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Human BioDiversity: The View from Detroit in 1946
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Here’s a fascinating 1946 cartoon co-written by anthropologist Ruth Benedict, Margaret Mead’s pal, for Walter Reuther’s United Autoworker Union.

Adam at 3:47 is definitely a Chad (Chadam?), not a Virgin.

I like the Rushtonian ensuing part about how most humans are some kind of medium brown but three populations on the edge of the world’s population — Northern Europeans, West Africans, and Chinese — look quite different:

I dunno why Britain and Japan get left out, but it’s an interesting argument. Fifty years later, JP Rushton would point out that on numerous behavioral measures, in North America, West Africans and East Asians tended to be at the extremes statistically, with Europeans in the middle.

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  1. Thank God we’ve progressed to the point that we realize only white men have those evil ghost things inside.

  2. Hubbub says:

    So, in 1946, race was a social construct?

  3. We are inherently different from others based on our demographic groups.

    There are no inherent differences between demographic groups.

    Hold those two contradictions in your mind and you have the essence of current social justice theology.

  4. DWright says:

    For some reason I feel like Thai food for lunch today.

  5. Carol says:

    Ah, Margaret Mead. There’s a blast from the past! Remember when she was so venerated in the media? She was Anthropology.

    What happened, did her shoddy work actually catch up with her?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @Alfa158
  6. Neuday says:

    The story was co-written by Ring Lardner, who penned “Shut up, he explained.”

  7. It’s worth contrasting this old film with a video posted to YouTube yesterday on the Atheism-is-Unstoppable channel called “I can feel myself becoming radicalized”. It’s 27 minutes of a libertine-libertarian trying to throw cold water on a young White guy’s concerns about the Great Replacement. Note the comments it has received.

    • Replies: @Altai
  8. Travis says:

    The big lie started 70 years ago. To be fair they knew a lot less back in the 40s. DNA was yet to be discovered. It was actually easier to believe the deception back then , before we created affirmative action to close the gaps. Today the big lie is more pervasive , yet less believable. Interesting that they acknowledge the 3 races had different brain sizes. This was also a time when whites still competed sprints at the olympics. in Fact whites won the 100 meter sprint at the 1952, 1956 and 1960 Olympics.

  9. Funny how the video disingenuously uses religious ideals and traditional family ideals to sell red propaganda to American laborers. They knew what they were doing.

    • Replies: @Endgame Napoleon
    , @gregor
  10. Really, did they figure they needed autoworkers from around the world in 1946? Were they that hard-up for employees, or for lowering salaries? Was it more that they figured the future of the UAW-CIO (later AFL-CIO) was to organize all over the world? America was pretty unionized back then, and maybe these people figured they’d need to branch out – unionization creep.

    You tell me, Steve, or somebody.

  11. ” In 1932, he was fired for organizing a rally for Norman Thomas who was running for President of the United States as the nominee for the Socialist Party of America… Walter and Victor were [by Henry Ford — jab] promised work teaching Russian workers how to run the machines and assembly line… Walter later stated the world tour taught him that “all people long for the same basic human goals of a job with some degree of security, greater opportunity for their children, and of course, freedom.”

    What I’d do if I had more time is look for WW II connections with the OSS and its Frankfurt School de-nazification propaganda program. I mean WTF is “The Public Affairs Committee, Inc.”?

    • Agree: ben tillman
  12. @Carol

    Ah, Margaret Mead. There’s a blast from the past! Remember when she was so venerated in the media? She was Anthropology.

    What happened, did her shoddy work actually catch up with her?

    Mary Kay LeTourneau sure could have used Miss Mead’s Samoan studies in her defense.

    • LOL: BB753
  13. Anonymous[264] • Disclaimer says:

    in Fact whites won the 100 meter sprint at the 1952, 1956 and 1960 Olympics.

    That was before the dysgenic effect of WW2 kicked in.

  14. I guess that would be a Hanging Chad.

  15. Dennis Dale says: • Website

    Notice Ring Lardner Jr. listed as a screenwriter.

    • Agree: Mike Zwick
    • Replies: @Cagey Beast
  16. Every American of my age (born two years after this insidious nonsense was produced) grew up hearing its message from every source, even the Catholic Church, which ought to have known better.

    I never believed any of it, not for a second.

    I guess the dark spirit whispering in my ear was just more persuasive than most.

    And thank God for that.

    • Agree: Desiderius
  17. @Reg Cæsar

    I don’t want to dox myself but I live in a place that’s blue in the first map and black in the second. I hope I don’t get swatted now.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  18. @Dennis Dale

    I just had a look at the Wikipedia page on him. A few things:

    – It’s interesting he went to Phillips Academy, Andover, and Princeton.
    – He looks like a swan among ugly ducklings in the photo.
    – Funny how Aaron Sorkin used his TV series to repeatedly pay tribute to Lardner when Sorkin’s West Wing is now mocked for being the dream diary of the Washington establishment.

