this, it’s so full of various and loaded “perspectives” about safe spaces, “women of color”, diversity quotas, women-on-women disputes in the capitalist marketplace, and of course, the on top of what the show is really about.

    We went from Father’s Knows Best to this in less than 60 years.

    • Replies: @ben tillman
  192. notanon says:
    @Joseph Doaks

    if Trump can’t beat the globalist alliance (banks, big business, corrupt media, corrupt Dems, corrupt GOPe, corrupt deep state operatives plus the media’s radio-controlled SJW zombies) using democratic methods then probably no one can.

    to get anything done he needed to drain the swamp first but all the agencies that could be used to do it are themselves corrupt.

  193. @Svigor

    “It’s gonna be fun watching that sort of thing unfold. How to tell an artificial intelligence to structure all its identity behavior around “hate whitey” without actually telling it to “hate whitey?”

    We have proposed (and are actively developing) a broadly integrated system that quantifies one’s RacialValue. Think FICO score. We daily sample a wide range of cultural, and a drunken baker’s dozen other indicators (think Rabelais, and Oracle of the Bottle), and after much sausage making, quantify it as the WhoWeAre index. This value is a vital
    in our algorithms, and captures what the current BeautifulPeople, our betters and cultural elites, think is correct.

    Any person within the polygon defining US border boundaries will have this value keyed to SSN. (Well, we’d better get a more legit identifier, as SSNs are traded like candy these days at any street corner where day laborers loiter, in the shadows.)

    Currently in negotiation with Pantone regarding licensing. In the near future, the equivalent of the “What’s your sign?” pickup line will be “What’s your racial value?” Racval, in the vernacular.

    Angel investors most welcome!

    We can and will, in the brilliant future, quantify our MulCultVal.

    • LOL: Svigor
  194. notanon says:

    1) “It’s okay to be white” is perfect meme warfare for the current situation and doesn’t need to be changed.

    2) when people talk about the alt-right “failing” they mean in terms of standard irl politics but one that was never on the cards (cos we were already living in a soft gulag it’s just people hadn’t noticed) and two the alt-right’s true role imo is stealth cultural warfare – a kind of right-wing version of the situationist international. no doubt various irl splinters will spawn out of it along the way but the core should always be les autistes trolling the narrative in entertaining ways.

  195. @Elsewhere

    No, this is an example of the implicature of relevance. The act of writing the statement, “It’s okay to be white,” implies that it was necessary to say, that is, that a significant number of people do not believe that it’s okay to be white.

    It’s a free-speech board, so it shouldn’t matter, but the implicature of relevance could be part of it. However, I’m inclined to think that Smith et al. are simply enacting the genocide they are indoctrinated to execute.

  196. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    PCIF Pewdiepie is Hitler

  197. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    The former farm workers are all on welfare. That’s why there’s so much unemployment. I drive thru the valleys several times a year and I never see anyone in the fields or orchards except pickers in strawberry season

  198. @Iberiano

    Don’t laugh at “safe spaces”. A safe space is white people ‘s only demand.

    Or request.

    How pitiful we are!

  199. @Anon

    I love the way that the mainstream media, the SPLC-type nannies, and the activists can agree (and they don’t even need Journolist anymore) on a just-so story of why a word or phrase is bad, and it immediately becomes verboten. You are a racist if you say “It’s O.K. to be white,” and there’s this whole etymology and origin story to prove it.

    Is that their justification? Where are you getting this from?

  200. Anon[395] • Disclaimer says:


    Say…who owns this (money losing) media outlet?

    Politicians have caused a pay ‘collapse’ for the bottom 90 percent of workers, researchers say

    Any discussion of this without mentioning “Feminism” and “Third World Mass Immigration” is foolish, just the same as ignoring the oligarch elephant in the room.

  201. @wren

    The article makes the point that, at present, AI wrong-think detectors can be easily fooled by commenters who merely substitute a $ for an s and so on. But they’re working on it. It looks as though we’re in for a battle of escalating measure/counter measure until virtually every symbol on the keyboard, every euphemism and ultimately, every word has been banned. We will be left in a communication desert.

    Some wise sage once pointed out that even if we lob off our most extreme enemy or if they depart permanently, then out of what’s left another extremist group will manifest. Opposition is inherent in not only the human condition but Nature as well. Heraclitus said, “We must know that war (πόλεμος polemos) is common to all and strife is justice, and that all things come into being through strife necessarily.”

  202. bomag says:
    @L Woods

    Wars are usually considered to be fought militarily, but they can also be fought economically and demographically.

    The Left is pretty much engaging in an economic and demographic civil war right now via immigration; diversity policies; formal and informal “hate crime” enforcement; etc.

