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Elizabeth "Theranos" Holmes' Trans-Species Pet
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Nick Bilton writes in Vanity Fair:

Despite the chaos, [Elizabeth Holmes] believed that Theranos could still be saved, and she had an unconventional plan for redemption. That September, according to the two former executives, Holmes asked her security detail and one of her drivers to escort her to the airport in her designated black Cadillac Escalade. She flew first class across the country and was subsequently chauffeured to a dog breeder who supplied her with a 9-week-old Siberian husky. The puppy had long white paws, and a grey and black body. Holmes had already picked out a name: Balto.

For Holmes, the dog represented the journey that lay ahead for Theranos. As she explained to colleagues at the company’s headquarters, in Palo Alto, he was named after the world-famous sled dog who, in 1925, led a team of huskies on a dangerous, 600-mile trek from Nenana, Alaska, to remote Nome, Alaska, bearing an antitoxin that was used to fight a diphtheria outbreak. … In Holmes’s telling, Balto’s perseverance mirrored her own. His voyage with the life-changing drug was not so different from her ambition.

In Silicon Valley, founders and C.E.O.s often embrace a signature idiosyncrasy as a personal branding device. … Holmes, too, had seemingly cherry-picked from her elders. She wore a black turtleneck, drank strange green juices, traveled with armed guards, and spoke in a near baritone. In an industry full of oddballs, Holmes—a blonde WASP from the D.C. area—seemed hell-bent on cultivating a reputation as an iconoclastic weirdo. Having Balto seemed to help fortify the image.

Immediately after returning to California, Holmes decided that Balto would hardly leave her side on the quest to save Theranos. Each day, Holmes would wake up with Balto at the nearly empty Los Altos mansion that she was renting about six miles from her company’s headquarters. (Theranos covered the house’s rent.) Soon after, one of her two drivers, sometimes her two security personnel, and even sometimes one of her two assistants, would pick them up, and set off for work. And for the rest of the day, Balto would stroll through the labs with his owner. Holmes brushed it off when the scientists protested that the dog hair could contaminate samples. But there was another problem with Balto, too. He wasn’t potty-trained. Accustomed to the undomesticated life, Balto frequently urinated and defecated at will throughout Theranos headquarters. While Holmes held board meetings with people like Henry Kissinger, Balto could be found in the corner of the room relieving himself while a frenzied assistant was left to clean up the mess.

Around this same time, Holmes says that she discovered that Balto—like most huskies—had a tiny trace of wolf origin. Henceforth, she decided that Balto wasn’t really a dog, but rather a wolf. In meetings, at cafés, whenever anyone stopped to pet the pup and ask his breed, Holmes soberly replied, “He’s a wolf.”

Similarly, I identify my parakeet as a Tyrannosaurus rex.

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  1. songbird says:

    Sounds like she really liked “Balto” and “White Fang.”

  2. LastMan says:

    Lord have mercy on us sinners

    • Replies: @El Dato
  3. Forbes says:

    Her entire act was a put-on. Another example of how the Big Lie works. If you’re gonna lie, go Big.

    That’s how most of the fraudsters do it.

    • Agree: Anon1
    • Replies: @Anon1
  4. songbird says:

    Can someone please give Bezos a parrot or a white cat? Or perhaps a little monkey to Musk?

    • Replies: @Escher
    , @tyrone
    , @Autochthon
  5. Anon[902] • Disclaimer says:

    Narcissists tend to live in fantasy world of their own creation. It’s part of their delusional disorder. They make up stories about themselves of massive fame, power, money, and beauty.

  6. Nathan says:

    1) Bullshit. She named the dog after the 1995 kids movie Balto- which she would have been the right age to remember- as a nostalgic retreat into childhood when her fraud of a company collapsed. Sure, that’s more or less the story of Balto, but the movie is how she knew about it, and she was probably depressed.

    2) Why can’t chicks housebreak dogs? I had an ex that had dogs that fouled up the carpet. All you have to do is walk them. That’s it.

    3) When you said trans-species pet, I was really expecting this story to go in a much, much darker direction. Like she adopted the dog and started experimenting on it, or something. Man… I wouldn’t put anything past Ms Holmes, but I’m really glad she didn’t go all Dr. Moreau on us.

  7. I was concocting an addendum to this tale that was going to include how the dog would have a crap wherever it felt like, and I’ll be gosh darned if reality didn’t once again steal my thunder. So I’m going to go with this:

    “While Holmes held board meetings with people like Henry Kissinger, Balto could be found in the corner of the room relieving himself while a frenzied assistant was left to clean up the mess. One late morning after a particularly heated bender with General James Mattis the night before, that escalated when Balto began chewing on his corefram shoes, Holmes awoke in her heart shaped bed only to find as she pulled back the blood soaked blankets the severed head of Balto lying at her feet.”

  8. It’s a bit much to expect a 9-week-old, even a 13-week-old, pup to be housebroken. But if you don’t work on the housebreaking (in particular if you let him roam over a large area) you may end up with an adult dog that’s still not housebroken.

    Claiming your dog is a wolf would be a convenient way to excuse the fact you didn’t succeed in housebreaking him.

  9. Why isn’t she locked up in prison for fraud?

    • Replies: @dvorak
    , @Anon1
    , @Jack D
  10. “Werewolf ?” “There wolf.”

    • Replies: @Cloudbuster
  11. OP says:

    Dog one-drop rule.

  12. Jack D says:

    The difference between being strange and being eccentric or idiosyncratic is that people who are eccentric have a lot of money. As long as Holmes was wealthy, she was eccentric. Noways, she’s just strange. I wonder what happened to Balto or what will happen to him when Holmes goes to prison?

    Holmes is a descendant of Charles Fleischmann, founder of Fleischmann’s Yeast, so she is a little bit Ashkenazi.

  13. Anon[300] • Disclaimer says:

    As someone who has been around a lot of people like this, I thoroughly enjoyed this article. We were better off in the old days when rich people, the cultural elites, acted like the Howells on Gilligan’s Island. They were snobs, lived a life of luxury, and they acted like it. Now we have to suffer elites that act like they are “down with the people,” or whatever, while using the concepts of “privilege” and “entitlement” to deflect their own extravagance onto normal people. I bet Elizabeth Holmes loved to use those words.

    In Holmes’s telling, Balto’s perseverance mirrored her own. His voyage with the life-changing drug was not so different from her ambition.

    Yeah? And what did she do? Wasted a spot at an elite university and couldn’t even stop her dog from pissing on the floor. This dumb bitch was a legend in her own mind.

    We simply cannot have people like this running around in society who have been raised to have no sense of culpability. Identity politics tells them that because they are female, or Muslim, or fill in the blank, that they can do no wrong.

    • Agree: ben tillman, Kylie
    • Replies: @stillCARealist
  14. slumber_j says:

    That’s hardly the first time she cried wolf.

  15. But there was another problem with Balto, too. He wasn’t potty-trained.

    I challenge anyone to show me a dog that is.

    • Agree: fish
    • Replies: @Jack D
  16. Clueless says:

    Don’t all dogs have wolf origin?

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  17. Alfa158 says:

    Wait, that article was a spoof, or the storyline from an upcoming movie doing a satire of the Theranos story right? I mean, surely that didn’t really happen did it?

