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Don Cherry Fired for Insufficient Reverence Toward Immigrants
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In Canada, wearing a poppy on November 11, Remembrance Day, in honor of fallen Canadian soldiers has been a rare civic tradition of solidarity and patriotism. It is inspired by the poem “In Flanders Fields” by Canadian doctor-soldier John McCrae about the Second Battle of Ypres in 1915:

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,

But Canada now has other sacred idols.

A couple of days ago, Canadian living legend hockey broadcaster Don Cherry said:

“You people … you love our way of life, you love our milk and honey, at least you can pay a couple bucks for a poppy or something like that,” Cherry said. “These guys paid for your way of life that you enjoy in Canada, these guys paid the biggest price.”

So, the 85-year-old has been fired on Remembrance Day for lack of reverence toward Canadian history’s true heroes, recent immigrants.

Cherry refused to apologize:

“I know what I said and I meant it. Everybody in Canada should wear a poppy to honour our fallen soldiers. To keep my job, I cannot be turned into a tamed robot.”

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  1. anonymous[375] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m surprised. He didn’t really mention anything overtly racial. People pretty much know where he stands, so it was nothing out of the ordinary really. I guess the climate has just drifted to the point where even he can’t get away with airing these views anymore.

    He always got away with it because he’s something of an institution and he makes money for the network. In a way, it’s the end of an era. The grumpy old white guy just got muzzled.

  2. Don Cherry is a legend in Canada. Good for him for refusing to grovel to these rump swabs.

  3. Nickvegas says:

    Good on ya, Don Cherry. It was a wonderful sentiment, and unbelievably asinine of your employer to Trudeau you like that.
    Don’t give it a second thought. You earned every minute of this retirement.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  4. a poppy on November 11, Remembrance Day, in honor of fallen Canadian soldiers

    America celebrates the survivors on that day. Not that we’re selfish, but we already had our own Remembrance Day in May. (Or June, in some states.)

    So, the 85-year-old has been fired on Remembrance Day for lack of reverence toward Canada’s true heroes, recent immigrants.

    Canadians haven’t seen much battle in the last several decades. Just streetsful of rotting corpses in Rwanda and perhaps the Balkans. Many of the immigrants have likely killed someone in combat– or other situations.

    the Second Battle of Ypres

    The Cloth Guild Hall in Ypres was destroyed in that war. The rebuilding was finally completed a half-century later.

    But Canadians needn’t travel that far to appreciate it. The Delaware & Hudson building in Albany, N.Y. is a near replica.

    Delaware & Hudson and Albany Evening Journal Buildings
    D&H Building celebrates a century
    The D&H Building

    • Replies: @Hank Yobo
    , @Brown Boiii
  5. Altai [AKA "Altai_3"] says:

    The Western Front of WWI isn’t their history, they don’t care, that’s not a specific criticism that’s just stating the reality. (Do Italian or Ukrainian Canadians even care?) If they were small enough in number to actually be assimilated, they might, but they are now so many that the native culture and society is something they can ignore when it suits them. Initially remembrance day was typically attended by the families of the dead but over time as those people and the veterans have died off, it’s continued in what is clearly a pan-Anglo ethnic tradition.

    Remembrance of WWI is a specific remembrance of history, a history their ancestors had no part in, a remembrance of a Canada with only the people on the red ensign being present. Buying a poppy is actually a vibrant folk tradition of Anglo Canadians but this guy is too old to understand that, he thinks a ‘multi-cultural’ Canada is still Canada and to him Canadians buy the poppy. It’s such a tradition that it’s been decades and they still don’t have a fastener, it’s just a very large needle dangerously suck on the back of the plastic poppy, that’s how attached people are to it that you can’t even make that basic a design change.

    It’s also a powerful reminder of the difference between Canada and it’s culturally hegemonic neighbour, a difference many of the newcomers probably don’t care too much about outside the benefits of state medical care and affordable university education if Toronto is anything to go by.

    Indeed remembrance of WWI has a similar tone in Australia, with it also being seen as the origin of Australian identity with the addition of ANZAC day revolving around Gallipoli specifically. It’s a sea of Anglo-Celtic faces, Southern and Eastern Europeans (Largely post-WW2 origins in Australia) let alone non-whites are seemingly non-existent.

    However, in all three countries there is a growing tendancy to make it a day glorifying the military in general rather than the dead from the mass slaughter in WWI for which the military with it’s callous disregard for conscript life caused. In this there is a way for them to remove the very apparent ethnic component of it in future.

  6. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for posting this. I’m a Canadian, so this story is front-page news and I appreciate someone who spreads knowledge of our nation’s decline into insanity.

    Whatever racial component that could possibly be extrapolated from Cherry’s comments is all speculation. The news media and corporate sponsors have revealed just how weak they are with their claims about how “divisive” his comments were. Throw in “problematic” and “diversity” and you have a typical Canadian corporate apology word salad.

    Unlike many public personalities who say something taboo, Cherry will not apologize, which is terrific.

    Before there was Trump, there was Cherry – a loveable big mouth who says what he thinks, loves a good fight and rarely backs down.

    Now, I look forward to Sportsnet’s ratings decline.

    • Agree: BenKenobi
  7. Altai [AKA "Altai_3"] says:

    I should point out that Cherry is also obviously wrong. Those men didn’t die for Canada, Canada wasn’t threatened by the Central Powers, they died in a form of solidarity (And in many cases a simple desire for adventure) with Britain for which they had a strong ethnic tie.

    Whether Canada sent soldiers to the Western Front or not wouldn’t have impacted it’s freedom or prosperity much at all by 2019.

    The whole point of remembrance day is that for Britain and her dominions the war seemed pointless (It wasn’t pointless for a lot of the other countries), that’s why along with the massive casualties, it’s seen as a tragedy.

  8. Hank Yobo says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Canadians haven’t seen much battle in the last several decades. Just streetsful of rotting corpses in Rwanda and perhaps the Balkans.

    I guess that the Canadian soldiers were just sightseeing in Kandahar.

  9. BenKenobi says:

    Canada is the fakest and gayest “nation” on the face of God’s gay Earth.

    “Yeah I’m prayin’ for rain. I’m prayin’ for tidal waves. I wanna see the ground give way…”

    • Replies: @Dr. X
    , @bigdicknick
  10. Anonymous[315] • Disclaimer says:

    Some ethnic groups take to Remembrance Day. It depends.SikhRemembrance Day earlier this week.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  11. Clyde says:

    Don Cherry is 85 so it’s too late for him to retire. Thanks for your remarks Don!

  12. Clyde says:

    I should point out that Cherry is also obviously wrong.

    You are pointing out jack shit and Don Cherry is not obviously wrong. Though the rest of your post says something halfway intelligent.

  13. Not Raul says:

    Italian and Ukrainian Canadians fought for Canada in the Great War, too.

    It’s disgusting that you’re accusing them of lacking patriotism.

    This is not the proper forum for your bigotry and ignorance.

    Especially not today.

    • Replies: @Altai
  14. well, in defense of the new Canada, none of the WWII stuff matters anymore. Even if the Germans had won the war the German people would have grown tired of invading and occupying foreign lands. There was no threat to Canada or the US. Very honorable for Canadians and Americans to have fought for the people of the world to live free and prosper. But for the current Canada that is a different ethnic group, why require them to care about something they had nothing to do with?

    • Disagree: Abe
    • Replies: @Lurker
    , @Altai
  15. Canadian soldiers oppressed Pajeet’s great-grandfather, so of course, he doesn’t care.

    • Replies: @PiltdownMan
  16. I see poppy fascism has hit Canada. It’s been a thing in the UK now for probably 10 years, as various athletes (mainly from Ireland) have refused to wear the idiotic thing. Fans shower them with vile abuse. Oh but the poppy isn’t about British imperialism, they say, it’s about remembering the dead. Channeling the moral outrage of Greta Thunberg, they point and say how dare you.

    How tiresome. You can’t remember the dead without remembering British imperialism. And Canadians were suckers for going along with it (as were we).

    • Troll: Clyde
  17. Not a good sign.

    Don Cherry is legendary as an outspoken pot-stirrer. For years his act has been tolerated, because he is old, he is a hockey legend, and he is dreadfully entertaining. So when he said/did something un-p.c.—like European hockey players are sissies, or something mean about French Canadian independence, or wore orange on St. Patrick’s Day—it was passed over, though many grumbled. Because Grapes.