    The battle has been on for awhile.

    • Replies: @istevefan
    , @Rob McX
  203. I’m All White, You’re not All White.

    That’s fine, though. It’s OK if you’re not All White. But I am.

  204. Hail says: • Website
    @Steve Sailer

    OK sounds kind of pushy

    Plot twist. Here is how the message appeared on the free speech board before it was discovered and removed:


    [heart heart heart heart heart heart]


    That’s OKAY, not okay or OK. It’s got the capital-letter pushiness and the four-letter meekness. They thought of everything.

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @Dtbb
  205. Hail says: • Website
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Ned Flanders…too white, too Christian

    There is now an NYTimes editorial in the pipeline with exactly this title.

    Best not to feed them ideas like that.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  206. @Lot

    Only path for Trump to win is the Dems nominate someone as unpopular and unpleasant as HRC. Biden, Beto, and Bernie would all win in 2020.

    Beto will not win. There would be civil war if he were the nominee. People would be shooting their neighbors.

  207. istevefan says:

    The battle has been on for awhile.

    And we are losing.

    • Replies: @Svigor
  208. @Paul Yarbles

    Why the anger at “It’s OK to be White”? Why the assumption that it’s a racist statement?

    What do you mean? There is no “assumption” it’s a racist statement. It’s IMPOSSIBLE for that to be presumed. Either it is racist BY DEFINITION, or there is no argument that it is racist at all.

  209. istevefan says:

    Only path for Trump to win is the Dems nominate someone as unpopular and unpleasant as HRC.

    I disagree. The path for Trump 2020 was to hold firm on his major promises. It is not to cave on them and push criminal justice reform.

    PS. Get ready for tweet storm touchdown dance over just passing criminal justice reform. Meanwhile Drudge still has the giant headline that the wall is dead and Mexico gets the cash. I wonder when Trump is going to explain that. By now even the boomers know about this.

    • Replies: @Lot
  210. Rob McX says:

    The Left is pretty much engaging in an economic and demographic civil war right now via immigration; diversity policies; formal and informal “hate crime” enforcement; etc.

    Yes, and theirs is the most effective and devastating form of warfare, even though – or because – most of its victims aren’t even aware that it’s happening. Immigration can achieve in a few generations what military invasion failed to do for centuries, i.e. replace and dispossess a population. It should be classified as genocide by the UN.

    • Agree: ben tillman
    • Replies: @James N. Kennett
  211. @James N. Kennett

    Agree that Berne’s insights were brilliant. Some the “games people play” he described…

    Lets You and Him Fight.
    Ain’t it Awful.
    Now I’ve Got You, You Son of a Bitch!” (One of my late father’s favorites.)

  212. istevefan says:

    He still has his Bushbot boomer base.

    You mean like this:

    • Replies: @Hail
    , @Anonym
  213. Hail says: • Website

    Bill Mitchell: once you abandon Trump, where will you go?

    Once IRL-Trump abandons Campaign-Trump, where will IRL-Trump go?

    • Replies: @istevefan
  214. MBlanc46 says:

    I just hope that it takes place before my knees give out.

    • Replies: @Svigor
  215. El Dato says:

    It’s like Bambi wrote a last message “It’s ok to be deer”, then gets erased by The Intersectional Poacher, forever.

    • Replies: @Hail
  216. @Anon

    There’s a lot of people like that, when you think about it–big deals in their day, but now almost entirely forgotten.

    Bob Hope’s problem is that it’s hard to remember anything he said that could be considered funny.

  217. Svigor says:

    Not really. Our Thing has grown dramatically since I signed on in 2002-3. Sure, we’re still woefully outnumbered and outgunned, but if TMotU have any sense they’re worried.

    Put another, hypothetical way: going from 100k men-at-arms vs 10m to 1m men-at-arms vs 10m may be losing, but it’s a lot better than the obvious alternative.

    Also, winning big at recruitment despite the level of opposition we’ve faced is friggin yuuuuuuge.

    This is a multi-generational conflict, and our victory is inevitable.

    Things look a LOT better now than they did in 2003.

    • Replies: @Rob McX
    , @istevefan
  218. Svigor says:

    Eff my knees, just need to be able to hold a rifle.

  219. @BostonB

    I have a friend, now 75, who is what I would call a hard-core conspiracy theorist. For one thing, he believes almost nothing except conspiracy theories. His conversation revolves around flying saucers, the Bilderbergers, the faked moon landing, the Illuminati, chemtrails, secret testing of weather weapons causing the fires in California, politicians being actually androids, Sandy school shooting being a hoax, government using mind control to trigger mass shooters, government suppressing cancer cures, etc. In perhaps the true test of the committed conspiracy theorist, he is able to believe mutually contradictory conspiracy theories, for example Flat Earth Theory and Hollow Earth Theory.

