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Hillary and Bernie Go Full Retard on Immigration

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From the NYT:’

In the Democratic Debate, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Clash on Immigration

Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders clashed vividly over immigration reform, health care and Cuba during a contentious debate Wednesday as the two Democrats appealed to Hispanic voters and tried to outdo each other in assailing Donald J. Trump.

Mrs. Clinton, bruised by her surprise loss in the Michigan primary a day earlier, was on the attack throughout the debate as she sought to undercut Mr. Sanders’s momentum before the next round of primaries.

Aiming her remarks at viewers watching on Univision, a Spanish-language sponsor of the debate, Mrs. Clinton threw his past support for Fidel Castro and President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua in Mr. Sanders’s face and repeatedly criticized him for opposing a 2007 bill that would have created a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants in the country illegally.

“We had Republican support,” Mrs. Clinton said. “We had a president willing to sign it. I voted for that bill. Senator Sanders voted against it.”

She refused to let up when Mr. Sanders explained that he thought the guest worker provisions in the bill were “akin to slavery.” Mrs. Clinton argued that she, Senator Edward M. Kennedy and Hispanic groups would never have supported such a bill. Her broadsides finally became too much for Mr. Sanders when she accused him of supporting “vigilantes known as Minutemen” on the border.

“No, I do not support vigilantes — that is a horrific statement, an unfair statement to make,” Mr. Sanders said. “Madam Secretary, I will match my record against yours any day of the week.”

In their final debate before primaries in Florida, Ohio and other states on Tuesday, the two Democrats were a study in contrasts as they made stark appeals to the demographic groups they have come to prize.

Mrs. Clinton repeatedly aligned herself with the needs and concerns of immigrant families and stuck to her promise to “knock down barriers” in employment and housing, hoping these priorities would inspire Hispanics and African-Americans and deliver her landslide victories in Florida and North Carolina.

Mr. Sanders’s rallying cries against the “rigged economy” and “establishment politics” were aimed at liberals, young people, working-class white voters and independents who could be decisive for him in Ohio, Illinois and Missouri, his top targets next week…

Mr. Sanders’s success in Michigan seemed to energize him Wednesday in countering Mrs. Clinton’s attacks on immigration.

“Secretary Clinton prevailed upon the governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer, who wanted to do the right thing and provide driver’s licenses to those who were undocumented,” Mr. Sanders said. “She said, ‘Don’t do it,’ and New York State still does not do it.” He also noted that he had supported allowing children from war-torn Central American countries to enter the United States and asserted that Mrs. Clinton’s view was “send them back.”

“That is something that is not fair about what I said,” Mrs. Clinton said. “I did say we needed to be very concerned about little children coming to this country on their own, very often, many of them not making it, and when they got here, they needed, as I have argued for, legal counsel, due process, to make a decision.”

Both candidates, who consistently praise President Obama on most issues, vowed to end the mass deportations of his administration. They both flatly promised not to deport children. …

Many of the questions to Mrs. Clinton were provocatively worded, especially those from Jorge Ramos of Univision [whose chief owner is Clinton's chief donor Haim Saban]


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  1. #NeverTrump is a travesty. (Keep your stupid “Jewish conspiracies” to yourself. It only makes you look as stupid as you are.)

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  2. says:
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    ” Trump Tower Funded by Rich Chinese Who Invest Cash for Visas ”

    Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has attacked China and warned about the dangers of deficient immigrant screening.

    “They’ve taken our jobs, they’ve taken our money, they’ve taken everything,” he said of China in a speech late last month. He has called for a revamping, even a freezing, of the immigration system, but says he would make an exception for the highly skilled.

    Yet no skills are required of the wealthy Chinese being courted by a Chinese-subtitled video to help finance a huge Trump-branded tower in New Jersey. The video leads viewers behind the wheel of a car into Jersey City with scenes of the tower, all to the tune of the theme song from The Sopranos, “Woke Up This Morning.”

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  3. Well, this election might be the clearest in history on immigration. Deport them all versus Deport none. If the American people don’t choose right, we’ll know they get what they deserve.

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  4. Hillary Clinton countered Bernie Sanders’s proposal to import Mexicans by the bargeload with a plan to “naturalize in place” the entire population of Mexico.