    • Replies: @Hypnotoad666
    , @El Dato
  18. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Clever. John Carreyrou’s book was optioned for the upcomiong movie. Nick Bilton thinks, “Hey, if I can dig up a few weird, cinematic anecdotes not in Bad Blood that Adam McKay wants to use in his movie, I can get a cut also, at a fraction of the effort that Carreyrou put into it!”

    Trivia: Did you know that Bill Gates has a book review blog?

    I don’t read a lot of page turners. I often find myself unable to put a book down—but they’re not the kinds of books that would keep most people glued to their chairs.

    Here Gates seemingly drives around the neighborhood alone looking at Christmas decorations and recording some low-fi audio recommending the best books of 2018.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @Jack D
  19. her designated black Cadillac Escalade

    Did someone leave out an apostrophe there?

  20. The Australia of Bear Markets?

    Dear Mr. Sailer:

    Given the sanctioning of Elizabeth Holmes by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), she, like some convict of old, should seek a fresh start down-under and consider naming her new company “Thanatos”* and her hound-of-hell, “Cerberus.”**

    William Cullen “Bear” Bryant;
    Where The Top, Sis, Is Thanatopsis
    And The Crimson Tide Is Taken At The Flood

    PS There’s a rumor that Ms. Holmes is a descendant of Oliver Wendell “The Wad” Holmes, Sr. who wrote in “Frank Zappa Ressentiment”***

    A woman wants but little here below,
    A micro drop to make her firm fast grow
    “Watch out where the huskies go
    And don’t you eat that yellow snow”


  21. Anonymous[201] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jack D

    Yes, when you are competent and eccentric, people feel that you are nice. But when you are eccentric and incompetent, people feel that you are disgusting.

  22. Lagertha says:

    ok, I know dogs and have had sooo many all my lifefrom all walks of life. Theranos is crazy…probably a psychopath…uses people…and dogs – she is looking at a special hell, in my opinion.

    Dogs are easy to train, so, the idea that the dog just peed and shat everywhere means she never bothered to train her dog; wolves can be trained…they are very good at conning people (as are foxes) to get what they want/act like a dog.

    Theranos is the worst of the worst of sociopaths. She is a projector like all psychopaths: she needed to say that her dog is a wolf because she needs to feel fierce, cool, sexy and fierce (towards total strangers – weird, perverse thing about sociopaths) before everyone realizes she is a monster! This woman is so f*cked-up!

    I will adopt her dog, that is….if any of you, are in the know, of what happened to that poor dog – most likely, he was dumped in a kill-shelter. She is a piece of shit.

  23. anon[243] • Disclaimer says:

    Henceforth, she decided that Balto wasn’t really a dog, but rather a wolf. In meetings, at cafés, whenever anyone stopped to pet the pup and ask his breed, Holmes soberly replied, “He’s a wolf.”

    Wait a minute. That’s from “The Journey Of Natty Gann”.

    It’s about forty seconds in.

    Ordinarily, I would chalk that up to a coincidence, and it probably actually still is. But she stole the whole “Balto” thing, so it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  24. @Jack D

    Holmes is a descendant of Charles Fleischmann, founder of Fleischmann’s Yeast, so she is a little bit Ashkenazi.

    Does she speak with a yeast inflection?

  25. Lurker says:
    @Jack D

    The difference between being strange and being eccentric or idiosyncratic is that people who are eccentric have a lot of money. As long as Holmes was wealthy, she was eccentric. Noways, she’s just strange.

  26. The one thing I’ve yet to figure out is why she would go into something as cut-and-dried as laboratory testing. The machines literally put out reams and reams of easily compared numbers to tell you if they work as intended or not. If she had taken her ability to raise capital into almost any other field in the valley, she’d still be on top of the world. Instead she routed it all into a very difficult scientific project with a good chance of provable failure. I don’t think a pure sociopath would have done that – they would have taken the money and made a new smartwatch or VoD service or some such that couldn’t really go “wrong.” She might be a very pathological narcissist though, what with her parents reading her “Meditation” by Aurelius as a child and telling her her life would be very important etc etc.

  27. @Alfa158

    This could supply the kernel for an updated Balto II “inspired by true events.”

    I see Balto mushing up the Bayshore freeway to deliver a viable business plan to the remotest reaches of Menlo Park just as VCs are about to pull funding from Theranos.

  28. Jack D says:
    @ben tillman

    Well not potty trained (though some cats are) but housebroken. Almost every dog can be house TRAINED. In order to be house trained, they have to be trained, by a human. 9 time out of 10, dogs don’t have behavioral problems – their OWNERS have problems. Dogs are highly trainable but they don’t train themselves (or at least not in a way that is desirable to humans) – a human has to train them.

    • Agree: Ganderson, Stan d Mute
  29. I want to know about her $100,000 conference table (mentioned in the Vanity Fair piece). What does $100,000 buy you??

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  30. @International Jew

    Presumably the $100k conference table was for Henry Kissinger, George Schultz, Mad Dog Mattis, etc. to sit around at Board Meetings.

  31. Anonymous[467] • Disclaimer says:

    Actual wolf-dogs, if they are in circumstances that take them to the pound, usually are put down with no effort to find them new homes. I knew a guy who bought a “timbershepherd” and when he had to part with the dog-he had medical issues and couldn’t take care of it-found it impossible to find the dog a new home. When he was hospitalized it was taken to the pound for spurious reasons and put down before he could recover it.

  32. The voice. Her voice is her strangest affectation. I just can’t get past it, it sets off my freak detector.

  33. @Ghost of Bull Moose

    She’s a Bene Gesserit witch and she is using the voice on all of us.

    The fluid sampling hardware is fated to be repurposed as gom jabbar.

  34. BenKenobi says:

    she had an unconventional plan for redemption. That September, according to the two former executives, Holmes asked her security detail and one of her drivers to escort her to the airport in her designated black Cadillac Escalade. She flew first class across the country and was subsequently chauffeured to a dog breeder

    Wow she’s just like Rudolph Hess, except with a vagina!

    • Replies: @Kaganovitch
    , @El Dato
  35. @Ghost of Bull Moose

    The voice. Her voice is her strangest affectation. I just can’t get past it, it sets off my freak detector.

    I agree completely. My theory, which I’ve mentioned in earlier threads, is that she used to talk more normally, but wanted to be taken seriously as a business bigshot, so she received vocal coaching from someone enamoured of Barack Obama’s rhetorical skills who taught her to deliver clipped, ‘decisive’-sounding phrases just like our beloved ex-president.

    • Replies: @Sergeant Prepper
  36. bgates says:

    Mad Dog Mattis

    You suppose that ever caused confusion when the assistant chastised the puppy for peeing in the corner?

  37. Escher says:

    IMO Bezos should get a rooster, and Musk a Tasmanian devil.

    The Vanity Fair article is hilarious. What a pretentious fraud Ms. Holmes is.

    • Replies: @Simply Simon
  38. @Jack D

    Julius vs Julius?

