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As we all know, it’s extremely important to keep track of what Young Women of Color have on their minds. Fortunately, there’s a new book series that will keep you up to date. Which topic do you think comes first?

Yup, you guessed it. From The Guardian:

‘There’s nothing like this out there’: A Quick Ting On launches young black authors

by Alison Flood, Sat 28 Sep 2019 02.01 EDT

A groundbreaking new black British history series will explore subjects from Afrobeats to the power movement. Meet the young minds behind the books

Authors often say “write the book you want to read” and Zainab Kwaw-Swanzy has done just that. She “would have loved to have” a history of the black-girl afro when she was younger, she says: the 25-year-old’s book will explore the personal and political histories of the hairstyle, as part of a groundbreaking new series by young people about the history of black Britain.

“Myself and almost everyone I know has had their own personal journey relating to afro hair. It’s not just hair – it can be political, it can be a statement, so many things,” says Kwaw-Swanzy, a founding member of award-winning magazine gal-dem. “There was a time when lots of products weren’t available and there wasn’t a lot of education out there about how to manage this hair best, because it’s not the norm in our country. So to have a book that explains why it is important would have probably helped me learn to love my own hair a lot quicker than I did.”

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  1. Myself and almost everyone I know has had their own personal journey relating to afro hair.

    What is most annoying in my daily multi-culti life is how the average Brit mis-uses English, particularly reflexive pronouns.

  2. BenKenobi says:

    From BBC Received Southern Pronunciation:

    Blak pipo much crazy wem dey hair wet.

    • Replies: @jimmyriddle
    , @Mr McKenna
  3. Oh well, we knew something like this was bound to happen.

  4. Phew!

    How White of me to have neglected the powerful journey Black women courageously undertake as they unselfishly share with us their endlessly fascinating struggle to render the world in awe of their hair.

    I clearly have much work to do.

    • LOL: R.G. Camara
  5. Women are most solipsistic creatures. And black women are doubly so, without any cause to be; no wonder black men go running for non-black girls as soon as the opportunity is available to them.

    I wonder if women think men just sit around talking about their hair, or whether they just assume men should be.

    • Agree: jim jones
    • Replies: @Kronos
  6. Kronos says:

    In Elementary School, our sole black kid (out of a school of 500 and not in special education) tried to put as many pencils in his hair as possible. He got to around 30+ until the school monitor told him to stop.

    Fun fact, his (black) dad was a literal peeping Tom and arrested 3 months after the pencil challenge. Generally, people are concerned when it’s 12:00AM and there’s a black man jacking off outside while your making love to your wife. Internet pornography has come a long way (haha) since the 1990s/2000s but it’s like really? He also had a really hot white stepmom with money so it’s like why did he do it?

  7. Zainab should follow the example of Col. Frank Kurtz, Jr, and name a daughter Swoosie. Doesn’t Swoosie Kwaw-Swanzy have a nice ring to it? “Swoosie” derives from “swan” + “goose”, so there is a nice parallelism.

    It’s sad that Col. Kurtz had no grandchildren:

    Ah, sweet memories of 2008:

    Zainab Kwaw-Swanzy = W. was a zany bank wiz.

    • Replies: @Bugg
    , @Paul Jolliffe
  8. J.Ross says:

    Funny that she [Jeong] doesn’t put her money where her mouth is and bet everything on blogging. It’s also funny that this is the predictable consequence of encouraging her to do what she was hired to do.
    On topic, the guitar is sublime, the beat is nice, the politics are naive and convenient. It’s a hell of a lot less painful to expose yourself to than Forgettable Hair Novel.

  9. @The Alarmist

    Myself and almost everyone I know has had…

    What is most annoying in my daily multi-culti life is how the average Brit mis-uses English, particularly reflexive pronouns.

    Myself caught that too. But Zainab is hardly your “average Brit”. For one thing, she’s 25 and sober.

    • Replies: @MBlanc46
  10. Cortes says:

    For my sins I had a quick look at

    and could see no evidence of its having been the recipient of any awards. Unless, of course, there’s been some award of hard cash funds from HMG or a pro-diversity Foundation which they’re coy about.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  11. @BenKenobi

    The beeb has a pidgin site

    It has a localized 404

    “Dem no see page – 404

    Dis fit be becos you no type de address well. Abeg check de address and how you spell am.”

