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Great Moments in Pet Fads: the Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig Craze of the Late 1980s
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I can remember a time (was it the late 1980s?), when the Style sections of newspapers were full of articles about how the Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig was trendy because it was the perfect apartment pet because they never ever grew to be heavier than 50 pounds.

It has since turned out that, to be precisely accurate, they never grew to be over 50 pounds in an apartment in Vietnam before, uh, going to live on a farm.

In the softer-hearted West, however …

As The Telegraph reported in 2001:

Be grateful you don’t live with a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig
Celia Haddon on pets with a difference. This week: the Vietnamese pot-bellied pig

By Celia Haddon 12:01AM GMT 03 Nov 2001

A SWEET little striped piglet can grow into a gigantic porker weighing 200 lb – with formidable tusks and a big belly. You can litter-train a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, but you will need a huge compost bin for the 13lb of muck it produces every day.

From the Pickens Progress in 2017:

… “One of the main problems is that [the pigs] can breed at 12 weeks and have a four-month gestation period,” she said. “They’re not full grown until at least three years and people think that a six-month old mom is full size, but that’s only like 40 pounds. Most full grown are between 80 and 150 pounds. We also joked that they could breed through brick walls. It gets out of control.”

Bragg, like other pot-bellied advocates, say people are often misled by breeders who claim their pigs will stay small if they are fed a restricted diet. The North American Potbellied Pig Association estimates that, “The rate of pigs being re-homed because they grew bigger than expected has been reported at 90 percent or higher in the first year.”

The NAPPA website also warns potential pig owners not to fall for the myth of teacup, micro or apartment pig myth.

“People have paid 1000s of dollars to be disappointed when a pig reaches weights greater than 100 pounds,” the site states. “Do not have unrealistic expectations. All pigs grow. The tiny pig you may see or even buy will grow much bigger.”

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  1. Well, the people “re-homing” pigs are better than all the idiots who are “rescuing” pit bulls that should be destroyed and outlawed.

    BTW can pot-bellied pigs be slaughtered and turned into barbeque? That would be an elegant solution.

    • Agree: Alden
  2. jcd1974 says:

    I recall George Clooney had one. Luke Perry too. I wonder what happened to them?

    • Replies: @Autochthon
    , @Cloudbuster
  3. It’s better than when adopting blacks kids became trendy.

    When the downsides of that became apparent, they couldn’t get rid of them, and then they couldn’t even discuss them in public!

    On a different note, I can’t wait for all these adopted black kids of neglectful celebrities to hit their teens and beyond. Really, it’ll be a combination of ungrateful Colin Kapernicks, raping thugs, and lost-rich-kids-masquerading-as-ghetto-trash that is much funnier when Jaime Kennedy does it as a joke (otherwise known as w-hi-g-g-ers).

  4. Goatweed says:

    Who gets the pig in a divorce?

    • Replies: @HammerJack
    , @Dr. X
    , @Alden
  5. So what did happen to all those pot-bellied pigs? There were a fair number of them.

    Is there a pot-bellied pig refuge somewhere? Were there sudden all-you-can-eat pork nights at local Chinese restaurants? What?

    • Replies: @slumber_j
  6. I presume this is about the origins in the 1950s of that upscale all-porcine neighborhood in Baldwin Hills south of Beverly Hills that I’ve mentioned before.

  7. JimB says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    BTW can pot-bellied pigs be slaughtered and turned into barbeque?

    Great idea. Keep the pig until the kids stop taking care of it. Then rent one of those pig roasters on a trailer from Hertz and throw a block party. Or roast it in a sand pit at the beach. Mm, mm. Shredded pork on Kaiser rolls.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  8. I once talked to a woman walking her pig in a park. She said (as I could see) that you can’t go far because the pig always wants to stop and dig around with its snout.

  9. let’s see Paul Allen’s card.

  10. Lot says:

    I’ve seen people taking pet pigs on walks and romps in the park many times the past few years. They are normal colored and sized like you’d see on a farm, not like that photo.

    Odd that we have mini breeds of dogs, horses, and rabbits but not pigs and cats. Something to look forward to!

    This shows adults from the largest and smallest rabbit breeds, one from Flanders and one from Netherlands.

    By weight the ratio is about 8 to 1.

    • Replies: @danand
    , @Alden
  11. @jcd1974

    Well, George Clooney continues to have a successful acting career; Luke Perry, however, is deceased.

