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Felony Criminal Charge Against Jussie Smollett
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  1. jcd1974 says:

    Detectives will make contact with his legal team to negotiate a reasonable surrender for his arrest.

    No FBI SWAT team busting down his door at 5:00 AM with CNN in tow?

    Gay-Black-Jewish privilege!

    • LOL: Abe
  2. Plea deal – no jail time.

    Tune in for season whatever of Empire.

    Law and Order SVU now has new plot material as well, but the hoaxer will be a SWM.

  3. Anon[303] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    The Jew in Smollett has a knack for pranks but without the humor.

    • Replies: @Olorin
  4. Lot says:

    Justice served.

    • LOL: jim jones
  5. Well I don’t think anyone could have seen this coming.

  6. Lot says:

    Jussie is news item #1, 2, and 3 on and FoxNews.

    NYTimes…. #6.

    Yahoo News: #1

    Google News: no coverage at all on the main page.

    • Replies: @larry lurker
    , @Dr. X
    , @Hail
  7. Anon7 says:

    Please, please tell me he has a white Bronco!

    I’ll clear my schedule.

    • LOL: Stan d Mute
    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  8. trelane says:

    Disorderly conduct is punishable by a $100 fine with a sealed record (no criminal record). Similar to a parking ticket. Except unpaid parking tickets can be a real problem with escalating penalties and a boot put on your car. Disorderly conduct is *less* than a parking ticket.

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
    , @Jack D
  9. I bet Douglas Feith is breathing a sigh of relief right now.

  10. Ibound1 says:

    We may have reached Peak Hate Hoax.

  11. utu says:

    Jussie Smollett has a history of lying to the cops and once pretended to be his little brother when he was pulled over for a 2007 DUI in Los Angeles


  13. istevefan says:

    When is he going to be banned from social media? This guy could have started a race war.

    When are those who pushed this hate hoax, the Covington hoax, etc., etc., going to be banned? How many times does mainstream news get to be wrong before social media treats them as fake news?

  14. @Lot

    A Smollett article is the #1 story on Google News now. But I have noticed they seem to curate articles much more carefully these days compared to a couple of years ago.

    • Replies: @larry lurker
  15. the jury pool will be majority black–this will be another OJ fiasco

    • Agree: Bruce County
  16. trelane says:

    Overton Window opens as “Hate hoax” appears on current Drudge Report. Now it’s a thing and not just something Steve Sailer has mentioned from time to time.

  17. @trelane

    tre, if you are white they put a boot on your face. Forever.

  18. Any federal charges for the fake anthrax mail?

  19. Jack D says:

    Although a Class 4 felony in Illinois is the least serious of all felony charges, it still is a serious charge. A prison sentence for a Class 4 felony conviction is 1 to 3 years, and Class 4 felony convictions can also include fines of up to $25,000.

    Some common Class 4 felonies include aggravated assault, stalking, drug possession of a controlled substance, aggravated DUI, driving on a revoked driver’s license, and theft, depending on the amount that was stolen and the circumstances involved.

    • Replies: @Jack Hanson
  20. Cops go to arrest Smollett. He greets them at the door with a gun, that later proves to be a replica. Cops shoot and kill Jussie and BOOM…DNC talking points. Funeral service lasts three days, NPR coverage lasts forever. Pall bearers include AOC, Kamala, Bernie, Barack, Booker and Nathan Philips.

    • Replies: @International Jew
  21. The penalty can run 1-3 years, but like others here, I think a plea deal is likely.

    If this kills his acting career, he might have a future as a scriptwriter for SVU. He certainly knows how to supply drama to distract from all the plot holes.

  22. weejax says:

    Now might be the appropriate time to posit Smollett’s Law:

    Vs = 1 / Va where Vs = signalled virtue and Va = actual virtue

    • LOL: ThreeCranes
  23. @istevefan

    This guy could have started a race war.

    On his program yesterday, Rush Limbaugh, who occasionally hits the nail on the head, said he believes Smollet planned to have his staged attack filmed by a surveillance camera and then shown on the news 24/7 like the Rodney King video, with all the ensuing riots. This was a truly vicious act for which he deserves severe punishment.

    Aphorist Aaron Haspel wrote, “A well-conducted police state pardons a few prisoners now and then; this persuades the populace that the rest are guilty.” Similarly, a well-conducted SJW state like the one in which we live should convict a hate-hoaxer now and then if it wishes to maintain the illusion that the vast majority of hate crimes are not hoaxes.

  24. Jack D says:

    At first, people were saying that he would never be arrested. Oops, he’s been arrested. Now he’ll never serve time. Oops, he’s gonna do time. White privilege is not a thing, but neither is black gay privilege. There’s a certain point where, if you break the law badly enough, you’re going down whether you are black, white, green, whatever. Jussie does not have Clintonian levels of immunity.

  25. It Ain’t Over Emmett Till It’s Over…

    Jussie still has some heavy-hitters in his corner:

    Sorry, had it all mixed up:

  26. Will there be federal charges?

    • Replies: @Jack D
  27. Jussie does not have Clintonian levels of immunity.

    And, with a bit of luck people will start asking why does Hillary keep getting away with worse offenses.

  28. istevefan says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    We are constantly told diversity is a strength. But we are always on edge that an incident like this could set off another LA Riots circa 1992. Maybe the next time the guy will be smart enough to act it out in front of the camera. Or someone will really concoct a hoax and film it like the Blair Witch Project.

