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Fascism Perfume
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In Israel, the New Right party (e.g., Naftali Bennett) to the right of Bibi trolls/triggers its critics. From the Times of Israel:

New Right mocks left-wing worries with faux ‘fascism’ perfume ad
‘Judicial appointments … governance … separation of powers — to me, it smells like democracy,’ Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked quips in new spot
18 March 2019, 11:56 pm 0

The New Right party released a satirical campaign ad on Monday mocking left-wing fears it seeks to weaken Israel’s judiciary.

The faux perfume ad poses Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, a co-chair of New Right, as its sultry model, and an affected, whispering narrator listing Shaked’s goals — all under the pretense that the perfume is called “Fascism, by Ayelet Shaked.”

“A judicial revolution,” the narrator whispers, “scaling back [judicial] activism … judicial appointments … governance … separation of powers … reining in the High Court….”

Then, 30 seconds into the 44-second spot, Shaked picks up the perfume bottle and sprays it in the air. The soft music cuts out and, raising her eyebrows, she quips in her signature blunt tone, “To me, it smells like democracy.”

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  1. brioche says:

    Based Israelis.

    A little of self-respect in a nation goes a long way.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  2. Nick says:

    My sort of woman!!! Hot hot hot!

  3. Ayelet Shaked

    As 007 would say, Shaked, not stirred.

  4. Pe says:

    Sometimes I wish I was Jewish

    At least they are allowed to have some fun *sigh*

    • LOL: byrresheim
  5. theMann says:

    I am going to be marketing a Scent called “Yo Mamma”.

    Because it smells like…….

  6. Kirt says:

    Ayelet Shaked is hot and Israeli campaign ads a lot more amusing than the boring American ones. Since all the candidates who have a chance in the upcoming elections are ultra-right nationalists, the Israelis might as well vote for the one who looks sexiest. She definitely beats out Bibi and Benny Gantz.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  7. I’m pretty sure most of the US congresswomen have already sworn an oath to wear this shit at the next full session.

  8. @Nick

    In some pictures, she looks great. But her mouth! Her mouth is too big for her face (or something) and then she has Ocasio-Cortes horse teeth.

    • Replies: @theo the kraut
  9. Ibound1 says:

    That is a good looking woman.
    Must be nice to live in a free country.
    Why can’t we have nice looking women politicians and free speech?

    • Replies: @byrresheim
  10. “Israeli campaign ads a lot more amusing than the boring American ones.

    The result of a country with no guilt (or shame, for that matter.)

  11. IHTG says:

    The New Right are in a battle against Moshe Feiglin’s party (the Israeli Ron Paul, who I believe has a number of fans here) for the edgy youth vote.

  12. indocon says:

    The Israeli right has certainly not being coy of its motives and goals (unlike say upper caste Indian right), and has not pushed back against other similar Western leaders copying their points whether they be Salvini or Orban. Does Trump have the presence of mind of mentioning Israeli state to defend his policies?

    • Replies: @Pericles
  13. @brioche

    Right? I was thinking: imagine if we had this much political freedom in our country. Not to mention free speech–they have a whole lot more of that than they allow us.

    • Replies: @moshe
    , @Nachum
  14. Clever, yes. But Tom of Finland was way ahead of her:

    • Replies: @brioche
    , @Svigor
  15. brioche says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    BDSM-esque aesthetic is so strong in Nazi uniforms.

    • Replies: @HA
  16. IHTG says:

    Rough American equivalents of Israel’s various right-wing parties:

    Likud/Netanyahu: Trump Republicanism. Low-brow and faux-populist. Not as ideologically committed as many would like it to be. Tinged with corruption. Nevertheless, enduringly popular with the base. You come at the king, you best not miss.

    Kulanu/Kahlon: Marco Rubio-style Republicanism. Center-right establishmentarianism with a populist/reformist tinge.

    New Right/Bennett & Shaked: Ted Cruz-style “True Conservativism”. High-brow, ideological and occasionally edgy, but tends to suffer from not being quite as cool as its alternatives.

    The three factions of the Union of Right-Wing Parties:

    Jewish Home/Peretz: Hardcore evangelicals.
    National Union/Smotrich: Alt-light.
    Jewish Power/Ben Ari: Alt-right.

    Zehut/Feiglin: Ron Paul and the Libertarian Party. Weed, man!