    • Replies: @Alec Leamas
  19. @Jan Assman

    It’s funny how Wokesters are always telling us that our institutions need to reflect the “New America.” They keep saying that it’s just the out-of-touch oldsters and the country bumpkins who refuse to leave the post-WWII heyday behind. But like Obama’s Southerners, Wokesters still cling to parts of the middle-American Fifties mythology that flatter them, particularly in areas that aid family pageantry and womb-privilege.

    Take Mother’s Day & Father’s Day.

    Shouldn’t those holidays reflect the realities of the New America?

    Since most mothers no longer raise their kids, and since many men no longer support their families, leaving that to Uncle Sam’s monthly Welfare largesse and the US Treasury Department’s check-cutting department, American holidays need a redo.

    Low-Wage Daycare Workers Day

    NannyCams & Low-Wage Babysitters Day

    Grandparent Parents Day

    Uncle Sam—the Father Substitute—Day

    • Replies: @Clifford Brown
  20. @Travis

    A white guy won the 100 meter dash as recently as 1980 and whites have won gold in other sprint distances since then. Blacks are more athletic/masculine than whites on average, but the gap seems smaller than the IQ gap between them.

    • Replies: @anon
  21. They already had the playbook down at 5:57 the video says “tests have shown” all groups are equally smart. Which tests were those exactly? Similar to how we are constantly told “racist” ideas have been “debunked.”

    it is apparently very effective to just claim you have mountains of scientific evidence behind your ideas most people don’t bother to check and just assume “experts” are honest people.

    • Replies: @ben tillman
    , @ben tillman
  22. Alfa158 says:

    Apparently after she passed away it was permissible to publish the truth since she could no longer be embarrassed about it. Scholars finally admitted that her studies were mostly wishful thinking and the Polynesian girls were making up stories about their culture that fit Mead’s desire to find an innocent, sexually liberated people living in a tropical paradise blissfully free of the hangups of Western civilization.

    • Agree: Paleo Liberal
    • Troll: Okechukwu
    • Replies: @Logan
    , @Dan Hayes
  23. Malcolm Y says:

    Completely immaterial to the things that need to be done to preserve ourselves from being mongrelized.

  24. Logan says:

    Ahh, the innocent noble savage myth.

    The Myth That Will Not Die.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
    , @Logan
  25. Kyle says:

    That really is what modern day detroit looks like! Amazing. This cartoon is some evidence that the imagined good old days of hostile racism in America never actually existed.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  26. 216 says:


    Probably not an accident that Harris and Booker dodged the vote, so as to not show voting down an Asian nominee.

  27. Walter Reuther was a commie, and worse, a stupid one. He and his brother had gone to Soviet Russia as part of the Ford plant investment, because they were true leftist believers.

    They got out at the last minute, when the Russians were seizing the plant, just before they enslaved all the US workers.

    They didn’t learn anything. By the 70s and 80s the UAW demanded the free contracts and jobs for blacks platform which led to the destruction of Detroit and Flint, and the insane system of auto company contracting giveaways where the most important bidding qualification was a NMBDC cert of black owned and controlled. Everything was screwed up on US cars because there were drunk and high union workers in the plants, and scamming and unqualified sorters, reworkers, and suppliers just outside.

    The funny part was, after the bankruptcy, China bought most of GM’s former supply and parts operations (called Delphi), including all of Steering Gear. The black outside suppliers and pastors, and union guys, went to the new owners asking for the handouts, do little jobs, and easy work. Nope.

  28. SF says:

    Watched it sometime during elementary School in the ’50s

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  29. Okechukwu says:

    In the past, I’ve tried to tell HBD devotees that black people dominating in sprints was a historical, cultural and sociological phenomenon and not a genetic one. And now here is proof:

    Matthew Boling is crushing stereotypes in under 10 seconds

    Of course the HBD enthusiasts will fall back on their old standby whereby anything that contradicts their worldview is an exception and therefore disqualified. But that only works on the really stupid. For only the really stupid would believe that this white kid is an exception. What makes much more sense is that he is the tip of the iceberg. In fact, given their populational advantage, white people could dominate sprinting events in the United States.

