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Heresy Alert: Female Microsoft Employee Dares Defend Microsoft's Traditional Hiring Practices
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Back in the 1990s, Bill Gates got to be the richest man in the world by hiring smart workers who are disproportionately male and white or Asian. Like Hollywood, the tech industry was largely considered immune to the usual diversity regulations afflicting less glamorous parts of corporate America, up through their checks to the Obama re-election fund clearing. Since then, however …

From Quartz:

Microsoft staff are openly questioning the value of diversity

By Dave Gershgorn April 19, 2019

Some Microsoft employees are openly questioning whether diversity is important, in a lengthy discussion on an internal online messaging board meant for communicating with CEO Satya Nadella.

Two posts on the board criticizing Microsoft diversity initiatives as “discriminatory hiring” and suggesting that women are less suited for engineering roles have elicited more than 800 comments, both affirming and criticizing the viewpoints, multiple Microsoft employees have told Quartz. The posts were written by a female Microsoft program manager. Quartz reached out to her directly for comment, and isn’t making her name public at this point, pending her response.

“Does Microsoft have any plans to end the current policy that financially incentivizes discriminatory hiring practices? To be clear, I am referring to the fact that senior leadership is awarded more money if they discriminate against Asians and white men,” read the original post by the Microsoft program manager on Yammer, a corporate messaging platform owned by Microsoft. …

“I have an ever-increasing file of white male Microsoft employees who have faced outright and overt discrimination because they had the misfortune of being born both white and male. This is unacceptable,” the program manager wrote in a comment later.

When contacted by Quartz, Microsoft pointed to comments by three company officials in the message-board threads. A member of Microsoft’s employee investigations team responded to the initial post in January, writing that the company does not tolerate discrimination of any kind. Another Microsoft staff member, who leads the team that helps the board of directors determine executive pay, explained the diversity-based compensation initiative. “Our board and executive leadership team believe diverse and inclusive teams are good for business and consistent with our mission and inspire-to culture,” she wrote. “Linking compensation to these aspirations is an important demonstration of executive commitment to something we believe strongly in.

In other words, when Microsoft discriminates against white males, that’s not discrimination, that’s punching up. The Microsoft Corporation (market cap $946 billion) is down and its white male minions are up. Plus, as CBS explained last week, punching Nazis is good, and all Nazis were white males, so there you go: Microsoft is punching up at its Nazi underlings.

The Microsoft author echoes former Google employee James Damore, who in 2017 wrote a memo that went internally viral at Google, leaning on pseudoscience to argue that women aren’t cut out for the tech industry. Damore was fired for breaching the company’s code of conduct amid enormous public and internal controversy, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai wrote in a memo that the firing was due to “advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace.”

Google (market cap $861 billion) was punching up at a white worker. Susan Wojcicki, CEO of Youtube, is a woman, and therefore has more intersectional Wokemon Points than Damore, so her getting Damore fired for Damore defending Susan’s own hiring results was stunning and brave.

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  1. Lot says:

    “James Damore, who in 2017 wrote a memo that went internally viral at Google, leaning on pseudoscience to argue that women ”

    As bad as the NYT is, they’d never call Damore’s citations “pseudoscience” in a straight news article.

    Quartz is owned by a Japanese company, and they have a passion for MBA buzzwords.

    “Quartz was founded in 2012 to serve a new kind of business leader with bracingly creative and intelligent journalism that’s built for users first. We help our audience see around corners, navigate disruption in their industries, build fulfilling careers, broaden their views of the world, and enjoy lives rich with culture.”

  2. Daniel H says:

    Quartz reached out to her directly for comment, and isn’t making her name public at this point, pending her response.

    You sure you don’t want to walk back your claim, young lady. Sure would be awful that something unfortunate should happen to a nice girl like you.

    • Replies: @anon
  3. I wonder to what degree the autism spectrum plays a role in these occasional outburst of logic and honesty at tech companies? What does a normal employee or middle manager think will happen when she (or he) questions one of the largest moral taboos in Western corporate culture right now? They must assume that they will be publicly shamed (implicit in the article not releasing the offender’s name “pending her response”) and eventually fired and blacklisted. Unless they somehow miss all of that social nuance, hence the question about being on the spectrum. I suspect Damore may have been somewhat. Maybe this lady is too.

    • Agree: LondonBob
  4. anon[332] • Disclaimer says:

    “Quartz reached out to her directly for comment, and isn’t making her name public at this point, pending her response.”

    “Nice livelihood you’ve got there. Be a shame if something were to happen to it…”

  5. Whenever you see a woman who is competent to compete with the men in one of these fields, the most conspicuous thing is her lack of interest in talking about gender.

    • Agree: fish
    • Replies: @BenKenobi
  6. Anon[115] • Disclaimer says:

    Microsoft’s software workforce is majority Indian. Not White.

    • Replies: @Logan
  7. Hey, I didn’t realize that Microsoft has a higher market cap than Google. It turns out that they have since this past May. #TheMoreYouKnow

  8. Gotta admit, she’s got bigger stones than the average MicroSerf.

  9. jim jones says:

    Equality is the important principle here, to achieve that you have to penalise men.

  10. CEO Satya Nadella

    Satya Nadella =

    Satan allayed.
    A lead analyst.
    Lays date anal.

    Sane data ally?

    The Microsoft Corporation (market cap $946 billion)

    They still haven’t hit a trillion? Apple got there last summer.

    It’s getting so you can’t trust 1990s computer magazine columnists anymore.

    Google CEO Sundar Pichai

    Let not man therefore put a Sundar, that which God hath coupled together.

    Sundar Pichai =

    Acid pain rush.
    Chair’s unpaid.
    Had uric pains.

    Such India rap.
    Rich, paid anus.