    • Replies: @Lot
    , @Art Deco
  220. Hail says: • Website
    @El Dato

    “It’s ok to be deer”

    If you look closely, you’ll notice that Eastern Michigan University’s free speech board’s immediately preceding message was:


    Some might have you believe this refers to “Eastern Michigan University.” But might it rather be a plea by those highly marginalized members of the noble avian family of Earth creatures, pleading for long-overdue respect?

    “It’s okay to be Emu.”

  221. Dtbb says:

    Looks like they spelled white as wite first and added the h last.

  222. istevefan says:

    Mitchell’s a trip. He understands the Constitution is threatened, but he is too dim to understand that changing the demographics assures that the democrats and their agenda will prevail.

    He mocks immigration voters as ‘single-issue’ voters, but then can’t understand that demographic changes trump all. Millions of people have his attitude. They focus on the economy, stock market, unemployment rate or a myriad of other things. They are completely oblivious to what is happening around them with the electorate and wonder why they didn’t win in November when black unemployment is at an all time low. These guys are on our side in a way, but often times end up doing more damage than good.

    • Replies: @RW
  223. Hail says: • Website

    immigration voters as ‘single-issue’ voters

    Take away immigration and Trump would’ve floundered and flailed his way back to reality TV within months. Brief 2015 pres. run as publicity for next TV season.

    • Replies: @istevefan
  224. istevefan says:

    Take away immigration and Trump would’ve floundered and flailed his way back to reality TV within months. Brief 2015 pres. run as publicity for next TV season.

    That’s why I can’t understand what is happening. Trump might not be a rocket scientist, but he knows people. He knows people better than almost any other public figure I’ve seen. He is a master at knowing what the crowd thinks. He has to know how important the wall is as well as all the issues surrounding immigration (insane legal levels, chain migration, refugees, anchor babies, work visas undercutting US labor, etc.). Other than reduce somewhat the level of refugees, he hasn’t done much on the others. And refugees levels were not the biggest item on that list.

    I know Rush personally told him on the air during an interview that the promise to build the wall was one had had to keep. So it is not like Trump hasn’t heard this. I just don’t get what he is thinking.

    • Replies: @ziggurat
  225. ziggurat says:

    I don’t understand why he doesn’t just allocate money from Homeland Security to build the wall. Or pull money from anywhere to do it. If they try to impeach him for this, it would be laughable and would be good political theater showing how willfully opposed Congress is to securing the borders.

    However, he has done some work on the H-1B visa.
    — Jobs for international students declining
    The National Association of Colleges and Employers found that the percentage of employers that will hire international students hit a new low in 2018. According to the non-profit’s annual Job Outlook report, 23.4% of employer respondents indicated they will hire international students, down from 27.5% last year and a high of 34.2% in 2015.

    But he could do more. All he would have to do is only issue H-1B visas with a level 4 wage, which is the upper 33% for a particular occupation/region. The change would greatly decrease the demand for the visa, because 90% of H-1B visas are for level 1 or 2 wages, which are below the median wage. Also, the change would reduce the wage suppression.

    Somehow, he seems timid and wonky about getting the job done. Maybe there’s just too many globalists in the White House. But he does have Stephen Miller. Hmmm, what is going on?

  226. Anonym says:

    Shill Bitchell got a lot of promotion around the time the_donald became the_zionald. He is/was anti-alt-right.

  227. Lot says:

    I still have some hope the next wave of China tariffs goes through April 1 as promised. That might be enough to hold Michigan.

    • Replies: @istevefan
  228. RW says:

    It may be that Trump/Miller plan to carry through on their immigration promises, esp building the wall, another way, one that will gain them sympathy from the base if the left tries to intervene.

  229. @Rob McX

    Immigration can achieve in a few generations what military invasion failed to do for centuries, i.e. replace and dispossess a population. It should be classified as genocide by the UN.

    Arguably it already is. From Wikipedia, Lemkin defined genocide as follows:

    Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups.

    However, the proposal that we are subject to genocide would be laughed out of court, because the citizens of a democracy are supposedly free to dismiss their rulers and end mass immigration if they wish to do so. We are committing auto-genocide and only have ourselves to blame.

  230. Anonymous[123] • Disclaimer says:

    I would go with “Identity politics promotes racism and sexism.” Help define what a ‘free speech wall’ really means.

    “Is it okay to be White?” is pretty good, too.