  5. Leftist conservative [AKA "Congolese Space Rat in a Cage(Make Great Again)"]
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    the main reason that the Dem candidates cannot go against immigration is that the media will roast them if they do. Trump went against immigration, and then defied the media successfully after being roasted for going against immigration.

    But what worked for Trump will not work for the Sanders and clinton. The Dem base is all about conformity these days. Being a Dem means falling in line with whatever dogma the elite are pushing. However, the GOP base these days is all about defying elite dogma.

    These roles have reserved from the way it was a few decades ago.

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  6. Besides catching Hillary in a rare truth, this catches Bernie in a lie. Those folks that would have lined up at the DMV are not “undocumented”, but fully documented– in Spanish.

    I hope everybody is writing these quotes down. They will be useful should the eventual nominee pretend to have seen the light

  7. Jesus! These two f@#$ers really are looking to wipe out white America! I thought Sanders was more sensible than that on immigration. I guess I’ll turn my sights on Trump. Trump or nothin’.

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  8. I liked when one of the moderators said something to the effect of, “After all, Latinos don’t just care about immigration – they care about the economy, and jobs”, as if there was no connection.

    I still don’t understand why Sanders flipped on immigration. You’re not going to win every demographic group, and he’d be able to win a higher share of the white and black vote by arguing that fewer Latin American immigrants means more jobs, higher wages, and more government benefits for those already here.

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  9. Most people are probably going to miss the necessary context on campaigning strategies like this because they don’t know the actual facts. It’s Clinton who is playing catch up. Sanders is winning the Hispanic vote nationally and already did in just about every state so far except Texas. The MSM have just been brutally lying about this because they don’t want it to be true.

    For those too lazy to pay attention you can always check back after California votes for final popular vote tabulations.

    Sanders is winning all other nonblack minority groups too (asians, indians etc)

  10. I copied Steve on this on Twitter, but the rest of you might find this of interest as well. Take a moment to do the free registration on the FT’s website so you can read the article.

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  11. Deport them all versus Deport none.

    More like ‘slow it down a little bit’ vs. ‘maximum subsidizing of the invasion’. But, yeah, a stark choice and we’ll see.

  12. Hillary is such a bad candidate that she makes a nonentity like Sanders look good. Let’s see: she has no charisma, she has an unpleasant personality, she isn’t feminine at all and a closeted lesbian, she’s pushing 70 and in bad health (a likely heart condition and a budding Alzheimer’s), she has a shady business past and probably a skeleton or two in her closet, she was the worst Secretary of State in recent memory, she can be indicted for using her private email ( I guess), she’s a shrill feminist control freak with no appeal to younger voters, etc.
    Now I’m starting to think she might lose the nomination again.
    Really, why couldn’t Dems find a youngish magical Negro to run for the White House? It’s not as if Obama is a genius.

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  13. You can read FT articles without registering by simply going to the article via a Google search.

  14. I think you’re misreading it. It’s not about falling in line, it’s aboutHillary specifically making a race appeal to Hispanics and assorted Recent Immigrant Stock voters, painting Sanders as a little too White.

    (It is all very ironic.)

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  15. Barry Shulsky, a life-long registered Democrat, thought he would never cast a vote in another US presidential election. Then came Donald Trump.

    Fed up with the economy, Congress and the Obama administration, which he says has placed more of a priority on providing amnesty to illegal immigrants than fixing the economic problems of white, working-class Americans, Mr Shulsky says he is now planning to back the Republican real estate tycoon in November, after voting for Barack Obama four years ago.

    “All [politicians] are puppets — except for Donald Trump,” Mr Shulsky, 68, declared, as he basked in an unseasonably warm March day in Front Royal, near the border with West Virginia. “Give the man four years and see what happens. He can’t make it any worse.”

    “Democrats used to be better for [ordinary Americans],” he continued. “Now they’re better for immigrants.” (Financial Times)

    Only a few years ago this was Radical Right talk.

    The many obituaries written for White racial feeling have been wrong.

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  16. When you’re white, you don’t know what it’s like to be living in a ghetto.~B. Sanders

    Why is Sanders denying the Holocaust?

  17. The thing to remember about Bernie is that he is 1. an academic, and 2. running on the Democratic Party ticket in 2016. Accordingly, he is beholden to P.C., and nowadays this means opening the floodgates to unlimited brown people, all legal, cultural, demographic, economic, practical and penal consequences be damned. It had to happen sooner or later if he was going to stay in the race, let alone have a shot a the nomination.