    Now the p.c. police have finally come for him—a Canadian institution. For benign words encouraging patriotism.

    This means its still getting worse. The Left is clamping down even more. Gird your loins, guys, they are coming for us all.

    • Replies: @Alden
  18. Anonymous[148] • Disclaimer says:

    Didn’t these people mostly arrive after WW2? It’s unrealistic to expect them to take a big interest in Canadian history before then.

    The Irish in Britain generally make a point of not wearing the poppy as they associate it with British militarism and imperialism. Is it the same in Canada?

    • Replies: @Altai
    , @Anon
  19. Altai [AKA "Altai_3"] says:
    @Not Raul

    The overwhelming proportion of Italian and Ukrainian ancestry in Canada is post WWII. You can a patriotic Canadian and be Italian but Remembrance Day won’t really be relating to your history.

  20. Dumbo says:

    Many in Canadian media and commenters seem to agree with the firing:

    Mr. Cherry had finally taken on something too big even for him – our collective values. He’d given the country the excuse it needed to move on from the past. In the end, bigotry didn’t take down Don Cherry. He’d always been a bigot. What got him in the end was Canada.

    What are the “collective values” of Canada? I will guess: multiculturalism, immigration, and tolerance? But are these values really “Canadian”, or yet another globally imposed thing, on every (majority white) country on Earth?

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
    , @mobi
    , @MB
  21. Orangeman says:

    What’s barely talked about is how Sportsnet is hemorrhaging cash after over bidding on hockey tv rights and have been laying off left and right for a year and couldnt wait to unload Cherrys salary. A business decision disguised as woke.
    Talk about your win/win.

    • Agree: Jim Don Bob
    • Replies: @Louis Renault
  22. Felix M says:

    Canada’s real heroes? Canada’s Inuit trans.

    Steve, you’re trying to leave these brave folk in the cold. Please don’t. They’ve been frozen out for long enough.

  23. My favourite Cherryism was when he called Winnipeg Jets coach Alpo Suhonen “some kind of dog food.”

    • Agree: anonynous
  24. Anonymous[375] • Disclaimer says:

    It does get a bit strange, because you get people trying to shoehorn the holiday into fitting their political orientation. It’s hard to listen to the political class of modern Canada telling us those old guys all died for ‘Canadian Values’ or tolerance. It’s Comical.

    They went to defend the British Empire or simply to get off the farm for a bit. I can’t imagine what most of these guys would make of the country as it exists today. I feel confident most wouldn’t be very happy about how it all turned out. But people pretend they bravely laid their lives down for multiculturalism. Very weird dynamic there.

    To be fair, you can’t expect some immigrant from Bangladesh or China to get overly enthused. If they did, it would just seem odd. I guess the point is don’t let so many foreigners in that you end up having a population with zero connection with your own past.

  25. Lurker says:

    1) Tbh I don’t know much about Don Cherry but he’s obviously awesome. Massive props to him.

    2) We wear poppies in Britain, Oz, NZ too.

    3) Italian and Ukrainian Canadians fought for Canada in the Great War – yes. And I think we know it’s not them who are the problem.

  26. Lurker says:
    @Steve Richter

    There was no threat to Canada or the US

    And, realistically, little to none to Britain either.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes, byrresheim
    • Replies: @anonymous1963
  27. @anonymous

    It was the phrase, “You People”. That is overtly racist in the Current Year. (As in, “You people all look alike,” etc.)

    • Replies: @Moses
    , @SafeNow
  28. Abe says:

    Refused to apologize. A real man. This is why I have no problem now with honest economic leftists like Liz Warren who will soak the ultra-rich with wealth taxes (as opposed to income taxes which can be easily gamed with $1/year CEO salaries in the front and capitals gains-rate stock options out the back).

    Jeff Bezos profits mightily now from the daring and skill of much better men who tamed and built this stretch of the North American continent into the richest market in the world. Yet he is too chicken-sh!t to say no when some screeching American Studies major plops out the latest anti-white screed on Columbus Day.

    F’im. F’ all the oligarchs.

  29. Hank Yobo says:

    You can a patriotic Canadian and be Italian but Remembrance Day won’t really be relating to your history.

    Ah, buddy, didn’t they teach you in history class that the Canadian army helped liberate Italy in WWII? Apparently some in the Italian community remember that sacrifice.

    And, by the way, huge numbers of Ukrainians emigrated to Canada in the late nineteenth century. Many of their sons fought in both world wars under the Maple Leaf. I suspect that many Silver Cross mothers could be found in their communities at both wars’ end. Multiculturalism s just a tool of the Liberal Party to divide and conquer. Don’t fall into their trap.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  30. Altai [AKA "Altai_3"] says:

    I think this is part of the point. The Poppy is supposed to be about the unique and to Britain/Canada/Australia/NZ, tragedy of the Western Front in WWI. In Canada and Australia, it is still primarily about WWI. But in Britain it became more and more of a general remembrance of war dead removing the tragedy element somewhat and through the deep ties between veterans groups and between veterans groups and the military, it became increasingly associated with reverence for the military in general when WWI remembrance in Britain isn’t really supposed to be about that at all. But this drift in meaning is also inevitable when the families of the dead and veterans of the war started to die off.

    So the Poppy then can mean multiple different things in the UK, but in Canada it should be more cut and dry and inoffensive to the kinds of immigrants Canada mainly attracts. But ultimately they don’t buy the Poppy as much (I’m sure lots probably do even if it means little to them) because most of them are still foreigners and for the ones who aren’t, it still isn’t their history (The Western Front of WWI is a very distant and honestly emotionless place to people whose parents are from China or India) and the levels of immigration are such that there isn’t so much pressure to assimilate.

  31. @Dumbo

    What are the “collective values” of Canada? I will guess: multiculturalism, immigration, and tolerance? But are these values really “Canadian”, or yet another globally imposed thing, on every (majority white) country on Earth?

    The “collective values” are virtue signaling while “educating” their young to be obedient during a suicide march to end civilization–a really bad idea when you depend on civilization to keep you from freezing in the winter.

  32. @Lurker

    I don’t know much about Don Cherry but he’s obviously awesome. Massive props to him.

    Agree. Bigly.

  33. Dr. X says:

    Yeah, but that’s a very recent development. Until the 1970s white Canadian men were as tough as anybody. Hockey players like Bobby Hull, Maurice Richard and Gordie Howe were emblematic of that culture. You didn’t fuck with guys like them. That was Don Cherry’s Canada.

  34. anonymous1963 [AKA "anon20"] says:

    As a Canadian I am not surprised at the outcome. This country is hardcore Jewish cultural Marxist dominated.

  35. anonymous1963 [AKA "anon20"] says:

    Canada -largely because of its unwise ties to Britain committed the dual historical mistakes of invading the world (what were Canadian soldiers doing in Hong Kong in 1941?) and inviting the world (we now have all of Hong Kong here in Vancouver and Markham).

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  36. Altai [AKA "Altai_3"] says:
    @Steve Richter

    That’s the point, Cherry is actually upset that his ethnic group is losing it’s self-determination and primacy which is what this represents. The Poppy is actually an ethnic tradition of Anglo Canadians and he intuitively understands this whether or not he says so. And as Anglo Canadians decline, so too will the wearing of the Poppy.

    Unlike other forms of holidays, Remembrance Day doesn’t involve a lot of activities. A very small proportion of the population go to the ceremonies. An immigrant or somebody without much ancestry going back to that time can’t integrate it into their life. So then the wearing of the Poppy is a marker that you care, that it has meaning to you. For people for whom this isn’t their history, why would they care? Cherry doesn’t actually care if they wear a Poppy or not, he cares about the why, that they don’t wear it, which is ultimately a complaint that they are foreigners but he can’t say that.

    • Agree: ben tillman
  37. @anonymous

    The grumpy old white guy just got muzzled.

    “Grumpy” as in what, truth-telling?

    It just takes more people to stand up and be “grumpy”, and EVERYTHING changes. I’d never heard of this Don Cherry, but Bravo, Don!

    BTW, it’s not even about the poppies or Remembrance Day for me, just about sheer ungratefulness.