    But whoever did their GDPR compliance disclaimer seems to have given up halfway through:

    “We don update our Privacy and Cookies Policy
    We don make some important changes to our Privacy and Cookies Policy and we wan make you know wetin dis one mean for you and your personal infomation.”

    • LOL: Cato
  12. Kronos says:
    @R.G. Camara

    They might sit around getting their hair done, they likely just talk sports and trash talk.

  13. Tim says:

    I Just Want to TOUCH HER HAIR!

  14. @Kronos

    “He tried to put as many pencils in his hair as possible”

    A rather phallocentric family? Pencil = penis?

  15. @Cortes

    From that site, this might have been a back-handed way to get them to cover up:

  16. Clyde says:

    All I know is that I see dreadlocks and cornrows everywhere I look and I really don’t like them. They are in your face. I see them on black women and men and the children too. They seem lots more common than say five-ten years ago. For many blacks these hairstyles are a black superiority trip. A black hyper ego trip. Part of “black is beautiful” which was a slogan 40 years ago.

    • Replies: @Graham
    , @Bubba
  17. @The Alarmist

    I was about to comment on that too. She is styled as an ‘author’ but – assuming she has been quoted verbatim – is evidently semi-literate. Mind you, so are nearly all ‘teachers’ of English in the benighted sewer that is the British state school system.

  18. Alright, this is news from UKongdom. Just, since I don’t read fiction for quite a while, I’ve heard that Zadie Smith is still a rather good WOC writerette. I know this is basically old stuff, but don’t forget that Nietzsche got wider recognition only after WW 1 & Faulkner was a vanguard author still during the 1950s.

    • Replies: @Pheasant
    , @guest
  19. Clyde says:

    If England had listened to Enoch Powell they would not have this nonsense from nutty, leaching, self-obsessed third worlders. Self hair obsessed. This would not happen in the African motherland where women are doing the agri labor while their men kick back drinking beer and eating Nyama Choma. Women are forced to be beasts of burden in Africa. Not any time for ego-tripping, for hair braiding and dreadlocks.

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  20. El Dato says:

    So her crime was to let slip information about Pravda Internals?

    You’re wrong. NYT does pay attention to subscriber cancellations,” replied Jeong. “It’s one of the metrics for ‘outrage’ that they take to distinguish between ‘real’ outrage and superficial outrage. What subscribers say can back up dissenting views inside the paper about what it should do and be.”

  21. There was a time when lots of products weren’t available and there wasn’t a lot of education out there about how to manage this hair best,

    What exactly is it with black people and the importance—or rather, necessity—of hair products? Their hair seemed to be getting along just fine the past couple thousand years. I could be wrong though, African countries may be the pioneers in hair product development.

    • Replies: @sayless
    , @Corvinus
  22. @Lot

    Encouraging anti-white racism = no problem. Encouraging people to unsubscribe = big problem.

    I’m glad the NYT at least has its priorities straight.

    • Replies: @Gordo
    , @Gordo
  23. Graham says:

    A black woman I know well has recently changed from straightening or curling her hair to having it braided into cornrows with plaited hair extensions. It actually looks a lot better and makes her look simultaneously younger and more mature – which I know is a contradiction. I don’t think her choice has anything to do with ego or superiority.

    • Replies: @Jesse
  24. El Dato says:

    there’s a black man jacking off outside while your making love to your wife

    Sharin’ be Carin’.

    Also: RT reports on various chickens coming home to roost. I suppose this is only going to get more “interesting” in the future. PATCON II when?

    ‘Heroes’ to MURDERERS: How US soldiers fought for Ukrainian neo-Nazis, then killed Florida couple to fund VENEZUELAN killing spree

  25. Thoughts says:

    She made her cornrows into Devil Horns

    A reflection of her inner life?

  26. Pheasant [AKA "anonymous212"] says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Zadie Smith is a hack who is reduced to ripping off E.M forster for ideas.

    She cannot write for toffee.

  27. Realist says:

    Whites continue to let themselves to be marginalized.