    The one party that has no real US equivalent that I can think of is Lieberman’s. If the US had a massive population of GOP-voting East Asian immigrants, that might have been similar.

  17. Clyde says:

    Ayelet Shaked is hot

    Hot and she knows it! But she’s no dope. Check out her wiki.

    [10] At Tel Aviv University, she obtained a BSc in electrical engineering and computer science. She began her career in the Tel Aviv high-tech industry,[1] working as a software engineer at Texas Instruments and later becoming manager of the company’s marketing.

    • Replies: @moshe
    , @Pericles
  18. I think Trump needs to hire these folks for the 2020 campaign. The Democratic infighting they could cause would be awesome!

  19. @Reg Cæsar

    Haha, James Bond with the sniffles!

  20. @Nick

    You don’t know the half of it; she’s very smart too. I’ve seen her hold her own on TV against three leftists (including the host who, of course, could pop off scripted zingers) in a Bill Maher-type comedy/talk show. I’ve seen Ann Coulter do that…can’t think of anyone else.

  21. The Israeli supreme court is even more activist than ours. Its center of gravity is far to the left of the country’s as a whole. Most outrageously, it plays a role in choosing its own new members.

    New members are appointed by a nine-person commission that includes three acting justices, two members of the bar association and one member of the parliamentary opposition — thus an assured majority of leftists.

    This Ayelet Shaked, as Minister of Justice, has devoted herself to clipping the supreme court’s wings. Predictably, the left has therefore labelled her a fascist.

    The Israel supreme court is the only reason the African illegals haven’t already been kicked out of the country. Unlike our Congress, Israel’s parliament has a demonstrated majority for expelling the illegals. (Excepting a few exceptional refugee cases…I dunno, like four or five😃)

    • Agree: IHTG
  22. Thirdtwin says:

    “a whiff of fascism”…is that a trope or a cliche?

    • LOL: atlantis_dweller
  23. @IHTG

    Lieberman’s [party]. If the US had a massive population of GOP-voting East Asian immigrants, that might have been similar.

    LOL, precisely correct!

    But Likud “low-brow”?! Bibi is low-brow? His sidekick Yuval Steinitz the former philosophy professor is low-brow? Gimmeabreak!

    • Replies: @IHTG
    , @Steve Sailer
  24. snorlax says:

    Except all of the above are threeish notches more racialist than the “equivalent.” Bibi’s US equivalent in that respect would be somewhere between Steve King and Steve Sailer.

  25. syonredux says:

    Not bad…..

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  26. IHTG says:
    @International Jew

    That’s part of how it’s faux populist. The party’s electoral strategy is “Rile up the proles against the elite” but much of its top leadership is itself rather elite. As the media is fond of pointing out, the front bench of the Likud party is made up of “Nine white men and Miri Regev”. The voters seem okay with this, though.

  27. Svigor says:

    “Grab the torches! Grab the pitchforks! Fascism! Fascism! Fear, fire, foes! Burn them all! Burn them-” *sees perp is Jewish, slinks away like whipped dog*

  28. Svigor says:

    What does “rough American equivalent” mean? Grading on a curve?

    What’s the “rough American equivalent” of the Israeli DNA test for Jewishness, the “need moar Joosh babies” institute (name escapes me), and the “hey I know let’s sterilize black women without their knowledge or consent” thing?

    What’s the “rough American equivalent” of shelling Arab population centers?

    The Barrier?

    The “settlements”?

    Shooting Arab kids in the back?

    • Replies: @Dave Pinsen
    , @Reg Cæsar
  29. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

  30. Phew, the stench of boomercucking in this thread is nauseating.

  31. Hmm, I’d not mind sharing a bagel with her, if truth be told. But I do drive a VW, so me balls may enter this court.

    • Replies: @Nachum
  32. @Federalist

    > horse teeth.

    Seems fine too me, a little less toothage would be okayer, but hey, she’s 42, all things considered… You’re spot on with AOC, though, or that terrible NZ prime ministress, yuk.

    • Replies: @Federalist
  33. @Nick

    I believe there was a line from Mad Men when the fellas were working on an Israeli tourism campaign: “Why can’t our Jews look like that?”

    • Replies: @WowJustWow
  34. @WowJustWow

    I’d let her boot stamp on my face forever.