    Btw, the best dunker in the world is also a white guy:

    I know that HBD canon stipulates an inverse relationship between athleticism and intelligence, which is why you people push this narrative of black people as superior athletes. Of course that’s total bullshit, some of the smartest people in society are athletes. Your average Joe cannot digest, memorize, recall and execute dense, complex and convoluted NFL or NBA playbooks. Nevertheless, just as there is no credible evidence that whites are naturally smarter than blacks, there is also no credible evidence that blacks are naturally more athletic than whites.

  30. countenance says: • Website

    21 years later in the UAW’s home city: Massive black riots.

    So, no happy ending to this egalitarian fable.

    • Replies: @Cagey Beast
  31. benjaminl says:

    Off-topic: Based Social Democratic politicians take a hard line against migration, soar in the polls

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  32. Kaz says:

    UAW were always a bunch of commies eh

    Though the video is pretty sweet, especially considering it’s from the 40s haha

  33. Okechukwu says:

    The prescience of this piece is stunning. It gets the science right at a time of immense ignorance and without the benefit of modern genetics.

    It gets the history right. It gets the historical perspective right. It pretty much gets right all the things that modern science and modern anthropology would confirm many, many decades later.

    Ruth Benedict was an incredible lady.

    • LOL: res
  34. @countenance

    And look what happened to Enoch Powell when he said in ’68 that Britain should look at the race riots in the US as a warning. His political career was pushed to the curb. Big business wanted growth and cheap labour at any cost and the global villagers wanted to abolish Little England and so Powell was demonized. The same plays were run in Canada and Australia with only minor modifications.

  35. Dan Hayes says:


    It was not only Mead’s desire, but more importantly society’s to embrace and wholeheartedly accept her fabrications.

  36. Wow. Paint job theory writ large…very large.
    Nurture trumps nature…completely.
    Eagelaterian, fantastical, “we are the world”, “can’t we all just get along” propaganda.

    And the beat goes on…and has gone on, for a long time.

    Side note: Joe McCarthy is an American hero…to some.

  37. ahml says:


  38. Neat to see we knew we were going to run out of American workers in 1946!

  39. Ibound1 says:

    Just think – only a year later the Hindu-Muslim civil war in India broke out and only two years after that, The Arab Israeli wars began, proving this cartoon and the brotherhood of man completely true.

  40. trelane says:

    They had a longer attention span in 1946; you lost me at 1:34

  41. Altai says:

    You shouldn’t hate people who are different!

    Actually there is no difference in physical strength. *Black, White and Asian guy starting loving each other due to similarities*

    It really is a weird 1984 mantra the West is embroiled in. You mustn’t hate each other for your differences, of which there are none.

    • Agree: Travis
  42. gregor says:
    @Jan Assman

    That stuck out to me as well. I took a look at the original pamphlet the cartoon was based on, “The Races of Mankind.” It openly praises Communist Russia.

    The Russian nation has for a generation shown what can be done to outlaw race prejudice in a country with many kinds of people. They did not wait for people’s minds to change. They made racial discrimination and persecution illegal. They welcomed and honored the different dress, different customs, different arts of the many tribes and countries that live as part of their nation.

    The Russians have welcomed cultural differences and they have refused to treat them as inferiorities. No part of the Russian program has had greater success than their racial program.

  43. Altai says:
    @Cagey Beast

    I found this funny video where two Afrikaner libertarian spergs talk to an imaginary audience about libertarian politics in South Africa. I’m sure the denizens of Soweto are just salivating to hear all about it!

    In reality both men are deeply ethnocentric (Or just with limited empathy) and apply libertarianism because they don’t view the poor racial aliens as legitimate recipients of wealth redistribution. Much like many American libertarians who tend to come from upper middle class backgrounds growing up near poor black neighbourhoods or even attending school with them.

    Both though seem to consume some of the ideology behind it, even when they realise why they were ‘libertarians’. Hence why the alt-right has such an imagine problem, so many channer libertarian spergs. Some of them seemed happy to see Macron win so he could batter France with some Reagan/Thatcher neoliberal ‘reforms’.

  44. Anon[395] • Disclaimer says:

    Supply and Demand

    Zozo to raise part-timers’ wages by up to 30%

    Japan’s largest online fashion retailer, Zozo, plans to raise part-time workers’ wages by up to 30 percent to cope with a labor shortage.

    Zozo officials say the company will increase its hourly wage from about 9 dollars to 12 dollars for part-timers who work more than four days a week.

    The retailer will also give performance-related bonuses.

    Japanese companies struggling with labor shortages are eager to hire part-timers as well as full-time employees.

    Universal Studios Japan in Osaka raised part-time workers’ wages across the board from April.

    Fast Retailing, the operator of the Uniqlo casual clothing chain, plans to increase starting salaries for new graduates from April next year.

    And in Japan, there is no AOC, no Tlaib, and no Omar.