    Keep in mind many times when videos surface they are always edited to only show the parts that the people want shown. Recall with Covington they released snippets that did not show what had happened prior to the indian confronting the boys. Only when the boys were able to show their video with the extended footage did most of the world realize they were not at fault.

    Sooner or later one of these hoaxes is going to have some brains and do it rather convincingly. When that happens look out. Therefore, Smollett needs to pay a heavy price to deter a future hoaxer. I’d suggest a SWAT team showing up at dawn with a CNN camera crew in tow to start. Then that would be followed by solitary confinement, sort of like Mr. Manafort is receiving. Afterwards he would be sentenced to several years in prison and lose his SAG card and become unemployable in Hollywood.

    • Replies: @BenKenobi
  29. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    What’s SVU?

    • Replies: @Jack D
  30. Dr. X says:

    Felony criminal charges have been approved by @CookCountySAO against Jussie Smollett for Disorderly Conduct / Filing a False Police Report. Detectives will make contact with his legal team to negotiate a reasonable surrender for his arrest.

    Huh… oddly enough, ABC radio news just tonight quoted the ((($PLC))) as saying that there are now more “hate groups” than ever… just in time to bury the Smollett hoax story!

    Whadda coincidence! Gotta keep the contributions flowing in, ya know…

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  31. @Buffalo Joe

    Funeral service lasts three days

    Here we’re in luck as Jews get buried within 24 hours of death if at all possible.

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @Buffalo Joe
  32. @bored identity

    Who’s the second gal? (I recognize the first as Rachel Jeantell.)

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @Reg Cæsar
  33. Jack D says:
    @International Jew

    Too bad Jussie isn’t really Jewish. He went to Catholic school. He’s not Jewish according to Jewish law. His father was some kind of atheist Communist. The closest that Jussie Smollett got to anything Jewish is that he ate a bagel once.

  34. Jack D says:

    Special Victims Unit. The Law & Order TV show franchise comes in many flavors. In Law & Order SVU, the detectives specialized in solving crimes committed by evil rich white men rapists. From watching this show, I have learned that virtually all of the rapists in NYC are cruelly handsome evil rich white men who look like this:

    or this:

    If you ever see anyone who looks like that, call the police because they are probably a serial killer or rapist or both.

    • Replies: @Joe, Averaged
    , @Anon
  35. Arclight says:

    He may even do a bit of time, but he’ll get to resurface in the not so distant future with a full media campaign, book, etc…to explain how he’s sorry and changed, but that the US is still racist as hell.

    • Replies: @Hail
    , @Buck Ransom
  36. Dr. X says:

    Wow, what another coincidence!!! Just in time to bury the Smollett Hoax, we have a WHITE NATIONALIST “terrorist” who wanted to kill every person on earthwow!!! — despite the fact that the article states clearly that “there was no actual plan”!!!

    Sure looks like this guy is being persecuted for his POLITICAL views.

    The gun/drug thing is just a f–ing ruse. He was on tramadol, for God’s sake. The guns are merely stage props to scare the women and children:

    • Replies: @Hail
  37. @Jack D

    “At first, people were saying that he would never be arrested. Oops, he’s been arrested. Now he’ll never serve time. Oops, he’s gonna do time. ”

    Not relevant to my prediction. I never said he wouldn’t be arrested. And he won’t do time. He’ll plead it down and get probation.

    “There’s a certain point where, if you break the law badly enough, you’re going down whether you are black, white, green, whatever. Jussie does not have Clintonian levels of immunity.”

    You’re clearly not in tune with the Chicago machine pal. Repeat offenders who are nobody get assault with a deadly weapon charges knocked down to unlawful discharge of a firearm. I know of one personally.

    “White privilege is not a thing, but neither is black gay privilege.”
    Did you read the tweets from the presidential hopefuls?? Or note how many 100’s of hours police spent investigating this hoax? This entire event has been an exercise in gay Jewish black privilege. Seriously, spare me this absurd level of delusional crazy talk.

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @Eric Novak
  38. BenKenobi says:

    Sooner or later one of these hoaxes is going to have some brains and do it rather convincingly

    I’ve been pointing this out for some time now — look to my half-joking “You have researched Negro Storm” posts.

    The SJW mob is a ready made Fifth Column. Currently Globo-Homo uses it to direct the Eye of Sauron upon Beckys and bestow the Mantle of MLK upon Jussies.

    A few regulars have pointed out today that the Rodney King footage led to LA burning. There is very little stopping interested third parties from false-flagging another Trayvon as some form of Fifth Generation Warfare. It would be like starting a forest fire, only this time the trees are people.

  39. @Jack D

    Yes, we all know Jewish proclivities are only passed through rabbinical rites and mtDNA and that anybody calling himself an “atheist Communist” has never acted with judeo-ethnic interest, not even once.

    Is he legally gay according to homolaw or do we need to ignore that part too?

    • LOL: Buck Ransom, utu
    • Replies: @Jack D
  40. Hail says: • Website

    Is Google News’ main page tailored to individuals, like their ads are? Or is it a one-page-fits-all for a given country; In other words, if two people are both in the USA but have totally different Google habits, will we see the same main headlines at the same time? (Excluding the Local section, obviously).

    I notice you can take a little news vacation by simply changing the “Language and Region” setting. Right below “English – United States” is “English – Zimbabwe.”