  35. Anonymous[319] • Disclaimer says:

    She looks a bit like Elaine from Seinfeld, but more attractive. With her jawline the sons you’d get from her might be somewhat better looking than the daughters. Both would likely be attractive though.

  36. HA says:

    “BDSM-esque aesthetic is so strong in Nazi uniforms.”

    I think you have that backwards. BDSM fashion came into being after WWII, so it wasn’t the Nazis who channeled the BDSM aesthetic.

    Male leather culture has existed since the late 1940s, when it likely grew out of post-WWII biker culture.

  37. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    What’s the “rough American equivalent” of shelling Arab population centers?

    Bombing and droning Arab population centers (in Syria and previously in Iraq and Libya, and of course in non-Arab Muslim countries such as Pakistan and Somalia), and facilitating Saudi bombing of Arab population centers in Yemen via weapon sales, in-air refueling, etc.

    The Barrier?

    The barrier south of San Diego, maybe, though it’s not as effective.

    The “settlements”?


    Shooting Arab kids in the back?

    Police shooting black suspects in the back?

    • Replies: @Svigor
  38. sabril says:

    Just a couple days ago, two Arab rockets were fired at Tel Aviv. Almost every week there are Arab stabbings of Jews. Last week, Amnesty International came out with a scathing report urging British companies to direct boycott activity at Israel.

    Under the circumstances, it’s hardly a surprise that right-wing nationalists can do well politically.

    Now of course, many Isteve readers would respond by saying Israel is a terrible country and deserves the sh*t it gets on a constant basis. But that’s a separate issue. Obviously the Israelis themselves don’t think their country is terrible. Outside of a few tenured university professors, they don’t have that luxury.

  39. @Svigor

    What’s the “rough American equivalent” of shelling Arab population centers?

    • Replies: @Federalist
    , @Svigor
  40. moshe says:
    @Mr McKenna

    Nwh, you’ve got a ‘grass always greener….” assumption error.

    I was in Israel as a young fella when Rabin was assassinated. Thereafter there was a real Clampdown against the right. This American dude for example got expelled and banned from ever entering Israel again (since lifted one would hope because he made a joke.

    He was waiting in line at the bank when the bank beaurocrat boringly invited the next in line over to the window by saying iirc “habah bator…” = ‘whose next…” to which, a few days after the assassination of Rabin, a witty young Orthodox Jewish American guy in line kiddingly responded, ” Peres!” (the ultra-left winger careerist monster who had taken over from Rabin as Prime Minister). For that he was taken, expelled and banned from what he, a religious Jewish American considers The Holy Land.

    Those days were something else.

    Rabin was already (obviously) unpopular at the time he was assassinated (his weakness against Arafat’s willyness led to a spate of bus and cafe bombings) and then Peres (Israel’s LBJ) took over at the very moment of Israel’s greatest greatest sympathy toward the Left and shock at the Right (despite it having turned out that Rabin actually ended up getting himself killed in a false flag operation – I’ll see if I can find a recent Israeli sketch comedy clip about it that has English subtitles for you on that one). Peres and his team immediately outlawed something they called “hasata” = “incitement”, which was purposely vaguely defined and which we would today call “Hate Speech”, and of course it was only used against the Right.

    Before Rabin’s assassination, Netanyahu was expected to win the premiership (for the first time) by a landslide. After Rabin’s assassination it basicaly became questionably-legal to say anything right wing i.e. to express any opinion or share any facts (mainly about terror and the need for A Wall) so it was miraculous when Netannyahu won the next election. Even though he did ended up losing the next one (to a guy bamed Barak) he did curtail Peres’s attempt at a permanent reichstag revolution.

    Anyway, me having been some me, an American kid in Israel with an overdue visa, I, uh, found a fun way to challenge Peres personally and in public over his attempt at turning Israel into a totalitarian open-borders country (Peres’s goal at that time). I did a hell of a good job at it and had to flee…come to think of it, I’ve since had similar experiences with other Presidents/PMs in other countries. Huh. Anyway, it was fun. And when Netanyahu won I did the same sort of thing (in person and in public) to politicians both on the Left and the Right (Yossi Beilin, Ephraim Sneh and Tzachi Hanegbi for example) and no one tried to do anything about it and I left those conversations as a Gever = ‘Man’ rather than having to sneak out, run and hide as I did when Peres had been PM and I was handed the mike to give him a pre-presented soft-ball question from a kid but instead decided to ask him why he was coordinating anti-Israeli suicide bombings with Arafat.