  18. I am missing something. Is this supposed to be an argument:

    1. that Trump’s criticisms of our immigration system are wrong, or
    2. that Trump does not intend to do what he says/implies needs to be done about our immigration system?

    And if it is #2, would you care to explain who in the current field might have a real shot and/or intention of doing what needs to be done?

    Please answer very clearly. Thank you.

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  19. Note: Sanders is actually *much less* sensible than Hillary Clinton on immigration, and it’s not like she’s a high bar.

    Hillary flipped her position and said she would not deport children, but only said she “didn’t want to see” non-felon adults deported.

    Sanders said flat out that he would not deport anyone who doesn’t have a criminal record. I.e. effectively shutting down almost all immigration enforcement by executive fiat.

    Bernie is not actually some warm and cuddly grandpa from Vermont who loves American workers. He’s in a race to make the Clintons look like Joe Arpaio.

  20. from memory, sanders was sensible on immigration when he first started his presidential campaign (there was a controversy over him explicitly saying that immigration is bad for American workers).

    But that was in july last year. He seems to have done a 180 on immigration.

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  21. Leftist conservative [AKA "Congolese Space Rat in a Cage(Make Great Again)"]
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    …painting Sanders as a little too White…..(It is all very ironic.)

    Yeah, well, being a little too white can be crushing.
    Also, the Lakers beat the Supersonics

  22. For it to be a conspiracy there is an implication of secret meetings of shadowy people plotting, this is not the case at all. Those that run Hollywood (and the rest of the mass media) or finance do not hide it, in fact you can find mainstream articles celebrating their dominance. So its not a conspiracy, your conspiracy narrative is just another trick to try obfuscate something that are easy to verify facts.

  23. Both candidates, who consistently praise President Obama on most issues, vowed to end the mass deportations of his administration.

    “Mass deportations” of the Obama administration? Really?

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  24. says:
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    This election has made me realize that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection is racist, xenophobic, nativist, fascist, etc. I mean, suggesting to build a big beautiful wall is all of those things as well as playing to our worst fears. So having a large, heavily-armed paramilitary group outfitted with helicopters, dogs, FLIR cameras, ground sensors, et al., must be as well, if not more so.

    May favorite point in the debate is where Hilliary thanks a non-English-speaking Central Merican peasant woman, who asked a question to Hillary through an interpreter, for having the bravery to come into the U.S. with her children, illegally.

  25. Being sane on immigration would hurt him with privileged liberal whites, his core voters, more than it would help him with working class whites ™ who already have Trump to support. I think he saw that ((Ezra Klein)) was not at all amenable to his statements on immigration, and decided it wasn’t worth the risk. His kind of white people are reflexively going to oppose immigration restriction because racism.

    • Agree: AndrewR, snorlax
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  26. It’s still radical right talk. He’s now a radical right winger.

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  27. I cannot think of anything I would prioritize behind listening to what currently passes for a political debate in the USA. However, during my morning commute, NPR did air one of the more amusing highlights of this farce; Clinton refusing to answer a question about whether she would drop out of the race if indicted for the crimes she committed while Secretary of State. She developed a querulous edge in her voice while failing to respond which suggests that on some level she realizes this country still occasionally operates under the rule of law and she may not get a free pass this time as she has done so many times before.

  28. This is great, Steve. I want to hear more from the moron-American community about Sanders as VP in the Trump administration, the fantasy match up made in heaven.

    Once you’ve conceived that, you only need to finish off drinking the rest of the bong water before you reach the ultimate – if you went back in time and made Hitler president and Trotsky vice president, and then someone took their DNA, and made a hybrid from them both, and then installed a clone line of super-tyrants that would never ever suffer from regression to the mean. In fact, you could have one born every 15 years, put it in power at age 35 and kill it off as it reached 50, keeping the ruler in the prime years. I mean, why hasn’t anyone thought of this before, it’s so f***ing logical.

  29. Bloomberg just now noticed the Rich Chinaman Visa Scam? Aww, c’mon, man. Don’t be a chump. Bloomberg, the WSJ and Indian/Chinese Silicon Valley lobbied for it!

    Why do you think real estate on West Coast is obscenely expensive? Why do you think vans full of Chinamen with satchels of cash are trolling SF and LA neighborhoods buying multimillion dollar crapshacks on the spot?