    One of the top three stories Google suggests for Zimbabweans as of this writing:

    Zimbabwe army vows ‘snap search for its uniforms’

    IN a move that could raise fears of a fresh crackdown, the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) has said it will flush out “rogue members of society” using military reg…

    Bulawayo24 News

    I must say, I like “rogue member of society” as a conceptual term. Clear but classy.

    “Rogue members of society” is reminiscent of the State Department’s 1990s-era neologism “rogue state,” which, for whatever else you could say about it (or its crafters/pushers), was at least a classier term than alternatives.

    • Replies: @Lot
    , @Redneck farmer
  41. Mr. Anon says:

    OT: A sin map of the United States:

    As with many things, when it comes to being clean from sin, cleanliness is next to Canada.

  42. Clyde says:

    This weak disorderly conduct charge translates into — “He dindu nuffin”

  43. Question: How is a plea deal in a state crime handled in a federal trial?

    Typically, it is only admissible if the defendant testifies, correct? So, if there is a federal trial over the mailed threat, that means Jussie cannot testify, otherwise any state-level plea deal (and his prior 2007 case) basically sinks his credibility and defense.

    It seems like if there is a plea deal to be struck, it will likely be at the federal level, where the stakes are much higher. It wouldn’t surprise me if his lawyers try to drag this out as long as possible to get a sense of any impending federal charges.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  44. Will the #LyingMSM maintain any interest in the Jussie Hate Crime Hoax from now on or will they get distracted by Democratic Party claims that President Trump was trying to sell Nuclear secrets to the Saudis?

  45. @Anon7

    “You’ve got your whole family out here.”

    “whole”? Where Nicole at?

    “All I did was love Nicole. All I did was love her. I love everybody. I try to show everybody my whole life that I love everybody.”

    Loved ’em to death, in fact.

  46. The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Jussie’s Martyrdom already trumps all the black & whitenes of Consuela’s trivial existence :

    ‘Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot: ‘Roma’ Just an “Expensive Home Movie,” “About F—ing Time” for Spike Lee ‘

    “…After that is Roma. It’s beautifully crafted and looks fantastic, but ultimately, I was wondering where the entertainment or even intellectual value is in this movie.


    The Favourite is an unbelievably delicious film, and I was completely entertained from beginning to end — its humor and sexuality turned me on.

    It’s a better movie than BlacKkKlansman, but I have no idea what it was trying to say.

    I prefer to reward a movie that is solid and has something of social importance to say, like BlacKkKlansman.

    The Charlottesville footage at the end of it sealed the deal for me — it reminds us that things really haven’t gotten better…”

    Consuela, do you also believe it’s about f—ing time for Spike Lee? :

    • Replies: @TheMediumIsTheMassage
  47. Whiskey says: • Website

    Pretty shocked by this. Smollett is tight with Harris. Figure that would let him skate.

    That’s how power works. Especially in Chicago. Rahm had to sign off on this arrest.

    Sure got that one wrong.

    Is the arrest a play to damage Harris and help either Hillary or Michelle?

    Harris hired most of Hillary’s old team and this is Chicago so maybe we will see another Obama Clinton shadow fight? Some are suggesting Harris was dumb enough to put Smollet up the whole thing. Maybe.

    It is a Tom Wolfe world.

  48. Hail says: • Website

    How many people had ever heard of this guy before his keystone-cop Hate Hoax?

    I doubt he will be coming back. Maybe if he were a bigger star to begin with.

  49. @Arclight

    Jussie will be great fodder for a People Magazine cover story, or maybe several. Consider the human interest of a 2020 prison visit from Dem presidential nominee Kamala Harris after the nuptials of Jussie and the F-to-M transgender who shares his cell. We are talking serious tabloid competition for Meghan Markel and Prince Harry.

    Speaking fo the Windsors, some editor at People needs to get to work to find out if Meghan and Jussie ever appeared together in one of their TV gigs. Hmmmm, a Chicago prison visit/showbiz reunion featuring Jussie and the Duchess of Sussex. What a cover that will make!

  50. Lot says:

    It can be customized, but I don’t think it is automatically customized. I never click on sports or entertainment and always click on Israel stories, but it has never adapted to this.

    • Replies: @Anonymouse
  51. @Dr. X

    there are now more “hate groups” than ever

    How could there not be? The SPLC keeps expanding the definition of “hate.”

    • Replies: @MB
  52. @International Jew

    I recognize the first as Rachel Jeantel

    Who suggested to Trayvon that George really wanted his steatopogy , thus leading to attempted murder.

    My sister claims every cellphone call ever made is preserved somewhere in Utah. If so, this one was miraculously lost.

  53. MBlanc46 says:

    I shared your skepticism, but it’s not over yet.

  54. @larry lurker

    Update: It’s not yet midnight on the East Coast and the story can no longer be found in the top 50 Google News headlines.

    • Replies: @Peter Johnson
  55. Jack D says:

    Repeat offenders who are nobody get assault with a deadly weapon charges knocked down to unlawful discharge of a firearm.

    Sure, stuff like that happens all the time with our plea bargaining system. The prosecutors don’t have the resources to take more than a small fraction of cases to trial and even if they did, they don’t have the prison space to keep 1/2 the adult black male population locked up all the time.

    But it’s BECAUSE they are nobody. Jussie has attracted the Eye of Sauron. Once the Eye casts its terrible gaze upon you, it will not be averted. Jussie is the #1 story on Google News, the lead story on CNN – there’s no way to shove this under the rug anymore by pleading to jaywalking. No can do, even for one of their pets. It’s out of their hands now.