  38. Based Cherry didn’t kneel.
    The peasants were watching.
    The tyrant rulers live in fear of revolt.
    His execution was swift.

  39. @Redneck farmer

    Canadian soldiers oppressed Pajeet’s great-grandfather, so of course, he doesn’t care.

    Unlikely. Cherry’s probably talking about East Asian immigrants, who can be quite cold to Anglo/Western community traditions and indifferent to the history of their new-found hosts.

    Canadians of Cherry’s generation—as well as Aussies, Brits, Kiwi and Commonwealth of his age—have a pretty high awareness of British Empire contributions to WW1 and WWII.

    In Canada, Sikhs are the biggest non-white immigrant ethnic group aside from Hong Kong/Cantonese Chinese but they have a pretty strong sense of history, being a martial race. Having fought in both WW1 and WWII, it’s unlikely they show indifference to Rememberance Day.

    • Replies: @A1
  40. @Hank Yobo

    Canadian Corb Lund wrote Sadr City, which is probably the best GWOT ballad:

  41. anonymous1963 [AKA "anon20"] says:

    I would say both of the German wars were wars of choice for all three countries. Germany was unable to send troops twenty miles across the Pas De Calais, but was somehow a threat to two continent-sized countries three thousands miles away? Note too how it was Britain that declared war on Germany in 1914 and 1939.

    • Agree: JMcG
  42. @Abe

    OOPs, only meant that AGREE for your last 2 paragraphs. Liz Warren is a Socialist who will soak what’s left of the middle class. The rich will be just fine either way.

  43. @Hank Yobo

    Is that fighting, or “peacekeeping”?

    This shows that 5.2 Americans per thousand are active military, vs 2.2 Canadians: figures that 13.4% of American men and 1.4% of American women have ever been in the service. If the re-enlistment figures are comparable (I have no idea if they are), this suggests that 5.4% of Canadian men and 0.6% of Canadian women have ever served.

    I will admit that this has a nice Lindberghish sound to it:

    Canada First Defence Strategy

    Trump should copy it. If anyone complains, point north.

    • Replies: @Hank Yobo
  44. @Abe

    This is why I have no problem now with honest economic leftists like Liz Warren who will soak the ultra-rich with wealth taxes (as opposed to income taxes which can be easily gamed with $1/year CEO salaries in the front and capitals gains-rate stock options out the back).

    Tucker had a guy on tonight who said that EW is raising big $ in Silicon Valley and has “reached out” (God, how I hate that phrase) to Wall Street. His take is that she is trying to portray herself as the real populist for the boobs, and to outflank Bernie (who really does mean it), but the anti-capitalism stuff is just wink-wink ala HRC.

  45. Moses says:

    I’m old enough to remember how “You people” got Ross Perot in hot water when he was speaking to a majority Black audience.

    Noticing different racial groups and noting they are different from the White speaker by using “You people” ist verboten. You are only supposed to notice race when the commissars say you may notice race. Otherwise you are supposed to ignore race. Except when ignoring race ist verboten.

    Or something.

    Underlying all this is “Whites cannot identify themselves as a group publicly.”

    Just slip into sweet unconsciousness. It will all be over soon.

  46. istevefan says:

    Contrast Cherry’s treatment with that of Trudeau who was recently outed as having worn black face. The media seemed to cover for him and he was re-elected.

    • Agree: RAZ
  47. A lot of SJW white women and their soy-boy counterparts are coming out on a Twitter labelling Cherry’s light form of English-Canadian White self-awareness as “bigoted, racist, etc”. Various men of colour are taking a different tact – “my granddaddy served in a Sikh regiment somewhere in 1940. He was treated badly. Thus, Cherry should atone”.

    What unites them all? Hatred and derision of white men of course. Cherry’s comments evoke a time when Canada was 95% white. At that time, everyone owed a home, knew their neighbours and worshipped every Sunday at the local church. You’ll note that Cherry mentioned his current home Mississauga and Toronto in his missive, which both have been particularly ravaged by Third World immigration.

    Canada’s Alt-Light grandfather Ezra Levant has started a petition in support of Cherry’s comments! Will you sign it?

    Btw, if Cherry ran for the Conservative leadership, he’d win the next election in a landslide and without one seat from Quebec required.

  48. AKAHorace says:

    The overwhelming proportion of Italian and Ukrainian ancestry in Canada is post WWII.

    Most of the Ukrainians were pre-WWI arrivals. It was difficult to emigrate from the Soviet Union.

  49. Hank Yobo says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Primarily fighting. About 40,000 CF personnel served in Afghanistan at a cost of 18 billion dollars; 158 soldiers were killed and their bodies returned along the “Highway of Heroes.”

  50. For those unfamiliar with Don Cherry:

    He is also known for his extremely loud suits and starched collars.

    Was also a decent NHL head coach in Boston:

    Back-to-back Stanley Cup Final losses to powerhouse Montreal Canadiens teams coached by Scotty Bowman is no joke.

    • Replies: @bruce county
    , @Reg Cæsar
  51. Alden says:
    @R.G. Camara

    Orange on St Patrick’s day laugh out loud, I love it.

    • Replies: @36 ulster
  52. SafeNow says:

    The phrase quote is actually “You people…” What words were removed and replaced by the ellipsis?

  53. If Cherry doesn’t back down, he’ll come away looking like a hero. And that’s how he’ll be warmly remembered. If he cucks, it’s all over for the tough guy no nonsense persona he’s worked so hard to cultivate over the years.

    Ron Maclean’s grovelling apology, in which he chastises himself for not speaking out at the time, was nauseating.

    This is a test for heritage Canada and I’m not confident.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  54. I guess I shoudn’t be surprised, but Cherry has said things over the years about Europeans that have raised eyebrows. I remember reading about him in Sports Illustrated back in 1993 (The issue had Jason Kidd and Bobby Hurley on the cover, if you collect them). He was considered outrageous even back then, being compared to a cross between Rush Limbaugh and Dick Vitale.

    It is always curious to see which straw breaks the camel’s back.

  55. Bless Mr. Cherry for refusing to back down. He went out on his own terms.

    Anybody who has been watching him recently can tell that his cognitive function is in decline. He should have retired a few years back.

    That said, he is totally correct. The immigrants think they run the show now. Canada is no longer a country; rather it is just a rump of territory where Indians, Chinamen, blacks, and Arabs live. The non-whites will gladly vote for suicidal policies because they think it sticks it to whitey, regardless of how it might negatively affect them as well.

    They do not care about our history. In fact, they spit on it. And why would they do anything else? We do not deserve respect based on how weak of a people we are.

    Anyways. Our country is dying, hockey is dying, and Rogers Sportsnet is dying (Don Cherry will die relatively soon too).

    • Agree: bruce county
    • Replies: @Brown Boiii
    , @Brown Boiii
  56. wow people are so triggered by don cherry getting fired. i hope you all have a safe space to process this enormous loss to white culture. sending love.

    He shouldn’t have singled out immigrants grants. It is telling that all People of Color condemn him.

  57. @Altai

    Exactly. Cherry is yet another example of a deluded CivNat, baffled that immigrants don’t become whites in dark face.

    CivNats are as bad as Lefties. They both believe in the blank slate, that anyone can become an American or a Canadian if they just believe in freedom and democracy and apple pie (maple syrup, I guess in Canada).

    Why on God’s green earth should some Indian Hindu or Jamaican gives a rat’s butt about some white-guy war from 100 years ago? Was their family involved? Was the homeland of their extended family threatened?

    That Cherry can’t understand this shows that he is phenomenally clueless and underlines the utter worthlessness of CivNats. They aren’t your people, Don! They’ll never be your people, Don!

    It’s far too late in the game for white CivNats to still exist. Maybe ten years ago they could feign ignorance, but that time has passed. A white CivNat today is an intellectual coward or an idiot.