  28. There’s NO WAY they could simply just ..I dunno….FIRE this prized token errr Bigot. Right Carlos Slim? No matter how many genocidally RACIST tweets she never even disavowed(!!) SJ has got a place at the NYT, her bitter hatred of EVERY SINGLE WHITE PERSON doesn’t matter an iota. A Straight white dude wouldn’t have lasted a picosecond even thinking about the Chinese restaurant scene in A Christmas Story.
    Hey Sarah Jeong-Ding-DONG n NYT editorial board, FA-RA RA RA RA … RA RA RA RA. HAHAHAHAHHA

  29. Jesse says:

    I can’t be the only one who gets happy when I see them doing their own thing. Who cares if they feel superior?

    I don’t want the schwartzen dragged down to the cowering, snivelling white ideal. I want them to feel good about their good or neutral points, solve their own problems, and let us do the same.

    • Agree: The Anti-Gnostic
  30. Look Steve, I enjoy watching you finger yourself in front of your uncomfortable fans as much as anyone.

    But it’s even more fun to watch if everyone aknowledges how incredibly jealous you are of….Black. Women. OF ALL PEOPLE!

    YOU have problems with your hair. Your obsession is protruding like a black pornstar’s clit in wet sweatpants. You think you’re attacking some sort of worthwhile enemy without realizing that none of your readers know a damn thing about black girl’s hair.

    I am absolutely sure you enjoy ” “watching” ” black women porn.

    Care to discuss your odd predilictions?

    (((Or, will this comment only appear upthread when another 30 later-posted comments have moved the convo downpage?)))

  31. Gordo says:

    At least the NYT hasn’t set up Gatling guns at their front doors like they did in 1864 when they were supporting conscription of the poor and draft exemptions for the rich.

  32. Gordo says:

    At least the NYT hasn’t set up Gatling guns at their front doors like they did in 1864 when they were supporting conscription of the poor and draft exemptions for the rich.

  33. El Dato says:


    Meanwhile in the Software Sector, Madness Intensifies. There are now licenses out there which forbid to do evil with the obtained software (yes, this is about ICE). I suppose this is well-meaning but please wait while I get my evil detector out of the pocket.

    Okay. Now:

    Sadly, interdicting crimes is not a matter of licensing but law enforcement, and interdicting evil is a matter of metaphysics. Whether evil organizations self-certify in evilness is yet another matter. Generally it is up to the licensor to decide whether he wants to license the goods, but in off-the-shelf software, per force open source software, this possibility has been waived (in a similar vein, the self-certification that you have to pass showing that you are not Iranian when you download MySQL is completely stupid)

    “The Hippocratic License is a living document, and has been open sourced.”


    The Open Source Initiative notices something:

    Most of the commenters seem too millenial to understand.

  34. @BenKenobi

    Not sure just how to broach this subject, but I sort of want to touch it. It’s hard admitting this, but I’m among friends here, right? This is a safe space? I kinda want to play with those braids and discuss them with her. Those are braids, right? I just know we’d have so much to talk about, herself and I.

  35. El Dato says:

    Pics or it didn’t happen.

    • Replies: @Gordo
    , @res
  36. iffen says:

    It is a sad comment upon the current political scene when regardless of the number of Democratic Party debates, no so-called journalist has demanded that the participants address the horrendous crisis affecting black female hair.

  37. @Kronos

    In 2010 Bureau Chief of Maintenance for Illinois Department of Transportation District 1 Jim Stumpner was arrested for peeping into women’s windows at an apartment complex… in an IDOT vehicle… and still has his job today.

  38. Jake says:

    Clearly, a huge % of black chicks are driven batty by white women’s hair. That mens that in forcing those black chicks to be integrated, Liberals are driving them batty.

  39. @Pheasant

    Could be, I haven’t read her. Then, who among living British scribblers, POC & non-POC, isn’t a hack?

    • Replies: @Haruto Rat
    , @Dieter Kief
  40. Ano says:
    @Straight Guy

    No, Mr Sailer is not obsessed with negroid hair(styles) per se; but, instead, as I see it, he (as the Man-Who-Notices) has noticed this renaissance of the negroid hair oppression/hair liberation social-justice narrative, which for me personally calls to mind the ‘black is beautiful’ aggressively-big-afro-as-a-political-statement black panther era.

    Mr Sailer has noticed how it is negresses, even vainer than the vainest negro, who are spearheading this socio-cultural-political phenomenon: a nexus of victimhood culture and intersectionality hierarchy self-martyrdom on the one hand; and, negroid hyper-narcissism in this already narcissistic social-media self-absorbed era , and their vain delusional racial belief in their own moral and intellectual superiority and sacredness as negroes in this already dumbed-down emotionally-infantalised era on the other.