    • Replies: @MikeatMikedotMike
  56. @Jack D

    You’re crowing that he will “do time” when that is still very much in question. Tell me what he’s been charged with. And if he does ANY time do you think it would be anywhere near the same as if a white person went to these lengths to make blacks look like monsters?

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @Jack D
  57. Lurker says:

    but the hoaxer will be a SWM

    The problem is that, like so many Hate Hoaxers, Jussie has sounded a false note (obviously). The media/political complex doesn’t want blacks associated with gayness, that exalted station is almost entirely reserved for white men.

    So a fictionalised version would have to be a straight black male or a gay white male. Adhering to The Agenda can be a minefield!

  58. Cato says:

    Law and Order SVU now has new plot material as well, but the hoaxer will be a SWM.

    Yes. Because any story with black criminals is just not very interesting, and viewers will change the channel. I’ve heard that the show “Cops” would record dozens of arrests, and discard all but those involving white perps.

    • Replies: @Clyde
    , @Redneck farmer
  59. @Whiskey

    Even if Chicago politics is corrupt, its politicians are not eager to see neighborhoods torched during race riots. That combined with its homicide rate, would be enough to permanently dim the city’s fortunes, killing the Golden Goose.

    It’s not lost on higher-ups that, at a minimum, Jussie was willing to accuse any two random people who had the bad fortune of being near the attack. More than likely, he was hoping the attack would be caught on tape, in which case, the city’s South Side would burn.

  60. Hail says: • Website
    @Dr. X

    wanted to kill every person on earth

    A mix of:

    And when he planned to steal our sunlight, he crossed that line between everyday villainy and cartoonish supervillainy.
    —Waylon Smithers


  61. @Jack D

    To add, SVU’s formula usually involves something from your local hardware store and a unit of genitalia or other private part. Such that the opening of every episode goes something like this:

    “Did you find the body?”
    “Yes. His anus was stuck together with Krazy Glue.”


    “We can’t show the body to the family.”
    “Why not?”
    “Her breasts were exploded with a pneumatic pump.”

    And obviously only white guys would do shit like that.

    • Agree: TTSSYF
  62. @Harry Baldwin

    he believes Smollet planned to have his staged attack filmed by a surveillance camera and then shown on the news 24/7 like the Rodney King video

    Dunno, could be hard fake a vicious attack well enough to fool expert viewers of the video. Even me; I’m no expert but I can tell that professional wrestling is fake. To make it credible, Jussie would have had to be willing to get hurt. Like the villain in “Dirty Harry” — — though not quite that bad!

  63. Clyde says:

    The Pumped Nigerians must be easy going guys. In this misadventure they never got riled up and punched that very punchable Juicy face. Prolly they really wanted their $3500 payoff for their vacation in Nigeria (just 6 degrees north of the equator) where temps might be as nice as they ever get this time of year.
    Today’s high temperature was 91 degree Fahrenheit…..low of 79

    Distance between Lagos, Nigeria and the Equator
    718 km = 446 miles

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  64. Clyde says:

    Yes. Because any story with black criminals is just not very interesting, and viewers will change the channel. I’ve heard that the show “Cops” would record dozens of arrests, and discard all but those involving white perps.

    Why I never watched one minute of “The Wire”, plus ghetto idiots taking drugs? Not interested in that sub-IQ drama. Though Breaking Bad was good.

  65. MB says: • Website
    @Harry Baldwin

    If you are white, by definition you belong to some sort of hate group.
    Don’t worry, we’ll find out which one after we book you.
    It won’t take long.

  66. @MikeatMikedotMike

    I’m in tune with the Chicago machine. Chicago detectives will exact revenge on the AG’s office one way or another if Smollet doesn’t get what he deserves. The machine doesn’t work with cops still pissed off from the stand down era of Obama and Holder. Smollet’s going to prison and may also be tried in Federal courts for mail fraud.

    • Replies: @MikeatMikedotMike
  67. Are we going to get another Bronco chase moment?

  68. The party line now is “this is terrible and Smollett was wrong [all but the most delusional diehards seem to have already abandoned all pretense of ‘believing’ him, they seem to be learning] because it will mean people will be less inclined to believe future reports of hate crimes”.

    Once again they manage to turn it on whitey. The real victims are the poor POC and womyn who have yet to be oppressed.

    Zero thoughts spared for the white people in 33% black Chicago whose lives might have been put in danger by this stunt. The idea that black people might have retaliated by targeting white people for crime in revenge, or that it may have started a race riot (with violence targeted towards whites) doesn’t even exist in their heads.

  69. @trelane

    Will the masses connect the dots between this, Covington, and the little black girl from earlier this year? We’ve had three in a row.

    • Replies: @JerseyJeffersonian
  70. @bored identity

    “The Charlottesville footage at the end of it sealed the deal for me — it reminds us that things really haven’t gotten better…””

    Another hate hoax to add to the list.

  71. @MikeatMikedotMike

    I’m betting with you on the no jail time thing, but it could also be he serves a couple of months as a face saving thing for the cops/feds.

    I’m waiting for the ‘I’m anguished, and gay, and troubled by Trump and that’s why I did it’ defense. The hate hoax thing has just been too good to dems for them to let it go, which it would if Jussie is just straight up convicted.

    If Jussie made it up, maybe the Ferguson, Trayvon, et. al. cases were all made up. Can’t let that happen.