    • Agree: International Jew
    • Replies: @ben tillman
    , @Matra
  58. Thanks Steve.
    Good ol’ Don has a been a bit of a loud mouth on TV for nearly 40 years. He has put out some of the best Hockey fight videos. His restaurants are quite popular. He respects the police, he respects the military and all who serve. He respects the entire hockey community in Canada. His tears of sadness are not phony. He cries for the loss of those who play the game. He is sincere when talks of the loss of good police officers. He is genuine. He has pissed off many people. He embraced PK Subban. Hell, he has even kissed a few players. The young kids love the guy. He has some hard pointers for players and coaches. He is a true Canadian. I think he has stayed on too long and perhaps he said this knowing damned well it would be the tipping point.
    There will not be another like him. I hope we haven’t heard the last of him. I have a bad feeling this may crush him spiritually and he will die soon.. Sportsnet and the rest of the PC SJW in Canadawill have blood on their hands as far as I am concerned.
    God Bless Don Cherry.

  59. @Altai

    Whether Canada sent soldiers to the Western Front or not wouldn’t have impacted it’s freedom or prosperity much at all by 2019.

    Yeah, easy for you to say now, 100 years after the West won not just one, but two, WORLD EFFING WARS.

  60. @The Wild Geese Howard

    Thanks for that.
    Canada… no more.

  61. jim jones says:
    @Joe Stalin

    I never used to bother wearing a poppy but I make sure to buy one now when I see the sellers in my local town.

  62. jon says:
    @James Braxton

    Lagrua v. Ward, 136 Misc. 655 (N.Y. Sup. Ct. 1987)

  63. anon[282] • Disclaimer says:
    @Canadian Observer

    I thought Brampton was the Greater Toronto 3rd Worlder hotspot. I’ve seen young people online almost embarrassed to admit they’re from there.

    Though, I suppose it’s in more than one place.

    • Replies: @LoutishAngloQuebecker
  64. MBlanc46 says:

    The thing about these national symbols is that they reference “our” history. If that’s not “your” history, then what in the devil are you doing here (other than feeding off the corpse of a nation that other people’s ancestors built)?

    • Agree: bruce county
  65. Anonymous[344] • Disclaimer says:

    Sikhs tend to gravitate towards the military(and traditionally masculine jobs) wherever they live compared to other immigrants.

  66. Flip says:

    World War I was the greatest tragedy of the modern world. They didn’t even know what they were fighting about.

    • Replies: @Redneck farmer
    , @JMcG
  67. @Johnny Smoggins

    Our white euro legacy in Canada is at stake. And it IS too late. We will not vote our way out of this fucking nightmare. Liberal madness has gripped the country and we will be morally currupt and financially bankrupt nation as they rape the taxpayers to feed and house their pets. The SJW’s will want your guns soon.

    Get your PAL and buy lots of guns and ammo before they take that privilege from us. Buy the best semi autos out there and plenty of mags. Get a good pumper 12 ga. and a semi auto 12 ga. as well. Take the restricted and non restricted firearms training course. Get a few good hand guns. The M1911 .45ACP is about the best option. cheap and readily available. A new gender zombie LGBTQXYZ+++ stopper.
    There will come a day when we will have to stand our ground when the LGBTQ and gender zombies come for us. Even zombies need food and water.

    • Replies: @bruce county
    , @Brown Boiii
  68. Whiskey says: • Website
    @Canadian Observer

    White women. Fixed it for you. Nearly all are sjw and hate White men.

    Women are the source point of globohomo. Tradition vs Chen and Mohammed and Prajeet with the sads? Cherry will be lucky to escape prison.

  69. @Citizen of a Silly Country

    Exactly. Cherry is yet another example of a deluded CivNat, baffled that immigrants don’t become whites in dark face.

    I don’t read it that way at all. I think he resents their presence.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  70. Joseph A. says:

    Sikhs, like the Nepalese Gurkhas, are bad-asses and made up a significant portion of His Majesty’s troops during both world wars. They’re the Spartans of the subcontinent.

  71. A1 says:

    Agree about the east Asians. They have seen their fair share of war but only care about their own history. It is always funny to me that sites like these talk about East Asian IQ but in Canada we only get stupid Asians.

    The real issue for Don Cherry is he has upset Quebec. Americans likely don’t realize that Quebec did not participate in the second world war. Our Prime Minister’s father did not serve even though he was of an age where all the other little rich boys served. Pierre Trudeau was the first in a series of Chickenhawks culminating in Clinton, Bush, Cheney and Trump.

    Now before someone starts about the Van Doos remember there weren’t that many of them. There is a conscious effort by the Canadian media to whitewash history but and focus on 22 so they get mentioned in any history.. Montreal’s Black Watch had lots of casualties but they were Anglophone. With over 30% of Canada’s population Quebec contributed around 10% of Canada’s war effort and this is who Cherry’s remarks upset.

    • Replies: @JMcG
    , @Art Deco
    , @ganderson
  72. @The Wild Geese Howard

    He is also known for his extremely loud suits and starched collars.

    I’ve never seen a guy who wasn’t black or gay dress that gaudily. Except on certain holidays.

  73. mobi says:

    They’re really, really piling it on (the three lead stories on each of the three main national papers).

    Clearly, they’re very confident about their position.

    As for values, you could hardly sum it up better than by scrolling a little further down the page:

    ‘Why Black people (including me) are cutting our own hair in Vancouver — and what that says about our city’


    ‘To imagine your future, imagine yourself prostrate and flogged with the hair of the angry black woman, forever’

    It’s not much deeper than that (but maybe that’s deep enough?)

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  74. Matra says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    In some of his older interviews back in the 1990s he made it pretty clear he was more than a CivNat. He’s been more careful in the last decade or so – he’s received public warnings going back to at least the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics regarding his generalisations about nationalities, ethnic groups, and female reporters – but everyone knew one of these nights he would say the wrong thing and that’s how it would end.

  75. @Altai

    The War may have been pointless, but 11/11 is a recognition of sacrifice, regardless. A salute to young men who joined the fray on behalf of their people. Newcomers ignore the holiday at peril, ‘lest they signal that they care not for the sacrifice, or the people.

  76. @Hank Yobo

    Ah, buddy, didn’t they teach you in history class that the Canadian army helped liberate Italy in WWII?

    From what? Themselves?

    • Replies: @Not Raul
    , @Hank Yobo
  77. @LoutishAngloQuebecker

    No young people were wearing poppies today, they pulled them for sale and young white chicks will look at any coloured man asking for one like he’s a cuck.

    Cherry didn’t have to make it about race..

  78. @Reg Cæsar

    Ypres literally involved Sikhs one type of the immigrant he criticized.

  79. Here in diverse California, I can tell you that in my neighborhood, you can find the white people’s houses by just looking at who has a flag out on July 4 or Memorial Day.

    • Replies: @XYZ (no Mr.)
  80. Not Raul says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Austria-Hungary occupied part of Italy.

  81. 36 ulster says:

    True, but some of his most egregious outfits were the blindingly green ones he wore on St. Pat’s day–not to mention the 55-gallon hat he occasionally “sported.” But my favorite accessory of his was the regimental necktie of the (deep breath) Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI, or simply, The Princess Pats), which he wore during Remembrance Week.

  82. @Brown Boiii

    Where in his (Don Cherry’s) statement did he criticize the Sikhs?? Where in his statement did he specify one particular race?? You assume too much.

    • Replies: @Brown Boiii
  83. Anonymous[344] • Disclaimer says:

    A little background here: Cherry has been saying worse things national television for decades, but he was careful to only say them about Russians, Finns, Swedes, and French Canadians, so while the multicultural left didn’t like him, they didn’t try that hard to get him fired because the targets of his ire were always white people. I thought he was done for a few(five?) years ago when he drew attention to native criminal violence that had claimed the life of police officers, but somehow he escaped notice. His rant about poppies was almost identical to one he gave on-air a few years ago, but in that particular one he only mentioned people in downtown Toronto instead of majority-minority Peel Region(where he lives), so I guess he got a pass.

    So if you think about it, it would would be racist for Cherry not to castigate immigrants for not wearing the poppy, because that would be leaving them out.

    What I find more distressing than Cherry getting fired is how incoherent and reliant on straw-men the “refutations” of his points were. A typical one consisted of some POC(usually subcon) tweeting a picture of their great-grandpa/uncle who fought with Commonwealth forces at some point. See? Owned you racist!

    At no point in his rant(probably watched by millions by now) did Cherry say anything about Indians not serving. In his mangled way, he said that immigrants coming to Canada should show respect for fallen Canadian soldiers by wearing a poppy. In other words, if you move to a new country(and want to be taken seriously as a Canadian just like everyone else), show respect for your new home’s war dead according to the local customs. Please, wear a poppy for grandpa Jaswindjit, by all means. Also, donations made when people pick up poppies also finance for veterans, so it’s not just right-wing virtue signaling.