    Be thankful this growing spreading phenomenon, from the USA to Finland, is (currently at least) confined to the hair on their head. Believe me, no iSteve reader (well, okay, apart from Tiny Duck) will want Mr Sailer to be posting about a sequel book by Zany Zainab about the afro between her legs.

  41. Gordo says:
    @El Dato

    Whistler did a watercolour I believe.

  42. TWS says:

    Maybe she should have just said, “it was in-part a parody”. That would make it ok.

  43. TWS says:
    @Mr McKenna

    I’ve used bungee cords that looked more natural. It’s kind of spooky how fake the hair is. Like nylon rip-cord

  44. Thirdtwin says:

    Zainab, Amari needs your book immediately. Seems she was set upon by the Duke Hairstyling Team and Mike Pence’s wife down by the schoolyard.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
  45. @The Alarmist

    That thing is a “Brit” in your little noggin’ ? Then I’m a house nigger.

  46. Anon7 says:

    This video successfully combines black hair styling with African family planning, two iSteve favorites:

    It’s in pidgin, okeeday? Wait, that’s Gungan from Star Wars.

  47. manage this hair

    learn to love my own hair

    She hates her hair.

  48. Clyde says:
    @Mr McKenna

    She ain’t no cutie or beauty with those hours in the making corn rows and braids. Plus one third of her do looks like it is a weave or wig. That was stolen from (culturally appropriated from) some poor Asian woman’s head. A massive do like that must take at least 16 hours a week maintenance. For cleaning it a fire hose could blast out all dust, dirt, oil accumulations in a jiffy….. I think.

    Where does most weave and wig hair for black people come from these days? As far as I know it used to be Korean women who sold their hair. That today it is Indian women.

  49. Rob McX says:

    Internet porn must have ruined the window-blind industry.

  50. Bugg says:

    As an undergrad in the 1980s, was forced to read Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison. It was and remains awful; badly written, self-absorbed, narcissistic nonsense. But it satisfied a certain goal of leftist goodwhite liberals that evil badwhites are the problem in this world, while elevating ANYTHING African-American authors wrote as the gold standard. But recall Morrison reading that “caged bird” nonsense at Bill Clinton’s inauguration; would wager Bill Clinton had never read it, but he knew it was good marketing for “the first African-American president”. Academia has continued to push this drivel as brilliance for so long, they cannot now say this is in fact crap .

    • Agree: jim jones
    • Replies: @William Badwhite
  51. Bugg says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    The hyphenated last name, like we might get confused by the plethora of Kwaw and Swanzys.

  52. Lurker says:

    Zainab Kwaw-Swanzy – is this a black swanzy event?

  53. sayless says:

    Re black women and the importance of hair products: I think it’s self-consciousness due to the fact that all of them have the same hair color, texture, and habit of growth. In Africa that wouldn’t be a problem but in the West it stands out next to all the different shades of blond, auburn, chestnut, red, and the different textures. And a wide range of styling is possible without constant effort.

    The insult Becky-with-the-good-hair is bitter.

    Some East Asian women are conscious of this too, everyone has the same hair. Lots of them color blue and red and all the rest, but I don’t think they’re as insecure about it and they aren’t as mad at us about it.

  54. Ibound1 says:

    My guess is that Jeong forgot, like many of our credentialed millennials, that her salary came from the corporation and her salary was not bestowed upon her because of her resume by some government office. My guess again is that the lesson she will draw is that we need a government office assigning jobs.

  55. @Reg Cæsar

    Reg Caesar said “It’s sad that Col. Kurtz had no grandchildren.”

    Well, RC, since you’re just teeing it up here, I assume you want someone to write it, so here goes:

    “The horror, the horror . . .”

  56. “Zainab Kwaw-Swanzy”

    Would she be from the Hillcrest Swanzys, or the Butterworth Heights Swanzys?

    I mean, the Kwaws, though, that goes without saying. Everybody knows the Kwaws.

  57. I was recently in a bookstore, Loyalty Books, in Washington DC – there were three or four books in the children’s section about “loving your hair”.

  58. @Clyde

    Women are forced to be beasts of burdon in Africa

    Yep, but then there is Ma Benz

  59. BB753 says:

    There’s absolutely no matter more important in the universe than African hair.