    (Wonder no more.)

    • LOL: Lockean Proviso
  12. Anon[587] • Disclaimer says:

    Unlike most pets you can barbecue it if it becomes too much trouble.

  13. danand says:

    “Odd that we have mini breeds of dogs, horses, and rabbits but not pigs and cats.”

    Lot, all over the local news tonight was this picture of a Bay Area Rapid Transit passenger; a miniature horse “service animal”.


    • Replies: @Alfa158
    , @Lot
  14. @Autochthon

    For every one of your feel-good stories about the worst breed of dog in America, there are dozens of others about pit bulls attacking, mauling and even killing children, elderly people, neighbors, and even their owners.

    It is a terrible breed, popular among the lowest classes of people, and a fad among those who think as you apparently do.

    The breed is outlawed in some states and municipalities, because it is unpredictable and highly dangerous.

    The overwhelming majority of deaths-by-dog and vicious attacks from dogs in the United States are by pit bulls.

  15. Anon[329] • Disclaimer says:

    Why would an American care about pig ability to breed through brick walls? Most Americans have seen brick walls only on TV.

    • Replies: @Lugash
  16. Anonymous[367] • Disclaimer says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    A family adopted and then killed ate a pot bellied pig in BC Canada last year.

  17. Say what you will about that other stupid pet craze – The Pet Rock – at least there was no chance of them growing to 200 lbs or dumping 13 lbs of sh** on your carpet.

    • Agree: Cortes
  18. Alfa158 says:

    A pony riding BART? Sounds like an idea for a children’s book; The Bravest Pony in the Whole Wide World.

  19. Lot says:

    Taking a tiny horse on the subway with you is a brilliant solution to public transit’s difficult “last mile” problem.

    Now if we could get Bernie Getz to train them to shoot lasers beams, it’d be frickin awesome.

    • Replies: @Hypnotoad666
  20. @Buzz Mohawk

    You are an ill informed fool poor at logic, particularly chains of causation.

    The overwhelming majority of deaths in the F.U.S.A. are from heart disease. Let’s destroy all the franchisees of McDonald’s, Burger King, Hardees, Taco Bell, White Castle, and Wendy’s. Wait! In keeping with your inability to appreciate causes beyond the immediate, we had better destroy the mestizos serving that shit up for minimum wage, or, better still, the fat bastards buying and eating it. (Quaere: Will heart disease not then still be the leading cause of deaths…?)

    You blame beasts for the behaviours of evil humans; doubtless you believe automobiles and firearms are also inherently dangerous, evil things which “cause death.”

    A “terrible breed?” The “worst breed?” That’s a vague, conclusory statement, devoid of any meaning other than “I don’t like them.”

    Governments outlaw all kinds of stupid shit, from building a deck or trimming a tree on one’s own [sic] property to having arguments with one’s spouse to – as you point out here – caring for dogs.

    “Popular amongst the lowest class of people?” Careful, you are dangerously close to understanding causation here; you may formulate a logical thought if you don’t watch it. Criminal and unethical Negroes, mestizos, and, Hell, white people are responsible for a Hell of a lot more deaths than are dogs of any breed. Hadn’t they ought to be destroyed and outlawed? Nope; the governments whose wisdom you so adore as to invoke for a fallacious appeal to authority, when they do anything at all to such persons, at most incarcerate them for a few months, maybe even a very few years. The governments of course murder the beasts these monsters have abused.

    • LOL: jon
  21. Pericles says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    Pitbull Saves Toddler … For Midnight Snack.

    • LOL: Old Prude
  22. Anonymous[404] • Disclaimer says:

    In Russia, pet cougars are apparently becoming more popular. I’d feel safer around them than some of the ill bred or treated breeds of more aggressive dog.

    • Replies: @Whiskey
  23. Our new diverse neighbors find Western ideas about ‘pets’ somewhat mystifying.

    According to a local elected official I worked with, an Ecuadorian woman in Corona, Queens was buying guinea pigs every week from the Petland Discount until the people working there finally put two and two together.

    • LOL: Johann Ricke
  24. @Buzz Mohawk

    It’s a nature-nurture thing. Most dogs of this type are owned by fuckwits; are specifically trained to be aggressive; and are bred selectively for a propensity for athleticism (and secondarily, aggression).