    One of our main national newscasts did this writ large, when a lady news anchor had an interview with the director of Canada’s Museum of History(curiously not with anyone affiliated with the Canadian War Museum) regarding immigrant and minority contributions to Canada’s war efforts. It was kind of funny from an iSteve point of view. One of their first examples was William Hall, a black(non-immigrant) who won his VC during the….Indian Mutiny(yikes!!), so needless to say before Canada existed as a country. Their second was a Ukrainian immigrant VC. During the interview, the museum head also understated the percentage of Canadians who are visible minority, claiming it’s ~9-10%, when it’s actually three times that if you include aboriginals.

    The piece ended by saying that about 10% of serving CF members are visible minorities. Well, Canada is 27% non-white, and the percentage is much higher among the young people of prime fighting age. During the Afghanistan debacle, of the 158 who died, all but five were of white Christian background.

    The mainstream media was filled with similar pieces this past weekend, as if they all decided ahead of time that this narrative was something to be pushed(and this was before Cherry’s comments). Perhaps the Liberal government’s media bailout came with some strings attached.

    Another typical response was to tweet or display a picture of a visibible minority(usually a kid) wearing a poppy, and saying “See! Owned, racist”. Of course, Cherry wasn’t actually taking issue with immigrants who wore poppies, so this was another straw man. I’m also suspicious of the number of such photos showing school aged-children. Traditionally these kids are basically told to wear them for Remembrance Day ceremonies by teachers, so many are likely not doing it of their own volition.

    All throughout Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan, Cherry used part of his six-minutes per week to pay tribute to Canadian soldiers who died there. This included the few times when a deceased Canadian soldier was not white.

    A couple of anecdotes. For unrelated reasons I spent a half-hour strolling around Toronto’s main Chinatown on Friday. I could count the number of poppies I saw on one hand. Of course, if you’re a former PLA member, Canada has clubs for you to join and reminisce about the good old days(I’m serious). Also I attended today’s ceremonies in my ~27% non-white suburban Toronto municipality. In a crowd of a couple hundred faces I counted five non-whites. One of them belonged to a muslima wearing a modesty dress and headscarf(but no poppy) who nonchalantly strode through the otherwise still crowd during the moment of silence, apparently oblivious to what was going on around her.

    • Replies: @Brown Boiii
    , @Brown Boiii
  84. Donald Stewart Cherry =

    World ancestry hatred.
    We try harder, Scotland.
    Lord, why castrate nerd?

  85. ““These guys paid for your way of life that you enjoy in Canada, these guys paid the biggest price.””

    Did they really? How exactly would have Germany winning WW1 or WW2 (since 2 wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t lost 1) threatened Canada’s integrity as a country or Canadians’ way of life? Are they going to say “Japan could’ve invaded North America”? Canada is currently being colonized by the Chinese so that’s an even worse outcome.

    Of course on one hand I’m sad to see that the Powers That Be have no fear of signalling that two sacred Canadian cultural foundations, hockey and Remembrance Day, are now at the mercy of Immigrant Worship (the new official state religion of Canada), but “they fought for our freedom!!” is such bullshit. You don’t even have a government that prioritizes existing citizens over prospective ones. Is that what those soldiers died for? Their victory was hollow and they died for interests that they did not, could not, understand. It’s a bitter pill to swallow but only looking at the world as it truly is can you make any change for the better.

  86. Anonymous[344] • Disclaimer says:
    @ben tillman

    Cherry likes people as long as they’re Canadian(preferably from Kingston), love tough hockey, and(unlike him) comport themselves with a modicum of restraint and class. As long as you fit into that category, you’re good in his eyes.

    • Replies: @Anon87
  87. @Canadian Observer

    Maybe this episode will, in some small way, help anglo-Canadians realize that the poppy isn’t just some ubiquitous thing but a specific Anglo-Canadian ethnic tradition, and that in turn will help them realize they are in fact an ethnicity with their own values, way of life, and interests.

    • Agree: Steve Richter
  88. @International Jew

    Very true. None of the Silicon Valley software companies I have worked at have ever indicated in the least they knew Veterans Day existed, and the only people at those companies who actually acted like they gave a damn were American born — and I use that phrase deliberately. I disagree with you somewhat as there are ethnicities with high American military participation: Filippinos and Mexicans come to mind — who tend to be pretty proud Americans after assimilation through military service, or family members with military service. One of the few benefits vs Canada of the US being a much more militaristic society. But continuous high immigration rates greatly damage even these small positive signs.

    • Replies: @Menschmaschine
  89. Anon[281] • Disclaimer says:

    Didn’t these people mostly arrive after WW2? It’s unrealistic to expect them to take a big interest in Canadian history before then.

    It’s certainly not unrealistic for assimilated populations, who are at any rate probably not going to be 100 percent ancestrally pure anyway. The whole point of limiting the pace of immigration and having immigration from many countries is to limit the generation to generation delay in assimislation, minimize endogamy, and limit [ethnic]towns to tourist attractions, rather than permanent ghettos for an immigrant group.

    • Replies: @International Jew
  90. @bruce county

    I know he didn’t.

    Here’s the thing, he lives in a Sikh majority area.

    When someone criticizes immigrants today, it is assumed to be Sikh because:

    1. Chinese are robotic
    2. Nobody cares about blacks/muslims
    3. Sikh are highly visible and politically prominent.

    The largest minority are Indo-Canadians.

    Being in S Ontario/GTA especially the West End.
    Immigrant = Indian (Sikh)

    He could have said the comments in a less divisive manner.

    Nobody is wearing a poppy now.
    Lot of places pulled the Legion boxes from sale, and yea..

    He kind of fucked it up for everyone.

    Idc, he fucked up though.
    What’s done is done, he’s not getting his show back and there’s no point defending him. :shrug:

    Canada IS multi-cultural and multi-racial, and those pining for a long lost White utopia will be severely disappointed.

    Canada was 19.1% Non-White in 2011 when a large # of Minorities voted Conservative.

    They crossed 20% a few years later, and you had Stephen Harper make some comments about “old stock” (white) Canadians causing a racial ripple and the birth of J.T.

    20% seems to be the threshold of white racial consciousness.

    Michiganders are actually less ‘racist’ than S Ontarians.

  91. @Anonymous

    Minorities tend to live in cities, and the army is in the middle of nowhere.

    It’s just rednecks with the occasional Sikh.

  92. @Anonymous

    Cherry represents an Anglo-white Canada that others can assimilate into.
    Meaning Anglo values are the standard to measure others by.

    His comment to many people implied a belief that the entire war history is white.
    That’s where the picture of a Sikh soldier comes from.

    Lot of white RW are either intentionally or just naturally obtuse to other people’s perspectives.
    Mainly because their response to any hint of a different view is “go back”

    You have to be shouted down I guess :shrug:

    Hope Canada gets better, and wish it all the best.
    God Bless.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  93. Hell, I wear my poppy even when I’m in Germany. They haven’t kicked me out … yet.

  94. @Flip

    Bullshit. In the East, it was about grabbing territory for your group. On the Western Front, the French wanted revenge for 1870, the Brits were worried about Germany dominating the european continent, and the Commonwealth supported the Mother Country. The “We didn’t know why we fought” garbage is postwar, after the war lasted longer, and was bloodier, than people thought it would be in 1914.

    • Agree: LondonBob
  95. @TheMediumIsTheMassage

    How exactly would have Germany winning WW1 or WW2 (since 2 wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t lost 1) threatened Canada’s integrity as a country or Canadians’ way of life?

    Canada didn’t achieve what they call full independence until 1982. Even with that, Queen Elizabeth is still their queen and appears on their $20 bill as well as their coins.

    • Replies: @AKAHorace
    , @sb
  96. sb says:

    That wasn’t the way the majority of people in the Old White British Dominions thought both in 1914 & 1939. They considered themselves proud subjects of the British Empire and took the view that if Britain -the “Mother Country “-was at war then the Empire was at war .