  60. @Mr McKenna

    She’d look better without the Mickey Mouse hat.

  61. “It’s not just hair – it can be political, it can be a statement, so many things,” says Kwaw-Swanzy, a founding member of award-winning magazine gal-dem.”

    It can be right filthy. Black women have a special maneuver where they scratch an itch on their head with the point of a fingernail so as not to disturb the mesh or paste or glue that holds it in place. Scalps can get itchy if you don’t wash them for a few weeks.

    Anyway, here are ‘8 things you wish you always wanted to know about black women’s hair:’ Including, ‘don’t touch my hair’ ( the writer here at least takes this imaginary experience as a compliment.)

    I didn’t really want to know any of them. But you know, your mileage may vary.

    • Replies: @Walsh2
  62. @Gordo

    I think I read in “The Gun that Made the Twenties Roar”:

    that the anti-gun Chicago Tribune owned TWO Thompson Sub-machine guns.

    Funnier still was a The Chicago Reader article around three decades ago (Wish I hadn’t tossed it) about a Chicago newpaper war fought with hand grenades; not one word was printed in the newspapers about this.

  63. @Bugg

    A couple of years ago the Badwhites toured Wake Forest University with Badwhite Jr. The administrators and tour guides blathered endlessly about Angelou who “worked” there in some capacity, how wonderful she was, how inspirational, what a genius, etc etc

    I kept looking around the room at the other mostly whites to see if any of them would reveal even slightly that they knew what a mediocrity she had been, but everyone kept staring straight ahead, nodding in agreement at the endless praise.

    Angelou was scheduled to teach “Race, Culture and Gender in the U.S. South and Beyond,” in fall of 2014.

    I found this surprising. I assumed since she was so brilliant and inspirational and original, she’d teach something other than Blackedy Black Black studies.

  64. @Bardon Kaldian

    Peter Franks? (if the guy who wrote Out Of Europe under that pen-name is still alive – I have no idea who he was)

  65. Dan Hayes says:


    To the surprise of no UR denizen, the Daily Mail has just reported that the purported Amari Allen hair hazing incidence was pure fantasy!

    Steve Sailer can add it to his ever-expanding listings of fabricated hate-crimes!

  66. res says:
    @El Dato

    There is a good discussion of the NYT Gatling guns at this link:

    TLDR: Sounds questionable. But the story appears in this book: History of the New York times, 1851-1921

  67. On Topic: Breaking Hair Hate Hoax News:

    The junior Tawana Brawley who claimed that three little MAGA boys cut off her hair (, turns out to have made the whole thing up.

    However picked “three days” wins the hate hoax implosion pool for this one.

  68. @Mr McKenna

    May I pose a supposedly “red-neck” question: Who gives a f’ing flying leapsh_t what this, or any, N_GG_RESS does about or with their hair?? Hopefully she/it sets it all on fire, in order to incompetently stimulate some blood flow into her brain, so that her brain might function at an IQ=65 level!!

    Her thoughts, crystallized DOWN to her 2nd grade scribblings that were unfortunately reprinted in ophthalmologically accessible form, still represent the random brain farts of a IQ sub-60 level of intellectual development!! There is no new genetic neurology here!

  69. @Ano

    Sounds like the script for a Black and Decker commercial for battery powered hedge trimmers.

  70. @Bardon Kaldian

    who among living British scribblers, POC & non-POC, isn’t a hack?

    Martin Amis has written some interesting books (Information); Joanne K. Rowling (Casual Vacancy, 2012), Roger Scruton, Alan Ayckbourn (very funny at times), Micheal Frayn, Tom Stoppard, David Murray (The Strange Death of Europe), Paul Collier, Peter Watson, Neil Mcgregor, Nicholas Boyle, Dominic Cummings, (the early) A. L. Kennedy (Invitation to a Dance, Original Bliss), James Thompson, Christopher Clarke.

    • Replies: @Lurker
    , @obwandiyag
  71. Currahee says:

    “Zainab Kwaw-Swanzy” ???, pinch me!

    Irony and satire are almost impossible these days. 10 years ago this story would have been attacked as vicious, false and racist.

  72. guest says:

    I find it offensive that they qualify “Britain” with “black.” Black Britain is just Britain, guyz.