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  30. It never dawned on Bernie where his strong support comes from, I guess. Or if it did dawn on him, he never had the courage (or the rhetorical chops) to defend his anti-immigration stance.

    Pity. If he just held out for a few more months he would have torn a gaping hole in the Democratic Party’s flank.

    In other news, the AfP (Germany) and FPO (Austria) have joined in a cross-border coalition to save their countries. Great video here.

    I give it a day or two before our friends start talking about this coalition as “the New Anschluss”.

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    A pro-Trump opinion piece from Luttwak in the Journal.

    I remember hearing in the 90s that Luttwak was going to publish a book called The Third-Worldization of the United States, which I assume would have been about immigration. But it never came out.

  32. Democrats are committed to the destruction of everything this country is.

    Honestly, if people vote for either of these two, then we deserve it. There’s no helping a country explicitly committed to its own destruction.

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  33. Wonderbread just went full retard.

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  34. Bingo. US society has become so cucked on race that, if he were still around, Cesar Chavez himself would be denounced as a “coconut” (or whatever retarded words leftists use to crush dissent among their “Latino” ranks) for his anti-illegal-immigration views.

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  35. NumbersUSA could turn out to be the most effective “PAC” for Trump in the fall. They produce high quality ads on the future of immigration in general, what “comprehensive immigration reform” entails, etc..

  36. And also environmental consequences be damned.

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  37. These roles have reserved from the way it was a few decades ago.

    To an extent, but the media elite has always been in the tank for the left.

    Why is Sanders denying the Holocaust?

    I love how this liberal Jew who fled NYC for Vermont is lecturing white America about what they know about “DIVERSITY.” I know a hell of a lot more about blacks than Sanders does. I grew up hip deep in them.

    How many black friends did Sanders have over for dinner or sleepovers when he was growing up? How many black friends had him over for dinner or sleepovers when he was growing up? And I’m not talking private school half-ofay Hussein types, either, I’m talking black kids from the ghetto.

    “Mass deportations” of the Obama administration? Really?

    Somewhere, deep in the bowels of some mighty media edifice, there’s a room full of chain-smokers in charge of keeping the media’s lies straight. It’s no easy task, let me tell you.

  38. Because it’s Her Turn Now.

    Seriously, that’s a large part of it. There seems to be a strange institutional inertia with both parties in selecting candidates. And she has piled up so many advance bribes it is going to happen. She is owned, and that’s why I’ll take the blustering, egotistical New Yorker over everybody else.

    • Agree: Jim Don Bob, BB753
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  39. If Trump’s stand on immigration is just a political head fake, then we would be better off with Cruz or Rubio because they are more classically conservative on the other issues.

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  40. Did anyone else notice that Hillary didn’t seem to move her left arm more than a trace during the whole debate? It was pretty much stuck to her side. My wife became obsessed with rewinding and checking the TiVo recording for any evidence that she could move her arm. Didn’t see much.

    Then after the debate as the candidates moved off, Hillary had a large male aide directly behind her with his arms spread and hovering at her sides — the way you help make sure a toddler or frail old person doesn’t fall down when walking. In the crowd scenes as she touched hands (only her right one) with fans the guy was right there hovering his hands quite close like he was afraid she’d topple over. One wonders just how bad her health is and how much they have her hopped up on drugs during the debates so she doesn’t reveal what a frail, sick, old lady she is. If I Twittered, I’d totally post a close up of the hovering aide guy.

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  41. I’m pretty curious how the decision to flip-flop here went. Why didn’t Sanders pursue a Sailerish strategy? Go full anti-retard on immigration in hopes of getting both the windbreaker vote and making inroads into the black vote? He’d have to appeal directly to blacks by pointing out that hispanics are ethnically cleansing them from employment and housing, of course. But, so what?

    I guess the fear must have been that he would lose all the 22 year old imbeciles who make up his base. Gasp! Bernie said a naughty word! Or maybe he just didn’t have the stomach for it?

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  42. Like Economist articles!