    • Replies: @Rob McX
  231. @Hail

    Best not to feed them ideas like that.

    Hey, New Yawk Times, come get ’em, I gotcha story ideas right heah! 2 for a dollah!

  232. Anonymous[123] • Disclaimer says:

    I nearly forgot the power of alliteration. Let me add:

    “White genocide is wholly justified.”

  233. Rob McX says:

    I would go with “Identity politics promotes racism and sexism.”

    The problem with this kind of rejoinder is that cuckservatives have already made it their own.

  234. @Tiny Duck

    So, if A group someone disapproves of appropriates an expression, that expression should then be banned?

  235. @Tiny Duck

    So, if A group someone disapproves of appropriates an expression, that expression should then be banned?

  236. No.

    A parody would be a video of an albino talking frog singing “It’s not easy being white.”

  237. Rob McX says:

    The Trump campaign was a big boost. It was then that the media finally started paying attention to the alt-right. I think it was mostly in the hope of discrediting Trump by associating him with extremist racists. What happened was that the alt-right gained credibility by being associated (in the media’s version of things at least) with a mainstream politician.

  238. Eastern Michigan is the University that covered up a black student who broke into a girl’s dorm room and raped and murdered her, because they were on a diversity campaign.

    The county sheriff finally took the case away from the U police and admin, and it was easy to solve, because he had gotten caught breaking into another girl’s dorm, and left his DNA on the vic’s body.

    Funny part is his defense locked up the first jury because they blacks on the panel voted not guilty after he argued some white boy must have murdered her and he only had sex with the body

  239. Lot says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    “In perhaps the true test of the committed conspiracy theorist, he is able to believe mutually contradictory conspiracy theories”

    Kind of like Ron Unz’s “Jews have IQs no better than Chinese” and “Jews dominate the Western world and pull off one massive conspiracy after another, from faking the Holocaust to 9/11 to the Paris terrorist attacks.”

    Or: “Jews control foreign policy and all the media” and “Jews need to engage to a constant stream of false flag mass casualty terrorist attacks and blame them on Muslims in order to get what the want.”

  240. Fandcrich says:

    I’m white and all I have to say is, Gee, thank God whites are so brave that they have the audacity to write things like, “It’s O.K. to be white.”..LOL Pathetic to the core…

  241. Art Deco says:
    @Jack D

    It’s interesting to see how societal debates play out in third tier schools in the distant provinces.

    Shhh. Someone might remember that Joseph Sobran was an Eastern Michigan alum.

  242. Art Deco says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    Have you inspected his medicine chest for the prescriptions his wife picks up at Walgreen’s that he’s not taking?

  243. istevefan says:

    Our Thing has grown dramatically since I signed on in 2002-3.

    You are correct that more people are sympathetic to our side since you signed on in 2002. The problem is the other side has been freely able to bring in an auxiliary army under our noses, with the tacit approval of our treacherous leaders and supported by our tax dollars.

    Each year they are bringing in 1 million plus non-Europeans into the USA. We are approaching the point where we cannot convert new whites to our side fast enough to keep up with this.

    In 1984, Reagan won a landslide with over 50% of the white vote. Now if someone were to get that same percentage of the white vote, they’d get smoked. Our side needs to get nearly 60% of the white vote to a have a chance of victory. And that percentage will only increase each election cycle as the percentage of the white electorate continues to drop.

    Things look a LOT better now than they did in 2003.

    Yes and no. There are more people openly talking about our issues. However, we have gone from around 75% European to about 63% during that time. That’s a big hit.

    • Replies: @Svigor
  244. istevefan says:

    Someone on another thread suggested Trump is backing down on the wall because the stock market has him spooked, and that a further correction would be caused by a government shutdown. If that is true and Trump is that concerned with the market, he will probably cave on tariffs too.

    I hope not. I really want the US to start to create the old blue collar jobs. I voted for Trump primarily for immigration, but trade was a very important topic too.

  245. Svigor says:

    I don’t disagree with what you say. But let’s be clear: NOTHING is more important than the European Awakening. NOTHING can happen without it. Without it, we lose, regardless of the odds. With it, we win, regardless of the odds. It really is a “to be or not to be” situation.

    And let’s not kid ourselves that the ballot box is the important thing. It isn’t. The important thing is a critical mass of racially-awakened Whites. With that we win. At that point the methods are a secondary issue: ballot box, non-violent revolution, violent revolution, whatever; they’re all worthy of consideration.

    Nothing can stop a People who have Decided. Short of that, we’re fucked.

    And when I say “a People,” I most definitely do NOT mean “all whites” or “most whites.” 10% will do. That is most assuredly “a People.”

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