    • Replies: @Gabe Ruth
  11. nebulafox says:

    Look, what exactly do these people want? If the overwhelming majority of people applying are white, East Asian, or subcontinental men, the workforce is going to be predominantly those demographics. Call me lacking in imagination, but that doesn’t strike me as being our fault.

    In particular, more woman scientists, engineers, and coders would be great. We’d love for more women to be genuinely interested in Haskell or algebraic topology or how to build a car. Imagine how much easier our dating lives would be!

    • Agree: Rosie
  12. Puremania says:

    A female Microsoft program manager, you say? It could well be that the Good Ship Feminism and its pussyhatted crew are hitting the iceberg of compassionate, fair-minded women who are finally seeing the idiocy of hiring-by-genitalia.
    Have you guys seen Cassie Jaye’s Red Pill? By all means, check it out. Cassie acted in horror films, and started calling herself a feminist after getting decapitated one too many times, I guess. But then, as a director, she chose as her documentary subject the men’s rights movement, and tracks down these guys for interviews, while also confessing her own process of soul searching. She even talks to the fierce Honey Badger Karen Straughan (who will only agree to chat with a non-redpill girl in a noisy bar).
    Women brought feminism in. Maybe they’ll take it out.

    • Agree: Desiderius
    • Replies: @SFG
  13. BenKenobi says:
    @Endgame Napoleon

    “If you have neither the facts nor the law, hammer the table.”

    Of course now that we live thru the looking glass these horrible people also have the law to back up their constant table-pounding.

    • Replies: @anon
  14. Anon[312] • Disclaimer says:

    I know Steve doesn’t like talking about video games (generational thing?), but seeing as though the industry is much larger than Hollywood and not limited by a language barrier, I see it as a great way to judge the potential for America’s future success in an ever more globalized world (China is on the horizon guys).

    Its instructive to compare the success of Sony’s PlayStation with the abject, embarrassing failure of Microsoft’s Xbox this generation. Microsoft is far bigger than Sony but has been crushed by their Japanese competition year after year. It’s notable that Microsoft was most successful in this field around a decade plus ago when checklist diversity wasn’t a factor: a bunch of white guys made their most popular franchise, Halo; they sold out and moved on and now Microsoft has ruined it with political correctness. Meanwhile, Sony and Nintendo continue dominating while Microsoft hasn’t put out a single good game this entire generation. Sony has had hit after hit. Nintendo has had hit after hit. Microsoft has diversity. I guess that’s what counts, though. My favorite saying I’ve picked up from YouTube is that “we live in a post-profit industry now.” Sounds about right. It’s about selling to the right people and not just making a profit.

    In fact, most of the best quality game studios are Japanese, owned and managed by the Japanese, or are Eastern European. That’s not surprising. They make games for a normie audience because they are normies while politically correct American companies make games for political extremists and other weirdos. Nearly every day there is some controversy in the game community, now that out-of-work journalists have found safe haven in an industry made up of consumers who aren’t like themselves (see the Persona 5 Kotaku “retard” scandal if you want an example of the endless grievance mongering companies have to put up with these days in the West).

    Just the other day, I read a story where some SJWs were outraged that EA’s new Star Wars game would have a white male lead; they need to get with the times, it was said. Never mind the fact that probably the single largest demographic for that game will be white males, followed by males in general (“global audience” does not mean Africa but Europe, North America, and Asia for the most part – there’s your demographic); never mind the fact that the last Star Wars game forced one to play as a Hispanic female and these people didn’t have a problem with that; never mind the fact that Star Wars itself was created by a bunch of white guys. Turns out that it’s hard to appease the high-dollar demographic of Asians and Europeans while also catering to SJW weirdos. Japan and Eastern Europe don’t have that problem, so they make things that sell. Microsoft? Not so much.

    By the way guys, rumor on the grapevine has it that China’s looking to copy Japan’s model and export to the West to get a little cultural soft power going since they were embarrassed with the Huawei kidnapping. They may be opening up to the Nintendo Switch first, then looking to build quality studios and devices for export themselves. That could spell trouble for the United States culturally as video games, unlike movies, don’t have much of a language or cultural barrier. But I guess that’s okay. We’ve still got the Captain Marvel franchise to fall back on. Har har har.

    • Replies: @Unzerker
  15. anon[703] • Disclaimer says:

    Meanwhile, Apple just barely made the deadline for getting a 5G chip into their next iPhone and the market is sighing a huge relief that they aren’t going to get crushed by Samsung and Huawei…this time. How much longer can the tech industry remain competitive in this nutty environment? One day soon, Apple or Microsoft will get crushed.

    “James Damore, who in 2017 wrote a memo that went internally viral at Google, leaning on pseudoscience to argue that women…”

    Now they just lie. Good ole SJWs. Never change. In reality, the Damore memo cited a large number of reputable sources. It was not pseudoscience. Quartz is welcome to respond to it in detail and open their response to public comment if they are sure of their ability to do so. Don’t hold your breath.

    Here’s a good layman reference (The Gender Equality Paradox):

    The documentary author quotes a study involving dozens of countries with thousands of participants. It roughly replicates some of what was reported by the Damore memo: women, when given the opportunity, choose not to go into tech fields. That explains a good portion of the gender inequality, no “toxic masculinity” or institutional bias required. This isn’t “pseudoscience” Pseudoscience isn’t a go-to fallback for whenever your extremist dogma gets debunked.

    • Replies: @Hypnotoad666
    , @El Dato
  16. senior leadership is awarded more money if they discriminate against Asians and white men

    Can you imagine, even back in the baddest old days of white-male monstrousness, no one ever proposed actual, direct financial incentives for executives to do such dirty deeds. What opportunities were missed!

    Serious business–like much else–was run on the merit system, else it would fall prey to competitors. The Hollywood Version is another matter.

  17. @anon

    The SJWs will invariably refer to Damore’s memo as asserting that women are not “suited” to tech work. They do this to give the false impression that he meant that they are categorically inferior or incapable.