    It was a different time . Not too many wars look so good in hindsight . Of course most of us have a rather less flattering view of Britain these days -” Britain will fight to the last colonial ” and all that

    • Replies: @Graham
  97. Graham says:

    “Of course most of us have a rather less flattering view of Britain these days -” Britain will fight to the last colonial ”

    less flattering, and less correct. Brief googling indicates that the UK lost more men as a proportion of its population than Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. If you have figures to disprove that please quote them.

    • Replies: @sb
    , @Anonymous
  98. @TheMediumIsTheMassage

    We fight more and more wars “for our freedom” and get less and less freedom out of it. I’m beginning to suspect we’re being lied to.

  99. ‘The tree of cultural marxism must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and old white men.’

  100. jeppo says:
    @Canadian Observer

    “Btw, if Cherry ran for the Conservative leadership, he’d win the next election in a landslide and without one seat from Quebec required.”

    He’d sweep Quebec City.

  101. Hank Yobo says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Ever hear about a guy named Albert Kesselring? He was there with a couple of armies including some of the more ardent Nazis who wore SS insignias. They didn’t seem to like the idea that Italy had capitulated and imprisoned El Duce in 1943. The whole story was covered by the Press at the time and more information can be gleaned from some pretty good history books if you care to read them.

  102. Cherry: “We need to unite in common purpose to honor our fallen soldiers.”

    Media: “Stop being so divisive!”

    More who/whom gaslighting.

  103. @Brown Boiii

    Michiganders are actually less ‘racist’ than S Ontarians.

    No, we just have WAY more negroes and their behavior makes .Indians and East Asians look like fully assimilable humans by comparison. A Chinese or Sikh family moving in next door doesn’t hold the same prospects for your wife/daughter being raped, you or your son being assaulted or murdered by feral mob, or devastation of your property value.

    When you have grown up watching the negroes convert Detriot into Kinshasa from the crown jewel of prosperity and industry, it puts things into perspective. Behaviorally Canuck negroes are very different from HBD Mitten negroes although the Canucks are slowly catching up.

  104. @Anon

    limit [ethnic]towns to tourist attractions

    Heh, that takes me back to my early days in California, when I’d take out of town visitors to San Francisco’s Chinatown, or when I’d stop somewhere in the San Joaquin Valley and marvel at what appeared to be an all-Mexican town. And when my (few) Indian colleagues were all goofy and cheerful (rather than “we’re in charge now white boy”).

    • Replies: @Brown Boiii
  105. @XYZ (no Mr.)

    Is it not a bit, lets say, hypocritical for someone arguing against immigration to glorify the US military which invades and devastes other countries?

    For a particular egregious example, see Allan Wall, a regular author on anti-immigration site VDARE who participated as a member of the national guard in the occupation of Iraq and wrote several articles for VDARE about it. He still proudly mentions it on his byline.

    The double standard is simply unbelievable – whining about immigration, but having no qualms to actively participate in literal military invasions of other countries and then brag about it. And it seems that neither the editors of VDARE nor its readers think that there is anything odd about that.

    • Agree: Liza
    • Replies: @Art Deco
  106. @Altai

    I don’t know anything about Italian immigration into Canada, but the vast majority of Ukrainians in Canada were pre-WWI arrivals. They left the overpopulated and impoverished Ukrainian lands of Austro-Hungarian empire to settle in Manitoba and other wheat provinces. Emigration from USSR, of any ethnicity, was negligible from early 20s to early 70s when 250,000 Russian Jews (cf. refuseniks) left for Israel. Non-Jewish emigration only really picked up in the early 90s.

  107. sb says:

    I don’t doubt what you say .
    It would be rather remarkable if the “Dominions ” had a higher casualty rate than the “Mother Country” ( I suspect that you like this kind of language )
    After all they largely had forces of volunteers and not conscripts
    But don’t expect the descendents of colonials to thank Britain for allowing their family members to partake in Britain’s wars
    Many of us recall unpleasant experiences with Brits (say at UK Border Control )- that’s the UK our family members fought and died for

    • Replies: @Henry's Cat
  108. JMcG says:

    He quoted Merle Haggard and got fired. The water in this pot is getting a little warm fellas.

  109. JMcG says:

    I’ve been a student of the Great War for twenty five years now and I still don’t know what they were fighting about. I’ve pretty much convinced myself that the visit of the French legation to the Russians immediately prior made sure the match didn’t blow out before the fuse was lit though.

  110. JMcG says:

    Thanks, I never knew that.

  111. @Altai

    Great comment all the way through. I agree with your incidental point (no pun intended) about the lack of a fastener making the thing really awkward to wear. How do you get a needle to stay put? Every year I buy one and usually wear it for 10 minutes before throwing it away, because I can’t get the thing to stay on.

  112. anonynous says:

    This should be a Canadian style “Boston Tea Party” event.

    Ice Hockey is sacred in White Canada.

    Politically apathetic or PC Lib Canadians are justifiably proud that Canada still is one of the best or THE best countries in international/NHL hockey. As Toronto turned NBA champions non White Canadian, people notice and are uncomfortable. This event is straight out disrespect of the Canadian national pastime.

    Let there be marches, demos, group chanting like the British soccer fans who sing, chant “Jihad Johnny he’s F#*$&# dead, he had a bomb dropped on his head”.

    • Replies: @Brown Boiii
  113. Anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Don Bob

    Who specifically ? Name the craven lowlife who dismissed him.

  114. @BenKenobi

    canada doesn’t have an identity. It’s another fake country like belgium.

  115. @Brown Boiii

    The world does not revolve around “Sikhs”. Despite your delusions of grandeur most white people don’t even know what that is.

    The last line might be correct. There are plenty of racists in Ontario. Unfortunately everything is controlled by the suicidal WASPS in Toronto and their low IQ voter army in the GTA.

    • Agree: HammerJack
    • Replies: @Brown Boiii
  116. @Brown Boiii

    How many Sikh imigrants were living in Canada in 1914 and enlisted in the Canadian armed forces?

    • Replies: @Brown Boiii
  117. @Orangeman

    What a great business decision. I bet subscriptions are through the roof! Better give the CEO another raise.

  118. Matra says:
    @Brown Boiii

    When someone criticizes immigrants today, it is assumed to be Sikh because:

    1. Chinese are robotic
    2. Nobody cares about blacks/muslims

    Imagine actually believing this. The Indians who post at Unz are so self-centred it’s like parody.

    • Agree: HammerJack
    • Replies: @Brown Boiii
    , @JMcG
  119. @Altai

    However, in all three countries there is a growing tendancy to make it a day glorifying the military in general…

    But only as peacekeepers.

  120. @sb

    Most of the Brits at border control seem to be Indians.

    • Replies: @sb
  121. @Brown Boiii

    Canada IS multi-cultural and multi-racial, and those pining for a long lost White utopia will be severely disappointed.

    I’m other words, they love to criticize the US, then adopt our worst ideas. Like Brits with Chuck Berry.

    Michiganders are actually less ‘racist’ than S Ontarians.

    That’s Michiganians to you, fella. “Michigander” is among family. Michigan is more segregated. White flight is still in the early stages in Canada.

    • Agree: bruce county
    • Replies: @Brown Boiii
  122. @Brown Boiii

    Ypres literally involved Sikhs one type of the immigrant he criticized.

    I can just imagine what the Sikhs of Punjab and Chandigarh think of the Canadians living there.

    • Replies: @Brown Boiii
  123. @anonymous

    Yeah, Don Cherry is one the last Canadian personalities who doesn’t mirror the simpering NuMale Bugman template. To be an official “Canadian” henceforth is to be an emasculated dainty male feminist, a deranged tranny or a feminist scold. Canada has so totally committed to the rootless cosmopolitanism experiment that reverence for the precious immigrant is now mandatory.

    Praise your 3rd World Replacements or face banishment to the Tundra !

    • Replies: @The Wild Geese Howard
  124. @Reg Cæsar

    I’m sure they remember British colonialism just fine.

    • Replies: @Louis Renault
  125. @Reg Cæsar

    There’s nowhere to flee to..

    Immigrants built up all the suburbs and beyond that are just small towns where hicks cry about the car factory and shoot up meth…

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  126. @International Jew

    Nobody told you to constantly disparage Indian culture until the point they became this way.

    When has the west had anything positive to say about it?
    Not since the Great Mutiny.

    Sink or swim with your narrative, chums.