    He was. He and Arafat agreed, as reported by Arafat, that suicide bombings would be suspended until after Peres won what what supposed to be his Hillary.v.Trump cakewalk to the winning of the upcoming election under his own government’s Reign Of Terror control. Actually his government and all the media announced that Peres HAD won that election until Netanyahu’s actual electoral victory in tha election became too large for government beaurocrats to risk their futures by fudging that much with the results. It was a Dewey.v.Truman sort of thing.

    Anyway, yeah, Israel has it’s own Jewish Fifth Column within the country (and without – see Ron Unz and where all of the rest of the usefully-used anti-Israeli money and leadership is coming from…hint, not Somalis).

    So if makes you feel any better, Freedom is something that even so supposedly-tribal a people as The Jews (“supposedly” because in every generation among the most successful anti-Jewish polemicists and philanthropists have been a large representation of Jews, fake Jews (that Shamir guy who is supported by Unz, that Russian Orthodox Priest quack, Luke Fard, etc) and the like.

    Freedom is always greener on the other side. If Jews actually had the freedoms and unabashed tribalism that lots if Americans think they do then of course the anti-semitic definition of Zionism (a group of people working together to take over the world) would be accurate. If Jews actually DID work for the giod of Jews then, well, come on, of course Jew WOULD HAVE taken over the world. After al, Jewish people DO control A Lot in this world. But, despite the cherry-picked perspective presented here, successful Jews don’t necessarily work for the sake of the evolutionary successs of their people. I mean, SOME DO. Like Alan Dershowitz or Douglas Feith but even they only do so occasionally and with other prorities superseeding them. And against them are Jewish activists – and even a large Jewish minority who actively oppose “what’s good for the Jews”.

    Heck, it’s happening right before our very eyes and right here!

    Sure Steve cherry picks his stories, but of course the truth is that most Jews did actually vote against Trump and that some of the worst anti-Trumpist loudmouths are Jewish (or are speaking through platforms such as facebook or any other number of old or new media that is owned by people of recent Jewish descent) — even though Trump has been the greatest Peacetime President ally of Israel EVER.

    Bernie Sanders on the other hand has been sticking his neck out in support of the publicly reviled Somali Congresswoman. If “what’s good for the Jews” is a Jew’s WWJD then he would be supporting Trump – as almost every ultra-orthodox Jew did because they DO consider WGFTJ their primary decisive question when voting.

    Even so, even among these Jewish tribalists there ARE other priorities too and sometimes they can overwhelm the WGFTJ top priority.

    My grandfather for example, definitely has WGFTJ as his top priority but close behind that is Democracy (writ-large). Having been a slave in Siberia to Stalin while the Germans murdered his parents, and older brothers and sisters and neices and nephews he has a rather grand apprexiation and reverence for America and American Democracy and, despite the useless of voting (especially in New York) he took his civic responsibility seriously and has voted in every election except in 2016 when even though he knew that Hillary would be terrible for Israel and Trump great for Israel (Heck, Trump’s most stable descendants are Jewish!) my grandfather couldn’t vote for someone like Trump (for the same reasons Mormons couldn’t, not because of any of the nonsense leftist reasons shrieked by the media).

    So yeah, while I enjoy trolling some of the a-holes here by telling them how wonderful it is to be a member of the chosen people who rule the world and to be able to get away with including saintly christian boy blood in the passover meals, you seem sincere so I’m responding to you sincerely. I LOVE freedom of speech and use it for my own entertainment every day (I find it great living in a society filled with sacred cows because I enjoy hunting them!) but if you think that Israelis have gotten it much more than you do, don’t be so sure.

    After all, not only are all of Shaked’s fiercest critics Jews and Israelis, her bold commercial was a rearseat retort at the anti-nationalism of the Israeli courts (just like the American ones) who use the political divisions in the senate to legislate to the left from the bench. Precisely what English-speaking, American-born nationalists have to deal with.

  41. Nachum says:
    @Mr McKenna

    “They”? Are Israelis restricting your free speech somehow?

  42. Nachum says:

    About half of Israel drives German cars.