    • Replies: @Anon
  45. That cartoon was chilling. A nightmare.

    • LOL: trelane
    • Replies: @Dccon
  46. Dccon says:
    @Father O'Hara

    Bizarro Communist Superman Approves:

    • LOL: Autochthon
    • Replies: @Clifford Brown
  47. Anon[395] • Disclaimer says:

    Farming is typically more than a one-person job and paying employees is a major cost of doing business. The National Agricultural Statistics Service says farm labor wages rose by 17% in inflation-adjusted term between the years 2014 and 2018. The increase went from about $11.30 per hour in 2014, to $13.25 per hour in 2018.
    Steve Zahniser is an economist at the USDA. He says the reason for this is a rising demand for farm labor in the United States, and at the same time there’s been a tightening supply of that labor.
    “On the demand side, the number of farm workers employed in the country increased from about 1,310,000 in 2014 to 1,350,000 in 2017. That increase is rooted in the strong demand for higher-valued fruit and vegetables that accompanies a healthy and growing economy,” he says.

    To hear the mainstream press tell it, there is a major immigration crackdown. What might be more apt is that the recent border surge is resulting in the granting of EAD ‘permisos’, meaning that one is no longer forced to work off the books.

    The farmers complained forever that wage increases were impossible.

  48. @Altai

    In reality both men are deeply ethnocentric

    No, this is a cope. White people have very low ethnocentrism and even in extremely hostile/racist anti-white environments like contemporary South Africa, most Whites are going to be deracinated shitlibs. I don’t know what it is, possibly a genetic defect.

  49. If you dig these olde cartoons for their preservation of attitudes in elder days, you’ll enjoy “Freedom River,” with narrator Orson Welles simultaneously cheerleading immivasion while lamenting pollution, the destruction of nature, and expenditure of resources.

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose….

    • Replies: @CrunchybutRealistCon
  50. gregor says:

    Hate Facts on Blood

    -ABO distribution is correlated with race. Many unmixed Amerindians are/were basically 100% type O+.
    -Rh negative blood is primarily a Caucasian thing. Highest prevalence by far is among Europeans. It’s rare among East Asians, well under 1% prevalence.
    There are other blood factors besides ABO.
    -The Diego antigen is found exclusively among East Asians and Amerindians, reflecting the Asiatic origins of the Amerindians.
    -In 1950 (just a few years after this propaganda film) the Duffy antigen was discovered. And it was discovered precisely because of reactions to a transfusion. About 90% of West Africans are Duffy negative, somewhat lower among American Blacks because of admixture. Almost no Europeans are Duffy negative.
    -Organ transplants (especially bone marrow) are even more sensitive than blood transfusions. You are far more likely to match with someone of your race. Mixed race people have the most difficulty.

    • Replies: @Brutusale
  51. @Lawyer Guy

    That was an interesting story and other anecdotes from the auto industry, Mr. Guy. Where in the USSR was the Ford plant in question? Did those Americans make it home, ever?

    • Replies: @Hippopotamusdrome
  52. @SF

    That was well before my time, but all I remember of “film strips” from 1st and 2nd grade were anti-smoking ones that featured some kinds of monster-looking creatures that really probably should never have been smoking. That’s not what stopped me from smoking – it was just one puff at 10 years old that put me into a coughing fit.

    I really don’t recall any of this multi-culti stuff as a kid besides some BS social studies class in which we were to think like Eskimos and trade pretend-blubber and pretend seal skins. I mainly just liked making an igloo out of sugar cubes – I slowly ate the poor Eskimo family out of house and home over the next couple of weeks though… got that sweet tooth.

  53. @Okechukwu

    Ruth Benedict was an incredible lady.

    She always left me satisfied and smiling. I always told her “you can bend it, but don’t break it!”

  54. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:
    @Lawyer Guy

    GM failed utterly in dealing with the unions as did Ford and Chrysler. it was as much executive cowardice and laziness as union perfidity.

    They should have done the Saturn thing in the seventies, building a nonunion Deep South infrastructure under some ageis or other. They didn’t and now Toyota, Kia, Honda have Southern plants in the US. Some union some not but the union minds it’s Ps and Qs there.

  55. Hail says: • Website

    One of these days, we’re going to wake up and find out that people and places we used to just read about, are practically in our own back yard.

    Correct. Prophetic, even.

    2:20 is an accurate depiction of California by the end of the 20th century.

    The rest of the story:
    – unnecessary wars of intervention that began with Korea in 1950;
    – soft-empire global strategic commitments that began in the mid 1940s with the war, but solidified by 1950;
    – immigration lobbying in the 1960s and on (incl. cheap-labor and ethnic varieties);
    – The rise, by the late 20th century in all the main centers of power, of a replacement ideology that might be called ‘Multicultacracy,’ which now perpetuates itself like some monstrous Frankenstein creation.