    German Shepherds had a bad rep when I was growing up, because fuckwits owned them; trained them to be aggressive; and neglected them (e.g., leaving them locked in a wrecker’s yard). We had a delightful German Shepherd (“Frankwyn al-Sahib of Genoa” – Saab to our family) who I can’t even think about without crying – and he died over 30 years ago.

    I’m not a fan of pitbulls (nor am I a fan of the white dogs that used to be called pitbulls when I was a kid – the ones that look like Downs’ Syndrome dogs…

    But the reason they’re like that, is because the bottom 2 IQ quintiles demand them.

    Outlawing them as a breed just gives the breed cachet amongst the retard fuckwit classes – which means that unscrupulous breeders will crank out more of them, with less attention to breed standards.

    Anyone who wants a policy-based solution needs to put the onus at the right point.

    As with most social ills that originate in the fuckwit classes, the best policy to stifle it would be to introduce an IQ test for the legal authority for humans to reproduce (“legal authority” = family will continue to be entitled to tax-funded services if they reproduce).

    It would have some pretty nasty transitional effects (an increase in low-level property crime, as fuckwits who reproduced haphazardly tried to fund their own existence).

    Perhaps let ’em squirt out one sprog without penalty (that’ll halve the fuckwit population in 2 generations anyhow).

  25. @Lot

    Aren’t horses, like, the original “service animal,” since they provided the “service” of getting us from point A to B.

  26. jon says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    BTW can pot-bellied pigs be slaughtered and turned into barbeque?

    I remember a news story about a homeless guy that was arrested for eating someone’s pet pig back when this fad was still big. They started with a shot of the owner, crying about poor Wilbur or whatever, then they cut to the homeless guy saying, “but I was hungry.” Worth a laugh anyway.

  27. @Autochthon

    The examples you gave, fast food, etc., are subject to human choice and are controllable by humans. You don’t have to eat at McDonald’s, but if your neighbor brings home a pit bull, or if someone brings one to a public place where you are, then you are put in proximity to an animal that can act on its own, whether you like it or not.

    That breed has certain genetic characteristics. I am certain that you, here on an HBD blog, understand this concept. This is a nature/nurture issue. You blame the humans who own the pit bulls (and I do too, in part) but you ignore the fact that dog breeds differ from each other in their behaviors.

    You can send your pit bull to the best charter school, and you will still have a bad student on your hands; I took my German Shepherd to obedience school, and he does what I trained him to do.

    If you own a pit bull, I am sorry. I did not mean to ignite such a defensive response.

    The facts are clear, if only you would take the time to read them.

    I will make one correction to my earlier post: Many municipalities and organizations in many states have outlawed pit bulls, but no entire state has.

  28. Anon[212] • Disclaimer says:

    This is just sophistry and vague appeals to dumb libertarianism and dog blank slatism: Pit bulls and pit bull attacks are analogous to cheeseburgers and heart attacks! You trust the government, man? These dogs are abused! Etc.

    • Agree: Buzz Mohawk
    • Replies: @Alden
  29. At least the pigs have more value than the emus a relative thought they could make money on.

    • Replies: @Old Prude
  30. @Autochthon

    The breed “Pit bull” is formally called the “American Staffordshire Terrior” under AKC rules.

    It is rated “Confident, Smart, Good-Natured.” Stop badmouthing pit bulls!

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  31. Anonymous[118] • Disclaimer says:

    The 150 lb defecating, flatulent, urinating, damned ugly pig in the sitting room, which you ‘politely’ are not supposed to notice.

    Hmmm, somehow reminds me of the massive Economist third world immigration to the west, which are assured is ‘enriching’ and are strictly forbidden from even acknowledging.

  32. @petit bourgeois

    A pit bull is an ideal pet if you, personally, are at all times as alpha as Brad Pitt’s pit bull-owning stunt man character in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
  33. @Steve Sailer

    Yes, the Brad Pitt bull was great. And many of the breed can be trained. (The human variety was trained by Angelina Jolie but ran away.)

    But breeds differ for the same reasons human races do. Some here have attacked me with show-off logic while missing their own assumption, upon which their whole argument and insult is based: blank slate, poor beast like all other dogs, only the product of the humans who owned it. That is nonsense. Like your estimate for people, it is probably something like 50/50.

    There is an unpredictability and potential for disaster that can surface, by surprise, more than in other breeds. Plus, their breeding is so messed up now, with so many variations, that you don’t know what you’re getting.