    • Replies: @Kibernetika
  43. moshe says:

    Well, being of the same basic genetics stock, she looks a lot like Monica Lewinsky. But standing on her feet instead of her knees is more attractive, (probably because it makes her more of a challenge) to the average man.

  44. Pericles says:

    Does Trump have the presence of mind of mentioning Israeli state to defend his policies?

    Lol, we already know.

  45. Pericles says:

    working as a software engineer at Texas Instruments and later becoming manager of the company’s marketing.

    CMO or “a” manager?

  46. @International Jew

    Bibi’s track record in an extremely competitive political marketplace suggests to me that if you are looking for a political candidate, start with Bibi’s qualities: e.g., he’s a big, masculine, handsome fellow with a good military record, who is bright, energetic, and speaks very well, with a lot of personality and resilience. Trump, for example, has many of those qualities, but not all of them. Obama had several but not all either. Romney had several, but not all. Dole might have checked off the most of those boxes, and he had a fine career, even if he didn’t quite make it to the top.

  47. Gordo says:

    Rough American equivalents of Israel’s various right-wing parties:

    You put one massive offset in there.

    The equivalent of a Likud government in the US would be President David Duke with Kevin MacDonald as his retired Philosophy Professor VP.

    • Replies: @IHTG
  48. @Uncle Sailer

    Regardless of posing with Uzi, or chillin’ with Milken in jacuzzi- Bibi always rocked his Chosen-Baltic-Slavic looks preaatty, preaatty well.

  49. @Reg Cæsar

    Moving blacks into American population centers?

    • LOL: snorlax
  50. IHTG says:

    I would hope that a President David Duke wouldn’t put up with 20%+ of the population being an openly disloyal fifth column!

  51. Svigor says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    Sorry, I should have been more specific; where’s the American equivalent of shelling Palestinian neighborhoods? I don’t see us dropping bombs on black or brown neighborhoods in the USA. Not even in no-go black or brown neighborhoods.

    The settlements would be equivalent to America centuries ago, but not today. Israel was started after Jews ostensibly went all-in on the leftism.

    The American equivalent of Israeli snipers shooting Palestinian wall-approachers in the back would seem to be Border Patrol tear-gassing Mexican hordes trying to breach the border wall; like I said – graded on a curve.

    One thing the Zionists always benefit from is the fact that in America we don’t treat our minorities the way the Israelis treat theirs, so the Zionists get to say “blacks and browns are nothing like the Palestinians” when they would be, if we treated them the way Israelis treat Palestinians.

    • Replies: @snorlax
  52. Svigor says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    So Israel today is like America whenever that happened?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  53. snorlax says:

    I don’t see us dropping bombs on black or brown neighborhoods in the USA. Not even in no-go black or brown neighborhoods.

    Well, lefties will never let us hear the end of this one:

    Ethnicity-wise it was more of a Black and Tan than a black and brown neighborhood, but before we had always been at war with the badwhites, ye olde lefties would never let us hear the end of this one:

    • Replies: @Dave Pinsen
  54. @Svigor

    So Israel today is like America whenever that happened?

    If you mean confident and racially aware, yes.

  55. Nachum says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    It’s pronounced Sha-KEHD, for the record. It means “almond.” That’s her married name (she’s married to an Air Force fighter pilot and has two kids); she was born Ayelet Ben-Shaul (“son of Saul”). Her father was born in Iraq and her mother is Ashkenazi Israeli.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  56. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    That bombing was also ordered by a black mayor.

  57. @Ibound1

    Why, oh why.

    Puritanism might be one of the factors.

  58. @Reg Cæsar

    As Elvis would say, “I’m all Shaked up.”

  59. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    Danica McKellar could play her in a TV biopic.

  60. @Nachum

    I’ll take your word for it, and will concede the point as I’ve never been to Israel. Israelis have certainly been pragmatic in their choice of weapons. From ’48 on the IDF used German K-98s (modified down from 8mm to 7.62, I think), and even some old ME-109s in the new air force (new meaning post-48). Plucky use of best available resources.

  61. J.Ross says: • Website

    On a completely unrelated note, Michael Bader locates “ruthlessness” as uniquely significant in sexual fantasy, because it guarantees that the fantasized party will “get the job done” irrespective of fear of consequence, social pressure or morality.

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