    The grandchildren of the average young viewer of this cartoon in the late 1940s largely have known the kind of world. “Practically in their own back yards.”

    Tests have shown that our three average men are equal.


    If you take their skins off, there’s no way to tell them apart.



    Then there is this, from a sequence that starts at 7:20:

    At a stage of history when the so-called pure Whites of Northern Europe were little better than savages [on screen: oafish, bald, bearded, fat, angry, supposedly European man wearing animal skin and crudely banging stones together, failing to make fire], the darker-skinned, mixed peoples of the Near East and Africa had flourishing cultures [on screen: a trim, confident, well-dressed Black man easily makes fire in a furnace].

    The great slander, frequently used, including of late by Nassim “IQ Sucks” Taleb.

    The differences in the way people behave are not inherited from their ancestors. They come from something called cultural experience, or environment.



    Final comment: No coincidence that this was made in 1946. The cultural-political forces voiced in the cartoon were pretty clearly empowered by the war and almost necessarily ramped up during and immediately after the war — along with (partly because of? largely because of?) the concurrent beginning of U.S. global strategic commitments.

    • Replies: @Old Palo Altan
  56. @Cagey Beast

    I don’t want to dox myself but I live in a place that’s blue in the first map and black in the second. I hope I don’t get swatted now.

    Well, we now know you’re not in Bangladesh. We just have to narrow it down.

  57. @Altai

    Nothing is more libertarian than freedom of association. What’s wrong with that?

  58. @Kyle

    That’s probably the cleanest and most durable building in the whole city.

  59. Was this cartoon the first recorded appearance of the NPC?

  60. Dtbb says:

    How ironic that Reuther was killed as a result of ineptitude by union mechanics. There is a God.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  61. @Lawyer Guy

    Can you recommend a good book about him?

    He comes from more of those German socialist immigrants that haven’t been thoroughly criticized on the right yet.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @kaganovitch
  62. ewoke says:

    You’re an annoying white grievance troll donations beggar.

    • Replies: @anon
  63. MBlanc46 says:

    I wasn’t aware that the propaganda had started as early as 1946.

  64. JimS says:

    “1946, Mandrake. How does that coincide with your post-war Commie conspiracy, huh?”

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  65. @Endgame Napoleon

    Shouldn’t those holidays reflect the realities of the New America?

    They do.

    Happy Mother’s Day from Mondelēz International, Inc.

    Chips Ahoy are gross. Bake your own cookies, they are always better.

  66. @Logan

    Yep. Publius Cornelius Tacitus has a lot to answer for.

    • Replies: @anon
  67. @JimS

    One of our regular commenters’ stepfather in that scene.

  68. @MBlanc46

    Yeah, we need more discussion of the propaganda that sculpted minds post-WW2 to discard common sense, and open the borders.
    Here is another piece of propaganda, opening in cinemas this week: “The Sun is Also a Star”.
    The heartfelt journey/pairing of a Jamaican woman, and a Korean-American guy. She is fighting deportation etc.
    Gotta love the lack of subtlety now. All about poor persecuted but enlightened minorities aligning to fight Evil White Uncle Sam.

  69. @Travis

    The big lie started 70 years ago. To be fair they knew a lot less back in the 40s.

    Darwin and everyone else knew the truth in 1871.

  70. @Travis

    The big lie started 70 years ago. To be fair they knew a lot less back in the 40s.

    The “big lie” started at least 35 years before that with Boas. and they did not know less then.

  71. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    On May 9, 1970, Walter Reuther, his wife May, architect Oscar Stonorov, Reuther’s bodyguard William Wolfman, the pilot and co-pilot were killed when their chartered Gates Learjet 23 crashed in flames at 9:33 p.m. Eastern Time. The plane, arriving from Detroit in rain and fog, was on final approach to Pellston Regional Airport in Pellston, Michigan, near the UAW’s recreational and educational facility at Black Lake, Michigan.[123][124] The National Transportation Safety Board discovered that the plane’s altimeter was missing parts, some incorrect parts were installed, and one of its parts had been installed upside down,[125] leading some to speculate that Reuther may have been murdered.[126] Reuther had been subjected earlier to two attempted assassinations.

    The Lear 23 is a two man crew required aircraft and would have an altimeter in each of the crew panels. It sounds like such errors would have resulted in an instrument that ddidn’t work right in the first place and should have been caught at or shortly after takeoff.