  43. A few moons ago I remember a somewhat sensationalistic news event when Clinton Attorney General (and proto-transgender weirdo) Janet Reno bravely refused to deport a young Cuban boy whose mother had tragically died at sea trying to get him to our shores of freedom. Oh wait- no! Reno had the boy deported at SWAT assault rifle-point and the media closed ranks to denounce Republicans who demanded he should stay as hysterical, opportunistic, and irresponsible, since clearly it was in the boy’s best interest to be reunited with his father back in Cuba. Yeah, he had lots of uncles and aunts here in Miami who could raise him as well, including a grandma nice and caring enough to check on the spot that his penis was developing as it should, but still- let’s be the adults in the room about this, and think of the children, and the Castro dictatorship is not so bad…

    Funny thing is I bet only Trump has the fortitude to throw this back in Clinton’s face during the Presidential debates, though there is nothing racist or politically incorrect or dog whistle-y about the incident. Trump also has the free cash, and with Obama lifting most of the embargo now the legal cover to track down Elian and see how he’s turned out. A teary-eyed Elian on camera saying he could have become an Internet billionaire if someone had just believed in him and let him stay would be quite the compelling TV, I say. Maybe even bring him to U.S. soil so the poor 30-something “boy” can finally begin his “dream”.

    Would also love to see the media turn apoplectic about how the two situations are totally not the same.

    deportation != family reunification
    refugees != asylees
    the Emperor has no clothes, the Vatican has no walls!

    • Agree: Travis
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  44. Perhaps Bernie took a page from a man who is no doubt one of his heroes, Eugene Debs. Debs, whom I have heard had originally opposed immigration as a threat to American workers, reversed his view in an open letter published in 1910. Here is his declaration–perhaps Bernie can incorporate it into his speeches:

    Away with the “tactics” which require the exclusion of the oppressed and suffering slaves who seek these shores with the hope of bettering their wretched condition and are driven back under the cruel lash of expediency by those who call themselves Socialists in the name of a movement whose proud boast it is that it stands uncompromisingly for the oppressed and down-trodden of all the earth. These poor slaves have just as good a right to enter here as even the authors of this report who now seek to exclude them. The only difference is that the latter had the advantage of a little education and had not been so cruelly ground and oppressed, but in point of principle there is no difference, the motive of all being precisely the same, and if the convention which meets in the name of Socialism should discriminate at all it should be in favor of the miserable races who have borne the heaviest burdens and are most nearly crushed to the earth.

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  45. says:
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    They should beware the fate of Jörg Haider, and so should Trump.

  46. I basically agree with Bernie Sanders on economic issues. It’s race/immigration on which he loses me. He’s still a lot better than Hillary and most of the establishment Republicans.

    Honestly, other than Trump and maybe Cruz, I just can’t see myself supporting any of these candidates.

  47. I live in one of those neigborhoods where crapshacks on tiny lots start at one million dollars, and although they are primarily Chinese rubber doggie chew-toy tycoons doing the buying, there are plenty of people from other locations as well coming in. Although the Chinese have the most money there are other places in the world where it is possible to accumulate suitcases full of money then make a run for it, and get into the US as a refugee, business investor or family reunification beneficiary. I have no idea where some of them come from since it is often hard to identify their origins by their language, dress or mystery meat appearance. Oddly enough they generally only stay a few years then sell out, with no real estate sign being put up, and disappear as quickly as they appeared. No idea where they are going from here.

  48. I read somewhere that Hillary will not allow the press to photograph her getting on or off her plane, likely due to the fact that she needs to use a wheelchair.

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  49. Hillary’s firewall is the blacks, who “Ain’t gonna vote for no damned old Jew!”

  50. I see Debs, like all leftist demagogues, was big on the adjectives.

  51. This is a pretty compelling argument but one I’ve ultimately rejected. We are at the point now where the only thing left is to get while the gettin’s good. The debt will not be repaid, the ship of State will not be righted. Too many future crises are already baked into the cake. Trump buys American whites (and their allied blacks and latinos) some political breathing space and consolidation for when things really head south.

    Another part of me actually prefers to see Hillary in office and tagged with what’s coming.

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  52. You’re not going to win every demographic group, and he’d be able to win a higher share of the white and black vote by arguing …

    Not the kind of whites considering Bernie. They understand that it’s racist to deny someone entry to the United States for any reason (except for being racist) and that being racist is the worst thing a person can be.

    And blacks are indifferent to arguments (unless they’re the kind that start over scuffed sneakers, haw haw) from someone like Sanders—he’s practically the embodiment of Moldbug’s Brahmin class… Been in the senate for a million years and he ain’t even rich? Trump will be their guy—hell, they’ve been rapping about him for years.