    His main point, however, was that women are mostly just less “interested” in tech. But the MSM/SJW complex will never honestly represent the claim or the (abundant) supporting evidence.

    In fact, whenever they dismissively say that something is “debunked” or “pseudo-science,” it’s a pretty good indication that the claim is actually true.

    • Replies: @Logan
  18. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

  19. Logan says:

    Majority Asian, you mean. That apparently includes East Asian and South Asian. I doubt the South Asians themselves are a majority.

    These numbers, btw, are usually discussing the tech employees. Overall workforce and “leaders” are more “diverse.” Probably because it’s harder to bullshit your way through a tech job.

  20. Logan says:

    My personal favorite was the claim that Damore’s views were based on “outdated stereotypes.” I loved the assumption that facts/ideas come with an expiration date.

  21. Anon[314] • Disclaimer says:

    The EEOC ruling on Damore referenced a claim in the memo that woman might have a slightly lower IQ than men (and less variance). No version of the memo I ever found said that. I wonder if Google searched out an early draft that never got any traction and used it to railroad Damore asst the EEOC?

    There seems to be a view that women’s IQ is a quarter standard deviation below men’s, and IQ subtests need to be carefully selected to mask that. Also, there is enough of a difference in the tasks that the sexes do well at that it isn’t really possible to be completely definitive about the matter. Just that it takes a lot of work to make an IQ test where men aren’t a little better than women. Richard Lynn has written that the difference can be explained by brain volume alone.

    • Replies: @Cowboy shaw
  22. must be why windows 10 is probably the worst version of all time.

    wait, who is the CEO again?



    “Uh, we took over Windows development and realized you weren’t using Windows to run ads, try to sell useless stuff, or force garbage updates on your users against their will. You guys were really leaving a lot of money on the table by just shipping a functional version of an operating system. We fixed that.”

  23. Unzerker says:

    In fact, most of the best quality game studios are Japanese, owned and managed by the Japanese, or are Eastern European.

    The top 4 best selling games on the PS4 are either American or Dutch. And one of them, the Sony owned Naughty Dog, is by far the wokest AAA-developer in the business.

  24. Ed says:

    Somewhat related, the LSAT is racist:

    A new study contends that use of the LSAT is reducing black enrollment in law schools.

    The study, titled “The Marginalization of Black Aspiring Lawyers,” claims to show that “Black people who aspire to be lawyers endure marginalized existences, which span the law school admission process through the matriculation process and into the law school classroom.”

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @Jack D
  25. @Moral Stone

    Maybe you should quit confusing “being on the Spectrum” with just having some guts and standing up for oneself (in Damore’s case) and what’ right.

  26. @Anon

    Richard Lynn wrote this article here on that very topic:

    It goes to show just how far the madness has spread that it’s inconceivable that even the Daily Mail would publish that now.

    Things that can’t go on forever don’t of course. It’s going to interesting to watch the immovable rock of human nature snap back when eventually it does.

  27. “Its instructive to compare the success of Sony’s PlayStation with the abject, embarrassing failure of Microsoft’s Xbox this generation.”

    microsoft is the second biggest company in the world and is 15 times bigger than sony. it doesn’t care as much about video games. the video game division is a side business for them. also, what good developer would want to work for them.

    i think japan has mostly gotten passed in video game development over the last 10 years, especially in the last 3 or so, and today they’re in a comfortable third (or fourth) position. they actually have even worse institutional inertia decline issues than the US, and have been coasting for a long time on titles, characters, and sequels to material from 20 years ago or more. their ability to come up with something new and important seems greatly diminished from decades in the past. making the new, extremely boring mario or zelda game, or the next final fantasy or street fighter, is lucrative in the console market, but that’s about all they do now. they’re definitely followers, not leaders anymore, in development. lately they are copying game designs from PC developers for some of their recent console games.

    in particular, a few battle royale games in 2019 make more per year by themselves than nintendo makes in total. i think cell phone games are garbage as far as video games go, but china has passed japan there as well. that’s controversial of course, as china basically operates licensed copies of games developed elsewhere.

    the raw pursuit of money has ruined a lot of the video game space, blizzard is probably the biggest casualty. one of the best developers of all time is merely run as a money making machine these days by corporate suits. money also caused valve to simply disappear from the video game world and instead do steam full time. but hey, at least gabe newell is worth 5 billion and that’s what matters.

    • Replies: @Spaulding Smails
    , @El Dato
  28. Fact check: Were all Nazis really white males? What about Magda Goebbels? Also,from looking at old newsreels, it seems like there were lots of women giving the “Sieg Heil”salute.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Hypnotoad666
    , @Mark G.
  29. Bartolo says:

    Curious. The pseudoscience advanced by Damore perfectly coincides with everyday obsevable reality, whereas the scienceTM!! proving men and women are exactly the same d… wait, does that science even exist? Where is it?

  30. Hans says:

    More Tee-Vee is the answer.

  31. anon[393] • Disclaimer says:

    In 1865 they came for the slave owners and state sovereigntists not owning a slave or caring how you were ruled you did and said nothing,in 1954 they came for the children having no children you said nothing, 1960 they came for the lunch counter owners not owning a restaurant you said and did nothing,1975 they came for the sheetmetal workers not being a sheetmetal worker you said and did nothing,in the 90s they shook down wall street being a commie your were good with that and did nothing,
    Now they come for the rest of you and we are fine with that enjoy

  32. @Moral Stone

    You say that likes it’s a bad thing.

  33. El Dato says:

    marginalized existences

    Ambulance chasers?

  34. El Dato says:

    Recent Wokenews about Microsoft from The UK-based webzine “The Register”

    The software executive [Microsoft president Brad Smith] shared the stage with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet – a former president of Chile – who argued that ethical codes were not sufficient and companies had to ground their work in human rights.