    From Wikipedia: “Beginning in 1924, [Julius] Streicher used Der Stürmer as a mouthpiece not only for general antisemitic attacks, but for calculated smear campaignsagainst specific Jews, such as the Nuremberg city official Julius *Fleischmann*,[emphasis added] who worked for Streicher’s nemesis, mayor Hermann Luppe. Der Stürmer accused Fleischmann of stealing socks from his quartermaster during combat in World War I. Fleischmann sued Streicher and disproved the allegations in court, where Streicher was fined 900 marks but the detailed testimony exposed less-than-glorious details of Fleischmann’s record, and his reputation was badly damaged. It was proof that Streicher’s unofficial motto for his tactics was correct: ‘Something always sticks.’ ”

    Could that Julius Fleischmann have been related to Charles Fleischmann aka “The Beast of Yeast”? Given the etymology of “Fleischmann” (cognate of “flesh”), could the former have been known as the “Butcher of Nuremberg”?

    Also from Wikipedia: References [edit]- Informational Notes f. “At first Streicher claimed to be a painter named “Joseph *Sailer*,” [emphasis not necessary for the woke] but, misunderstanding Plitt’s [Streicher’s captor] poor German, he came to believe the latter already knew who he was, and quickly admitted his identity.[55][56]”

    “Joseph *Sailer*”? ….so what?…so nothing….just “noticing”…but how much do we *really* know about this so-called “Steve Sailer”?

    Also see the ice-cold Proto-Trump, “Orange Julius”

    • Replies: @Jack D
  39. Tyrion 2 says:
    @Moral Stone

    I suppose that’s one more reason why her claims were believed.

  40. Almost every dog can be house TRAINED. In order to be house trained, they have to be trained, by a human

  41. Bill P says:

    Women should under no circumstances own wolves, as they don’t have what it takes to maintain an alpha frame with a wild, 120lb. carnivore. I’m serious about that. I almost had to shoot a wolf that an Indian woman (Alaskan native) allowed to run around in my neighborhood because the animal was totally out of her control.

    To keep a wolf in line you’ve got to be prepared to kick its ass. Sounds mean, but that’s how wolves do it.

    • Replies: @Rohirrimborn
  42. El Dato says:


    Thou shalt endure this BS till the bitter end.

    And when Zuckerbalto is born, the skies will open.

  43. @Moral Stone

    Well, if she had pulled it off, it would have been the ultimate “fake it till you make it”.

  44. El Dato says:

    Possibly ghostwritten by Neal Stephenson.

    • Replies: @Kaganovitch
  45. tyrone says:

    Bezos don’t need no stink’n parrot ….he has the washington post. Musk needs a puff adder.

  46. @Clueless

    Yes, they can breed with wolves and produce fertile offspring.

    Wolves and dogs are interfertile, meaning they can breed and produce viable offspring. In other words, wolves can interbreed with any type of dog, and their offspring are capable of producing offspring themselves.

    A dog is just a wolf that’s the result of a LOT of breeding – like thousands of years worth.

    Dogs evolved from wolves through a centuries-long process of domestication. Domestication is the process by which a wild animal adapts to living with humans by being selectively bred by humans over thousands of years. Through this process, a dog’s behavior, life cycle and physiology have become permanently altered from that of a wolf.

    The same sort of thing can happen to humans. Our grandparents knew that.

  47. @The Last Real Calvinist

    My theory, which I’ve mentioned in earlier threads, is that she used to talk more normally, but wanted to be taken seriously as a business bigshot

    There are some nice anecdotes in Carreyrou’s book that support your theory, e.g.:

    “Like most people, Greg had been taken aback by Elizabeth’s deep voice when he’d first met her. He soon began to suspect it was affected. One evening, as they wrapped up a meeting in her office shortly after he joined the company, she lapsed into a more natural-sounding young woman’s voice. ‘I’m really glad you’re here’, she told him as she got up from her chair, her pitch several octaves higher than usual. In her excitement, she seemed to have momentarily forgotten to turn on the baritone. When Greg thought about it, there was a certain logic to her act: Silicon Valley was overwhelmingly a man’s world. The VCs were all male and he couldn’t think of any prominent startup founder. At some point, she must have decided the deep voice was necessary to get people’s attention and be taken seriously” (p97-98).

    • Replies: @Jack D
  48. dvorak says:

    Why can’t chicks housebreak dogs? I had an ex that had dogs that fouled up the carpet. All you have to do is walk them. That’s it.

    They don’t want to speak sharply to dogs if the purpose of the dog is to be a substitute baby.

    • Replies: @International Jew
  49. IHTG says:

    My god, she’s a character from Austin Powers.

  50. dvorak says:

    Why isn’t she locked up in prison for fraud?

    The SEC issues civil/criminal threats to the offender’s lawyers and then settles cases and is done with them. The FBI feels that rich investors getting screwed is not the highest priority crime out there, compared with cases where the general public or the municipal fisc is getting screwed.

    • Replies: @George
    , @Autochthon
  51. dvorak says:

    Prominent/established VCs didn’t invest in Theranos because they do due diligence on their investments.

    “Silicon Valley” – at least the VCs – passed the Bad Blood test. They’re like TSA agents who find the planted pistol.

    “Silicon Valley” works. The Hoover Institution, apparently, doesn’t.

  52. TS says:

    America just relieved her pet monkey. nuff said.

  53. @Anon

    Okay, that’s the weirdest thing I’ve seen recently. Thanks.

  54. Seems likely Balto is 1/1024th wolf.

    Elizabeth Warren should adopt Balto for her own campaign, “Running With Wolf!”

  55. George says:

    “The FBI feels that rich investors getting screwed ”

    Was there an actual crime? They could have found an unrelated issue, but it appears she did actually spend most of the money on developing the company. It also seems that the complaints against her are being made by people who regard themselves as the legal heirs but are not the legal guardians of the people being screwed or the people being screwed. Another problem is it appears the 80+ investors also speculated in a bunch of other not exactly sure thing type companies, is the FBI going to go after them?

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @Anonymous
  56. Jake says:

    So, either she was a world class con person/it/ze/thou/ infinitum, or she was 100% crazy and a true believer.

    The latter, I now think, is the truth. And I think the same of most of the Aspergery CSW crowd is the same kind of crazy. Divorced from reality in a comic book way. High functioning Autism Spectrum may actually correlate with that, with being very childish while also being very bright and innovative in an area of two.

    Such people are a grave danger because they will romanticize natural primitives , who will respond to being romanticized by such smart people by making even more demands.

  57. @El Dato

    She sounds like she sprang from Stephenson’s brow, fully formed, missing only a hook for an arm maybe

  58. @BenKenobi

    Yes! I could see her doing that flight to England.

  59. @Bill P

    I agree but would extend that to all large male dogs. Almost all male dog pets are neutered. If you have a large male dog and forego the neutering be prepared to kick its ass or you’re in for a world of trouble.

  60. Anon1 says:

    She had a bunch of powerful men on her board of directors, like Mattis and Kissinger. She probably slept with a few of them, giving her a certain degree of blackmail power. So those guys are now pulling strings for her.

    Simple as that.

  61. Anon1 says:

    A ridiculously high percentage of politicians, corporate executives, entertainers, and other powerful/famous people are professional conmen. Unfortunately, they’re typically totally incompetent, so their screwups are often very extreme.