    But yes, they can be trained, and they are not all the “bad students” that I called them in another comment.

  34. Whodathunk one could get so fat on Chinese takeout.

  35. Other then a mention of KHJ, it really didn’t bring me back to 1969, as I remember it. But you’re the greatest political commentator of all time, so I give tremendous deference to your opinion.

    I have two russian blues via my GF, otherwise known in my house as “Russian Assets.” Their pelts are softer than silk. I wonder how an American Staffordshire Terrier would react to them.

  36. Anon[379] • Disclaimer says:

    At the height of this craze in the late 80s/early 90s, one could actually make quite a tidy profit from breeding pot bellied pigs in one’s apartment:

  37. Dan Hayes says:

    Best-selling historian Paul Johnson believes that at some future time humans will be ashamed for ever having eaten highly intelligent pigs.

    An anthropologist visiting China recounted how pigs wailed throughout the night before their immanent slaughter the following day. After that, he and his family became vegetarians.

    • Replies: @Old Prude
    , @Alden
  38. Old Prude says:
    @Redneck farmer

    Emus. Alpacas. Llamas. Stay away from any animals that make your neighbors think they live next to Dr. Doolittle.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  39. @Kratoklastes

    Thank you for your response. Points well taken. I would just add that the other part, the nature part, should not be left out of consideration. It gives different breeds different propensities.

    A rescued pit bull is particularly dicey, because it may have a bad background and also may not have been properly socialized as a puppy for human interactions and time with children, etc. Why is it in the shelter in the first place?

    It’s bite and method of attack is more damaging than those of most other breeds. After all, it was bred to fight and kill other pit bulls. It is not the same as a shepherd, for example, so the consequences of bad nurture can be different.

    I remember a Downs’ Syndrome dog with George C. Scott in the movie Patton. Pretty funny.

    I too will never forget the German Shepherd I was allowed to pick from our family dog’s litter when I was ten. He died when I was in college, after backpacking, mountain climbing, and even living in a log cabin with me.

  40. @Autochthon

    I thought you were a white guy in Japan but apparently you’re a tattooed skinny white woman with dreadlocks calling herself Skye.

    • Replies: @Old Prude
  41. Old Prude says:
    @Dan Hayes

    I could never raise pigs for slaughter. I transported a live pig to a friends house for a weekend pig roast, and I’ll never forget the pleased and grateful look in his eyes when he walked out of the trailer to the fresh green pasture which he immediately began to root up with his snout. He thought we were pals

    I wasn’t there for the execution the next morning. My freind said when the 9 mm went off behind his ear the animal just raised his head and looked around because he heard a noise. A .45 was called for.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
  42. This article is really about the cute little waitress that you were flirting with over breakfast, and what happens when you let that get out of hand and end up married to her.

    Isn’t it?

    • LOL: Romanian
  43. @Old Prude

    What have Americans lost more money breeding: ostriches or lamas?

  44. Wency says:
    @Old Prude

    I feel this is anthropomorphizing. A pig won’t think you’re pals like a dog will. Though he can enjoy green pastures.

    Keeping non-dog animals as pets is a failure to recognize the tens of millennia involved in human-dog co-evolution, and thinking pigs are just dogs with snouts, rabbits are just dogs that like to hop, etc.

    • Replies: @Old Prude
  45. @Old Prude

    My freind said when the 9 mm went off behind his ear the animal just raised his head and looked around because he heard a noise. A .45 was called for.

    Then somebody just didn’t know what they were doing. People routinely put down horses with calibers as small as .22LR. I’ve done it with 9mm myself.

  46. tyrone says:
    @Old Prude

    .45?…no!….22 between the eyes , that stuns it long enough to cut it’s throat ,you don’t want to scramble the brains man !…yummy

  47. @Ghost of Bull Moose

    According to a local elected official I worked with, an Ecuadorian woman in Corona, Queens was buying guinea pigs every week from the Petland Discount until the people working there finally put two and two together.

    At $17 a plate, this isn’t exactly a cheap alternative to a turkey sandwich or a steak burrito:

  48. If Satan had a pet pig, that one in the photo above would be it.

  49. slumber_j says:
    @Colin Wright

    So what did happen to all those pot-bellied pigs?