  53. says:
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    Why does she believe that Castro and Ortega are disliked by Hispanics? Has she ever bothered to ask any Hispanics what they actually think? Probably not, she wouldn’t even think about that. She’s running some pretty disgusting television ads in the midwest pandering to blacks by bringing up dead criminal Trayvons as the subject. This person hasn’t shown a single speck of morality or integrity in her entire life and this pattern just continues on.
    She’s not aging well and seems as if she’s about to veer off into dementia or physical incapacity in the next few years. Her VP pick might be especially important in her case.

    • Replies:
  54. I thought that it was only once that aides forbid photographs of entry onto a plane. The speculation in the blogosphere was that she has an incontinence problem (not uncommon in older women) and that her adult diapers had leaked. Diagnoses at long distance are notoriously unreliable but the public is entitled to honest information about the health of a person who seeks the presidency and I don’t think that we’re getting it about Hillary Clinton.

  55. The Clinton treatment of Elián González cost Gore the election in 2000.

    there was no need to deport Elián González, as he was actually legally in the US, as are all cubans who set foot on our soil. But since Castro is a hero to the left, they deported poor Elián González back to the peoples paradise to be re-united with a father who never married his mother. Elián González had actually never met this “father” until he was shipped back to Cuba.

    Yet the 80,000 central american children are welcomed at our boarders, and given resident status thanks to Obama and the Dream act. All children are now given legal residence in America if they set foot on our soil. Obama has extended our treatment of Cubans to include all children who set food on American soil. They cannot be deported to re-unite with their parents, unlike Elián González who was deported to live with a bio-father he never knew.

    • Replies:
  56. “full retard”? That’s a little childish. I expect more wit and humor and style from Sailer. (I *love* Sailer’s writing)

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  57. Jesus! These two f@#$ers really are looking to wipe out white America!

    As others have noted, it’s a hi-lo assault against Anglo-America…..

  58. When dealing with a Clinton supporter ask them to name one thing for which she is primarily responsible and which has generated a positive outcome for this country or any major constituency within it. This is almost guaranteed to shut them up. As a followup, ask if she has any positive accomplishments to her credit beyond her Wellesley valedictorian address and managing to get through Yale law School. (Marrying Bill Clinton doesn’t count as by non-sociopath standards that marriage is a dismal failure.) This may cause heads to explode.

    We’ve had amazingly bad luck with our first RC president (JFK), our first Black president (Bill Clinton), and our first affirmative action president (Obama). I’d prefer not to contemplate what our first female (sort of) president might wreak.

  59. No one said it was a conspiracy. More a group evolutionary strategy. Flood Anglo and European lands with third worlders, outsource industries, engage in mass anti-white indoctrination (exploiting natural tendencies of huwytes), practice extreme nepotism, gin up unconditional support and funding for Israel on top of wars fought for it, and turn the holocaust story into a religion towards which heresy is punishable by total ostracism and, outside of the US, prison.

  60. Full retard is a reference to the 2008 Ben Stiller movie Tropic Thunder:

    For some reason the phrase “You never go full retard” entered the Hall of Phrases from Movies that get Quoted Everywhere.

  61. In her endless self-infatuation and pathological disregard of consequences, Hillary is the most dangerous person ever to get close to being president. I wouldn’t put it past her to push Putin into a nuclear confrontation. Big Bill’s comment at #34 is spot on, and the video he links to (with English subtitles) is heartwarming. An audience of hundreds of Germans and Austrians fervently applauds the head of a major Austrian party proclaiming the unity of the European peoples in the face of an alien invasion and condemning the treachery of cowardly political leaders. At the end the whole crowd chants, “Merkel muss weg, Merkel muss weg!”–Away with Merkel! I love it.

  62. The Anti-Gnostic pretty much took the words out of my mouth. The immigration question is by now existential. Even if Trump is indeed posturing, at the very worst, a Trump election will have validated the political capital of electors for whom that existential question matters.

    The whole problem with movement conservatism is precisely its method of purity scoring “on the issues,” if we accept that any one stance may well be appropriate for one specific situation and not for another.

  63. It’s from Tropic Thunder. And it’s straight to the point. Both Hillary and Bernie are acting like they have suffered heavy trauma to the neocortex. Probably because their base is made up of people who really are not very bright.