    It’s not just Holmes that looks stupid. Think of how grossly buffoonish her board members (Kissinger, Mattis, Schultz, etc) must’ve been to join forces with a dimwit like Holmes. Think of how buffoonish all those investors who gave her $1 billion must’ve been.

    I really doubt Holmes ran the company. Her CFO Balwani ran the scam, while she traveled around giving speeches and swindling incompetent investors.

  62. anon[128] • Disclaimer says:

    “When you said trans-species pet, I was really expecting this story to go in a much, much darker direction.”

    That’s what I thought: like, Ozzie in Watchmen.

  63. Jack D says:

    She is out on bail awaiting trial. She’ll go to jail eventually.

  64. Jack D says:

    I realize the guy is a billionaire but how much did that whole setup cost and to what end? And if they could afford to spend a zillion $ on an elaborate visual setup, why did they record him as if he was talking into an old landline phone on a bad connection? And was that a real set or a digital landscape? I’m so confused.

  65. @Nathan

    “Why can’t chicks housebreak dogs?…All you have to do is walk them.”

    You just answered your own question.

    A better one would be, why do single women own dogs?

    Have you ever seen how much garbage collects on the floor of a single woman’s apartment? We have to take that out too (or it never gets done).

    • Replies: @mmack
  66. Ibound1 says:

    Her dog was 99% dog and 1% wolf. She said: “it’s a wolf”. Her product was 99% failure and 1% working. She said “It works”. There is a pattern here.

  67. Sean says:

    Sounds very like she was channeling Ava, heroine of the follow up book to lady novelist Jean M. Auel’s Clan Of the Cave Bear. Ayla ( a masterful healer) leaves the Neanderthals to patent several key inventions of humanity. Oh, and tame a lion.

    My favourite bit of the story is when she watches horses mating is strangely affected by the sight of the male’s “magnificent” …, but I digress. Can’t help thinking Holmes’s problems had much to do with her not justifying her existence by concentrating on passing on the genes that come together for that propose ever so briefly in each individual with a tall handsome blond stallion-man like Ayla’s Jondalar although Holmes’s boyfriend Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani may have equaled Sonny Liston for all I know.

    In a 2014 piece at Slate, Tammy Oler argued persuasively

    At its core, Cave Bear is speculative fiction about a young girl’s survival and resilience in an elaborately imagined authoritarian society. Sound familiar? It’s the same narrative engine that powers The Hunger Games, Divergent and the myriad novels of the young-adult dystopia explosion of the last half-decade. Auel may not have known she was writing about a precursor to Katniss Everdeen—but that’s how a whole generation of teens received Ayla.

    No one on the board knew about Holmes’s relationship with Balwani, Kissinger said in an interview that he had tried to set her up on dates with suitable men. Balwani was the company number 2 and the real enforcer of the business.
    Balwani and Holmes met in Beijing on a trip through Stanford University’s Mandarin program the summer before Holmes went to college. While there, the two struck up a friendship. While it wasn’t clear when Balwani and Holmes became romantically involved, it appears to be around the time she dropped out of Stanford to start Theranos.

    Balwani’s background was in technology, after moving to the US in 1986. He had worked as a software engineer at Microsoft and Lotus before joining a startup called right before the dot-com bubble and later becoming president and chief technology officer. The company was acquired, and Balwani walked away with $40 million months before the bubble popped and the company went bankrupt.

    Balwani is the THE guy, it all revolved round him, but you just know he will flip on her and get her 20 years, which happens to be the age gap between them.

  68. I first heard of Ms. Holmes about what seems like ten years ago when a friend of mine said he was working on a project to bullet-proof her home. He worked for a specialty contractor in Fort Worth that mostly did work to install bullet-proofing to luxury vehicles.

    He told me that he was “working on a project in Silicon Valley to put bullet-proof windows into the home of the worlds youngest female billionaire” A “weird lady who wears black clothes all the time and has a special blood testing machine”

    This was well before she was in the public arena but fits well with the descriptions in the linked article about her need for a security detail.

  69. Jack D says:

    Fleischmann ( meat man – a butcher) is a very common German and Jewish surname so I doubt that there was any relation.

    but, misunderstanding Plitt’s [Streicher’s captor] poor German, he came to believe the latter already knew who he was, and quickly admitted his identity.

    When tested by the Allies while in prison at Nuremberg, Streicher won the prize among the top Nazis for having the lowest IQ.

  70. Jack D says:
    @Sergeant Prepper

    No one has mentioned that she is a bleached blonde. I think she may have worn colored contact lenses also. This is what she looked like before she remade herself:

    She sounds like a sociopath but you have to hand it to sociopaths – it really takes a tremendous act of will to completely remake yourself in this way. Actors like Christian Bale remake themselves for a role for a few weeks or months but she was doing her act 24/7 for years on end.

    • Replies: @Anon
  71. @Anon

    I wouldn’t go blaming identity politics for this broad. Oh, she benefited, to be sure, but she would have had crazy plans to rule the world even 100 years ago. The path would have been different, but the harm to all those around her would have been similar.

  72. @Moral Stone

    She says it’s because so many people freak out when they have to get their blood drawn. If their blood could be thoroughly tested with only a finger prick, then more people would get the information they need without all the stress.

    I thought this balderdash until a couple weeks ago when I took my daughter to get her blood drawn for the first time. She fainted and was shaky and scared for quite a while. Weird, as I’m sort of a ghoul and enjoy stuff that most people find gross. Anyway, if EH’s technology had worked, it would be a godsend for us.

  73. Jack D says:

    The concept is fundamentally appealing. Apparently she had a personal aversion to having blood drawn and thought “what if we could do a complete blood workup from a single drop of blood”? If it could be done, it’s STILL an appealing idea and one that has a much broader and more important application than some stupid app or streaming service. IF it could be done.

    She must have believed that the technical problems could be overcome if she threw enough VC money at them. Ultimately her idea was doomed even if they could have overcome the problems with the machinery because a drop of blood from a finger prick is not a representative sample of the composition of your bloodstream.

    You are right about the numbers. After the WSJ expose, her board of directors finally caught on that things might not be kosher and they insisted that she send samples of blood to commercial labs and compare them with her results. She kept putting them off and making up excuses. Then she got rid of the board members who were asking too many questions.

  74. TheJester says:

    Women have a special disposition toward “fake it ’til you make it”. It’s called the female fashion industry. The goal is to get a lot of estrual attention from males. It’s the ultimate on being passive-aggressive. You display your stuff and let the panting idiots take care of the rest.

    The science behind Elizabeth Holmes was suspect from the beginning … yet, conference tables full of wealthy, aging males fell for it. Why?

    Holmes just put a new spin on the use of illusion, delusion, and hallucination fundamental to the female “branding” industry. She would rebrand herself as a female “tech” diva using all of the visual accouterments perfected by the likes of Steve Jobs. The fact she was female was essential to the delusion, especially for old codgers like Henry Kissinger — blond hair, big breasts, a friendly and willing smile, and a knockoff Steve Jobs sweater. With most of these estrual distractions already perfected by women over the ages, what could go wrong?