  72. @istevefan

    Indeed he could have.

    Alas, no Cartman to fan the flames.

  73. @Hail

    “Rogue member of society”, isn’t that anybody who comments here?

  74. @Cato

    Wasn’t “The First 48” criticized because it had an accurate racial percentage of criminals, thus making it racist?

  75. The Craw says:

    The Smollett matter is yet another example of blacks behaving badly, only slightly more embarassing.

    A privileged black, who ought to know better, convinces 2 ordinary blacks to help him commit a felony hate crime as a publicity stunt.

    The ordinary blacks agree in exchange for the paltry sum of $3,500.

    It’s an embarrassment to both blacks and Democrats. They want this thing to disappear because continued public discussion detracts from the narrative.

    Already “community activists” on the west side of Chicago have taken to the airwaves to criticize the City for all the resources poured into the Smollett investigation while murders in the “communerty” go unsolved. That message has been duly noted by the Democrats who run Chicago and Cook County.

    The black female Democrat prosecutor of Cook County, Kim Fox, who ran on a criminal justice reform platform (claiming too many black men end up in jail because the system is biased*), has recused herself from the Smollett case on the flimsiest of excuses. She has appointed her white male deputy to prosecute Smollett, thus setting him up to take the criticism when the matter is resolved quickly and in Smollett’s favor.

    Smollett has been charged with a single felony (filing a false police report) when it appears that several have been committed: 1) filing a false police report; 2) conspiracy to commit a hate crime; and 3) hate crime.

    His single charge will be plea bargained down so that Smollett will not have to plead to a felony and the matter will be concluded. Move along now. Nothing to see here.

    * just 10 days ago the president of the Chicago FOP told the media that the union would seek the appointment of a special prosecutor to pursue battery charges against arrestees who attack officers while trying to avoid arrest. Ms. Fox has refused to add charges onto defendants even when they spit at, punch and kick the police. The chief judge of the Cook County Circuit Court, Timothy Evans, a black Democrat, is also supportive of the criminal justice reform espoused by Ms. Fox. He has instituted a reduced bail and no bail initiative in the case of minor crimes so that the mostly black defendants that are processed by the Court are released on their own recognizance, only to be re-arrested on other charges days later. Toni Preckwinkle, the black, female Democratic president of the Cook County Board who is currently also running for Mayor of Chicago to replace Rahm Emanuel, supports criminal justice “reform” and is widely seen as Ms. Fox’ political mentor.

  76. @Buffalo Joe

    There was a recent (successful) Jewish-Muslim campaign against a London coroner who insisted on conducting inquests in the order the deaths were reported to her, and not prioritising Jewish and Muslim deceased so the burials could take place. Reading reports at the time, I got the impression various “community” people threatened to wreck her career, it put her back up and she had an ordered, race-and-religion-blind, take your place in the queue policy.

    She didn’t realise London’s not been a part of England for decades, has been made to change her policy, and subjected to struggle sessions of apology.

  77. @Clyde

    As one iSteve commenter said, the Bleach Boys probably spent $3000 of their $3500 on whiskey and Nigerian whores.

    And the rest they wasted.

    • Replies: @Clyde
    , @MEH 0910
    , @Hail
    , @Dtbb
    , @Vinteuil
  78. @Jack D

    This is the same jurisdiction that has multiple recidivist violent felons walking out of the court with “time served” if charges are brought at all and some of you boomers really think he’s gonna get the book thrown at him.


  79. Clyde says:
    @Steve Sailer

    As one iSteve commenter said, the Bleach Boys probably spent $3000 of their $3500 on whiskey and Nigerian whores.

    Now that would make a good reality show for the BET cable channel. So when is Juicy going to pay them the $500 he owes them plus expenses such as their buy of ski masks, red baseball caps, etc. on video. Is why the Bros kept their receipts.

  80. Anonymous[320] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jack D

    Jussie and the actress sister have said on multiple occasions that they identify as “Blewish”, and a quick scroll through their Instagrams shows Jussie and siblings celebrating Passover and Hanukkah (or Chrismukkah or whatever). It’s obvious they feel much more strongly about being black than being Jewish, and whatever Jewish identity they do have they won’t be passing on, but it seems to be a bit more than bagels.

    He went to Catholic school. He’s not Jewish according to Jewish law. His father was some kind of atheist Communist.

    Okay, seriously, are you so invested in these people not being Jewish whatsoever that you’ve suddenly forgotten that it’s not just a religion in order to make it so? I don’t think Jussie did what he did because he’s Jewish or because his father was or whatever it is some are saying, but using the arguments above to deny someone a Jewish identity is laughable.

  81. Anonymous[853] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Craw

    2) conspiracy to commit a hate crime; and 3) hate crime.

    Federal charges usually, not up to the discretion of the Chicago DA.

    • Replies: @The Craw
  82. Jack D says:

    I’m not crowing. I’m just trying to counter the folks who keep falsely predicting that he’s somehow immune from the law because of where he sits on the diversity totem pole. It’s just not true.

    • Replies: @Jack Hanson
  83. @Whiskey

    “Sure got that one wrong.”

    Sure, cause you’ve been a fucking oracle up to now.

  84. Jack D says:
    @Non-Lawyer But Curious

    His lawyers won’t dare put Jussie on the witness stand in any trial, state or Federal. Having him testify in his own “defense” would be a sure route to conviction. He could never withstand cross-examination.