    We will solve the trolley problem, economic allocation problem, violence problem and lack-of-pre-sentience problem soon. Using AI. And Cortana.

    But Bachelet also had a dig at the lack of diversity in Silicon Valley, noting that “tech companies need staff who represent the world – women, African-Americans – in order to prevent their tools from exacerbating bias and discrimination.”

    Smith acknowledged – as the tech sector does once-a-year, every year when its dreadful diversity stats are published – that Microsoft “has a long way to go to achieve a diverse and effective team.” But he agreed that the answer to avoiding biased AI was to build a diverse team.

    Smith said that Microsoft had agreed to supply its facial recognition technology to an American jail, having reached the conclusion that it was a self-contained environment and would likely improve safety.

    It’s amazing how cargo-cultish this stuff is. Nobody talked that way about statistics or cybernetics.

    a more diverse team will ask all the right questions & understand the different scenarios in which the #tech will be deployed in the real world

    Consider that this means not only solving NP-hard problems or worse, problems which need oracles, during brainstorming sessions, but actually PREDICTING how complex tech will be deployed in the real world. If there is one thing engineering & IT have taught us, it’s that an attempt at predicting at the source how even simple machines will be deployed and what the unintended consequences of that deployment are is a fool’s errand.

    • Replies: @Cowboy shaw
    , @Jack D
  35. @prime noticer

    Yeah, they’re going to kill Windows. It’s like any founder-run company when the fondness era have left: now all the profits go not to the shareholders, but to upper management via stock options. It will take a while To ruń it into the ground, but that’s where it’s heading.

  36. I went to a recent Microsoft Ignite conference in London. What struck me was that Microsoft can be pressurised into making *their* workforce as diverse as possible, but the corporate user base of their products remains as stubbornly white and male as ever. There was a weird parallel conference going on of diversity and inclusion seminars and discussions playing to audiences of none. What a weird world.

  37. @El Dato

    Don’t we know for certain that every AI Machine eventually becomes a Nazi? The real question is whether a diverse team of developers hastens or delays that outcome.

  38. @prime noticer

    Windows peaked at XP. It’s been downhill ever since.

    • Replies: @Abe
    , @Achmed E. Newman
  39. Jack D says:

    The posts were written by a female Microsoft program manager.

    Good thing. If it was a guy he probably would have lost his job the way Damore did.

  40. Jack D says:
    @El Dato

    Right. For example, if Boeing had a diverse team working on MCAS they would have understood that you couldn’t count on 95 IQ 3rd world pilots being a last line of defense against defective sensor readings because the amount of time it would take for them to figure out which button to push would be longer than the amount of time that the plane would remain in the air.

    • LOL: Johann Ricke
  41. jim jones says:
    @prime noticer

    The best version of Windows is the Enterprise or LTSB branch

    • Replies: @res
  42. Jack D says:

    Not to mention the racist bar exam and the racist job market. It’s racist to expect equal performance from people who have lead marginalized existences.

  43. Andy says:

    America’s tech companies will be hit very hard by this diversity push, since they have to compete with China’s tech companies who do not fall for this diversity thing and can only hire from its own high IQ pópulation. I’m not surprised there is a pushback beginning

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  44. Gabe Ruth says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Thank you for your work, one day the science of anagrams will be better understood.

  45. Voltard says:

    Wokeness Orthodoxy Alert: “Diversity” is now “Inclusive Excellence”.

    “Promoting inclusive excellence – that is, scientific environments that can cultivate and benefit from a full range of talent – is among the greatest opportunities and challenges in biomedical research today.”

    Just finished your post-doc and have innovative research proposal ideas to, say, cure Alzheimer’s, ALS, cancer, or Parkinson’s disease, etc., etc.? Too bad. You may not contribute enough to “inclusive excellence”, i.e., Orwelliana’s new, improved, marketing agit-prop for yoking the unwoke.

    It’s IE (Intersectionality Explorer?), after all, that is “among the greatest opportunities and challenges in biomedical research today”.
    Definition of excel
    transitive verb
    : to be superior to : surpass in accomplishment or achievement
    intransitive verb
    : to be distinguishable by superiority : surpass others
    Definition of include
    transitive verb
    1 : to shut up : ENCLOSE
    2 : to take in or comprise as a part of a whole or group
    3 : to contain between or within two sides and the included angle

    • Replies: @res
  46. @prime noticer

    I’ve been (or was) a Diablo fan since…honestly way before I should have been playing those games. In the late 90’s my suburban dentist had a Playstation in the waiting room for the kiddies like me and one of the games he had was the PSX version of the original Diablo. How this didn’t cause Clinton soccer mom-era helicopter parents to do anything less than grab torches and pitchforks and demonstrate outside Dr. Strauss’s office I have no idea. Loved Diablo II; arguably the greatest hack-n-slash bar none. I remember being livid, livid when Diablo III came out. It was a totally broken and incomplete product that essentially require you to dump hundreds of bucks into the marketplace to be able to clear Nightmare, which seemed nuts to me as in Diablo II Blizzard actively cracked down on people selling items, runes etc. for irl money. Apparently after several updates and expansion packs the game is actually pretty balanced but…I’ve got zero interest in playing it. Why wait 3, 4 years for a product to be playable, all the while dumping $30, $40 more a pop per expansion pack? I worried at the time that it was a sing of things to come for videogames in general and damn, it’s gotten ten times worse than I ever imagined it would. Sad!

  47. El Dato says:
    @prime noticer

    making the new, extremely boring mario or zelda game, or the next final fantasy or street fighter, is lucrative in the console market, but that’s about all they do now.

    Yeah, but the idea is not that the same people stay immersed in the franchise they encountered as kids. They are supposed to grow out of it (but still maybe, you know, download a latest installment for research purposes). A N-th reboot should be aimed at the next generation, not the one who already saw it all.