    Hence, Holmes insight was to bring the illusions, delusions, and hallucinations common in the female fashion industry into a well-orchestrated smashup with the expectations common to the male high-tech industry. The old, wealthy, and powerful codgers found Elizabeth Holmes estrually irresistible. The rest is history.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @TheJester
    , @Jack D
    , @Olorin
  75. @Jack D

    The concept is fundamentally appealing. Apparently she had a personal aversion to having blood drawn and thought “what if we could do a complete blood workup from a single drop of blood”?

    I still don’t get it. The discomfort comes from the needle stick; once the needle is in, there’s no further sensation, like from your blood flowing into a vial (or vials). In fact, I find the finger prick a bit less pleasant than the needle in my arm.

    Maybe it becomes an issue for seriously ill people who get their blood drawn every day and have collapsed veins?

  76. @dvorak

    You don’t need to “speak sharply” to a dog to housebreak it. That (and other mild punishments) were what we thought back in the old days. The new way is “crate training” (look it up). Works like a charm.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  77. Balto—like most huskies all dogs—had a tiny trace of wolf origin is descended entirely from wolves domesticated via milennia of natural selection and managed breeding.

    I now return you to Clown World.

  78. @songbird

    Bezos and Musk already have familiar spirits in Sanchez and Boucher; The Washington Post functions more as a sandestin.

    Please, let’s don’t importune any more innocent beasts; best to keep them away from these psychopaths.

  79. I wonder what kind of relationship she had with that dog. I wonder if she and the dog had more than just an owner-pet relationship.

  80. Jack D says:
    @International Jew

    This is like diets – there’s no one answer. There are many different approaches and some of them work better for some people than others (they all pretty much work on dogs – the people are the problem). Dogs are intelligent animals and highly trainable with respect to housebreaking and otherwise, but someone has got to train them one way or another.

  81. Jack D says:
    @International Jew

    Phobias are not rational – that’s why they’re phobias. A lot of people are afraid of having blood drawn and no one really enjoys it. You have a lot of nerve endings in your fingertip so you are going to feel a finger prick more. Ultimately they could have found a way to harvest a drop of blood from somewhere other than your finger – a small needle is always going to hurt less than the big one that is needed to draw vials of blood.

    It was a really good idea if it could have been made to work. There are lots of things that are good ideas but that are beyond our reach with current technology or maybe ever.

    The mystery is how she was able to convince anyone that she would be the one to crack this problem – she didn’t have the technical chops to do it, she didn’t have a track record, she had nothing but chutzpah. But sociopaths have this strange unnatural self confidence which the human software sometimes cannot distinguish from the real thing. Is the guy on the horse saying “follow me, men” George Washington or George Custer? On the surface they seem the same. Sometimes they ARE the same except that one succeeds and the other fails. If by some miracle Holmes had pulled it off, we wouldn’t be calling her a sociopath, we’d (still) be calling her the female Steve Jobs.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Intelligent Dasein
  82. Anon[233] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jack D

    There’s a brief clip on YouTube of Holmes talking in her natural voice. She sounds very girly and lightweight, so I can see why she decided to redo her voice. She also looks too girly without her eccentricities.

  83. Anon[233] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jack D

    She got where she did because a certain percentage of people are gullible. This is one of the best articles about the psychology of gullible people that I’ve ever come across:

    Substitute ‘liberal ideology’ for ‘gullible,’ and you’ll experience a lot of insight into that mindset.

    • Agree: International Jew
  84. @Jack D

    If by some miracle Holmes had pulled it off, we wouldn’t be calling her a sociopath, we’d (still) be calling her the female Steve Jobs.

    We ought to be calling Steve Jobs the male Elizabeth Holmes.

  85. Spangel says:

    I’m excited to see other anecdotes of Liz Holmes weirdness emerge as people share more and more gossip. She was paranoid about security. Did she hire decoys? Maybe someone will reveal weird fetishes she engaged in. Did she launder money through modern art?

    I love that you don’t even have to make it up because she really is that strange.

  86. Anon[233] • Disclaimer says:

    Her hair is still in lousy condition despite all her money.

  87. @Nathan

    I’ve met (and petted) wolf-mixes, and with a much a higher % of wolf than hers had. They can be trained.

    She’s full of it. Again.

    • Replies: @International Jew
    , @Anon
  88. Thea says:

    Everything about her life is rather depressing. She’s is likely going to jail and all she got was an ugly boyfriend, obsequious praise from the nerd press and a barren, silent home.Yuck

    • Replies: @Anon1
  89. mmack says:
    @Kevin O'Keeffe

    Why do single women own dogs?

    What’s the cultural image of a single woman who owns cats? There’s your answer.

    I think once the steriotypical “Crazy Cat Lady” image became a meme in popular culture women switched over to owning dogs. In general because men usually like dogs more than cats. And if you have a dog it might be easier to meet and attract a man.

    Of course the big flaw in that plan is a cat is not a dog, even in an era when there is absolutely no difference between a man and a woman as experts tell us. Having friends and relatives that have owned either dogs or cats, felines seem to be lower maintenance pets that are better suited for a single person who works away from home than a dog. Dogs want/demand your attention more than cats, and dogs definitely need to know who’s their boss and their place in the pack. People that buy dogs and fail to establish that THEY are the dog’s master run into big problems later on.

    In closing, I live in a subdivision with plenty of families and married couples that own dogs. 75-80% the time it’s the man of the house walking the dog. On weekdays before 7:30 AM when I drive into work that figure climbs to 100% of people I see walking a dog past my house. Ditto taking Rex out for a walk @ 0 Dark 30 at night.

  90. @Rosamond Vincy

    According to the zoologist John Bradshaw there are no documented cases of anyone training a wolf to be a good pet in the sense of obtaining a dog-like animal that seems to enjoy its owner’s company. Even wolves adopted right after birth.

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @Rosamond Vincy
  91. Jack D says:

    In criminal cases, the state protects the interest of the public in general, not any particular individual or group of individuals. Promoting speculative investments is not a crime as long as the risks are clearly disclosed. The crime is making intentional false statements to your investors.

    Holmes doesn’t seem to have pocketed a lot of cash in the sense of having siphoned funds from the company bank accounts in order to stash them in a Swiss bank account but while the company was going she lived like a maharajah on the company’s dime. Flying everywhere on private jets, a mansion rented for her by the company, a chauffeur driven Escalade, full time bodyguards, etc, etc. A fancy headquarters with a $1 million/month rent and expensively furnished. A substantial chunk of the investor’s money must have gone into this and not into research. She will say that all expenditures received board approval (from her handpicked board) but this doesn’t hold water if she was lying to the board about the capabilities of her device. It’s one thing to reward a CEO who is performing, it’s another to reward one who isn’t performing but is telling you that she is.

  92. Olorin says:

    Similarly, I identify my parakeet as a Tyrannosaurus rex.

    Suspend any doubt.

  93. Jack D says:
    @International Jew

    Balto (not a wolf at all) is an extreme case but a lot of people have wolf-dog hybrids that they try to pass off as wolves and the hybrids are (at least in some cases) trainable as pets.

    Because wolves have the same proportions as huskies and we see them mostly in photos by themselves, people don’t realize how much bigger than dogs most of them are. A male timber wolf weighs 180 lbs. and is wicked strong. It’s nearly impossible for a human to control an animal of that size without a weapon – if your “pet” wolf wants to take off after your neighbor’s dog you won’t be able to stop him. There are some large dog breeds but most of them have been bred to be a lot more docile than wolves.