    Altimeters and other instruments are to an A&P mechanic a unit replaceable item and are not opened up or repaired at a normal aircraft facility. They are worked on at instrument repair shops, most of which are located in places like Lincoln, Nebraska and are not union.

  72. @BigDickNick

    it is apparently very effective to just claim you have mountains of scientific evidence behind your ideas most people don’t bother to check and just assume “experts” are honest people.

    Back then, there was no way to check. Owning all of the TV networks and eight of the nine movie studios made one the arbiter of truth.

    • Agree: Cagey Beast
  73. @BigDickNick

    LOL at 4:12 where they pretend that the Americas don’t exist.

  74. anon[150] • Disclaimer says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    I want to live far back in the black area away from the yellow lights.

  75. anon[150] • Disclaimer says:

    This cartoon skipped the juicy parts – where are the gang bangers? the suicide bombers? where are the Mexicans dumping garbage on the street? why aren’t the Muhammedans doing some honor killings?

  76. Lurker says:

    I know that HBD canon stipulates an inverse relationship between athleticism and intelligence, which is why you people push this narrative of black people as superior athletes.

    It’s only May, is it too early to nominate this as: “Weakest straw man bullshit comment of the year – 2019”?

  77. @stillCARealist

    Walter Reuther was a giant figure in mid-century America.

    For the parentheses brigade, he looked kind of like Babe Ruth crossed with Leonid Brezhnev.

  78. Keypusher says:

    It repeats the progressive conventional wisdom of its day.

    All: it’s not advocating for and even predicting a multiracial United States or mass immigration. It’s talking about a world in which European empires are passing away and non-white populations around the globe becoming independent.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  79. @Keypusher

    Just about the last old-fashioned race riot in which whites fight blacks happened in Detroit in 1943. So the UAW was concerned with promoting racial amity in Detroit.

  80. anon[336] • Disclaimer says:

    >Blacks are more athletic/masculine

    Lay off the cuck porn/Hollywood. Blacks have far less gold medals than Europeans, are shorter, and actually have less testosterone.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @BigDickNick
  81. anon[336] • Disclaimer says:

    “He would proud to have a half-Negro grandson”

  82. anon[336] • Disclaimer says:

    Except Tacitus never denied undesirable behavior among Germania. He noted their drunkenness and ultraviolence. He never claimed that Romans should try to be like them or that they were something Romans were inferior to.

  83. @Autochthon

    Sponsored by Louis Roth Clothes.
    Produced by Nick Bosustow
    Directed by Sam Weiss.

    Pattern Recognition-o-meter pinging…..

  84. @Cagey Beast

    Funny how Aaron Sorkin used his TV series to repeatedly pay tribute to Lardner when Sorkin’s West Wing is now mocked for being the dream diary of the Washington establishment.

    I expected a West Wing redux by now – I think there was some talk of bringing the show back “in the Trump era” a little while ago.

    The popularity of the show as I saw it was a consequence of providing liberals with an alternative reality in which W wasn’t President – the world was being run by a group of smart liberals who spoke in that ridiculous Sorkinese dialogue, and all of the nation’s and the world’s problems could be solved in under an hour by applying lefty boilerplate to them. Since Boomers and Gen-X grew up seeing government and politics through the frame of television, it seemed that the show served as a credible emotional palliative during the reign of the former Literally Hitler. I understand that the show began airing roughly a year before the 2000 election fiasco, but its ratings popularity spiked after.

    • Replies: @Cagey Beast
  85. @Alec Leamas

    All true.

    You will not be shocked to learn that our cotton-candy Prime Minister watched episodes of The West Wing to prepare for debates:

    Trudeau tells podcast he watched ‘The West Wing’ to prep for debate

  86. How come we live like this…and uh…
    *points to grass hut*

  87. @Okechukwu

    Matthew Boling is crushing stereotypes in under 10 seconds

    Of course the HBD enthusiasts will fall back on their old standby whereby anything that contradicts their worldview is an exception and therefore disqualified

    Matthew Boling: 6’2” []
    6’2” = 94.5 Percentile
    Man with top 5% longest legs wins running contest.
    Not HBD. Short-legged just need to run 10,000 hours to go faster.
    All ethnics have the the same bell shaped curve of leg length (else racist HBD).
    Matthew Boling blond nordic.
    Blond nordics tall.
    Tall people win sprints.
    Tall African tribes win sprints.
    Tall nordic win sprint.
    HBD disproven.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  88. @Okechukwu

    best dunker in the world is also a white guy

    Sherman Su: 6’1”
    6’1” = 89.6 Percentile []
    Man who is in top 10% tallest good dunker.
    Not HBD. Short just need to shoot hoops 10,000 hours to dunk better.
    All ethnics have the the same distribution curve of height and should have equal representation of dunkers (else racist HBD).