  127. Anonymous[344] • Disclaimer says:
    @Brown Boiii

    His comment to many people implied a belief that the entire war history is white.
    That’s where the picture of a Sikh soldier comes from.

    Lot of white RW are either intentionally or just naturally obtuse to other people’s perspectives.
    Mainly because their response to any hint of a different view is “go back”

    Thank you for providing more evidence regarding Cherry’s critics using straw men and ascribing to him(and whites in general) thoughts that are not supported by the available evidence. God bless.

    • Replies: @Brown Boiii
  128. @Jim Don Bob

    This is a good take down of Don Cherry’s craven Co-host. His grovelling exposed from 3:05 to 6:03 is part Stockholm Syndrome, part desperate betrayal & grasp for membership retention in Canada’s MediaHive. Beyond pitiful. The Woke Dominion of Cuckada.

    Repeat after the Hive, “Diversity is the strength of the Country”

  129. @Matra

    He lives in probably the most Sikh area of North America you retard.

    Indo-Canadian is also the single largest minority and almost as large as Chinese + Black COMBINED!

    Especially outside of B.C.

    Aren’t you a self-hating Indian?

    The media is incredibly bias against Indian culture.
    Hinduphobia is a known phenomenon.

    Indians can either become self-hating white washed twats or be ‘self-centred’ which just means having a self-esteem.

    We know that in your worldview *pagan* Indians deserve to be at the bottom of the totem pole.

    It’s too bad the Kharag is there|| 😉

  130. @Anonymous

    You people come here and enjoy our way of life.

    Implying someone who arrived recently.

    Obviously about immigrants.

    Quit being intentionally retarded.

    I understand that the english language doesnt provide a good platform for ethnonats.

    Most english nationalism is just neo liberal imperialism.

    Not my problem tbh, you can learn another tongue even French is pref.

    Quit the bs.

  131. Art Deco says:

    Trudeau was the first in a series of Chickenhawks culminating in Clinton, Bush, Cheney and Trump.

    The term ‘chickenhawk’ doesn’t mean what you fancy it means.

    In the U.S., the majority of every male birth cohort from that of 1913 to that of 1925 served during the 2d World War. The share from the 1907 cohort serving was ~28%. That from the 1927 cohort ~40%. That from the 1922 cohort was about 80%. About 12% of a typical cohort is categorically disqualified for medical or psychological reasons (IV-F). The military was digging very deep into the available pool of youth for manpower. Don’t imagine it was too different in Canada. That Trudeau did not serve is quite peculiar and demands a thorough inquiry by his biographers.

    The situation was not similar in 1968, so it’s strange you’re equating the two situations. The ratio of military spending to domestic product increased a tad from 1964 to 1966, then resumed its long term decline. The war was financed by redeploying extant resources. If you’re looking at American men born after 1938 and prior to 1955, maybe 45% had some sort of military service. Of the most vulnerable cohorts (those born after 1943 and prior to 1952), maybe 20% had a posting to Indochina (and many of them were never in harm’s way).

    1. Richard Cheney was born in 1941. He ceased to be subject to service obligations in January 1967, when he reached his 26th birthday. He was categorically excused in July 1966, on account of having dependent children (a dispensation usually granted by draft boards during the 1st world war and available to anyone during the period running from the fall of 1940 to the fall of 1943 as well). Prior to March 1965, the American troop force in VietNam did not exceed 28,000 in number and consisted of men assigned to train and lead South VietNamese units. Had Cheney enlisted in 1963 (as would have been common with his cohort), the chances he’d have been sent to VietNam would have been < 2%. Cheney had student deferments for some of the time and for the rest of the time he simply wasn't a priority for his draft board. A comfortable majority who entered the military during the period running from 1959 through 1964 did so via enlistment. So, your complaint concerns the interval running from March 1965 to July 1966, when he was finishing a degree and had a pregnant wife.

    2. Bush enlisted in the Air National Guard and (what was atypical at that time in the Guard) was on active duty for two years. At any one time, about 70% of Americans in the service were billeted domestically. Bush's service was quite ordinary.

    3. Trump was in 1964 granted a student deferment (as did about 1/4 of his contemporaries; there were about 20,000 American troops in VietNam at the time). In 1968, he was granted a I-Y disqualification. A six digit population of these were granted every year and about 12% of those examined for military service received them. You could be recalled for another physical in as little as 90 days. As it happened, he was not. About a year and a half later, the Selective Service System instituted the draft lottery. Trump and his brother (like most men subject to the 1969 lottery) received a lottery number high enough that he wasn't going to be recalled.

    4. Clinton actually did execute a series of maneuvers which allowed him to shirk his ROTC service obligations. This wasn't a statutory exemption granted to a six digit population of youth, but a specific intervention on his behalf that he conned an Army colonel into arranging for him. The colonel was so incensed later that in 1992 he published the letters he'd received from Clinton.

    And what is this 'hawk' business? Trump wasn't active in political life at all. Bush's activity was (prior to 1972) limited to the realm of volunteering on his father's campaigns. Cheney was a congressional aide at one point (he worked for an ordinary Chamber-of-Commerce Republican who did not specialize in foreign affairs), but not during the time he was eligible for service.

    • Agree: Johann Ricke
    • Replies: @JMcG
  132. @LoutishAngloQuebecker

    Cherry lives in Brampton/Sauga.

    You have a Sikh MND.

    Most white people are not trailer trash angry that England is now *vibrant*

  133. SDMatt says:
    @Brown Boiii

    He lives in a Sikh majority area.

    There are some Sikhs but nowhere near a sizeable minority let alone a majority. What are you talking about?

  134. @anonynous

    They’d get arrested..

    Enough White Canadians also support the firing this is where you have a problem.

    Canada is *only* a hair above 20% non-white that’s not nearly enough to wield the sort of total power you think they have.

    As long as the elite keep the French *and* the Western issue alive the White population is split into 4 or 5 sub-regions and unable to unite nationally.

    Maritime – Poor as shit, votes Lib & *FOR* student visas to help economy
    Ontario – Prog but imperialist, racist will never admit publicly though. (Yankee)
    Prairie/N ON – Sick of Natives.
    BC – West Coast, *diverse* – Yankee Transplant.

    People forget that US WNism found a home in the shared, densely populated continuum along the eastern seaboard.

    Canada has nothing like that.

    The Great Lakes – St Lawrence Megalopolis is split between 2 countries and arguably 3 cultures.
    More if you include mini Scandinavia which is a bit out the way and more part of the N ON one.

    There could be some *mystical* white awakening where all whites turn racist.
    Or, you realize that homogeneous European mono-national countries have a better go at this.

    Anglos still treat Slavs & Meds like shit with subtle jeers at their culture and way of life.
    Enough older people have a nostalgia for immigration because they themselves came here.

    That leaves a hardcore support base of 10-20% which is easily bought/wrecked by:

    1. Conservative racist dog whistles which whittle their energy away
    2. Reality of small town family formation/employment
    3. The dash of high calibre diversity syndrome (you only notice the shitty average after it’s arrived)
    4. More credentialed Canadian economy = post-secondary is must = big city brainwashing.

    There’s also this issue which affects RW all over:

    No mainstream voice, ability to organize or history of it.
    Anglos took being on top for granted and their language has evolved to be implicitly universal.
    That’s why even though Don Cherry technically says he just wants integration, the instinctual impulse is ethno-nat.

    Like the whites who realize guns & small gov are *white* (can’t make it white text, sry) values.

    That’s my take,

    Other thing is if Canadians turned really racist what would they have to hate Americans on?
    Canada is also far more urban and rural areas less viable w/o big-gov.
    What rural areas there are, are Native.
    RW doesn’t have the same rural/small-town base to build off.

    I’d love to be proven wrong, Idc.

    If RW wins, we get more guns.
    If LW Wins, we smuggle more..

    End result is same.


  135. @Louis Renault

    Not that many.

    Go learn about the battle and you’ll understand the reference.

    Part of the recent issue *has* been that Canadian historiography simply talks of Canada & then Britain.

    The shared history with other colonies is not mentioned, in a way that would make other minorities feel included.

    Fact is, the children of those immigrants are not going anywhere.

    You can either include them in your culture or they will break off and create their own..