    Kwaw-Swanzy sounds indistinguishable from Wellington or Churchill to my ear.

  73. @indocon

    Which surprises no one here, and which will be ignored by everyone out there. Time for the MSM to drop the story like a hot potato! She’s only 12 years old! Kids will be kids, you know?

    Let’s focus on this one instead:

  74. guest says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    I wouldn’t go by the literally insane Nietzsche, and Faulkner is beyond regular readers now, let alone 70 years ago.

    Let us drop this idea of delayed recognition being common for great artists. Especially ones who have already received a great amount of publicity like Mz. Smith.

  75. Bubba says:

    A certain gorgeous woman wearing cornrows about 40 years ago was definitely not part of black culture. Then again, Bo Derek could have worn a Cavewoman hair style instead and she would have still been just as sexy and beautiful!

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
  76. All this drama over cullut wimmins who jus’ tryin’ to get they hair did.

  77. Walsh2 says:
    @Ghost of Bull Moose

    They scratch it by tapping on the spot that itches with the point of their finger/finger nail or sometimes end of a pencil/pen. Common knowledge if you’ve been raised in small town south. If you get a couple of them going at the same time in a class sounds like they’re tapping out morse code.

  78. @Straight Guy

    I’m not sure that I understand what it is that you are struggling to say. Since this is your only comment to date on UR, I’m going to hang on to my “TROLL” tag until your second comment.

  79. @Gordo

    Let me guess: someone at work was reading over your shoulder and remarked, “You can say THAT again”.

  80. nymom says:
    @Straight Guy

    Wow…that’s a lot of hate for poor ole Steve Sailor…

    Did you guys go to grade school together or did he steal your girlfriend in HS…

    What’s up with that.

  81. All that I ever see in my mind when this subject raises its elaborately landscaped head:

  82. Svevlad says:

    What the fuck is with blacks obsession with hair? As if whites can’t have curly hair lmao

    • Replies: @Ghost of Bull Moose
  83. Alfa158 says:
    @Straight Guy

    You appear to be tragically lacking in reading comprehension skills. It has flown over your head that Steve’s thing is mocking your fellow dim bulbs of all ethnicities.

  84. J.Ross says:
    @Straight Guy

    >triple parentheses without any reason
    You can’t command a lot of talent for fifty cents.
    >obscene and incoherent gibberish
    I’d be okay with this being censored because it offers no information and is obscene for no reason.
    >speculating on how comment approval works
    Well, you’re wrong.
    >Straight Guy
    Brilliant disguise, no one will suspect a thing.

  85. @Straight Guy

    I am absolutely sure you enjoy ” “watching” ” black women porn.

    Care to discuss your odd predilictions?

    That’s a bizarre conclusion to draw from this story.

    You reveal much more about yourself than you do about Steve.

  86. MBlanc46 says:
    @The Alarmist

    Agreed. But that battle is lost. And, it’s only going to get worse.

  87. MBlanc46 says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Not only not your average Brit, not a Brit at all.

  88. Yngvar says:

    I could’ve written a book, «Adventures as a Skinhead», involving no hair at all. Maybe not appealing to blacks.

  89. Lurker says:
    @Dieter Kief

    A. L. Kennedy called me an idiot on Twitter and blocked me.

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  90. @Svevlad

    “As if whites can’t have curly hair”

    Yes, but it’s usually not on their head. (Apologies to our host)

    • LOL: Johann Ricke
  91. @Lurker

    The late A. L. Kennedy seems to be a rather uneasy character. I don’t know what happened to her. Could well be she ran out of subjects and tried to stay a writer even though – that’s a road many a talent has traveled on, and quite a lot of them became sad, confused and bitter in the end. Or even killed by the devil, before they reached Bombay as Jagger/Richards (helped out by Tom Stoppard, and/or maybe the Winkelmann-twins who knew of Goethes’s Faust), had it so feverishly brilliant and spot on.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  92. Paul says:

    She looks like a Mouseketeer.

  93. @Dieter Kief

    She started doing stand-up, not sure how she got on. But reading (and mocking) her Guardian pieces back in the Noughties, I started to get the impression she was exorcising some serious demons – her anti-Bush stuff seemed unhinged without being funny.

    “When I look at the UK, it reminds me of the Nazi era.”

    “Beneath the surface glamour and exciting TV shows about death, America still yearns for savage modesty and the right to burn uppity women.”