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  64. Do you know anything about Cuban-Americans? Their hatred of Castro is infinite. The reason it took a quarter century after the end of the Cold War to normalize relations with one of our closest neighbors is due to the extreme passion and influence of Cuban Americans on federal policies.

  65. Wonderbread just went full retard.

    Wonder Bread is famous for being lily white and devoid of nutritional content. Except for some spray-on vitamins. The name might fit the commenter.

  66. …if he were still around, Cesar Chavez himself would be denounced as a “coconut”… for his anti-illegal-immigration views.

    Hispanic activists pressured Chávez to recant while he was still alive, and he did on employer sanctions. He’d be a crushed coconut.

  67. He’s gone full retard. You never go full retard!

  68. says:
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    Hilary is owned by the cheap labor lobby and just uses PC as a helpful tool whereas Sanders is locked into PC and PC undermines all logical and rational arguments on non-white immigration (only non-white immigration, Afrikaners in squatter camps need not apply).

  69. Except that, like Eugene Debs and Bernie Sanders, Chavez eventually brought his views into agreement with the party line.

  70. there was no need to deport Elián González

    It wasn’t a “deportation”, it was returning him to his natural father.

    It wasn’t only leftists in the US that supported his return; another demographic which leaned that way was that of divorced, non-custodial fathers. It hit too close to home for them.

  71. It’s from Tropic Thunder.

    What?! Did the SuperSonics move again?

  72. Bernie’s 180 on protecting American workers tells you all you need to know about Bernie as a man, and the Democratic Party.

  73. I don’t get the impression Sanders is that smart. If he were, he wouldn’t just parrot all that ’40s-style socialist claptrap the way he does.

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  74. says:
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    Most of the people voting Democrat are voting to destroy White America and share out the pieces among themselves – perfectly rational.

    The minority of White ppl voting for this have been brain washed since birth by an anti-white education system and media created by a small pack of traitors.

    So no, my kids don’t deserve it.

  75. Another part of me actually prefers to see Hillary in office and tagged with what’s coming.

    I thought Obama was going to be tagged with what’s coming. It looks like he’s gonna manage to hand off the flaming turd.

  76. says:
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    Even if it’s a con Trump has shifted the window.

  77. One gets the impression that Sanders stepped out of a Vermont time machine, and this campaign has him saying “Whoa! It’s 2016!”

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  78. says:
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    I’ve been wondering if Hillary would go third party if she lost the nomination to Bernie. She’s the most power-hungry woman I’ve ever come across. If she’s reading polls that say she’d win against Trump, she might consider it, but she’d surely use every ounce of influence she has with her superdelegates to kneecap Bernie first.

  79. I’ll defend Sanders here.

    One of Trump’s promises is a tax scheme that will lower taxes on the wealthy. I don’t pay this much attention. Trump is running as a Republican, and if you are running as a Republican post Reagan, you have to say certain things, and one of them is that you will lower taxes on the wealthy. If you are not ready to promise this, don’t run as a Republican. You have to say certain things about guns (in both parties though different things) and some culture struggle stuff. Republicans can never, ever, say they will cut the defense budget even if they really plan to do that. Democrats can’t question climate change/ global warming, a Republican can say that he agrees with the theory and the need to take action, but has to signal that his heart isn’t in it.

    One thing about Trump is that he mostly doesn’t play the game, but he does play it a little bit.

    On immigration, if you are running as a Democrat you just have to say that you love immigrants, as long as they are dark skinned, and will never ever deport them, even if they are here illegally. This is a good reason not to be a Democratic. There is no telling if a particular Democratic politician really believes this stuff.

    Same with no modern Pope ever suggesting that people really should be having smaller families or no families, and governments and societies should encourage this.

    Anyway, the real action on curbing illegal immigration will be going after the people who employ them. There are also some things that can be done with tracking people who are here on visas and making sure they don’t overstay. We never hear about the candidates’ ideas on this.

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  80. If he were [all that smart], he wouldn’t just parrot all that ’40s-style socialist claptrap the way he does.

    One gets the impression that Sanders stepped out of a Vermont time machine…

    Vermont in the 1940s was 180° different– the last remaining bastion of Coolidgism.

  81. In 1910 we could imagine a lot of space for more people. Even today, we could pack a few more in.

    But eventually, not so much. Debs, Clinton, Sanders et al should tell us at what population number the country will be full; how much “wretched refuse” we can take in before the gag reflex kicks in.