  136. Anonymous[316] • Disclaimer says:

    It is really something to think of Canada’s Anglo-Scot supposedly integral traditions at the same time as, like, 2019 Vancouver, the plaything of Chinese naked officials. What charades are these generic sportsball-affiliated “Support Our Troops” holidays; the Ivy League contempt for the rubes is already celebrated by our mercenary media on the other 364 days

  137. pockwock says:

    Cherry’s comments about immigrants and poppies are accurate about how many immigrants feel about Canada. They think Canada is magic dirt , they have every right to be here, after all the magic dirt was stolen from the Indians. They don’t respect the institutions and history of the people who built Canada. They think their presence has improved Canada immeasurably , when in reality they have achieved the opposite

    • Agree: bruce county
  138. anon[216] • Disclaimer says:

    Fundamentally this is a tribal issue, if one can reference the Anglosphere as a kind of tribe. “Our tribe suffered, and we remember it in this manner” is what the poppy on 11 / 11 says. Those who do not wear it are not of that tribe. All well and good, except that the Anglosphere tribe is now required to accept the alien and foreigner as if they were part of the tribe – in terms of benefits, not in terms of obligations or duties.

    Don Cherry’s tribe is no longer a dominant force in Canada. Period.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  139. JMcG says:

    It’s not just the ones at Unz. Subcontinentals never seem to pick up on the fact that they have a great deal to be modest about.

    • Replies: @Brown Boiii
  140. Dumbo says:
    @Brown Boiii

    On the other hand, you can go back to India.

    • Replies: @Brown Boiii
  141. JMcG says:
    @Art Deco

    Excellent exposition. My father was drafted in 1961 and spent two years in Germany. The most exciting thing he did was sit alert while some of the Mercury capsules were aloft in case one should come down behind the Iron Curtain.
    He said Vietnam wasn’t really on anyone’s radar at the time, all eyes were focused on the a Soviets.

  142. @Brown Boiii

    Which is why Canadians will have legacy guilt for generations.

    • Replies: @Brown Boiii
    , @Brown Boiii
  143. MB says: • Website

    “What are the “collective values” of Canada?”

    More and more it appears to be sniveling guilty white liberalism.

  144. @Dumbo

    Come try to force us, it’s a matter of pride at that point.

    • Replies: @BenKenobi
  145. @JMcG

    Why do you expect Indians to be humble in a den of white supremacists.

    Most of whom, parrot the narrative that the British civilized us among other things.

  146. @Louis Renault

    Slimy journalist trying to use an old man for his own agenda.

    Don Cherry already said he meant everybody, and instead they use this to subvert a day to remember Martyrs for their own agenda!


  147. @Canadian Observer

    Cherry’s comments evoke a time when Canada was 95% white.

    Bringing this kind of thing up causes unpleasant reminders of how much better Canada was back then (including for “minorities”)… mainly for the reasons you mentioned, such as home ownership, affordable living, community, and low crime. I suspect that our new “Canadians” know this deep down, but do not want to hear about it. And of course, our elites do not want the rest of us to remember…

    Living conditions are absolutely horrific in Toronto right now. You need a $72,000/yr income to afford a one bedroom apartment. Many spend 50% or more of their income just on rent. Most of the apartments there are brutalist shitholes from the 70s. The dating scene is also tough there, from what I’ve heard. Sugar daddies are quite common. Pimps and prostitution is also common.

    So yeah, Canada is turning into a shithole. The aliens think that if they just vote to make whitey a smaller minority, things will improve. They are unintelligent and low agency; repeating the same mistakes they made “back home”.

    Toronto is devolving into Mexico-City levels of inequality – pushed by the WASP/Jew ruling elite, using their alien tools in the GTA. This will slowly spread to the rest of the country.

  148. @anon


    Brampton is only 26% white, mostly “South Asian”
    Mississauga, Cherry’s city, is 42% white.
    Markham is 26% white and the rest “East Asian”
    Pickering and Ajax will be below 50% soon.

    Everywhere in the GTA is “3rd worlder hotspot”.

  149. J.Ross says:

    Everyone who knows who Don Cherry is and watched him on Molson Hockey Night in Canada loves him. The crazy suits he wears are auctioned off to support charity.
    It recalls that blithe Muslima chatting on her cell phone as she strolled past shocked and injured London dhimmi. CBC will surely now run Pravda pieces about recently arrived immigrant veterans.

  150. @Louis Renault

    “I volunteered to apologize but it wasn’t enough. I can’t tell you what they asked me to do after that but I said I wouldn’t do it.”

    They’ll start coming after minorities soon after, DW.

    Woke supremacy is really about white libs, everyone else is just a pawn or a target.


  151. @CrunchybutRealistCon

    Praise your 3rd World Replacements or face banishment to the Tundra !

    Little Mosque on the Prairie teaches us there is no solace there:

    Yes, it is a real show.

  152. BenKenobi says:
    @Brown Boiii

    Come try to force us

    Why do you need to be forced to go back home?

    • Replies: @bruce county
    , @Brown Boiii
  153. @anon

    Thre is a real fear in Canada, the people who speak their mind will be doxxed. The working people who feed and clothe Trudeaus pets. Don’t fool yourself. The silent will speak when they have to.

    • Replies: @pockwock
  154. @BenKenobi

    They are tired of walking in their own defecation and filth. Thyey have no problem creating the same shithole in Canada thay have left behind.

    • Replies: @Brown Boiii
  155. DaKine says:

    Like the courage, it’s the analysis that is terrible.

    WW1 was the ruin of Western Civilization, the end of it… sure it carries on with a few more desperate gasps after. What the heck does it have to do with Canada being “free” or whatever. Canada fought to be less free, less European.

    Mr. Cherry was ok with invade the world, but shocked, shocked, that it leads to invite the world. Not like we can see that phenomenon all the way back to Rome.

    We are living in your world Mr. Cherry. You cut these politicians loose with your false patriotism and here we are.

  156. Art Deco says:

    Is it not a bit, lets say, hypocritical for someone arguing against immigration to glorify the US military which invades and devastes other countries?

    There is no country in the world ever ‘devastated’ by the U.S. military that wasn’t asking for it. There are places devastated by their own intramural pathologies where the U.S. military was also present, countries where the U.S. military was present but which were not devastated, and countries given to madcap revanchist ambition stomped by the U.S. military. (It wouldn’t surprise me if there were people on these boards who wished to make the case for Nazi Germany).

    • Agree: Johann Ricke
  157. Anonymous[178] • Disclaimer says:

    I remember being surprised to learn that there were more Brits and even French at the Battle of Gallipoli than ANZACs.

    • Replies: @sb
  158. ganderson says:

    I always like to point out that Richard’s 50 goals in 50 games was in ’44-’45.

  159. pockwock says:
    @bruce county


    he silent will speak when they have to.

    The silent has had to speak for decades and hasn’t yet>
    Toronto and Vancouver are now permanent foreign cities

  160. @bruce county

    Modern 9mm is as good as 357 or 45 with higher capacity.

    Im a fan of both the latter, but must concede to the 9.

    The one shot stop of most modern handguns is comparable outside the 22, 25 etc.

    I’d say grab an SKS & a pumpy.

    The new M305s are shit..

  161. @bruce county

    Who is they?

    India’s per capita PPP is close to 10k now with a road quality index near Belgium’s.

    We just believe the creator has granted us sovereignty over all lands, and running from a battle is not who we are.

    Canada’s main problems are entirely due to white ideas.

  162. AKAHorace says:

    There are a lot of countries outside the UK that have Queen Elizabeth as head of state. It has more to do with tradition than independence.

  163. sb says:

    Actually I’d say the last possible arguable date for Canadian Independence was The Statute of Westminster in 1931. . This just spelled out what was already accepted -ie that all self governing british Commonwealth States were equal and totally self governing
    That removed any arguable restrictions on full Canadian sovereignity .That Canada didn’t do do anything much about constitutional change till 1982 didn’t mean they theoretically couldn’t

    ( the real Canadian constitutional problem is that there is no simple mechanism for constitutional change . For change to occur all provinces and Ottawa must agree -almost impossible . Compare to Australia where constitutional change occurs by referendum )

  164. sb says:

    But not less as a proportion of the country’s population

  165. Anon87 says:

    Sounds good to me. Do you disagree?

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