  94. @International Jew

    My daughter didn’t faint until she saw the vials of her blood sitting on the counter. Of course, this was a fasting blood draw, so that didn’t help.

    I would have agreed with you, IJ, until I wound up carrying my own teen kid down the hall to a bed.

  95. TheJester says:

    Put more simply, Holmes’ technical aspirations opened the doors … and her estrual illusions closed the deals. She led many rich and powerful males to think the best about her and, in fact, succor their relationships with her as she skillfully employed her technical and estrual illusions against them.

    It is hard for me to believe that Elisabeth Holmes was guilty of fraud. If so, almost all human interactions between males and females are fraught with fraud of one kind or another … rich and powerful males suckered by a femme fatale on account of their own moral weaknesses. What’s new in human experience?

    “Def. femme fatale, sometimes called a maneater, is a stock character of a mysterious and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers and admirers, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, deadly, costly, and other regrettable situations.”

  96. Jack D says:

    But this was a unique combination of things that usually don’t go together. On the one hand you have feminine charms – men go gaga for these and may bestow gifts upon them, but the stereotype is that blonds are dumb and not someone that you would trust with your investments. And Holmes had a strange hermaphroditic presentation – OTOH the blonde hair, blue eyes and red lips of the Barbie doll, but on the other hand the baritone voice and turtleneck of a man.

    • Replies: @Anon
  97. El Dato says:

    That sounds promising.

    I demand a movie!

  98. @International Jew

    As Jack pointed out, you can train some of the mixes, depending on how much wolf there is in them. A quarter wolf or less will be easier to train than half-wolf.

    That said, even pure huskies are more difficult to train than say, goldies. Some breeds, like Aussie shepherds or Great Pyrs, are smarter than you and/or bigger than you, and you don’t get one unless you’re willing to devote the time it takes to train them. You can’t just drop them off at the trainer’s; you have to work with the dog. Huskies are very pack-oriented, so if you’re not getting more than one and you’re going to ignore yours unless you’re boasting about its pedigree, don’t get one.

    • Replies: @Autochthon
  99. Olorin says:

    Women have a special disposition toward “fake it ’til you make it”. It’s called the female fashion industry. The goal is to get a lot of estrual attention from males.

    I don’t disagree with your overall take. But consider that at least some of these females go into the workplace highly overrating their skills and work ethic.

    I figure this owes in part to them not ever having a teacher or mentor to show them their limits and what it would take to surmount those. Or maybe having had such a one, and rejected them for being too “brutal” or whatever.

    It is increasingly dangerous in the Ed Biz or the biz world itself for a teacher or mentor even to attempt this adult-work model of creative conflict. Plus the mediocre to awful women have used this as a way to yank the rug out from under women superior to them. If you make illegal the very social forms that will cultivate excellence in alpha females, that’s not only effective from the betas’ standpoint…it follows the female imperative of avoiding direct conflict.

    Many women, even the smarter and harder working ones, also underestimate the amount of hazing or challenge or activity they will face in doing real work in the real world. Women raised in rural or urban working class families, or who actually do, and excel at, tradeswork may not be many…but they aren’t the kind of flowers that I’ve had to sift through, in hiring, among suburban or urban college grads.

    But now that rough talk, throwing elbows, blunt critique, and the manly challenge that makes ideas and products better is effectively illegal…well, who’d blame a sensitive, mediocre, lazy, manipulative, or nutzoid woman for using a lawyer to get her a settlement that lets her opt out of that? (Which on the employer’s side amounts to paying these organization- and relationship-wreckers to stay home.)

    Real work is hard. It’s boring. It isn’t about YOU. So it makes perfect sense that, having found themselves with access to a broader range of territory, resources, and mates, they would fall back on ancient primate evolutionary strategies like reddening the lips, tucking hair behind large ears, looking wide-eyed, flashing teeth, being compliant, and bonding with the males who fall for this and can advance their “careers.”

    If we want to see this changed, then more attention has to be paid to cultivating genuinely alpha females. Women who actually have big brains, a killer work ethic, and the ancestral background where men and women work side by side and fight back to back.

    For you see, the mistake made in the 20th century regarding feminism and work was the same one made regarding “democratic socialism.” Since both sex equality and social democracy worked in Northern European countries, it was assumed these would apply to everyone for all time. It was assumed that all that was needed was a legal mandate.

    Thus eventually excellence or drive mattered less to the individual than falling back on breeding behaviors. Biology uber alles. In a slice of time where casino speculation mattered more than actually producing results, this made some people quite rich and famous.

    I note also that this is similar to the 20th century mistake regarding public school being a magic fun factory that could take all colors of Play-Doh, push them through the extrusion gate, and end up with pretty shapes in one nice bland hue. Very few of which would be useful but all of which could shop and spend if you give them money and dumb down the marketplace sufficiently.

  100. Thea says:
    @International Jew

    The needle used may be smaller too. For acutely Ill children this could make an excruciating experience a bit more palatable. So in theory it’s a great invention.

    It’s infuriating that such families could have been conned by her.

  101. @Jack D

    A male timber wolf weighs 180 lbs. and is wicked strong.

    I’ve seen numbers in the 100 lb range, whereas the typical German shepherd is only about 70 lbs, and even that’s a handful if it’s coming after you.

  102. Olorin says:
    @International Jew

    What always struck me as most interesting about this is what it suggested about Elizabeth Holmes’s mental terrain.

    But also, I reflect on how there is a huge Undiscovered Territory of how to giga-monetarize your and my and everybody’s biology–both the ills flesh is heir to and the simple changes and upkeep we endure as part of life. Biology’s century started out with a bunch of smart geeky weirdos like E.O. Wilson (whom I admire extremely)…but it’s going to be carried forward by Big Pharma, Big Actuary-Casino, and other globalist corporations.

    Bezos’s skunkworks has been trying for many years to develop the One Medical Records System To Rule Them All, e.g.

    So the whole Theranos larp by Holmes…fneh, just another exercise in what turns out to be grift…

    …and considering the whole picture, I’d say we dodged a bullet. I mean, imagine Elizabeth Holmes being in charge of knowing everything there is to know about you, blood-wise, from a single drop of your blood.

    Kinda like Anne Wojcicki owning your DNA.

    The arguments over Obamacare were less about the issues that appeared in headlines (both D and R) and more about who was going to seize the Manifest Destiny of the New Netherworld Order. That there will be a high-tech borgmatrix hive was never in question. Nor is your place in it. The bickering is all over who is going to rule it…and you.

  103. @dvorak

    Makes sense. Must be why policeharslt ever patrol Malibu, La Jolla, Beverly Hills, or Tiburon yet the govermenr redouble assiduously ensures the Central Valley is crime free.

    Nothing to do with the socioeconomic positions of the criminals, I’m sure.

  104. Anonymous[151] • Disclaimer says:

    You guys need to follow the news more closely, or at least read the linked article. She was indicted back in June and the case is ongoing.