    The evidence here is so overwhelming that I don’t see this as going to trial, even if they could angle for a mostly black jury. And the trial of Jussie Smollett would be a distraction that Dem pols don’t want in an election year. He’s going to plead guilty in exchange for a relatively light sentence. One which, however, will include some jail time.

    • Replies: @Anon
  85. @Jack D

    Jack D trying to convince everyone his golem is totally subject to the same laws as everyone else.

  86. The Craw says:


    Smollett turned himself in at 5:00 a.m. at a location that was not previously disclosed to the media. Jizzie thus avoided the glare of the cameras.

    The place of surrender was negotiated by Jizzie’s attorneys.

    Second City Cop reported yesterday that control of the investigation had been wrested from CPD and transferred to the Cook County State’s Attorney (CCSA) office because Jizzie’s attorneys complained about all the leaks coming out of CPD.

    CSSA is headed by black female Democrat Kim Fox who is predisposed to believe the criminal justice system is biased against blacks.

    Second City Cop also reporting that CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson* has ordered an internal investigation into the source of the leaks.

    Jack D: when might we expect the whithering Eye of Sauron to turn its gaze upon Jizzie?

    Johnson is a black mediocrity who was hand-picked by Mayor Emanuel and catapulted into the top job after a national search, over the finalists vetted by a City Council approved search commision. The Council had to adopt special legislation countermanding the decision of the search commission in order to install Johnson as Superintendent.

  87. ic1000 says:

    Fair-use quip from the middle of Heather Mac Donald’s Feb. 18 City Journal piece on L’Affaire Smollett, The Frenzied Search for Racism.

    Smollett made a not-irrational wager that a patently preposterous narrative about an anti-black, anti-gay hate crime at 2 a.m. in subzero Chicago would be embraced by virtually the entirety of the mainstream media, leading Democratic politicians, Hollywood, and academia, with no one in these cohorts bothering to fact-check his narrative or entertain even armchair skepticism toward it. He also presumed, again with good reason, that to claim victim status would catapult him to the highest echelons of public admiration and accomplishment. And he was right.

  88. MEH 0910 says:

  89. @trelane

    Overton Window opens as “Hate hoax” appears on current Drudge Report. Now it’s a thing and not just something Steve Sailer has mentioned from time to time.

    Tucker Carlson used the phrase “hate hoax” close to a dozen time last night, and the night before. It’s being deliberately injected into the lexicon.

  90. @TheMediumIsTheMassage

    Not if the media can help it.

    Down the memory hole with these damp squibs, or disasterously failed efforts so that no such dot-connecting might happen. Why guide your average YT to a correct perception of the extent of the psyops offensive relentlessly directed against them?

    Then, too, when the hoaxed fight back, and sue for major damages, that might put a crimp in their tail.

  91. MEH 0910 says:
    @Steve Sailer

    [email protected]_Police Supt Eddie Johnson says they have the check #JussieSmollett wrote to the two brothers for $3500. Says it was staged, the brothers hit him a few times. But most of the injuries on #Smollett were “self-inflicted”.

    • Replies: @Hail
  92. Jack D says:

    Tell me what he’s been charged with

    So far, he’s been charged with a Class 4 state law felony, punishable by 1 to 3 years imprisonment and a fine of up to $25,000. And the Feds are coming next.

  93. Hail says: • Website
    @Steve Sailer

    So they literally used the hoax money to buy round-trip tickets for their Nigerian vacation?

    Any chance their visas will be cancelled over this?

    Or does the Zeroth Amendment take precedence?

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @Jonathan Mason
  94. Jack D says:

    There is absolutely nothing in Jussie’s life history, especially not this most recent episode, in which he displayed any “Jewish proclivities” or acted with “judeo-ethnic interest”. I’m not even sure what those are, but whatever they are, Jussie ain’t got them. As someone pointed out, Jussie is a sort of perfect storm of black people’s high self regard and low abilities (which makes them prime candidates for the Dunning–Kruger Effect) combined with gay attention seeking behavior. There just ain’t nothin’ “Jewish” about him despite his DNA.

  95. Jack D says:

    What makes you think that they are not US citizens? They have been here for a long time, went to HS in the US. So far they have not been accused of any crime (and probably won’t be so long as they cooperate with the prosecutors) and there is no reason to revoke their visas even if they aren’t citizens yet.

    They did not perpetrate any hoax. There are aspiring actors who were hired to act in a bit of street theater. Jussie was the one who falsely reported their little playlet to the police as an actual racial attack. When they were questioned by the police, they immediately told the truth about what they knew.

    • Replies: @Hail
    , @Marquandian Hero
    , @Anon
  96. Another hate crime hoax is brewing, but the guy might have picked a bad time to try it!

    • Replies: @sayless
  97. Hail says: • Website
    @Jack D

    They have been here for a long time

    Answer me this,

    How did they, or their parents[?], get into the USA? (What kind of visa)

    Who let them in? And why?

    File under “Not Sending Their Best.”

    • Replies: @Jack D
  98. Black Victim Month serves for New Lent:
    Whitey’s sackcloth-and-ashes event.
    But an ill-staged “attack” place
    With actors in blackface
    Won’t serve to make Whitey repent.

  99. @The Craw

    Certainly the DOJ should be sent to Chicago to investigate this hate crime. Jussie maintains he was attacked by two Bigots who target homosexuals , these culprits should be arrested and deported. Nigeria is one of the nations which executed gays and this highlights an issue Trump has been fighting , attacks on the LGBQ people. The Nigerians have violated federal hate crime laws by targeting Jessie and physically assaulting him. They need to be prosecuted.