    Well, at some point in the early 90s some Italian friends of ours got one as a present from, amusingly, a veterinarian friend of theirs. At the time they lived in an apartment in the Oltramo district in Florence, and for a year or two everything was great with the pig…until it wasn’t anymore.

    Having realized they’d been duped and as the burgeoning hog burgeoned on and on, they finally shipped it out to her mother’s place in nearby Fiesole–where they themselves then moved a few years later. There the eventually enormous pig lived out its long life contemplating the lovely view of Brunelleschi’s Dome amid the olive groves, finally dying only a year or two ago.

    So that’s what happened to one of them anyway.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
    , @Old Prude
  50. @Autochthon

    Say it ain’t so, Autochthon! CBD (canine biodiversity) is undeniable—pit bulls are the dindus of the dog world. Humans should discourage their breeding and most certainly not “rescue” them.

    BTW has anyone here tried Krave brand “Rescue Greyhound” jerky? I’m surprised Whole Foods would carry it.

  51. Anonymous[292] • Disclaimer says:
    @Old Prude

    Winston Churchill is quoted as saying “Dogs look up at you, cats look down on you, but a pig looks you straight in the eye”.

  52. As a counterfactual, I knew a realator lady some years ago who kept a pot-bellied pig. I saw it a number of years until it died. It weighed approximately 50-65 pounds. Owner used to keep its toenails painted.

  53. Dr. X says:

    Some poor guy on a bar stool at closing time…

  54. Anonymous[776] • Disclaimer says:

    Reading an account of the lives of the Irish peasantry ,written, naturally enough by a rather condescending English flaneur, I am reminded of what he described as the ‘typical living conditions’ of the ‘typical Irish peasant’.
    Basically, the peasant – and his considerable family – inhabited an earth floored, sod walled, thatched roof damp one roomed cabin. The other occupant was typically a piglet or full grown pig – exclusively raised in the cabin! – which became a playmate for the kids, and almost a family member. Of course, the pig was raised to provide some rare protein to go with the fatties.
    The cabin typically had some sort of ricketty ‘door’ as its only opening, a few yards distant of which resided a ‘large pile of pig waste’ – precious as potato fertilizer.
    The Englishman commentated wryly that the pig – and the pile of pig faeces – comprised the sole and only wealth and property of the Irishman and his family.

  55. @JimB

    I’d quarter him and smoke the hams, the ribs, make sausage, the belly for bacon, three or four different roasts on the thing. This is a pig you could raise specifically for the meat. Feed him lots of scraps, slops, it’s a heritage hog and you may consider him tasty, far more so than the dry, tasteless, overly-lean sawdust that passes for most pork in the stores today.

    Then, buy another, fatten HIM. Or her. I doubt there’s a difference. He’s the family pet right until you take him out and BING! .22 to the head.

    • Replies: @JimB
  56. @Kratoklastes

    My home insurer has a policy based solution. They specifically ask if your dog is a pitbull.
    I doubt if “Yes” garners you a discount.

  57. @Autochthon

    Exchanges like this make me appreciate the utter genius of the website master’s commenting limit.

  58. Lugash says:

    I call bullshit on being able to breed through brick walls. Straw? Absolutely. Sticks? Most likely. But bricks? No way.

    • LOL: Old Prude
  59. KunioKun says:

    I think after the pig ages too much the meat becomes too tough.
    13 lbs of fertilizer per day sounds like a good way to make extra cash for the owner of the pig.

  60. at the halfwitted buzz mohawk dingleberry on the butt of life-
    now you have done it, your idiotic jeremiad against pit bulls is ignorant, pointless, and FREEDOM hating at its worse; exhibiting EXACTLY the creeping nannyism you would otherwise decey: fauxhawk, your name is hypocrite…
    i have had dogs of all types my whole life, been around hundreds more, pit bulls and pit bull mixes are some of the best dogs i have had the pleasure of knowing… pit bull/whippet mix who adopted us was one of the sweetest dogs to people and other pets, would have laid down her life for her adopted family; fluffy the corgi/shitzu mix you love would shit itself and fall over dead…
    a dog doesn’t weigh AT LEAST in the neighborhood of 20-25 lbs, it is considered a rodent/canine hybrid of no effective use… just admit you are a cat person and stop mutating perfectly good dogs to be purse-sized decorations… there is no shame in being a cat person (okay, there is some shame), but there is shame in purposefully breeding broeken dogs who have little/no vestige of their original canine goodness intact…
    put the pitties down ? ? ? NO, put down the useless yip-yap, rodent/canine hybrids…
    …and save a shot for fauxhawk, too, anti-dog people are the worst…
    fucker, you better not come to my house with my pit bull/southern black mouth cur, he will bound around endlessly for pettings and be your BFF; UNLESS/UNTIL you threaten me, then you will find your neuticles shit out on the front lawn tomorrow…
    dickless wonder…

  61. What probably started the fad was the rumor (presented as scientific fact) that pigs were smarter than dogs. So why not have the smartest pet you can get?