  89. >me
    >white kid
    >joins boyscouts
    >tries to start fire
    >bangs rocks together
    >no fire
    >starts to rain
    >doesn’t get badge

  90. @Hippopotamusdrome

    Everything you say supports what Okechukwu says and you don’t even know it. hardeharhar.

  91. @Altai

    Libertarians are really dumb standard (rather than real) conservatives who want to smoke dope and pay whores to tell them they are lovermen.

  92. @Achmed E. Newman

    Where in the USSR was the Ford plant in question?


    Ford signs agreement with Soviet Union

    …The always independent-minded Henry Ford was strongly in favor of his free-market company doing business with Communist countries. An article published in May 1929 in The New York Times quoted Ford as saying that “No matter where industry prospers, whether in India or China, or Russia, all the world is bound to catch some good from it.”

    Signed in Dearborn, Michigan, on May 31, 1929, the contract stipulated that Ford would oversee construction of a production plant at Nizhni Novgorod, located on the banks of the Volga River, to manufacture Model A cars. An assembly plant would also start operating immediately within Moscow city limits. In return, the USSR agreed to buy 72,000 unassembled Ford cars and trucks and all spare parts to be required over the following nine years, a total of some $30 million worth of Ford products. Valery U. Meshlauk, vice chairman of the Supreme Council of National Economy, signed the Dearborn agreement on behalf of the Soviets. To comply with its side of the deal, Ford sent engineers and executives to the Soviet Union.

    …Stalin wrote to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, calling Henry Ford “one of the world’s greatest industrialists” and expressing the hope that “may God preserve him.”


    Did those (((Americans))) make it home, ever?

    *Stalin grins, amusedly*

    The Forsaken: An American Tragedy in Stalin’s Russia

    he has painstakingly put together all of the memoirs, all of the recollections and all of the Western records — the State Department letters, the diplomatic despatches — that are available, and has used them to tell the tragic story of the ‘least-heralded migration in American history’: the hundreds of American communists who left the United States during the Great Depression, crossed the ocean and moved themselves and their families to the Soviet Union.

    …In the early 1930s, an American baseball team even played regular games in Gorky Park: Tzouliadis has found the iconic photograph of that team (‘The Moscow Foreign Workers Club vs. the Gorky Auto Workers Club’ – below) … Within a few short years, many of the baseball players would be dead, or missing.


    Victor Herman

    Herman was born in Detroit where his father, a Jewish immigrant from Ukraine, was active in organizing unions at Ford Motor Company. After Henry Ford made a deal with the Soviets, 300 Ford workers and their families from Detroit who held Communist sympathies were sent to Russia to help build a new Ford factory in Gorky.

    In 1931 when Herman was 16, he moved with his family to Russia for a 3-year work shift, while retaining US citizenship. However, in 1934, the Great Purge began and many American expatriates were disappearing, or were arrested and deported.

    noticed and recruited by the Soviet Air Force who taught him how to parachute

    He was competitive and strove to be number one. On September 6, 1934 he achieved international notice after he set the World Record for the highest parachute jump, from 24,000 feet.[8] He became known as the ‘Lindbergh of Russia’.

    Soviet authorities asked Herman to sign the World Record documents which included a blank space for citizenship which Herman filled in as “U.S.A.” After continually refusing to change it to the U.S.S.R., he was arrested in 1938 for “counter-revolutionary activities” and spent a year in a local prison that included brutal tortures

    Herman was then sentenced to 10-years hard labor in a Siberian gulag

    He was briefly released from the Gulag system in 1948, but was required to stay in Siberia as an exile as part of his parole agreement.

    In 1956, Soviet authorities claimed they had no file on Victor Herman, as if he had never been a prisoner, and he was free to leave Siberia but not Russia

    In 1976, after nearly a decade of filing applications with Soviet authorities who refused to recognize his American citizenship, he was allowed to return to the US

    Herman’s mother died in Russia in the early 1930s, his father died there in the 1950s and his brother Leo died in Russia in 1974 after committing suicide.

  93. @Hippopotamusdrome

    Thank you, Hippo! Yeah, I’m a bit lazy, but I also wanted to make sure I was on the right track.

  94. @Hippopotamusdrome

    Just finished (and have no 5-minute [EDIT] window on this old browser), and I read where the employees were Commies. I have no problem with their having gotten stuck in the USSR then. Too bad about the children and that skydiver, though. I’ve got a soft spot for skydivers.

  95. Okechukwu says:

    Instead of calling her a communist and talking about auto workers (whatever that means), try refuting her. *Crickets*

    The woman even correctly forecast globalization. Genius.