  100. MEH 0910 says:

  101. They are attempting t0 distance those politicians who jumped on the Hate-Hoax Bandwagon from Jussie’s crime now:

    Tawdry motives, not political at all. Throw Jussie under the bus, quickly!

  102. Hail says: • Website
    @MEH 0910

    the check #JussieSmollett wrote to the two brothers

    He did every single thing wrong. What a moron.

    • Agree: MEH 0910
  103. Lets face it folks, Democrat are in this day and age, invincible, and invulnerable, starting at the top with BC/HC/BO, and their rich leftist buddies.
    They can get away with anything, and their perfect line of defense is the RACE CARD., backed by the MSM.

    I have been saying for eons that the dumb-ass Republicans have only one chance and that is they must wrest the race-card away from them, from the Democrats, and start throwing it beck at them, at the Democrats with vengence, relentlessness, such as wielded by the scum-bag leftists for the last sixty years.

    I know this sounds trivial and useless, but it’s the only thing which will work.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US army vet, and pro jazz artist.

    • Replies: @Anon
  104. @The Craw

    His single charge will be plea bargained down so that Smollett will not have to plead to a felony and the matter will be concluded. Move along now. Nothing to see here.

    Well, there are other things in play here, it seems.

    There are plenty of people in Chicago and elsewhere who now want this to be seen as a simple case of Jussie’s tawdry motives to hike his pay and not some big political play to demonize MAGA supporters …

    In that case they may be willing to throw Jussie under several buses.

    • Replies: @The Craw
  105. @Jack D

    He did his very best to make white people look bad – that was one half of his kopf, but made an incompetent hash of it – that was the other half.

  106. @Jack D

    In this reply: you pretending not to know what Jewish ethnic interest is while painting him with the broadest of strokes for stereotypical black/gay behavior.

    The No True Jew fallacy strikes again! That’s pretty rich Yaakov, even for you!

    • Agree: Felix-Culpa
  107. Jack D says:

    They heard that there was a severe shortage of black people in Chicago so they wanted to do their little bit to help out.

    Upon further information:

    (NEWSER) – The two brothers arrested last week in connection with the alleged attack on Jussie Smollett broke their silence with a statement Monday—but they didn’t address reports that the Empire actor orchestrated the attack. “We are not racist. We are not homophobic and we are not anti-Trump,” Ola and Abel Osundairo told CBS 2. “We were born and raised in Chicago and are American citizens,” said the brothers, who were described as Nigerian in earlier reports.

    Honestly, as far as I can tell, the brothers have fairly light criminal records by ghetto standards and are not the worst black people in America. The older brother pleaded guilty in 2012 to aggravated battery and was sentenced to two years of probation for a stabbing that occurred a year earlier about a block away from the brothers’ home, according to Cook County records. His brother was ticketed for a DUI in 2015.

  108. @larry lurker

    Deliberate manipulation by the political forces at Google, to secretly push their political agenda.

  109. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jack D

    Thanks. I watched a couple episodes of law and order when I was in hospital. I quickly noticed that in a city where the murderers are about 96% black and brown all the murderers are not only White but very wealthy Whites working in prestigious professions. I began hating the police and identifying in solidarity with the White suspects

    So I never watched it again.

  110. Realist says:
    @Jack D

    Oops, he’s gonna do time.

    You don’t know that.

  111. Anon[300] • Disclaimer says:

    This is already a huge political win. It has literally “changed the conversation.” We’ll see if he gets jail time or not.


    ** said asset is given relaxed duties in Tahiti and never heard from again **

  112. Realist says:

    Throwing Smollett in prison, would be like throwing Brer Rabbit in the briar patch.

  113. Anon[300] • Disclaimer says:

    Race card is expired. This s*** would have gotten swept under the rug 5 years ago. People are sick of it — including black Chicago PD top brass. Trump is waking up black people, and a lot of white people, to how they are being played.

  114. mmack says:
    @The Craw

    Community activists huh? Has the Right Reverend Michael Pfleger offered to shut down any highways around Chicago to protest this injustice?

    Oh wait, right on cue from that grandstanding goofball:

    Looks like the Eisenhower will be shut down in protest soon.

  115. The Craw says:

    You are incorrect.

    Google is your friend.

    Illinois Hate Crime Statute: 720 ILCS 5/12-7.1

    Illinois Criminal Conspiracy Statute: 720 ILCS 5/8-2

  116. @Lot Google News used to be customizable with boxes to check or uncheck for Sports
    Entertainment Science Foreign etc. But they dropped the customizing option AFAIK and for me and maybe for everybody the feed starts with the top stories followed by entertainment/sports which I am not interested in.

  117. ” The older brother pleaded guilty in 2012 to aggravated battery and was sentenced to two years of probation for a stabbing ”

    So this guy got NO JAIL TIME after pleading guilty to aggravated battery for stabbing someone, and you think Smollett is going to go up the river for filing a false police report?

    It seems the only way he’s going to go to prison is if you’re his lawyer.

  118. Dtbb says:
    @Steve Sailer

    I had just finished watching “No Country For Old Men” when I posted that.

  119. @Eric Novak

    I’m sorry, but this reply is a non-sequitur. Look at comment number 80 by The Craw for a comprehensive explanation as to exactly why you are incorrect.