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  62. Whiskey says: • Website

    Yes Courtney Cox and Jennifer Anniston are not that dangerous.

    There is always the danger of adopted African babies though. Ipod reds are the preferred trade mechanism.

  63. @slumber_j

    There’s a Mexican saying that refers to the pig’s apparent tendency to grow difficult and destructive as well as large and meaty.

    The pig is the ultimate animal. In one package, it offers the chance to experience love, revenge, and great eating.

    Certainly wild pigs are both diabolically clever and extremely destructive. Like having a vandal with a rototiller attack your yard whenever you’re not watching. I had a surreal experience when we lived in rural Hawaii.

    So I start getting nocturnal visits from pigs about 3:00 am (this is another aspect of the creatures; they don’t strike at dawn or dusk but in the dead of night.) It comes under discussion, and the local great brown hunter loans me a semi-functional .270 that is now a single shot along with five cartridges.

    No more pigs. They don’t come. I never fire a shot.

    Then, a good year later, the great brown hunter wants his .270 back. Of course. Here it is. Thank you.

    That very night the pigs descend again. True story.

  64. @Buzz Mohawk

    …all the idiots who are “rescuing” pit bulls that should be destroyed and outlawed.

    Lincoln’s abolitionism was more humane. He planned to send similar HBD problems to Panama.

    “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the pit and bulldog races.”

    “I am not nor ever have been in favor of making K9s or lapdogs of pitbulls, nor of qualifying them to fetch the paper, nor to share dog parks with Labradors; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the pit and other breeds which I believe will forever forbid the two breeds from living together on terms of social and political equality.”

  65. @Steve Sailer

    Llamas are tax write offs as well as anything associated with their breeding, care, maintenance, or transport, so ostritches.

  66. @Steve Sailer

    What have Americans lost more money breeding: ostriches or lamas?

    The one-l lama,
    He’s a priest.
    The two-l llama,
    He’s a beast.
    And I will bet
    A silk pajama
    There isn’t any
    Three-l lllama.*
    —Ogden Nash

    *The author’s attention has been called to a type of conflagration known as a three-alarmer. Pooh.

    The Pig, if I am not mistaken,
    Gives us ham and pork and Bacon.
    Let others think his heart is big,
    I think it stupid of the Pig.
    — Ogden Nash

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  67. Old Prude says:
    @Steve Sailer

    “What have Americans lost more money breeding: ostriches or lamas?”

    Alpacas, hands down. The Prudes have been heavily involved with fibre animals for the past twenty-five years, and there is nothing that says “foolish” near as much as a $30K cria. A llama actually can serve a useful purpose as a guard animal for small flock of sheep, though, in my opinion 5000 volts of high tensile is less trouble, and your property won’t look like a petting zoo.

  68. Old Prude says:

    That’s a happy ending. I love that. If someone could really create a “pocket pig” that got no more than 40lb and looked like Babe, they would make a fortune.

  69. Old Prude says:
    @Jack Henson

    Perhaps Autochthon is that Maine woman who parked next to me in a big black pickup, got out to walk her two large pitbulls, and instead of smiling at her and asking for a date, my pee=pee shriveled and I backed away before I lost my scrotum. I salute the man who has the stones to approach her past those two pit bulls.

  70. With technology where it is, why don’t people use Crispr or whatever to create micro versions of large animals. I.e. Micro pig, micro hippo, micro bear, micro elephant so people could have them as pets. It seems like this should be hypothetically possible right? I have no idea i am just speculating.

    I think a lot of people would enjoy a micro bear or micro elephant as pets.

  71. @Kratoklastes

    “the ones that look like Downs’ Syndrome dogs”

    Isn’t that a Staffordshire Bull Terrier or “Staffie” ?