    • Replies: @res
  96. @Hail

    “No coincidence that this was made in 1946.”

    Indeed not. 1945, as I do not tire to point out, was the year the West was lost.

  97. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    It wasn’t so long ago someone found a warehousefull of Model A Ford parts in Russia and imported them to the US.

    Ford sold the model A stuff to Russia in late 1933, including the model B engine.
    That’s why only early ’34 cars and trucks. Had the B engine. A few made in late ’33 but ’34 models.
    All Fords built during calendar year ’34 were V8 powered.
    In Russia they were called GAZ.
    The cars took on different bodies in later years but the B engine lived on for many many years.
    I overhauled a Russian B engine 3 years ago that has been in a model A roadster for about 50 years.
    A local model A parts guy got about 200 of the GAZ engines that had been stored in a warehouse in Poland.
    The fiber timing gear had Russian writing on it and some of the bolts were metric.
    It also has a road draft or road drought tube on the right side in the side cover that the U.S. Made B engine did not have.

    There still would be a market for Model A/B Ford engine parts and upgrade items, though making Ferrari engines would be far more profitable for the effort. OTOH the Ford A engine is pretty simple pattern making and cast iron foundry work, whereas any Ferrari casting is pushing the envelope of nonferrous casting and they are intricate. Russians don’t do intricate that well. Simple they are good with.

  98. @anon

    in sports where both blacks and whites give a shit blacks are pretty much always disproportionately successful. The 100 meter dash is basically the field’s medal of athleticism. Look at the “french” national soccer team these days.

  99. anon[297] • Disclaimer says:

    Two whites have run 100 m (just barely) under 10 s, both aided by strong wind at their back. Something like a hundred black guys have done it, wind or no wind, with the best beating the 10 s mark by 300-400 ms. The continental 100 m records on all continents are held by men of African descent – unsurprising given that almost all Africans have the gene to be sprinters, but only some non-Africans do. But sure, there is no difference in sprinting ability between the races.

    • Replies: @BigDickNick
  100. Logan says:

    As popularized by Rousseau.

  101. @anon

    meant to reply to the other guy, but in sports where both groups care, blacks are disproportionately successful. Look at what is happening in soccer in places like france that now have a black minority.

  102. @anon

    lol asian 100 meter record held by a black guy. All races are equal at sports though!
    lets face it, blacks are the most athletic race followed by whites who are at least somewhat competitive with blacks.
    whites win in life/dating/society building/whatever by indexing relatively high on a bunch of traits rather than dominating in one.

  103. res says:

    Instead of calling her a communist and talking about auto workers (whatever that means), try refuting her. *Crickets*

    Well, since you asked nicely. Let’s start with the pamphlet behind this video which Ruth Benedict is well known for:

    From page 8 (emphasis mine).

    The average size of the brain is different in different groups, but it has been proved over and over again that the size of the brain has nothing to do with intelligence.

    We have covered this amply in James Thompson’s blog, but for completeness I’ll give references here as well. First, Wikipedia:

    Researchers have been able to identify correlates of intelligence within the brain and its functioning. These include overall brain volume,[2] grey matter volume,[3] white matter volume,[4] white matter integrity,[5] cortical thickness[3] and neural efficiency.[6]

    And a link to reference 2 from that:

    Our results showed significant positive associations of brain volume and IQ (r = .24, R2 = .06) that generalize over age (children vs. adults), IQ domain (full-scale, performance, and verbal IQ), and sex.

    I’d say that pretty well refutes that claim. Would you like me to continue?

    P.S. So much for *Crickets*

    • Replies: @Okechukwu
  104. Okechukwu says:

    We have covered this amply in James Thompson’s blog

    James Thompson is a joker. He is not credible. If Ruth Benedict were alive today she would be welcomed with open arms at any scientific conference and scientific institution anywhere in the world. Conversely, James Thompson is a pariah — not because his “science” is taboo, but because it’s bullshit.

    I’d say that pretty well refutes that claim. Would you like me to continue?

    You are Dunning-Kruger personified, Res. You haven’t refuted anything. But it’s cute how you see yourself as this intellectual giant of IQism and racialism who refutes people like me even as those much smarter than you keep telling you that you aren’t actually refuting anything. You’re just too dumb to appreciate what constitutes effective refutation.

    And, no, I am not getting into any long debates with you, Res. It’s pointless, much like it’s pointless to debate an ISIS jihadi. You’re simply too dumb, too brainwashed, too delusional and too invested in the cult racist pseudoscience to make a worthwhile interlocutor.

    • LOL: res
    • Replies: @res
  105. res says:

    So no substantive response. Just a bunch of ad hominems. Typical for you.

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