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    So… people should vote for Sanders on the off-chance he doesn’t mean what he says on immigration? That he will suddenly overturn the status quo based on a hidden belief of his that he has no mandate for?

    If that constitutes the best “defence” of Sanders available, it is truly damning by faint praise.

  83. Huge implications for her VP pick, should she win.

  84. You can be sure the “wretched refuse” won’t be moving in with Clinton or Sanders.

  85. The reason I hate the Democrats and never vote for them is that they really don’t understand what appeals to the audience they are pandering to. If they were trying to get the Univision viewers interested they should have worn a Bumblebee costume and had a hot blonde woman assisting them. Seriously have either of them ever watched Univision?

  86. Didn’t realize America had an occupancy limit. If the goal is to make America as white as possible before reaching this benchmark, maybe white people should start breeding more and killing themselves with heroin less?

    Plan B is ramp up the Chinese exchange program so we can figure out how to get our magic number to a billion? The knowledge is probably worth the sacrifice of a handful of angsty obese whites.

  87. Tropic Thunder is funny and Robert Downey Jr. is very good playing an Australian actor who is playing a black guy. Watch the bonus features where he and Stiller do a short scene about 10 times; it is different each time. RD is an amazing actor.

  88. By the standards of the early 2010s, yes. It’s the only point of reference we have. Things have changed, or appear to have changed.

    Cf. Overton Window.

    I’d also like to see a full analysis of the “conversion of Ann Coulter.” Err, that is to say, in the 2000s she was, I recall, a neoconservative and “Go Red Team” rah-rah cheerleader, but today is basically a White racial advocate*, at times almost a columnist for Counter Currents, somehow embedded in the mainstream.

    * – (In fairness, very nearly every single Black public figure is a Black racial advocate.)

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  89. Hillary looks like she belongs in a nursing home or a rehabilitation center . One foot in the grave . If you think Obama is a puppet , if Hillary gets in office you will see a real puppet in action .

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  90. Sanders’s hispandering was disgusting. But on one important issue he is better than any of the candidates, Trump included. Sanders recognizes that green cards for foreign workers are a threat to American workers’ wages. And this may be the most economically important issue.

  91. Ethno-genetic interests are biology.

    Biology is not a conspiracy.

  92. A lot can change in ten or fifteen years. Individuals naturally change over the course of their lifespan, and also change in response to societal changes. In 2008 and 2012 I was a Paultard. Today I am a Trumptard. I have changed naturally as a result of getting older but society has changed so rapidly too. Ron Paul was right for his time. Today we must look beyond libertarianism to fix the problems that it cannot fix.

  93. Possibly you do not know that the Mephistophelian pactum pactorum of Hillary entailed a complete replacement of her blood with yellow bile. The same renders her impervious to vampires. But it also means the rest of her system subsists on vitriol, spite, anger and hatred.

    Zombies cower in her presence. The undead marvel at the horror of her countenance. Lesser demons worship her. Greater demons despise her for exceeding their capacity for ruthlessness, hypocrisy, and deceit. They do homage by ceding Hillary temporary control over circles five through nine in Hell.

    Trust me, Rasputin’s death was two orders of magnitude easier to achieve than what would be necessary for Hillary to give up the ghost.

    Physical maladies will not transport Hillary to her position next to Old Scratch. Uselessness will be her ‘ticket to ride’ and Bill will supplant Hector Barbossa (in curse-skeleton form – once his emaciation is complete) as captain of the Black Pearl.

    And the citizens of this once great country will pay the price for her treachery.

  94. says:
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    I just have to go with Sessions and Kobach here, if nothing else, they could destroy Trump if he flakes and provide an example to the political class.

  95. Sir, I am in awe!

  96. Anyone who’s seen Snowpiercer knows that in the sick mind of the left, world destruction is but a small price to pay for the end of the white race.

  97. Obama is counting people turned away at the border as deportations.

  98. What’s changing is the size of the group considered “radical right wing” as determined by the people whose considering matters.

    If trump is the nominee, he will presumably get 51-59% of the vote, and 51-59% of voters will be considered radical right wingers.

    What I’m trying to say is I don’t see the Overton window shifting here.

  99. The coarse expression “full retard” is used to refer to people with extreme intellectual disabilities. It is hurtful that such afflicted persons should be compared to people such as Bernie and Hillary.

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