  105. Anonymous[151] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jack D

    It would be kind of cool if it worked. So would a time machine. As you point out, the problem is that, like a time machine, it’s technically impossible. Holmes was told this by several people when she was first going around pitching the idea as an undergrad. She didn’t have any concrete plan as to how it could be done, just that it should be done. That she managed to get so far off so little is proof that at least a certain subset of women (young, white, attractive) do, in fact, have it easy. People compare her to Madoff, but Madoff was well into middle age and had a long track record of success when he started his technically-impossible scamming.

    But there are some similarities between Madoff and Holmes: both were largely shunned by sophisticated institutional investors and instead preyed on gormless new money types who loved their respective stories (Holmes as the “female Steve Jobs,” Madoff as the blue-collar Jewish kid from Queens who made good). But Madoff at least had the self awareness to realize he was a fraud, whereas Holmes (as far as I can tell) does not.

    • Agree: Autochthon
    • Replies: @Jack D
  106. @Buffalo Joe

    She doesn’t have Marty Feldman Eyes, but she does have crazy eyes.

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
  107. @Rosamond Vincy

    If any breed of dog is smarter than you you are probably under some kind of conservatorship, institutionalised, or both.

  108. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    I don’t think Santa Clara county has any kill shelters. Most California counties don’t have kill shelters Most have a low cost euthanasia program program for old and sick dogs for people who can’t or don’t want to pay the high vet fee to put down old and sick dogs.

  109. Patrol dogs (I.e. the ones that bite on command) are another level. If you look at one for too long it will start getting pissed off, and some of the moves involved in bringing it to heel (the helicopter: spin the dog around your head and slam it against something to break its prey drive) are moves that would get you arrested if you used them against another person.

    Its not unknown for a handler to have to physically beat his dog into submission several times over the course of a year to establish who is alpha.

    • Replies: @Anon
  110. Jack D says:

    Dogs are smart sort of in the way that prison inmates are smart – it’s not that they are smarter than you in general but they have a lot of time on their hands and sometimes want certain things and will try to get away with stuff if they sense that you are not in charge or that they can get away with it. And that they are not bound by the same moral code as you are.

    • Replies: @Anon
  111. Jack D says:

    Holmes (as far as I can tell) does not [realize she is a fraud].

    I disagree with this. Yes, Holmes had the sociopath’s ability to remain optimistic even in the face of severe setbacks, but at some point she began intentionally lying to her board of directors. When they asked her to send blood samples to commercial services to compare the results with their machine, she kept putting them off and falsely claiming that the test results had gotten lost, etc. (“Balto ate my homework”) – she was clearly aware that she was not telling the truth at that point. Maybe she rationalized that it was OK to lie because she was still going to make it right soon, but she knew that she was lying.

  112. @Jack D

    They’re not nearly that big. See Wikipedia.

    Wolves have bigger feet, bigger teeth and (less noticeable) bigger brains than dogs of the same size.

    If you have a reference to a proven successfully domesticated wolf, I’d be interested in seeing it. Isolated accounts by pet owners are hard to verify.

    • Replies: @Autochthon
  113. @Autochthon

    You’ve never met an Aussie Shepherd, have you?

    • Replies: @Autochthon
  114. @Autochthon

    If any breed of dog is smarter than you

    A dog wouldn’t have believed Jussie Smolett’s story, so that puts it ahead of a lot of people.

  115. Anon1 says:

    She had an ultra lavish lifestyle for many years and also became super famous. Beats working in retail or being a barista, while struggling to pay back student loans.

    When she gets out of jail, she’ll get wifed up by some tech nerd and pop out a couple future conmen.

    She’s gonna be okay.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  116. @Jack D

    If the rise of SJW culture has taught me anything, it’s that the minds of otherwise intelligent people can hold contradictory beliefs at once.

  117. @Rosamond Vincy

    I’ve never travelled beyond the atmosphere, but I know the vacuum of space is cold and empty. I’ve never visited the Sahara Desert, but I know it is arid. I’ve never experienced a nuclear explosion, but I know nuclear explosions are destructive. I’ve never seen light reflected directly from my eyes (only light reflected from my eyes intermediated by mirrors), but I know what colour my eyes are. And so on.

    One can make an epistemological case that nothing not personally experienced can be believed or have any validity, but that way lies madness.

    • Replies: @Rosamond Vincy
  118. @International Jew

    Ah, yes, Wikipedia; that redoubt of infallible expertise and lore.

    According to the dumbasses with doctorates in zoology and such who extensively study wolves empirically:

    The largest members of the canine family, male wolves weigh between 65 and 175 pounds (30 to 80 kilograms) and females weigh between 50 and 120 pounds (23 to 55 kilograms). They measure from 4 feet 3 inches to 6 feet 9 inches (130 to 205 centimeters) in total length.

    There is of course a great variance in mass (as there are in many megafauna; haven’t you ever seen Twins?) but there certainly are many male wolves who attain close to one hundred and eighty pounds in weight. I believe the largest specimen ever recorded was just over two hundred pounds, though of course that fellow was freakish in the way Andre the Giant was amongst humans.

    • Replies: @International Jew
    , @Anon
  119. @Nathan

    No, no, no!

    Any references to mastermind “Moreau” should be confined to Steve’s “Seymour Hersh: GHW Bush was Reagan’s Spymaster”!

    (Arthur Moreau ran Bush’s covert ops ring in the White House from 1981 – 85, but conveniently dropped dead of a heart attack in December of 1986, just as the Iran Contra scandal was heating up. Just because Hersh said that Bush was in a “panic” at the thought of his ’88 presidential run being derailed from the disclosure of this ring, is no reason to assume that Moreau’s unexpected and shocking death was anything other than a random tragedy . . . right?)

    Don’t mix up the posts, people!

    • Replies: @Nathan
  120. @Autochthon

    That 175 lb was the weight of the largest wolf ever observed (which moreover was in the 1930s). So saying wolves range from 65 to 175 lb is as useful as saying humans range from 25 to 1150 lb, or 2 feet to 9.

    According to Wikipedia, which is a perfectly fine reference on anything nonpolitical.

  121. Jack D says:

    According to the Vanity Fair article, Holmes is engaged to a younger hospitality heir, who also works in tech. She wears his M.I.T. signet ring on a necklace and the couple regularly post stories on Instagram professing their love for each other.

    Reddit says that his name is William Billings Evans, heir to the Evans Hotels fortune.

    • Replies: @Rosamond Vincy
    , @Ibound1
  122. @Escher

    Speaking of Tasmanian devils, does anyone know if any have been domesticated?

  123. @Autochthon

    I’ve met Aussie Shepherds. They are smarter than all of us. They know it.

  124. @Jack D

    the couple regularly post stories on Instagram professing their love for each other.

    Erg. Prefer the old initials-on-trees method.

  125. Ibound1 says:
    @Jack D

    I don’t know why but I have this feeling they won’t be tying the knot until the lawsuits are all over.

  126. Anonymous[151] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jack D

    Yeah but I think Holmes believed until the very end that things could be salvaged: the product would work, everybody would get rich and live happily ever after, and in that case she wouldn’t be the first entrepreneur to bluff and put out a lot of squid ink to buy herself some time. Per Steve’s article she still thinks that hers is going to be a story of redemption in the end. By contrast when an interviewer asked Madoff how he ever hoped to get out of his scam his response was that he hoped for some kind of armageddon-type situation: if everybody’s dead, then there’s no problem.