    • Replies: @Eric Novak
  120. The Craw says:
    @Peripatetic Commenter

    Respectfully disagree.

    High visibility blacks (especially) will defend him. To agree that Jizzie is culpable would give ammunition to their “enemies”, i.e. white America. He’s a lying sack of crap but he’s one of their own.

    Blacks, and the left, in general, MAY acknowledge that he did something wrong but they will stress that he doesn’t need punishment but rather needs help for whatever ills his defense attorneys may cook up (e.g. alcohol or substance abuse, mental illness).

  121. Olorin says:

    It was enjokened in Certain Circles That Will Remain Nameless that it must be a helluva fate to be Jussie.

    Your Jewish side thinks of a clever scheme to put down white people and gain fame and fortune in doing so.

    Your gay side engorges at the thought of all the Victimization Points, given that LGBTQWERTY people are included in the Harris/Booker anti-lynching legislation stalled in committee in Congress.

    Then it’s up to your black side to conduct the plan.

    Of course I would never say or think any of these things. 🙂

  122. @Jack D

    I will agree to send Steve Sailer $20 if Jussie goes to jail if you agree to send the same amount if he does not go to jail.

  123. Some folks are wise, and some are otherwise.

    Facts are stubborn things.

    Tobias Smollett (1721-1777).

  124. @Hail

    So they literally used the hoax money to buy round-trip tickets for their Nigerian vacation?

    I think they left the same day, so probably not, but quite likely they accepted the gig as a way to pay for their vacation.

    By the way, Nigeria is not a great vacation spot, though my parents met there.

    Crime is a risk throughout the country. U.S. visitors and residents experienced armed muggings, assaults, burglaries, carjackings, rapes, kidnappings, and extortion.

    Home invasions remain a serious threat with armed robbers threatening even guarded compounds by scaling perimeter walls, following residents/visitors, or subduing guards to gain entry. Armed robbers in Lagos have invaded waterfront compounds and businesses by boat, using the Lagos waterway as a means of escape.

    Nigerians, U.S. citizens, and other expatriates have been victims of armed robbery at banks and grocery stores and on airport roads during both daylight and evening hours.

    Armed robbers have targeted occupants in vehicles; smash-and-grab robberies are common with thieves canvassing stopped vehicles for valuables. The thieves will break the vehicle’s window or simply reach in and remove items while a vehicle is stopped.

    The mainland of Lagos has experienced periodic, violent clashes among street gangs known as “Area Boys.”

    Lagos and southern Nigeria appear to be an epicenter of identity-related and financial crimes targeting Nigerians, expatriates, U.S. citizens and American companies in the U.S. Victims are frequently targeted by email in advance fee scams commonly referred to as “419 Scams.” The victims are asked to provide funds to assist someone in a business or financial transaction for a reward or compensation that the victim never sees. Even if the perpetrator is caught, the money is typically not recovered. Other variations of these scams involve a victim who believes they are in a relationship with someone they have never met in person. As the scam progresses, the victim is asked to provide funds to support this individual. These scams often center on some type of tragedy (kidnapping, major medical incident) claimed by the perpetrator.

    Almost as dangerous as traveling to the frontier country at the US southern border.

    • Replies: @Anon
  125. @trelane

    Now it’s a thing and not just something Steve Sailer has mentioned from time to time.

    Do you think that’s simply a coincidence? Not for nothing, but I’ve been around here for close to a decade and this is NOT the first time our fearless blogger (and even a commenter or two) has had an idea poached without attribution.

  126. @Jack D

    You had me until the part where there were questioned by the police. Have to wonder, though, if they had found any two whites out wandering in the cold and Jussie had identified them gratuitously as the “perps”, which he was clearly willing to do, while the riots were breaking out in Chicago, would these two fine Nigerians have stepped up and fessed up?

  127. @MikeatMikedotMike

    Your comment on the machine-connected being let off on gun charges is irrelevant to the Smollet case and has limited validity in the context of Chicago politics.

  128. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @bored identity

    Please don’t be mean to what’s her name. Poor thing she’d only known Saint Trayvon the Martyr for 2 weeks when she was pulled into that insanity

  129. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    Lagos, the Venice of Nigeria.

  130. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jack D

    Think of a guy from a prosperous family protected from the black thugs by catholic high school worked in the White entertainment industry since he and sibs were kids stuck in an Illinois state prison full of Chicago black thugs. Just the noise and non stop screeching in unintelligible Ebonics and basic cable, Jerry springer and those black small claims court shows

    State prison will be a horrible devastating experience. I saw him in the news leaving the court house. He’s very light skinned and gay and talks White. Illinois prison guards are mostly the same demographic as the prisoners

  131. Clyde says:
    @bored identity

    Dang….you made my stomach revolt. The run off from all the pomade slathered on these female hounds would have made Ike Turner rich.

  132. The Craw says:

    In Chicago his detractors sometimes refer to him as “Fr. Faker”.

    I have been told by reliable sources that when surrounded by blacks he makes liberal use of African American Vernacular English.

    When the TV cameras are switched on his speech defaults back to plain old midwestern white guy.

  133. Vinteuil says:
    @Steve Sailer

    And the rest they wasted.

    I take it, then, that, in your opinion, money spent on whiskey & Nigerian whores is money well spent?

  134. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jack D

    The brothers made a statement they were born in the US. Neighbors said the Nigerian family lived in their apartment a long time.

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