    They also have a bit of a track record when it comes to chowing on kids, and their owners tend to look like them.

    It may be as Krato says that the dogs reflect their owners, but there’s a limit to the damage a beagle can do. Rotties, pitbulls, Dobermans and Rhodesian Ridgebacks can do a lot of harm.

    • Replies: @anon
  72. Aren’t pigs reservoirs for some nasty viruses that can jump to humans? Can a pet pig be vaccinated against such viruses. Swine flu was called that for a reason.

    Get a dog or a cat, for heaven’s sake!

    • Replies: @Alden
  73. @Reg Cæsar

    Nash was wrong about pigs.
    Being a domesticated food animal for the planet’s alpha predator has been genetically successful beyond belief.

  74. @Ghost of Bull Moose

    According to a local elected official I worked with, an Ecuadorian woman in Corona, Queens was buying guinea pigs every week from the Petland Discount until the people working there finally put two and two together.

    How comcial. They were selling merchandise, and she was buying it. What’s the problem?

    I used to feed unsold “pet” hamsters to my monitor lizard. The Asian woman who owned that pet store was just happy to sell off unsold stock. She knew what I was doing with them (well, in fairness, she probably assumed they were being fed to a snake, as opposed to a voracious lizard).

  75. Anonymous[386] • Disclaimer says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    Dog owners seem to have a problem understanding that an animal which is kind and loving to them may be vicious and deadly to everybody else.

    There’s a great video on Youtube of a pair of those Brazilian ‘Fila’ dogs playing with their pups and owner. The dogs all look adorable – but god help any stranger who happened to walk in on that happy scene…

  76. Nash was wrong about pigs.
    Being a domesticated food animal for the planet’s alpha predator has been genetically successful beyond belief.

    Even more so with corn, a.k.a. maize.

    There was a discussion on Lawrence Auster’s VFR about how embracing the noble swine has served as the best defense against the spread of Islam. The pig is a brick wall, of sorts.

    Name your next pig Martel.

  77. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:

    So what were you trying to convey in that pile of steaming words? That we shouldn’t “judge” anything or anybody or attribute negative connotations on anything or anybody based on gossip? You sound like the type of person who’s so open minded the contents of their head falls out.

  78. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:
    @Kevin O'Keeffe

    People who keep snakes or lizards at home are not normal people and feeding live hamsters or guinea pigs to them in a confined space is not like nature. It’s a form of extreme cruelty. In nature, the animal has a chance to run away. It’s like taking a person to the island of Komodo and tying them to a tree to be eaten by the lizards.

  79. Anonymous[386] • Disclaimer says:

    The latest exotic hipster pet seems to be woodlice. Pillbugs. Seriously. Look it up. You can get them in all kinds of exotic colors now (not just grey) and the rare ones aren’t cheap.

  80. JimB says:
    @Jim Christian

    He’s the family pet right until you take him out and BING! .22 to the head.

    You probably want to use a gun of Dirty Harry caliber unless you can outrun an angry 200 lbs swine with a headache.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Jim Christian
  81. anon[273] • Disclaimer says:

    The dog in the photo is an English Bull Terrier.
    These things have a powerful bite and a low centre of gravity.. When bred with a male Blue cattle dog, you’ll get something that is heavy enough, low enough, and stupid enough to have a go at a wild pig.
    A Staffordshire Bull Terrier is pretty much identical to a Pit Bull, people do keep them as children’s pets.
    One thing about English Bull Terriers, Staffordshires, and Rottweilers, they will attack unknown other dogs on sight.
    Only registered breeders should be allowed to keep more than one of these dogs, in my opinion.

  82. Old Prude says:

    No anthropo: The look in his eyes was very distinctly like a friendly dog. Conceive of sending your pet dogs to the knacker to turn a buck. Only the pig is smarter, and quite possibly more sensitive.

  83. Alden says:

    The loser gets the pig.

  84. Alden says:

    You can’t even get homeowners and renters insurance if you own a pit bull. It’s really not the training, lack of training or SES of the owners.

    It’s the strength of the jaw and the fact that once the pits clamp the jaws on, they don’t let go till the human’s bones are crushed. Pits like to attack the head and face. So it’s not just plastic surgery to reconstruct the face but reconstructive surgery to replace the natural bones with titanium ones. Terrible problem for children as they’ll need several surgeries as their bones change as they grow. And pit victims can’t sue the owners for reconstructive surgery because pit bull owners have no money or assets not even jobs.