  48. El Dato says:

    Meanwhile, Apple just barely made the deadline for getting a 5G chip into their next iPhone

    That’s because they cold sweated one morning, then decided to drop the nonviable Intel offer and license Qualcomm goods at … uh … “elevated” prices. Qualcomm is USian btw. Which is nice.

    Commentary on that:

    Why Qualcomm won – and why Tim Cook had to eat humble Apple pie: Deadline for 5G kit was perilously close

    The dramatic peace treaty between Apple and Qualcomm is good news for iPhone buyers, but raises questions about the market’s ability to produce a viable competitor to the 5G leader – at least in the short term.

    Simply put, Apple blinked first. Other customers have balked at Qualcomm’s royalty structure, and even its own shareholders have filed suit complaining that Qualcomm is too aggressive, thereby attracting unnecessary antitrust actions.

    Apple didn’t fold this week because of Qualcomm’s aggressive counter-litigation strategy: going after Apple’s supply chain partners and seeking to get iPhones banned. It caved because Apple needs to keep making competitive iPhones, and in the short term that means they must have Qualcomm Inside.

  49. Barnard says:
    @Moral Stone

    Long time Microsoft employees most likely have a decent level of financial security. If they have truly come to loathe their working environment because of corporate social engineering and diversity hires, why wouldn’t they speak up? Many of them are past the of caring about being unpersoned.

  50. @Achmed E. Newman

    Maybe you should quit confusing “being on the Spectrum” with just having some guts and standing up for oneself (in Damore’s case) and what’ right.

    Only a madman could possibly resist our enemies!

  51. Whiskey says: • Website

    This can go on forever.

    Eventually no White male anywhere will be employed.

    That is the goal.

  52. MarcB. says:

    Back in the 1990s, Bill Gates got to be the richest man in the world by hiring smart workers

    I learned this principle while working at a hotel hosting a Microsoft conference in the Summer of 1992. In era where the rest of corporate America was in a race to the bottom, the guy who was popping up on worlds wealthiest lists was paying his employees very well and treating them to an all-expenses paid, week-long bender in the Big Easy. They also happened to be most pleasant group we dealt with that year.

  53. Gates became the richest man in the world, first and foremost, on the strength of the network effect of having the first personal computer operating system to be widely deployed via the IBM PC. That captured the power of Moore’s Law.

    We’ve seen a lot more of the network effect with Internet companies recentralizing discourse.

    In every case, crazy hiring practices eventually result because these companies just don’t have to be sane to stay in business. Parasites from halfway around the world smell the economic rent and, having evolved from cultures based on rent seeking, slice through companies like Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Youtube, etc. like a hot knife through butter.

  54. Jason Liu says:

    Hasn’t Microsoft been taken over by Indians? Maybe that’s why they’re not as afraid of broaching the subject, ironically.

  55. anon[315] • Disclaimer says:
    @prime noticer

    “Uh, we took over Windows development and realized you weren’t using Windows to run ads, try to sell useless stuff, or force garbage updates on your users against their will. You guys were really leaving a lot of money on the table by just shipping a functional version of an operating system. We fixed that.”

    you left out “(we realized you) weren’t spying on and profiling your customers yet”

  56. anon[315] • Disclaimer says:
    @Boston John

    Also, from looking at old newsreels, it seems like there were lots of women giving the “Sieg Heil”salute.

    it’s fun

  57. I’ve already made arrangements for my own tombstone:
    “In Heaven, there’s no such thing as Microsoft.”

  58. @Boston John

    Don’t forget Leni Riefenstahl! She was breaking glass ceiling in 1934. Hiring a female director for his most important propaganda would seemingly qualify Hitler as a bona fide feminist — and thus he may have been the original “feminazi.”

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @guest
  59. anon[335] • Disclaimer says:

    “The top 4 best selling games on the PS4 are either American or Dutch.”

    1) That’s not exactly what I meant by “quality.” But I guess that’s how the average American interprets it these days. By that metric, The Last Jedi was Oscar worthy. I was specifically referencing first party games, and Sony has had all the best rated ones and Microsoft has had preciously none of them.

    2) That’s completely incorrect. The top 4 best selling games on the PS4 were all made by studios owned/managed/published by the Japanese or Eastern Europeans, just as I said: Horizon Zero Dawn (Sony) ; Spiderman (Sony); Uncharted 4 (Sony); God of War (Sony), Witcher 3 (Polish company), Monster Hunter World (Capcom – Japanese company) … the list goes on. And this generation isn’t even over yet. That developer of Witcher 3 is releasing Cyberpunk 2077 this year or next, and it’s expected to be a monster hit. What does Microsoft have waiting in the wings?

    If instead of raw sales, I used raw quality to compile that list, it would be populated almost exclusively by Japanese games with a smattering of Eastern European ones. Maybe Ubisoft would get on the list, but to have the Japanese dominate artistically to such a degree over the much larger Microsoft (and the entirety of the West in general) spells trouble for America down the road.

    3) You might be thinking of “most profitable”. Of course, dude bro sports games filled with gambling microtransactions would take the cake, but one would hardly call those games art. I guess that sums up the West these days.

  60. anon[381] • Disclaimer says:

    “why wouldn’t they speak up? Many of them are past the of caring about being unpersoned.”

    A lifetime of conditioning can be a hard thing to break. Several North Korean defectors have stayed quiet for a period of time after leaving because they thought Kim could read minds, even long after they were told that wasn’t true. Also, being a social pariah is one of the most uncomfortable things a person can experience as people are fundamentally social by nature. Imagine being unpersoned and then having to out out into the world, even to do simple things like get a haircut or buy groceries or dine at a restaurant, fearing that you could be recognized and turned away in front of others at any moment. There’s also the fear that your brainwashed family might unperson you at family gatherings for be forced to publicly denounce you least they be unpersoned, too.