    As one critic put it “reading these columns is like talking to an alcoholic with extremely bad breath. You know there is a point being made, but the fumes and the stink make you utterly unable to focus on it.”

    But she opposed the Iraq war, even if her reasons were odd (apparently racist Christians were behind it), so she was right about that.

    Like all female Warwick English grads, she’s childless. That course is a fertility sink.

  94. GU says:

    I think from now on we can just start saying “muh hair” and leave it at that, n’est-ce pas?

  95. @Bubba

    I like Bo better without the corn rows:

  96. @Straight Guy

    Your obsession is protruding like a black pornstar’s clit in wet sweatpants.

    Not a leg to stand on in calling out “odd predilections”, Captain Projection.

  97. @Jim Don Bob


    There is a hairstyle somewhere in that photo?

    Didn’t notice.

  98. Corvinus says:

    “What exactly is it with black people and the importance—or rather, necessity—of hair products?”

    Actually, if you truly NOTICED, it’s all people regardless of race, gender, or color.

  99. Pontius says:

    I wonder how much crap goes into the oceans from using the products of the beauty industry.

  100. @The Alarmist

    It is true. I have noticed how the English hold on the English language grows ever more tenuous. I guess they think that, since it’s named after them, they are born knowing how to speak it, and so therefore they don’t have to learn how to speak it.

  101. @Dieter Kief

    Hacks to a man.

    The English used to be good, though. Kingsley, par example, is so infinitely superior to the mere Martin. But alas, poor England. Its articulacy has shuffled off its mortal coil.

  102. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:
    @Straight Guy

    Vanessa Del Rio. Enough said.

  103. The level of insecurity that black women feel surrounding their hair is remarkable, if not surprising. This obviously reflects the high level of sexual jealousy that black women have. A woman’s hair is indeed one of her most important physical attributes, as has been long recognized.

    “…this part of the body has a conspicuous position, and is the first thing that presents itself to our sight ; and that the native splendour of the hair effects the same thing in the head, as the delightful colour of a beautiful garment in the other members of the body…if you deprive a woman of the most surpassing beauty of her hair, and strip her face of its native elegance; though she were sent from the heavens, produced from the sea, and nourished in the waves ; though, I say, she were Venus herself, surrounded by all the Graces, and attended by the whole family of Loves, girded with her cestus, fragrant with cinnamon, and dropping balsam as she moves; yet if she were bald, she would not be able to please her own Vulcan.

    How beautiful is the hair, when it is of a pleasing colour, shines with a glittering light, is vividly refulgent when opposite to the rays of the sun, or is more mildly resplendent, and varies its appearance in a different gracefulness ; at one time emitting a brightness like that of gold, it sinks into a slender shade of the colour of honey ; at another, with a blackness like that of a crow, it emulates the azure flowers of the neck of doves; or now, anointed with Arabian drops, [i.e, the tears of myrrh] separated by the slender tooth of a sharp comb, and tied behind the head, it presents itself to the eyes of the lover, — it then, like a mirror, reflects a more pleasing image. How beautiful, when being thick, it is agglomerated with prolific abundance on the crown of the head, or extended in a long series flows down the back ! Lastly, so great is the dignity of the hair of the head, that though a woman should be adorned with gold, rich garments, precious stones, and every other ornament, yet she would not seem to be decorated, unless her hair was gracefully divided.”
    -Apuleius, “The Metamorphosis”

    I doubt that any man has been genuinely inspired to write about natural African hair in that manner.

  104. @Pheasant

    Not so, a good writer and quite erudite.

  105. Corvinus says:

    What Mr. Sailer has NOTICED is this renaissance of the Alt Right oppression/normie liberation race realism narrative, which beckons the’Western Civilization’-anti-Churchian movement since women ruin everything mating call for the Alt Right.

    What Mr. Sailer has NOTICED is a subsection of the American population who are spearheading this socio-cultural-political phenomenon: a nexus of white victimhood culture due to the machinations of vibrants and non-European immigrants on one hand; and a mentality of hyper-aggression toward Jews and their pets in this narcissistic social media self absorbed era, and their vain delusional racial and ethnic belief in their own moral and intellectual superiority and sacredness as Good Whites fighting against Bad Whites in this already dumbed-down emotionally-infantilized era on the other hand.

    See how that works, Ano?

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