    I don’t mind dogs, but some dog owners are just the epitome of sissy city boys and cat ladies. The pit bull lover websites are just a hoot and a holler.

    Have a crate to keep the mutt in so he does t attack you. The pit should have his own room with one of those wrought iron doors on it because they can charge through interior doors. Carry a stick when you walk it so when it clamps down on a passerby you can put the stick in the dog’s mouth and pry his jaws apart so his prey can escape. The best are the articles about some sissy city boy cat lady who “adopts” a pit bull and gets killed by the critter a day later.

    That’s my peasant deplorable hillbilly background ; animals are animals and humans are humans.

    Find a lover, find a friend, work overtime, find a hobby have some children.

    Off topic. A Tom Steyer ad for himself as president is on TV. He’s a gazillionaire son of a gazilliinaire running for President as a Democrat. He’s denouncing cooperations and the “rich”.

    And it looks as though Chesa Boudin, 4th generation Jewish communist revolutionary lost the San Francisco district attorney race Thanks Be To All The Christian Gods and Saints. He was one of the many pro criminal candidates for district attorneys sponsored by the evil Jew George Soros.

  85. Alden says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    No pigs don’t spread disease to humans unless you live with infected pigs in your peasant hut. Presumably the cute pet pigs get the same shots farm pigs get.

    Do any of these sissy city boys and cat ladies ever smell a pig farm before they bought their cute little pet? Pig manure really, really smells bad. Not suitable for a little suburban yard.

    • Agree: Old Prude
  86. anon[207] • Disclaimer says:

    Drop a handful of grain on the ground, let the pig out, he’ll head straight for the grain, then while he’s chewing away,, and at your lesuire,, shoot him between the eyes from about a foot away.
    He won’t know what hit him, and will drop like a stone.
    Sever the carotid artery immediately, and remember, as long as a pig still has a cup of blood left in him, he’ll keep kicking and squealing.

  87. @Kevin O'Keeffe

    Petland Discount doesn’t have a New York Retail Food Store License, as far as I know.

    • LOL: Old Prude
  88. @JimB

    You probably want to use a gun of Dirty Harry caliber unless you can outrun an angry 200 lbs swine with a headache.

    My grandpa Daddy Ben of Milton Tennessee had an old .22 revolver of some sort that shot .22 longs. It was one ear and out the other. Last time I saw it done was around 1965 or so. I wasn’t smoking at boozing quite yet as age of 8, so my taste buds were likely less damaged back then. Best ribs, bacon and pork chops I ever ate. To steal a line I read in a book that shall go unnamed, approximately, “There’s nothing better than meat tended to by your own hand”. Good old Mother Abagail!

  89. Alden says:
    @Dan Hayes

    Why would he have to go to China to observe pigs?

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
  90. Alden says:

    Slogan of the anti pit bull activitists .

    Pit bulls are the new blacks.

    In other words, idiot sissy city boys and cat ladies gave up on saving criminal dis functional blacks from themselves and focused on saving pit bulls from something or other.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  91. Dan Hayes says:


    He and his family were forced to observe pigs when stuck in the Chinese boondocks, not like the US with Motel 6 availability!

    • Replies: @Alden
  92. Anonymous[255] • Disclaimer says:

    I don’t know if one cause has replaced the other, but you’re right that the same emotions are involved in both cases. It’s the old Puritan urge to save the world, and the worse the sinner, the greater the triumph in bringing him to God. This is why these people fawn over the worst criminals–and the worst dogs.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  93. Alden says:
    @Dan Hayes

    Thanks. So he didn’t go to China to observe pigs. He happened to observe pigs while he was there. Makes sense.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
  94. Further support for the Wisdom of the pigs choice to be prime eating.

    And you should read this piece just because of the phrase.

    “Massive overhang of pork bellies”

  95. @Hapalong Cassidy

    Didn’t work for your wife, did it?

  96. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    Are the pit bulls elect? I thought you were or weren’t and if not, you were going to hell because you did not have the ability to have saving knowledge of Jesus, or something like that.

  97. Alden says:

    Cat breeders have been breeding miniature cats for some time now. It’s not a good idea. Some have 2 heads and 3 or 5 but not 4 legs. They’re cute the size of 6 month kittens full grown.

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