  61. Jack D says:

    That’s a damn nice telephoto lens she’s got on that movie camera. The Germans always did make the nicest optics. Too bad that Jena ended up in the Russian zone (even though the Americans got there 1st).

  62. @Achmed E. Newman

    Of course Damore did a good thing, but he genuinely didn’t seem to realise that what he wrote would get him into trouble, despite working at the centre of GloboHomo. Given that he’s an American native from the culture, such a lack of social awareness appears autistic.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  63. guest says:

    “internally viral”in

    That’s some poetry, right there.

  64. guest says:

    Something like eight women connected to Hitler attempted suicide. Was it his toxic masculinity, or were they genuine feminists and therefore mentally unwell? You be the judge.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  65. Anon[508] • Disclaimer says:

    Microsoft and Amazon, being up north in still left wing Seattle, aren’t half as left wing as the SV companies like Jewgle, Facebook or Twitter, the latter are dominated by former Obama admin zealots. In fact, when I worked there, it was a pretty conservative company.

    Microsoft is dominated by Indians these days because it is no longer the hot and sexy tech company that it once was, they are having a harder time attracting young US born graduates. The entire East Side (of Seattle) is overrun with Indians.

    • Replies: @Anon
  66. J.Ross says: • Website
    @Moral Stone

    Orwell’s Politics and the English Language can be interpreted as a way of finding morality by insisting on para-autistic definitional clarity. It is very hard to lie without getting caught if you are held to using words strictly.

    • Replies: @Hypnotoad666
  67. Abe says:
    @Jim Don Bob

    Windows peaked at XP. It’s been downhill ever since.

    Personally I think they peaked at NT- how come it takes 500X the memory (I’m pretty sure I was running it at 32MB, but even if I’m misremembering and it was 128MB that’s still 2 orders of magnitude!) to do what I was basically still doing 20 years ago- browse the web, do photo editing and office suite apps?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  68. @Andy

    Wonder if that’s why China has sent so many of their citizens here to learn the SJW catechism. It’s demonstrably kryptonite to their competitors.

  69. SFG says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Thing is, in the computer industry, a lot of the technically best people are on the spectrum, so it becomes more likely.

    Of course, this lady may just be brave, as you say.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  70. El Dato says:

    He couldn’t stop telling them that “it is ok to be white” until they became suicidally depressed.

  71. @J.Ross

    Orwell’s Politics and the English Language can be interpreted as a way of finding morality by insisting on para-autistic definitional clarity.

    I think that’s true. That’s also what Wittengstein was concerned with.

    In fact, your comment makes me wonder if Orwell’s 1946 essay might have been influenced a bit by Wittgenstein’s 1921 Tractatus. It could have been. But on the other hand, Orwell was busy fighting in Spain and whatnot and may not have spent much time reading dense academic philosophical works.

  72. res says:

    Wokeness Orthodoxy Alert: “Diversity” is now “Inclusive Excellence”.

    Is that anything like “military intelligence”? (if you don’t like that one insert oxymoron of your choice)

  73. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    Bill Gates got rich by hiring the right smart people, not just smart people. Richard Stallman is smarter than Bill Gates and is 100x the programmer Gates is, but he’s a fat smelly hermit living on meager earnings. More CPUs run Stallman’s (and Torvalds’) software at any given instant than Microsoft’s, but the Stallman/Torvalds stuff is free. Microsoft charges and makes a lot of money.

    Microsoft’s software is easier to use for people who have used it in the past and in fact, probably easier to use, period. Free software tends to have quirks and unwieldly user interfaces that make sense to programmers more than end users. And Microsoft software has some commercial support “for free” whereas free software does not.

    The entire Microsoft empire is built on stuff he bought off someone else (MS-DOS), copied the interface of fom someone else (Microsoft Word, copied from the Wang word proicessing system) or written by hired guns with previous experience elsewhere (Win NT was written by former DEC VMS designers: it’s not nearly as secure but who cares??) .

  74. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    Any OS will magically grow to take up all the room it has. NT4 was a good user OS but awkward to set up. Win 2K and XP were probably the pinnacle of Windows such as it is, or was.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  75. @Curious Person

    Hey C.P., I get your point that he was fairly naive, but does that make him autistic? I don’t know how old Mr.Damore is, and don’t feel like looking it up. Granted, as young as I think he is, he should have been steeped in so much PC since kindergarten that the should know that he was poking a hornet’s nest. “Center of Globohomo”? I’m not sure. I bet there’s worse.

    In my day, at the same age, nobody would have had much to say about such an obvious statement as his, and if they did, they wouldn’t be getting a good employee fired. You’re saying this guy should have known better. OK, but that doesn’t make him sick. He may have decided to be a stand-up guy. I wish there were more.

    You may know more about the story than I do, though. I just read the posts by Steve Sailer on this going-on.

    • Replies: @SFG
  76. @SFG

    Per my link, I think “on the spectrum” is one of the stupidest phrases I’ve ever heard. “On Spectrum” is OK, if you need the vitamin B and Calcium, and don’t take too much to where you just piss the extra out.

    Personalities that aren’t to the liking of the extroverts and HR ladies don’t make people into mentally-diseased individuals. I’m guessing many of these Spectrum people have no problem with their personalities and wish the rest would leave them the fuck alone about it.

    Sorry, not directed at you SFG.

    • Replies: @SFG
  77. SFG says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Oh, I hear you, Achmed. I hate having to smile all the time and make small talk. It f***ing eats at me too. No, I don’t care how your day was, that’s why I didn’t ask you. Leave me alone and let me do my job.

    I actually agree with you that extroverts and HR ladies tend to make pathologies out of what were perfectly normal personalities in the pre-service industry era, when everyone would be happy to buy the taciturn craftsman’s exquisitely made chairs, and now he’s sitting in the back of some factory with a faucet dripping on his head breathing in carcinogenic smoke while some incompetent idiot who knows how to smile gets promoted to the corner office.