    • Replies: @Rosamond Vincy
    , @guest
  127. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    I agree. I don’t mind dogs. Many dog owners are emotionally normal. But some dog owners are …..

    All dogs are easy to train. Just have to treat them like dogs instead of pampered baby as women do and best friend encouraged to be aggressive as men do

  128. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jack D

    Dogs are basically suck ups on welfare.

  129. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Now that the liberals have restocked wolves into cattle and sheep ranching areas, I’m sure in a few generations there’ll be 8’ long 300 Pd wolves.

  130. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jack D

    How tall is she? How big are her hands? Does she have to wax her arms as well as her legs? What does the turtleneck cover up?

  131. @Anonymous

    What is Jussie Smollett hoping for? He’s still reciting line one of the Narcissist’s Prayer.

  132. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Rosamond Vincy

    I’m sure you have petted wolf mixes. If you don’t mind my asking, do you live in the Marin county suburbs of San Francisco?

    • Replies: @Rosamond Vincy
  133. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jack Hanson

    Here’s a good way to establish dominance over dogs. You have to be careful there are no sissy soy boy sappy dog lover neighbors though.

    Tie it up in the yard. Put a bark collar on it. Supply it with water. Don’t do it in winter of course. Don’t feed it for 2 days. Then bring a chair cell phone or book and some dog food to the dog. Put the food close but out of reach of the dog and sit and read cruise the internet for an hour. Then take the food away.

    Repeat several times for 2 days. Then bring out food and make the dog grovel and beg for a few minutes. Then let it eat. Then untie it and let it go about it’s normal life.

    I guarantee it will never bite another family member or disobey you ever again. In fact it will look to you for permission before it moves. You won’t even have to give it verbal orders. It will respond to hand commands.

    Dogs are dominance submission critters. Few dog owners dominate their dogs. Most dog owners are submissive to the dog. That’s why so many dogs are aggressive and badly behaved.

    I’m sure many dogs understand words. This is just my opinion.

    • Replies: @International Jew
  134. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    A polite well mannered dog is a joy to have. It’s so nice to have a well mannered dog who sits quietly while you’re loading the kids into the car instead of the usual barging around and getting in the way.

    And who sits quietly while you’re getting it’s food ready and waits quietly after you put the food on the floor till you make the signal that “you may eat”. And doesn’t bark like a maniac and jump all over visitors but lets the visitors come in and sit down without demented barking jumping and swarming around.

    Maybe it’s a WASP thing to have a trained polite well mannered dog.

  135. @Cloudbuster

    Cloud, That movie was comedy gold and yet, a few weeks ago a commenter here on iSteve said he saw no humor on Brook’s movies.

  136. @Anon

    If you already have a dog, please find it a new owner. If you don’t have a dog yet, please don’t ever get one.

    • Replies: @Anon
  137. @Lagertha

    Reputable breeders will take back your dog any time (though with no refund). So don’t lose sleep over Holmes’ dog.

    I have two reasons to think she went to such a breeder:

    1. She flew out to pick up the dog. Probably means the breeder insisted on meeting her. That’s a good sign; bad breeders (“puppy mills”, or the notorious front for them that now goes under the name will ship the dog to you as soon as you pay and indeed don’t welcome your visiting their unsanitary facilities.

    2. She was a profligate spender, and so less likely to shop on price.

    • Replies: @Lagertha
  138. @Anon

    Nope, Midwest, and far from being a tree-huggin’ vegan Gender Theorist per Marin County, I’m a venison-devouring, Latin Mass-loving reader of things published before 1901. I am not sentimental about animals; I have mucked stables.

    • Replies: @Anon
  139. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @International Jew

    The people who have blood drawn often have a needle taped to their arm and the blood is drawn without having to make new needle sticks

  140. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Rosamond Vincy

    Good for you.

    I learned all I need to know about sissy city soyboy dog lovers in Marin. Leash laws were considered a crime against the freedom of dogs. It’s difficult to fence yards up in the hills. So the dogs roam around all day and night. Shepherds and aggressive Dobermans were the most popular dogs. Ours was the only house in the hill with a garage for garbage cans. The dogs dragged garbage all over. As well as taking over a section of road and attacking anyone who dared walk or drive on their territory

    Then the sissy city boys realized that all their aggressive dogs were doing what dogs do, running down deer and killing them. Then the weeping and wailing and rending of garments began. They loved deer and they believed that dogs should run free. What’s a liberal to do?

    At least the dogs eliminated the raccoons. Are there any Carolina dingoes around where you live?

    Shepherds seem to be out of style I haven’t seen one in years

    We were talking about anti confederate heritage people digging up cemeteries next.
    Spain is now a very liberal country They plan to dig up General Franco the great hero who whipped the communists and sent them running back to Russia after he and the church won the 1930s civil war.

    A confederate prisoner of war cemetery in Wisconsin has already been desecrated. The numerous prisoners who died were buried in the town cemetery. Later proper tombstones were installed and a little memorial in Confederate Corner as it was named.

    I believe it’s SPLC that’s scrounging around looking for any and all confederate heritage sites to destroy.

  141. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @International Jew

    So you’re a submissive dog owner.

    It worked. She was already on probation for biting 14 neighbors. She bit one of the kids he was only 9 6 times and that was hidden from animal control. She bit him because he’s the biggest kid in the house. Pure domination and control tactics

    She was the boss bitch of the household. One favorite trick was jumping up on the table when the family was getting ready to eat and gobbling up the meat.

    First time the grandmother who pays the kids school tuition came over after they got the dog she got away from 2 adults who had her on a leash and bit her, bit, not nipped requiring stitches

    All 4 grandparents seriously talked about going over there grabbing her and shooting her instead of dumping her at a far away animal shelter because they’d just give her to some other sucker

    And then the parents went on vacation and I was the designated kid and dog sitter. I tied her up and deprived her of food. Afte I tied her up I had the boy she’d bitten bring the food she couldn’t eat and sit there. He was delighted because he was allowed to play video games.

    It worked. The Demon Dog never bit or disobeyed the kids again. She stopped jumping in the dining table. She stopped defiantly poooing and peeing all over the house in front of everyone.

    She’s about 8 years old now. Hopefully she’ll die in a couple years.

    Dogs respect 2 things; dominance and the people who feed them. They depend on humans and they know it.

    I actually saved the Demon Dog’s worthless life. If the behavior had continued much linger she would have been taken to the woods and shot.

  142. guest says:
    @Moral Stone

    As if pure sociopaths all have built-in profit-maximizing instincts.

    That’s like thinking all autistic people are savants. No. Most of them are stupid.

  143. Lagertha says:
    @International Jew

    Bullshit!… how dare you think I am an idiot! – either way, she deserves to die…and if you agree with her shenanigans, you deserve to die, too. F*ck you all who believe animals are expendable and humans are “useless eaters.” You will go to hell. Just GTFO of the lives of people who really care about animals and life…and family…community/town. Just go away…go away – leave us alone.

  144. Nathan says:
    @Paul Jolliffe

    Of course, all the true initiates and adepts know that the doctor and admiral were both connected through the ancient and sacred blood line: Moreau- vingians… Wheels within wheels, and all that.

    But I’ve said too much.

  145. Lagertha says:

    all, of you, are abhorrent people.

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