    There was a very funny bit by Scott Alexander of Slate Star Codex fame where he pointed out that tech is one of the few industries where you can make a name for yourself without jumping through all the college hoops, just by being good at your job, and also one of the ones the squawkers in the media are always claiming is evil and trying to undermine.

    Ancestry aside, one of the encouraging things to me about the whole rise of 4chan is that socially inept young men are finally starting to organize and get their revenge on a world that takes them for granted, uses their talents, and treats them like crap.

    • Replies: @nebulafox
    , @L Woods
  78. SFG says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    From what little I can tell, Damore actually thought they were looking for advice, and gave it.

    He was naive and probably had the sort of personality better suited to software than people–he was in a software company after all.

    Of course, playing dumb makes you look more like a victim and thus more sympathetic to people in the middle, rather than the sort of guy who expresses unpopular opinions–the first guy might be rehired in a non-public-facing role, the second guy never. Not that I think he’s some sort of manipulator–maybe he realized he put his foot in his mouth and attempted to cover as best he could.

    But I think he probably tried to help and put his foot in his mouth.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  79. SFG says:

    *Lots* of women hate feminism.

    Thing is, what do those ladies do? That’s right, they go and have kids. They don’t hang around until 40 in New York or LA interning at the NYT or serving under (heh) some Hollywood bigshot. They can influence their kids, sure, but not the sort of wide influence the media has.

    • Replies: @nebulafox
    , @Desiderius
  80. nebulafox says:

    I was diagnosed as a teenager. I’m willing to bet anything I own that 70 years ago, 16-year old me would have been thought of as a somewhat eccentric, but essentially normal young man. I also suspect that many of the “autistic” behaviors I didn’t grow out of are coping mechanisms in dealing with life in the era of HR ladies, squawking salespeople, and 24/7 social interaction with all the requisite lies and overstimulation, more than anything else. Social rules seemed like they were a lot more clear and explicit back then, and being attached to your interests or a bit taciturn was thought of as being part of being male, meaning that finding a job (or a wife) wouldn’t have been as much of an issue for most reasonably high-functioning ASD guys.

    And I agree on Damore. I actually think Damore genuinely would love to see more women-and people in general-take up coding and science, and was trying to see how that might be possible. 3 years ago, I could easily envision myself writing a similar manifesto and being blindsided when I got fired.

    • Replies: @SFG
  81. SFG says:

    Yeah. It really depends on the culture. I recall reading Asperger’s is often diagnosed later in the military, because following all the rules is expected military behavior.

    The rules were more explicit, no? There are cultures where that sort of thing is normal, and 100 years ago you would have been a good God-fearing man, and isn’t that what truly matters? Oh wait, it’s being popular now, and later, making money. In the Middle Ages, the contemplative life was supposed to be spiritually higher than the active one.

    The funny thing is, throwing out the social rules doesn’t make you free, it just makes you bound by rules nobody tells you about. If there’s a uniform, you wear the uniform and you’re fine; no uniform, and you’re stuck figuring out how flashy to be.

    It’s kind of like the way feminists get very angry that not conforming to feminine roles costs a woman in the romantic market, and deny that it’s even the case. The fact that something might be worth doing despite it making you unattractive doesn’t even occur to them.

    Ironically reading National Review, the New Republic, and The Nation as a teenager made me alert to all the shibboleths of the left (and of the right), so I probably would not have made the same mistake. Though I might have done something like that out of sheer orneriness. I hate those people. To swipe a phrase, the SJW cries out in pain as ze punches you.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
    , @L Woods
  82. nebulafox says:

    My girlfriend comes from a culture where she was basically groomed to be a workhorse because her parents deemed her too ugly to fetch a nice dowry. Instead of submitting to her fate, she worked her way against all the odds through college alone (the first person at all in the family to do so, her-very nice-grandmother is illiterate) and now works at a VC capital firm. She also decided to ditch her hijab and become sexually active when her parents blamed her for getting nearly raped, on the grounds that if she was to be considered a slut either way, it would be she who would dictate the terms.

    In that context, she’s pretty darned radically feminist.

    But she still openly thinks most of the 3rd wave types you see in the West are, when not mentally ill, just angry because no man would conceivably want to settle down and have kids with them. She also has nothing but contempt for men who refuse to act like… well, men.

    I’d really recommend to mildly autistic guys struggling with women to look at other cultures, particularly in Asia, where many ASD traits are considered quite masculine and attractive: and even as good indicators of long-term boyfriend or even husband potential.

    • Replies: @SFG
    , @Anonymous
  83. SFG says:

    Sure, why do you think WMAF is a thing? 😉

    Problem is then, when you have kids, the girls become neurotic SJWs and the boys become incel Elliot Rodger types. But, hey, better than not breeding at all.

    And I feel sorry for the Asian guys. (Except Twinkie, who seems to have bucked the trend.)

    Seriously, I’m glad you found something that worked for you both.

    And, yes, this ridiculous misandry coming out of the media is likely to produce a backlash sooner or later.

    • Replies: @nebulafox
  84. nebulafox says:

    >Yeah. It really depends on the culture. I recall reading Asperger’s is often diagnosed later in the military, because following all the rules is expected military behavior.

    Too bad that in 2013, people with “autism” were banned from enlisting. But yeah, growing up on military bases, I definitely saw that.

    On the relationship… oh, it probably won’t, the religion factor looks like a sticking issue. Not to mention I still need to get my shit together in a lot of ways, to be blunt. If if I end up single soon, it might be for the best. She’s a great woman, though, so I’m going to try my best to exhaust all avenues first.

    I’ll add it doesn’t need to be Asia: I got my first boost of self-confidence when I realized-weeks after the fact!-that a ton of girls in Germany were trying to flirt with me, from Turkish store clerks to Russian grad students. I wasn’t in a position to take advantage of it at the time, but it later proved to be a critical self-image boost when I needed it.

    (As for the Asian guys, you’d be surprised. Korean guys in particular are very much “in fashion” among girls in Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, etc. White guys these days have a bit of a nasty stereotype of being losers who not being able to get women at home, and if they lean left-wing in politics or appearance, as being effeminate and easily pushed over. This isn’t enough to prevent girls from going after them, but still, it isn’t as unambiguously positive as it used to be. My girlfriend’s sister is exclusively interested in East Asian men.

    Even in Eastern Russia, Chinese guys are often perceived by the local women as being more responsible and better husband/father material than their men, which has led to some pretty nasty racial tensions.)

    >Problem is then, when you have kids, the girls become neurotic SJWs and the boys become incel Elliot Rodger types. But, hey, better than not breeding at all.

    Not on my watch. I’ve been one (OK, I didn’t homicidally hate women and my parents would have laughed if I ever asked for a BMW, but the social isolation and other stuff hit home on a deep level) and I made the sickening mistake of getting into a relationship with the other in college. I know the signs well, as well as the prevention measures.

    >And, yes, this ridiculous misandry coming out of the media is likely to produce a backlash sooner or later.

    You’d think that pissing off the guys who make the electric grid work, for example, isn’t a wise idea.

    • Replies: @SFG
  85. SFG says:

    All very interesting–didn’t know all that. I could definitely see a Chinese husband being desired over a Russian one, what with vodka, the rise of China as a world power, vodka, stereotypes of Russians as violent, and vodka. (Anatoly is probably going to send the FSB after me if he reads this.)

    Germany, eh? I seriously ought to go to one of those Berlin nightclubs where they all dress in leather and offer to punish the German girls for their sins. 😉

    Well, good luck to you either way.

  86. @SFG

    No he was just a binders full of women guy like Kavanaugh and thought that would protect him from the terror like Kavanaugh. All signs suggest that neither one has really learned his lesson about his fundamental mistake.

  87. @SFG

    They have more influence than you think. Plus they vote.

  88. @SFG

    a good God-fearing man, and isn’t that what truly matters


    If you want a good life that is enough.

    If you want to be great you’ve got to master all the bullshit then transcend it.

    More than conquerors.

  89. Anon[131] • Disclaimer says:

    Apparently Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland are going to be wiped off the map by a huge earthquake in the coming years. The epicenter is right near shore, not offshore as in Japan. Tsunamis will follow almost immediately.

    The New Yorker had a long article on this a few years ago, and just last month City Journal had a piece by Michael Totten. Both of these articles were very extensively researched.

    Where does that leave Microsoft and Amazon?

    Apparently this is so serious and insoluable that people just give up and don’t think about it. There’s no disaster prep you can do that will really help. Some company is selling floating balls you can get into and float to Japan in.

  90. L Woods says:

    While I despise extrovert normativity (if you will), I do worry about the role of electronic media in the underdevelopment of so-called “social skills,” making the gap between haves and have nots even wider. And this is really the defining metric of quality of life in our time and place: more than money, extroversion and conformity will dictate whether you enjoy life’s rewards or are marginalized and ridiculed mercilessly into despondency and early death. Like your parents, it’s important to choose your neurotype carefully.

  91. Every female office worker wears a sign : Please help me to feel offended.

  92. Mark G. says:
    @Boston John

    Women are followers, not leaders. Orwell noticed in communist countries that it was the women who were the most slavish in following the party line, the most eager to parrot its slogans, and the most likely to turn in any deviationists. Women are often said to be high in agreeability but they are really only agreeable to those in power. They are not at all agreeable to anyone out of power or any rebels against those in power. So of course there are lots of women in old newsreels with adoring looks on their faces and cheering as Hitler drives by in his car.

    • Agree: L Woods, Desiderius
  93. El Dato says:

    Nah Win2K had a lot of shitty problems that I don’t want to even remember.

    But look: if they just took the latest kernel and put the Win2K user interface on top of it that would be Le Win.

    Actually, PowerShell alone would do nicely.

  94. @Jim Don Bob

    Windows peaked at MS-DOS 2.0.

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
  95. @Achmed E. Newman

    You are dating yourself, Achmed. I am only old enough to remember Windows 3.1.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  96. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    We are trying to make the local schools use Raspberry Pi. This is not succeeding because certain NEA types are getting financial feedback to go with a ridiculously overpriced Dell solution. I think we should go back to Apple II like machines for K-6 or 8 grades and Raspberry Pi for everything else until as seniors they get a Intro to MS Windows course for job functioning purposes. If you understand the basics of Unix command line and directory structure Windows is a simple transition.

  97. @Jim Don Bob

    You are right, Jim Don. Even then, I remember that the only window I would use would be the revert-to-DOS window, for at least a year! “What is this Windows crap? I don’t need it.” I remember thinking, and guess what, I was right.

  98. L Woods says:

    The funny thing is, throwing out the social rules doesn’t make you free, it just makes you bound by rules nobody tells you about.

    Indeed, and this has the very profound effect of throwing the spoils to the mercurial, the conformist and the duplicitous. That such qualities would be paramount in a society dominated by women is hardly surprising.

    Society may expect you to acquire money following the popularity contest phase, but it does so in the same sense that a farmer expects his hogs to fatten up: so best to be offered up for the slaughter. Not much upside to amassing money that can be stolen in a divorce (among other conditions) at whim.

    • Agree: Desiderius
    • Replies: @Desiderius
  99. @L Woods

    Meant to agree with SFG that you quoted. Your take is too gloomy.

  100. Anonymous[759] • Disclaimer says:

    She also has nothing but contempt for men who refuse to act like… well, men.

    What sort of behaviors does she consider to be “acting like men” versus “not acting like men”?

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